I am 18 years old high school student in California. I have always liked to run and continue to this day. I have a well chiseled body and rarely wear a shirt when I run. I have a slim muscular build with a perfect tan. When I run all I wear is running shoes with running shorts. I love my body and my girlfriend can't get enough of it. She has a picture of my abs on her phone as wallpaper. We fuck on a regular basis when her parents are at work and when we are in school. We find places and get very creative. One time we got ballsy and fucked in the bed of my truck during our lunch break. Our friends were watching and recording it. This turned the both of us on a lot. The both of us are not embarrassed by showing off our bodies so the videos weren't a concern.

My girlfriend and I were always experimenting with new things. She once told me that she wanted to be fucked by the Kyle the pitcher on the high school baseball team. I thought that would awesome because I would record it at the same time. But one thing came in the way, Kyle was gay and she didn't know. I caught one day checking me out in the shower at school. It didn't bother me that someone was checking me out, it just made me feel good. I just found out that he was gay because out of the blue in the shower he asked me how big my cock was and if he could suck it. It kind of scared me at first and I told him no. He left me alone and never asked me again.

A couple of days later my girl asked me again about getting hooked up with Kyle and then I just told her what happened a couple of days ago. She asked me if I let him and I said no.

"You should have let him that would of been so hot." she said

"Hot? Having another guy suck me off would turn you on." I said.


"I was just thinking," as she reached down the front of my sweatpants, "you could use it as leverage so that he could fuck me and he could suck you at the same time."

Face it, it was turning me on she was pulling on my dick and explaining this to me. I eventually agreed and we started to plan it out.

Friday came around and I saw Kyle walking down the hall towards me and without missing a beat I just jumped right into it with him with no one else around.

"10 inches," I said.

"What?" Kyle said cluelessly.

"My dick is 10 inches hard when I fuck my girl."

"Oh shit," as he looked down at my crotch.

I had him follow me down to the bathroom, stepped into one of the stalls and closed and locked the door. I again told him the size of my dick and told him that I would show it to him in the bathroom if he would keep his mouth shut. He agreed. I then pulled my shorts down showing my soft dick. Kyle was mesmerized and almost started to drool.

I told him that since everyone is in class right now that he could touch and suck it but with one condition, he had to fuck the shit out of my girlfriend.

"I don't think I could keep it hard enough to fuck her." Kyle said.

"What if I were to strip down and play with myself while you watched and maybe sucked my dick and the same time."

"That sounds great, when do we do this."

"This weekend at my place, my parents are out of town for the three day weekend."

Kyle got down on his knees in front of me and took my dick in his mouth. His wet mouth felt amazing on my dick and I got hard quick. He was a great dick sucker and he knew it. It was better than when my girl did it. At first he would suck it quietly because someone came into the bathroom. He played with the head and started to lick the pre cum as it was coming out. He would lick the shaft and suck on the balls for a while and wouldn't stopped. After the person left the bathroom the sucking got louder and I started to throat fuck him fast. After a while he had drool coming down his chin and onto the floor and at the same time he was gagging so loud I am surprised no one came in to see. After the constant sucking he reached around behind me and surprised me with one of his fingers. I scared me at first but then felt really good. He was rubbing and fingering my ass hole. He told me in a whisper to set out of my one of my pant legs and lift my leg up. I did and it was a good thing that I did. He started to eat my ass out. As he was eating my ass he was jerking my cock. He really knew how to make a guy feel good and I really liked it. After he was done eating my ass out he went back to my dick and went to town. Within a few seconds I didn't just shoot my load I barfed a cum load into his throat where he swallowed every drop. All I could do was freeze and not move. I have never felt that way after a blow job before.

"What time tomorrow?" as he wiped his lips dry.

"10 am" I said.

"Ok, see you there."

Wait, did a gay guy just tell me not to wear any clothes this weekend? We will see what happens this weekend. After he left I finally gained the strength to put my clothes back on and went to the weight room.

Saturday came around and my girl was excited. She has been looking forward to this for a while and is as horny as ever. Kyle pulled up the house and I went outside to help him with anything. He was excited for the weekend and was interested on how everything would pan put.

