That was the first time Lucas spent the entire night with me. He fucked me up the ass twice, and I fell asleep with him spooned up behind me, his cock still lodged inside me, semi-hard. When I woke up he next morning, he was still in me, his powerful arm draped over me, his lips just touching the back of my neck. I moved slightly, and he sleepily murmured my name. I knew he was awake too when his arm moved slowly down my side, roaming across my smooth skin. The warm touch of his hand on my body, feeling me up, gave me an instant hard-on. Him, too; his cock was already stiffening. Without pulling out, he rolled me onto my stomach. I felt his weight pressing down on me. He was heavy, but it wasn't uncomfortable; it felt good.

I could feel the power in his body as he began pumping in and out of my butt, the massive muscles ramming his cock into me with such force that the bed creaked and shook.

As he withdrew, I could feel his sperm churning in my guts, and I could smell his musky scent on me.

'Damn,' he said, running his hand over my body, 'you keep working out and you're gonna be bigger than me in a few years. I wasn't this big when I was your age.'

'You couldn't have been much smaller,' I retorted.

'Not much smaller,' he agreed. 'I guess I was just under two hundred pounds. But that was years ago. Anyway, you ready for breakfast?'

'Not yet.' I reached over to him and put my hands on either side of his head, and I brought my mouth to his. I felt him jump a little, startled, but he didn't pull away. He met me kiss for kiss, lips for lips, tongue for tongue. I felt his lips smiling as they touched mine. I didn't think about anything while we kissed except how good it felt to be with him. Lucas wrapped my arms around me, and I wrapped mine around him.

'Now you're ready to start the day,' Lucas declared when we were done, running a finger along the crack of my ass as we got up from the bed.

His buddies arrived the following morning. They'd hitched a lift from the bus station. I couldn't help staring at them when they got out of the pick-up truck that had brought them. As it drove off, they strode towards us.

Marco was about Lucas' height. He was big and muscular, though not as big as Lucas. His dark, curly hair fell loosely over his forehead, but was cut short in back. He had a strong jawline and thick, full lips. He wore a linen shirt with buttons down the front; it reminded me of the kind of shirt that looks simple and understated but has a crazy price when you look at the tag. It accentuated his physique, so broad across the shoulders and narrow at the waist that it wouldn't fit a guy with an ordinary build. In the back of my mind, I wondered how it would look on me.

Thomas was a couple inches shorter than me, and obviously of Asian heritage. His skin was golden, almost light brown. His hair was long on top and short on the bottom, neatly combed, even in this weather. He wore wire-rim glasses, which looked incongruous with his broad shoulders and muscular build. He wore a plain, light blue T-shirt, which clung to the contours of his massive shoulders and pecs, and his biceps bulged below the edges of his sleeves, rippling with power as he hefted his own large bag in one hand, and Marco's in the other. His dark blue jeans were equally tight; I don't know how he'd managed to fit into them. They were wide at the thigh and narrowed at the knee and calf. On his feet he wore clunky black boots. Unlike Marco, he was a couple of inches shorter than me, but he outweighed me by a good fifteen pounds. He put down the bags; I tried not to stare at his arms as the muscles flexed beneath his skin. He stepped forward to give Lucas a hug that showed the kind of warmth and affection I wouldn't have expected from such Herculean specimens of manhood.

Lucas was grinning broadly at them. After hugging each of his buddies in turn, he draped his arm over my shoulder, his fingers lightly brushing the skin of my neck as his hand moved to hang over my chest. 'This is Brent.'

'Lucas wrote us about you,' Thomas said as he shook my hands. His grip was warm, and a little moist from sweat. He looked straight at me, and I felt as if he was sizing me up. Then he turned to Lucas. 'Dude, look at this!' He grabbed Marco's wrist and pulled his arm up.

Marco splayed his fingers. On the fourth one was a plain gold band. 'You didn't tell me you got married!' Lucas exclaimed delightedly. He hugged Marco again.

'Uh... you came all this way without your wife?' I couldn't help asking.

'Wife?' Marco answered, sounding as mystified as he looked.

Thomas snickered. 'Uhh... Marco didn't get married to a woman,' he explained condescendingly. 'He got married to a another man.'

I was even more confused. 'How can a man marry another man?'

'It's legal in Massachusetts,' said Marco. 'Thomas and I moved to Boston after we got out of the service last year.'

'So you have a.....' I didn't even know how to finish the sentence.

'A husband,' he finished.

Lucas put his arm around my shoulder again, and I felt a little less at sea. 'That was quick. I didn't even know you'd been serious with anyone. Where's the lucky guy?'

Marco frowned. 'Germany.'

'What?' For once, Lucas, always so confident, so sure of everything, sounded as astonished as I felt.

