The wedding took place on a Saturday at 11:00 AM in a large glass stained church in Las Vegas. The 200 guests included the families and friends of the couple. As the ceremony began, the church was draped in huge baskets of flowers. Petey and Eric's parents walked the couple down the isle. William (Eric's brother) and Ken (Petey's brother) served as the best men. The wedding party also included groom men Curtis as well as Sean and Jack from the ski lodge. The handsome wedding party wore tuxedos with red and white carnations.

At the end of the ceremony, the minister declared: "Eric you may kiss your husband. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the newly weds Eric and Petey."

The crowd stood with a loud ovation as Petey and Eric walked down the isle holding hands.

Eric Picks up the story here:

Petey and I took a few minutes in the minister's office as our witnesses signed the marriage license along with us.

When Petey and I entered the reception hall holding hands, the guests burst out into applause. When we were seated at the head table, William proposed a toast: "Brother Eric and Petey, I'm overjoyed for you and may you have a long happy life together."

Next Ken gave a toast: "Baby brother Petey and Eric, I wish for you much happiness. Eric, watch out for that huge weapon of my brother. You may be sore ever night." The guests burst out laughing.

After the lunch, Petey and I cut the first piece of the eight-layer cake. As Petey fed me the piece, he plastered my face with the cake and then licked it off my face. We kissed as our faces were covered in white cake filled with a lemon creme.

After everyone was served the cake, the band conductor said: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present newly weds Petey and Eric for the first dance." As the band played "We Are Family", Petey held me very tight as he put his hands on my butt and I put my hands around his neck. We danced as we kissed. Soon I felt a rise in my cock and felt Petey with a big hard on. Oh shit, soon we both lost control as pre-cum soiled our briefs. Man, we had to get out of here before we fucked on the dance floor.

The reception went for a couple of hours as most everyone was drinking champagne as they dipped little golden buckets into the fountain flowing with champagne. Most people were soon rather high.

Petey and I said goodbye as we left for the airport and a two week honeymoon in the South Pacific Island of Fiji.

After more than two days of flying with several stops, we landed early Tuesday morning in the Fiji capitol of Suva. We had arrived in a garden of Eden with beautiful flowers, palm trees, white beaches and deep blue water.

We spent the day site seeing after checking into our hotel and the cute thatched cottage over looking the beach and blue ocean on a hill that gave us a breath taking view. The day's tour included The University of South Pacific, special groomed gardens, lunch on a docked yacht, and swimming in the ocean. We had a seven course dinner in the main dining room of the main hotel.



After dinner and several hard drinks (including drinking from a coconut bowl), we made it to our thatched cottage in a state of feeling no pain. I went to the bathroom to piss and when I came out Petey was already in bed with a sheet covering him. Our bed was next to a open wall over looking the beach and ocean. As the moon shined in on Petey, it was like a spot light. I could see the outline of his gorgeous body with a huge like tent holding up the sheet at his crotch. His young beautiful face glowed in the moon light, his sexy eyes were glowing with pleasure and his arms were shinny from the light.

In the nude, I instantly got a rock hard boner looking at my husband, a real hunk. I had never been happier or hornier. I needed my husband to devour me at that moment. Oh how I wanted him. I rushed to the bed, slipped under the cover and with no warning, I slipped my hand over to his crotch. I took his blood filled red hot cock in my hand. I had never felt a more rock hard and pulsating cock. It must have been the fact that we were in paradise and he was now all mine that had us both in pure lust. He turned his head toward me, put his lips up against my lips and plunged his tongue deep into my throat. The taste of the liquor and his hot breath had me about to come.

With both of us totally naked, the feel of flesh on flesh was almost more than a man could take without passing out. As I jerked his cock, he threw his wet slick body up against my thigh and began to wildly hump me. We humped and kissed for some time before Petey decided to throw off the sheet and mount me. Our cocks were sliding across each other oozing lots of pre-cum. Petey began to suck on my favorite erotic spot as he sucked my ear lobes. At the same time, he used his hands to play with my hard nipples. I took my hands and began to rub up and down his back. Soon I had my hands on his butt cheeks and before long I had plunged two fingers into his asshole. My fingers so turned him on that I felt his ass muscles pulsating out and back in. My fingers felt great as his ass muscles actually were massaging those fingers.

When I could not stand it any longer, I begged: "Baby, oh Baby, please suck my cock. Give me a wild blowjob and fuck your bitch husband's ass. Baby, we are in heaven and what a place to suck cock, rim ass and fuck. I'm yours forever. Make love to your husband."

This so turned on Petey that he replied: "My Baby, I want you to suck my cock and rim my ass. Lets get into a 69 and do each other. I have never been more excited and lusting after a man."

