PT1 Men of life i call for your attention my life isnt peaceful without you in my dimention' a man i am who is ineed of a jon , tonight i will be home so please call me on my phone, you have my number i gave you lost november, is that you on the phone ok then come on over am home, beep beep beep is that you at the gate .its 12 in the night its running late. Well come on inside and close the gate . Did you say you are from france and whats your name is again is it lance . Well my friends call me grant , please let me remove your shirt or you wanna remove mine first.

Rock hard cock wanna tear my crotch. Mount me speedily pump me agressively , oh yes your stiff metal slapping against my rectum wall. Passionately your name i call, the sweat that drip from your breastplate. The piercing of your sharp nife through my icing cake, the smell of your body odour mingled with mine together. Yes i wish it last forever , two hours of hard ride .please stay there dont pull out from inside?


Fadrian keymo

[email protected]


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