Danny, David and I ran barefoot across the parking lot. The motel we were staying at had a pool and we were going in it. Definitely. No doubt about it. We didn't care that it was nearly midnight.

I stepped on a pavement pebble and stopped dead.

'Fuck!' I whispered as loud as I could.

The other guys kept going. There was a little waist-high chain-link fence and Danny clambered over it in about half a second. David stopped and looked around for an entrance gate.

I walked the rest of the way gingerly, staring at my feet to make sure I didn't step on anything else. At the fence I stopped and looked over at Danny. He had taken off his singlet and running shorts and stood at the edge of the pool naked, looking at the water to determine if it he'd get electrocuted or something. There was no light on and it was hard to tell which part was the shallow end and which part was deep.

I paused to look at Danny in the moonlight. The boy had a body. That was for sure. A runner's body. Tan, from his shoulders to his fingertips and from about mid-thigh all the way down to the sock line. I could make out the light and dark parts despite the lighting. Of course I had his body pretty much memorized anyway and what I couldn't see, my mind somehow filled in the blanks.

I tugged at my shirt and simultaneously stuck my toes into the fence, hating the fact that my feet were so sensitive.

Danny was laughing to himself. 'Here goes boys. I totally fucking deserve this!'

He launched himself off the edge of the pool, flipped his legs up and managed to execute a reasonable swan dive. I saw the dark patch of his crotch and the white floppy penis that had been in my mouth so many times these past few months.

David was still hunting for the gate when I landed softly on the other side, mercifully onto to solid ground free of rocks and other things that could torture my feet.

Danny popped his head up from under the water and flipped his hair to the side. He spit out a mouthful of water.

'Dudes! You gotta get in here already, the water's amazing!'

'Is it cold?' I asked. I dipped a foot in to test for myself, fully aware that Danny would say practically anything to get me to just jump in.

'No, it's great!'

The water was a lot colder than I wanted it to be. I tried the other foot. Nope. Still cold. I finished taking off my shirt and stared down at the water.

'TJ!' Danny taunted in a sing-song voice, 'I'm naked.'

'And you're a pervert' David's voice echoed back in the same sing-song style. He had found his way through the gate and was carefully latching it shut. Just in case.

The differences between Danny and his twin brother David were amazing. Danny was care-free, reckless, obnoxious and passionate about everything in life. David was methodical and puritanical, or at least as much as Danny would let him be. David enjoyed life too but on his terms, though Danny tried to influence him and drag David over to his view of the world whenever possible.

I was just totally confused by the two of them. While it was Danny that I had been screwing around with, I had secretly lusted after David too. Of course Danny suspected this of me and confronted me about it all the time. Which I denied.

'Come on T.J,' he'd said during one recent conversation after I'd come in his mouth and he was trying to share back some of what he hadn't swallowed. 'You know you want some, just imagine that it's David's spooge!'

'Danny, you're disgusting,' I said, turning my head to the side so that he couldn't force his way into my mouth.

'I'm disgusting?' he said mockingly. 'I'm disgusting? We share sperm like practically day after school and I offer you the fantasy of my twin brother's sperm which I know you want and you dare to say no? Don't you have, you know, like any scientific curiosity about what David's sperm tastes like? I mean, what if it's really different from mine? What if it's like the exact opposite of mine because of some weird twin thing that happened before we were born?'

I raised my eyebrows at him and sealed my lips tight. 'You're disgusting,' I said again managing not to move my mouth.

He cracked up. I saw him swallow what was still in his mouth. I looked at him quizzically to try and figure out what he was really up to, and he figured out I was trying to see if he really had some of my own DNA left in there.

'Trust me, dude, it's gone. Not only did I lick your big dick dry. Again! I might add. But I swallowed the whole thing. Gulp, gulp. See?'

He opened his mouth to let me peer in. It was pretty dark but I didn't see anything so I thought that maybe it was safe to kiss him.

'Mmm,' Danny said, as soon as our tongues were touching. He pulled his head away and stuck a finger in his mouth. 'Pretty good right? I think I'm tasting the Cheerios you had for breakfast.'

