Now that I was in my second year at Boston University, I had decided to be pre-med.

I always liked Biology, and I'd done pretty well in stuff like that so far. Plus, being a doctor was sure to allow me to pay off all my student loans.

On the other hand, somewhere in the back of my mind I suppose I recognized that doctors got to check out a lot of dick.

Some more rational part of my brain reminded me that seeing the weenies of the sick wasn't probably the very best reason for someone to become a doctor. But, you know, if I could help out mankind (and womankind, every once in a while, perhaps on a case-by-case basis) then a few extra bonus boners was not too bad.

So, if I was really going to do this, I was going to have to buckle down and study my ass off! I pretty much could only get straight A's from here on out if I had any hope of getting into a good med school.

TJ's BU Weenie World would have to wait. There would be plenty of time for that once I'd gotten all my work done.

Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, more Chemistry! All these classes I was going to have to get through practically wore me out just thinking about them. I'd taken a few of the pre-requisites for med school already, but there was plenty to do still. And lots of studying.


In the stacks of the library, perhaps.

First semester, sophomore year, I was in Organic Chem, Physics for Dummies (at least that's what the Engineering guys called it), Math (again), and two other classes to make me well-rounded: Twentieth Century Russian History (what the fuck was going on in this class, I had no idea), and Jazz Theory (a Mick if there ever was one).

Many days I came home after classes, study section, and lab and my brain ached. Two or three times after I sat in Chemistry Lab across from an amazingly cute Greek boy named Stavros (sp?), my dick ached too. Since Stavros had a maddening way of pretending that I completely didn't exist, I had decided that I just had to have him. Abso-fucking-lutely.

Poor Stavros. He had no idea what he was dealing with here.

Regardless of what was bothering me, running helped. After all my years of training back at Apple Valley High, and now here in New England, running was just a part of my routine. Fortunately for me (and also for Stavros), my BU Cross Country season was in full swing. I had to put in a lot of miles. And that kept me from stirring up trouble for myself.

And for guys like Stavros.

This season, I was concentrating almost exclusively on the 8K. It had been a new event for me last year as a freshman. Now, in my sophomore year, I began to understand how to run it. And I started to race well, even winning a few events in our meets with other schools in league.

Unlike last year, I qualified for an invitational that was held every year down in New York City.

When Coach came to tell me that I'd made it, I was shocked. It was a great achievement. Only four other guys on the squad made it. Nobody else made it for the 8K though. My roommate Josh was another one who qualified—he would be running the mile.

Trying to prepare for my first ever Invitational, I'd put in a huge amount of time. Since Josh made it too, we ran together. Early, late, between classes. Whatever. He and I seemed to be always out there slogging along the River or zipping around the track. My parents were excited too when I told them that I'd made the meet, they told me I could pick up a few extra pair of shoes on the card. Thank god!

I was determined to do well. Josh was too.

One day about 10 days before we were heading down to New York, I was lying on my bed trying to decide whether to get up or not and get some Advil for my legs when my phone rang. I answered it on the last ring, just like usual.



I grinned. There's nobody else who calls me that. It was Danny Leeman.

"What the fuck? Where have you been, dude?"

"Oh, you know, the usual shit. Running. I'm a Duck, remember, it's what we do here. Not much else."

Danny and his twin brother David were buddies from my high school team. They both got into the University of Oregon. Danny was definitely the evil twin. He was a very talented runner. But he was always a total loud mouth too. An arrogant, sex-starved piece of work!

He was a duck all right. More like a fuck.

I sighed.

"Amigo, I saw your name on the list for the 8K for this New York Invitational," Danny said. "It's awesome you qualified!"

I squinted my eyes. Wait, did he qualify too?

"Um," I said. "Thanks."

"Thanks nothing," Danny interrupted before I could get my question out. "I'm running it too! And I'm gonna pound your ass into the track."

"Oh my god!" I said. "You're coming back here to run it?"

"You bet your ass, amigo," Danny said. "It's my fifth Invitational already this year."


"My first on the East Coast though," he added. As if that should provide me with some comfort.

"Um, what about David?"

"Nah, he didn't make it?" Danny explained.

Not really a total surprise that David didn't make the time. Danny was always the better runner, even if he didn't have to work very hard at it. David had always done pretty well for himself however, just by sheer force of will alone.

