Joey Collucci joined us for breakfast.

'You boys sleep well?' Joey asked with a mischievous grin as we stood waiting in the foyer of the restaurant.

'Fuckin' great Joey, just great,' Danny said.

Danny was easily the more outgoing of the Leeman twins. Sort of care-free. Sort of loose. Sort of totally obnoxious!

'Speak for yourself Danny,' David said. 'I tossed and turned. I think I threw up in my dreams like twelve times.' David was the quiet and much more thoughtful twin. He always seemed to need to throw up over something.

We all laughed. Because we didn't know anyplace better, we ate at the exact same diner we'd had dinner in last night. And, just like last night, Joey Collucci, starting quarterback on our varsity football team, joined us. Even though I wasn't running today in the finals, I was a nervous wreck. Me and Joey wore street clothes and the Leemans had on their track warm-ups. For all I knew Danny probably had a hard-on underneath, nothing would surprise me about the boy.

Once we were seated, we ordered. I wanted pretty much everything on the left side of the menu. With all the running as well as the recent extra-curricular night time activities I'd been having with my running buddies, I was majorly starving.

'I could eat about ten pancakes,' I said. The twins glared at me.

'Shut up amigo,' Danny said. 'I'm going to eat at least twice that many tonight after we're through.' Both Danny and David had to eat carefully before our races. Enough balanced calories to give them energy for the finals today but not so much that they'd be slowed down.

David just sighed. 'Double that. These friggin' races are wiping me out.'

Danny closed his menu and smiled. He reached an arm around his brother in the booth. 'You have never been more ready, bro. You're well-trained. You're lean and mean and you're damn fast.'

Both Joey and I nodded our heads in agreement.

'Plus,' Danny started, I exhaled audibly, knowing exactly what was going to come out of Danny's mouth. 'Plus, you have our secret weapon.'

'It doesn't seem to be too much of a secret anymore, does it bro?' David shot back.

Danny laughed out loud.

'Nope I guess not.'

I rolled my eyes and noticed Joey seemed a little confused. I leaned over and whispered in his ear, 'I'll explain later.'

Joey grinned and put his huge hand on my thigh under the table. Of course my dick sprung into action and my jeans suddenly felt tighter.

David was trying to put his hand over Danny's mouth and Danny was weaving and twisting to avoid the hand.

'You see Joey,' Danny said.

'Danny!' David whispered as loudly as he could. A few people nearby turned their heads toward us. Danny had no intention of stopping his explanation.

'My bro got a double load of our boy TJ's DNA last night. That's our secret weapon.'

'TJ's DNA? What does that mean?' Joey asked.

'Sperm amigo. TJ's sperm. TJ's DNA. Down his throat and up his ass!'

'Fuck Danny, shut up already!'

Joey whistled. My mouth opened slightly but no words came out.

'Just like you told us, Joey,' Danny said. 'Worked out great. One finger inside of TJ did the trick.'

Now I turned bright red. David socked his brother on the arm and sunk into his seat trying to be invisible.

'Nothing to be embarrassed about,' Joey said in a reassuring tone. 'TJ's DN whatever's done me a world of good too!'

There was silence at the table as this thought registered with the twins. Joey and I had met in the showers after football practice early in the fall season. We'd become friends and had made an agreement that I would tutor him in a couple of classes if he'd teach me football. Of course I had absolutely no intention of going out for football and my lack of talents quickly gave me up. Fortunately we figured out what else we could do and Joey and I had been fuck buddies for a few months during the grueling season. I couldn't believe it was happening at the time: me with the fucking starting quarterback at our high school! But then it fizzled just as mysteriously as it had started. Joey and I had seen each other around the halls of school a number of times but we didn't really connect any more. I never understood what happened. His dark Italian hair and constant tan always got to me. Sitting next to him in the restaurant with the heat from his palm still on my thigh, I got totally hard.

In the nick of time the food came and I thought maybe I'd change the subject.

'So, what kind of time is gonna win the 800 today boys?' I asked, making sure the waitress heard.

Joey smiled his perfect white smile and sat back against the booth. David shook his head lightly. Danny's jaw hadn't quite closed yet.

