The rest of my summer back in Apple Valley flew by. I was back at college in Boston before I knew it.

I tried like heck to have sex on the plane with this totally hot flight attendant, but I failed. I did get extra pretzels though, probably because I flirted with him practically the whole flight. I was starved, so getting the pretzels was definitely worth all the effort.

Long flights are always boring, and I am not an airplane sleeper. After I read the Boston University course list that I would need to decide what exactly I was taking for fall semester, I was sort of just left to myself to day dream, and think about what a fantastic summer I'd had at home. With all my friends. With Joey.

And with my new friends from the Italian wing of the Collucci family. Viva la familia! Or whatever it is they say over there.

It was looking more and more like Sergio Collucci really would be coming to Boston to try his luck running track at an American university. I'd explained all I could about the weather, about running along the banks of the Charles, about what a great open-minded place Boston was. I didn't understand the school system over in Italy, but for some weird reason, it didn't seem like the timing of their high school graduation was like ours - Sergio might even be coming over by the fall.


I was totally turned on by Sergio. I liked his personality. I liked the cute little way he tried to speak English, but he'd get the order of the words all mixed up. I liked his beautiful smile. I liked his innocence.

And then, of course, there was the matter of Mario's weenie.

He had the Collucci thickness. Just like Joey. And he had the Collucci balls, Sergio's were practically an identical set to Joey's. But there was just something else about Sergio's cock that I was totally into. I couldn't quite figure out what it was. Maybe the smoothness of the upward curve. Or the fact that when Sergio was totally erect, it pointed straight upward to the sky. And he was so hard and tight that you could barely pull it away from his stomach!

Joey liked Sergio's dick too. He was completely cool with the fact that Sergio and I started to see each other a little bit on the side. Just for sex, of course, not for dinner and a movie of course.

Sergio's dick was definitely a source of family pride. His older brothers recognized it too. They were straight, but they were only too happy to help Sergio discover what his dick could do. That's what family is all about in Italy I guess. What a country!

I smiled to myself remembering the very first night that Joey and I had hung out with the Italian Colluccis on the patio outside of Joey's house. It seemed like ages ago, but I guess it had only been the middle of the summer. We're all guys, of course, and after a while the conversation turned to sex. And for some reason, Joey was eager for his cousins to see me naked and to show off my cock. The twins obviously liked the idea and wanted to show off Sergio. For the very same reason. So, while they all had to speak Italian for a while to sort out exactly what they wanted us to do, in the end Sergio and I were requested (well, maybe not requested, more like commanded) to get naked and compare equipment. Not exactly your usual after-dinner game, I know, but it sounded like fun to me so I was definitely up for it. Sergio was a little apprehensive I think, but then he went along as well.

So, the two of us left the room, went into Joey's bathroom and took our clothes off. And you know how you just sort of know. I knew. Right then. There was this funny chemistry between Sergio and I as we were slowly taking our clothes off. I totally wanted to kiss him. But it was Joey's bathroom. And plus the guys were outside the room waiting for us. We could hear them talking in Italian and laughing. They were eager for the little show to begin. Anyway, one thing led to another and both Sergio and I got hard. So when we walked out of the bathroom, Joey and the twins definitely got what they paid for (or didn't pay for).

Sergio went first, leading our little parade. His hard-on reached for the ceiling. I took up the rear, so to speak. I was plenty hard as well, but my eight and a third inches was clearly no match for Sergio. It wasn't that he was way longer than me; it was just that he was thicker and just sort of bigger in every way.

"Holy crap!" Joey shouted over the hooting and hollering of Mario and Luigi. "That's amazing. Where's that been hiding all these years?"

Sergio stopped and blushed. And I bumped right into him, my dick impaling his ass cheeks. The twins shouted even louder. Joey applauded. The opening of our show.

"Oops," I said, placing my hands on Sergio's waist in apology.

Sergio grabbed hold of his nut sack as I stood beside him. It was supposed to be a contest of course. They would need to be able to judge us fairly.

I was toast, of course. Sergio had me by a bunch. It wasn't really much of a contest.

While I had spent most of my life being proud of my cock, and happy to show it off upon request (or not), next to Sergio I was a little jealous. I was just small potatoes, hash browns really.