"Aw, that's too bad, it would have been great for us all to be together again," I said, meaning about 50% of it.

David was not only the nicer one, the twin who tried harder. David was always much easier to be around too. Danny was always getting himself—or the rest of us—into some kind of trouble!

"Don't worry about my bro, amigo," Danny said. "He's fine. He's got himself hooked up with a little stud muffin upper classmen."

"Really, I didn't know..."

"His name's Victor." Danny pronounced it 'Week-tore.'

"He's Ukrainian or Latvian or something. He has a giant Russian sausage and my poor tender bro gets impaled by the thing practically every night."


"I mean it's really big, TJ," Danny whispered, conspiratorially. "Even you'd be impressed."

"That big?"

"I mean, I've never seen it of course, but you know, it's how my bro describes it."


"Don't get me wrong, I've certainly thought about sneaking over to ol' Vlad the Impaler's dorm room on many occasion and pretending to be Danny."

"Of course you have." I smiled.

"But, you know, I've got plenty of my own."

"Of course Danny. Guys are banging your door down."



I paused and took a breath. Any conversation with Danny Leeman was always exhausting.

"So what about you amigo? Boys?"

I grinned. "One or two," I said.

"At the same time I hope," Danny added with a chuckle.

"Yup, always."

"That's my boy,. TJ."

There was a silence. I think I was supposed to ask Danny more about his conquests with the men in Eugene.

"And you? Are you still seeing Smash?"


"Yeah, wasn't that what his name was? That guy who could always beat you? You know, from your team?"

"Oh Smash."


Danny sighed. "Nope, just a one night stand. I think he's straight anyway. I've tried quite a few times since that weekend you were out here with us. But, believe or not, he is somehow resisting the temptation to have sex with me."


"I know! Right?"

"Sorry about that Danny," I said. "Seemed like a nice guy."

"Yeah, he's all right. But he's sort of stuck on himself."

Uh, hello! Wasn't I talking to the King of Stuck on Himself?

"Oh, yeah, that's not good," I said.


"So anyway, when are coming out to New York?"

We were back on track now. Talking about running was safe territory.

"Well, actually..."


"Well, that's the thing. I thought since I hadn't been out to visit back east in a really long time...."


"Well, actually, I thought maybe I'd fly into Boston and visit you there at BU. You know, spend a little time."


"You know, and then the two of us could, you know drive down to NYC together."

I took a breath. I needed time to think about this. Danny Leeman in Boston? Danny Leeman in a car with me all the way down to New York? Hmm.

"Well, I suppose."

"Do you have room for me? I mean, I could just sleep on your couch or something."

"Um, well, yeah, I guess. Sure."

"Do you have a couch?"

I laughed.

"Of course we have a couch. We have sort of a suite. There are four of us. I room with Josh in one room, and my other two roommates have the other bedroom. Alan and Gage."



"Isn't that a porno name?"

"It's funny, that's exactly what I said to him the first time I met him."

"See, I told you."

"But he's just a wrestler," I said. "A fucking hot wrestler. Just like my other roommate Alan."

"Whoa! Let me get this straight. You live with three other hot guys. One from the track team, and two from the wrestling team?"


"And they're each fucking hot as hell?"

"Mm hmm."

"Holy fellatio Batman! I can't wait to hear some stories!"

I nodded into the phone.

"I mean, you have stories, right?"

I giggled.

"Yes Danny, there are a few things we could talk about."

"Jesus Christ! I knew it! Why can't things like this ever happen to me? Why can't I live in a fucking college dorm with three other hot guys and get my brains fucked out on a daily basis?"

Maybe it's because you're an obnoxious pain in the ass and nobody wants to live with you?

"I don't know Danny. Maybe it'll happen next year. When you're a junior."

"From your mouth to God's ears," Danny said peacefully. "I only hope my folks don't make me live with brother for the third year in a row!"

I laughed.

"I mean, we're twins. Not Siamese twins! It's time to cut our ties and move on with our lives!"


"Besides, I think bro is going to want to live on or around the huge penis of Mr. Week-tore."

I laughed harder.

So Danny and I made the arrangements for him to fly out to Boston about two days before the meet in New York. He would stay on our couch.

Really. I swear.

And then we would either take the train down to New York, or catch a ride with Coach if there was room. I had a feeling that Coach would be glad to fit in a runner from Oregon. That was the college track Mecca, of course, and Coach was always talking about the resources they had in their program that little programs like ours at BU could only dream about.