I laughed. 'I didn't have Cheerios this morning. We were out. I had to eat a bagel,' I said.

He smiled. 'No Cheerios? How are you gonna run today big boy? You always have your Cheerios.'

'I'll be fine.'

It was Saturday and I'd biked over to the Leemans house to go for a long run. As soon as I showed up, David took his cue and went downstairs so that Danny and I could have sex. I wished that one time he'd stay and join in. Danny knew I wished that and was sort of turned on by it. He sometimes pretended to be David when he was sucking my cock. Danny and I had ended that particular weekend roll in the hay with a great run all the way into town and took the long way back. Danny and David set the pace, as usual, and I brought up the rear, laboring as usual to keep up.

In the pool Danny was growing impatient that I wasn't in yet so he swam over and grabbed my ankle. I'd taken off my shirt but still had on my running shorts from the meet earlier this afternoon. I don't know why I was surprised that Danny would try to pull me in but he somehow caught me off guard and I fell clumsily into the icy water. I screamed underwater and I could hear Danny laughing through my splashes above.

'Jesus!' I said when I came up. 'Why can't they heat this thing?'

'Poor baby,' Danny said, 'its fine, you just gotta get used to it!' He smiled and dove under, allowing the white cheeks of his ass to break the surface very close to my face. I shivered as I treaded water and looked over at David.

'That bad?' David asked. He was taking off his shirt and carefully folded it up onto a lounge chair. 'Should I even bother?'

I thought about the idea of two skinny-dipping Leeman brothers and, despite the cold, felt my penis try and throb.

'Um, well, yeah. I guess. It gets better,' I said not too enthusiastically. 'I think.'

'Pussies!' Danny yelled from the other end of the pool. He was standing on the steps in the shallow end, thrusting his pelvis and wagging his dick back and forth. David and I looked at each other. The boy was hopelessly locked into the life of an adolescent! 19 years old and acting like he wasn't even in puberty yet!

David kicked his shorts up into the air, caught them with one hand and then set them carefully beside his folded up shirt. His body was identical to his brother's but maybe about five pounds heavier in the chest. While Danny was naturally a gifted runner who exerted practically no effort into being great, David needed to put in the work and he even spent time pumping iron in the gym at school. But around an oval they could both fly, Danny of course just a few seconds faster in the middle distances than his twin.

In the dick department, there were no differences. But of course I hadn't seen David with a boner. I reasoned that that's the only reason I really wanted to. You know, just to compare. Danny's hard dick fit really well in my mouth and we'd even managed to get it up my butt one time, but usually I fucked him and that seemed to be just fine for the both of us.

Earlier today we'd had our first full day at the State track championships. Today were the preliminary heats and we'd all advanced to the next round though we'd been in separate heats. Danny won both his 800 and his 1500 heats. David had come in second in the 800 heat and then third in his 1500 heat but qualified to advance based on time. I'd not been asked to run the 800 but had practically won my 1500 heat in a personal best for me. We were spent after dinner and Coach said we could take a dip in the pool so long as we were quiet and didn't wake anybody at the motel up. Tomorrow we weren't racing until 11 and that was plenty of time to sleep, get a light breakfast and then warm up before we had to be on the track.

David sat on the edge of the pool and dangled his feet in the water. Danny was still flopping around on the steps and trying to kick water onto his brother from across the pool.

'Danny, knock it off, you're making a lot of noise and you'll wake somebody up.'

Danny lowered himself silently back into the water and dove under. David and I looked at each other again. There was no telling where he'd come up and what he'd do. We both smiled.

I felt Danny's hands below the surface on my shorts. I hadn't taken them off. He tugged at them and I let them go. I didn't mind being naked with these two after all we'd been through. David had certainly seen me over the months out of clothes and with a semi-hard dick in the mornings when I slept over.

Danny finally came up for air and he had put my running shorts over his face.

'Mmm,' he said. 'Tastes like chicken.'

'Danny!' David said, 'You'll stretch them out and poor TJ won't fit in them for the semis.'

