The 800 meter heats were the first events of the morning. There was a beautiful cloudless sky and the heat was definitely on its way. My semifinal race wasn't until the middle of the afternoon and it was likely to be scorching by then.

I stared at the sky and thought about sun block. I hadn't bother to bring any. Maybe the boys had some I could borrow. I preferred to run under slightly cooler conditions. But, well, what the fuck, this was the State Championships, I guess I'd just deal with it. If I made the finals (which was a long-shot), my parents told me they'd come up and watch. They hadn't made a single one of my meets all year, I'm not even sure they knew what races I'd be running in!

'Amigo, how's your legs?' It was Danny, one of the boys from my high school who had also made State who I'd come up here with. Danny Leeman. My running partner for long training runs on the weekends. My fuck partner. Mostly Danny was on the bottom, which was fine with me.

'Holding up. Last night didn't help,' I said.

Danny smiled. 'I know what you mean, I can't believe we did that the night before State.'

'We? We didn't do that. You! My friend. You made us do that.'

Danny's thin lips tried to hold back a laugh. He was ridiculously good looking to me today. He had on the dark blue and light blue colors from our school. The singlet hung off him and exposed just enough of his 19-year old chest to get a little stirring going for me down below. Despite the warm early sun, my arms even got goose bumps thinking about the soft layer of darkish chest hair barely hidden beneath the fabric of our beloved high school. His brother David was stretching over by the bench at the starting line. David was Danny's twin. And last night I fucked David while Danny watched and cheered us on.

Poor David. I think he really liked it. He came gobs and gobs. But I'm not sure he could really relax and enjoy it with his brother watching and trying to get his hands into the action at any opportunity. For me it was pretty surreal. One beneath me. One above me. And they looked pretty fucking the same in the dark light of our motel room!

David looked over at us and saw his brother and I talking. He probably thought we were talking about last night. Which Danny wanted to of course. I hadn't decided what I wanted to talk about yet. It seemed like a safer bet to stick to race strategy so I tried to change the subject.

'So how fast are you gonna go out?' I asked Danny. Danny was running in the second heat for the 800s.

'TJ, what the fuck? How fast do I always go out?'

'Fast,' I answered. 'Too fast sometimes.'

It was widely known on our team, and completely counter to what Coach always told us to do, that Danny gave it all up on the first lap. If Danny had been just your above average high school track athlete, there'd be nothing else left for him for the second lap, when a lot of the slow first lap guys have saved something and can bring it home fast. Danny just went balls out from start to finish in the 800. Not only on the first lap but on the second lap too. And, best of all, he had a great kick at the end of the second lap. We all knew this. Especially Coach. But Coach Bice always tried to instill some more reasonable race strategy into his prima donna star runner. Coach was always trying to get Danny to save something for. But Danny was Danny and Coach had gradually learned to just leave him alone and let him run it his way.

'Damn right,' Danny said with his typical cocky attitude. 'I can't help it. My legs just like to go out like that. Don't worry amigo. I'll save something for the end.' He grinned his infectious grin that got me going too.

'This is State Danny. If you don't make finals today, you're done. Done for your high school career.'

Danny looked at me quizzically. 'TJ, shut up,' he said. 'I'll make finals. That red-haired boy from Belmont is my only competition and I've got everything under control today. Those boys will have a great view of my great ass!' He patted his rump, then looked away and bent down to re-tie his shoes.

David walked over to us.

'I think I'm gonna throw up,' he said.

Danny and I laughed.

Dressed alike in our school colors, the twins were really hard to tell apart. David had a slightly bigger chest, mostly because he spent hours pumping iron in the gym each week which his brother Danny did not. But other than Danny's messier mop of dark hair, they looked almost exactly alike.

'How's your ass bro?' Danny asked. Both David and I knew that the evil twin would drive the conversation to last night as soon as he could. As with anything with Danny, it was only a matter of time.

'My ass is tight bro,' David said sneering. 'My legs are strong and my lungs are huge. I'm about ready to destroy the field in this fucking heat.'

'Whoa,' I said. 'Easy tiger.' I grabbed at David's nipple through his shirt.

'Stop!' he shouted quietly. He looked around to see who had seen me tweak him. 'You'll give me a hard-on.'

'You're that easy, eh?' I asked.

Danny looked up from concentrating on his laces. 'Yup, he is amigo. My brother is too fucking easy. Just remember how easy your big cock slid into his virgin ass last night. That was pretty fucking easy, wasn't it?'