Eight days later, I got another call from Danny Leeman. He was at Logan, and he was going to take the T into the city. I explained to him how to use the Silver Line to South Station and then catch the right train over here to Comm Ave.

Instead of studying Physics (what was really the point, anyway?), I decided to shower and clean up. Nothing quite like a double-clean butt.

Just in case.

I was tugging on my underwear when the room phone went off telling me that "A Meester Donny Reemer" was downstairs for me.

I agreed. Knowing full well that this was already not a very good idea. I hustled into the rest of my clothes before Danny could walk in and seem me half-naked. Obviously, the boy had seen me with nothing on plenty of times.


I suppose there would be time for that later.

The very loud knock on the door scared the shit out of me! I took a breath and opened the door. There stood Meester Donny Reemer.

"Amigo!" he shouted, hugging me and smacking me on the back of the head at the same time.

"Hey Danny! Great seeing you!"

Danny released me and leaned backward to check me out. His brown eyes moved like an elevator up and down my body, and then back up to the top again. He gave out a low whistle as our eyes met.

"Looking fucking great, amigo! Boston's obviously treating you well."

"Yep. Um, I mean thanks!"

"You're getting laid all the time, I bet!"

"Um, well..."

He reached out a fist to squeeze my nipple, but I thought he might and wriggled backward just in time. He laughed and dropped his bag on the floor with a thud. He hitched both thumbs into his jeans and tried out a James Dean look. I think this meant I was supposed to look him over and pay him a compliment.

"You look pretty good too, Danny," I said. "You've been running a lot."

Danny turned his James Dean face into a smirk. "Duh!"

I smiled.

"Of course I've been running. I'm a Duck! A fucking Oregon Duck! That's all we do! We run! We fucking run all the time!"

I chuckled.

"You're a fucking duck, all right," I taunted.

He grabbed his package and gave it a light tug. I shook my head at him. This boy would never change. He was never gonna grow up.

Danny clapped his hands. He looked around our little apartment. I had picked up some of the stuff usually lying around. It looked pretty neat. For a college apartment where four guys lived! "Not bad," Danny said, pursing his lips again. He walked over to the windows at our view of the Mass Pike. "Pretty," he added with a smile.

"Thanks," I said. I joined him at the window and pointed to the cars zipping by on their way in and out of Boston. "Sometimes, if we're lucky and there's some traffic, you get a really awesome view of some hot guys in their cars."


"Naw! This is New England, dude! You can't have a convertible here, the snow would like, I don't know, it would break the top."

Danny laughed. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around. "Who's here?"

"Nobody. Right now, at least, I mean, it's just me."

Danny nodded.


"What do you think?"

"Oh." Danny was horny. Well, isn't that a shocker?!

"Do you think we have time to?"

I smiled. Probably blushed too.

"You know, I mean right now. Just for old time's sake."

I felt my cock stretch out in my pants. It had been a few months since I'd had sex with Danny and his twin brother. On the way back home from Oregon. Danny was like a little sexual dynamo. But so was I, so what the fuck?


He raised his eyebrows. "Yes? That's a yes? That's it? That's all I have to do? Just ask?"

I nodded. Our eyes met again. I slanted my head toward the door to me and Josh's bedroom.

"In there?"

"Mm hmm."

"That's your room?"

"Mm hmm."

Danny had his pants around his ankles by the time he got to my door. He was wearing black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I grinned and followed him in. As I closed the door behind me, I pulled the green rubber band from its hook on the door jamb and placed it on the door knob. Hopefully Josh would see it before he barged in.

Inside my room, Danny flipped his Polo shirt over his head and onto the floor. Standing there nude in my room, with only his Calvin's on he looked amazing. His dark brown hair had grown a little longer and fell lightly onto his upper back. He had a tiny growth of dark thin hair right over his breast bone. His skin was smooth and pasty white where the singlet always covered his torso, a sort of bronze tone on all the other spots the singlet didn't cover.

All us runners had similar tans back in California. That is, those of us who could run outside and not have to deal with Boston cold!

Danny looked at me looking at him. "Yeah, I try to get outside and run without my shirt when I can. Just can't seem to get rid of these lines."

I giggled. "At least you have lines," I said. "I can't even run in a singlet. Have to wear long sleeves back here."

