Lisa and I were married when we were nineteen. We were madly in love at the time but by the time we were twenty-two the fire was almost out. We drifted apart and I began to enjoy my time with my male friends at the gym and at ball games.

About a year later, I came home from work early and found Lisa in bed with was up until that day my best friend, Todd. He had even been the best man at our wedding. There they were in our bed, fucking away. Needless to say he dressed and left quickly.

I called her every name in the book and told her to pack her things and get out. She did and ended up at Todd's house. I filed for divorce and being a gentleman all I asked for in the settlement was my truck, the 60' TV, and the house. No way was I going to let her live in the house we bought together. I let her have the furniture and everything else.

When the divorce was final, I rented furniture for the large two bedroom apartment I had found and had it delivered. I had sold the house and banked the proceeds and was comfortable. I made a nice salary as an account executive for a large advertising company in town.

A couple of my buds from the gym volunteered to help me move the TV and as we pulled up at the apartment, I saw a guy pull in driving a rental truck. It turned out that he was moving in also. His apartment was across the entrance from mine, out doors facing each other.

Once the TV was in and set up my buddys left and I was alone. Here I was, almost twenty-five years old and starting over with my life.

I decided to be neighborly and grabbed enough beers for my new neighbor and his helpers, placed them in a cooler with ice and went to introduce myself. Setting the cooler down, I met my new neighbor.

He was just coming out of his apartment and nodded at me and smiled.

'Hi. I'm Clint Carter,' I said as I extended my hand. Shaking it he said, 'Nice to meet you. I'm Buck Taylor.'

Motioning to the cooler I said, 'I thought you might like something to drink. Help yourself.'

'Hey, thanks,' he said. Opening the cooler he smiled and said 'Fuck man, perfect.' He yelled at his pals to come get a cold one. While we had a beer we talked and I said that I had just moved in the day before.

'I saw you bringing in the TV. Nice set,' he said.

'That was about all I got out of my divorce,' I said.

I noticed a strange look and a very slight smile at the mention of the divorce but didn't think much about it at the time.

We talked some more and I found out that he was twenty-six, single and worked for the state, but not in what capacity.

Our complex was long and narrow, kind of in a 'U' shape, with a drive down the center of it and our apartments at the very bottom of the 'U'. Ours was the only two story apartments in the complex and actually the only two apartments in our building. There was a large concrete porch area between our doors and we each had a large patio in back with only about a four foot hedge seperating them. Behind us and up each side of the complex was a large expanse of woods. Our apartments were very private and secluded. The way it was set up, I would be able to enjoy my morning coffee out on the patio in just my briefs or less if I so desired.

FI looked at Buck and said,'You're going to be tired when you get through. When you do why don't you shower and come over for dinner. I'll throw something on the grill. We can get to know each other since we are both 'newbies' here.'

'Clint, you don't have to do that. I'll just order pizza.'

'I want to. It will be nice to get to know someone else here since we're down here away from the rest of the crowd.'

'Okay, then. Let us get through and get these guys out of here and I'll be over.'

'I might be on the patio, so why don't you come around that way.'

'Will do. See you a little later.'

I went back inside and for some reason I kept thinking of Buck. He was about six-two, well built with muscular chest and arms. It was obvious that he worked out. he had light brown hair cut short and bright blue eyes and a neatly trimmed moustach. Thinking about him made me feel strange inside but I didn't know why. Surely, I wasn't getting turned on by him. I wasn't gay and had never had any thoughts about other men except at the gym when I'd steal a glance at another guys cock to see it his was bigger than mine. I had a nice fat eight inches but some of the guys at the gym made me look small.

I prepared two steaks to grill, and got two large potatoes ready to bake. A while later I walked back outside and Buck saw me and said, 'We should be through here in about thirty minutes. I'll shower and clean up and be over after that.'

'Sounds good,' I said.

I went back in, put the potatoes in to bake and went upstairs to shower and get ready. The living room, kitchen, dining area and a half bath were downstairs and the two bedrooms, each with private bath were upstairs. Since I did a lot of work from home, I planned on using the smaller bedroom as a home office.

I dressed in shorts and tee shirt and sandles. As i looked in the mirror, I noticed that the tee shirt was a little tight but having seen Buck, I wanted to show off my build also. It was my ego coming out.

I went back downstairs and out onto the patio and fired up the gas grille, letting it get good and hot. I sat the steaks on the patio table and had replenished the small cooler that I had used earlier with beer.

A short time later, Buck emerged onto his patio and walked around the hedge. I couldn't help but stare. He also had on shorts, although his were fairly tight and revealed a bulge down the right leg. My God, why was I noticing that? His tank top was skin tight revealing a muscular hairy chest and large pecs and six-pack abs. Damn, was he built. He made me look puney.

