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There has been an additional development since that Friday night sex rendezvous between Zach and me (Eric) that I wish to share with you readers.

I was anticipating having time alone with Zach for the next four weeks while his fiancee Pamela was on a trip. But on Monday following our incredible Friday night unforgettable steamy sex, Zach calls me and reports that there has been a change in Pamela's schedule and she is back home. I guess there will be no future opportunities to make love to my best friend Zach before the wedding.

For the next several weeks, I meet with Pamela, Zach and both families as we continue to make plans for the upcoming wedding where I will serve as best man for my best friend Zach. Everyone is so excited and happy as the wedding date nears except me. But I will do my duty. Zach is marrying a real nice lady from a terrific family. Zach's family is also the very best and treats me like a son.

Then 20 days before the wedding, I am just overwhelmed with what happens that is totally unexpected. Zach meets me for lunch on Tuesday and hands me a round trip airline ticket to San Francisco for an early morning flight on the following Friday and returning to our city (Portland, Oregon) on an early morning flight the next Tuesday. Zach places his hand on my knee with a smile and shows me his flight schedule for the same trip. I will have four glorious days in beautiful Gay friendly San Francisco with my best friend.

I am so stunned that I ask: "Zach, buddy, what in the hell is going on?" He gives me a big sexy grin and says: "Eric, I was also stunned this morning when Pamela and I met with our parents and they handed me these tickets. Our parents have decided that part of their wedding gifts to Pamela and me are four day trips for Pamela and her best friend and maid of honor Elizabeth and me and you as my best friend. Pamela and Elizabeth are going to Seattle for four days and you and me are going to San Francisco. Our mothers agreed that we all should have this last trip as singles with our best friends before tying the knot.

I am so overjoyed that I stand up and give Zach a huge hard hug. "Zach, I am so happy. After lunch, can we go to a florist so I can get two sets of of a dozen roses for the mothers?" Zach says, "Oh, Eric, yes that will be so thoughtful." I feel the most relaxed and hopeful since the Friday night when Zach had seduced me. At least, I will have four days alone with the man I have dreamed about every night since that Friday night incredible sex. I truly love Zach. I will have the memories from this upcoming trip to cherish for the rest of my life.

On Friday morning Zach, Pamela, Elizabeth and me are driven to the airport by both families. Zach and I fly off to San Francisco and Pamela and Elizabeth fly to Seattle.

Zach and I arrive at 8 a.m. and go directly to our five-star Hilton Hotel that had been booked by Zach's parents. The hotel scheduler had misunderstood the reservations and we are booked into the top floor honeymoon suite. The hotel staff probably thinks we are a newly wed Gay couple; this is San Francisco you know! I could not be happier. The suite has many special sexy features for a newly wed couple. Zach and I are excited. Is this turning into a good omen?

Zach has no experience in the ways of the Gay world and the big city. He has lived his entire life a few mils outside of Portland except for four year in college. I am well traveled.

After lunch, Zach becomes curious and ask me if I will take him to one of the many adult Gay bookstores in the city. He also tells me he has never been to a Gay bar and that he is curious. I could not be more pleased with these developments. I say: "Zach, you bet buddy. I will show you the ropes." I sense that Zach is once again remembering that Friday night when we had our steamy hot night of Gay sex and the words he used on that Friday night to start seducing me. He had said: "Eric, nothing has ever turned me on like this moment."

I actually see a bulge growing in his pants. This leads me to believe that Zach is struggling between his love and lust for me contrasted with his devotion to his family and a fondness for his neat fiancee. I sense a painful struggle confronting my buddy Zach. My heart goes out to him as well as my love for him. What are we going to do? I love him so much but I also have a great affection for the two families and especially Pamela.

We must put this problem aside and make the next four days about Zach and me.

I select a Gay adult bookstore with a large supply of xxx Gay videos, magazines, sex toys and even several rooms featuring glory holes. Zach is like a kid in a candy store. Zach, the owner of a fitness center, and me, college professor, are two professional men spending a couple of hours shopping for exotic sexual items far away from home.

Th atmosphere ignites our lustful desires. As Zach observes two Gay hunks in a corner kissing and rubbing each others' crotches, lust over comes him. He pushes me into a dark corner, starts French kissing me and I am surprised when he unzips my pants. He now takes my rock hard wood out, spits all over my cock and begins to jack me off as I ooze pre-cum. Zach rubs his fingers around my slick cock head and puts his now cum covered fingers into his mouth to once again taste my white cream seed. Our sexual act draws the attention of three guys who appear to be in their late 20's. They are watching, smiling and playing with their crotches as Zach jacks me off. We stop before I come.