Danny nodded and walked over to me. He held my head in his hands and drew our faces together. His lips found mine and we kissed. Hungrily. Our bodies pressed together, I could feel Danny's dick get hard through his shorts. We came up for air and we smiled at each other.

"Been a long time, amigo," Danny said. "You taste fucking great!"

I turned red.

"You too dude." I added stupidly.

Then his mouth covered mine again, his teeth on my lips. His hands pulled my hips forward, our mid-sections smashed together. We both had erections. Danny slid his tongue out of my mouth and licked my lips like he was eating an ice cream cone.

"Let's get these fucking pants off of you amigo," he whispered.

Deftly, Danny's fingers unhitched my khaki pants and they immediately fell to the ground. My underwear was a soggy mess where my pre-cum had soaked them through.

"Nice!" Danny yelped as his palm rubbed my dick head through my shorts.

Then I yelped. "Whoa!"


I shook my head. "No, it's okay, I guess it's just a little, you know, sensitive today."

Danny smiled and slid my underwear down onto my thighs. My hard cock popped up and a little drip of pre-cum flew into the air, landing on Danny's wrist.

"That's what I remember," Danny said smiling. "Now let's get this puppy all lubed up."

Danny dove down and wrapped his mouth around my dick, deep-throating me effortlessly. One hand pulled my nuts down, the other held onto my butt, for balance.

"Aah," I said, liking the feeling of my penis in the back of Danny's throat. "You're still cock.......amigo," I managed. I was getting a fantastic blow job and it was not that easy to talk.

Danny mumbled something unintelligible. Even with the sound, he kept up his rhythm. Stroking my cock shaft, tugging on my balls, pulling my ass forward into his face. Fuck! He was really good at this!

"Danny, Jesus, take it easy, you'll get me off in like two seconds!" I warned.

"That's the idea, amigo," he said.


"Then after you shoot your load down my throat, I'm gonna keep sucking you until you get hard again."


"Then, you're gonna fuck me with this big, huge TJ pole."

"Well, okay."

"Long and slow."

"All right."

"My brother isn't here. And I want all eight and a third inches all to myself."


"Today I'm not a twin. I'm just me."

I smiled. Must be tough for the poor guy, I thought to myself. As Danny eased his lips around the tip of my rock hard dick again, I stopped thinking about being a twin. All I could do was think about what Danny was doing to my penis.

"Mmm," Danny said, licking a bit of my pre-cum from the corner of his mouth.

Uh oh.

With a few more strokes up and down on my hard-on, Danny got me off.

"Holy fucking shit!" I squealed, covering my mouth with my hand. Fuck! That was a really fast one. I can't remember when anybody had given me such good head!

"Danny, that was incredible." I whispered loudly.

Danny looked at me with my cock in his mouth. He smiled. "Shh," Danny said, as he lustily licked around the shaft, all the way from the top to the bottom. When he was through cleaning up the spermy mess, he finally came up to kiss me again. My dick was spent and my mouth was dry. Danny's mouth tasted faintly of that soap I'd used in the shower earlier and what I knew to be my usual scent.

I made a face.

Danny gave my dick a squeeze to see if he could milk just a little more out of me. I was still hard, but the cum was all gone. All swallowed. I shrugged my shoulders and Danny yanked me a few more times. Nope, nothing. It was like he sucked every last drop of cum right out of me. Just like he seemed to want.

Danny put his tongue in my mouth again. I tasted more semen. All right, already! He seemed to sense what I was going to say. We both laughed.

"Danny, that was fucking amazing."

"Thanks, it's my goal to eventually give a blow job to everybody I know. I'm just working my way down the list."

"Oh really, how's that going for you so far?"

"Not bad, Teej. Not bad. I'll let you know when I get down to your dad."

I stuck my tongue out in disgust. "You're such a pervert!" I said.

"Fuck you. I'm not! I just like sucking dick." He grabbed hold of my weenie again and rubbed his thumb around the top. While he was distracted, I thought I'd take advantage of the opening and peel off the rest of Danny's clothes. I tried to move Danny's boxer briefs down from his waist, but he resisted.

"No, not yet. There will time enough for that in just a few minutes."

"Uh, well..."

"But right now, I'm gonna suck your dick some more. I want it in my ass!"

"You do?"

He nodded.