David turned away.

'I'm going to go stand over at the start. Maybe I'll throw up on somebody's shoes,' David said.

'That's it?' Danny said, standing up, feigning being hurt. 'That's it? How about good luck? Don't you want me and TJ to wish you good luck?'

'Yes. You can wish me good luck. Just keep your hands away from my fucking chest.'

Danny looked at each other. 'Rip it up David,' I said.

'Yeah rip it up bro. You're the man!'

David giggled and walked away. He put both hands onto his butt and flipped us off as he walked away. Danny and I walked up into the stands so that we could get a view of the whole race.

At the start, David tripped over one of the runner's feet and wound up in the back of the pack, 9th out of the 10 in the race. We watched him pace himself behind loping easily stride for stride and looking pretty comfortable. On the bell lap, he started to stretch his legs and pass the other runners. Rounding the final curve, David was in second place behind a black boy we'd never seen before. David found some other gear, pumped his arms and somehow got to the front about 10 meters before the finish. He put his arms up as he crossed the line and Danny and I screamed like girls from the stands.

David would be racing in the finals for the 800 in the State Championships! After the race, Coach found him on the track and lifted him up in a bear hug. We checked his time. A personal record for David.

'Fuckin' A!' Danny said. 'That's my bro!' His eyes were glassy. I was shocked to see this emotion in Danny. It was sort of sweet.

'He ran the race of his life,' I said. 'Let's hope he's got something left for the finals tomorrow.'

Danny turned to me with a serious face. 'I think you have to fuck him again.'


'You do TJ, you do! I think you have to fuck him again. That's what did it I bet.'

'Danny I had a condom on. It's not like I filled him with any of my manly DNA you know,' I said.

'No you lamebrain. You relaxed him. When you fucked him, it's like you released something inside of him that's needed to be released for a long time. You know what I mean?'

'Um, well, I don't know. He's always been a great runner. Not like you, of course, but you know, like we talked about, we always thought he had it in him.'

'TJ, he just ran a PR! My bro! Ran a PR in the semi-finals of the State meet! My bro who's always had to run in my shadow! He fucking won that heat going away!'

'He did. He did look good at the end,' I admitted.

'Good? He looked like a fucking Olympian when he crossed the line!'

We watched David down on the track, breathing heavy. He was being congratulated by the other runners in the heat.

David looked at me. 'You have to fuck him again. We now have the secret to his success.'

'Okay, I'll fuck him. But don't you think we should ask David first? I mean, it is his butt after all.'

'No, TJ, that's just it. He'll say no. He'll say he has to sleep. Or he'll say that he has to stretch. He'll use some typical athlete excuse that he'd get from Coach. But Coach doesn't know about this secret weapon,' Danny pointed to my crotch and his finger made light contact with the fabric of my shorts.

'Coach doesn't know that David needs your eight inch dick up his butt so that David can run fast.' Danny laughed to himself, satisfied he'd solved the world's greatest mystery.

'Okay, okay, I'll do it.'

'Damn straight you'll do it.' David grinned at me. 'But you'll fuck me first. And David will watch. The boy needs help with his bottoming technique.'

Danny took a sip of water from my bottle and jogged down to the track. Apparently our conversation was over.

After Danny caught up with his brother, I watched the two of them have a very animated conversation with a lot of arm-waving. In the end, the twins hugged and I saw David give Danny the thumbs up. Danny jogged over to the starting line. His own 800 heat was about to start.

By the time the shot went off for the start of Danny's race, David had made his way up to sit beside me in the stands.

'Great race dude,' I said.

David smiled and finished the rest of my water as we watched his brother Danny take off and sprint to the front in his heat. Danny held the lead until midway through the second lap when a group of four boys all shot past him at a furious clip. Danny reached back and pulled another gear of his own but the group of four were not about to let themselves be passed. At the finish, David and I screamed our lungs off but we couldn't help him against his speedy competition. Danny wound up fifth and David and I looked at each other stunned. He was out of the finals. The wrong twin had lost. I was shocked.

Coach took Danny to the side and the two of them sat down on the curb. They talked for what seemed like a long time. Danny held his head in his hands. Coach put one of his big paws on Danny's back.

David and I barely said a word to each other. We had never seen Danny lose, so this was weird for all of us. I wanted to rush down to the track and hug him and kiss him. I didn't care what that could do to Danny's or my future running career. I had never felt closer to him than I did at that very moment.

