John has work for HBSC insurance going on for well over 20 years now and became Vice President of the Company in just over 12 years of his services. He had a family of 4 and spent most of his time traveling throughout the US and Canada and maybe spent around 2 weeks plus at home every month.

He also had a very quiet secret about his sexuality and love roll playing when he meets different men for his sexual desires needs. Del finally e-mail him back on meeting him over at the Grand Hyatt Hotel shortly after 6 pm. John had a very bad day were he lost a client contract worth well over millions of dollars before he heard a knock at the door. He slowly got up from the chair to answer and was deeply turn on when he saw Del standing there in a 3 piece Business men suit.

" Hi I am John please come in "

Del walk slowly into room and place his suit jacket on the chair over by the window. John had like a Presidential Suite type room which was located on the 20 floor with a nice view of the city. They were both into the 3 rd martini's as Del order John to strip down to his underwear as he order him to stand against the wall. John was real nervous by now as he strip down to his bright red Duluth Trading  Company Sports briefs. John also had a great body for someone who just turn 55 years old.

He stood around 5'10 with short brown curly hair and weigh around 160 to 165 pounds. His body was somewhat smooth and had a nice bubble butt ass that any women love to wrap their slutty hands around it. Del stood and stare at John for well over 15 minutes before he walk over to him and place 2 nipple clamps right on his hard erected tits. John's eyes roll back when he saw Del leather gloves hands pull his balls down tightly in his briefs as he started moan and scream from the pain with all of the excitement and good vibes coming from Del.

The ball were squeezed  for a good 10 minutes until he fell down to floor gasping for air from all the pain he was in. Del then order him to lick his crotch as he was standing there in his Man of steel black jockey briefs. 

" Lick my cock "

" Lick my dick asshole "

" Make me pre cum all over your lips "

John was now tasting the pre cum that was pouring through Del's briefs by now which it went on for well over 30 minutes until  Del's felt that he was satisfied enough for him. 

" Get up, I need a drink of something "

John got up and walk over to the kitchen fridge and began to make them both a Gin and Tonic. They both sat at the table starring each other down for a long period of time until Del made another move. He then took out some leg shackles and handcuff out of his small dark utility suitcase that he brought with him. The suitcase contains various of items from wrestling trunks , underwear, dildo's. massage oil , poppers, lube, condoms, whip's,chains and few different type of chest harnesses. He also a duplicated  of the same chest harnesses that Gene Simmons wear on stage back in the 70's. 

" Now walk over to the side of the bed and bend over "

Del was now putting on his favourite chest harness along with leather type material briefs and gloves. He place a blind fold around John's eyes and place a gag into his mouth before he handcuff him to the headboard wooden rails. John gasp as he felt like a dildo going up his ass hole before Del order him to take a good riff of the poppers. The dildo was fucking as ass good and hard as Del was pinching the nipple clamps much harder. John was in a lot of pain by now he had tears coming down from his eyes.

The time was going onto 11 pm now when the sex became more aggressive and less painful for John which he was now enjoying  Del cock and his hard nose arrogance style. They both took anther short break before the last climax of the evening.

Del then began to remove all his gear he had on and order John to suck his cock and to swallow his load. John head was hanging over the side of the bed as Del cock was thrusting the back of John throat. It did not take long for Del to shot a huge load of his semen all down the back of John throat and mouth.

" You want some more cum ? "

"  Yes Sir "

Del began to lay on his back before John started to work his mouth down Del's tattoo muscles chest all the way to his cock. John began to deep throat as Del was moaning of pleasure and gratitude. 

" Suck me John "

" Lick up my cum "

" Yes Sir "

" Yes, Master Del "

" Are you close Master "

" Shut the fuck up "

" I will let you now punk "

" Sorry Sir "

The pre cum started to fly out like bucket of water all over John lips and his mouth before he began to play with himself at the same time. He then took the pre cum from Del's dick and rub it all over his own cock so he can shoot off at the same time. 

" Fuck I am close "

" Yes sir "

" Pass me some more poppers  "

" Yes sir "

" Take a good riff yourself "

" Fuck it feels good Master "

" Yea "

" Fuuuuck "

" Hollyyyyyy Shiiiiiiiiy "

" Take it you prick , Take it "

" OMG Master "

Del shouted as the cum flew out him like a bullet all over Johns lips and mouth as his body vibrated into a huge orgasm that he just had. As for John he shot off at the same time as it hit his lips has his own cum made a splash onto the floor at the side of the bed. Del once again order John to lick the rest of his juice up and go over to the wall and just stand there in his underwear.

John watch Del get up slowly as he stood against the soil wall before he watch him go into the bath room to take a shower before the evening is over with. It was a good 20 minuted before Del got out of the shower and got dress to head on back home. 

" Fuck that was nice Master "

" Please don't talk to me "

" Okay Sir "

The room was silent as John began to watch Del get dress, He first put on his dress sock then it was a fresh pair of silky black sports briefs and finally the rest of the 3 piece suit that he was wearing that evening.  They both shook hands at the door before John handed him a white envelope containing $5,000 bucks in it. Del also made it clear that he only meets up with the same person every 2 years as he order John not to call him until then.

John took his time as he open the door for Del as he watch him walk down the hallway to were the elevators are located. The time was well after 3 am by now as John had to get a good rest before his afternoon business meeting. The flight back home was long since there was a 4 hour delay at La Guardia Airport.  He then started to look down at his watch as he just pull into his driveway and spotted a man coming out of his house as he watch his wife hug this man before he climb into his SUV.

The End Part 3 to follow




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