'Damn, steaks?' he asked as he walked up and saw the plate.

'Sure, why not?'

'I really appreciate this. I was going to order pizza and try to do some unpacking but fuck that. I'll start on it tomorrow.'

We sat and talked and said how much we liked the privacy that the location of the building gave us.

I laughed and said, 'Yea, I even thought that I could sit out here in my BVD's or less and enjoy my morning coffee. Then I realized how low that hedge is.'

'Hey, guy, if you feel like it do it. You just might see me out that same way. It won't bother me any. I grew up with three older brothers and after my dad ran out on us , my mom worked two jobs. The salary from the night job went into a college fund for us boys. She's come home between jobs, fix us a quick dinner and make sure homework was done then head out again.'

He grabbed a beer then continued. 'We had one bath room and at least one of us boys was running around naked at one time or another. Nudity has never bothered me. I stay that way at home most of the time. I'm pretty much a non-conformist so when I get home I shuck the clothes and just let it all hang out. It's a hell of a lot more comfortable after a day at work.'

'Well, I know I enjoy it after I shower and run around that way for a few minutes. I just might have to do it more often and see if I agree with you,' I said with a laugh.

'I'll bet you a six-pack you will.'

'It's a bet.' I said.

'If you don't mind me asking, what brought on the divorce?'

'Well, to start at the beginning, we married when we were nineteen and madly in love. After about four years it all seemed to die out. Sex was only about once a month if that often. Then one day I came home early and caught her fucking my best friend. He had been my best man at the wedding. I kicked her ass out and filed for divorce. I kept my truck, the TV and the house, but I didn't need that big monstrosity so I sold it and moved in here just yesterday. All the furniture is rental until I find exactly what I want.'

'She was fucking yur best friend?'

'Yep. I was even told after I caught them that they were fucking the night before we married.'

'Oh, shit!'

'Yep. Real nice, huh?'

'Enough of that,' he said and asked, 'What type work do you do?'

'I'm am account executive for an advertising agency. I do a lot of work from home, especially the work up for the presentations.'

I grilled the steaks and we ate and just visited. At about eight he said he was tired and needed to get to bed. They had started loading his belongings at six and he was beat. As he started to leave he thanked me for dinner and then to my surprise, he gave me a big hug, pressing his body into mine. An electrical shock seemed to go through me and I didn't know why.

I cleaned up the dishes and after watching TV for a while I headed up to bed. As I undressed I began thinking about what Buck had said about going nude. I figured it was just me at the apartment so why not. I slept nude that night and stayed that way the next day as I sat up my office. I had taked a few days off to get settled so the office wasn't expecting me. Buck was right, it was a great feeling of freedom to stay nude. That afternoon, i slipped on some shorts and went to the corner store and bought a six-pack.

After dinner, I went next door to pay off our bet but he wasn't home. I returned the beer to my fridge and decided to go for a walk around the complex. I stopped by the pool and checked it out for a while then headed back to my own abode. As I did, I ended up walking down Buck's side of the building and across the back. As I passed his patio, I saw that the light was on and the drapes open. I had a clear view of the interior. He was home, naked, and in his recliner watching a pron movie and stroking his hard cock. I began watching the movie with two men and a woman. She was sucking one guy while the other fucked her. She took the guys cock out of her mouth and gave it to the guy fucking her. I was hard and rubbing my own enlarged tool through my shorts as I watched. Buck began stroking faster and I couldn't help but watch as he shot one huge rope of cum after another out onto his hairy chest and stomach. I headed on over to my place thinking that it was nice to know that I wasn't the only man around that still jerked off when I needed to.

I went in and jerked mine off and after slipping on a pair of shorts i grabbed a beer and went out to the patio. As I sat drinking my beer I heard Buck walk out onto his patio talking on his phone.

Both patio lights were off, and when he got through, I said, 'Hey Buck, I have something for you.'

He was startled and walked over to the hedge and said, 'Hi Clint. You nearly scared the shit out of me.'

I stood up and said, 'I'll be right back.'

I went in and got the six-pack and came out and said,'I'm paying off that bet we made last night. Stayed nude all day and loved it.'

'I told you,' he said as he took the beer and walked over to put it on his patio table. That's when I saw he was still totally naked. Looking down at himself he said, 'I hope this doesn't offend you.'

'Nope, not at all. Now that I know you really do go that way, you'll probably find me out here like that.'

'Cool,' he said with a grin. 'Say, are you going to be home tomorrow?'

'Yea, why?'