As we walked through the door Angela introduced herself and said that she wanted to have fun this weekend. Since the three of us knew what was going on this weekend we stripped down and went right for the pool. I could not keep my eyes off of Angela, she was fucking hot. After a couple of hours in the pool we ordered pizza, something quick and easy. After eating it was getting late and dark and the three of us got back into the pool. Angela was all over Kyle in the pool. She was reaching for his dick and pulling on it, he wasn't getting hard enough. I hopped out of the pool and sat on the edge and started to pull on my dick. As Kyle was staring at my dick Angela went under the water to give him a blowjob. As she went down I told Kyle that she doesn't know about the bathroom blow job, and that I don't want her to know. He agreed. At some point we found ourselves out of the pool and on the living room floor. Kyle was doing Angela doggy style and Kyle was sucking my dick once again. We changed to multiple positions and the blowjob for me was just an amazing as it was at school. I again shot my load down Kyle's throat at the same time he blew his load into Angela's pussy. The three of us passed out in one of the beds together and didn't wake till morning.

When I woke up in the morning Kyle was sleeping on my chest. I scared me out of bed and woke him up. But one thing was wrong I was still naked and Angela was gone. I grabbed my phone and looked at the text she sent me.

"You guys are cute together. LOL."

The text was sent a couple of hours ago. She apparently left after getting a text about a emergency and had to go. She didn't know if she would be back.

"Don't worry babe I won't tell anybody what happened or show any pictures. That was hot last night and hopefully we can do it again soon." She texted.

"Let me know when you are free and we can hook up again. Love you." I sent the text and threw the phone down."

"Don't worry man I won't tell anybody that this happened." Kyle said getting out of bed putting his underwear back on.

"Lets go down stairs and get something to eat." I said.

The both of us got dressed and downstairs and strangely enough I had questions. I asked Kyle what it was like sucking another guys dick and getting fucked up the ass. The questions surprised me as I was saying them.

"I enjoy both," he said.

"I like to do about anything anywhere. Where was the craziest place that you and Angela had sex." Kyle asked.

"During one of the lunch breaks at school in the bed of my truck. Having sex in public is a turn on for the both of us. We like the feeling of possibly getting caught."

I obviously had to ask what was tighter. A girls pussy and an ass hole. Without missing a beast Kyle told me that I could find out for myself. My jaw dropped and I was shocked. After all a hole is a hole and I always like to try something new.

The day went on and we talked about different things when Kyle asked when my parents would be back. I said that they still have a couple of days and then I asked him why. He got up took his clothes of and ran out to the pool and jumped in. I was partially shocked and said fuck it. I did the same thing and ran out back.

"Kyle, if you don't mind me asking how big is your dick."

"I'm around 10 inches to but it is a little thicker than yours. Your dick looks great and tastes great to but I think I'd like to have that thing shoved up my ass since we are alone."

We swam for a bit longer and got out of the pool. Kyle's dick was as hard as a rock and mine was just as soft as could be. I literally gave the fuck invite some serious thought and we locked eyes and walked inside. I locked the door and Kyle grabbed my dick and walked back upstairs to the bedroom. He sat his naked ass down and told me that I was going to like it and not tell anyone about this. All I could do was just stare.

He took my whole dick down his throat and it was the high school bathroom all over again. He got up and threw me on the bed and started to eat my ass again. After a while he started to do something new, he was fingering my ass with two and three at a time. This was a lot better than standing in a bathroom stall. The fingering started to turn me on and I was as hard as could be. After his fingers felt better up my ass I got up fast, grabbed him and flipped him on his back, my turn.

Since this was my first time he schooled me on a blowjob and how to eat his ass. There was fucking spit everywhere. After a while the blowjob got better and I reached for the lube. I lubed his ass up and my dick and without hesitation I shoved the first 5 inches in. Kyle threw his head back and grabbed my ass pulling me in closer shoving the rest of the dick in. We fucked for what seemed like hours, and literally it was. I was in positions that I never knew existed. I could fuck for a while without cumming and that is what he loved. We eventually left the bedroom and I carried him on my dick to the living room kitchen and then eventually the swimming pool. He never left my dick.