'Oh, trust me, they're plenty stretched out already,' Danny said, his voice muffled. 'Our boy TJ is packing a lot of meat and his shorts can certainly accommodate my head!'

I laughed.

'We know, Danny. TJ is well hung. TJ tells us all the time,' David said.

I started to protest. I don't think I'd ever bragged about my penis to these guys.

'Well, I know!' Danny said. 'You don't!' Danny lifted my shorts up to his forehead and looked at his brother. 'Or do you?'

'No, you pervert, I don't really know anything,' David reassured him. David eased himself down into the water and shuddered from the cold.

Danny looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

'No,' I said. 'He doesn't know anything.'

'Hmm. Very suspicious,' Danny said. 'I know TJ, and I know how insatiable his sexual appetite is. I'd be surprised if he wasn't bonking my twin brother behind my back.'

'TJ quit!' I said. 'I am notbonking David.'

'Right,' David added. 'No bonking.'

'Hmm,' Danny said swimming up to me and grabbing my head with his hands. 'Do you want to bonk him?'

'Danny,' I pleaded.

'Well, do you?'

I looked at him. How did I get hopelessly messed up with such a foxy, fuck-up guy?

Danny stuck his tongue in my ear.

'Eww,' David said. 'Get a room you two.'

'We have a room bro,' Danny said, still sucking on my ear. 'We're sharing with you.'

'I know, don't remind me,' David said. 'Do you think you guys could take it easy tonight and not fuck too loudly? Even if you don't, I could use the sleep.'

'Hmm,' Danny said in loud whisper. 'What about it TJ, could you be quiet while you're fucking me tonight?'

'Um,' I said. I looked over at David and smiled. 'I'll do my best.'

'Thank you,' he said.

David waded over to Danny and I. Danny was still trying to drill a hole in my ear with his tongue and it made me giggle. David grabbed at the shorts on his brother's head. He turned them inside out and put them in his mouth.

'You're right,' David whispered very close to my free ear. 'They do taste like chicken.'

'You have no idea bro.' Danny looked up from ear at his brother. A huge smile crossed his face.

The twins locked eyes. A secret seemed to silently pass between them. I had no idea.

Danny took a breath and was about to say something.

'Shut up Danny,' David warned.

'Oh my god!'

'Shut up Danny!'

'Oh my god!' Danny put his hands on top of his head. 'I can't believe I haven't seen this before!'

'What?' I asked. 'What haven't you seen before?'

'Shut up Danny! I swear to god, I'll fucking drown your ass!'

Danny looked at me and lowered his voice. 'TJ you're not going to believe this.'

'Danny, I'm serious, don't. Come on man, don't!'

Danny looked at his brother with a wide grin on his face. On David's face was pain. David raised his fist.

'TJ, my boy, my twin brother David wants you to fuck him!'

'Fuck you Danny!' David yelled. Danny splashed water over toward David to quiet him down but it was too late. David's shout echoed off the motel.

'What the hell are you talking about?' I whispered. David threw my shorts back toward me and swam off.

Danny grabbed my arm and held on. He whispered in my wet ear.

'My brother's jealous,' Danny said. 'I swear. He's jealous of you. He wants your cock up his ass!'

David was out of the pool now struggling to pull his dry shorts up over his wet legs.

'You're an asshole Danny!' David said quietly but firmly.

'David, chill out!' Danny shot back. 'It's not like it's a big deal or anything. If you want TJ, I'm sure TJ will do you. Right TJ?'


'TJ, just ignore him. He has no idea what he's fucking talking about,' David said. He turned and walked toward the gate. 'I'm going in.'

'David, wait,' I said, whispering loudly.

'No,' David said. He closed the gate carefully behind and jogged off across the parking lot.

'Danny, why did you say that? You shouldn't bait him like that,' I said.

'Because it's true. I know my brother. I know every look. I know every phrase that comes out of his mouth. He's jealous that you and I have been screwing around these past few months and he wants what I have!'

'That's crazy!'

