Chapter 7

Hovering above the penthouse building, Superman still had not decided if he would keep his appointment with Hugo. The emotions boiled inside him until they felt ready to burst. All of his life, he had never had a problem with making choices, but this new sensual experience of helplessness was uncharted territory for the hero.

With a surrendering sigh, Superman gave in to his battling emotions and floated down to land on the balcony. His jaw dropped when he saw the collar sitting on an end table next to the sliding glass door. Staring at the collar like it was made out of kryptonite, the hero felt like he was frozen in time as he thought about running away.

It was by sheer force of will that he stepped towards the collar and the submissive helplessness that it entailed. Hugo was a dear friend and only wanted to help him. He had to think about the people on Earth who needed his protection.

With slightly trembling hands, Superman picked up the collar and fastened it around his thick neck. Once it was secure, he felt his powerful legs buckle slightly as his superhuman control melted away causing his bulging briefs to expand.

The glass door slid open and Hugo stood before him silent but powerful. Superman slid down to his knees as he accepted that he must be submissive to the man who collared him.

“Welcome Superman,” Hugo said with a smile.

Superman looked up at his friend and flinched. His complete surrender left him powerless to resist anything that the Professor had in mind with this session. His rod of steel pulsed within the confines of his tights and briefs as if the anticipation of what could happen for the next hour was the reason for it’s hardness.

Hugo took a leash from the counter and fastened it to the collar around the hero’s neck. Superman’s eyes bulged out at the thought of being walked like a dog, but he accepted this fact silently as he automatically fell down to his hands and knees like he was a puppet to be controlled by his master.

Crawling behind the man who was helping him deal with his stress, Superman never felt so low in his life. Where these reactions came from he had no idea, and when he tried to think of the source, his thoughts seemed to hit a brick wall. All he knew is that this would help him deal with his stress and that was the reason he did not fight this humiliating situation. Adding to the confusion was the way his body reacted as his pleasure centers seemed to come alive like they never had before.

When they got to the familiar office where Superman found the source of his stress relief, all conflicting thoughts melted away. His mind finally completely surrendered as his body had to the therapeutic reasonings of Professor Hugo Strange.

His friend sat in the chair as Superman kneeled at his feet. “Would you like to talk about what happened yesterday?” Hugo asked gently. “You left in such a hurry that you did not even say goodbye.”

Superman looked up at his friend sheepishly. “I did not mean to be rude, master,” He said as his blue eyes met the grey eyes of his handler. Inwardly he groaned as that word escaped from his mouth once more. Why did he call Hugo ‘master’? He thought wildly. It almost felt instinctive as submitting did.

“It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by these new feelings,” Hugo said with a soft smile. He petted Superman’s thick black hair. “This is a new experience for you, and it is normal to feel a bit freaked out by this. How does it feel to be submissive instead of being in control?”

The Man of Steel felt his pulsing tool jump for joy at the soft touch of his master. Once again, he wondered why he instinctively called Hugo his master instead of his friend. Slightly shivering with pleasure, he closed his eyes enjoying the feelings his body was experiencing. “It feels good,” he softly moaned. “All of my stress seems like a distant memory.”

“It is okay to feel this way, Superman,” Hugo said gently as he stroked the hero’s cheek. “There is nothing wrong in submitting to the greater man. It is a part of who you are. You just have to trust someone to let your guard down once you find the right man. I can help you do this.”

Superman frowned as the words hit him hard. Hugo had never called him Superman even when he was in his uniform before today. Even stranger was the assumption by his friend that he was gay. He had always been attractive to women his entire life. He shivered at the soft caress of his friend as he looked up at him. “I’m not gay,” He said as firmly as he could in his present state of mind.

Hugo smiled as his gently lifted the hero’s chin and looked deeply into his eyes. “I never said you were gay, Superman. Only that it is natural for you to submit to another man. All of your life, you had to maintain ultimate control over your powers and yourself so that you could not explore your true nature. In your quest to find a way to relax, we have discovered that the way to let go of that control is to become a submissive to another man. The way your body is reacting, it is obvious that you secretly crave to give up control and be controlled by another man.”