Zach has lost all inhibitions about what he wants from me. I know that he is back to those urges that drove him to seduce me on that Friday evening several weeks ago. I want him to make love to me.

Zach takes charge and surprises me. He looks into my lustful eyes and says: "Eric, I cannot wait. Lets rent two of the rooms with the glory holes and suck each others' cocks. I am so excited about experiencing you in a glory hole."

We both have raging cocks as we go to the counter to rent two rooms. But we are proud of our hard cocks as all the guys in the store are wearing hard on dicks. We are among horny guys who are all after the same thing and that is to get their rocks off with the aid of all the sexy materials available for purchase in this adult gay bookstore.

If you remember from part one of this story, Zach is a 26 year-old rather dark stud possessing a great build as an athlete and fitness center operator, touting a monstrous cut 10-inch cock and really hot. I am his college professor friend with blond features, a muscled hard body and a huge 8-inch cock.

I enter room 3 and Zach takes room 4. The TV monitors in each room are playing videos showing hot Gay guys jacking-off, sucking cock and ass fucking in case the glory hole room visitors need assistance in getting hard. Zach and I need no incentive to get it on, as we are burning hot, sweating and showing raging dripping pre-cum boners. The walls are lined with xxx drawings of cocks and assholes. The glory holes are lined with multicolored foam padding.

As I pull out my rock hard cock, I see Zach's 10" cock already inserted into the glory hole. His cock looks even bigger than I remember from that Friday night several weeks ago. Zack is leaking pre-cum. He says in his lustful and sexy voice: "Eric, my baby, suck my aching cock." I get down on my knees, start kissing Zach's bright pink cock head and piss slit. Before long, I am swallowing all his gorgeous 10-inhes. Zach starts plunging his huge cock further into my mouth as his giant testicles appear through the hole. I fondle his balls as I violently suck on his wet cock.

Zach is on fire and so turned on by having sex in this seedy environment. He is consumed with the desire to talk dirty to me. He orders me: "Eric, you bitch, suck me harder. I order you to suck me until I come. Give it to me, my lover. Suck that cum from my balls and eat it." With that dirty talk, I lock my lips tight around Zach's swollen shaft of his cock and do not let go. This drives Zach crazy as he begins to shoot load after load of white seed down my throat. I can hear Zach moaning as he ejaculates as well as I hear some guy in room 2 next to me yelling and screaming: "Rick, I'm cumming, I'm cumming through the glory hole into you ass. I am going to suck and eat my hot cum out of your asshole." This is too much for me as I burst load after load of my seed on to the floor without even touching my cock.

Zach withdraws his spent cock from the glory hole. I put my cock with dangling sperm into the glory hole and say to Zach: "Baby, suck my cock clean so I will not wet my shorts and you can get another taste of my sweet juices. You love my cum." Zach sucks my cock like his mouth is a vacuum cleaner. Ooh, mmmmm! his cock sucking talents make me feel so good.

Zach is now committed to a weekend of sex and more sex. His sex drive, as is mine, is in high gear. We return to the store and buy several items including sex toys, lube and a xxx Gay video starring Brent Everett, Josh Vaughn and Benjamin Bradley. We take our purchases back to the hotel, shower and go to the waterfront for wine and a seafood dinner. During dinner, Zach constantly plays footsie with me under the table. A gorgeous Gay couple at the next table wink at me and use their hands to demonstrate the jack-off motion.

After dinner, I take Zach to one of the most popular Gay bars in the city. The bar is crowed with around 100 guys ranging in age from the early 20's up to the early 70's. The guys are drinking, dancing, kissing and fondling each other. We each purchase a beer and find a table in a corner. Zach is elated at this sexy environment for his first time in a Gay bar. Over taken by the hot scene, Zach jumps up into my lap and begins devouring my mouth with wet kisses. My growing cock becomes stiff as a board and begins to rub against Zach's over heating ass while he is sitting in my lap.

Zach gets down on his knees and unzips my pants releasing my painfully pinned up cock. He spits gobs of his spit on my red hot cock and starts jacking me off. He is not intimated in the least to get it on with me as the bar patrons are all in some stage of sexual bliss.

It is now my turn to service Zach. I remove his eager cock by unzipping his pants and removing it through the fly in his briefs. I give him a wildly sexy blowjob.