Looking at our two dicks alongside each other was, you know, sort of like looking at two nice cars. Sergio had the fattest fucking Ferrari though. I'm not sure what's skinnier than a Ferrari, but that's what I had. Plus, his was brand, spanking new and mine was a few years old and needed a fresh paint job.

Sergio and looked down at each other's dicks. We both ginned, but Sergio almost seemed embarrassed to have such a fat fancy Ferrari. I felt embarrassed that I didn't. Maybe it was time for me to get a trade-in. Or a trade-up!

Joey turned up the stereo in his room and we started to dance.

I know, I know. I was standing there in Joey's room. Naked. Dancing. To I don't know what! In front of four Italians!!

Mario and Luigi stood up and came over to stand beside us. Then they put their hands on their brother.

Just in a brotherly love sort of way, of course.

Then they put their hands on me. I was definitely open to the idea of some brotherly love. With these two twin brothers.

But, they held back. With me, Mario and Luigi kept their hands above my hips. With Sergio, they didn't hold back. They groped him and squeezed him all over.

Sergio's face turned bright red.

At the same time though, I saw this little glint in his eye. He very clearly liked all of the attention. He liked being the guy his two older brothers wanted to show off. A source of family pride maybe. I have to say that if Sergio had been my little brother, I'd have probably felt the same way - the guy was cut! In amazing shape. I wouldn't have cared about the whole 'brother-related-to-me' thing. I'd have been doing him all the time! It's not like we could have a two-headed kid or anything!

Luigi held Sergio's balls while Mario jacked his cock. Sergio sort of just wiggled to the beat and let it happen. He was smiling ear to ear.

It was such a totally hot scene; I was getting so totally turned on by it. I think I actually dripped pre-cum onto Joey's carpet!

Not to be outdone by his Italian cousins, Joey finally hopped up off the floor and came to my rescue. He grabbed hold of my cock, stroking me up and down a bit.

I could tell that Sergio was getting close to an orgasm. And I could shoot at like any second!

"Is that all?" one of the twins asked Joey.

Uh oh.

"Watch this," Joey said.

Joey kneeled down on one knee and popped my cock in his mouth. And all of a sudden I was getting a blow job from an American Collucci in front of the Italian wing of the family.

Joey swallowed my cock whole, all the way down to the base. I rewarded his throat with another big gob of pre-cum. Somehow Joey managed not to gag.

Mario and Luigi went wild!

I half-expected one of the twins to copy Joey and go down on Sergio. But they didn't. They were too busy giving little bro a very awesome hand job. Sergio looked like he'd gone to a different place.

And it wasn't long before Sergio came anyway. One of his brothers tugged hard on Sergio's nuts and he tilted his head back and closed his eyes. Then with a yelp Sergio shot an amazing load across Joey's floor, at least two feet in front of him!

After they'd finished with their brother, Mario and Luigi stood up and came over to me. Joey had my cock pretty much all to himself. So, all the two of them could do was kind of grope me everywhere else. Which was fine of course; I was very willing to be groped by them.

Down below, Joey knew exactly what to do. After all, he'd sucked me off lots of times! He found all the right spots on my cock. As he was giving me head, Joey's big hands managed to somehow stroke me up and down, play with my balls and push on that little spot behind them. All at the same time. The twins watched in amazement. I'm not sure they had seen their cousin give head before. Joey was loving it, sort of showing off yet another one of the skills he'd learned over here in the New World.

I let out a quiet little moan to let everybody know that I approved of the attention I was getting. Just as I was getting to the point of no return, Sergio came back to life and found the little button of asshole between my butt cheeks. I was surrounded by Colluccis. They were the bun to my hot dog and I wish I'd had my camera to capture the moment.

Like an experienced master vacuum cleaner salesman, Joey hooverized my dick. My moaning grew louder, little by little. Joey slowed his pace, just to let me hang there for a while. This made the twins laugh. Sergio took advantage of these little quiet times to slip a finger or two (I'm sure it wasn't three) into my butt.

Finally I could hold off no longer. Joey realized it quickly and amped up the sucking. In a perfect harmony of action, everybody did what they were doing just a tiny bit more. The twins each grabbed a nipple and pulled hard. Sergio did finally get that third finger in there. And Joey opened up it throat to swallow what my cock was about to spew out.

