I reached up and released the tie that had held my assistant, Jimmy's, head in place on my desktop and turned his head so that we could kiss. I laid there, his arms and legs still tied off close together through the kneehole in the desk, closely encasing him for a good twenty minutes, fully intending to fuck him again, to get my rocks off again, before I released him. I wanted to see those green eyes floating in semen. I was testing him, waiting for him to ask to be released, and then in one more assault on his asshole, I'd teach him once and for all that it was over when I said it was over. But he didn't say anything. Maybe he understood what total submission was now.

But, then, maybe not, because I whispered in his ear. 'Are you totally mine now? Can we move forward with no more of this nonsense from you, or are you out on your rear from this job?'

'Yes, yes, I'm totally yours now,' he whispered back to me. 'I want you now more than ever before. But only if you throw that nasty penis sheath thing away.'

Ah, now, this wasn't being totally submissive. So, I would take that last fuck, and then maybe another one after that, if necessary, but it wasn't going to be the fuck that I'd anticipated.

With a sigh, I pulled out of him and picked up the expander sheath I'd penetrated him with before. I strapped it onto my penis and then I enfolded Jimmy once again in the close body meld that turned me on and fucked his brains out at ten and a half leather- and stud-augmented inches. He understood where he'd gone wrong now, at last, and he took this fuck quietly and stoically and said all of the right things when it was over.

But he was right about one thing he'd said in the beginning of the evening. When I was finished, all tension had left me and I was able to release him from the desk and get back to my computer. I wrapped up a winning proposal in short order.

While I was finishing up my work, Jimmy moved around as if in a trance, picking up his clothes and padding off with a bow-legged gait to the men's room to clean himself up. When he was back together, he returned and asked me if he was needed any more this evening. I instructed him to sit on the sofa in my office and wait until I released him. He sat without question or complaint. A good sign.

I was still naked, except for my dress shirt draped from my shoulders and my shoes and socks. But I'd come out of the last fuck so invigorated and so sure now of where I wanted this proposal to go that I had just plopped down and began to work my computer keyboard. More than an hour later, I pushed the save button one last time and stood up and stretched. I felt really good, full of energy. A good job done.

I looked around and there sat Jimmy, waiting for me to release him for the evening.

'Stand up and strip,' I said.

Jimmy started to say something, but then he remembered that we were having a little lesson in domination. He stood and stripped down again. He still looked beautiful. There was no sign of the ordeal he'd gone through the earlier in the evening.

'Stand over there, in the center of the room.' He followed my command.

I picked up the blind cord and the tube of lubricant and walked over to him. 'Down on your knees and open your mouth to me,' I said. He did so, and reached for my cock. 'No,' I said. 'I just said to open to me, not to show any signs of control. Hold perfectly still. And raise your wrists to me.'

I tied off his wrists again and pushed them to his back. I pushed my cock into his mouth with one hand and then I took his head with both of my hands. 'A lesson of control,' I said. 'I control everything. You control nothing. All you are is a warm, wet chamber for my cock. Just be warm and wet and open to me. Leave the rest of the control to me.'

And although he couldn't help gagging a bit, he tried to comply fully with me. Maybe he had learned what I demanded.

'Now go tighter. Touch me closely on all sides.' That wasn't as hard to do as it sounded, because I was so thick and long. I pumped his head back and forth on my cock for a few minutes, checking his obedience, which was total, and getting my cock hard again.

Then, pulling out of his mouth, I said, 'Go down on your back right here.' Jimmy rolled back onto his butt and then on his back without comment or objection. I went down on my knees between his thighs and pulled his butt up on my thighs. I brought his hands over his head and back to his front.

'Now, I'm going to fuck you again. And, as I work my way in, I want you to jerk yourself off. And I want you to cum when I'm in to the hilt, and not before. Understand?'

Jimmy nodded, a serious look on his face. I slathered my dick with lube, guided it to his asshole, and rotated it around, working it in, while he began to stroke himself and pulling at his balls with his bound hands. I could see his mind racing on how he was going to ejaculate on cue. Good. He hadn't questioned the instruction.

I slowly worked my way into him, as he pulled on his cock. I was closely watching the tension build in him and managed to be at eight inches inside him when I said 'Now' in a raspy voice and he shot his load up my belly. As he ejaculated, I went in the last half inch. I looked down at the white globs of semen running down my black belly hair and perched on top of his golden-red pubic hairs. I liked what I saw, but this wasn't the turn-on for me. The show of control was turning me on, but I'd need the closeness the merging of bodies before I could reach an orgasm.

'You realize this was just for instruction, don't you?' I said. 'I was the one who controlled when you had fulfilled this task, not you. Even though you thought this was your responsibility. It wasn't. You realize that now, don't you? You realize that I held off filling you until you had cum.'

'Yes, Sir.' Jimmy answered meekly.

'And you know now that this isn't all that I want, don't you? Chris learned quickly. How quickly can you learn?'

'I can learn quickly, Sir,' Jimmy answered quietly. 'I want you inside me. And I know that you want closeness, tightness as well as submission and control. Is that right?'

'Yes, that's right. I'm going to unbind you now, and I'm going to fuck your lights out right here and in this position, and I want you to show that you can handle the tightness and closeness without the bonds. Chris showed that he could. Let's see if you can. You will know when you succeed because your insides will be bathed in my cum. Do you want that?'

