Eric and Petey awoke the next morning in each other's grasp, face to face, and smelling the wonderful aroma of man juices from the previous night's sex. Coated in dried semen, they moved to the shower, as they soaked and cleaned one another's body. Eric, over come with carnal lust, knelt down and grabbed the base of Petey's blood filled vein covered steel hard rod and took it all the way down his throat. As he deep throated the big tool, Petey wildly used his hips to face fuck his buddy. Eric used a finger to explore Petey's hot pink ass. The sloppy blowjob and finger fucking of his ass caused Petey's balls to tighten releasing a massive load of cum down Eric's throat. When spent, he pulled his cock out, Eric got up, kissed his buddy and they shared the sweet thick cum.

Eric Picks Up The Story Here

We went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. The host gave us a secluded booth as she suspected from our behavior that we were a couple. When two hot waiters served our breakfast of orange juice, French toast, cups of fruit and coffee, my mouth flew open. Petey saw my reaction and asked: "Eric baby, what is wrong? You seem to know these guys."

"Yes, I do Petey. The ginger headed guy is Sean and the dark headed waiter is Jack."

With a look of shock, Jack asked: How do you know who we are?"

"Well Jack, I have a copy of the hot adult sex scene you two did in the adult film "Amateur Horny Guys First Gay Sex". Man you two have horse sized cocks and did you ever give Sean a rough fuck."

Both waiters became red faced but smiled. "Did you get off from watching us fuck? asked Sean.

"Yea, man did I ever. In fact, I shot two big loads. By the way, you two guys are as hot as adult stars Evan Parker, Brent Corrigan, Derec Dilemma, Brent Everett and Ben Bradley. You are some hot fuckers. I loved you scene."

"WOW, thanks man. And who are you?" replied Jack.

"I am Eric and this is my buddy Petey."

"You two are really hot. I bet you have some wild sex," said Jack.

"Well, we had our first hot sex last night. Man, Eric is some great fuck," replied Petey.

The conversation so turned on Petey that he reached under the table, unzipped my pants, put his hand inside my briefs, pulled out my now growing cock and began to jack me off. While I tried to act as if nothing was happening, I failed to fool the waiters, as my face became flushed and I began to breath harder.

"Well Eric and Petey I see you are busy with one another's needs and we've got to get back to serving others. Maybe we will see you later," said Jack.

We rushed through breakfast while Petey continued to play with my leaking cock. He took time to lick off his fingers enjoying the cum and finishing his toast. Wow, this was some breakfast. As we left the restaurant holding hands and my obvious big hard on, several guests in the restaurant smiled at us and gave us the thumbs up.

When we got to our room, I had Petey take a seat on the sofa, I got down on my knees, looked deep into his beautiful sexy sky blue eyes, put his hands in mine and with a nervous voice said: "Petey baby, I want to spend the rest of m y life with you. Will you marry me and make me the happiest man on the planet?"

My heart rate began to race, I started sweating and felt weak in the knees.

Petey slowly removed his hands from mine, cupped my face in his hands, tears began to flow down his cheeks as he responded: "Yes, yes, Oh yes dear Eric, I will marry you. I want you to be my husband and be with you the rest of my life. Please take me over to the bed and make love to me. My whole body is yours right now. Kiss my whole body, lick me from head to toe, rim my ass as it is now yours, suck my cock and give me my first fuck with your big cock. Please baby, lets consummate our partnership and love today even before our marriage."

We instantly felt a burning passion for each other, as our lust to make love over powered us. We stripped off all our clothes. Petey got on the bed on his back, spread his gorgeous muscled athletic legs far apart and begged me to dominate him. Our big hard cocks were twitching and bobbing up and down as I began to make love to my future husband.

I began by running my sweaty hands through his blond hair, kissed his forehead, and started my travel down his smooth athletic strong body. I kissed on his closed eyes, kissed his nose, licked his earlobes while I blew my hot breath into his ears, ran my wet tongue up and down his armpits until the hair in his armpits was soaking wet, licked his chest with my dripping tongue, sucked hard on his very erect nipples, went down his chest and stomach kissing and licking ever inch of his soft skin, took my tongue and licked/kissed the inside of his very hot sweaty thighs and finally I went back up and planted hard kisses on his lips.

As I continued my devouring ever inch of his hot body, Petey was moaning, breathing rapidly and his cock was bobbing up and down on his stomach like a rubber duck in a pool of water.

Next I went back down and began to lick up and down his tight athletic legs. I then took one foot at a time, licked the bottom of the foot, sucked on the ankle and sucked on each toe until I had tongued both of his cute feet.

It was now time to give special attention to his balls, ass and really big cock. I had Petey lift his legs up on his chest giving me a clear access to his crotch. I took several minutes kissing and licking each ball before I took them in my mouth. The hair on the balls were tickling my mouth. His bobbing cock was hitting my forehead while I sucked on his nuts. WOW, the feeling had me ready to bust a nut.

"OH my god Eric, you are going to suck the cum right out of my balls if you do not stop."

I turned my attention to his hairless pink pulsating ass that was begging me for attention. I spent several minutes kissing, licking and driving my tongue into his asshole. He loved my rimming his man pussy.

As he became hornier and hornier, I lubed his ass, lubed my cock and began inserting first my fingers in to his ass. Soon it was time to suck that gorgeous cock. I began by running my tongue up and down the underside of the steamy hot cock shaft. I kissed and sucked on his cock head and finally I was ready to slowly take his entire cock down my throat. I gave him a rough sucking. I was deep throating that monster tool for some five minutes while Petey used his hips to assist my blowjob of that big cock. Soon I felt his cock swell even more in my mouth and before I could pull out, he blasted a thick stream of white semen down my throat. The taste was so sweet. Petey ate pineapple each day that explained why his cum was so sweet.

I pulled off his softening cock and kissed his pink lips sharing the nectar with my future husband.

"OH MY LOVE, please give me your cock. I want to receive your seed inside me. Let's consummate our engagement with sharing our man juices. Fuck my ass, please fuck me with that engorged cock of yours. Give it to me. I want to feel you inside me."

Now over come with a burning lust for Petey's ass, I again lubed his ass and my cock. I began to drive my leaking cock inch by inch deep into his soft and pink ass. I used my cock to explore ever inch of his ass walls, rub his prostate with my steel hard cock head and massage the outer ring of his asshole with my rock hard cock. I used my hips and stretched out legs to drive deep inside that man pussy. His man pussy now belonged to me.

"OH FUCK YEA, oh holy shit, fuck me raw. Yea, Mmmmmm, Ahhhhhh, that is it."

I felt the semen rush from my balls, up my cock and flood deep into Petey's gorgeous ass. It was the best orgasm of my young life. When spent, I pulled out, took my cock up to his watering mouth and he sucked me dry. I laid down on top of my lover and laid there for an hour as we kissed and talked about our upcoming marriage. We smelt our manhood and all the aroma from the sex.

I had a terrific hard on and relief writing this story.

I hope the readers enjoy.


After posting several different stories about other subjects, I might return to this fictional story with Petey and Eric scenes of the bachelor's wild party prior to the marriage, the wedding and the story of the surrogate we used for test tube insemination for our two sons Tad (the blond son with Petey as the biological father) and Ted (the dark haired Italian son with me as the biological father).


Naughty Eric


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