Chapter 11

Superman shivered slightly as his master patted him on the head. His body still felt the afterglow of releasing his seed and his mouth had the aftertaste of his own sperm. The humiliations that he had to endure for his therapy were frighteningly arousing to the former virgin. His cock had gotten hard again in a surprisingly short time and pulsed with greedy arousal against his rock hard abdominals.

His Master smiled as he pointed to the kitchen. “Prepare my dinner, Superman.” He instructed firmly.

For a brief second, Superman wanted to resist, but the combination of his hard arousal and the fact that this was supposed to help him squashed that thought in a surprisingly small amount of time. It was harder to think coherent thoughts other than pleasing the man who held his leash.

“Yes, Master,” The former hero said as he scrambled to his feet.

“Wait one second, Superman,” His Master said with a slight smile. He went to a cabinet and took out a small piece of cloth. The hero balked when he was it was a tiny apron with his ‘S’ shield adorned on it.

The Master went behind the hero and slowly tied the apron around his waist. The apron barely covered his low hanging balls and his cock tented the fabric with the head of the cock pressing against his symbol that once sent criminals quaking with fear. Now it was stained with precum from his leaking cock. Despite the fact that he had cummed only moments before, his cock was still aroused and ready to go.

Superman walked awkwardly to the kitchen as he felt his Master’s eyes on his back. Painfully aware that his ass was totally exposed, the hero felt the sting of this new humiliation profoundly. There also was the feeling of arousal and hunger to be humiliated further that struck the greatest fear into Superman’s soul.

The Man of Steel started cooking praying that he would do a good job. Just a few days ago, he was the most powerful being in the world and now he was almost naked preparing dinner for his master. The thought of the fall of his power and prestige sent another wave of pleasure through his muscled body. Could he really be liking this degradation, he thought hopelessly.  

A half an hour later, Superman stood attentively at his Master’s side while Hugo ate the dinner he prepared. The Professor ate in silence unless he had a task for his slave to perform. His cock pulsed with hunger for the touch of his master as Superman tried to figure out what he was feeling.

The more tasks he performed for his Master, the more natural it felt to him to submit to the man who conquered him. The former hero wondered if he could submit all the time and give up being Superman. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all his decisions made for him by a strong and powerful man like Hugo? Having a kind and gentle master sent a warm feeling through his body. 

Once the dinner was finished, Hugo pushed his plate aside and motioned for Superman to follow him. They walked to his office and his Master took off the precum stained apron and placed it on his desk.

“I would like to suspend the role play temporarily so that we can talk about your reactions to it,” His Master said gently as he sat in his chair.

Superman felt despair as he longed to go back to being Hugo’s slave. Only a very small part of him felt relief from the release of submission.

“How did the role play make you feel?” Hugo asked gently.

Without even realizing it, Superman sat on the floor at the feet of his therapist. “To be honest, I loved every second of it. Having all my decisions made for me was nice. It felt natural for me to assume this role.”

Hugo played with Superman’s hair as he listened. “I think this is the key to your relaxation, Superman. The combination of your sexual repression and having to always be in charge created this need for you to relieve this stress by submitting.”

Superman nodded as his friends logic made complete sense to him. His throbbing cock also agreed with this line of thinking. There was only one thing that did not make sense. “Why am I getting aroused around other men, Master? I have only been attracted to women all my life.”

The Professor smiled gently as he continue to toy with the hero’s hair much to Superman’s delight. “I do not believe you are gay, but your need to submit is intensified when you submit to a powerful man. I believe that the more powerful man you submit to the greater release and pleasure that you will get.”

Of course, Superman thought. It all made sense to him. Although Hugo Strange had no powers, he was powerful in his mind and authority. It must have been that power that Superman felt arousal for.

“I would recommend that you find someone that you can trust to do these little role playing scenarios for you. Lois is obviously not a good fit for what your psyche needs. I recommend a man of power, either physical, mental, or authoritative. This will give you the greatest release and the greatest satisfaction.”

Superman could think of only one man who he wanted to submit to. He reached up and caressed his Master’s cheeks. “I want that man to be you, Master. Please let me serve you!”

Hugo smiled as he looked down at the hero who sincerely wanted to please him. The Man of Steel could think of no other man who he wanted to submit to. Hugo had not only been a true friend to him, but has worked hard to help Superman to be become a better man. His feelings of love for the man who gave so much insight and release was more intense that what he ever felt for Lois. His cock grew even stiffer thinking of the hours of pleasure that he would have servicing his Master.

The naked hero went to his knees and passionately kissed his Master. “I love you, Master!”

Master gently stroked Superman’s cheek. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Superman followed his Master with his cock bobbing with excitement. His submissive sexual awakening felt completely natural to him and he could not wait to pleasure his master. The struggle he felt before had completely vanished and the once dominant hero accepted this new role in life.

Pushing Superman on the bed, Master took out some rope and tied the hero’s arms and legs so that the hero was spread eagle on the blankets. The Man of Steel knew that he could easily break free, but it was the last thing he wanted to do. He loved the feeling of helplessness towards his Master and would do anything to please him.