'No way,' Danny said. 'No way we're letting that little bombshell drop. I need to hear more about TJ's''

Danny waited until the waitress had finished putting our plates in front of us and walked a few steps away before he finished his sentence.

I dropped my fork to the table and tisked. Danny ignored me.

'I need to hear about TJ's D', I mean TJ's spunk. How did you happen to come by any of that?'

'Danny!' David and I said in unison.

Joey just smiled even bigger. He put his hand on my thigh again. It surprised me and I almost blasted off from my seat.

'Sure. I'll talk. But I hardly think it's the right thing for us just before you two have the biggest races of your lives. Don't you think we should be focusing on that?'

'Yup,' I agreed, a little too quickly.

'Damn right,' David agreed too, his face in his food. 'Plus I'm like trying to eat my breakfast here. I don't need to barf this onto TJ's lap.'

Joey and I giggled.

'Fuck that!' Danny said. 'We can talk about TJ's dick any ol' time of the day as far as I'm concerned.'

'No we can't,' David and I said in unison again. Scary!

'Maybe we can just about the first 7 1/3 inches of it?' Danny taunted.

'Eight,' Joey said.

Danny cupped his hand over his ear in Joey's direction. 'What was that amigo?'

'Eight,' Joey repeated. 'TJ's dick is 8 1/3 inches long. We measured it.'

Danny whistled. 'Woo hoo! You do know! You fucking do know! You know how big our boy TJ is!'

'That's it, I'm done,' David said. 'I'm gonna go in the head and blow chow.'

'Oh for crissakes David. You know exactly how long it is. You practically swallowed the all 8 1/3 inches of our amigo TJ as he was creaming in your mouth last night.'

David put his fork down and wiped his mouth with his napkin.

'Enough Danny,' I said. 'We can talk about this later.'

'I'm just sayin''' Danny said quietly and to nobody in particular.

There was a long pause at the table as we chewed.

'So um, I mean, did you guys measure your dick too Joey?' Danny asked with a grin.

I glared at Danny across the table. Joey put his fork down and smiled. He put his hands in the air about a foot apart. Danny cracked up.

'No shit?' It was David. 'Holy cow!'

Danny and David looked to me for confirmation. I looked at Joey as if to ask if it was okay for me to disclose the length of our quarterback's penis. Joey nodded with his eyes.

Instead of answering I made a circle with my fingers about the diameter of a softball.

'No fucking way!' This time it was Danny.

Both Joey and I cracked up and fell back against our seats.

'So I guess if there are no secrets at this table,' Joey said, 'then I think we need full disclosure about the Leeman twins as well.'

Danny leaned forward and sighed. He was about to describe his cock when David interrupted.

'You are all sick fucks,' David said emphatically. We stared at Danny.

'Well I guess my bro is right. Let's save the rest of this conversation until after we kick some ass on the track today. Am I right?'

'Okay by me,' I said.

Danny looked happy. David looked shell-shocked.. Danny started to eat but none of the rest of us joined in. Finally Joey broke the silence.

'How are you feeling today TJ, any dizziness? You were passed out for like 30 seconds yesterday.'

'I'm good I think. I'm just glad I'm not running today. I was toast after that race. Pretty sure I'll live. I think.'

'But you ran a fucking PR amigo, a fucking PR!' Danny reminded me.

'Yup,' I said. I smiled. I hadn't made the finals but I had accomplished more than I ever expected.

'Fuckin' A that was a great heat,' Danny shouted, seemingly trying to alert the rest of the restaurant. 'TJ's time would have won the 1500 last year!'

'I've got about three dozen bottles of Gatorade in the back of my rental. Do you guys want some? TJ?' Joey jerked his head in the general direction of the parking lot. As he did this Joey moved his hand much higher on my thigh so that the edges of his knuckles were in contact with the stretched fabric of my jeans.

'Sure, we'll take some,' David replied. 'Thanks.'

'Would you guys relax? I'm fine. I just'' I said.

'You passed out,' David said. 'It's not supposed to be a good thing when a high school senior track athlete passes out on the track at the end of a race.'

'Yeah, flat on your back. What a fucking drama queen! Had to be carried off by'by'by this big lug.' Danny pointed at Joey. Joey smiled and both Danny and David watched the look we exchanged.

