Just a week before Zach and Pamela are to be married, Pamela calls Zach on a Sunday morning and invites him to a late brunch at her parent's local country club. The wedding is scheduled for Sunday afternoon of the following week.

Zach has noticed that ever since Pamela's return from Seattle that she has been distant and in a sad mood. He has ask her several times what is wrong and she always says that there is nothing wrong.

As they have brunch in a private room, Pamela is very nervous. Near the end of the meal, she breaks down in tears and says:"Zach, I cannot marry you next week. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I do not want to hurt you. You are a special person."

Zach is shocked as he takes a huge breath, his pulse rate soars and he begins to perspire thinking the very worse. Has Pamela learned about Zach's steamy sex with Eric? He thinks: "OMG! How do I deal with this situation?"

Pamela continues: "Zach, I have betrayed you. On our first night in Seattle, Elizabeth and I went to a very plush country club that is an affiliation with mother and Dad's country club in Oregon. We had several drinks and I was feeling light headed. This 30 year-old gorgeous actor from Hollywood approached our table and asked me for a dance. His awesome features just took control of me. He is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen."

Zach is numb from the news but very relieved that she does not know about Eric and his sexual encounters.

Pamela says: "Please let me continue. As we danced, I felt the hugest cock I have ever experienced rubbing against my crotch. His kisses were like drops of manna from Heaven. He made me the most crazed I have ever been for sex. He asked me to spend the night with him at his hotel. He made love to me ever night while I was in Seattle. We had unprotected sex and I was at the height of my period for ovulation. I am sure I am pregnant as I have missed my period. I do not want to hurt you but no man has ever made me feel sexier than he did. I have fallen in love with him. He has asked me to marry him and I said yes. I am sorry."

As Pamela pauses and is in tears, Zach says: "Pamela dear, I am so glad you are being honest with me. It would be a tragedy for us to marry and then possibly divorce later. You need to be with the man you love."

Pamela continues again: "I will be moving to California and marrying Trevor. He has a beautiful home in Beverly Hills. It will be a life of excitement." She reaches over and gives Zach a kiss on the cheek.

She informs Zach that her parents will notify the guests of the cancellation and return all the wedding gifts. She turns to Zach and hands him the engagement ring he had given her.

Zach returns the kiss and says: "Pamela, I wish you the very best life. Please send me a card when the baby is born." She agrees to send a card and photo of the baby.

Zach rushes home and gives me a call. When I answer the phone, Zach in a shaken voice says: "Eric, buddy, I really need to talk with you and see you." With excitement and anticipation I say: "Zach, you seem upset. Why don't I come over and get you. We will go for a drive to our favorite lake and talk." Zach in a broken voice says: "Oh, Eric, baby, please hurry."

When Zach opens the door at his condo, he puts me in a tight bear hug, puts his hands behind my head, rubs his hands through my hair and plunges his tongue deep into my surprised open mouth. The heat from our breaths and rolling tongues produces an over supply of salvia that is streaming out of our growing wet mouths, running down our chins and onto our shirts. The lust for one another has us panting, breathing hard and moaning as we enjoy a series of sloppy kisses. Our lips seem to be glued together with no space in between making it hard to breath. I am about to faint from my lust for Zach. I have never craved anything as bad as I desire his body and his love.

We kiss uncontrollably for a long time as our cocks become like marble. My cock is in pain as it is straining against my briefs looking for an escape. Zach's cock is in a similar condition. Our crotches are rubbing against each other as we kiss and hump on Zach's front balcony. Everyone can hear our sex driven noises.

I cannot believe what is happening but I cannot control my lust even though I think Zach is a week from marrying Pamela. I finally get control and say: "Zach, oh, we must not do this because of your marriage in a week. We must not let lust over take us."

Although still shaken from the day's events, Zach gives me a huge lustful smile and says: "Eric, baby, I have just come from a brunch with Pamela and she has broken off our engagement."

My first thought is one of total fright. "Oh, Zach did she learn about our sexual encounters? How are we going to deal with this problem?"

Again Zach gives me a sexy smile and begins kissing me even harder. He looks straight into my watering eyes and says: "No, baby, she knows nothing about steamy sex." I respond: "Zach, what in the hell is going on?"

Zach suggest we go inside and he will explain. But before we can go inside, I notice Zach's next door neighbor is standing on his balcony looking at us. "I say: Oh, my, we are caught in public for the first time"

I am encouraged when Zach's neighbor, Pete, gives us the thumbs up. Pete is married to a beautiful lady by the name of Susan. Zach informs me that they are strong supporters of same sex marriage.

I can hardly wait to hear Zach's explanation of what is going on. My mental vibes are in full action and hoping for Zach's love. I feel like I could have an orgasm this moment in anticipation of what I guess will be good news.

