Three weeks after my blind date with the delightfully submissive Chris, the teasing waiter from the bar where our blind date had started came back into my life. We were hiring an office assistant, a general gofer, in the office, and there he was among the applicants. His application wasn't among the best, and I certainly didn't know him from Adam before the interviews, but somehow he had managed an interview appointment with me.

I recognized him instantly when he walked into the office, and it was clear that he knew exactly who I was and where he'd last seen me as well.

The interview was a little awkward, and I asked him some pretty tough questions, trying to make him see that he just wasn't qualified for this job.

'You don't even look like you're old enough,' I said.

'I'm nearly nineteen,' he said. 'You can see it right there on my application. I've graduated from high school and am taking weekend college course - and I've worked for a living for nearly five years. There probably isn't anything in this job that I haven't done for a boss already.' He gave me a meaningful look, which I chose to ignore.

'I just don't see the qualifications in your application,' I persisted.

'I'm sure I'm qualified, probably the best qualified,' he said, batting long golden-red lashes, covering enticing green eyes.

'How do you figure that?' I asked somewhat belligerently.

'I've been a cocktail waiter for some time now. That made me the gofer for the bar, and that's essentially what the job you have here is. A gofer. I am interested in being a full-service employee here. I know you'll be pleased with my service.'

'I don't think you have any idea what you are suggesting,' I said.

'Oh, I think I do,' he answered. 'I've talked with Chris about you. He's one of our regulars.

Of course he was the one who got the job.

Three days after Jimmy started, he stayed late to help me wrap up a sticky project proposal. I was tense and tired and grouchy, and he was being just has helpful and understanding as he could be.

Long after all of the lights in the other offices had gone off, I reached a difficult point in what I was writing and couldn't decide just which way to take the proposal from here. With an 'Arghh,' I just threw myself back in my chair and laid the back of my hand across my eyes.

'What you need is to release some of that tension,' a voice wafted over to me from across the room.

I opened my eyes, and there Jimmy stood, in the doorway. Completely naked. His compact little body was beautiful. He was on the solid, curvy side. A barrel chest, tapering down to a thin waist and hips, but with round, bulbous butt cheeks. He was a natural red head, and a respectable cock and set of balls plunged down from a profusion of pubic hair. There was a curve of curly red hair cupping both of his bulging pecs and a trail of hair traveled down his chest and belly and met his pubes. His thighs were covered in a red down. He'd let his hair down, and it fell down to his shoulder in a curly profusion. He looked like a Greek warrior to me. Compact and proficient, and covered in brown freckles.

I sat there, dumbfounded, as he strutted over to me and reached down and unbuttoned my dress shirt. He knelt in front of me, between my spread legs, and kissed and tongued his way around my nipples as he unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my trousers, and unzipped my fly. He fished out my cock and made all of the usual appreciative comments I'd heard from my previous lovers about its length and breadth. He sucked me off, and I just sat there and let him do it, letting him slurp on my engorging dick as he ran his hands around my chest.

I was still sitting there, in passive shock, as he stood up, reached behind him for a tube of lubricant, greased up my pole and then came down with his knees on either side of my thighs and slowly, and with a lot of noise and thrashing about, lowered his ass on my erect cock. Not much more than the dick head had disappeared though. He was having trouble taking me in. He was pretty tight even when he was stretching as much as he could.

I was feeling nothing, though, and the tension was building rather than receding. This isn't the way I wanted it. This wasn't what turned me on. He pulled my head up to his with a grip on my tie and kissed me. This wasn't me controlling the fuck. This was him, a young tease, controlling me. I wasn't the boss; he was trying to be the boss.

With a feral sound emitting from my gut, I rose up out the chair and turned him and slammed him down on his belly on my desktop. Ripping my belt out of my trousers, which had fallen to my knees when I'd stood up, I tied his hands together above his head. Leaving him there for a couple of seconds, winded from an unsuccessful effort to fight me on tying up his hands, I went over to the door and found the pants that he had stripped off. Instead of a belt, he'd had two leather strips wound together around his waist. Perfect. I took these and, returning to the desk, wrapped and tied them around Jimmy's legs just below his knees.

Then I showed him that, with me in control rather than him, I could get my big cock into his ass even when his passage was tighter than it was when he tried. I grabbed his bulbous butt cheeks with my hands, positioned my cock at his hole, and pushed, ignoring my own pain at the tight fit. Of course he yowled in pain and frustration, as I pushed in three inches in one strong, initial thrust.

'Ahhh,' he yelped. But then he wiggled his butt at me.

'Any more?' I asked. 'Have you had enough?'

'Piece of cake, boss man,' he yelled back at me. And then he laughed.

He laughed! Five inches into him, with both of us grunting from the effort and pain. But he was still laughing.

'What is it with you?' I said. 'You said you'd talked to Chris, and he must have told you what I liked.' Six inches in.

'He did,' the youth replied and then laughed again. 'He said you were into total control. Well, I'm into controlling the controllers. You can't touch me. I don't care how long or thick you've got. Before you're done, I will have tamed you. Admit it. You love my body and this ass.'