After about 10 minutes, two gorgeous guys, with dark complexions, interrupt my servicing Zach and ask if they can join our table. They introduce themselves as Gabe and Noah. We learn that Gabe is 27 years-of age and Noah is 28. They have been partners for four years.

They inform us that they are going to a private home for a sausage party and ask us to join them. Zach ask: "What is a sausage party? We have already had dinner." They break into a laugh, wink at each other and urge us to go see what it is like. Since Zach seems to consumed with curiosity, we agree to go.

The living room is filled with about 30 really hot young men from about 19 to 25 years of age. They all are wearing green bands as proof of their age. We are invited to the party and take a table together. Soon the host announces the first stripper who is about six feet with a rock hard body and wearing a hot red pair of shorts. He immediately pulls off the shorts and gives them to the host. He starts lap dancing from one guy to another. The stripper is showing off his 9 inch cock.

Before long, the stripper moves from guy to guy as each guy sucks his cock and plays with his balls with the crowd yelling approval. After about five guys suck his cock, he selects our new friend Gabe to suck his cock. When Gabe finishes, the stripper begins jerking-off on Gabe's face until he gives him a large facial. Noah begins licking the cum off of his partner's face. The guys yell approval.

The next dancer is only about a 5'6" tall blond hunk with at least an 8" cock. The exotic dancer removes a pair of sexy white shorts and puts them in the face of one of the guests. He moves from guy to guy until 7 guys have sucked his cock and played with his ass. OH! He comes to me and puts his beautiful spit slick cock in my mouth. I wildly add my saliva to the other guys spit on his cock and suck him. When I finish, he begins jerking-off on my face. I have been chosen for his load. He dumps a huge load on my face and it was so erotic when Zach moves over and eats the stranger's cum off my face.

Zach whispers to me: "Eric, I hope the next dancer selects me for his facial." Zach is showing a huge hard on. The third dancer is a cute twink about 5'4" tall, slim build but carrying a huge at least 10 inch cock. I count 10 guys suck his cock and then as luck would have it, he selects Zach to suck his cock. I hear Zach beg him to dump his load on his face and he obliges. I eat the stranger's white seed off Zach's face. WOW! What a wild party.

WE stay for another hour and watch four more dancers get sucked and get off their rocks on the faces of these hot guests. The scene has become so hot that most of the 30 guests pair up and begin to kiss, suck cock and fuck one another. Gabe and Noah start sucking and fucking one another as well as Zach and me follow by sucking and fucking each other. Although I have come once tonight, I am so filled with lust that as I pound Zach's asshole, I pull out and dump another load on his face and he returns the favor by fucking me and giving me a facial.

We go back to the hotel and before going to sleep agree that we will sight see during the day and make love at night.

After dinner on Saturday, we return to out hotel room for a night of hot sex. We strip off all our clothes and slip into matching flaming hot red briefs that we had purchased at the bookstore. I lay down on my back on the large round sexy bed. We plan for the next three nights to put on matching hot briefs from the bookstore and have Zach dry hump me. He is the hottest humping pro you will ever see.

As I feel a stirring in my lions, Zach climbs up on top of me with his red briefs and pounds his crotch wildly into my crotch. He continues for at least 15 minutes. With our briefs soaked with pre-cum, we take them off and place them at each others' mouth to smell and taste the aroma of our lover.

The hotel staff has prepared a bubble bath in the suite's sunken tub with candles, incense, multicolored lights, and sexy music. Zach gets in at the head of the tub and me at the foot. We push our feet up into the each others' crotches and begin massaging each others' cock. We put each others' cock between our feet for long massages.

With raging boners and lust consuming us, we return to the bed to use one of our new toys as the xxx video is playing on a wide screen. Zach lies down on his back at the head of the bed and me at the foot of the bed as we place our legs side by side with our asses facing each other. I lube a double headed dildo and we lube our asses. I insert the dildo into Zach's ass first and then the other end into my ass. We wildly fuck by pushing our asses forward. This is so hot.

We put the dildo aside, I get on my back, lube my cock and a flesh jack, and begin to fuck the flash jack. Zach lifts my legs onto his shoulders, lubes my pulsating ass, lubes his cock and plunges his 10" cock deep into my wet ass. We last for about 20 minutes rotating between slow and rapid thrusting. All at once, two studs on the video shoot huge loads of cream on each other that causes me to blast a huge load into the flesh jack that sets off Zach as he erupts a huge load into my inter ass.

