William and Ken rented a large suite at a hotel in San Francisco for the Saturday night bachelor's party for their brothers Petey and Eric. The wedding was scheduled for the next Saturday at an old mansion just outside of San Francisco. William and Ken invited Curtis who had requested an invitation; Sean and Jack (the adult xxx actors), who Petey and Eric had met in the restaurant as their waiters the weekend of their skip trip when they had become engaged; five of Eric's best friends and five of Petey's best friends; and two gay nightclub strippers to perform. With William, Ken, Eric and Petey, the total party included 19 hot guys.

Everyone had arrived by 7 PM for an elaborate dinner in one of the hotel's private dinning rooms. The seven course meal also included lots of Champaign to celebrate the special occasion. Around 8:30 PM the party guests, along with Petey and Eric, adjourned to the hotel suite where they were all kinds of party goodies including various types of liquor and beer.

For the next hour they drank and joked around with Petey and Eric. Curtis started the teasing when he said: "Hey guys, poor Petey and Eric will only be single one more week. They then will no longer be playing the field. They will be two old geysers just fucking one another. Lets show them good time tonight."

At that moment there was a loud knock at the door and Petey's brother Ken said: "I wonder who that could be?" As he opened the door, music to the theme of a nightclub stripper's entrance began to blare out, as two really meaty studs came in dancing while wearing only a pair of tight pink shorts. One dude was about 6-feet with curly sexy blond hair and dark blue eyes. He looked Swedish. The other dude was about 5-feet and 10-inches tall with dark brown hair and eyes. He looked very Italian. They had huge bulges between heir legs with the outlines of monstrous cocks showing through their tight shorts.

All the guys except Petey and Eric began to hoop, yell and howl, as the hot strippers wildly slung their hips and crotches while performing a very suggestive sexy dance. The party goers yelled at the dancers such comments as: "Give me a lap dance, let me suck those big cocks, you want to fuck my pulsating ass and take it all off."

Eric and Petey were seated on the love sofa. They seemed embarrassed and soon their faces were flushed as the dancers moved over to them and began thrusting their crotches in the couples' faces. The blond dancer grabbed the back of Eric's head and shoved his crotch into Eric's face. The Italian stud did the same to Petey. The hot dancers climbed onto the couples laps and did a wild lap dance. The smelly dancers crotches invaded the nostrils of Petey and Eric, causing their cocks to swell to full erection.

The drunken guests began to clap and urged the dancers to take it all off. Soon the party goers grabbed the two dancers; pulled them away from Petey and Eric; pulled off the dancers shorts revealing two, at least 10-inch rock hard cocks; stripped off their own clothes to join the dancers butt naked; and began to dance with the strippers. Every one had steel hard boners.

Petey and Eric unzipped their own pants, pulled out their leaking cocks and went down on each others' cock. As they drove their cocks down each others' throat, their friends urged them on with: "Suck that cock. Blast that cum down your lover's throat."

The aroma of sweaty bodies, drunken guys, gorgeous naked bodies, engorged cocks and hormones gone wild with carnal lust removed all inhibitions. Sean and Jack, the hot adult xxx performers, grabbed Curtis. They put him on the floor on his back, lubed his bubble pink asshole and Sean began driving his huge cock into the lubed ass. Jack sat down on Curtis face and ordered: "You little bitch, rim my ass. Suck it baby." In the meantime, Sean had managed to drive his big cock all the way into Curtis ass chute. He began to rapidly move in and out of the hot ass, as Curtis used his tongue to suck and lick Jack's beautiful pink ass. The hot rimming and fucking by the three guys set off the other horny guys.

William grabbed the hot Swedish dancer, threw him on the bed on his back, climbed on top facing the hunk and lowered his ass down on the stripper's rock hard cock.

The Italian dancer threw Ken up facing the wall, spread Ken's legs far apart and thrust his huge leaking cock all the way into the bowls of Ken's gorgeous pink pulsating man pussy. The orgy had begun.