'Johann and I got married three days before his student visa expired when he graduated. It was sudden, but we had to move fast before he had to go back home.'

'What are you going to do?' I asked.

'He's trying to get a work visa, but it'll take several months at least. Until then,' he grinned and looked at Thomas and Lucas, 'I get to spend some time with my best buddies.'

After they brought their stuff inside, Lucas said, 'I'll show you around the place.' He took them through the whole first floor and the basement, pointing out details like how to avoid the broken step on the cellar stairs and where we kept the coffeemaker in the kitchen. He totally took charge, and I was impressed by how observant he was; he'd only been with us a few months, but he already knew how the whole farm ran, inside and out.

Then we went upstairs. 'You two can have my bedroom,' Lucas told his buddies. 'It's got plenty of room, a king-size bed and everything.'

I spoke up. 'Lucas, I don't know if it's such a good idea for you to use my parents' room while they're away---'

He snorted. 'Hell no. I ain't sleeping in their room. That would be disrespectful.' He looked me straight in the eye. 'I'm moving upstairs. Into your room.' I stood there agape. Lucas continued the tour; Thomas smirked at me as he followed him.

Finally we came to the barn. Lucas pointed upwards.

'That's the hayloft, of course. That's where I fucked this kid's ass for the first time.' He put one massive arm around my shoulders, in a sort of half a hug, then turned to me and planted a kiss on me, in full view of his Navy buddies. He pulled something out of his pocket. It was a small jar, I realized. Vaseline. He tossed it to Thomas. 'Now it's your turn. I saw the way you've been ogling his tight ass.'

Lucas motioned for me to go up the ladder first. I realized why when I was about half way up and felt somebody's hands on my butt. I looked down and saw it was Thomas.

Thomas was the first one to take off his shirt, even before the others were up in the loft. It was so tight he had to remove his glasses; after he'd tossed it aside, he picked up his glasses with both hands and slid them back on.

'Come on, get naked,' he told me.

I started taking off my clothes, never taking my eyes off the muscular sailor. As powerful as he looked with his shirt on, he looked even more so with his shirt off, almost as built as Lucas. He smirked again when he saw me ogling at him, my eyes wide.

'I guess you can ogle my muscles, I ogled your ass,' he said. He sat on a bale of hay and removed his boots, then his jeans and underwear; his jeans were so tight, and his thighs so wide, there was no way he was getting the jeans off over his boots. The skin on his body was golden brown and smooth, showing off hard, ripped muscle. Although he was the shortest of us, he was also the widest, his shoulders even broader than Lucas'. Naked, he was like a sparkplug of solid muscle, wide at the top and narrow in the middle; I could even count an eight-pack that looked like bricks set into his torso. Damn, just looking at his body was making me hard.

His cock was big -- nothing compared to Lucas', of course, but still a good eight inches, sticking straight at me. But first he put one hand on the back of my neck and steered my head to his chest, positioning my mouth at one of his taut brown nipples. I kissed it, and he squeezed my neck in approval. Then I stuck my tongue out and ran it around the edge of the nipple. I could feel the power and strength under the smooth skin of his pec, and as I sucked on it, I imagined that through my tongue I could feel his heart beating. He said nothing, but his hand clenched my neck as his hard cock bobbed up and down, bumping against my own chest.

Lucas joined us; he bent and placed his mouth over the other tit, making the normally reserved Thomas gasp in pleasure. Thomas' chest was so wide that there was plenty of room for both of us; our heads didn't bang against each other. I could see Lucas' face in my peripheral vision, his mouth sucking on the brown nipple, leaving streaks of saliva on the enormous pec. I was doing the same to the one in front of me.

With both of us in the way, Thomas couldn't give his hard cock any attention, and finally he pushed us back.

'Get him ready,' he told Lucas.

Thomas grabbed the bottle of lube, and I expected him to hand it to Lucas to apply to my ass, but Thomas just squirted it onto his own cock. Then Lucas bent me over a bale of hay, and the next thing I knew I felt something warm and wet at my asshole. But it wasn't a cock; it was Lucas' tongue! That must've been what Thomas meant by getting me ready. I cried out loudly in pleasure as he pushed it inside me. He swirled it around, sliding it in and out, massaging my fuckchute with his tongue. I felt like I was about to cum, but couldn't quite go over the edge. I was gasping and writhing, and Lucas had to grab my butt cheeks with both his big hands to keep my ass from slipping off his tongue.

'He's ready,' Lucas announced.

I wanted him to continue tonguing my ass, but even more, I wanted to experience his buddies' cocks up my butt. I pulled a blanket over a bale of hay and sat on it, leaning back and lifting my legs.

'Give it to me,' I said, my voice thick with lust.