On Sunday night we decide to role play. I dress up as a police officer and Zach as a Marine. We meet in the hotel lounge and introduce our selves. The Marine invites me up to his hotel room to inspect his military gun. When in the room, the Marine unzips his pants while wearing no shorts, pulls out his 10" cock and says: "Officer, here is my military issued gun. How about cleaning it for me?" I reply: "Yes, sir. I am happy to clean that dirty tool for you. It looks like it will take a considerable amount of spit and a lots of sucking to get it clean." I get on my knees, pull his pants down and begin deep throating this huge tool. Zach is thrusting deep into my throat and asking: "Officer, how is the cleaning going?" This is pure eroticism.

We move to the bed in the nude and get into a 69 position as Zach surprises me. He takes our newly purchased cock pump, lubes my cock and places my cock inside the pump. As he presses on the pump handle, my cock expands to fill the entire tube of the pump. I am even more excited as I give Zach a rough blowjob as he uses the pump handle to give me pleasurable pain. After about 15 minute, we stop before we come.

We put on our new hot pink briefs from the bookstore. Zach gets on top of me, as we are filled with lust, he humps only a few times before we both spew huge loads of jizz into our hot pink briefs. We take them off, put them up to our mouths to once again share the smell and taste of our seed.

On Monday night we get naked, put on our new sexy white briefs. Zach again uses his new found pro method of humping me until our briefs are wet with pre-cum. We take them off and once again smell and taste our lover's juices.

I have a real surprise for Zach. I have bought him a blow up Gay male doll that is anatomically correct. We blow up the doll and Zach goes wild sucking its cock and asshole. I also place around his balls a very expensive cock ring circled with emeralds. After 15 minutes of his making love to the doll, I am wondering if I have been replaced. Just a joke.

I ask Zach to stop playing with the doll and fuck my burning ass. I need his cock after watching the doll receive that huge cock. He throws me on my stomach on the bed, lubes my ass, lubes his blood filled cock and plunges into my man pussy with one mighty thrust doggie style. His cock is very hot from fucking the doll. We are so aroused that we do not last long. Zach fills me with load after load of his warm cream and I erupt onto the sheets with a pool of of thick white jizz. The Tuesday morning maid will have a lot of cleaning to do.

We shower and go to the lounge for a nightcap. I know this is the time to face a serious question as we are leaving tomorrow morning. I take Zach's hand and look into his tearing eyes as I too have tear drops. I say to Zach: "Baby, I have never wanted anyone more than you but I know that is not going to happen. I cannot create that hurt for you family and Pamela. They have all been like family to me. But I have a gift for you. I have secretly taped our steamy sessions in San Francisco and when you lust for me play the tape and masturbate thinking of me. I will always love you."

We both break down in tears. Zach holds me in his arms and kisses me. He then says: "Eric, I have a special gift for you up in the room. When we get to the room, he pulls a painting out of a carrying case. It is a beautiful colored full-length body painting of him in the nude with a rock hard cock. He sadly says: "Eric, Baby, when you need to remember how I look nude and how I lust for you, just look at this picture."

The painting is the most erotic scene of a male nude model I have ever seen. I kiss Zach and say: "Zach, OMG! This will always be my treasured Rembrandt."

I take Zach into my arms, kiss him, rub my hands through his hair and feel his hands on my ass.

Lust overcomes both of us as we feel a stirring in our loins. I utter: "Zach, I need you one more time, please." Zach appears deep into my eyes and says: "Eric, me too. I just really need one more fuck."

Then it happens. Zach, the strong athlete, lifts my nude body up into his strong arms; he has me put my arms around his muscled neck; he places his strong hands on my ass; and he begins placing wet kisses on my sloppy mouth. I feel Zach's hard cock rub up against my hot pussy entrance as I open my ass for his waiting wood. His raw man meat plunges one more time into my welcoming ass. I beg: "Zach, OMG! I feel your hot cock rubbing against my prostrate and ass walls. Please FUCK me harder." I am now ready to use my ass muscles to milk ever last drop of his creme cum out of his balls.

As our chests meet, I feel our nipples become rock hard and my oozing cock is pressing against his chest and stomach. I soon am dumping a huge load of cum on his stomach, his balls and down the side of his legs. This causes Zach to explode in my ass. The load feels as if "Old Faithful" from the Yellow Stone National Park has erupted inside me.

Zach pulls out, climbs up on top of me and places his cock in my mouth for me to eat the dangling stream of cum off his cock head.

We spend our last night nude in bed as we embrace and go off to sleep.

The next morning we catch an early flight back to Portland to return to our normal life and complete the wedding plans for Zach and Pamela.



Naughty Eric


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