As Danny walked over toward the stands, we were still frozen in place. David finally spoke. 'I'm withdrawing from the 1500,' he announced.


'You heard me. I'll race the 800 and you guys take the 1500. I want Danny or you to win.'

'But David, you've been training for years for this moment. The 1500 is a better distance for you. You're a shoe-in to make the finals.'

'Nope,' David said. 'That's it. I'm out. My stomach can't take all this. I'll have a better chance in the 800 final if I don't have to worry about holding something back so that I can compete in the 1500 also.'

Danny reached us. There were tears in his eyes and I stood up to hug him. David beat me to it. I stood there awkwardly as the two of them held onto one another. Both were sobbing. Shit! What a crazy meet!

After practically an eternity, Danny looked up at me and smiled. He pointed at his brother's ass and silently he mouthed: 'You have to fuck him.'

I cracked up.

'I'm done with you two,' I joked. My dick is boycotting both your asses.'

'What?' David asked, breaking free from Danny.

'Boycott. Nobody gets to sit on my Johnson tonight.'

'Oh that's real nice,' Danny mocked. 'Real fucking nice. I run my ass off, get beat by a bunch of, a bunch of, I don't know, a bunch of fucking really, really fast kids, and now I can't even get screwed in the ass when I need it the most.'

David covered the side of his mouth with one hand and silently mouthed to me: 'He needs it. He really does.'

My shorts felt tight as my penis grew. Danny noticed of course.

'TJ, you save that for later,' he said point to the tenting now apparent in my crotch. 'You save that for the Leeman boys, you hear?'

David had a horrified look on his face as his eyes noticed my hard-on.

'Shit,' David said. 'What have you perverts turned me into?' We all laughed.

By mid-afternoon, the sun had been beating down on us for hours and I thought I might melt. Just as he said, David withdrew his spot from the 1500 so that he could focus on the 800. Coach argued for a few minutes but in the end, David won out and we all thought it was probably the right decision.

Danny was not in my heat for the 1500, but he won his easily. It was sort of a revenge race for him after failing to qualify for the finals in the 800. Danny was accelerating at the end, easily topping two of the guys who had beaten him in the earlier race.

The victory for Danny in this semi-final was exhilarating for us all. Most of all Coach. I'd never seen him jump up and down after a race before, but I guess the stress and the fact that this was to be his star prodigal runner's last high school race finally took its toll.

I was a wreck when it came time for my own 1500 semi. Fucking either one of the Leeman Brothers was the furthest thing from my hand as I stood on the line with the other runners. Just standing there, they all seemed taller and thinner and much faster than me. I looked up and saw Danny and David up in the stands. They were standing up on the bench and looked like mirror images of each other. The Leemans were both already in a final at the State Championships. Now was my turn.

After the gun, I completely lost track of the moment and found myself dead last. The 1500 is a fast race but you don't have to lead from the start in order to finish in the front. Fortunately by the second lap I settled down and found my pace. I passed a few runners and was comfortably running in sight of the leaders as we started the third lap.

From across the track I could see David and Danny with their arms in the air, fists pumping. I took a deep breath to settle myself and picked up the pace. I was drafting the lead runners as we started the bell lap and I felt great. The crowd noise was loud and crazy but I tried to find a place in my head that could be totally silent. Around the first turn I found myself boxed in along the inside with no place to go. I tried to push my way out so that I could increase my stride for a final kick but I had trouble breaking through.

By the back stretch I was being passed. My only choice was to actually slow down and try to go around the back of the pack. I practically tripped trying to get out of the way of my own feet but I managed to get out from the inside, stutter stepped once and then open my arms for an all-out spring around the far turn. I gave it everything I had and started to move up. My thighs were burning. My lungs were burning. Even my ears felt hot.

On the final straight, I was 7th, and that would not be good enough to get me into the finals.

From out of the blue, I heard Joey's voice in my head. Joey! Of all people! Joey! Our high school starting quarterback who I'd fucked around with last fall during the season.

'TJ, you can do this. TJ, find the speed!'

Joey? Of all the guys? Joey? I hadn't heard from him in months.

I came in 6th. I fell on the track after I crossed the line. I looked up at the clock. Definitely a PR for me. I'd never run so fast in all my life, even on some of my most intense training sets. But it wasn't enough. I was not going to race in the State Championship finals.