Thomas stepped over to me, his cock hard and throbbing. He still had his glasses on, and he looked at me with hunger and anticipation. I braced myself as he pressed his cock against my hole. It slid inside easily; Lucas had loosened me up good. I heard Thomas' sharp intake of breath as he shoved his cock in me, and I knew he liked what he felt. I sure did.

He plowed me, moving in and out masterfully.

'Goddamn,' Lucas muttered; even he was in awe of the way his buddy was fucking me, even though I figured he'd seen him in action before. Maybe it was because it was me Thomas was fucking.

Goddamn, I'd known this guy for less than an hour, and already I had his hard cock up my butt. It felt good, really good. He knew how to fuck; he kept hitting that spot inside me that Lucas had told me was my 'prostate'. Lucas loved it when I cried out every time he hit it with his cock, and as I occasionally glanced at him, I could tell from the look on his face as he watched us that he loved each 'Fuuuck!' I called out whenever Thomas hit that spot. He was rubbing his crotch and getting really turned on. Not that I could really watch Lucas that closely; Thomas kept slamming into me, and that made it hard for me to focus.

I hadn't even realized Thomas was getting close until I suddenly felt his cum spurting inside me. He must've been dry for several days because he filled me with his hot sperm; at least it felt like it. I felt it, that was for sure; he was a powerful shooter. Then he pulled out and let me feet drop off his shoulders. His big cock swung down and hit his thigh, leaving a streak of cum. He adjusted his glasses and ran one hand through his hair to neaten it.

'Fuck, you weren't kidding, Lucas,' he said. 'That kid has one hell of an ass.'

'That ass sure loved your Asian cock,' Marco interjected.

'You should talk,' Thomas retorted, punching Marco on the shoulder. 'You gonna take a turn now, buddy?'

Marco had been so entranced watching us that he still had his shirt on, but now he practically ripped it off, he was so eager to get at me. I sat up so I could get a better look. Unlike Lucas and Thomas, Marco's chest had some hair on it; not a lot, but enough to look different from the others. It reminded me a little of Mr. Cornell. He'd already lost his jeans while he watched Thomas fuck me, massaging his hard cock through his briefs the whole time he was looking at us. And as he took off his shorts, I was just as eager to feel his cock up my ass.

Marco greased up his cock with some of the Vaseline then pulled me up by the shoulders. I thought for a moment he was going to kiss me, but then he turned me around and bent me over the bale of hay. He pushed a finger up my asshole, hard. He had really thick fingers, and it felt good--really good--like something I wasn't allowed to do but did anyway and liked it. I was beginning to get hard again. Even sleeping with--well, getting fucked by--Lucas and Joey and Mr. Cornell, I wasn't used to guys sticking their fingers up my ass, but I was starting to figure out what I liked, and this was one thing I wanted more of.

He pushed it in and out a couple of times and probed deep.

'Won't need no more grease up here, that's for sure. You sure lubed him up real well, bud, with that load you shot up there,' he said to Thomas. 'But he's still tight. I think this one's got a natural talent.'

'His butt's all muscle,' Lucas interjected. 'That's what makes it so tight. And I should know, I been fuckin' it enough.' He looked at me, licking his lips. I realized he was anxiously waiting his turn. 'You're right about the talent, though.'

'He's got muscle all over,' Marco observed as he ran one hand down my back to my ass, then around to the front over my abs. 'Fuck! How does a teenager get a body like this?'

'Are you gonna fuck him or ain't you?' Lucas asked. 'We ain't got all day. There's work to do.'

Marco was still muttering under his breath as he lined his cockhead up against my butthole. I took a deep breath and pushed back as he pushed forward, and in one quick, easy movement, his entire cock was up my ass.

'Awwwhh, Fuck!' I whispered as he impaled me. It felt great! Having Thomas' cock up there first had helped stretch me out a little, and there was no pain at all.

Once he had his cock up my ass, he fucked me hard, pounding me so forcefully that I had to bend down and put my hands on the bale of hay to keep steady. His cock kept sliding back and forth against some sensitive spot, the one that Lucas could play like a virtuoso. I guessed it had to be my prostate.

I couldn't believe I'd met these two guys barely an hour ago, and now they were fucking me, and I already had one load of cum up my ass. And I was hard as a rock the entire time. Lucas was right; I couldn't get enough. I was in ecstasy as this horny sailor fucked me, and though I wasn't even touching my cock, I suddenly started spurting my cum all over the hay below me. It took me completely by surprise.

I guess my ass clenched down around Marco's cock when I came, just like it did with Lucas or Joey Cornell, 'cause he called out, 'Oh fuck, he's coming! Godd, you oughta feel his ass squeezing my cock! Ahhh, that's incredible, kid. Aww, fuck, take my load. Take it!' He shot off inside me, adding his sperm to Thomas'.

