It was nearly midnight and all four of us were still awake.

Outside the front door of our suite, we could hear other people partying too. Boston University wasn't exactly famous for its wild and crazy parties. After all, this was New England! But I'd been to a few last year when I was a freshman, and I think we could hold our own against at least a few schools. A couple of times during the beginning of our roommates only Truth or Dare game, there was even a knock on the door as some of the other students on the floor tried to get us to come out. We ignored them all. Right now, it was guy's night, roomies' night. My kind of night.

Round two of Truth or Dare was on!

If this next round was going to be anything like round one, this would be something I could definitely write about later. Bring it! In round one, I'd gotten my roommates to do naked push-ups. And then they'd gotten me back and had Josh jerk off, spilling his load into my happily waiting mouth. It was pretty crazy! I was sure I would be able to get off just thinking about it again for weeks to come.

Now that I had a mouthful of Josh's cum, I was primed and ready for more. I hadn't exactly cum yet myself. And I'd hoped that little problem would get fixed during round two.

As the four of us considered what had actually just happened, none of us was quite sure how to move things along. Me included. While my brain was saying 'let's get this fucking show on the road, dudes,' the actual words that came out of my mouth didn't exactly come across that way. What my mouth came up with was 100% geek.

"Whoa, that sure seemed like a lot of sperm, right Josh?" I managed.

The guys laughed.

Well, come on! He came a lot! Really.

Josh blushed.

None of us probably imagined that a simple weekend evening just hanging out with your college roomies playing 'Truth or Dare' would turn into such a crazy dare-fest. Nobody seemed to care about the truth option.

But I wasn't complaining. I got a mouthful of man-seed out of the deal. Yum.

It was still the first month of sophomore year at BU. I was having a blast.

In the sex department, I'd figured out so far that I had one for-sure-gay roommate, one for-sure-straight one, and one more who I couldn't make up my mind about.

And, come hell or high water, I intended to suck them all off at some point. Tonight seemed like a perfectly good time to start. One down, two to go.

It wasn't long after that when Alan decided he had to go to sleep. Uh oh.

"I'm beat," he said.


Me and Josh and Gage looked at him with our mouths slightly open as he took his clothes and padded off quietly to he and Gage's room. He closed the door behind him.

Really? Come on!

Right now! Alan decides to leave? Right now! Right when things were really getting interesting?

And what about me sucking him dry tonight? Oh well, maybe tomorrow. At least I had another option for the immediate future.

"Shall we continue the game without him, gentlemen?" I asked, trying to move things along.

Josh and Gage looked at each other. I rolled my hands in the air, the universal sign for 'hurry the fuck up and decide.'

Josh pursed his lips and nodded at me. He looked great either in clothes, or out of them. Right now, he was mostly out of them. No pants. Gage looked at Josh's dick, still bigger than soft in that post-orgasm state - it sort of glistened in the cheap overhead fluorescent lights of our dorm room.

Josh still had his shirt on.

Gage still had his work-out shorts on.

Together they had a matched set. One fully clothed person. But separately, they were just totally fucking hot!

Gage stood up and took his shorts off. He threw them at Josh's face. "Let's go," he said as his penis flopped out.

Josh took off his short and flipped it back at Gage.

"Whose turn is it?" I asked.

"Mine," Josh said.

"Um, no, I think it's mine," Gage argued.

"Guys, guys, actually it's mine," I said.

"Seriously, TJ? Come on, you're like the beneficiary here, you're getting all the good stuff already. You just got the chance to suck my dick, at least at the end there.. You don't get to choose what happens next in this game. Just sit down and be quiet."

I smiled. I knew that Josh was mostly joking. But I sat down anyway. With Josh I knew I had nothing to worry about. He would take good care of me.

"So it's my turn," Josh said again, this time more emphatically.

Gage looked up at the ceiling for help. "But..."

"Don't worry Gage," Josh said. "You'll like this dare."

Gage and I looked at Josh. I think I knew exactly where Josh was going. But, Gage obviously did not. I was enjoying watching Gage's penis in its semi-flaccid state. I'd thought I'd try to communicate with it through my mind. Like on Star Trek, maybe do a Vulcan mind meld. Just Mr. Spock and Gage's weenie. That would have been a great episode!