The other ten horny guests paired off in to twos. Each couple took turns giving each other hot blowjobs, rimming each others' ass and finally fucking their mate's ass. The hotel suite was filled with the smells of body sweat, the aroma of cum seepage, liquor and beer odors and the sounds of intimate cock sucking, eating ass and fucking.

The guys could be heard as they begged and demanded their sex partner to: "Suck my big cock dry; take all my cock down that fucking throat; bitch, I said swallow all my tool; you heard me, you whore, take all my cock up that sissy asshole; don't you come, you little ungrateful wimp, until I tell you, you can come; oh fuck me harder; come in my ass; spurt that hot man juice down my throat; let me fuck that virgin man pussy, baby; come all over my body; that's it baby, yea, it feels so great; oh baby, your cock is so big, it hurts; oh your hot cum taste so good, mmmmm; give me all your juice; come all over my face; and rip my ass with that horse cock."

All the dirty talk continued for at least 30 minutes as the guys sucked cock, rimmed ass and fucked. There must have been a quart of cum shot all over the guys. It was beyond a hot orgy. It was incredible. Petey and Eric could not believe their eyes. Man, this was a bachelor's party for the ages.

At the end of the hour's steamy wild sex orgy, everyone had drained their nuts of man juice except Petey and Eric. As the guys laid back to rest from their powerful orgasms, they noticed Petey and Eric still seated on the love sofa with still rock hard cocks. Both guys cocks weer shinny from the leaking pre-cum.

William and Ken noticed that their brothers faces revealed an animal carnal lust. William looked at Ken and said: "Hey, my future brother-in-law, what can we do to unload that built up cream in their balls? Look at them. They are as horny as hell."

"Yea, William, the night cannot end without our kin having a big ejaculation. Lets get the strippers to help them get off. We can give the strippers a bonus to help out."


The two hot strippers ripped off all our clothes, placed us on the bed, had Petey and me face to face with our lips touching while we laid on our sides, and our naked sweaty bodies pressed tight against each other while our leaking cocks rubbed hard together.

Then the most imaginable erotic sex act took place. I felt the big Swede stripper get behind me and he began to rub his monstrous cock up and down my ass crack as he stuck his middle finger deep into my ass. He sucked on his finger, gathered his spit and put it back into my ass over and over.

The guys must have planned this hot Serrano because the sexy Italian stripper did the same exact sex act on my lover Petey. After fingering our man pussies with their fingers and using their cocks to tease our pink assholes, I felt my man pussy pried open as the cute blond's erect boner drove deep into my chute. I noticed that the big Italian had begun to fuck the hell out of my future husband's golden chute.

We four studs were melted together. The strippers used their muscled athletic bodies to thrust all their weight into our backs as they fucked the hell out of our wet man pussies. The heightened breathing brought on by the fucking produced the most erotic manly smells and the hot breaths on our necks and faces were so hot.

The strippers had remarkable control preventing ejaculations. They fucked us harder and harder driving their big cocks to our deepest bowls. The big cock hitting my prostate massaged my G-Spot. I felt my semen flow out of my nuts, up my cock shaft as it drenched both Petey and my cocks and stomach. The feel of my cum on his body caused Petey to explode. We were both drenched in our mutual warm cum.

After another10 minutes, the two strippers breathing increased, they grunted loudly and simultaneously blasted volcanic streams of semen into our wet asses. We remained interlocked for several minutes as we enjoyed the very steamy aroma of wild sex and jism.

When the strippers got off of us, Petey and I discovered that our pubic hairs were stuck together from the drying cum. We used our hands to pry loose. We gave each other hard sloppy kisses and expressed our eternal love for each other.

WOW, this had been a wild bachelor's party. We said goodnight to all the guys as they left. Now in a week we'd have our long awaited wedding, followed by the reception, wedding cake ceremony and off to Hawaii on our honeymoon.



Naughty Eric


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