'a buddy of mine wants the boxes I emptied and if I give you the extra key, could you let him in to get them?'

'Sure, no problem,' I answered.

He went in and got the key and returned to the patio. 'Let me find out what time he can come over.'

He dialed a number and after a minute or so he told me that his friend would be over about noon. I said that I'd be glad to help out.

We each headed inside and went our seperate ways, but the vision of his naked body and large cock stayed in my mind and my own cock began to rise again. I couldn't understand why my body was reacting like it was.

The next day, I dressed just long enough to let his friend in to get the boxes before stripping back down. That afternoon I was sitting on the patio nude enjoying the afternoon sun when I heard Buck's patio door open. He stepped out, beer in hand and looked my way.

'Hi, neighbor. I see you're a man of his word and shucked the clothes.'

'Yep,' I replied.

He walked over to the hedge and looked down at me and said, 'Man, you've got a fucking nice build on you.'

'Thanks, but it's not as defined as yours. I saw your tattoo and meant to ask, how long were you in the marines?'

'Just long enough to fulfill my obligation, then I got out.'

'Can't say as I blame you,' I said as I stood and walked over to the hedge.

He smiled and said, 'Look, if we're going to be neighbors and visit each other we need to remove a bush or two to give us access to each others patio.' He reached over to a corner and grabbed a shovel and went to work. soon the first two shrubs closest to the building were out of the ground. he took them and threw them out into the woods behind us.

'There, that's better,' he said. 'How about joining me for dinner tonight?'

'Sure, what time?'

'How about in an hour?'

'Fine,' I replied.

'And come just as you are. I'll be just like I am now.'

I smiled and said I'd see him later. I went inside and couldn't believe that I was about to have dinner totally naked with another naked man. What had the divorce done to me?

An hour later I walked through our new opening totally naked and into Buck's open patio door. He saw mw and smiled and again gave me a big bear hug. We ate dinner after a few beers and then had a few more, much more than my usual.

I was beginning to feel light headed and out of myself as we sat on the sofa together. I noticed that he wuld move closer every time he got up and sat back down. Soon he was only inches away from me. turning toward me he brought his right leg up and put his knee against mine while at the same time laying his right hand on my left thigh saying, 'Clint, it's so good to have you for a neighbor where I can be myself. Everywhere else I've lived I've had to keep all the curtains closed so as not to offend the neighbors, but I don't have to do that with you.'

As he said all this he slowly rubbed his hand up and down my thigh and my cock began to stiffen. Another persons touch felt good, even if it was another man's. I glanced over and his cock was about half hard as mind continued to stiffen.

FHe noticed it and slowly reached over and grasped it. when he did, I gasped.

'Looks like he needs some attention,' he said, as he began stroking it slowly.

'Buck that feels so fucking good but hey man, I've never done anything like this before.'

'You don't have to do anything. Just sit there and relax and let me do my thing.'

With that, he leaned over and began kissing my neck and ear, then my cheek, then gently on my lips all the while stroking my now hard cock. Again his lips touched mine and i felt his tongue running across my lips trying to part them. I relenten and parted my lips and his tongue entered my mouth and found mine. He was so gentle I couldn't resist and I began to eagerly kiss him back, our tongues exploring each other's mouth.

He then moved down to my nipples and I had never felt that electrical shock before. I loved it and moaned softly in pleasure. He began running his tongue lower until he reached my navel, then lower until I could feel his hot breath in my pubic hair.

Easing himself off the sofa, he got between my legs and began running his tongue along the inside of my thighs. I gasped again as he licked and sucked my nut sack into his mouth. My head was spinning as he began licking up the shaft of my cock. he reached the tip and licked off the precum that was flowing freely from the slit. As his mouth covered my cock head and eased down to the base i let out a soft yell raising my hips toward him. he took it all and held it for a second before beginning to move back and forth up and down it. I began fucking his face for all it was worth. Before long I felt my cock harden and felt my nuts draw up. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. Then it happened. My cock exploded sending huge spurts of cum into Buck's mouth and down his throat. He eagerly accepted and swallowed the entire load.

When he had taken every drop he again kissed me and I tasted my own cum in his mouth, a salty bitter sweet taste that I liked. As he sat up next to me we kissed again as I reached down and began stroking his cock. It didn't take long until hi was exploding, sending a huge load of cum all over both of us.

We broke the kiss and he said, 'We're both a mess.'

'Who cares,' I replied, 'That was the best sex I've had in years, and it's hard to believe it was from a man.'

'It's here whenever you want it. You can fuck my mouth or my ass anytime you want to.'

I looked at him and said, 'Watch what you say. I'll be back for more and you may regret it.'




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