My brain reassured Gage's cock. 'Don't worry, Mr. Wee-wee, you'll get a chance soon. Real soon!'

To my amazement, Gage's dick seemed to hear me! It grew a little.

Encouraged by this little victory, I tried a little more mind melding.

'If you can get totally hard, you can fuck Mr. TJ'

It grew some more.

Fuckin A!

Josh and Gage kept talking. I kept up my silent conversation with Gage's dick.

'And every morning, right before Gage has to go to class, Mr. TJ will come in and jerk you silly! You can have as many orgasms as you want!'

Success! Gage's cock kept up its slow climb up toward the sky.

Jesus! I was pretty good at this Vulcan mind meld stuff!

I smiled to myself as my two roommates continued their discussion of whose turn it was.

I wondered if I was like a snake charmer for dicks or something. Maybe I could make them hard by just willing it! This could be a second career! Or even a first, if this whole college thing didn't work out so well.

Gage's cock continued to grow, as I ignored the out-loud conversation and I concentrated on the silent conversation I was having with it.

I was making it harder than it has ever been before. What a skill! Try this on America's Got Talent!

"Okay, okay, whatever," Gage finally agreed. "You get the first turn. I mean, it's probably fair anyway. You did just have to jack off in front of your roommates, after all."

"Uh, yeah," Josh said, as if it was obvious that having to undergo public masturbation meant that he was deserving of receiving the next turn in our game.

"Uh, hello?" I interjected. "I'm sort of here too. And if I remember correctly, I was sort of involved in all of this jacking off stuff too. After all, I had to swallow Josh's load."

They said nothing.

"In front of my roommates," I added. "That should count for something."

"Shh, Teej," Josh said. "It's not like you hated it."

I tried to shoot Josh a wounded look, but managed only to look confused. He was right, it was pretty fun. And I definitely didn't hate it.

"Right TJ, you perve, you loved it," Gage added.

I sighed. They had me.

"All right, that's settled then. TJ is happy to have my cum in his mouth. I'm happy to take the next turn in our game of Truth or Dare. I'm the one who had to be inconvenienced by having to put my cum in TJ's mouth. And Gage, old buddy, my Dare is for you."

"Don't I get to pick if I want Truth or not?"

"No!" Josh and I said in unison.

Gage giggled.

"Okay, what do I have to do?"

"Well, Gage, you're in luck." Josh started, "As we all know, our little TJ here, he likes cum. He likes it a lot."

"I do?"

"He does?"

"Yes, TJ likes cum. And, as we all know, TJ is all about balance. Symmetry. Alignment of his chakras."

"I am?"

"He is?"

"What are chakras?"

"Never mind about chakras," Josh said. "But as a middle distance runner myself, I also appreciate the importance of balance and symmetry. Teej and I, we would fall down on the track if we weren't perfectly balanced and aligned at all times."

"I would?"

"He would?"

"Shut up you guys!" Josh shouted.

Gage and my eyes met. We were both a little puzzled.

"I think I need more beer to understand all this," Gage said. He walked to the fridge and opened it up. "Anybody else?"

"Yeah, I'll have one," Josh said.

"Me too," I said. If we all had one, maybe our chakras would be aligned. Drinking beer naked with your college roommates surely got your chakras in order. I wondered if we should wake Alan up.

Gage brought us all back a beer. We opened them and took a sip.

"So?" I asked. "What's his Dare?"

Gage's weenie had softened up, and now hung loosely down onto his scrotum. He absently gave himself a rub while my mind got to work making him hard again.

Josh paused and looked at each of us slowly.

"Well?" Gage asked.

Josh looked away at the door of Alan and Gage's bedroom. Then back at us.

"Well?" I asked.

Josh smiled. It was a total shit-eating grin. Uh oh.

He spoke to Gage. "You have to fuck him."


"Yep, you have to cum in his ass. Balance."

"Oh, I see, you came in his mouth, so I have to balance it out by cumming in his ass," Gage said, stating the obvious.

This was no great surprise to me. I sort of figured this was where Josh was going with all this balance and symmetry stuff. Gage's penis was responding to my brain waves, it was getting longer and thicker again.

