Clint had two days off left before he had to return to work. He had

been to the adult video arcade and sucked total strangers and fucked one and had

loved it. There was no doubt in his mind that he was gay.

He went out for a drive and stopped at a park that was frequented by the

business crowd for lunch. He sat at a table and watched the guys coming

out of the buildings and found himself getting aroused by some of the hot good

looking guys, wondering if any of them were gay or played around.

He returned home hornier than ever. Again, he was sure that he was gay

or the hot guys he had seen at lunch wouldn't have given him a boner or made his

mouth water as he looked at their crotchs.

He paced the floor waiting for Buck to get home. He was going to get

fucked by Buck, one way or the other. Finally he heard Buck arrive and he

was standing at Buck's patio door, naked and hard, when Buck entered his


Seeing Clint, Buck unlocked and opened the patio door, laughing as he looked

down at Clint's hard cock. "Damn, man, what brought that on?"

"Thinking of you," Clint answered as he began removing Buck's state police

uniform. As soon as he had Buck's cock exposed he dropped to his knees and

began devouring the cock like a wild animal that hadn't eaten in days. As

he sucked, Buck removed the remainder of his uniform. Once totally naked,

Clint stood and pulled Buck up to Buck's bedroom telling him to lay down.

Clint reached into Buck's nightstand and retrieved the lube and quickly

smearing some on Buck's massive hard cock. "You're going to fuck me, now," Clint

ordered. "I've got to see what it's like."

"What the fuck brought all this on?" Buck asked as Clint smeared lube up his

own ass.

"I'll tell you later but fuck me now. Show me what it's like having a

cock up my hole."

"Since you're a virgin, let me get you ready. Then after I expect to

hear all about what has you so wound up."

Buck began by inserting one finger into Clint's ass, then two, then three,

each time rubbing Clint's prostate. Each time he did Clint shook and


"What the fuck is that feeling?"

"That's your prostate. It's a man's love button."

When Clint was relaxed and stretched and on his back, Buck got into position

and began his insertion, warning Clint that it would hurt but would soon feel


As the head of Buck's cock popped through the tight ass ring, Clint let out a

yell. Buck told him to relax and hang on. Buck held still for a

while and soon Clint said the pain was easing up. Buck slowly began

sliding in deeper, pausing every few seconds to let Clint adjust. Before

long, Clint felt Buck's nut sack against his ass cheeks.

"Is it in?" he asked.

"Every fucking inch. How's it feel?"

"Stuffed but good. Now fuck me and let me feel you cum in me."

Buck began pistoning in and out, bringing his cock almost all the way out

before sliding back in balls deep. As he did, Clint began to moan in


"Oh, shit, I never dreamed that having something like that up my ass could

feel so fucking good. I love it. Fuck me baby. Fuck my man

hole. Oh damn that feels so fucking good."

Buck steadily fucked Clint until he felt his eruption building. He

picked up speed and fucked fast and hard. "Get ready," he said.

"Fuck man, you're going to make me cum. Let's go together."

"Perfect. I'm ready when you are."

Seconds later Clint yelled out "Fuck, I'm cumming."

As his massive load began shooting out onto his own face and chest, Buck

began erupting deep into Clint's love chute.

"Mother fuck, I can feel it shooting out. It feels so fucking good,"

Clint said.

Buck lay forward and as he did he licked the cum off Clint's face and shared

it with him as they kissed.

Afterward as they lay cuddled in each other arms, Clint told Buck about

the video store visit.

"Buck, I found that I really loved sucking tohos guys cocks. And that

young guy loved getting fucked as much as you did. I knew then that I had

to see what it was like."

"Did you like it enough to want to get fucked again?" Buck asked.

"Fuck yes. As you told me, you can have it any time you want it."

"Damn, I didn't realize that sucking you off was going to turn you into suck

a whore."

"Just keep me happy and I'll be your private whore."

"Great, but what if I want to share you with some friends?"

"No problem if that's what you want. Are you wanting to watch me get

fucked by them?"

"Yep and I want you watching them rape my hole."

"Sound hot! Who are they and how soon?"

"It's three other state troopers and how about next week?"

"Three other gay troopers?"

"One of them is married but he does it all. Next week is my rotation to

night patrol from ten at night to six the next morning. You can ride with

me a night or two and meet them. We have a private place we meet for


"I'm ready, just say when."

They kissed and after showering were soon in a sixty-nine, servicing each

other's hard tools.

Clint spent the night with Buck and before it was over they had fucked

each other.

Buck made arrangements for Clint to do what was called a 'ride along' on

Tuesday and Thursday nights. When Tuesday arrived Buck told Clint to go

commando meaning no underwear.