"Uh, well, okay. I have no idea how long it will take me to get going again."

Danny pursed his lips and shook his head, ignoring my remark. Then he bent his knees and went down on the floor again. His lips felt cool and damp on my dick. I was still in that very sensitive post-orgasm state and my butt contracted as I tried not to giggle. Reflexively I pulled away, but there was really no place for me to go.

We hadn't moved even an inch since we'd walked into me and Josh's bedroom. Sensing that some change of scenery was in order, I dragged Danny and his mouth over to the side of my bed. Owing to his uber-flexibility, his lips never left my cock. I eased myself onto the edge of my bed and Danny assumed a new position, kneeling between my spread out thighs.

Danny began to rub the outer fabric of his shorts. I could just make out the famous Leeman jewels. I felt a drop of saliva form at the corner of my mouth. If Danny noticed me watching him rub himself, he didn't let on. I sort of enjoyed the show. He was definitely hard, but he wasn't really trying too much yet. I could see a moist area where I was pretty sure the end of his penis banged up against his underwear. I didn't remember him to be a big pre-cummer like me. This was new!

It didn't take long before Danny had me going again. Hoovering away, he'd gotten me past that super-sensitive phase. Not I was starting to enjoy it again. And Danny knew it. He seemed to sense that my dick got a little stiffer once I relaxed.

He took his mouth off for a moment. He fisted the base of my dick and squeezed, making the parts above his hand get a little thicker.

"Fuck yeah, TJ!" he said. "Are you sure you're not up to nine and a third?"

"No Danny, sorry, I didn't grow an inch since you last saw me a few months ago."

He grinned. Then he went back to work. Why was the second time around always so much better? After a minute of two, Danny had me bucking my hips up and down in rhythm with him, another fantastic blow job!

"Danny, you'd better stop, you'll make me cum again," I said.

He lightened the pressure and let his lips linger just below the red ring. He moved his hand to my balls and played with those for a while so I could come back down to earth.

I watched as Danny finally pushed his Calvin's down.

His erect cock slipped out. It wasn't as big or as thick as mine, but it had a really nice shape. He had let his pubic hair grow a little more than the last time we had sex on the way down from Oregon.

It was a really beautiful dick! If I was going to take a picture of a penis and put it on my wall as a fine example of what they are supposed to look like, Danny's would have been just perfect! I longed to put it in my mouth, and I tried to sit up a few times and grab hold of Danny's hips to pull him up toward my face. Nothing doing, Danny wasn't interested.

"Danny," I said. I needed to register some kind of protest.

He shook his head. We both looked down at his cock approvingly. He rolled his eyes and then licked his fingers. He was using a mix of spit and whatever tiny little bit of my cum was left to moisten up his hole. He used one hand to sort of hold his own butt cheeks apart and he kept yanking on my cock with the other. I helped him out by using my own hand to hold his other ass cheek apart. This he let me do.

While he sucked me harder, I heard him say "Thanks."

"My pleasure," I said, grinning. He was being polite. Just before getting fucked, he had remembered his manners!

"Sure," I said, remembering mine too.

"Fuck me TJ."


"Now," he commanded.

"Okay," I said again.

Danny crawled up on top of me, facing me. He positioned my dick in the crack of his ass and we both blindly tried to find the opening.

"Yow," Danny said.

Apparently the opening had been located.

"You've got a big fucking dick, TJ," Danny said with a smile.

"Um, we don't have to do this," I said.

"Yes we do."

I raised my eyebrows at him, silently asking him again if he was sure. I mean, I had already gotten off. I would probably be okay if we stopped. Plus I could just return the favor and suck him off as well.

"That first few seconds are always the toughest," Danny reminded me unnecessarily.

"Yeah," I agreed.

"Then, it's gonna be smooth sailing," Danny added.

Butt-fucking 101. Taught by Danny Leeman. This was a class I could take.

Danny took a deep breath and put my cock on the target again. I was about to remind Danny that I probably had some lube some place; we didn't have to do this with just saliva! We both heard the door to the outside hallway close. We both stopped and became quiet immediately, listening for sounds outside the bedroom door.

Who was home? I thought everybody still had late classes today. Josh had a Chemistry lab, I know, and my other two roommates, Alan and Gage were in an Econ lecture I thought. Plus then they both had wrestling practice. I had thought that Danny and I would have the place to ourselves for like 3-4 hours.