I bucked my hips like a bronco and yelled out. "Holy fuck! I'm cumming!!" Not that Joey needed the warning of course; the back of his throat was pretty much Ground Zero. When it was done, Sergio kissed my neck. Joey used his tongue to clean me up. And the twins applauded the show. It had been pretty freaking awesome!

I don't remember too much more from that first crazy night in Joey's house. I do remember kissing Sergio after I came. His mouth tasted just like the other Collucci that I'd gotten used to, only spicier. Joey didn't seem to mind. And I was certainly in no position to resist such temptation: on top of everything else, the little guy was a great kisser too!

Thank god I'd come back to Apple Valley for the summer!

But, of course, all good things must come to an end and it wasn't long before I had to head back to New England. The Italian Colluccis went back home. Joey's summer ended early since he had to be back up north for work-outs with his college football team.

Somehow the summer heat just oozed away. And then one day, it was over and I had to get back on a plane again. I said my good-byes to the Leemans, to Andy, and to Will.

In late August, my parents piled me and my suitcase into the car and we were off to the airport.

It was late when I got out of the taxi in Boston and slogged into my new building to check in.

The guy checking people at the desk in the lobby had a Mohawk and a tattoo on his neck that looked like a pair of hands trying to choke him. Whoa.

Welcome to Boston! He was very thin but had a sexy, scruffy look to him that made him sort of irresistible. I knew the type of dude. In Boston, he fit right in. He was probably a genius getting a PhD in astrophysics; he probably got his tattoo back home in Indiana or something. But he had come to Boston go to a great school, to show the world what he could do. I wondered whether or not that tattoo was going to limit his job opportunities. I also wondered what was attached to those hands around his neck below his collar.

While he rustled around inside of a big box looking for the folder with my name on it, I imagined what he might look like naked but I couldn't quite get the mental image. Oh well, I have the whole school year to find out.

"Here you go, TJ" he said with a bored smile. "You're on the 8th floor. Everybody else has already checked into your room. Have a bitchen year!"

"Thanks," I said, wondering when was the last time I'd ever heard anybody say 'bitchen' to me. I allowed my eyes to settle on his skinny little chest. Definitely rough trade, definitely hot! Woof, what I could do with this one!

He noticed that he was being judged. His fake smile turned into a real one.

"Nice to meet you, TJ," he said. "I'm Sam."

I smiled.

"Um, yeah, great. Hi Sam. I'm TJ."

"I know," he said, "it says it on your folder. Welcome back to BU."


He shushed me away, indicating the elevators to the upper floors. There was a girl behind me, waiting her turn. "Now go knock 'em dead, tiger."

I giggled at the comment. I took a step toward the elevator, and then I growled.

"What?" he asked.

Oh my god, what an idiot I am!

I actually growled. Then I tripped on a stair dragging my suitcases over to the elevator. He shook his head as he began helping the student who had been standing behind me.

As I stepped off the elevator on the 8th floor, I walked into chaos. There was luggage and furniture strewn everywhere in the hallway. There were open doors, and music blaring from just about everywhere.

Clearly it was time to come back to college. I was definitely happy to be here. It would be great to hook up with my friends again. Two wrestlers, two runners, one suite; it was going to be quite a year!

I made my way down the hall and found my room. The first guy I saw was Alan, my roomie from last year in Shelton Hall.

Last year the very first minute I'd laid eyes on Alan he wasn't wearing any clothes. And that was just how he liked it. He tortured me half the year by prancing around our tiny little dorm room naked. Doing push-ups naked. Sit-ups naked. Squats. The guy liked his body, and he liked to show it off; those tight little wrestling singlets sure didn't leave much to your imagination anyhow. And as off-putting as a naked roommate might sound to some people, I'm actually very open-minded about such things.

Anyway I adapted to Alan's constant nudity just fine. We had a great year and got along fantastic. Alan's body was open season and so was his soul. Though I wasn't quite the exhibitionist that he was, I'd bared quite a lot of myself to my roommate. And it was an easy decision for the two of us at the end of the year when we opted to stay together as sophomore, this time with two of our own buddies.

Much to my surprise, when I walked into the room, Alan had on clothes. Hmm. What was up with that?

"Roomie!" we both shouted in unison.