'Nope, it's not. You don't know him like I do. Yup! That's what he wants. I'm sure of it.'

I closed my eyes and exhaled.

'So what should I do?'


'No, really, what should I do?'

'TJ, give me a break, you know you want to. I mean, we've been joking back and forth about it for weeks. It's a perfect situation for you. David's like a quieter, much smarter version of me. His dick is the same as mine, pretty much. And he's less hateful and less obnoxious too! It's just right for you! Do it!'

'This is crazy!'

'Yup, it is. Fucking crazy. I can't believe I didn't see it until now. In the dark yet!'

'I don't know about this,' I said.

'TJ, you have nothing to worry about. Just go slow. His ass isn't broken in like mine.'

'Wellyeah. I mean, he's never had a dick up there, right?'

'I don't think so,' Danny said. 'Well, actually no, I'm not sure.' He paused. 'There was this one weekend a few years ago over at my cousins.' Danny seemed to be assessing the possibility that a cousin of theirs had poked his twin brother in the butt. 'Naw, there's no way, I would've known about it. He can't hide anything from me.'

'I don't know, this is pretty weird.'

'Don't worry, I'll help you. It's what he wants. Give it to him. I'm his brother and I love him. You're a great fuck and he deserves what I've been getting. Heck, maybe it'll help him win his heat tomorrow.'

We got out of the pool and I put my shorts back on. Danny bunched his in front of his weenie and we walked across the parking lot as fast as we could. I kept thinking about the pebbles in the pavement and Danny was obviously lost thinking about something else. And I knew exactly what it was.

When we opened the door to the room David was standing by the mirror brushing his teeth. He had wrapped a towel around his waste and his dark hair was a frizzy mess. The sight went straight to the blood in my dick. He glared at us but didn't say anything.

Danny threw his shorts at David's face. David ducked and they landed harmlessly on the floor. Danny now stood there naked. Again. He grinned. David turned away and walked back toward the bathroom.

'Bro,' Danny started.

'Don't even say it Danny!' David warned.

'You'll like it,' Danny taunted with his evil sing-song tone. 'I sure do.' David closed the door to the bathroom. Danny looked at me and shook his head. This was not over.

'Maybe we should just forget about this for right now,' I offered. 'After all, we all have like the biggest races of our lives tomorrow. If Coach knew we were still up fucking around at this time of night, he'd have a fit!'

'Amigo, we'll all sleep better if we get off,' Danny laughed. 'Especially my brother. Trust me, I know these things.'

The door opened and David came out. He tossed his towel on the dresser and walked naked across the room, right between the two of us. Danny tweaked his nipple, but David didn't react. He crawled into the same bed he had been in last night and pulled the sheets up over his head.

'Shut the stupid lights off and go to sleep you idiots,' David said from under the covers.

I took advantage of the moment to duck into the bathroom and close the door. I threw my towel over the shower rod, watched myself pee very carefully to see if I needed to drink more water and then brushed my own teeth. I brushed my hair and stood staring at myself in the mirror. I wondered when I would ever get chest hair. I'd been eighteen for nearly a year and still had only a few lonely scouts right in the center of my upper chest. Danny and David were lightly frizzled with dark hair and I was more than a little jealous. I sighed and blew hair up at my forehead. I needed to sleep.

It seemed to be something of a room theme so I too came out of the bathroom nude. I looked at the Leeman boys. I guess I wasn't surprised to see Danny sitting on top of his brother. David was on his back and Danny had him pinned to pillow by his elbows. They were whispering and I could only imagine what the conversation was about.

'I'll just sleep over here,' I announced to nobody in particular in a voice that was a little too loud and a little too cheerful. They paid no attention to me and kept whispering.

I tried pulling back the sheets as loudly as I could. I flipped off the light on the bedside table between the two beds. I crawled in and faced the window away from the twins. I closed my eyes and willed myself to sleep. Jesus, I was racing in the State championships tomorrow morning! I should have been asleep hours ago.

'Okay he'll do it!' Danny announced.

I opened my eyes and pretended not to hear. I froze in position but I felt my cock lengthen.