Then we heard a backpack was thrown noisily onto a table. The refrigerator door was opened. I heard the distinctive sound of a Coke can being opened.

Danny looked at me to see what we should do. I held a finger to my lips. We both turned our heads toward the bedroom door. It was closed, but I hadn't locked it. What an idiot!

Outside the door, I thought I heard somebody sit down on the couch. Danny and I stayed absolutely still, though in all the excitement Danny had somehow managed to get my cock into his butthole by about an inch.

A thud.

Danny pointed at his foot. Probably, whoever it was out there had just taken off a shoe and let it fall on the floor.

Another thud, this one slightly louder.

Danny and I looked at each other. Definitely the shoes.

Danny slipped down a little bit lower on my dick. I saw his eyes close as he willed away the pain. The good pain. His mouth opened and he took me in completely. Quietly, he remained perfectly still. Only breathing. Letting his ass get used to my dick inside there. Finally he sighed and opened his eyes.

"Good, right?" Danny asked in a whisper. "You're all the way in?"

I looked down. Danny's cock was standing upright, his ass straddled my hips. I could see no air between Danny's ass and the base of my penis. Yep, I was probably already completely in him.

"I think so," I said, nodding.

"Good," he said. "I don't think she could take much more Captain." Danny imitated the famous Star Trek line.

I laughed out loud. Even with a dick up his ass, the guy was pretty fucking funny.

"Shh," Danny whispered. This time, he held his finger up to his lips.

I mouthed the word 'sorry.'

Apparently Danny's finger must have smelled good to him. He stuck it in his mouth and gave it a lick.

"Ew," I said.

"You want some?" He popped his finger out and stuck it inside of my mouth. I tried to bat him away with an elbow but he was too quick. He finger wound up on top of my tongue. It tasted like butt.


"Shh," he whispered again, more loudly.

We heard something slam outside the bedroom door. What was it? We both stopped what we were doing (actually I wasn't doing much of anything, other than trying to spit Danny's finger out of my mouth).

"Is somebody in there?"

I exhaled. The voice outside was Gage. It wasn't Josh.

Oh no, Gage didn't know the code with the door knob!


Silently, Danny ground his butt around in a circle as if he was trying to make the hole bigger. I gave him my best 'what the fuck?' look.

I sighed.

"Hey Gage," I shouted. "Just me."


"Yeah, I'm just studying."

Danny shot me a look like I was a moron.

"I guess I need a little quiet time right now," I said. "Big test coming up."

"Oh really," I heard Gage say.

I shook my head at Danny. He was grinning ear to ear, now starting to bounce up and down on my hips. There was a faint slapping sound. I used a hand to try and stop Danny from fucking himself on my dick. Now was not the time to be making any sound at all. Not while I was trying to lie to my roommate. Not while I was trying to keep him out of my bedroom by convincing him that I needed to study. Danny was not slowing down. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the little sounds his ass cheeks made as they smacked down again and again on me, skin to skin.

"TJ, I'm gonna make a sandwich, do you want something?" Gage asked.

"No thanks," I shouted. I tried to sound as if this was my final answer.

The bedroom door opened. "Are you sure?" Gage asked.

"Don't come in," I said, sort of in slow motion. Danny and I watched Gage's face as he slowly realized that he had just walked in on one of his roommates fucking another dude. He turned red and his jaw dropped.

"Whoa," Gage said.

Danny lifted one fist in the air. Like a rodeo cowboy. He was smiling, loving that he had just been caught in the act. Of course, Gage being fucking amazing looking helped.

"Gage, can you..." I started.

"Um, yeah, I mean, yeah, of course. I'm sorry. I didn't..."

He quickly closed the door.

Me and Danny were alone again. I sighed again.

I listened carefully. I wanted to make sure that Gage had really walked away and hadn't just closed the door so he could listen in. I heard nothing.

"Gage?" I said, mostly in a whisper.

The reply was instantaneous. "What TJ? Do you need something?"

"What the fuck, Gage? Are you standing right there?"

"Right where?"

Obviously he was. His voice came from just outside the bedroom door.

"Gage, why are you just standing there?"

Danny bounced on my cock some more, the skin on skin smacking sound louder than ever. Danny brushed my hands away as I tried to slow him down. He would have none of that.

"Um, how do you know I'm just standing here?"