Coach found me first and dripped cold water onto my head from a towel. I grabbed the towel and stuck it in my mouth to suck on it. Coach picked me up and tried to get me to stand, but I couldn't. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Danny and David racing out of the stands to get down to the track where I was laying. In an instant I was being lifted. Two sets of very strong hands formed a chair and sat me down on it. I gave in. Danny and David stopped short of us and just stared. I wondered what they were staring at.

I looked at Coach who had a funny look on his face.

'Water,' I heard Coach saying. 'I think he just got a little dehydrated. He'll be all right.'

I looked at the other person carrying me off the track. As my head fell back and my body went totally limp I realized who it was. It was Joey. Danny and David just stood there with their mouths open. I don't remember anything after that.

When I came to, Joey was standing over me. He put a wet towel on my face and put his fingers to his lips to quiet me when he noticed my eyes open. Within a few minutes, I had drunk some Gatorade and was sitting up. When the fog in my head cleared, we walked slowly to the car. The Leemans grabbed my stuff and threw it into the trunk of their car. They babied me into the front seat despite my protests and we drove off to find someplace to eat.

The three of us grabbed some very below average diner food at the first reasonably well-lit place we could find. While I had been out, introductions all around had apparently taken place and Joey and the twins seemed like fast friends.

Dinner was fun. They all kept fussing over me even though I assured them I was fine. I just needed some major food and about three more gallons of Gatorade. We laughed hysterically over Danny's imitation of and my kick at the end of a race. It was a little embarrassing to have my form mocked when everybody in the stadium knew I was just going all out to try and make the finals. Joey even threw in his own imitation of me trying to throw a football, but that was another story entirely.

When we finally stood up, I felt pretty much back to normal. We paid the check and headed outside.

Joey said he had to be up early the next morning to drive over to a meeting with somebody at this new college he was checking out. I'm not sure I believed him but I never found a chance to be alone with him to really have a talk.

The Leeman twins and I stood on the street corner and said our good-byes. As he walked backward toward his car, Joey stared hard at the Leemans and put his hand up to his mouth and spoke in loud whisper.

'Boys, make sure you get a finger up his ass while he's boning you,' Joey urged. 'It makes his dick rock hard and he feels like he's even bigger than he is.'

Both Leeman boys stood there with their mouths open. They were shocked. Me too.

Joey turned and walked away. My jaw dropped open. I couldn't believe Joey said that. Even more I couldn't believe that Joey had figured out, without anything being said at all that me and the Leeman boys were anything other than high school running pals. Fuck!

Danny broke the silence by busting out in a fit of laughter. Of course. David seemed almost as surprised as me by what Joey had said, but he joined in the laughing a moment later.

'That's an interesting piece of advice, amigo,' Danny taunted. 'Where the fuck does that come from?'

'Yeah TJ, what the heck was the starting quarterback on our football team talking about?' David wanted to know.

I put my hands in my pockets and turned away. I began walking back to our car. My face was as red as it had ever been.


I kept walking.

'TJ? Come on, there's a story here and we want to know it,' Danny said.

I kept walking.

In an instant they were both beside me, arms over my shoulders.

'TJ? Come on man, what happened with Joey?'

'Oh my god TJ, did you fuck Joey?'

I tried to wriggle out of their grasp and I kept my lips sealed tight.

Back in our room, I still hadn't said a word. It was killing them. I suppose it wasn't really all that big a deal. I could admit the truth and tell the boys that Joey had screwed around for a few months last year during football season. We had a deal: I tutored him in a few tough classes and he agreed to teach me football. The football lessons were a bust. Very quickly we both realized that I was hopeless. I could run but I had no real hand eye coordination that would be required for me to even make an attempt at going out for the football. I was hopeless. But Joey and I found something better to do anyhow. And we did it for a few months without anybody knowing about it. It was very hot. I wasn't exactly sure why it ended but it did and I hadn't seen Joey except around school in the hallways.

I went into the bathroom and took a shower. Just to be extra safe I locked the door. Letting the hot water run over me I breathed deeply and let my hands explore my body. I used a washcloth to scrub the heat and grime from the track off of my skin. It was cheap hotel soap that smelled like lavender something or other. When I got to my cock I was surprised to find myself semi-hard. I looked down and smiled. Well maybe I wasn't all that depressed. After all, I'd run a great race this afternoon, a personal record faster than I'd ever gone before. True I hadn't made finals in the State Championships but I was still proud of what I'd done. And now I was going to fuck the Leeman boys. Consolation prize I guess. But not too shabby. I rubbed some soap on my hands to see if I could bring my erection all the way up to its full eight and one third inches. After about three seconds I was there already.