Josh noticed Gage's cock stiffening up and he nodded.

"I think your dick likes the idea," Josh said.

We all looked at Gage's privates. Gage grabbed hold of himself and brought it to fully erect with a few quick strokes up and down.

Josh started to direct traffic. Since he had responsibility for this particular Dare, he obviously felt like he was authorized to take charge of the whole scene. Josh had me get on the floor, my head down and my butt in the air. He rested my back against the couch. I was sort of upside down and flexed at the neck. My legs were in the air but Josh opened them up to a straddle and used his hands to spread open my ass cheeks.

"Is this comfortable TJ?" Josh asked politely.

"Um, well..."

"He will be in a minute," Gage said. "Once I'm blasting my big dick into his behind."

Josh and Gage chuckled together. I took a few deep breaths to try and get used to being upside down with my ass to the sky. I felt fingers around my hole, but had no idea who they belonged to. Somebody squirted some Lubriderm onto my butt, it felt cool and seemed to make everything pretty smooth back there (or up there).

Josh grabbed hold of my cock and gave it a few tugs. I was totally hard, of course. But this was a weird position to be in. My balls sort of hung down the shaft of my cock and there wasn't as much to grab as usual. My eight and a third inches was more like four and a third after the part at the bottom was blocked by my scrotum. This intrigued me.

Someone kept playing with my butthole. Gage I think. In the meantime, I tried to move my nut sack down toward where it was supposed to be. I wanted to see if I could slide my hand onto the base of my cock and keep my balls out of the way. Unfortunately gravity kept winning and I couldn't get hold of the entire length of my cock. My balls kept bouncing down over my hands.

Josh totally figured out what I was doing. He watched me, amused.

"TJ, don't worry, it's all still there," he said.

"What's all still there?" Gage asked. He had been concentrating on the little opening between my cheeks and had missed the whole business going on just a few inches away.

"TJ is freaked out that he can't feel his whole cock," Josh explained.

They both laughed again.

"But," I started to say, but I never finished the thought.

"TJ, seriously, your dick is still there. All eight inches of it. Or eight and a third, or whatever you say it's supposed to be," Josh said with a giggle.

"I know, but..."

About then, I felt something actually slide into my hole. A ping pong ball? A big toe?

Actually it was Gage's thumb.

The sensations of being thumb-fucked started in my ass, tingled through my groin and caused my dick to get even harder, and then they exploded throughout my entire body. Even my ears felt like they were being thumb-fucked.

Gage's thumb found my prostate.


Gage shushed me. He moved his thumb in and out of my butt. Man!

"Good, right?"

Has he ever been thumb-fucked too? How would he know it's good?

"Yeah," I gurgled from down below.

"I have a really big thumb, right? You like my fuckin' thumb don't you?"

Dirty talk turned me on.

"Yeah, I mean, yeah, it's a really big, fat, HUGE thumb," I gurgled again.

This cracked Josh up and he fell over onto the floor. We both looked over at him. Gage kept up his thumb-work. I kept trying to breathe.

While I was watching Josh get up, Gage popped his thumb out of my ass. There was a much louder sound that you'd think. It made me smile, even though there was nothing at all up my butt at that very minute.

Josh saw that we seemed to be changing gears and he stood up to check things out. The two of them spread my legs apart like a wishbone.

"Should we make a wish?" Gage asked, as the two of them had me pretty much doing the upside down splits.

Clearly they were thinking exactly what I was thinking. We all laughed.

"Watch this," Josh said, moving his face closer to ground zero. Gage took a step back as Josh planted his mouth right onto my butthole.

Holy fuck!

Josh used his fingers to open me up a little wider, his tongue driving into my hole.

"Whoa!" Gage mouthed silently.

"Tastes like chicken," Josh said without lifting his tongue out of my butt. His beard was tickling me, but his lips were doing something totally different. I felt a drop of pre-cum ooze out of from the head of my dick. It felt so fucking great!

"That's nice Josh," I said, grinning.

Josh whispered something to Gage that I didn't hear. Whatever it was, they both burst out laughing. Now it was Gage's turn to fall on the floor. He was laughing so hard that tears came out of his eyes. He rolled onto his side, his knees against his chest. Meanwhile Josh was half-laughing, half-licking my butt at the same time.