And I did. I loved fucking this red-headed warrior. But control was necessary. No, control was everything. With a thrust, I went in to the hilt. All eight and a half inches.

He was gulping and panting and grunting now. But he also managed a weak laugh. 'Untie me, man,' he whispered. 'Untie me and let's fuck on equal terms. I can make it so nice for you.'

He simply didn't understand. I had to have control and tightness and total submission. The pleasure just didn't reach where it needed to go without that. He was wriggling his butt at me again - stroking against my buried cock, so that he was fucking himself. This wasn't the control I needed.

I turned, searching the office. The window blind cord. I pulled out of him, and went over and jerked it down. Then I went around to the front of the desk and tied one end through the belt holding his hands together over his head. I ran the cord back through the kneehole in the desk and tied it through his leg bindings and pulled the cord tight, holding his legs and arms still with the tight tension of the stretched cord. When I was in the front of the desk, I'd notice that there was an open slat there at the top of the kneehole. I ripped off my tie, and made a noose knot in it and put it over Jimmy's head and tightened it around his neck. I tied the other end off through the slat, thus keeping Jimmy's cheek flat against the desk top. He was totally trussed up now. I had physical control. Total control. What could I do about total submission. My rocks ached. I needed to get them off. I needed to release this tension.

Maybe eight and a half thick inches weren't enough with this guy, even with his ass tightened up. I reached down and opened the bottom drawer of my desk and buried my hand under a pile of papers. I came up with a leather, studded penis sheath with a two-inch extension capped with an extra large stud-covered bulb I'd bought but never used before.

I sheathed my cock with the oversized studded harness and positioned myself behind the fully trussed figure again. Once more, I palmed the rounded butt cheeks and pushed my sheathed cock up to the opening of the puckered, lubricant-slathered hole with its circle of golden-red curly hair. Jimmy moaned and groaned 'Oh, shit. Oh, God, no, nooooo!' he muttered, as I rotated the studded sheath head around his hole, relentlessly working it into the hole.

'The only way you are going to continue working here and having the privilege of releasing my tension is by submitting totally to me,' I said. 'Do you submit?'

No answer.

With a push, I'd worked the sheath head and the extra two inches into the asshole.

Jimmy cried. 'Yes, OK, I submit!'

'That sounds good, but I don't believe for a minute that you believe it yet.'

Now the first of my own eight and a half inches was inside. Then I was up to the rim of my own dick head. He was trembling under me and moaning for me to stop, that I was splitting him. Several more inches in and he was beginning to really feel those studs. I took the unburied part of my dick in my hand and rotated it around in his canal, coaxing him to open more to me. He was crying and moaning now. The laughter was behind us.

He kept screaming that he submitted, that I'd won, and I kept creeping up his canal, until I only had three inches outside him. With the extension, I was in a good seven and a half inches now.

'How? How can I convince you I submit?' he whimpered.

'I'll feel it in your body,' I answered. 'When you've totally submitted, all of the tension will go out of your body, and you'll stop yelling at me. You'll take it silently, just like Chris did. Totally mine. And then I'll encase your body with mine, and we'll be one. The submissive you and the dominant me. Only then can you work here with me and be my assistant and an acceptable bottom to my top.'

'OK, OK, I'll try,' he whimpered. 'I want to be here. I want your cock inside me. I submit. Totally.'

And I did, indeed, feel the tension slowly leaving his body, and he went silent, except for a few grunts and groans he couldn't suppress, while I pushed the last three inches of leather and stud augmented penis into his tightened asshole. I left it in there, all the way in, for several minutes as I felt the tension and fight draining out of him.

'Now, would you like to try the real fuck I'd intended, me the total master and you the total supplicant?' I asked him.

'Yes, please,' he said with a new submissive tone to his voice.

I pulled my enhanced cock out of him then, and removed the sheath. Then I covered him in the way that brought me maximum pleasure and sexual release. I put my legs on either side of his and brought them in close. I reentered him with my unsheathed cock several inches and laid down close on top of him, my belly against the small of his back and my chest pushing into his shoulder blades. I wrapped one arm around his torso and played with his nipples, while the other hand went to his belly and, as my bare cock steamed slowly up his ass passage, lowered to his cock and balls. I nuzzled his neck with my lips and teeth and then moved my head until I was cheek to cheek with him. I could feel the tears he still was shedding. I stroked his cock, pumping him to an ejaculation while, once my cock was in him to the hilt, I began slowly pumping him with my own cock.

He was loving it now, now that the fight was out of him and now that he felt the pleasure of my body totally possessing his. If Chris had told him how good this could be for him, he hadn't been listening. If he'd realized, maybe he wouldn't have fought me for control. But he was young and cocky, so maybe this had been inevitable.

'Oh, God, yessss,' he was whimpering. 'Fuck me. Fuck me deep. Like that. Yessss. Don't stop.' And I didn't stop, at least for several minutes. A few minutes after he had spilled his seed on the carpet behind my desk, I shot my load into him. He was totally mine now - or so I thought, not fully understanding the nature of youth.



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