'That was fast,' I said to myself. I seemed to have some excess soap so I shoved one of my thumbs inside my own butt. The sensation startled me and my dick throbbed.

I turned off the water and toweled myself off. I could hear the boys giggling outside and I thought I heard heavy footsteps running back and forth.

When I shut off the light and opened the door my hard-on bent straight up to my belly button. I whipped the towel off my shoulders, balled it, and flung it across the room at the boys. They were wrestling. David was naked and Danny still had on his track warm-ups. It didn't take much imagination to figure out how that happened. They stopped and looked over at me. Both of their eyes were drawn to my erect cock. I stopped and gave them a good view for a moment. Danny eased up off of his brother and sat up on his knees.

'Um nice dick amigo,' Danny said.

I still said nothing. I licked my palm and rubbed the tip of my penis. This made Danny stand up. I could see a tenting in his track pants.

'Looks like you're ready to rock and roll,' Danny said. He pointed at his naked brother, still lying on his back on the floor, one leg in the air, the other splayed out to the side. His penis was mostly soft and his balls hung heavily down between his legs. 'Bro's ready.'

I licked my palm again with one hand, rubbed my dick slowly up and down. I pulled my nuts away with the other hand. Danny got completely hard in his pants and took a step toward me.

I turned my body away from Danny. I wanted to be in complete control.

Danny stopped. He seemed surprised that I didn't just let him take me in his hand. He pointed to my cock with one hand and put the other on his own chest. 'Do you want me to'?'

'Get away,' I said. 'On the ground,' I pointed to Danny. 'Clothes off.'

'Um. Okay,' Danny said.

I looked over at David on the floor. He still hadn't moved. His dick was completely hard now. He hadn't touched it. He let his one leg in the air fall to the floor. 'Who's first?'

'Danny's first,' I said. 'Let's go Danny. Clothes off!' I spoke firmly and tried to keep from smiling. I felt a little ridiculous ordering these two boys around like this but it seemed like the right thing to do.

Danny complied and took off his track pants. His penis leaped away from his shorts when he pushed them below his knees. 'Get the lube,' I said. 'It's in the bathroom.'

He walked to the bathroom and got the lube.

'Put it on your ass,' I said. Danny opened the tube and squeezed a little out onto his fingers. 'Don't you want me to'?'

'David!' I said. David was surprised to hear his name. He probably thought he was going to sit this one out.

I waved my right arm and pointed to my hard dick. David rolled to a sitting position and crossed his legs, his own cock flopping softly onto his inner thigh. I moved over and put my hard-on on his lips and they parted. Danny watched with a big grin.

'Oh boy,' Danny said.


David took about half of my cock into his mouth. He tried to say something but no words I could understand came out. Danny laughed.

'Pretty fucking amazing, eh bro? It's nice, right?'

David kept sucking. A little awkwardly I noticed. He definitely didn't have his twin brother's skills. Yet.

I glared at Danny and shushed him again. Danny smiled and lubed up his dick with what he had on his fingers.

'In his butt,' I commanded.

Danny needed no further prompting. While David moved his head up and down on me, his brother managed to get David's butt in the air and easily found the hole. David moaned but seemed to relax as soon as Danny's finger hit pay dirt.

I let this go on a while. I was still trying to control the situation and act a lot tougher than I really am. After a few minutes I actually started to enjoy David's amateur mouth on my weenie and reached over and drew Danny's head to mine. Our tongues found each other and he pressed his face against my face.

Kissing Danny and being sucked off by David got the best of me. My cum exploded into David's mouth. I had to give him credit. He never missed a beat and absolutely none leaked out the side of his lips. My hips rocked and forth and Danny's lips never left mine. I had both of the Leeman twins locked in. Cool!

When I opened my eyes, Danny's face was contorted in some kind of wild clownish grin. 'This changes nothing,' he said. 'You're still going to have to fuck us both.'

I looked down at my cock and David let it pop out of his mouth. I was still hard. I shrugged my shoulders.

'I'm in,' I said.

'Great!' David said. He sprang to his feet and jumped up on the bed. He positioned his ass onto the side so that it was just hanging over. He threw both legs into the air. 'Let's rip it up!'

Danny and I looked at each other and laughed.

'What have we done, amigo?' he said. 'What the fuck have we done?'


TJ Tachet


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