"Ummm...." Kyle started.

"I got up from the floor and shoved my dick in his mouth. He gagged for a little bit but got used to it, you trained him well. Eventually I cummed down his throat and quickly left. It was a turn on for me and I didn't expect it."

We walked to our cars to leave school and then left in separate directions. For the next week I got lucky on a few occasions. I met up with Kyle on one occasion and had a quick fuck in his bedroom while his parents were in the pool in their backyard. The both of us were surprised that they never heard us. Kyle was turning into a screamer. Maybe it's just my dick.

One time I was able to change it up and fuck my girl's pussy twice that week. Once at her parents' house and once in the school parking lot during class. One thing that was different was that Kyle's and Marco's ass was definitely tighter. But it was nice to fuck something where the pussy juices kept my dick wet.

One day that stays in my mind is when I was out running in the park and around town. I was running through the park wearing an under armour shirt and short running shorts. I noticed a hot piece of ass and that running in front of me. I looked familiar and thought that I could stop for a chat. The piece of ass belonged to Marco. He was wearing pretty much the same thing I was.

"Marco, what's up man." I said.

"Oh hey, whats going on." Marco said with a startled look.

"Dude I am not here to fuck the shit out of you even though that ass looks pretty good right now. I just want to offer you something right now, take it or leave it. Kyle was the first and only one to fuck me up the ass. Now I want to you to fuck me. I just want you to take out any frustration on me. What do you think?"

"I don't know, this is just something else that could come back and bite me in the ass. If I say yes where are we going to do this?" Marco said.

"Right here in the park. I will suck you off, get your cock wet and then you can shove it in. Or we can wait and do it somewhere where you can feel more comfortable." I said.

"Come on lets go my wife is a work for the next few hours. Follow this piece of ass, I am going to take some frustration out on yours." Marco said.

His answer surprised me and I don't know how is was able to keep my hard on covered up. We ran to his house and within no time the both of us were naked and making out. He turned into the dominating one by the time we made it to his bedroom. Marco threw me down on the bed and jumped on top of me. He grinded my rock hard dick and slowly his dick turned out the same way. Two muscled tight bodies rolling around on the bed was as hot as fuck. I flipped Marco over and slowly went down on him.

I shoved Marco's dick into my mouth and started to get it wet. I played with the head a little bit and then moved to the shaft and everntually the balls. His panting got deeper and started to squirm when I started to eat his ass out. He took one of his hands and shoved my head into his ass, apparently he liked his ass being eaten. He then grabbed my ears pulled me up to him and we started to make out again. He then flipped me over and did the same thing to me. The only thing that he needs to work on was less teeth.

"Eat my ass, just like a pussy." I told him.

It felt amazing. Marco then finished with my and threw my legs up and grabbed the lube. After getting my hole lubed up and his dick to he wasted no time sliding it in. Just remember I haven't been fucked since Kyle so he took it easy. After playing with my hole and sliding his dick in and out I was finally able to take the whole thing. He started to fuck me intimately and at a fair speed. He fucked me good and hard making out at the same time. He would flip me to my stomach and rail me really good. I eventually let out some good screams and moans. Marco was able to pick me up and fuck me all over the house. He even got risky and fucked me on lawn in his backyard. He was a fucking stud. He was able to come in me 3 different times during the intense fuck session.

Right before the last cum blast in my ass he had me shaking, sweating, moaning and staring right into his eyes. The final cum blast was something amazing. He let out a loud scream and rammed my ass hard. He finally coated my insides with his creamy cum and collapsed on top of me. I felt his dick go limp and fall out of my ass. We cuddled for a little bit massaging each other.

"That was fucking awesome. I wish we could do that more often." I said.

"That was great man, we will definitely do that again. Your ass felt better than my wife's pussy, thanks. You need to get dressed she is going to be home here pretty soon." Marco said.

By the time I got dressed and got down stairs Marco's wife got home I managed to meet her. I told her that I was just hanging out and helping with some work and then I left. I wanted to tell her that her husband sure knew had to fuck and that liked my ass better than her pussy. But I couldn't do that to her, I wanted Marco again.

After the intense fuck session I left and had the rest of the night to myself. I went home and re-thought the previous day. I called Kyle and explained everything to him. He was jealous and wanted a piece of my ass after hearing what happened.

I went back to school the following day and just went back to my regular routine. At lunch Kyle came up to me and wanted more info on what happened the night before and I told him that there was nothing else.

"C'mon man, what else happened." Kyle said

"Nothing else happened. If something else does happen I will tell you." I told him.

"Then why does Marco want to see us in his office during lunch?" Kyle asked.

"I don't know." I added.