I shook my head. "What?" I asked Josh, whose head was nearly directly above mine, but my view of his eyes was blocked by the silhouette of my dick.

Josh looked up from what he was doing.

"Nothing, Teej, don't worry about it."

"Chicken!" Gage finally said when he caught a breath. "That's so fuckin' funny!"

"What?" I asked again.

Gage rolled up into a ball again and couldn't answer me he was laughing so much. Josh finally had to take a break from rimming me and wiped a tear away from his own eye.

"Hello?" I said to both of them.

They both laughed even more at the sound of my voice.

Gage choked, and then started to cough. Josh sat down on the floor beside him and put his elbows around his knees.

"Gage, man! You gotta stop! We're gonna wake up Alan!"

Gage was convulsing with laughter and said something in a really high-pitched voice. But it was unintelligible and neither of us could understand it.

Josh and I looked at each other. Now I started to laugh. Josh pointed to my legs, still spread-eagled and wide in the air. That made him laugh and he started to shake. He tried to laugh quietly, but hat just made his arms shake and he couldn't hold onto his knees anymore. He fell back onto his back and landed with a thud on top of Gage's hand.

"Ouch!" Gage yowled, laughing even harder.

For some reason, the two of them both found that hysterically funny. They both wound up being rolled into the fetal position and unable to control themselves. I wish I'd had my camera. They were quite a sight, two college students, naked and curled up on the floor, laughing about some secret joke I hadn't quite heard. I could only imagine.

I finally brought my legs back down to the floor.

"I have to pee," I announced. "You guys just stay there."


Josh looked over at Gage. "He has to pee," Josh said, giggling. Gage guffawed, followed quickly by Josh. I shushed them but it was no use. The whole things started all over again, they were too far gone.

I shook my head and walked to the bathroom. I took my time in there. Even though all the laughing had made my dick soft, it still took forever for me to get the stream started. I watched myself in the bathroom mirror while I waited and waited. I looked like hell. I was worn out from the first days of school. I was pretty buzzed from all the beer and wine. I'd swallowed a mountain of cum from Josh. Then I'd just spent the last 20 minutes or so upside down while Gage had his thumb up my butt and then Josh was eating me out. I could still hear the two of them outside, half-laughing, half-crying, trying to pull themselves together.

I sighed and stared at my penis, dangling over the toilet.

Still nothing.

I looked at my chest. Not bad, I guess, but I still needed to put on some muscle. Running, running all the time, it was hard to build anything my pecs and arms up. Then I saw something glisten in the light.

Oh my god!

It was a hair. I looked more closely. Yep. Definitely! There was one tiny, blond, curly, chest hair, right in the middle of my chest, squarely between my nipples.

I opened my mouth to tell my roommates. They were quieter now. Hmm, wonder what they were up to. Announcing the growth of one chest hair, even while we were all pretty much naked and being pretty fucking intimate with each other, somehow seemed like too much information. TMI. So I kept quiet and looked at the little guy in the mirror again. I squinted my eyes for a better view.

Wow. Maybe this was the start of something for me in the chest hair department. I thought of my dad's chest. He had a few. Nothing crazy, but you could definitely see a tiny little patch if you got up real close. Tomorrow, after me and my roommates finished off this crazy night, I would call my dad and tell him. He'd be happy for me.

I looked around for any more. Nope. Oh well.

I reached up with my hand and straightened out the little hair. Then I tugged on it lightly.


That hurt. Who knew? Quickly I smoothed it out and lay it back down.

Do I pull it? What if it comes out? After all these years of waiting and hoping, it seemed silly to finally get just one. I'd read someplace that if you pull one out, at least two will grow back. And then if I pull those two out, won't I get four? And then...


I tugged on it again, this time harder, and it popped out into my fingers.

Fuck. I didn't really mean for it to come out. What if I didn't get two back in return? What if this was the only one I would ever have? I looked at the tiny hair in my fingers, then I set it down lightly on the bathroom counter. I exhaled and watched it curl itself into a little ring. Huh.

Then the pee came.