When we got outside he had to control his screaming and moaning and eventually I couldn't hold it any more. I shot one of my biggest loads in his ass. Kyle was squeezing so tight it seemed liked he would never let go. I carried him out of the pool and back up to the bedroom. We passed out on the bed holding each other. When we woke up we were still holding each other. My phone went off. It was Angela. At first I was like don't come over and then I thought, who gives a fuck. Her text was telling me that she would see me next week at school and that we would talk later.

It was dinner time and we started to bbq some stakes. We were hungry for a good reason. We were so comfortable with each other we just had our underwear on. With every passing he would grab and squeeze my dick and lay a kiss on me. I ended up doing the same. I told him that I had fun and would probably do it again.

He told me he liked to be manned handled and I could see why. He told that one of his fantasies was to fuck in the school showers after a game. A couple of things that were a turn on were guys uniforms and straight guys that were open to doing anything. Well he got one of those things fulfilled.

After dinner we went back for another wild fuck session but kept it inside. After fucking we cuddled and he asked me if I would ever consider getting fucked. I thought to myself that it would hurt like a bitch and the fingers proved that.

"I think that I would try it but at a slower pace." I said.

"Ok, stay here."

Left and came back with the lube and two dildos.

"What about now, no one is here and all we got is time." As he stood in the door way.

I thought long and hard. He knew it was my first time and I had a feeling he would take care of me.

"Ok, come here." His face lit up and he got excited.

He made sure that I was comfortable and I told him to use a lot of lube.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you, I will stop whenever you want me to."

I took a deep breath and that was when he moved in. He told me to roll over onto my stomach and put a lot of pillows under me. He started by eating my ass and fingering again. He used a lot of lube and spit. He eventually wanted me on my back so that he could stare at me, blow me and figure fuck me at the same time. My ass didn't hurt anymore and he told me that they accepted the fingers and want to move to the dildos.

The first dildo was small and hurt just a little. He stopped for about ten minutes to give me a break and we just made out. After, he went back to town on my hole and eventually got the 6 inch dildo in my ass. My ass hurt just a little bit but not a lot. He pulled the dildo out and asked if I was ready for the real thing.

"Yea, lets try this thing, slowly." I said.

"You are going to love this a lot." Kyle said looking at me while throwing a condom on.

Before I knew it got pass the head and started to slow fuck me with about 3 to 4 inches. He let me have it slowly and softly until he got his dick about half way. It was to painful to have more than half of it in. He understood this and fucked me to the point where I could take it. The feeling of his dick moving in and out felt weird at first and then got better. The more lube the better it felt. We eventually started to kiss. We began a hot make out session for what seemed like it took forever. He had one of his hands behind my head and was still fucking me and getting to a faster pace. Before I knew it he told me that I was taking his whole dick. The make put session helped me forget about it for a bit and it sure felt great. I reached down to his bare ass and screamed, Fuck Me. Even though it hurt like hell I still wanted it. He fucked me long and hard in different positions.

"I'm going to the cum!" Kyle screamed/

"Pull it out and take the condom off." I said

"I want to feel the cum in my ass." I added.

He agreed by pulling out and shoving it back in. After a few more thrusts he shot his hot load. It was one hot load, that felt like it was never going to stop. He when he stop shooting my ass up he collapsed on to of me and we again started to make out.

Through the night we would take turns fucking each other and taking each other's loads. We then fell asleep next to each other. It was definitely a fun weekend that I won't forget. After the weekend I would meet up with him at his baseball games and he seemed like one of the hottest guys on the team. I never told anyone what we did and he didn't either. We still fuck around with each other every now and then. I now consider myself bi because my girlfriend and other girls still turn me on. I still fuck my girlfriend on a regular basis.


After the experiment with Kyle and my girlfriend it was weird to started looking at guys the same was as I looked at a girl. Guys that were physically fit and well built were a big turn on for my. I like to see them about the same size as me and with a cut body. Uniforms really turned me the fuck on. At this point I would fuck any type of hole. It just seemed now that I was getting more daring with fucking guys up the ass in public places. I would meet them at the gym, starbucks, baseball stadiums and once even fucked a guy on the same day he was to get married to a chick. It turned me on.