Master ran his hand down the hero’s chest sending waves of pleasure through his body. His hard rock cock quivered with excitement as the hand moved closer to his groin.

“Who is your master?” Master asked as he wrapped his hands around Superman’s monster rod.

“Oh, Rao,” Superman moaned as his master stroked his erection. “You are my master!” He gasped as he felt like he was going to shoot his load.

Master explored every part of the hero’s prone body testing to see what gave the greatest pleasure for his sex slave. Superman felt the electric shock of pleasure when his nipples were played with and the squirming feeling of sensitivity when light fingers ran down from his armpits down to his waist. It was hard for Superman to pretend he could not break free, but the pleasure he felt kept him in check.

His other two sexual encounters felt nothing compared to this as Superman drifted into a world of ecstasy and the ultimate pleasure. Every time, Master’s mouth or fingers came close to his groin, his cock would produce a river precum that covered his crotch and down his sides to the bed underneath him.

The exploration of his body seemed to take forever as Master left none of his magnificent muscled body untouched. The teasing was both tortuous and heavenly for the once powerful hero who had been reduced the a slave of submission and pleasure. His only thoughts were pleasing his Master and he would do anything that was commanded of him.

Finally Master stopped exploring his body and untied him from the embrace of bondage. Superman went to his hands and knees and kissed Master passionately. His love for Master transcended anything he ever felt before. His body and soul joining in the singing of pleasure he felt as the Man of Steel gave the ultimate submission to Master.

As he broke off the kiss, Superman looked at the bulging crotch of Master. His mouth watered as he looked up at the man he loved. “Please let me suck you Master,” Superman begged as his blue eyes looked pleadingly at his Master.

Master smiled and nodded his consent. Superman felt his heart leap for joy as he took off the belt and unzipped Master’s pants. As he freed the cock that he wanted to worship, the hero look amazed at the beautiful hardness that would give Master pleasure. This cock was almost as big as his own.

Nuzzling the cock against the smoothness of his cheek, Superman kissed the head softly and passionately as he was able to. He would pleasure Master and bring him as much pleasure as he received himself. The hero recalled everything that the stranger in the red lit room had him do earlier in the day so he could bring Master just as much pleasure.

Engulfing Master’s cock in his mouth, Superman used everything he could think of to enhance the experience. Master moaned with pleasure as the Man of Steel lookup with with his mouth stuffed with cock. His master control of his body eliminated any sign of a gag reflect and Superman was able to transform his mouth into the ultimate pussy for his Master to fuck.

As he felt Master start to get close to orgasming in his mouth, Superman realized that there was not anything he could not do for the man who conquered him and stole his heart. His pleasure did not matter to him only giving Master the ultimate pleasure.

Superman moaned with regret as Master pulled his cock out of his mouth. “I want to suck you off,” the hero begged.

Master pushed Superman on his back and lifted his muscled legs up. “I have a better idea,” he said with a smile and wink.

As the Man of Steel felt his Master’s cock brush against his ass, he understood what he must give. Before today, he would have objected to being fucked by another man, but Superman knew that this was the greatest sexual gift that he could give. He relaxed the muscles in his ass as the saliva coated cock entered inside the most private and intimate of places.

Unlike a normal man, there was no pain as his ass was invaded and fucked. As the head of the cock started to batter Superman’s prostate, pleasure that he never felt before exploded through his body. His previous sexual encounters that day had been extremely pleasurable to the submissive hero, but nothing compared to the pleasure his prostate gave to him.

Superman threw his head back as he continued being fucked as his cock grew so hard that he thought the skin would peel of his excited tool. His moans of pleasure grew louder and louder until the room was filled with his cried of ecstasy.

Master fucked him with his own moans that were drowned out by the cries of passion of the hero he conquered. The Man of Steel’s mind stopped as the pleasure he felt took control of every aspect of the former hero.

Then with a strangled cry, Master convulsed as he began to shoot his seed into Superman’s man pussy. The force of his pent up seed hitting directly to his prostate sent the hero past the point of no return. Although his cock had been untouched during the fucking, it began to quiver and convulse as the first onslaught of cum hit him in the face.

Superman screamed as the most intense orgasm, he ever felt ripped through his body. Rope after rope of cum flew out of his cock in amounts that both previous orgasms combined could not measure up to. The intense feelings that he felt were so powerful that for a second is brain shut down.

When the orgasm finally started to die down, Superman was aware that Master was kneeling by his head. Panting and covered with sweat and cum, the hero smiled as he looked up at the man who brought him this wonderful feeling. “Thank you, Master,” The hero said softly as he felt himself start to drift to sleep.

As blackness started to creep into Superman’s mind, he heard Master speaking to him softly giving him new instructions to follow. It was in the same place in his slumber that he received instructions before but the combination of the mind shattering orgasm and his love for the man who taught him to accept his new role in life made these instructions completely reinforced. There would be no more struggle and only acceptance to follow the orders of Master. Superman passed out with a smile on his face knowing that he was in a safe place.


Todd Fleming

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