When lunch came around we met up and walked over to Marco's office. We still had no clue what was going on. We knocked on the door and stepped in. Marco was behind his desk and we walked up to him and asked what he needed. He moved away from his desk and showed his rock hard cock. The both of us were surprised and Marco got up and quickly pulled my pants down and bent me over the desk. He threw some lube on his dick and on my hole and went to town on my ass.

"Suck his dick." As Marco slapped me on the back and motioned for Kyle to come over.

I did what I was told and now I had a dick in both of my holes. I went to town on Kyle's dick and Marco had fun with my ass. After he came in my ass he pulled me out of the way and did the same to Kyle. Kyle was bent over the desk to and getting railed. I moved over so that he could suck my dick. After a few minutes the three of us were cumming at the same time. What was hot about the whole fuck session is that Marco was in uniform and it was during lunch time when everyone was in the commons.

Out of the blue Kyle made the comment that he wanted to fuck the principal at one point. Marco said that he might be able to make that happen. This got the both of us excited.

Over the next few week Marco, me and Kyle would screw around with each other in and outside of school. I ended up getting comfortable taking a dick up the ass. One day I surprised Marco and bent him over the hood of his police car in the school parking lot. We didn't care if we got caught, but we didn't. Another day Kyle and I were in the back of one of our classes. We always sat next to each other and most of the time we were in the back.

During this one day we had to watch and movie for a upcoming project. Our teacher told us it was going to take all class. With our assigned seats Kyle and me were in the back at a table with two others in front at a different table and no one next to us.

"Pay attention to the movie for a minute. Don't move." Kyle said.

Kyle took his right hand reached down the front of my sweats and grabbed onto my limp dick. Within seconds I was rock hard and started to breathe harder. Both Kyle and me made it look like we were still watching the movie but I wasn't processing any of it. I was able to slide my sweats down enough so that he wasn't fighting the pants with my dick. Every few minutes he would spit on his hands and then go back to my shaft within a couple of minutes I shot my load all over the underside of the table and in Kyle's hand. I don't know I was able to control myself during the whole thing but I did. After the jack off I got up and walked to the bathroom and cleaned off.

As I was standing in the bathroom wiping some of the cum off, Mr. Wolfe walked in. At first he didn't say anything and then right before I left he told me that he needed to see me in his office after school to answer some questions. I got back to class and finished watching the movie. Kyle couldn't keep his hand out of my pants for the whole class. I just let him leave it there. Even if someone tuned around and looked at us he wouldn't move his hand. He just didn't let me cum again.

Class was over and Kyle and I left class and went to Marco's office. I told Marco that Mr. Wolfe wanted to see me in his office after school and I wanted to for what. Marco did not know why either and I left the office to go meet with Mr. Wolfe. Kyle just stayed with Marco.

I walked into Mr. Wolfe's office and had a seat to wait to be called. Within a few minutes Mr. Wolfe stepped out and asked me to join him.

"The reason why I called you in was what I saw at school today. Do you know where Kyle is?"

"He has just left for the gym. I don't know when I will see him next." I said.

"Ok. The reason why I called you in was because when I was walking from my office to Mrs. Anderson's class I saw both you and Kyle sitting in class and saw the top of your butt, can you explain that." Mr. Wolf asked.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Kyle and I don't sit next to each other in class." I said.

"Don't lie to me I was there long enough to recognize the both of you. It seemed like Kyle was moving and licking his hand a lot. If you would like I can call Mrs. Anderson in and we can discuss what had happened."

"Ok. It was the both of us but Kyle wasn't doing anything wrong." I said.

"Don't lie. Was Kyle doing something he wasn't supposed to?"

"No, getting a hand job during class isn't wrong or something he wasn't supposed to do. It was perfectly fine with me and it felt great. As a matter of fact I was washing some of the cum off of myself right before you walked into the bathroom. If I knew you wanted some of it I would of offered."

"Don't you fucking get smart with me." He said as he picked up the phone.

"Who are you calling?" I asked

"If its ok with you I am calling Marco to come and take you to jail." He said.

"That's fine, he cumms really good. I have been fucking him up the ass for a couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, you are next on my list. I want to pop that cherry of yours." As I was saying this I stood and pulled my pants down and took me shirt off.

"This has been waiting for you. Come on over here and help it out." As I was slapping my dick on my hand.

All Mr. Wolf could do was sit in his chair with a shocked look on his face. All he could do was stutter and dial the phone. Like he said he called Marco over to the office. He started to yell at me to put my clothes back on a sit back down. All I did was just stand in his office playing with my dick.

Then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

"Who's there!" Mr. Wolf yelled.

"It's Marco can I come in..."




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