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I have known my friend Zach since he was an 18 year-old college freshman staring on our local baseball team. After college, Zach has been successful as both a canvass artist and a full time fitness trainer. He runs a popular fitness center with many clients including most local college athletes.

Today Zach is a gorgeous 26 year-old stud standing 6 feet tall, weighing 170 pounds, with brown hair and eyes, pearly white teeth and with rock hard biceps, abs and thighs. He has an almost hairless body and outgoing personality.

My name is Eric. I am a 33 year-old college history prof and a television producer and host. I have interviewed Zach on my TV program and I am one of his clients at the fitness center.

I stand 5'11" tall, weigh 168 pounds, have sandy reddish blond hair, sky blue eyes, mostly hairless body, perfect teeth, rock hard body and I am well endowed.

As I begin this story, Zach is engaged to a beautiful 21 year-old by the name of Pamela. They are scheduled to be married in five months where I will be the best man.

Zach calls me on a Friday afternoon and invites me to dinner. He informs me that Pamela, his fiancee, is out of the state for six weeks.

After a wonderful dinner, Zach comes over to my condo for a drink as is a common practice for us.

We are seated on the sofa having a drink and discussing Zach's art work. Without any warning, Zach moves close to me as his leg begins to rub against my leg. Zach begins: "Eric, we have been great friends for eight years and I need to share with you that I am having some disagreements with Pamela." My gaydar goes off and a bulge is growing in my crotch. I ask Zach to continue.

"Well, Eric, nothing has ever turned me on like you are doing tonight." I had never revealed to Zach that I was Gay. I am now beyond crazy and out of control. Zach grabs me behind my neck and pushes my lips up against his lips.He immediately opens his mouth and plunges his tongue into my burning mouth. We are in total lust as we French kiss as our tongues explore each others mouths. The kissing becomes so wet that our spit is running down our chins and onto our chests.I have never tasted a more erotic mouth and hot breath.

Zach jumps on top of me and begins wildly humping as our crotches grind against each other and our cocks are rock hard.

We are so excited that we fall onto the floor with Zach on top of me continuing to hump me. Zach says: "Eric, Baby, I have never been more horny or craving to fuck anyone in my life. I want to lick, suck and fuck you all night. You are the most sexy stud in the world. I have to have you. I want your meat and you to have my meat."

I could now feel big wet spots on both our crotches. We are both covered in sweat as our clothes become drenched. Zach sexy eyes are piercing my soul.

In between my moans, I manage to say: "Zach, darling, lets get off these wet clothes and feel each others steamy bodies and raging cocks." We quickly remove all our clothes. I get my first look at Zach's gorgeous standing straight up huge cock. Zach smiles and says: "Baby, you seem fixated on my 10" cut cock and wide girth. I bet you would like to suck this monster and see how many inches you can get down your throat."

Before I can respond. Zach's eyes widen as he gazes at my huge cock. I smile and say: "Zach, you hunk, I guess you are impressed with my 8" cut cock also. Let's 69 and see who is the best cock sucker." Zach and I rush to my bed and get in a 69 position.

As we begin licking and sucking each others cock heads, shafts and balls. We both instantly say: "Baby, I love the taste of your white precum." Zach's balls are so large that I can only take one at a time in my mouth but Zach can put both of my balls in his wet hot mouth. I was loving the smell and taste of this stud's cock and sac. We both are enjoying the ultimate in ecstasy in sex.

I felt Zach begin to go all the way down on my raging cock. Not to be out done, I managed inch by inch to swallow all Zach's monster. We both speed up as we come off and back down on these precum wet and slick rock hard cocks. I have never had a greater cock sucker than Zack. We were both in a complete erotic state. Zach comes off my cock long enough to say: "Eric, this is my first blowjob. I love it and I want you to come in my mouth. I want my first full cum eating experience with you, Baby! Please cum baby."

Meanwhile, I am sucking his huge cock like a lollypop. We both are sucking like crazy animals. I then beg Zach to explode in my mouth. The dirty talk and feel of these remarkable slick cocks push us both over the edge. We simultaneously erupt with blast after blast of thick jizz down each other's throats. With huge cocks down each throat, we had no choice but to swallow load after load down our throats. I have always known that the more exotic sex is the larger climaxes one has. We both dumped huge loads.

As we finally stop ejaculating, I climb on top of Zach's beautiful naked body as our spent wet cum coated cocks rub against each other. We deep kiss so we can share our cum meals.

As we rest, Zach says to me: "Eric, this is the greatest sex I have ever had. Can I stay all night and can we fuck after we rest?" I reply: "Oh Baby, YES!"

After a shower and two shots of rum and coke, we are again rock hard. Zach puts me in a tight bear hug as our throbbing cocks rub together. Oh I want him to fuck me.

Zach carries me in his strong arms and puts me on my back on the bed. He lefts my legs, puts a large pillow under my ass, places my legs on his broad shoulders, lubes up his rock hard boner, lubes my pulsating ass and places his blood red cock head at the entrance to my man pussy. Zach says: "Eric, you are now my bitch and I am going to have my first man pussy. I will fuck you just like I fuck my fiancee's ass. I know how to pound that ass." I am now beyond lust.

Zach shows no mercy. He plunges his huge cock all the way in at the first thrust. It hurts like hell but is so wonderful. His face shows a man filled with an animal lust. He drives in and out with a great speed as he makes grunting sounds like a cougar. He takes his lubed hand and begins to jerk off my aching cock.

Fortunately, he does not last long or I too would come before I can fuck him. I feel his huge cock head swell and pulsating veins in his cock shaft. He yells: "OH, Baby, I am cumming." He gives one more plunge into the depth of my ass and burst load after load of his warm white seed down into my ass. He withdraws and sucks the draining cum out of my ass. Then he kisses me with the warm cum drenching both of our mouths.

It is now my turn to give Zach his first cock up his ass. I lube his pulsating ass hole, lube my hard cock and start entering the hottest smooth ass I have ever experienced. He is on his stomach as I begin to fuck him doggie style. I am shocked that as I drive into his ass how he opens up. He takes my cock as if his ass is a sucking machine. Zack yells: "I love your burning hot cock. I feel your cock massage my prostrate and the walls of my ass. Oh, FUCK me. Come in my ass." With this, I explode load after load of hot cum up Zach's ass.

As I pull out, Zach begs to suck the dripping cum off my cock. I feed him my still semi-hard cock for three or four minutes. We kiss and share yet more cum. We embrace and fall asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning we shower and have a light breakfast. Zach kisses me and tells me this is the greatest sex of his life.

As he drives out of my driveway, I wonder what is going to happen to Zach and his fiancee. I have no idea of what the answer will be.

Thanks to Jack for his encouragement in presenting this story.



Naughty Eric


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