'Guys, chill! I'm fine. I'm 18 years old. I know my body and it's working just fine. I just got a little overheated yesterday in the race. You know, all the excitement and all. That's all.'

'Amigo, we're just past 19 and our bodies work just fine too,' Danny said, pointing his thumb back and forth between himself and his twin. 'But neither one of us passed out yesterday. You did. So drink the fucking Gatorade!'

Joey picked up his glass of water and lifted it up to my lips. As he did so, he moved his hand on my leg onto my cock. I felt a drop of pre-cum ooze out and glue my dick to my underwear.

'More please, drink some more,' Joey urged me.

I smiled and pushed Joey's hand away and tried to change the subject again. 'What are you doing up here at the State Meet anyhow? This isn't exactly football camp,' I said.

Joey laughed. 'I wanted to see you guys race. It's not often our school gets all these spots in the State Championships. I had to be up here anyway to check out some more college stuff, so you know, I just flew up here yesterday morning. What have I missed? Anything else really important?'

I shot a poisonous look at Danny to keep him quiet.

'Naw,' I said. 'We all ran pretty decent in the prelims and we all advanced to the semis,' I explained about the first day of our meet.

'Then TJ fucked the crap out of my brother David here night before last and he fucking won his semi heat!'

I ignored Danny and went on.

'Yesterday was the semi-finals and David'well, it's like Danny said, David won his heat in the 800. Danny ran a great race but somehow didn't make the finals in his 800 heat.'

'I know TJ, we talked about all this last night at dinner? Where were you?'

'Thinking about fucking my brother again probably.'

'Oh, right,' I said. I looked at my plate of food.

'And then I guess you already know that Danny killed in his 1500 heat, David dropped out of the 1500 to concentrate on the 800 and then, well, you already know what happened to me.'

'Uh huh,' Joey said. Joey's fingers had managed to loosen my zipper and two of his fingers were rubbing my cock through my underwear. It felt pretty wet down there. I wondered if I'd cum.

We continued talking about race strategy and Joey kept his hand inside my jeans only moving it up above the table every minute or so to make it seem like the most natural thing in the world to do to your high school buddy while you sat together at a diner having breakfast. I tried to keep breathing steadily.

Danny had a strange look on his face and I wondered whether or not he had figured out what Joey was doing to my cock.

'So is it going to be as hot today as yesterday?' I asked, hoping we could begin an animated conversation about the weather.

'Nope,' David said. Danny looked at his brother and smiled.

'Are you planning on passing out again today TJ?' Danny asked. 'I mean, we could use your help on the track today.'

'I'll be fine,' I said. 'Uh!'

Somehow Joey's hand freed my dick from my underwear and he rubbed the pre-cum on the head. Always a very sensitive area for me.

'What?' David asked.

'Yeah, what's up TJ? You're acting strange.'

I shrugged my shoulders and dipped my pancake into some syrup on my plate. 'Just, you know, just thinking that I wish I was running with you guys today.' With my left hand, I tried to move Joey away from my crotch. He resisted.

'I wish you were too dude,' David said.

'Well it's okay. After last night, an awful lot of TJ will be running with you today bro,' Danny said. He cracked up at his own joke. We all did and even David couldn't help but smile and sock his brother in the arm again.

'I'm running with you today also Danny,' I reminded him.

To all of our surprise, Danny blushed.

'Wow, it sounds like I missed quite a night,' Joey said. Finally I wrestled Joey's hand away from my crotch and felt the cool air of the diner on my cock, now totally exposed beneath the table. I put my napkin on my lap.

'You have no idea amigo,' Danny laughed again. 'Our boy TJ shot three loads into the Leeman brothers.'

'Danny!' Both David and I said in unison.

Danny pursed his lips, honestly wondering what he could have said.

'That's my TJ,' Joey said. 'And we can all bet that he's ready to go again.'

'What?' I said.

'TJ, you know you are.'

'All right, I'm done with breakfast. Are you guys through eating yet?' I said.

My tone must have sounded serious. Nobody said a word and they all stared at their plates. I shoved my hard dick back into my jeans. While the others at the table silently picked at their food I held my hand up so the waitress would bring us the check.

'I guess I'm done,' David said.

