It was Saturday and all I could think about was what had just happened. I went home on Friday night and into Saturday could not stop watching the video of me fucking the shit out of a cop at school.

Saturday night came around and I just hung out with my girl for the rest of the weekend. Angela talked about hooking up with Kyle again but she didn't know when, fucking girls. During the weekend I didn't tell her anything about what had happened at school. I just kept it to myself and decided that she would never know about it.

"Next week me and my family are flying back east for a week. My aunt is getting married." Angela said.

"I know this is last minute but for a while it sounded like I wasen't going. I know that you can't come but I am going to miss you." she added.

I told her that I was going to miss her to and that call and text eachother during the week and maybe some phone sex. She then came up with the idea of me and Kyle hooking up while she was gone and that I should send her a video of the fuck session. I told her that it might not happen and don't expect anything to show up.

"If you don't you might not see these again." As she flashed her titties in my face.

"Thats not fair and you know it." I said.

"Just one video and you can fuck this thing again." As she grabbed my hand and shoved it in her pants. Her pussy was dripping wet and it turned me the fuck on.

I spun her around and bent her over the kitchen table of her parents house. I threw a condom on and I went to town on her pussy. She couldn't stop screaming. Within five minutes I was cumming and up her baby maker.

"Thanks for that, that was hot. See you in a week, now I got to pack and my parents just got home. Love you." She kissed me and I left. I said good by to her parents in the front yard and it was funny to think that I just got done fucking the shit out of their daughter and that I pretty much do it on a daily basis.

Monday morning came around and I got two text messages right before school started. One was from Angela saying hi and bye, and one was from Kyle asking to meet up with him during lunch. I told Angela that I loved her and that I would talk to her later and told Kyle that I would see him at lunch.

"Whats up man?" I said as I met up with Kyle in the commons.

"I have a craving for your cock can I suck it off again." He wispered.

I never turn down a blowjob and told him to meet me in the bathroom like last time during the next class. He just needed to text me first. We then left eachother and I met up with my other friends for lunch. They have no idea of my double life and they will probably never know. We hung out for lunch and takled shit for the rest of it. During lunch I caught a quick glimpse of Marco and all he could do was look down and walk away. I knew I owned him, it was a great feeling.

After lunch I went back to class and did meet up with Kyle in the bathroom like last time. I was taking a test and knew that this blowjob had to be fast. I didn't waist any time and walked into the bathroom stall and met with Kyle. Within a half a second he was already on the floor with my cock in his mouth sucking away. He was the master at this he knew it. At the beginning of the blowjob someone walked into the bathroom and Kyle stopped with my dick in his mouth. I looked throught the crack in the door and noticed it was Marco taking a leak.

I motined to Kyle to be quiet as I pulled my sweats back up. I exited the stall and walked over to Marco as he was shaking it off.

"Be quiet and come here. This will only take a minute." I said as I dragged him to the handicap stall.

Kyle was still on his knees and got up when he saw Marco walk in, in full uniform.

"You're not in trouble and get back down I have a surprise for you." As I locked the stall.

Kyle yanked my sweats back down with a scared look on his face as I unzipped Marco pants and pulled his cock out. Kyle had a shocking look on his face and couldn't believe it.

"Just shut up and keep sucking my test is waiting." I said.

I stood there jerking Marco's cock and within seconds I shot a massive load over Kyle's face. I slapped my cock on Kyle's face and told him to meet Marco and I at his office after school, I have some explaining to do.

"Don't tell anyone." As I told the both of them

"I will see the both of you after school."

I pulled my pants back up and left before they could realize what had just happened.

"Your late, you have ten minutes left to finsih." my teacher told me.

"Sorry I was getting a blowjob in the bathroom, it won't happen again." I said sarcastically.

The teacher was shocked like everyone else, and all she could say was, "Pricipals office now!"

I left and headed down to the principals office while she called and expalined everything. I got down there and had a seat before heading in. I wasen't there for 2 seconds before I was called into Mr. Wolf's office. He was no the type of person to piss off and I knew it, I just wasen't thinking. Mr. Wolf looked just like Marco but just a couple of years older. He was short and had a slender build. He had muscles but just enough to look good enough.