We wrapped our arms around each other. I sort of half-kissed him - straight guy-style - on the side of his face awkwardly. Alan didn't really kiss me back at first; he seemed to have been caught a little by surprise by my show of affection. But he recovered quickly.

"Come on, Teej!" Alan drawled. His Texas accent had gotten stronger since he'd been back home. He grabbed my cheeks between his hands and kissed me squarely on the lips.

Closed mouth. But still...

"It's so great to see you, buddy," Alan gushed.

"You too," I agreed.

I checked him out from top to bottom, and then back up again. Alan looked great, as usual. His bushy brown hair a messy mop on top of his head, like he'd not yet combed it this month. He had on a tank and some nylon work-out shorts. He was barefoot; his smooth feet were strong and agile, perfect for wrestling, and I'd always sort of had a thing for them. The outfit didn't leave much to the imagination, but that was Alan's norm anyway.

Alan watched me check him out with a sly grin on his face. He knew my story, of course, and didn't seem to mind being ogled after so many months apart. I was convinced that wrestlers are very happy with their bodies anyway, and judging from what they wear when they're wrestling, they kind of get used to be scanned from head to toe.

"How was your summer?"

"Totally awesome! Yours?"

"Totally awesome!"

"Cool, dude," Alan said, mocking my California-speak.

I punched him lightly in the arm. He took a swing at my head, but I ducked.

"Where are the others?" I asked, referring to Josh and Gage.

"No idea," Alan said. "Maybe Josh took him out for a run."

"Nice. That's exactly what I need. I'm pretty tight after that long flight."

"I know what you mean," Alan agreed. "After I got here yesterday, me and XXX went to the gym and hit some weights for like three hours!"

I squeezed Alan's bicep. He had definitely put on a little more muscle over the summer. He was a pretty good wrestler last year, as a freshman, but he hadn't managed to make the New England Regionals. Maybe this year would be different.

"Pretty nice dude," I said, referring to his arms. "A little extra time working out this summer, right?"

He smiled and nodded.

"I'm making the Regionals this year, even if it kills me," he drawled.

Talking about pumping iron was kind of boring for me. For Alex and XXX, it was their lifeblood. Fortunately, the two wrestlers were going to be sharing a bedroom and they could talk about their biceps all the time. I was going to be sharing with Josh. And we'd probably be pretty one-dimensional too, talking constantly about how many miles we'd put in and how sore our legs were; but at least that was interesting.

"How's your brother?" I asked, changing the subject.

Alan grinned from ear to ear. He knew I meant his younger brother Alex. The pole vaulter that I'd had a romp with last year.

"He's great, TJ. He said to say 'hi,'" Alan said. There was a funny look in his eye.

"That's nice. Tell him 'hi' back," I said. "Where did he end up choosing for college?"

Alan paused and looked me in the eye. I tried to read his mind. I wonder if... No way!

"He's not...?" I couldn't actually believe that Alex could be here in Boston! That would be too good to be true! I could have a fuck buddy! A very hot fuck buddy!

Alan laughed and nodded.

"Yup! Little bro got into Harvard! And he's going to vault for the Crimson! Partial scholarship too!"

No shit! Why did everybody get into Harvard except me? Not that BU was all that bad, of course. But geez!

"So he's here? He's in town already?"

"Right across the river. Staying in one of their dorms right on Memorial Drive or something."


"We should all go out or something to celebrate," Alan said.

"Yeah," I agreed. "Fer sure."

"Totally dude," Alan said, mocking me again.

Alan and I spent the next hour or so recapping all the stories from each of our summers back at home. I put my clothes away in my room. Josh's side of the right was extremely neat, so I did the best I could not to make a big mess of the place. At least not on the first day.

When Josh and Gage got back from a long run along the river, the whole process started all over again. It was really fun hearing what their lives had been like away from Boston. It was going to be a great year having three roommates; I'd gotten really lucky to be with such a fantastic group of guys.

That night we all went to dinner at our favorite Thai place in Brookline. It was kind of a dive, but it was fairly cheap and the food was great. Sometimes the spices made my mouth feel like it was going to explode, but I managed to hold it together by not bursting into tears. In the end, I don't think any of the other guys realized what was going on inside my mouth!