"Gage. Seriously dude? I'm not an idiot."

Danny let out a little whoop. I shot him a look of death.

"It's true Gage," Danny decided to speak. "I can definitely vouch for my friend here. TJ is not an idiot."

Gage laughed. He was like inches away, the thin door made it seem like he was practically standing right beside us.

"Right," Gage agreed.

"And I can also verify another thing about our friend TJ."

I shook my head vigorously. Unsuccessfully I tried to pull my penis out of Danny's ass, but he clenched down around me and I was trapped.

"Oh yeah," Gage asked with a chuckle. "What's that?"

"I can verify that our boy TJ has a huge fucking wiener," Danny said calmly. One hand reached down and tugged on my nut sack.

"Aah," I said.

Gage cracked up.

"Jesus Christ, Danny!" I said.

"You're buddy is hung long and thick. Like a little pony," Danny added with a giggle.

I exhaled loudly and tried to pull my cock out of Danny. Again I failed.

"Thanks, but I already know that," Gage said.

"Oh really?" Danny said. He was bouncing up and down on my dick shaft like he was on a trampoline now. "TJ never mentioned that he had a roommate who knew the secret."

"The secret?" Gage asked.

"Well, you're right. I suppose at this point, it's really not such a secret back here in Boston," Danny said. "I mean, the guys been here for over a year now. I'm not surprised at all that most everyone know."

"Knows what?"

"That I have a big dick!" I shouted. "That it's eight and a third inches from top to bottom. That I love to fucking show it off. That I..."

Danny and Gage laughed out loud together. Clearly the two were enjoying this very odd situation. Danny clenched his butt again and wiggled side to side at the same time.

I let out a little moan. Despite everything, my dick was definitely having a good time!

The door opened. And there, once again, was the smiling face of my roommate Gage. He had taken off his shirt.

Oh fuck.

Danny whistled.

"Oh boy!" Danny said. "TJ never told me anything about you!"

"Really?" Gage asked.

Gage took a couple steps into the room. Danny kept springing up and down on my hips. I closed my eyes, covering them with my elbow.

Danny reached out to shake Gage's hand. "Hi, I'm Danny." Danny's rhythmic bouncing never missed a beat.

"Pleased to meet you Danny," Gage said, offering his hand as well. "Gage."

Danny nodded.

"And you have a very nice chest, Gage."

"Thank you, you're not so bad yourself," Gage said.

Oh God. Here we go.

"Thanks dude. I run a lot. Plus they make us spend a crazy amount of time in the weight room."

"Yeah? Me too. Coaches here at BU are brutal tyrants."

"Same at Oregon."

"You go to Oregon? You're a Duck?"

"Yep. I'm a fucking Duck!"

I looked up at the two guys having this strange college conversation above me. "Guys! Seriously? Can we talk about this later? Over a beer?"

"Teej, you're being rude," Danny said. "I'm merely trying to be friendly with your roommate here. We've only just met. I was always raised to be polite."

Danny kept his eyes glued to Gage's chest. It was clean shaven and perfectly defined. Gage was having a pretty good wrestling season so far. I think some of the credit probably goes to the great conditioning.

Meanwhile, Danny kept fucking himself on my cock. Gage watched carefully as well.

"Nice ass," Gage said.

"Thanks amigo," Danny said. "When I'm done with TJ here, would you like to..."

Gage turned red.

Seriously? Now he gets embarrassed?!

"Would I like to what?" Gage asked. Clearly he knew what Danny was going to say. He was just playing with him.

"You know, would you like to see my nice ass a little more? You know, up close and personal?"

Gage smiled and rubbed his hands together. "Hmm," he said. He was pretending to think it over.

"I can verify for you roomie," I said. "Danny does have a tight little butt."

"All us runners do." Danny agreed.

Gage rubbed his chin. I could see that Gage's mid-section was even fuller than usual. No surprise there. Here in the apartment, the group of us had talked many times about Gage's ability to get an erection at the blink of an eye.

"Well, guys, it really sounds tempting, but..."

Danny frowned.

"I'm sorry, but I actually do have to study. I've got an Econ mid-term that I'm like way behind on."

"Aw," Danny whined.

"Plus I smell pretty bad. I had practice earlier and I didn't bother to shower."

"Yum," Danny said.

Gage grinned again. "Trust me, I'm gross," he said.