Superman slightly flinched as the words seemed like the truth to him. His throbbing erection seemed to confirm what his master was saying to him. This foreign sensual pleasure that he was experiencing never happened to him before even with all of his love for Lois. All Lois brought him was more stress that he mistook for love. This new feeling was so much greater than anything that Lois ever offered him. The mixture of relaxation and pleasure threatened to consume him.

“Now that we have discovered a way for you to relax,” Hugo continued. “We can look for ways to achieve this when you are at home. I would like to suggest that our next session take place in your home so we can work on this.”

Superman was about to object when Hugo’s finger ran gently across his lips. The soft sensual feeling combined with his other feelings of pleasure muted his objections as he looked up at the man who controlled his fate. “Yes, master,” he said with a smile even as part of his mind screamed in defiance.

Hugo smiled as he patted Superman on the cheek. “Let’s go ahead and perform your relaxation techniques. Look at the flames of the fire and start breathing deeply. In and out.”

The helpless hero did as instructed as he felt himself let go of his mind and entered that place of relaxation unaware of the severe danger that he was in.

Lois sat at her table shyly looking at the man across from her. It had been ages since she had been on a date with him and after their rocky relationship the last few years, it was a bit awkward for her.

“Thank you for meeting me here tonight, Lex,” She said in her most seductive voice.

Luthor smiled as he sipped his glass of wine. “I am surprised that you wanted to meet me here, Lois. You have been quite slanderous at late.”

Feeling her cheeks heat up, she smiled demurely at the man she once hated. “I was wrong to write those articles about you. Would you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

Looking critically at his date, Luthor looked her right in the eyes. He held her gaze for several minutes before a small smile settled on his face. “Let’s take it slow, and we will see where it takes us.”

Lois smiled back as their food was brought to their table. “You won’t regret this Lex,” She purred as her foot traced his groin area.

“Does Superman know you are here with me?” Lex asked sarcastically.

Anger rose up in Lois as she snarled. “Superman doesn’t own me!” She suddenly realized where she was and performed the calming exercises that Hugo had taught her. “I’m sorry about that,” She said as she gave Lex her most dazzling smile.

Lex arched an eyebrow. “You must have had a falling out with the alien.”

Lois blushed again as she added pepper on her chicken piccata. She should have known that Lex would pick that up quickly. “Let’s just say I realized that I was wrong about Superman. He is no longer in my life, and I am looking for a real man now. Not a muscled freak who doesn’t know how to satisfy a woman.”

“This was a huge falling out,” Lex observed with a smile. He raised his glass of wine. “I think this might be the start of a wonderful new start for us, Lois.”

Lois raised her own glass and their glasses clinked together. “We both now have similar goals, Lex. I think that between the both of us we can achieve that.”

Martha and Jonathan Kent held hands tightly as they were escorted to a small room with a table and three chairs. Their escort still has the guns pointed at them ready to fire if they tried to resist. The ride from Smallville had been long and scary. Their questions were answered with guns pointed at them. Their prayers that their son would come and rescue them were unanswered.

They were herded into the room and forced to sit in the chairs. Their guards said nothing but kept their guns trained on the elderly couple. Minutes seemed to last hours as they sat silently fearing what will happen next.

The door opened and a bald man came into the room. At first they thought it was Lex Luthor, but the man was a bit shorter and had more bulk than their son’s greatest enemy. He wore glasses and his grey eyes looked at both of them like they were part of a complex puzzle. “Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Kent.” He said gently. “I am Professor Hugo Strange, and I apologize for having to bring you here.”

Jonathan cleared his throat. “Why are we here?” He demanded.

Professor Strange smiled as he gestured to one of the guards. The guard immediately left and returned a few seconds later with a pitcher of water and two glasses. “Please have a glass of water and we will discuss the reason you have been brought to me.”

Jonathan and Martha each took as glass and poured themselves a glass of water. Professor Strange waited until they took a drink before he motioned for the guards to leave them.

When the room was empty, Strange smiled as he guided Superman’s adoptive parents through the breathing exercise. One by one, the aliens allies would be taken away from him leaving him alone in a world that will soon hate him.


Todd Fleming


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