"What the fuck did you say in class and is it true." Wolf said

"It wasen't true, I just wanted to get away from the dumb ass test." I said. I didn't want to pursue the blowjob any longer.

"Alright, stay here I will be right back." As he stepped out of his office and got on the phone privatley.

After the phone call he came back and told me that I was in trouble for distrupting class and I was going to need to talk to the cop on campus. For a second I got really excited but didn't show it. Marco walked in a few minutes later and saw that I was sitting there. By the look on his face he surprised and almost seemed like he didn't know what to do.

"Mr. Wolf, I will talk to him after school and will address this problem then. I just got an emergency call that I have to deal with at a different school." Marco said.

"Thats fine what ever you discipline him with just add a weekend detetion at the end of this week." Mr Wolf said.

Marco agreed and left without saying anything else. Mr. Wolf let me go and told me to meet up with Marco in his office to find out the punishment.

"Yes, sir." I said after leaving his office.

I finished class and immediatly went to Marcos office. I knocked on the door and stepped in after it was opened. Marco was the only on in the office and he was sitting at his desk.

"Is Mr. Wolf going to join us?" I asked.

"Yes and your teacher also, so don't say or do anything stupid." Marco said.

"You better not make the punishment really harsh because I will just show them this." As I brought up the video me fucking the shit out of him against the glass next to Mr. Wolf.

"Ok, just shut up." He said


I texted Kyle to stay away for a few minutes while I talk to the principal and that I would text him when I was done. While the both of us were waiting in the quiet I walked over to Marco and yanked my sweats down and shoved my cock in his mouth. Marco didn't resist and started taking it with some gaging.

"We need to work on that. The gagging is something that you will get used to." As I carresed the back of his head.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I turned my head to see who it was as I blew my load in Marco's mouth. I quickly pulled my sweats back up and had a seat, Marco then open the door by pushing a button. As my teacher and Mr. Wolf walked in I noticed some of my cum on Marco left cheek and he had no idea it was there. We made I eye contact for a second and I motioned him to wipe his cheek.

"We have to make this quick. I have to be at a meeting in 20 minutes." Mr. Wolf said.

We discussed the problem that happened and my punishment was to sit in detention for a week to write a apology letter to the class and teacher. All I could do was roll my eyes and just think that I could be fucking the shit out of him right now. I acknowledged the punishment and as fast as my teacher and Mr. Wolf came in the office they left, with the door slamming shut behind them. I got up and made sure that it was closed securely. I then texted Kyle and told him to meet me at Marco's office asap.

"Kyle is coming to this office, you know, the guy that you shared my dick with. Don't do anything stupid and nothing will happen. Just do everything I tell you and without hesitation, ok." I explained to him.

"Yes, sir. But what if I don't." He asked

"I will bring up everything that we have done up to this point." I added, as you could hear the video of Marco getting the shit fucked out of him.

All of a sudden I saw Kyle walking up to Marco's secluded office and Marco hit the button to let him in.

"So what did the both of you guys do when I left the bathroom after the blowjob." I asked Kyle said that they looked at each other in astonishment and got up and left in different directions. I thought it was bullshit and didn't believe it.

"Kyle have a seat right here and relax for a minute I have something cool to show you. Do you like a man in uniform?"

"Yea its fucking hot."

"Marco stand up." I said.

He did without hesitation and with a pissed off look on his face. I walked over to him and slapped him accross the face and told him to look interested in this part. I then took a seat next to Kyle with Marco standing in front of us.

"What are we doing. Are we just going to stare at a cop for a long time?" Kyle asked.

"Nope. Marco take your uniform off. " I demanded.

Without hesitation Marco started taking his uniform off and threw everything on his desk. With in no time this hot, attractive, muscle slimed body was completely naked. Kyle was shocked with what just happened. He couldn't believe that a cop was told to strip down and didn't hesitate to.

"What the hell is going on? Everyone outside the office can see this." Kyle asked.

"No they can't, you know why? the windows are tinted and I own this cop with some good video evidence." As I explained the story to Kyle.