'Did you hear me TJ? I said he'll do it!' Danny repeated.

I stayed still and didn't move. All the blood rushed to the eight and a third inches of my hard-on. I had absolutely thought about this moment. Like at least a thousand times in the past few months since Danny and I had been fooling around. But I didn't think it would ever really happen.

'TJ, if you're too tired, we don't have to,' David said. His voice sounded a little sleepy.

'Fuck no boys! We're doing this! Where's your lube amigo? My boy TJ is gonna take my brother's cherry!'

I rolled over and squinted my eyes. I still hadn't said anything. Hell yeah I wanted to do it. State track meet or not! My dick had already made it's own decision.

'Um,' I started.

'Um nothin'' Danny yelled. 'Um fuckin' nothin'. Get your big ol' dick over here amigo and plant it in my brother's ass!'

'Um, do I have any say in this?' I offered weakly.

'No.' The two of them said at the same time. Danny hopped off of his brother and went to the bathroom to find my lube.

'I mean, it doesn't have to be tonight,' David said.

Danny came out of the bathroom with the tube in his hand. 'Screw that shit! Tonight's the night boys!'

David tossed the covers aside and sat up on the bed. Danny tossed him the lube.

'I get to watch, okay?'

'I don't suppose we have any choice in the matter,' I said.

'Nope, amigo, you don't. Man, look at me, I'm already getting wood!' Danny grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times. It sprang up to full staff. That made two of us.

Danny pointed at David's backside. 'Put some of that on your butthole bro!'

'Okay, okay, don't rush me,' David picked up the tube and looked at it quizzically. Danny looked at me with an exasperated face. 'Will you help my clueless brother please?'

'Sure,' I said. I waved at David. 'Come here, I'll show you.'

David scooted across to the bed I was in. He was already hard too. I had him lay down on his stomach. He was shivering. Danny went into the bathroom and closed the door.

'Shit!' Danny said from behind the door. 'How am I supposed to piss with this massive erection?'

David and I looked at each other and smiled.

'My brother's an asshole,' David said.

'I know,' I said. 'Don't be nervous, you'll like it, it's nice.' I put my hand on David's back to settle him.

'I know, I know,' David said. 'It's just thatwell, I don't know, I'm just a little scared maybe.'

I moved my hands down to David's tight cheeks. I felt like I was having a deja vu as I'd so often cupped very similar ass cheeks on David's twin brother. I felt David relax a little bit. I moved my middle finger to the crack of his ass and let it stay there.

David turned his neck and faced me. 'TJ, this is okay right? I mean, it's not going to affect the relationship you have with my brother.'

I smiled.

'David, don't worry about it,' I said. 'Danny and I are definitely not in a relationship. We just like to have sex. That will probably not change. Your brother's a pig.'

David laughed. 'Total pig!' He put his face back into his hands. I let my middle finger find David's hole and I applied a little pressure.


'It's nice,' I repeated. 'You're going to really like it.'

In response David stuck his ass more in the air and his cheeks spread naturally. He had a great butt. They both did.

By the time Danny was finally able to pee and came out of the bathroom I had lubed up his brother and had two fingers stroking in and out of him. David moaned rhythmically as I moved my hand from side to side, trying to stretch him out. I knew my dick was not really starter size and wanted to get him as ready as possible.

'Aren't you in there yet TJ?' Danny whispered loudly.

David kept moaning lightly and I just looked up and Danny but didn't say a word. With my free hand I put a finger across my lips. Danny did the same from across the room and then blew me a kiss.

'Can I help?' Danny asked, way more sheepishly than I expected.

'You want to help get me rock hard?' I asked. I opened my legs and my cock fell out onto my thigh. With my free hand I wagged it in Danny's direction. I was up nearly all the way but Danny and I both knew I could go a little farther.

Danny's mouth was between my legs in an instant. I kept up the rhythmic lubing of one twin's ass while the other sucked on my cock. Danny looked up at me and smiled with his mouth full.

'I do like this TJ, I do,' David said.

'Me too.'


TJ Tachet

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