One day I would like to share with you guys is what happened at school during my senior year. I was running late, woke up late and was not paying attention to anything until I got to school. I eventually pulled into the school parking lot and ran from the far end to about half way through campus. When I heard a sound, it was giggling. I stopped and looked down a small passage way. I knew what hall way it was because I have had some good blow jobs there. No one can see or hear anything unless you walk by. I grabbed my phone and started recording the whole thing.

It was one of the new girls that just started this year as a junior. She had some great looking tits and some good dick sucking lips. She was in the hall way with the only cop that stays on campus during the school year. I have seen him around campus walking around and talking to different people. He seemed pretty cool and was laid back. He was easy to talk to because he was only in his mid twenties, so out of high school for about 5 to 7 years. He was six feet tall, brown hair and looks that would make the girls and gay guys go wild. He turned me on a little bit. He seemed like he was physically fit and well built. He was thin but couldn't tell very well because of the bullet proof vest. But one thing that really turned me on was that he was getting a blow job at school, in front of me.

This new junior seemed like she was getting welcomed by something that on a one to ten scale was a 12 based on the cock. Because of the cops small body size I was trying to figure out how he was able to conceal with big fucking cock, the thing was huge. It had to be at least 11 to twelve inches and thicker that my cock.

The junior was doing a great job by deep throating this cock. Spit was going everywhere and most of the time she was getting throat fucked. What was hot about it was that her tits were hanging out and she was on her knees sucking huge cock that I would like to taste. What was also a turn on was that the cop didn't take any of his clothes off or belt. He just unzipped and she went to town. It was great I got it all on video. Eventually cum was going everywhere. He pulled out and shot all over her face, tits, hair and the wall behind her. She sucked what was left of the cum and the cop shoved his cock back in his pants and left walking away from me. I turned the camera off. Many thoughts were going through my head and what I could do to get that cock.

For the next few days I was planning on what to do and following the cop around campus. I knew that he would go to his office for about 2 hours during and after the lunch break. His office was in the middle of the common area where everyone eats and hangs out during breaks from classes. The office windows were tinted and you could not see in, even if you were to cup your hands and try to look in.

On that Friday I found the perfect time to approach him. It was right before lunch for everyone. I approached him for the first time and told him that I have video that I would like to show him about someone spray painting one of the school walls. He asked if I could show it to him and to step into the office so that he could take the report. I agreed.

We stepped into the office and saw that it was a good size. He told me that the reason for where the office is so that he could watch people and their actions from inside and not be seen. We sat down at his desk and he introduced himself as Marco.

"I have the video on my phone and it is only a couple of minutes long." I said

"That's ok buddy. I there any faces or ways to identify the people?" Marco asked.

"I think so. One of them definelty looks familiar and think I just met one of them but the second person is the one I have no clue about."

"Do you mind if I look?" he asked.


I had a smart phone with a large screen where he could see it very well. I pulled the video up and hit play. It started with the same giggling as before and a black screen. He started to watch it and immediately he realized what it was about and slammed the phone down and tried to figure out how to turn it off. I shut it off for him and he got very upset.

"Where the fuck did you get that." He demanded

"I took the video, when I was running late for class. I think she is one of the new girls."

He was pissed and told me to delete it. I told him that I would be happy to delete it from my phone and my computer and the ipad.

"On one condition. You have to be my bitch for the next hour." I said

"So you want to blackmail me. I am cop and a married man. What the fuck are you going to say about that."

"Well you are hot and I think I can come up with something."

After that statement he looked at me weird and said,

"Are you gay?"

"No I think I am bisexual and for some reason guys turn me on more than girls. Can anyone get into this office or is it just you?"

"Just me or I have to buzz people in."


"You need to fuckin' delete that video or you are going to jail."

"Maybe the both of us will together." as I played the video again. "How big is that cock anyway?"

"Shut the fuck up. I am not going to do anything."

"Ok, the principal and other teachers are right on the other side of the commons, what do you think there reaction will be like when I send it to them?"

He clenched his teeth and gave me a pissed off look. "What do you want me to do." he said.

"For the next hour you have to do everything I say by using the term sir, ok?" I said

"Yes sir" he said.