Kyle had a pup tent in his running shorts and couldn't believe that I fucked a straight cop for fun. As Marco was standing in his office naked the commons around his office was filling up all of the teachers for the meeting that was going on. I got up and went to my back pack for my video camera, lube and some other stuff. When I got everything I turned around and noticed that Kyle stripped down and was starting to put on Marcos uniform.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I wanted to know what it feels like." He said He put everything on. The bullet proof vest, shirt, pants and the duty belt with all of the equipment. The uniform fit him like a glove, he looked great. And then it started.

Some of the teachers that were in the commons were knocking on his door and trying to look in and with no success they walked away.

"Let's get the party started, I am as horny as fuck." Kyle said.

"Let's do this thing. Marco get on your knees and start sucking." I said.

I yanked my pants down and off and Kyle pulled his dick out of his new uniform. At that time Kyle told Marco to start sucking and switching between dicks. Marco only had a chance to suck a couple of dicks but it seemed that he was getting used to it. There was no more teeth and I was able to edge myself a few times to not blow my load too soon. I pulled my dick out and continued to film the suck fest between Marco and Kyle.

It was hot to see Marco suck Kyle's dick while Kyle was wearing Marco's uniform. After a while Kyle started to throat fuck Marco and the spit and drool was all over the place. Marco was getting used to a big dick because the gagging got less and less and more quieter. All of a sudden out of nowhere I screamed I am going to fucking cum. Without even touching myself I blew my load across the office and on to the floor. I was impressed and Kyle and Marco could just look in astonishment.

"Get up here!" Kyle demanded as he pulled Marco off of the floor

"Bend the fuck over. I have a surprise for you. Have you ever been fucked by a cop." Kyle said.

He threw Marco on to his desk with a loud bang. Kyle then got on his knees and started to eat Marco's ass. After about five minutes of Marco moaning and grabbing at his chest, nipples and desk Kyle flipped him over and threw Marco's legs in the air.

"No condom, just my cock and lube. We are going to have fun." Kyle said.

Without missing a beat Kyle shoved his cock into Marco's hole and fucked hard and fast. All I could hear was the bending of metal in the desk and the keys on the cops duty belt shake. It was a fucking awesome sight to see Marco get fucked up the ass with a guy wearing his uniform. Kyle admitted to having to take the duty belt off because it was in the way of the hard thrusts he gave Marco. After the belt came off the fucking got interesting. Kyle had Marco seemed to travel all over the office in different fuck positions. Marco eventually got used to the pain and started to fuck Kyle's dick deep and hard.

"Oh shit, fuck me fuck me!" Marco said.

Kyle ended up grunting, "I'm going to cum, oh fuck, oh fuck.....aaaaahhhhhhhhh."

Kyle didn't stop after cumming in Marco's ass his dick stayed hard and he continued fucking. Through the fuck Marco was fucked on the desk , in the chair, against the glass and at even one point he fucked Marco so hard that he cummed hands free all over his uniform.

After Kyle came for the second time he had to pull the plug. He pulled out.

"That ass was amazing. I can't believe I just violated a cop. I need to do this again. I am going to have to keep the uniform and do this again, what a fucking turn on. Your turn." Kyle said as he slapped Marco's ass.

Kyle threw the duty belt back on and without hesitation I was deep back inside Marco and fucking him like a machine. Kyle took his dick and threw it in Marco face, now we had him spit roasted. I grabbed Marco 's tan hips and went to town on his ass. The slapping of his ass just got louder. At one point there was a knock on the door, it was mister Wolf. I stopped after thrusting my dick in Marco and froze. Nobody moved. Eventually Mr. Wolf shrugged his shoulders and walked away. After a few more minutes of fucking Marco I came in his ass and Kyle finished his last load down Marco's throat with him gagging. Both Kyle and I got dressed in our own clothes and I grabbed the camera that Marco never saw.

"I hope you can clean the cum off, there is a lot on this uniform, it is no longer black. " Kyle said as we left Marco with the cum dripping out of his ass.

"We have to do this again but we need to get Mr. Wolf involved. That would be great." Kyle added.

"I think so. So what really did happen in the bathroom after I left?"





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