Straight Jock Catfished

by grey

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Caleb was confused. He was a straight guy! He liked girls! How did he get caught up in this mess? Now that it was the summer, and his parents were away for a few months, nobody knew where he was. Did no one even think to check on him? He was the star basketball player! Surely someone was worried?

After getting tricked by a man thinking he was going to have sex with some girl, the man tied him up and used him for content. His body wasn’t his anymore. For a whole weekend his cock was getting milked of it’s cum, while his virgin ass was getting plowed by some machine. Caleb had no interest in ass play, and it felt so different for him. After the weekend was over, the man took him off of the machines, and sucked Caleb off before he was forced to ejaculate into this man’s mouth. After his orgasm, the man locked him up in some weird plastic compartment, his swollen dick almost bursting out of it. He went back to school in that cock cage, but what would his friends think of him? What would his girlfriend say? Caleb was unable to use his cock. The week after, Caleb was determined. He went back to the man’s place, hoping that the man would understand that he was only a high schooler. Surely he’d understand that Caleb was pent up, and horny. The man said he would only take it off under three conditions. 1) Caleb would break up with his girlfriend. If he was going to use his dick it would not be for her enjoyment. 2) Caleb jerked off right then and there as soon as he got the cage off. 3) Caleb would have to sign an agreement, a contract. Caleb was way too horny to care about the conditions, the only thing he could think about is getting the damn cage off! So he promised to break up with Sophia, he jerked off in front of a camera, and then he signed a random contract without reading its terms or conditions. That was his biggest mistake. Little did he know, he was basically owned now. He signed himself into becoming a sex worker, a pornstar. What a bright future he had ahead of him! Oh well, if only he actually read the contract maybe this wouldn’t have been a problem???

Back to Mikes POV

After watching that video of Caleb, Mike was sure he was not going to be seeing his best friend anytime soon. For christs sake, he just watched his friend fuck in front of a live audience!! And that last clip?? Why was he left in a cage like that, getting auctioned?? That was just so inhumane, what did they mean “COW FOR SALE”? Was this his fault?  No, certainly it wasn’t. It was Caleb’s own fault! If he wasn’t so hot, and if he didn’t flaunt his body around like that maybe he wouldn’t have been tempted to do the things he did!! Mike remembers the days in class with Caleb, when the classroom was hot so Caleb lifted his shirt up to wipe the sweat off of his forehead. Caleb did this constantly, not knowing that Mike was getting a glimpse of his hairy belly button and sexy waistline. Mike was a good friend. It was Caleb who was selfish. And he got what he deserved. Mike cannot wait to see what happens next to his friend. 

After a few weeks, the account posted Caleb once again. 

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The video started with Caleb and his new master in bed. “I want you to fuck me hard cum cow! NOW”. The man tore off Caleb’s tight black boxers, revealing his sexy tanline and heavy ass. As Caleb slid his hard long dick into the guys ass, he looked at the camera and made the gooniest face while rapidly clapping that man’s cheeks. Caleb leaned on top of the man while fucking, while the man’s back was to the bed, legs spread. While the two aggressively fucked in a hotel bed, a random blonde twink appeared on camera, and spread Caleb’s jiggling ass apart. Although it was hard to get a hold of his clapping cheeks, the twink was determined to eat the cow out. Caleb’s fat hairy ass was bouncing on the twink’s tongue when suddenly his boyish squirms translated to, “I’m gonna cum, ah IM GONNA CUM!!! emmmMMMmmm, MMMmmm, UGHHHHHH, ugh.” The camera then zoomed in on Caleb’s face, his eyes were shut closed as he moaned in relief. Then, the man and the twink savagely fell on top of him and started to lick the sweat off his beefy body. The video ended. 

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Mike became a patron in a blink of an eye. Can you imagine if the hot straight jock in your school was being exploited online like this! Oh how fortunate was he, not everyone gets to watch their crush’s sextape and porn account. There were no more thoughts of sympathy, just the pure motivation of getting to have this jock to himself. This was going to be a fun summer.