"You can't object to anything and it won't stop until 12:35, one hour from now. Right here in your office."

"That's during lunch time. I don't want anyone to see or hear anything."

"Don't unlock the door and keep the screaming to a minimal."

He looked around and saw that the common was filling up with people. Without missing a beat he asked on what he should do. I asked him to stand up so that I could look at him. I told him to turn around so that I could see he ass. I asked Marco some questions and told me that he graduated from this high school that he married right after becoming a cop. He had no kids and was extremely fit. He was about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds and a 30 inch waist. His butt looked great in those uniform pants. I stood up and started to feel him up.

"This is hot. I never got to feel up a cop before." I said. "Come over here and get on your knees."

He did without hesitation. I wore sweat pants so that they were easy to take off for anything. I told him to start feeling around and start squeezing my cock.

"Go ahead pull it out." as Marco looked up at me.

My cock sprung to attention slapping him in the face. I told him to take it in his mouth and start sucking his first dick. He started and his mouth felt great. For a little help I played the video again for him so that he could see how to suck.

"This is fucking awesome. Not so much teeth and more of everything else. Look at this, the common is filled with people and you are on your knees sucking me off in uniform. This if so fucking hot."

After about 10 minutes of sucking I had him get up. I took the rest of my clothes of and he made a comment about my body and how I might work out a lot.

"The clock is ticking, take you fucking clothes off." I demanded. I was such a cool feeling seeing every student and faculty member and knowing that they can't see us.

He hesitated taking anything off and that's when I slapped him and told him to get going I don't have all day.

"Yes sir." He said.

It took him a little longer to take everything off, for good reason. His body looked hot with his clothes on. But as he was taking everything off I seemed like he was getting hotter.

"How the fuck do you keep that dick of yours in place when you walk or run when its not hard." I asked.

"The bower briefs do well in keeping it in place." he said.

He finally got everything off except his underwear. That's when I told him to stop and not move. I walked up to him and started to touch, rub, squeeze and finger his body. My mouth got wet and excited. Between the cock and his ass I didn't know what to go after first. The tan on his body was great and body sure did compliment it.

All he could do was just stand there. He couldn't even look at me when I was touching him.

"I can't believe I am doing this." he said.

"I can, this dick is huge." as I was groping it through his underwear.

"How does your wife or any other girl handle this thing. I would be on this thing all of the time if you were mine. " I said.

"Move over to the desk and brace yourself." I walked him over to the side of his desk and without warning I yanked his underwear down around his ankles. Without missing a beat he covered his junk and then I bent him over his desk, slamming his body onto it. All I could do was stare at his ass and then I decided to lube his ass up with some of my spit.

"What are you doing." Marco said in a concerned manner.

"I'm lubing up your ass, I don't have lube."

"Don't fuck my ass. I am going to get pissed. You can't make me." He told me.

But too late my pants were down to my ankles and my dick was rock hard.

"A hole is a hole, take a deep breath and no fucking screaming." I told him.

At first it was difficult for me to get the head of my dick in but I was able to after a little bit and then slowly the shaft. Within 10 minutes I was sliding in and out with little to know problems.

"Oh shit dude your ass feels great. I can't get enough." Marco didn't say anything because of the pain.

"Fucking flip over, NOW!" As I pulled out.

He stood up stepped out of his underwear and laid on his back.

"Put you fucking legs up and spread that hole. This is so fucking hot. I can see everyone in school just outside and I am fucking the shit out of a cop at the same time. Take a deep breath again this is going to get interesting."

All I did was shove my dick in fast and hard. His body tensed up and started to shake. My dick felt great. All I had to do was keep fucking and the hole would get bigger. For the next half an hour I would fuck him up against the glass where the principal was, every single chair and table top. The hot part was when I had him put his uniform back on and belt and fucked the shit out of him. He was lying on his back in full uniform and legs were on my shoulders. Then all of a sudden the lunch bell went off and I pulled out of his ass and shot my load all over his uniform shirt and face. There was cum all over the place.

"Thanks for the ass. Good luck in cleaning up and I am going to hang on to the video for awhile. We will meet up again, ok." I said. All he could say was ok and started to clean his uniform off.

I left and went back to class.





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