Chapter 10

As the afterglow from his first orgasm faded, Superman realized what just had happen. The virginity that he had been saving for the right woman was taken away from him and there was no going back. He closed his eyes behind the blindfold as the shame of what he had just participated in flooded his mind and soul. What was he thinking when he agreed to participate in this act of depravity?

The collar around his neck seemed even tighter as he struggled to sort through his thoughts. The need to submit was stronger than ever and deep down he knew that as long as he was collared, Superman would be a submissive bottom to whomever held his leash. He had been a hero and leader almost all of his adult life, but the moment the collar was placed around his neck, it had faded away.

Superman once again tested his bonds and once again they held firm against his struggles. It began to dawn on the hero that if Hugo wished it that he would be trapped here until he was released. The trust he had for his closest friend was the only thread he could hang on to keep back the fear of being this helpless.

Footsteps walked towards him and the blindfold was removed from his face. Hugo stood over him with a gentle expression on his face.

Superman blinked under the blinding red lights from the lamps that somehow stripped his powers away from him. “Can you please let me go, master?” Superman begged softly. Like his virginity, his once proud confidence had been taken away from the hero. Much to his horror and excitement, the presence of the man who dominated him caused his cock to stir and start to harden.

Hugo silently released the hero from his bonds. “Come talk to me when you feel ready,” He instructed before he turned and walked back to his office.

The helpless hero rubbed the bruises on his wrists as he watched his friend walk away. His legs felt like jelly as he struggled to get up to his feet. The smell of cum and sweat surrounded him like an aura as Superman felt dirty and degraded. With a heavy sigh, he followed in the direction that Hugo went.

As he stepped into the office of his closest friend, Superman felt his powers return to him. The bruises on his wrists and ankles healed quickly and his pain vanished as his strength returned. His submissive nature prevailed as the collar was still firmly secure around his thick neck.

Hugo pointed to the floor at his feet and the hulking hero knelt down by the smaller man. “Would you like to share your feelings?”

Superman felt the rush of his emotions come out as he revealed his feeling to the man who was trying to help him. The Professor listened with saintly patience as the former alpha male talked about how he hated and enjoy being seduced by a total stranger.

Once he was finished, he looked up at the Professor and hoped that he would be released from this session. Hugo looked deep into his blue eyes. “I think you are progressing quite nicely. I think today’s session has helped tremendously. You seem to like being submissive and your body language suggests that you are much more relaxed than when we first started. I would like to expand our sessions starting right now. I am going to have to request that if you have any other engagements planned, that you cancel them. We are at a crucial stage of your treatment and I want to help you before I have to go back to Gotham.”

Emotions conflicted within the Man of Steel as he realized that his session was not yet done. Part of him wanted the collar off from around his neck so that he could put together his life again. Yet as he looked down at his hard erection, he could not deny that this suggestion excited him. He wanted to feel the amazing pleasure that he felt trapped in the dungeon, and Hugo was his only chance to balance his need to submit with his duties as Superman. “If you think that is best, Master, I will do as you ask.”

Hugo pointed at the table where Superman’s costume lay almost forgotten. “Go ahead and get dressed, Superman.”

The muscle bound hero rose to his feet and walked over to where costume was laid out. As he slid his tights up his legs and over his raging hard on, Superman realized that his uniform no longer gave him the pride that he normally felt when he dressed. Superman was the hero to the people and an alpha desired by women and men everywhere. Now he seemed unworthy to wear the costume as his submission and reduction to a mere sexy toy burned deep in his confused mind.

As he buckled his belt around his waist and placed the cape around his shoulders, Superman bowed his head and waited for his instruction from the man who dominated him. He desperately wanted a shower to wash away the dried cum and sweat from his body, but he was bound to the word of his master.

Hugo stood, grabbed the leash, and attached it to the collar that conquered Superman. As he approached the door, Superman stopped in fear.

“I can’t be seen in public like this!” He pleaded as the trapped erection in his tights and the dried cum on his face became painfully apparent to the helpless hero.