We got back to the room and talked for a little while longer. Alan and Gage had a big practice in the morning, and Josh and I had to report for sophomore camp as well. So we went our separate ways to get ready for bed. I told Josh that I needed a shower before I could go to sleep. It had been a long day and I was still on West Coast time anyway. Josh agreed to wait up.

Josh was awake, reading something on his laptop when I came into the room wearing my towel. Josh's blondish hair was cut short, kind of a summer cut. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his hairless chest gleamed in the bright light from the fluorescent bulb in the cheap dorm lamp.

He looked up from his book and smiled at me. His blue eyes caught my eye, then quickly strayed to my towel. He pursed his lips and nodded his approval.

"What?" I asked.


"You like my towel?"

He giggled.

"Yes, TJ, that's it. I like your towel."

I took it off and tossed a towel ball at his head. He blocked it and it fell on the floor. He picked it up and brought it to his face, inhaling deeply.

"You're demented," I said, laughing. "That's disgusting. Sniffing my towel."

"Dogs do it," he protested.

"You're not a dog," I said.

"Not yet," he replied, giving me a knowing look. He tossed my towel across the room.

"So you're naked."

"I know," I said. With my eyes, I pointed to the covers on Josh's bed that he was lying under. "Are you?"

He lifted up the sheet to check.

"Looks like it," he said. "That okay?"

"Is that going to be our thing? No pajamas."

He raised his hand to take a pledge. "Yes TJ, no pajamas. We are agreed, it will be the first official rule of our dorm room. No pajamas allowed. You have my solemn oath."

I high-fived his hand. "You have my solemn oath too," I agreed. "I don't even own pajamas, and no matter how fucking cold it gets in Boston this winter, I will not buy any."

Josh nodded. He had a great smile that was begging to be kissed. "Great, now that that's taken care of. What do we do now?" he asked me, knowing full well what we both wanted to do.

I was still standing beside his bed. He looked at my dick. I was still soft, maybe a little more dangly than usual, but nowhere close to my eight and third inches of full boner-hood. I'd been thinking about coming into our room and ravaging Josh while I was in the shower, so it came as a great surprise to me that I hadn't gotten an erection yet - usually my penis knew exactly what was going to happen way before my head did, and of course it would react accordingly.

"Get in here," Josh said.

He lifted the covers again. I hopped in and ducked down below the blankets to inspect Josh's cock. He was hard all right.

Josh had a beautiful cock. Even in the complete darkness under the bed sheets, you could really appreciate it. It was thick like a rocket ship at the base and that lasted almost all the way to the top when it finally came to a narrower ending.

For a small skinny guy like Josh, it was pretty impressive. I remember watching Josh grab hold of himself in the showers one of the first times I'd ever seen him naked. He'd struggled to get his hand around it. Not anybody else notices things like that in the showers after track practice, of course. But, you know, I'm sort of a connoisseur of these sorts of details.

While I couldn't see a thing, the shape and feel of Josh's stiff dick sent a stream of pre-cum oozing out the top of my own cock. And I quickly got hard just by placing one hand on his balls and one around his shaft. Josh had shaved his pubes off completely; it made his weenie seem even bigger with nothing but the fat end of Apollo 11 standing strongly up from below his hard abs.

I gave Josh's dick a few light strokes with both hands, and he rewarded me with a moan from above and his own leaky pre-cum from below.

Clumsily, Josh flipped me around under the sheets and positioned my dick and nuts up by his face. My own face met Josh's cock and it slipped easily into my mouth. Josh plopped half of my scrotum into his own mouth and breathed warm air onto my ass.

I used both hands, my lips, my tongue, and as much of my throat as I could on Josh. He was already hard as a rock, and the angle of his dick pointing up toward his chest meant that I needed to bend him a little backward to do to him what I wanted.

Josh's tongue found my asshole. He spread my cheeks with his hands and buried his face inside of me.

"Aaah," I said.

"Shhh," Josh whispered. "We don't want to wake Alan and Gage."

So I shushed and got back to business, trying not moan or make too much noise with any part of my body.

But that soon proved impossible since Josh had obviously been practicing rim jobs over the summer. He was like a man possessed, licking and slurping away. He finally let up on me a little as I squirmed with pleasure and managed to practically slide right off of Josh and onto the floor.

Josh replaced his mouth with a couple fingers and quickly found what he was looking for inside of me.

"Aaah," I said again.

"Shhh," Josh whispered. "TJ!"

