'You're a what?' Clint asked in shock.

Buck smiled as he said 'You heard me right. I'm a cop with the state highway patrol. And besides that I am the state liason with the county sheriff's department vice squad.'

'Mother Fuck! I can't believe that for my first male sexual experience a state cop sucked my cock off and on my second experience I sucked him off.'

'Hey,' Buck said, 'sex is sex. This job is just a fucking pay check.'

'This is too fucking wild,' Clint said.

'Clint, I was turned on by you the first time I saw you and was hoping things would turn out that I'd get to suck you and have you fuck me. I didn't tell you I was with the highway patrol because when I do and am interested in a guy they usually think it is a trap and they will get arrested.'

'Well, I guess we can forget about getting arrested since we are both guilty as charged.'

Buck laughed and added 'Yep, and what I hope is still to come would be additional charges.'

'And what would that be?' Clint asked as he rubbed Buck's chest and nipples.

'Your cock up my ass. I love getting fucked.'

'Just say when. I want you to teach me all there is to know.'

Buck leaned to Clint and kissed him passionately as he groped Clint's cock bringing it bact to full attention.

'How about now?' Buck asked.

'You're the boss,' Clint replied. Buck stood and helped Clint to his feet and led him upstairs to the bedroom. He lay on the bed and reached into the drawer on the nightstand and retrieved a tube of lube.

'Do you use condoms?' Clint asked.

'If it's someone I've picked up at a bar or what ever and I don't know them, yes I do. But if it's close friends that I know play safe or a virgin like you, hell no. I prefer getting fucked bareback.'

He lubed up his hole and Clint's cock and lying on his back raised his legs. 'Slide it in slow and once in go slow and give me every inch of it.'

Buck followed his instruction and placed his cock head against the tight orifice. As he applied more and more pressure the hole began opening and the head popped in.

'Oh yea baby. That feels so fucking good,' Buck told him. 'Go all the way in.'

As Clint went deeper he moaned and said, 'Fuck man, I never fucked a cunt that felt this good.'

Buck felt Clint's balls resting against his ass cheeks and said, 'Okay, baby. I'm your bitch now fuck the hell out of me. Fuck me hard and deep.'

Clint was floating in the clouds as he began pumping in and put of Buck's ass. He fucked hard and deep and Buck begged for more. 'Oh, damn Clint. You really know how to fuck. I wish you'd fuck me every night. Yea baby, fuck that man pussy.'

Clint continued his assault on Buck's ass and soon he felt the inevitable approaching. He stiffened as his cock exploded, sending shot after huge shot up Buck's ass. At the same time he watched as Buck's cock exploped out onto his hairy chest and stomach. Clint collapsed onto Buck, mashing Buck's cum between them.

When he had regained his strength and breath, Clint raised up, laughed and said. 'We're a mess.'

Slowly removing his cock from Buck's ass he stood up and Buck got up and led him to the bath. 'How about we shower together?'

'I'm game.' Clint replied.

They got in the shower and thoroughly bathed each other, kissing frequently.

They dried each other off and returned to bed. As they lay there cuddled in each other's arms, Clint spoke.

'I guess that since I am enjoying sex with another man, I have to admit to myself that I'm gay.'

'No you don't,' replied Buck. 'Right now you're on the rebound from a divorce. Sex with a man is something different for you and you're just experimenting. In a week or a month, you might find that it's not for you. You might also find that you enjoy both sexes and are bi. Give it some time before you consider yourself gay. You'll know soon enough.'

'Maybe so,' said Clint. 'But I want you to fuck me and let me see what it's like. You really seemed to enjoy it.'

'Not tonight. Take it slow. There's no need in rushing anything.'

They kissed and Clint decided to go home and do some more soul searching.

Arriving at his apartment he wondered if Buck had been right. Was it a phase? All he knew was that he had thoroughly enjoyed all that he had experienced including sucking Buck's cock.

He didn't see Buck the next night. Instead, he had decided to revisit the video store where he rented the gay movies. He paid the admission to the arcade and went in.

The lights were dim but he could make out the faces of the men standing around. He saw a couple that were nice looking and well built. Others were dingy looking and rank. He found the restroom and took a piss and as he did he noticed a note on the wall. 'Leave door to booth unlocked for blow job' it read.

He went back out to the booths and entered a booth, leaving the door unlocked. He chose a movie and a moment later the door cracked open. He turned and saw one of the dingy guys looking in. He waved him away and closed the door. A few seconds later the door opened again. It was one of the nice looking clean guys that he had seen. He nodded and the guy entered, locking the door behind him.

As they watched the movie, the guy reached over and felt Clint's crotch. His cock was semi-hard and the guy massaged it through his pants. Clint turned toward him and reached for the other guy's cock. Soon their lips met and each was undoing the other's pants. In an instant, both guys had their pants aroung their ankles.

The other guy knelt down and began sucking Clint's cock. It felt great and Clint let him suck until he was close to climaxing. He then had the guy stand up and knelt down and began sucking the guy in return. Before long the guy climaxed and Clint accepted and swallowed the load fed to him. They pulled up their pants and when both were fully dressed the guy left.

Moments later the other nice looking guy opened the door and entered. Soon the guy was playing with Clint's cock. He bent over and began sucking it. After a while Clint stopped him and returned the pleasure swallowing his second load of the evening.

After the guy left, Clint realized that he had really enjoyed sucking the guys off. Again his door opened and it was a young guy about twenty-two, well built, wearing shorts and a tank top. He entered the booth with Clint. They kissed a while and the young man totally stripped, placing his clothes in the chair that was in the booth. They sucked on each other and again Clint sucked the cock off. The young man reached for his shorts but instead of putting them on, he reached into the pocket and pulled oout a condom.

'Fuck me,' he whispered as he rolled the condom on Clint's hard cock. The young man spit on his fingers, rubbed it on his ass, then backed up to Clint. Clint entered the yong man's ass and fucked away. They young man kept whispering how good it felt. Soon, Clint filled the condom and pulled out. The young man dressed and as he did, he smiled and thanked Clint for the great fuck.

Clint removed the condom, dropped it on the floor and left. Knowing that he had thoroughly enjoyed the evening he returned home accepting that he was gay. Now he really did want to get fucked and see what pleasure the two people that he had fucked were having.




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