We go inside and look at each other with unguarded libidos bringing a rise in our testosterone level as well as true romantic love for each other. Zach shares the whole story with me. I have never been happier.

I blurt out: "Zach, this is the happiest day of my life. Promise me this moment that you will be mine from now own." Zach holds me, plants hard kisses on my lips, puts his hands on my ass, pulls me in close and says: "Eric, my darling, no one will ever come between us again. Will you marry me?"

I stutter from the excitement and say: "Oh, YES, Oh, YES!! I love you more than life itself."

We have never been hotter or more rock hard. Our shorts are filling with wet precum.

My erotic lust fro Zach takes control. I drop to my knees, unzip his pants, slide them to his ankles, put my hand inside his wet briefs, pull his cock out through his open fly and thrust his leaking cock down my hot throat. I swallow his entire monster of a tool and suck him over and over.

Zach is thrusting his hips into my face while holding the back of my head. I suck his cock as if it is the sweetest lollypop I have ever had. I put my hands on his ass to help him thrust forward. Zach begins yelling: "OMG, I cannot hold back. My favorite cock sucker is driving me over the edge. Eric, darling, I am going to feed you my 10 day supply of thick creamy cum. Baby, this built up huge load is for you, my lover. OMG, I am cumming, I am cumming. Oh, Aaaaaa, Mmmmm, I feel the load going into your gorgeous wet mouth. Please close down hard on my cock. Drain ever drop from me, baby."

Zach fills my mouth and throat with a huge load. I avoid swallowing and hold the semen until Zach is spent. I lay him down on the floor on his back, put my mouth over his mouth and pour the cum into his mouth. We kiss as we swirl the cum around and around for us both to have a cum meal.

I wait for Zach to clean up and put on some new clothes. We leave for the lake on this beautiful sunny day.

I drive down to our favorite bay at the lake that is our favorite spot for fishing. The bay is very isolated and has become almost our private beach. We spread a blanket on the ground with a grove of trees in the background. We take off our clothes, put on swimming trunks, put sun tan lotion on each other and lie down to soak up the sun.

I cannot wait any longer to tell Zach my news. "Baby, I have made some life changes because I thought you would be marrying Pamela. I have resigned my teaching position and accepted a position with an international corporation to travel and and produce documentaries for the company around the world. I will continue to live here and come home between productions."

Zach looks very concerned and says: "Eric, what does that mean for our relationship. I cannot take one more disappointment."

I break into a huge smile, hug Zach and say: "Zach, baby this is perfect. Your fitness center has grown until you have a large staff. This means you are free to travel with me as my production assistant leaving your staff to run the center when we are traveling for a production. My salary and all our expenses will be covered and you will have the opportunity to paint some of the world's most beautiful sites.

I have never seen Zach glow with more excitement. He takes one of my hands, puts it in his mouth, sucks on my fingers, kisses me and begins rubbing my crotch. He says: "Eric, this will be the perfect life." I can not wait as I say: "Baby, our first assignment will be in Paris, France in about a month." Zach gets excited and says: "Darling, do you suppose we can find glory holes and sausage parties in Pris like we did in San Francisco?" I get instantly hard from all this talk and touching.

I look over at Zach and he has a huge bulge in his trunks. He instantly jumps on top of me and begins humping my crotch the same way he did that night in my condo months ago. We are both on fire.

Zach's animal instincts take over as he deep kisses me as he slobbers all over my face; drills his 10" cock into my trunks; he lays flat on my chest, stomach abs and legs as he grunts with pleasure; and we create streams of sweat all over our hot bodies with the sun beaming down on our sexy bodies.

Zach yells out: "Eric, my love, I cannot stop dry humping my lover. I am so hot." I cry out: "Oh, Buddy, you are about to make me come." Our trunks are now soaked with precum. We can feel the wet trunks as they mingle with our now wet skin and cocks.

We take off our trunks and are now butt naked. I put Zach on his back on the blanket. I come down on his 10" raging cock, lubricate his eager cock with gobs of spit, start licking up and down his smooth wet shaft, kissing the cock head and piss slit, tasting a new supply of precum, blowing my hot breath on his throbbing and pulsating boner and using my hand to finger his asshole.

Just as I am about to deep throat that monstrous hot cock, I glance toward the woods and see two gorgeous hikers t the edge of the woods. We have been caught. I whisper to Zach: "Buddy, I see two hunks at the edge of the trees. They are starring at us. Should we stop? Will they call the police?"

Zach could not see them from his vantage point. But in a somewhat unconcerned manner and due to his lust for me says: "See how they are reacting to us but do not stop sucking me."

I am so excited when the hikers start rubbing their crotches, unzip their pants and drop their pants releasing huge cocks as they jerk off the giant boners.