Because I'd leaned forward to examine my one chest hair more closely in the mirror, I missed the bowl and the pee hit the underside of the raised toilet seat. I adjusted quickly and then waited and waited while an evening's worth of drinking came out of me. When I was finally finished, I washed my hands, then pulled off a piece of toilet paper and picked up my one little hair from the counter. I folded it up neatly and put it into my drawer. Each of us had one drawer, and mine was on the bottom. I tucked the folded up piece of paper under some soap and closed the drawer back up.

Before I opened the bathroom door to go back and join the party, I stopped and listened carefully. Still nothing. No laughing, no talking. Had I really been in here that long? Could they have fallen asleep?

I was still nude, of course, when I left the bathroom. What I saw when I got back to my two roommates shocked me. I took a couple of small steps forward to get a closer look and my jaw dropped.

We'd all been sort of drunk and had pulled some pretty wacky shit with each other so far, but I wasn't prepared for this!

Josh was lying on top of Gage. They were making out. Josh had his hands up around Gage's ears. Gage's hands were around the small of Josh's back, drawing him closer. Gage's legs were spread wide and Josh filled the space inside of him.

I stood there watching them for a full 30 seconds. I felt myself start to get aroused again. Something about two guys kissing each other always gets me. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff I guess. Old fashioned.

I heard a moan, I think it came from Gage, but I wasn't quite sure.


Nothing. No change. The kissing went on.

"Ahem," I said again, this time even louder.


"Um, what about our game? What about my butt?"

Somebody moaned something unintelligible.


Another moan.

"I still don't..."

Oh well, maybe they wanted a third. I kneeled down on the ground beside them and put my hand on Josh's back. I let one of my knees rest against Gage's shoulder. They both opened their eyes and noticed me. Their lips parted slightly.

"Come here," Josh said.


"Come here, you idiot! Get down here!"


"TJ, lie down and stick your tongue in Gage's mouth, there's plenty of room."

I looked at Gage. He nodded.

Okay. If you say there's room. What the fuck?

I wriggled down onto the floor beside them and managed to get my face wedged into the little space between their cheeks. Josh held the back of my head closer and we all managed to kiss. A three-way kiss.


Somehow Gage moved out from under Josh and both Josh and I ended up on our backs with Gage on top. He was heavy. All muscle probably. All 100% prime wrestling stud muscle probably.

Both Josh and I pawed at Gage's butt cheeks. They were like tiny steel cushions, they barely moved. By the time I got my fingers around to Gage's asshole, Josh's fingers were already there.

While I was French-kissing Gage's mouth, Josh was working over Gage's neck. Gage let out a little moan. It was cute.

I could feel Gage's erection sort of dangling between me and Josh's hips. That felt like steel too.

Was I making out with Superman?

I wasn't feeling too cute at this very second. I was ravenous. I'd been wanting Gage to fuck me ever since the day I'd laid eyes on him back in the gym last year. I was going to get this boy's hard, titanium cock up my ass. And I was going to do it tonight!

Josh moved his body lower on Gage, leaving me with the head. Gage was a freaking amazing kisser! I made the most of it and tried to swallow every bit of him that I could.

Meanwhile, Josh found one of Gage's nipples and got to work.

"Aah," Gage said lightly into my mouth.

My fingers found Gage's butthole. I brought them up to my mouth and forced two inside of the lip lock I was having with Gage. With both of our saliva's on there, they were plenty slick and I easily slid one into Gage's backside.

"Aah," Gage said again as he was penetrated.

Josh squirmed down a little further and got himself into position under Gage's dick. I couldn't really tell what was going on down there, but from all the slurping and carrying on I gathered that Gage was getting a great blow job. I kept kissing him, and despite what Josh was doing to him, he kept kissing me back.

"You've got a great dick Gage," Josh said.

He did, I'd seen it. It was thick, not super-duper long, but more just right. More like a Polish sausage than a foot-long hot dog.

"Thank you," Gage said, mostly into my mouth.

Josh giggled.