“Nonsense,” the Professor said dismissing the hero’s objections. “The car is waiting near the entrance and it is a short walk to the penthouse. Now be a good boy and do as you are told. I want you to keep your hands behind your back while you walk.”

As the door opened, Superman blinked as they stepped outside. He held his hands behind his back even though his wanted to cover the shameful excitement in his briefs. Bowing his head in shame and embarrassment, he followed his master to the limo that was waiting in front of the building. His cock seemed to love this humiliation as this tried to tear through his tights and briefs. Even though he had his first orgasm in the last hour, there was no hint of rest for his pleasurable erections.

The journey back to Hugo’s penthouse seemed painstakingly slow for the captured hero. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would be in this situation and worse that he would be so turned on by these acts of submission. Superman endured more embarrassment as he was led through the penthouse with his blatant erection as people watched in shock. Hugo took no mind to the other people as he led the hero up in the elevator and to his front door.

He took a sigh of relief when the door closed behind them and they were finally alone in the safe familiar penthouse of Professor Hugo Strange. Superman was led to the living room and waited with his hands still behind his back as the leash was taken off and set aside. “Take off your costume,” Hugo instructed.

Once again Superman disrobed and stood completely naked before his master. He still was not used to being this exposed before anyone, but his cock remained as stiff as a flag post.

Hugo pointed to a door next to the office. “There is a bathroom in there,” He somewhat coldly. “Clean yourself up and report when you are finished.”

Superman bowed his head in shame over his desire to be submissive as he hurried to the bathroom to clean up.

Lois sat at her desk working humming softly to herself. Last night had been absolutely wonderful. She had her second date with Lex and the activities after dinner left a warm glow inside her that last well into today.

She had forgotten how great sex could be. The last five years she had been hoping that Superman would sexually satisfy her. Not only did he never make a move on her, but he resisted any moves she made on him. The reporter could not believe how stupid she was to pine over the muscled freak.

Being with a real man once again was a nice treat for her. She was sorry that she ever tried to paint Lex Luthor as a villain when all he wanted to do was advance humanity and leave the protection of their planet to those who were native to this world.

The phone rang on her desk, and she picked it up on the second ring. “Lane here,” She said in a professional tone.

Lois gasped and then a wicked smile crept on her face. “You are telling me that you saw Superman with an obvious erection being led on a leash by another man?”

This was too good to be true, she thought gleefully. “Do you have video or pictures of this? You do! Don’t move, I will be there in 15 minutes.”

The reporter grabbed her jacket and rushed to the elevator. Her triumph of being able to humiliate the man who led her on for five years was mingled with new understand on why they never had sex.

Superman was a gay pervert. Why she did not see this all these years was beyond her. Luthor must be right that Superman has been tricking the world all these years and convincing everyone that he was a hero when he was not.

Well she was going to nail that alien scum and show the world what a menace he truly is. Lois rushed out of the Daily Planet building. She had to hurry before Clark caught wind of this. Her partner would no doubt try to claim that it was an imposter who had sexual fantasies about being Superman. If she played her cards right, the story would be printed before Kent would get wind of this. The warm glow she had from last night intensified as she toyed with the idea of hurting the man she once thought she loved.

Hugo heard the water in the shower turn off as he sat and waited for his patient to come back out. His plan was progressing was going even better than he thought. It had been child’s play to figure out Superman and Clark Kent were one and the same. After discovering the secret identity of Batman, Superman’s secrets had been almost too easy to discover.

The months and research it took to plan this operation were worth the effort as the Professor watched the naked hero stumble from the bathroom, his muscles glistening as they were still damp from the shower. Strange watched expressionlessly as Superman looked for his costume. His cock had managed to return to a flaccid state, but at the sight of the man who had conquered the Man of Steel, it began to harden once again.

Hugo grabbed the confused hero’s attention by snapping his fingers and pointing at the floor in front of him. Superman bowed his head and walked over to the spot with his hands clasped behind his back. “We are now going to explore you need for submission with a role play scenario, Superman. I will be your master and you will be my slave. You will submit totally to my wishes.”

Superman nodded as he moaned softly. “Yes, Master,” He said as his cock twitched with excitement as a line of precum left the mushroom head of his cock and almost hit the floor.