'Me too,' Danny added. 'It was pretty fucking awful anyway.'

'TJ, did you like yours?' David asked.

'Did I what?'

'Your pancakes? Seemed like you were enjoying them.'

'What he was enjoying bro was Joey's hand down his pants while he ate.'

I blushed redder than before and tried to stand up. But I was blocked in on either side and I only succeeded in catching my cock on the table.

'Of course I liked my damn pancakes,' I said just a bit too loudly. They were silent, not knowing what I might do next. Like maybe throw the catsup across the room. I still couldn't find the waitress.

'It's just that I should have had some sausage with them,' I said. Danny rolled his eyes. David and Joey laughed nervously.

Since I was half standing and half sitting, my hard-on clearly obvious to everybody at the table through my jeans, I needed to do something to break the tension. I had an idea. In an instant my mouth found Joey's and I shoved my tongue inside. Joey relaxed back into the seat and I forced his neck back with my hands. Joey's lips were as soft and as strong as I remembered. This morning he tasted like the cantaloupe he'd been eating. I eased my body onto his in the cramped confines of the booth and he enveloped me with his arms. My hip banged loudly into the plates on the table.

'Whoa,' David said. Danny just whistled.

After about half a minute our booth seemed to have gotten the attention of the entire restaurant.

'Ahem,' the waitress said, finally standing off to the side of our table. At a safe distance.

I unlocked my lips from Joey's but stayed put in his lap. I had forgotten how comfortable it was to let my entire body be enveloped by him.

'Check please,' I said.

Danny busted up as our waitress slammed the paper down on the table and got away from us quickly.

Outside I hopped into the rental car with Joey while the twins rode together in their car. When we got to the track there was an amazing buzz in the air. The stands had like three times as many people for the finals today as they had for the prelims and semi-finals. God I wanted to run! I wanted to do it with Joey watching. I'd watched him lead our football team, lousy as they were, all season long and I'd suffered and celebrated with him after games all season long. Now it was my turn. The track was for me. I couldn't believe I wasn't going to be racing today.

Caught up in the moment I grabbed Joey's hand as we walked across the parking lot toward the Leeman's car. He let me keep holding him as we snaked through all the cars. Danny was the first to emerge.

'Show time!' he said.

'Rip it up today Danny,' Joey said.

'You got it amigo.' He noticed Joey and I holding hands. He smiled.

'Cute,' he said. 'This one's for the boys!'

'What?' David said as he closed the car doors and locked them with the key fob.

'Never mind bro,' Danny said. 'It's just that I think our boy TJ is finished plugging his big ol' cock into our twin 19 year old asses.'

'What are you talking about?' David asked, clueless as usual.

Danny nodded his head toward Joey and I.

'Oh,' David said. 'Well that's great. I think that's really great. I mean, I can't really believe that the varsity quarterback from our high school is holding hands with another guy, but then, well''

'But then, well you had no idea you'd like being porked by eight and a third inches of prime man-meat either bro, right?'

'Danny!' David and I said in unison. We all laughed. Joey and I stopped holding hands to help the twins carry their gear and we headed for the track.

Danny's race was first. After we met with Coach and gotten Danny all set on the track, David, Joey and I went up to the stands to watch. The place was packed. It was too bad that the twins' parents couldn't make it up to watch, but well, I guessed that they just had a different relationship with theirs than I had with mine.

There were 10 guys in the 1500 finals. Danny lined up inside and, just like we expected, sprinted to the front after the gun. On the second lap, they were on a scorching pace and a few dropped back. Danny still fronted the lead pack around the far turn but there were four guys drafting and within striking distance. The pack froze in this position until they approached the line for the start of the final lap. Within a few meters Danny was suddenly in fifth as four guys flew past. Danny pumped his arms and made up some of the distance but the guys in front flipped a switch and increased their speed as well. As the pack came around the final turn, Danny had inched up to fourth. We screamed our asses off. Danny's strong beautiful legs stretched to their limit, his mop of gorgeous brown hair flying behind him.

When they crossed the line, Danny fell short into what looked like a photo-finish for third. David and I had screamed so loud we were a little hoarse.

'Shit!' I said. 'He was so close!' My eyes were glassy.