"Sorry," I said. But I couldn't help it.

I went back to work on Josh's blow job, thinking that would keep me quiet.

Josh mistook the lack of sounds coming from my mouth as evidence that he wasn't doing a good enough job eating out my butt. So he went back to nibbling away at me with his mouth. Holy fuck! When did he get so good at this? He hadn't even touched my dick yet, but I was sure I could cum at any moment!

Amazingly, Josh found a way to suck on my bed and still get two fingers inside of me. The sensations sent me over the top and I bucked my hips and pounded on Josh's chest with my hard-on. My balls slapped against Josh's chin as I past the point of no return.

Josh stuck a third finger in and that did it. I came in a bucket-load all over Josh, the bed, and the wall.

"Aaah," I said for a third time. "Oops," I added. "Sorry."

Josh giggled and scooped up a little of my jizz and slathered it all over my cock. Since I'd already cum, and I'd done it without so much as a single touch on my dick, the sensation of Josh's hand jacking me with a little wet sperm was too much!

I wiggled my butt against Josh's face. "Oooh! Oh my god, Josh!" I whispered. "What was that?"

"Nice one, TJ," Josh said. "That's pretty cool you can cum without me even touching your dick."

"Um, yeah," I said. "Sorry, that sort of came out of nowhere."

"No worries, it was cute." Josh stuck his tongue into my butt again and I jumped.

"Fuck Josh!" I whispered loudly.

He laughed again.

"I guess you're a little sensitive tonight."

"Yeah, I guess, I mean, well. I mean, where did you learn to do that?"


"That?" I said. "You know, to eat out my butt like that?"

"You'd be amazed what you can read about on-line," Josh giggled.

I laughed too.

"I've been practicing all summer at home," Josh said.

"With your dad?" I asked, teasing him.

"Yeah," Josh played along.


"Come on, TJ, my dad's got a pretty fearsome ass! You'd like it too."

"Totally gross! Don't even go there."

I placed my lips around the tip of Josh's penis again. The idea of Josh rimming his father was a weird mental image and I wanted to make it go away. In seconds, I had Josh quiet and lying back as I worked his perfect little rocket cock up and down into the back of my throat.

"Oh fuck," Josh whispered.

I felt his abs tighten. I felt his legs try to move. I kept him on his back, pinned under my weight. Just as Josh would get close to cumming, I'd slow down and let him come back to earth for a moment. Then when his hips stopped bucking, I'd drive him crazy again. I repeated the cycle, multiple times. Josh was going nuts!

Finally when I'd had enough fun toying with him, and Josh had begged me to finish him off at least three times, I decided to let him cum.

I remember how far Josh could shoot, and I wasn't' sure I could handle it after I'd cum myself, so for the very end I put my mouth over Josh's scrotum and let my slippery hands finally get him off.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oooooooh!"

Josh was so loud when he came that there's no way that Alan and Gage didn't hear. There's probably no way that the entire rest of our dorm floor didn't hear either!

I burst out laughing. For such a quiet, easy-going guy, Josh could sure come like a Shakespearean actor!

I volunteered to tip-toe outside of our bedroom and to get a wet wash cloth in the bathroom of our suite. I was naked and still semi-hard (am I every truly soft?), but thought I could safely get back and forth quickly without being spotted by the other two guys in their room.

When I got back, Josh was already asleep. I gently rubbed up some of Josh's semen from between his legs, and cleaned up the mess I'd left on his chest. I pulled the sheets up to his neck, kissed him lightly on the nose, and switched off the lamp.

Wow. The first night back in Boston for school and I'd already had sex with my roommate from the track team. I had two more guys, probably also sleeping naked, across the other side of the suite. My mind was racing ahead to tomorrow morning and the possible site of Gage's tight little butt in the shower. Or maybe Alan's tight little butt in the kitchen. Ack! Where would I get all the energy?

I could get very used to this. And, I assured myself, I would find the energy. If it killed me.

This all might be very dangerous in the grand scheme of things. But well, for now, I wasn't going to worry about that. I needed to sleep. Josh was breathing in that rhythmic zen that said he was happy and had just had a happy orgasm. Finally my mind calmed down and I fell asleep in my own bed with the happy taste of Josh's cock on my lips. Yum.


TJ Tachet


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