'Oh yes, please, Sir. Flood me with your cum.'

I untied him then and enfolded him in my arms, belly to belly and nipples to nipples. His curly red chest hair tickled my pecs. I wrapped my arms around him tightly, holding his back down on the floor. I was pleased when he wrapped his arms around me as well and held me tightly, almost taking the breath out of me with his strong arms. His legs wrapped around mine below my buttocks and he pushed them in toward my legs as strongly as he could, holding me tight and tightening his ass canal as much as he could around my already-buried cock. We kissed deeply and then he buried his face in my neck, trying to pull himself into me at every point as much as he could. I felt the sexual urge flood into me, and I pumped and pumped and pumped at various levels, sometimes pulling out to give his prostate attention. He moaned and trembled at this but continued to hang on to me as tightly as he could.

When I came, flooding the very center of him in spasms of semen, he ejaculated again himself and collapsed back on the rug, arms and legs askew.

'Sorry,' he murmured. 'It was just too much. I couldn't hang on any longer. I've been royally fucked. This is the greatest.'

'Do you want me to pull out of you now?' I asked.

'Whatever you want,' he answered quietly. 'You are in total control. Do what you want with me.'

Good choice. 'Well, I want to lay here inside you a bit longer, so tighten up those arms and legs again.' He did so, right on cue.

After we'd gotten up and both cleaned up again in the men's room, I told Jimmy to straighten up my office while I tidied up my desk. When we left, I told him we'd use the stairs rather than the elevator. It was twelve flights, but he didn't utter a peep; he just followed me over to the door to the stairwell.

On the sixth-floor landing, I told him to stop and face the banister. He did so without question. I came up close behind him, unzipped my fly and pulled out my blunderbuss. I doubled him over at the waist on the banister with one hand, so that he was facing down the well from the sixth floor, and I worked up my cock again with the other hand. When I was satisfied that I was at least half hard and able to penetrate him, I pulled his pants and briefs down off his buttocks, pushed his legs out to open him up as much as possible under these circumstances, and pushed my dick into his hole. I wasn't fully hard yet and he'd been plowed several times already this evening, so I went in rather easily even in a dry fuck. He grunted and gritted his teeth as I entered him, but he grabbed down for the banister slats with white-knuckled fists and took me without comment or objection.

Once in, I tightened him up by getting his legs between mine. I draped my chest over his back so that we were both folded at the waist over the banister and facing down six flights of stairwells. I latched onto one of his ear lobes with my teeth and held on gently. I covered his fists with mine, holding him as if he once more were bound.

I could feel him grunting and groaning, and then sighing and moaning in ecstasy as my cock lengthened and thickened inside him and filled him once more to capacity. I had made this stop as a further lesson, teaching him to submit to me whenever and wherever I wanted, but I found this place and position, and letting my cock rise within him, even more sexually stimulating than the fucks I'd performed on him earlier in the evening.

As I filled him to the end and started to pump, I took one of his fists and pushed down the front of his pants and we stroked him off together, his hand under mine, encasing his cock, while I controlled the stroking. As I sensed I was cuming, I let loose of his earlobe with my teeth and started tongue-fucking his ear. He held his head closer to my tongue, loving the sensation. Once more we managed to cum almost simultaneously, me deep inside him and he down those six floors of stair well.

'Wow,' was all he could say when it was over.

'Yes, wow,' I responded. 'Now how do you feel about needing control?'

'I'm completely yours. Do what you want with me wherever you want to do me.' Again, the right answer.

We left the building, and Jimmy gave a little wave, saying he'd see me the next day, and turned from me to walk down the street away from me.

'You're coming with me,' I said. 'Here's my car. Get in.'

Without hesitation, Jimmy walked over and got in the back of the limousine that was waiting for me at the curb. My burly chauffeur held the door for him just as if this was the most natural thing he'd seen. He and I had already had our innings on the point of who was in control.

We were a good twenty minutes out, cruising to the edge of the city and beyond, when I turned and instructed Jimmy to strip again. I could tell that his instinct was to look toward the back of the chauffeur's head and to say something about the presence of another man, but he gained control of himself in time and proceeded to strip. While he did so, I unbuckled and unzipped my pants and took them off and set them aside. I didn't remove my coat, but I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it open. I'd be wanting to feel the closeness of skin on skin. I stroked my cock briefly, but I took the cue from the stairwell and didn't wait for it to fully harden.

'Sit down on the floor,' I said, and Jimmy sat down on the commodious backseat floor, his back to the bench seat. I went down on my knees in front of him, took his head in my hands and told him to open his mouth to me. He did so, I maneuvered my cock to his lips, and then I face fucked him for a couple of minutes. Just long enough to get my cock good and wet with his spit. Then I turned and sat back on the center of the bench seat and told him to sit on my lap, facing me. He did so. I leaned up and I told him to put his arms around me between my skin and my shirt and jacket and then I leaned back, trapping his arms around me and plastering his chest to mine. I lifted his hips and lowered his ass onto my half hard on, making the entry easier because my cock was slathered up with his spit and because I wasn't fully hard yet.

I rocked back and forth, my dick lengthening and thickening inside him. I didn't feel the strong sexual urge yet, but I was about to fix that. Jimmy had passed the test of being fucked in front of another man. We'd now see how up and close he could sustain this obedience.





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