Eventually, Josh flipped Gage over onto his back without ever taking his lips off of Gage's dickhead. No easy task considering that I wasn't really giving much up in the mouth department. When Josh had him where he wanted him, Josh got Gage's legs in the air and then moved around the side to make room for me. If Josh wanted his cock, that only left me with his ass. Not one to ever turn down an opportunity like this, I moved into position too, centering my face between Gage's rock-solid ass cheeks. There was no need to actually bury my mouth deep down inside, Gage's little pink asshole was just sort of there. Front and center. Exhibit A.

"Oh my fucking god!" Gage moaned. He was getting head and getting rimmed all at once. His abs tightened and he arched his back.

"You guys are fucking incredible!" he whispered. None of us had really ever forgotten about our 4th roommate, who'd gone off to bed and was missing out on all the fu.

Me and Josh's eyes met. Silently we agreed to swap. I took over blow job duties while Josh and his amazing, multi-talented tongue took their turn on Gage's butt.

"Fuck!" Gage said, this time pretty loudly.

Me and Josh both shushed him and then went back to what we were doing.

"Sorry," he said sheepishly.

I tugged Gage's ball sack down just a bit. Not enough to get in Josh's way, but, you know, just a little to make Gage's cock stretch out just a little taller.

Gage yelped. "Oh my god!"

After another couple of minutes, Josh and I exchanged another look. With that as confirmation, I stood up and then squatted down on top of Gage, his hard steely cock position right in the center of my ass. I liked facing guy when they had their dicks inside of me. I loved to watch their faces.

"You ready to fuck him?" Josh asked. "You ready to fulfill your 'Truth or Dare' responsibilities?"

Gage smiled.

"I'm good," Gage said. "Get me inside of him."

Josh grabbed hold of Gage's cock and guided it into the right spot.

"Lube?" Josh asked.

"We probably better," I agreed, "he's pretty thick."

Josh jumped up to grab a bottle from inside our room. While he was gone, I bent over to kiss Gage again on the lips.

"Mmm," he said. "Your mouth was just sucking my dick, hmm, I don't know about this."

"I was licking your butt too," I said. "What do you think about that?"

Gage backed off from kissing me for a moment. He looked up at the ceiling. He pursed his lips as if to think this one over carefully.

"I guess I've worse things in my mouth," Gage said. "We're good."

I kissed him again, trying hard not to imagine what those worse things could be.

Vagina? Eggplant?

Not sure which one of those two was worse. Well, actually I was. I hated eggplant!

Gage's tongue explored the deepest reaches of my throat. We heard Josh shuffling around in the other room. What the fuck was taking so long?


What the fuck was that?


Gage and I looked up and saw Josh taking a picture of the two of us with his phone.

"Josh!" me and Gage said in unison.

"Don't worry, I won't send these out to anybody but your parents."

"Great," Gage said.

I laughed, hoping that Josh was just being funny.

"You're gonna delete those right?"

Josh was looking at his phone.

"Um, yeah, sure, I guess."

"Good," Gage said. "I'll beat the crap out of you later. Right now, put some of that lube on me."

Dutifully Josh bent down and rubbed a little all around the fat shaft of Gage's dick. And for good measure, he added a couple dabs onto my butthole.

Then we started again and Gage slipped easily inside of me. While Gage bucked his hips up and down, I held my position as best I could. Holy fuck what a thick cock he had!

Josh took full advantage of my fragile state. He kissed my mouth and stroked my hard-on at the same time. Now it was my turn to moan.





"I can't!" I said. "His dick is too fucking wide!"

Josh circled his lips around mine to shut me up.

"Harder," Josh whispered, when he took a breath. Gage did as he was told and fucked me harder.

"Oh god!"


I sighed. What was I supposed to do. It was a really fat cock!

Josh spit on his palm and then placed it right onto the tip of my dick.



"Holy shit!"

Josh stroked me. Gage pounded me. Josh kissed me. Gage's fingers tugged on my nipples.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!"


Now Gage gave a little yelp. Another cute one. If it's possible, his dick got even harder; it felt like a giant flashlight in my ass.

Then Gage's abs tightened into a 12-pack. His mouth let out a sound that sounded like 'whoosh.' And Gage came with a jolt. Inside of me.

He shuddered a bit, unable to move his hips up and down anymore. Both Josh and I watched as Gage's eyes rolled back in his head. A tiny drop of his own spit trickled out the side of his mouth. He had a few involuntary pelvic thrusts and then he melted into the floor.