One of the hikers is about 6'2" tall, with blond hair and a cock around 11". The second hiker is about 5' 11" tall, dark hair and skin and his cock appears to be about 10". They seem turned on as they come toward us still jacking off those huge boners.

This is the ultimate turn on for Zach and me. We have not only got caught having sex in public but our having sex has turned on the two voyeurs. When they get close, I look up and say: "Hey, guys, do you like what you see?' The blond smiles and responds: "Oh, my, yes! Do you have an extra blanket so we can join you as we suck one another while you two make out."

I rush to my car and get a blanket plus my athletic bag. We all four are now burning with heat for great sex.

Zach and I move into a 69 position to suck each other. I notice that our new friends start by jacking off each other and spitting on their cocks for lube. Soon they also get into a 69 position. We all are licking, kissing and sucking our partners aching cock. The sounds of moaning, panting and sloppy action fills the air. Everyone deep throats their partners cock while tasting lots of precum. There is a strong smell of rich, masculine, and cum odors surrounding the two blankets and the four of us.

WE all stand up with dangling precum from our engorged cocks. I retrieve a bottle of lube from my athletic bag and I pour heavy amounts of lube on all four of our flag poles that are standing at attention as we move into a circle. I grab the base of the blond stud's hot cock, the handsome dark haired guy grabs my cock, Zach starts squeezing the rock hard cock of the dark haired and the blond takes charge of Zach's leaking cock.

We begin wildly jerking off each other in a circle jerk routine. Our hands are covered with the lube and precum from each guys slick sloppy cock. We also play with our buddies now wet balls as we grease the cracks of the other guy's ass. We are thrusting our hips forward into the hands of our partner to enhance the arousal in our loins.

We reach across to our partner and begin deep kissing his wet and radiant lips to drive us closer to total ecstasy. The smell of man on man is becoming almost toxic. After several minutes of this four-way sex, we each take our lube and cum covered hand and put it into the mouth of the guy we have been jackingoff. The lapping up of the juices on the hands is so fucking hot.

As we stop to catch our breaths, I pull out condoms as we prepare to fuck the man pussy. I feel shivers run up my spine as I suggest: "Zach, I want you to fuck my over hot ass." Zach takes a condom, lubes his cock, puts on the condom, lubes the condom and fingers my ass with the lube.

I invite our hiker friends to do the same as I suggest: "Hey, guys, join us in a wild fucking session. Which one of you is going to be the bottom bitch?" The dark haired guy replies: "I am always the bitch. I love to have my man pussy pounded." I hand a condom to the blond. He lubes himself and his buddy and puts on the condom.

I get down on the blanket on all fours as Zach gets ready to insert his blood-filled red hot cock from behind me as my pulsating pussy waits for his big tool. I love this doggie style position.

The dark haired stud lies down on his back, lifts his legs straight up, grabs each leg at the back of his knees, raises his hips and the blond gets down on his knees as he prepares to slip into one of the biggest assholes I have ever seen. That ass could swallow a horse's cock.

Zach takes his hands and places them on each side of my ass cheeks and thrust his huge cock all the way into the depth of my pussy. The blond observes Zach's rough technique that encourages him to drive into his buddy's experienced ass. The blond and Zach begin a long series of pounding their partner's man pussy. We are all panting, moaning muttering and yelling with uncontrollable lustful pleasure. The precum is flowing. I am sure we can be heard across the bay.

These two teams steamy fucking is increasing our desire for an unforgettable orgasm. Our balls and cocks are at maximum sizes as we watch the dark haired guy and me be fucked with such hard pounding. We not only hear each others' grunts and moans but we can hear the sloppy noises as the monstrous cocks slide in and out of these beautiful assholes. One can feel and smell the aromas from we four guy's sexual juices and sweat.

The flesh on flesh pounding from our partners and the awareness of the other guy's fucking finally brings all four of us to incredible eruptions. Zach and the blond explode in the condoms while still in their partner's ass. The dark haired guy and I each blast huge loads. He covers his stomach, chest and neck with a large load. I explode all over the blanket.

The blond and Zach pull out their spent cocks, take off the condoms, and perform a sexy act. The blond has Zach and me suck the residue cum off his big cock. Then the dark haired and blond dudes suck the remaining cum off Zach's cock. The flavors are a true variety.

Zach and I deep kiss our hiker friends. We rotate so everyone gets a kiss.

We all jump into the lake to wash off the juices. We dress, shake hands and say goodbye to the hikers without ever exchanging names.

As the hikers go back into the woods, they shoot us a smile, rub their crotches and give us the high sign. We return the message with high signs.

We clean up the mess including getting rid of the condoms and wrappers. We drive back to Zach's condo. We shower and go to dinner.

Zach and I look forward to our future together and travels to many cities around the world.



Naughty Eric


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