'He ran a great race, they were just too tough today,' Joey said, soothingly, as he put his heavy arm softly around my shoulders.

We both looked at David. He had turned to the side and vomited under the bench seat.

After a short jog down the track to congratulate the winners, Danny sprinted backwards to wear we sat in the stands off the final turn. He was smirking.

'Nice race, Danny,' Joey said first.

'Did you see the fucking legs on that guy from San Diego?' David said. 'I'd like to have those wrapped around my neck.'

'You're such a pervert Danny,' I said. 'But you ran great today, buddy. You've got nothing to be ashamed of.'

'Damn straight!' Danny agreed. 'I did my best. But not today. Third place, right? Oh well.'

David had recovered and stood straight up. 'Bro you were fantastic out there. I was proud of you.'

Danny didn't seem to know what to say. 'Thanks,' he said sheepishly.

After Danny stretched his legs, he joined us in the stands to watch a few more event finals before it was David's turn to run.

As the 800 meter runners began to gather on the track, David stood up silently and gave us each a high five. Joey and I wished him well and I patted David on the butt.

'Easy TJ, I think he's still a little sore,' Danny said.

'Bro!' David groaned.

'Incentive bro? Here it is: if you take these guys, you get Joey tonight. All of him. Any way you want him. Sound like a plan?' Danny stated. He hadn't checked with Joey as to whether or not he and his mysteriously giant quarterback weenie would be interested in such an arrangement.

David looked over at Joey who shrugged his shoulders.

'It's okay with me,' I said.

'Okay then,' Joey said. 'Fuckin' A. I'm in.'

David smiled. Danny whooped and high fived his twin.

'Rip it up, bro!' Danny said as David eased past and down to the track.

The 800 is a race that goes by really quickly. At the gun David took off like a man possessed. He was second at the end of the first lap and looked great. He stretched his stride and eased past the lead runner midway through the final lap. At the line, David won by 10 feet.

Danny, Joey and I shouted for joy and then exchanged hugs while we jumped up and down. We hurried down to the track but Coach beat us to David. He lifted David onto his shoulders and David beamed from ear to ear, his neat dark brown hair stayed in place as if he'd just walked out of the bathroom. We lifted David off of Coach and carried him around the track mosh-pit style, the majority of David's weight easily held up by Joey. A few other classmates from our high school joined in and we sang a pretty poor version of our fight song as we circled the infield.

David Leeman had won the 800 at State. By 10 fucking feet. And Danny hadn't, holy crap!

As we caravanned to a McDonald's to celebrate with Coach and anybody else from our high school who had made the trip up, we honked the horn and hung out the window. We took over the place, inside and out and Coach paid for like 30 burgers.

When we were done celebrating, Danny and Joey drove our two cars back to the motel.

Inside the room, we stripped David's clothes off and threw him into the pool. The three of us jumped in after, splashing around in our clothes until the manager came out and told us to knock it off. We hadn't remembered towels so we sprinted back to the room as the sun was setting, David naked with his track shorts held strategically in front of his privates, the rest of us dripping a whole lot of the pool water on the parking lot.

Inside the room David jumped up on the bed like a trampoline. His floppy cock and balls bounced in synch with his knees. The rest of us threw our wet stuff into the bathroom and danced around naked as well.

Joey still looked amazing without his clothes on, his huge chest a well-defined sculpture of varsity machismo. It had been forever since I'd laid eyes on Joey's dick. Thick and well-proportioned, I longed to have it to myself. And right away.

Danny probably sensed something in how I looked at Joey. He had an uncanny knack for sniffing out sexual situations and he quickly brought an end to the nude dance party.

'Um, don't you think we should get to it?' he asked. 'I mean this is my bro's special day. And if I know my bro, he'll be asleep before we know it.'

David sat down on the edge of the bed and dangled his legs over. Danny each lifted one leg over David's head and unwound him like a wishbone.

'Great stretch, right?' I said stupidly.

'Um, shouldn't I shower first or something?' David asked quietly.

'Fuck no!' Danny responded. 'Where's the lube?'

The three of us looked over at Joey. He had the tube in his hand and had begun slathering it on his growing cock.

'Uh oh,' David said.

'Fuck!' Danny said. I just smiled.