Danny reached out and tweaked one of Gage's nipples. Gage didn't move.

Gage backed away a few steps.

"Come on," Danny begged.

In one smooth motion, Danny lifted himself up off of my cock. As his butt released me, there was a little popping sound. Danny partially stood up and pointed his ass toward Gage, now at the door.

"See? Plenty of room for more, amigo."

"Very nice," Gage laughed. "Let me check back with you guys later. After I get through some of this stuff."

"Aw!" Danny said again.

Gage quietly shut the door. Danny and I were alone again.

"Huh!" Danny said.

I don't think that Danny was used to being turned down when he made somebody a serious sexual offer like that. And he was certainly not happy to have his offer declined when he was even pointing his butt in the air and spreading his cheeks wide!

Very classy, I thought to myself.

Danny lay down on my bed. This time on his back. He put my pillow under his hips and hoisted his legs into the air.

"Okay amigo, get back in there," he said. "You promised."

Classy or not, a fuck was a fuck.

So, I dutifully maneuvered Mr. Happy once again in between Danny's thighs. I bent my knees and then grabbed hold of both of his bare feet to get into the right angle.


Like a well-trained magnet, my cock miraculously found the perfect spot between Danny's cheeks and slipped right in. I hadn't done anything at all to help! I was in. I took a moment to let Danny breathe, and for his ass muscles to loosen up so I could move back and forth.

"Ahh," Danny said. He was smiling. His muscles relaxed and I plunged in all the way.

"Are you sure you can live with just me?" I asked, as I watched the shaft of my cock appear and disappear. "I mean, if you want to wait for Gage, it's okay with me."

A surprised expression came over Danny's face.

"No amigo, I'm ready to get fucked by you. I've been looking forward to this for a few months now. And now that it's happening, I'm going to do it. No third party needed."

"Okay then," I said.

"Of course, if he walked back in here with his man-meat hard as a rock, I might reconsider."

I smiled. Of course he would. Our eyes met and he blew me a kiss with his lips. My hips started smacking against Danny's ass, and I started to enjoy myself all over again. Fucking my high school track buddy was one of those good things in life that I thought about a lot when I beat off by myself. Only most of the time, I had myself being gang-banged by the pole vaulters or the sprinters.

I looked down at Danny. He had his eyes closed and was probably thinking about pole vaulters too.

"Fuck me TJ, fuck me," Danny shouted, way too loudly. Uh oh, there's no way Gage didn't hear that.

Outside the door, Gage laughed. Fuck.

Oh well, I thought to myself. Apparently Gage really was trying to study and really wasn't going to join us. At least, not yet. And so I rammed myself into Danny's behind as hard as I could.

"Is that good?" I asked, really wondering if I was doing a good job. I was definitely more of a bottom than a top and I was never sure whether I was all that great fucking somebody else.

"Aah," Danny shrieked. "Fuck yeah, amigo! That's fucking great!"


"Guys!" Gage yelled from outside. "Can you keep it down just a tiny bit? I am trying to get some work done here."

"What? Does the guy not have his own bedroom where he can study?" Danny said softly to me. I put my finger on his lips to shush him. Then I giggled and jack-hammered Danny again with my dick. Danny let out a moan of pain mixed with pleasure. I used my thumb along with my index finger and squeezed his lips together so that he couldn't talk.

The perfect way to hang out with my buddy Danny Leeman! Legs spread wide in the air, unable to speak. I blew Danny back the same kiss he had sent me before.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" Danny said through his closed mouth.

Outside the room, I heard a loud bang.

"Oh what the fuck?" I heard Gage say through the closed door. Then footsteps.

Danny and I looked over to the door. It opened. There stood my roommate Gage. Still shirtless, one hand on the edge of the door, one hand down the front of his pants. He had a smirk on his face. His sandy blonde hair was still messed up from wrestling practice earlier. His gorgeous eyes zeroed right in on my cock, pounding the shit out of Danny's ass.

"All right, I'm not actually getting anything done out there," he said. "I might as well help you guys along. "

Danny grinned from ear to ear. "Yippee-fucking-yay!" he said.

"What do I do?" Gage said.

"Nothing," Danny answered. "Absolutely nothing! Just get yourself over here and I will do it all."

Gage smiled. "Okay, just go easy on me," he said.

Danny and I looked at each other. Yeah sure.


TJ Tachet

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