Hugo smiled at the progress Superman had made. His subtle mental attacks using his own technology combined with Poison Ivy’s powers and Mad Hatter’s theories had broken down the alien’s mental defenses. Normally this would not have worked so well, but Strange was also able to use his psychological profile of the alien to take Superman’s needs and satisfy them with his own mental suggestions.

The Professor stood up and slowly circled the submissive hero. Superman was indeed a magnificent specimen. Even though he never found men attractive, he could not deny that Superman was very desirable. His employer was a lucky man indeed to have hired him to train the alien in his new life.

Strange went to the end table in the living room and took out four smaller collars that have been constructed using the theories of Mad Hatter. He walked back to Superman and attached them around the ankles and wrists. This would magnify the effect of the mind control devices and  squash any resistance that the alien might have left. His employer wanted Superman totally broken and he always delivered.

Superman took his new adornment in stride, but his eyes looked worried. If he only knew what kind trap that he stumbled into, the alien would be more than a little worried. The mental control Strange had over him was too strong for even the mighty Superman to resist.

Now it was time to test the control he had of the Man of Steel, Strange thought to himself. He picked up a specimen cup and held it out to the submissive hero. “Jerk off and fill your seed in this cup.”

The Man of Steel flinched as his blue eyes looked like they were filling tears. “I don’t know how to pleasure myself, Master.” He confessed with a barely audible whisper.

Hugo wanted to laugh at the confession. He knew Superman was a virgin until yesterday, but he did know that the hero even denied himself the pleasures of masterbation. This made Superman’s fall even more delicious.

With a fake sigh of frustration, Strange grabbed his slave’s erect cock and started stroking. The hero actually trembled as he was milked for his cum like a cow. His sexual inexperience was evident as it it only took a couple of minutes to have the hero shoot his spunk.

The Professor was amazed on how much cum flew from the formally virginal cock of the Man of Steel. The cup was overflowing with the first blast of cum and several more blasts. The orgasm must have been very intense for the enslaved hero because he stumbled back from Hugo’s grasp as his cock shot out spurt after spurt of cum. He watched Superman fall down on his hands and knees as he cried out in pleasure.

Hugo watched as he put the lid on the cup full of Superman’s seed as the alien’s orgasm lasted for several minutes. Making Superman cum like this was essential in many ways. First it further cemented his hold over the hero’s new submissive nature. Second his employer wanted a sample of Superman’s seed to be tested and experimented on. Finally Strange wanted to see how long before Superman would get another erection after cumming.

As the last shot of cum was fired from Superman’s huge cock, Strange looked at the mess that the alien had made. “Look at this mess,” Strange said shaking his finger. “Clean this up right now, Superman.”

The Man of Steel with his magnificent body still shaking from his second orgasm in his entire life picked himself up and looked around for something to use to clean his seed up.

“Use your tongue, slave,” Hugo commanded in his soft voice.

Superman jerked his head up in shock and looked like he was going to cry again. The humiliation that he must be feeling must be overwhelming, but it was pure pleasure for the Professor. With a defeated sigh, Superman sank back down to his knees and started lapping up his still hot cum.

Hugo watch with a slight smile on his face. He had considered being cruel during this part of Superman’s stage, but he decided to keep his soothing and gentle facade as he degraded the hero further. It would make his reinforcement of his mental control stronger if the hero thought that this was helping him. Superman’s ultimate master would have complete control of the alien when he was done.

As the last of the alien’s spunk was cleaned off the floor, furniture, and walls, Superman turned and faced his master still on his knees. Hugo wordlessly held out his hand where some of the hero’s cum had landed. Superman started licking and sucking on his master’s fingers as he closed his eyes. The Professor noticed that the Man of Steel’s cock had already returned to a rock hard state. As long as the alien was rock hard, it would squash any resistance Superman might have against his mind control.

Once his task was complete, Hugo patted Superman on the head like a pet who did as he was told. “That’s a good boy,” He purred softly. He was sure that the once mighty hero had no idea what was to come next. Hugo looked forward to breaking Superman further.


Todd Fleming

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