We got into a 69. I took his huge hard cock up to my mouth and began to lick up and down his now slick sweaty cock shaft. I felt his tongue all over my cock shaft. Soon we were licking each other's balls, tonguing our mates asshole, sucking on and swallowing the hot nuts and finally we began a long blowjob on each other. The smell of our asses, crotches, balls and cocks were beyond a description. As we sucked cock, rimmed ass, held the balls in our mouth; the sweat and pre-cum covered our faces and mouths. The moaning and grunting could be heard by the guests in a joining cottage as well as tourists walking down the path. But the lust had us as slaves. We could care less who heard us. We heard some of those people passing by say: "Man, that newly wed couple are in total heat like a dog in heat. I wish I could get that hot and horny with wild sex. Look you can see them through the open wall Man, are they ever gorgeous hunks. Loom at them suck cock."

After some ten minutes or so, Petey broke loose and put me on my back. He pulled my legs up on his shoulder, put a pillow under my ass and moved his hot legs and hips forward. I felt his cock rub up against my ass crack. It felt so hot, hard and wet, as he began to enter my eager welcoming ass. I felt his big boner go inch by inch deeper and deeper into my man pussy. Then he began to thrust in and out with his huge cock. Each time he thrust his juicy cock deep into me, I felt his cock massage my prostate. Man, this was a great fuck. I had never seen Petey this wild fucking me. It was so awesome.

I bucked like a wild horse to met his thrusts into me. We fucked for at least ten minutes when I felt his cock swell even more, his breathing became faster, his thrust became more violently and then he cried: "Baby, here I come. Your husband is having his first orgasm after our marriage deep in your man pussy."

This put me over the edge. As I felt the cool ocean breeze on my body, I exploded with a huge thick load of cum over my body while receiving Petey's huge load deep into my ass.

When we weer spent, Petey pulled out and we embraced. We were so in love and the smell of hot sex and especially cum had us just unable to move. We soon went off to sleep and looked forward to the next day in this garden of flowers, palm trees and blue ocean.

The next day we weer called to the main hotel to receive a call from my brother William. "Hey Bro, do I ever have a story of the raunchiest sex ever for you two. After you two left, Curtis, Ken and I continued to consume that champagne until we were loaded. After all the wedding guests had left, my bladder was about to burst so I went to the bathroom. I was about to finish when Curtis and Ken walked in to relieve themselves. While I was still at the urinal, they began to piss. As you know I have always been straight or I thought so."

William paused on the phone and then he continued: "I started to put away my big 8-inch cock when suddenly Ken in his drunken horny state grabbed my cock and began to jerk me off. Hell, it felt so great that my cock began to grow hard. I had never had such a hot sexy hand on my tool before. Ken knew how to excite ever vein in my wood. I told him not to stop. This so encouraged Curtis that he came over, got down on his knees, pulled my pants down, lowered my briefs and began sucking my balls as he put them in his mouth while thrusting a finger up my ass. This cause Ken to get down on his knees and he began licking his hot long tongue up and down my throbbing cock shaft. Next Curtis took his tongue and thrust it as far as he could into my asshole. He sucked so hard causing me to become dizzy with lust. The smells of their bodies and pre-cum had me loving gay sex."

"William, what happened next?"

"When I told them I was on the edge of coming. they stopped. They had me on my knees; they dropped their pants and briefs; and took turns thrusting their big shinny pre-cum cock heads into my mouth. Man, the taste of then pre-cum was so awesome, as was the odor from their crotches. They fucked my face like two big loggers for some 20 minutes. Our wedding tuxedos were in shambles. We would have to buy the rented tuxedos."

I interrupted my brother.

"William please don't stop. Both Petey and I are on the phone listening and becoming horny as hell. We're jacking off each other as you tell this incredible hot sex orgy. We're feeding each other our fingers covered in pre-cum. Tell us what happened next."

William continued: "Hi Petey. Well guys, Ken told Curtis to stop and they whispered something to one another. They took me into one of the stalls; Ken closed the lid and sat down on the commode with a huge cock standing straight up. He ordered me to get on his lap facing him and had me push my big ass down on his throbbing cock. Now I felt my ass being ripped apart. Some how Curtis managed to get his swollen cock all the way into my ass. Then I felt Ken began to insert his cock into my ass. WOW, I was experiencing a doubled fucking. Hell, two big cocks for my first fucking. I did take them both somehow. They fucked me for at least 5 minutes when I heard their breathing increase and somehow their cocks swelled more as they burst load after load of semen in my ass. Man, this was a river of juices. Without touching myself, I exploded a huge load all over the chest of Curtis. They finally pulled out and we got out of the stall."

"Then what brother?"

"Shit, you will not believe what happened. While we were still naked and with shinny pre-cum on our dicks, the minister entered the bathroom."

Oh shit brother, what did you all do then?"

"Well Eric, the minster looked shocked. Before we could apologize, he left the bathroom. We cleaned up the best we could and went back to the hotel. I guess the minister will not see us again, hopefully. Later that night we did another round as I fucked both Curtis and Ken. I think we are going to get an apartment together. I think we have become fuck buddies."

Petey said: "Congratulations. Tell the guys we are happy for you. We will see you all in two weeks."


Naughty Eric


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