"Aah," Gage said quietly.

"Nice work, roomies," Josh said to both of us.

"Thanks," Gage said.

I pursed my lips and nodded. Nice work, indeed!

"Now it's my turn," Josh said.

My eyes met Josh's again. I think this meant he wanted to get off another time. And since I was such a nice boy, who was I to argue?

I slid myself upward and Gage's dick came out of my butt with a little suction pop.

"On the floor, dude," Josh commanded.

"Here?" I asked, pointing to the spot right next to Gage's body.

"Yes. On your stomach."

"My stomach?"

"Yes, your stomach. And lie flat."


"Yes. Flat."

Josh smiled. Gage looked over at us, just inches away.

I lay down flat on the floor.

"But this isn't part of the game," Gage said. "I just did my 'Dare,' now it's somebody else's turn."

"It's TJ's turn," Josh said.

"Oh," I said.

"Oh," Gage said. "Well then, TJ should get to choose who he wants to pick. And what he wants them to do."

"Really Gage? Are you serious? Don't you know Teej well enough by now?"

Josh looked at both of us on the floor.

Gage looked confused. I smiled.

Josh pointed to his dick. It was already hard, of course. Definitely one of the most perfectly shaped boners I had ever seen. Long and straight. Josh's low hanging nuts added just the right amount of roundness to the solid squareness of the cock above. Josh had trimmed his pubes recently and the silhouette of his dick in the low light of our dorm room was all penis. Nothing else to get in the way.

"This is exactly what our little TJ wants," Josh said. "To get plowed for the second time tonight by one of his roommates."

I looked at them both again. I nodded. Josh was right. I did want to get plowed again. If I'd gotten to have my turn in the game, this is exactly what I would have asked for.

"Okay then," I said. "Let's get to it."

So with me lying flat on the ground, my erection pressed painfully into the floor, Josh fucked me. He fucked me hard when Gage urged him on. He fucked me more lightly when I looked like I was about to cry and Gage told him to back off.

I was moaning and squawking so much, I can't believe we didn't wake Alan. While Josh's massive meat thrust into my butthole time after time, I must have leaked about a quart of pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

Josh's penis was longer than Gage's and Josh had slammed into me so far I thought I could feel it in the back of my throat!

Finally Gage took pity on me and asked Josh if he would let me up. Josh agreed, and I got up onto my knees. Josh got on his knees behind me and penetrated me to the full length of his cock.



Gage put his lips around my dick and sucked a little bit of the pre-cum off the head. Then he put a few drops of lube onto his fingers. While Josh screwed me every possible way, Gage jacked my dick up and down.

Despite what great physical shape Josh was in, he finally started to get tired. He was breathing heavy. Gage and I both thought that this meant Josh was getting close to cumming again. Gage increased the pressure of his hand around my cock and his mouth found mine.

"Aah," Josh said really loud as he came with a shudder. The second load of the night in my ass.

I came immediately, biting Gage's lip in the process.

"Youch," Gage said, pulling away.

Gage's hand jerked a giant load out me. Josh held on tight from behind.

When it was all done, I had to pee again. But I couldn't get up. Neither could anyone else. I curled up in a backward spoon into Josh, and Gage lie down on the ground and faced me. He put his arm over my shoulder and held onto Josh's chest. The three of us fell asleep.

It was mid-morning when we heard noises in the apartment.

I opened my eyes to see Alan standing over his three naked roommates on the carpeted floor of our little suite living room. He was shaking his hand.

"Un-fucking-believable," Alan said quietly.

It took a few more minutes before the three of us were fully awake. Josh was still wrapped around me from behind. Gage was on his back with his arm under my head. My arm rest heavily on Gage's hard steely pecs. We were a sticky, smelly, disgusting mess.

"Who wants Cheerios?" Alan asked from the question.

"Me!" the three of us on the floor said in unison. And so that's how I got my first two fuck buddies. Probably, getting the third one was going to take a little longer than I had hoped. Right now I needed Cheerios, and fast.

I still didn't know what a chakra was, but mine was definitely fucked.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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