After roll call and Clint signing the wavers regarding injury. They

were soon out on patrol. There were the usuall traffic stops and all and

about midnight Buck took his cell phone and dialed a conference call to three


When all three were on the line, he said, "Hey guys. Everyone ready for

some action? I've got some fresh meat with me tonight." There was a

pause then he said, "Yea, he's cool. No need to worry about him."

After another pause he said, "Only three times and they were all by me.

See you in thirty."

"What were they asking?"

"One if you could be trusted and second if you got fucked. I thought

tonight two of them could fuck you while you sucked me and the third guy then

thursday night me and the other guy would fuck you while you sucked the two that

fuck you tonight."

"Sounds like you have it all planned out."

"I do, now give me a kiss."

I kissed him and he told me that the guys were Sam, Ben and Jake. He

said that Ben was the youngest at twenty-three and was the married one.

"Ben is wild in bed so I thought I'd see if he could come over Saturday and

we could have a three way."

"What ever you want, I'll be ready."

Soon he turned off onto a dirt road and after a couple of miles turned off

into a field. after winding around the road for several hundred yards we

came to a clearing where there were three patrol cars parked. In the

headlights we could see all three of the troopers with their pants down and

feeling each other and kissing. They stopped as we pulled up.

We got out and walked up to them and introductions were made with first names


Buck spoke up saying "Clint, strip down and get ready. Sam, you and

Jake fuck him tonight while he sucks me and Ben and thursday night we'll switch


I hurriedly removed my shorts and shirt. Soon, Ben was sucking on my

cock as Sam and Jake jubed their cocks. Sam went first and as he fucked me

I sucked Buck off. Ben had got me off in the mean time and after Sam

deposited a nice load up my ass, Jake got into position and entered me. I

began sucking Ben's nice cock. Before long, I had two loads of cum up my

ass and two in my stomach. With my cock hard again, Sam and Jack both

sucked on it a while.

As we departed one car at a time Buck held Ben back. After Sam and Jake

had left Buck asked Ben,

"Do you think you can get away saturday night and

come to my place?"

"Saturday would be perfect. My wife is going out of town with her

mother Saturday. She won't be back until late Sunday afternoon. What

did you have in nind?"

"A hot three way for one and to fulfill your fantasy you told me about."

"Perfect. Have you told Clint?"

"Nope. You tell him."

"When Buck and I get together he fucks me with a dildo then shoves his cock

in me with the dildo, but I want to have two real like cum shooting cocks in my

ass at the same time."

"That sounds so fucking hot. I'm ready for what ever."

Ben kissed us both goodbye and as he did he groped my cock and smiled.

"I can't wait to feel it up my ass," he said.

On thursday when we met, I had stripped when we headed down the dirt road. I

stepped out of the car totaly naked. They all smiled as Sam said, "Fuck,

is he ready or not. Buck, how'd you meet this stud?"

Buck let Ben fuck me first and as he did he told them about our meeting and

him seducing me. "He had never been with a guy before I blew him

off. Now you see what he's doing after only about two weeks."

I sucked Sam and Jake off as Ben then Buck fucked my ass. Sam sucked me

off then kissed Jake and shared my load with him.

Friday night was quiet. Buck and I watched a Movie on cable and just

cuddled and kissed. No sex.

Saturday arrived and Buck and I prepared for Ben's visit, making sure that

there was plenty of lube available. Ben arrived about five and immediately

stripped and joined Buck and I on the patio for a beer. After eating, we

headed for the bedroom and our sexual interlude.

Ben got on his hands and knees and I entered his hot hole. After

getting him opened some, I leaned back and Buck stepped over me and squatted

into position and began forcing his cock into Ben's ass on top of mine.

Soon we were bot deep into his ass as he moaned with pleasure. As Buck

would pull back I would push deeper and vise versa. Soon, both cocks were

filling his ass with hot thick cum at the same time.

"Man, that was fucking awesome," Ben said when it was over. "Now, I

want someond to try and fist fuck me."

"What?" I said.

Buck laughed and said that I could do it since I had smaller hands. He

ran downstairs and returned with a small can of Crisco. Telling me that he

had fisted guys before, he'd be my coach. He greased up my hand and lower

arm and Ben's ass and had me start with just the fingers. After a while

the thumb was added and more pressure was applied to the hole. Without

warning, my hand popped in and Ben's ass closed around my wrist.

"Oh fuck yea," squealed Ben. "Deeper."

Working in and out I fist fucked Ben, going about two inches past my

wrist. He fucking loved it.

The rest of the night was spent sucking cock. We lost track of how many

loads we each swallowed, but it was a lot.

I periodically went on patrol with Buck after that and met up with the

guys. We all took turns getting fucked. Buck and I had sex at least

four times a week, but were together nightly.

We soon became lovers and we gave up our apartment and moved into a

house. Sam and Jake visit often and Ben comes over as often as


That was five years ago and never was I this happy in the years I was married

to my ex-wife. Buck and I have a love like no other and one that we know

will last to eternity.



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