'You'll go easy, right?' David asked.

'Whatever you want buddy,' Joey said. 'You're the champ today.'

'Do you want some help with that?' Danny asked, pointing to Joey's thick cock. 'I mean, seems a shame to waste it just on my bro's ass.'

'Are you asking to suck my dick Danny?'

'Yes. That's okay right?'

'Do you mind a little lube on it already?'

'Hell no! It's not the worst thing I've had in my mouth these past few days, right TJ?'

'Um, well I guess not,' I answered.

Joey walked over to the three of us on the bed and Danny released his stranglehold on his twin brother's leg. I eased mine up too and watched Danny try to take Joey into his mouth. I didn't even notice when David grabbed me and stuffed my cock into his mouth. I was mostly hard but the soft friction from David's tongue did the trick and I was at full mast in seconds.

'Mmm,' David said, his mouth stroking up and down. I licked my hand and placed it on David's cockhead and he strained his hips up as I did.

'Mmm, mmm,' Danny echoed. Joey was standing up as Danny's head bobbed on Joey's hard dick. Danny's hands squeezed the cheeks of Joey's butt and I saw Joey look to the ceiling and exhale.

I smiled and Joey eased himself over toward me. His face met mine and our lips touched, the sensation traveling like an electrical wave through my body and ending in my cock. David probably got a little drip of pre-cum as I felt myself throb against his throat. For somebody who hadn't done much of this before coming up here to the State Championships, David was proving himself to be quite an able cock-sucker.

While Joey and I kissed, the Leeman twins sucked hungrily on our dicks. I eased David's legs back up into the air and Danny and I each put a finger on David's asshole. David increased the urgency of the incredible blow job he was giving me. On cue, Danny did the same until Joey had to pull out.

'You'd better stop, dude, otherwise, we won't be able to give David what we promised,' Joey said.

'Un unh,' David said emphatically, my boner still in the way of his voice.

I dripped a few strips of lube onto David's ass and rubbed it in. Danny grabbed for the tube and rubbed some on both of his palms. In an instant, Danny's fingers opened up his brother's butt and David's sucking on my cock took on a whole new dimension.

I breathed deeply and willed myself not to cum.

Joey smiled and walked over to stand behind me. He pulled my neck back and forced my mouth open with his face. My arms went behind me and pulled Joey's thick dick between my own butt cheeks. When Joey's cock made contact with my own ass, I immediately shot a huge load into David's mouth. I jerked my hips backward and bent forward, carrying Joey with me. Danny looked up from his work on his twin's ass and smiled at the scene.

'That's it,' Joey said into my throat.

David kept sucking me until I giggled and begged him to stop. Joey kissed my neck as he pulled my still-hard cock out of David's mouth and wrapped his hand around it. I shuddered and melted into his body and cock behind me.

'He's ready. You're on Joey,' Danny said.

Joey reluctantly eased away from me and positioned himself between David's outstretched legs. Danny guided Joey's cock into David's hole.

'Ahh,' David said quietly. 'That's pretty wide.'

'Yep,' I said. 'Wider than mine.'

'Oh my god,' David said.

'This is great,' Danny said, showing nearly every tooth in his mouth.

As Joey pumped himself gently inside of David, Danny and I lay on either side of David. I used some lube on David's dick and tried to synchronize my stroking with Joey's in and out thrusts.

'Holy shit!' David whispered loudly.

Danny helped by pushing Joey's butt in to his twin brother's ass. I kept jacking off David. David put both arms behind his head and crossed them. He looked up at Joey and then at Danny and I.

'I ran a great fucking race today, didn't I?' David asked.

Joey put his finger on his own lips. 'Shh,' he whispered quietly. 'Just relax.'

As Joey's oversized cock glided in and out of our new 800 meter State champion, I reached over and kissed David on the lips. Our tongues met and David's dick exploded, cum shooting up to his neck and to the side of my face. Joey finished quickly after as well and the three of us collapsed in a heap on top of David.

After a minute or so, the three of us, sweaty bodies spent, looked over at Danny. He was lying on his back, his hard-on softly twitching on his tight flat abs. He smiled at us.

'Hello?' Danny said. 'You boys still have work to do!'


TJ Tachet

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