Del had a very successful business off of West Street in the Village of New York, City. His welding fabrication warehouse is well over 8,000 square feet along with his private apartment beside it. He has netted over 800,000 a year plus were most of his contracts came from the ship yards in both New York and New Jersey. 

He stood well over 6 feet weigh a solid 210 along with a tattoo muscle tone body that was deeply taken care of, Most of the time he kept a trim beard along with a bushy goatee for the winter month's. There is also another side to him were he would bring in well over 200,000 plus under the table as been a Dominate Top for sexual climax pleasure. Some night he would bring in well over 3,000 to 5,000 bucks coming from rich people in all kinds of fields like Pro Athletics , Hollywood and of course rich successful business  and politicians and the list goes on.

Jason Rowe is flying into La Guardia airport to meet Del this coming Saturday afternoon. He is rank one of the top UFC fighters in the world. He is just over 5'10 a solid 180 with tattoos all over his muscles chest and legs along with a bushy beard. He had only been married for about a month before he made contact with Del to hook up with him.

Del also made it clear that his clients cannot be younger then 25 or have looks like pretty boy's and hated men with long hairy in pony tales.  The time was well after 2pm when Del pick up Jason at the airport. The drive back to Del place took a good 30 minutes plus as Jason eyes was full go amazement when he first saw the looks of Del and his apartment and shop.

In one of the rooms Del also had wrestling matts set up for his clients who love to wrestling along with a dungeon looking sling room, steam room, shower room, bathroom and a very nice lounge set up and a private place for his clines to change in.

Jason was pretty scare at first when he started to wrestling Del who was much stronger and better shape in which he was. Del only wrestle in professional wrestling trunks and made sure that he has all different sizes and colours for his clients to put on. It was a good 30 minutes into the match that Del took total control out of the situation on putting Jason into a very sexual aggressive hold were his huge muscles legs were wrap around Jason neck like a boa killing there prey.

The excitement of sexual pleasure was showing very well when Jason started to get a massive hard on in his blackish red trunks after ever deeper pressure coming from Del legs and sweat. Del finally broke the hold when Jason finally tap and could not take it anymore.They both got up and wipe there sweaty bodies down with the towels that were in the room. 

Del then proceeds as Jason began to follow him into the  lounge so they both can have a drink and rest before the real fun started. Del was the only one who can talk during their meet as Jason only allowed to move his head for a answer. They both rested a good hour until Del show him were the sling room slash dungeon.

Jason was completely hand cuff standing upright on some sort of steel table that Del built for himself. He also new at the times that he was buckle into some type of leg shackle as Del tongue started to slide down his some what hairy chest right to his balls. He then began to suck Jason hairy balls as he was moaning of great pleasure as his tits got much harder as his balls were be suck more aggressive. 

You can only hear the moans coming from Jason as he did his best not to speak to Del at all during this climax. Del slowly pull down Jason wrestling right to the bottom of his ankles before he made Jason scream much louder of his pain coming through his body as this went on for well over 2 hours as they both got so turn on by it all before the stop for another break.

Once again Del lead Jason to were his sling is set up and planted and strap him good into the slings. Del took out a bottle of oil and pour it all over their bodies before he took another Viagra pill and some Rush poppers. He then slide on the steel clips for his fingernails along with nipples clamps for both of them to use. Del took a huge deep breath before he rub his hard cock against Jason cock has his finger where slowly rubbing Jason chest all over.

Jason was so turn on has he watch Del remove the clips from the finger nails before he felt a huge 12 inch rubber penis going up his hairy hole. Del was screaming very loudly to Jason has he was pushing it up further in and out of his hole for well over 15 minutes until he remove it from his sore ass by now. All Jason said  to him is " Holy fuck did that feel good Sir "

Del then made a hush sign before he roll a condom up his 8 inch semi curve cock. He then pull his dick through the hole he made in front of the light blue wrestling drunks that he was wearing before he slide his dick well into Jason ass.

Jason began to scream of pain and pleasure as the fuck is well over 40 minutes bye now as  Del was pounding the shit out of Jason ass. Del then put a hood on to cover his face before he took another shot of poppers before he pass the bottle to Jason so he can relax some more. The time on the wall is now showing just pass 10 o'clock were Del began to sweet likes buckets and the fuck became really aggressive  bye now.

" Fuck Jay , I am close  "

" Fuck Jay make me come "

" Make me cum "

" Give me your ass juice spray Jay "

Jay was now screaming as Del remove the gag from his mouth that he put on during the fuck. 

" Give it to me Sir "

" Shut up Jay "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Shut the fuck up Jay "

" I am going to spray my ass juice all over you cock sir "

" Oh Yea '

" Yea "

" Oh Fuck  "

" Here it comes Jay "

" Here is my spray Sir "

" Hollllllllly Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit "

Del scream as he felt Jason ass juice spray  against his cock at the same time he started to shoot his load off into his ass.

" Holy fuck did that ever feel good Jay "

" You to Sir "

Jason did not say anything as he gasp when Del pull out of his wet juicy hole. They both took a steam together and got shower up before Del order a Taxi to take him to his hotel in the Time Square area. Jason then slip him a couple of thousand dollars bills to Del before he open up the steel sliding door. He then watch  Jason get into the Taxi before he slam the door shut once again.

The End Part 2 




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