He tweaked one of my nipples with his fingers, then pulled out.

'All yours,' he said to Lucas.

'I've been waiting for this all morning,' Lucas said, licking his lips again.

'Horny bastard,' I said. But he knew it was a term of approval.

Lucas' giant monster was the biggest of the three, but I couldn't wait for it. Fuck, I wanted it so bad, and I knew it was going to be an easy entry because the other two sailors had pried me open and stretched me and left plenty of natural lube. Lucas set the wide head of his cock against my gaping hole and shoved. It slipped right through, easy as pie. He pushed it a couple of inches inside me and teased me by leaving it right there, going no deeper. I pushed back to try to get more of it up my ass, but he took a step back to thwart me.

'You getting anxious?' he taunted me, laughing.

'Yess!' I hissed. 'You know I want it, Lucas, stop teasing me,' I whined.

'Okay, little fucker, but let me feed it to you, don't get greedy,' he said. Then, slowly, excruciatingly slow, he pushed it in.

'Goddamn,' I heard Marco say quietly to Thomas, shaking his head in wonder. 'I don't see how he takes it so easy. That thing looks gigantic.'

'And it feels even bigger than it looks, I remember,' Thomas muttered.

That confirmed what I thought, that these guys had been together before. I felt Lucas' cock sliding into me through the mix of Marco's and Thomas' cum, moving deeper than any other cock I'd had. Geezus... a few months ago I wouldn't have dreamed about saying things like 'any other cock I'd had.' I couldn't even have imagined that it was possible for a man to have a cock the size of Lucas', let alone fit into another guy's ass -- let alone fit it into MY ass. But it was the size of a horse, and he could fit it inside of me, and he did, and I loved it.

'You like getting gangbanged by three horny sailors, don't you?' Lucas breathed into my ear as he plowed me from behind. 'You're gonna have the best time of your young life, having us living in your house, Brent. Ain't you glad I invited my buddies to come and help out on the farm?'

'Yes, I'm glad, Lucas,' I whimpered. I said it but none of what we were saying made sense because my head was so buzzed up with the pleasure Lucas was causing with his huge cock reaming my hungry ass.

'Damn right you are,' he said. 'Now I'm gonna shoot my load inside you, and you'll have my sperm swimming around in your guts along with theirs. You like that idea, little buddy?'

'Yess! Aww, yess, Lucas, I wanta feel you shot your big load way up in my ass. Shoot it real hard, make me cum with you.' I didn't want him to go off so quick, but I knew there would be more to come from these three horny studs. A lot more.

He'd barely finished telling me this when he slammed his cock deep into me, making me hiss with the force he used, and then he squirted his juices up my chute. Watching his buddies fuck me must have really turned him on, because this was the quickest he'd ever jizzed into me, and it felt like a lot of cum. As he was pulling out his cock pulled across my tender, quivering prostate and cause me to go off. I shot a huge load all over the blanket.

After he pulled out, I stood up, barely able to. Thomas and Marco, both smiling, walked over to me and each gave me a wet, deep kiss, their tongues playing with mine. Lucas grinned at me with a look of triumph and accomplishment, and I grinned back with a feeling of great satisfaction.

'Damn,' Marco said, pointing at me from behind. 'Look at this kid. Three big loads shot deep inside him, and his ass is so tight that there's barely any leaking out!'

I had to keep my ass clenched tight, but I loved feeling all the spermy jism that was sloshing inside me, and I loved knowing that I was carrying three studs' cum in me as I walked around. It was the best introduction to new friends I'd ever had.

I was in town picking up supplies and stopped by the coffee shop.

'Good morning, Brent,' Nate Brock said. He and his wife were cleaning up after breakfast.

'Good morning, Mr. Brock,' I answered. I couldn't help feeling secretly grateful to him; he was the one who had put Lucas in touch with my dad.

'We're all so proud that you're looking after your parents' farm while they're away,' he told me. 'And I hope you've been working my nephew hard.'

I reddened involuntarily but managed to reply, 'Lucas has worked out great, Mr. Brock. He's a real asset to the farm. He even brought a couple of his Navy friends to help out.'

Mrs. Brock beamed. 'We're very pleased to hear that, Brent.'

As I finished my coffee and left, she added, 'You all have a good day now.'

'You too, Mrs. Brock, Mr. Brock.' I shook my head on my way out. I doubted their reactions would have been so enthusiastic if I'd told them the truth: 'These three farmhands are taking turns fucking me up the ass every day, and I'm loving it.'

A couple of weeks later, Lucas and I lay in bed together, our bodies entwined. He had his right hand on my ass, squeezing it and occasionally running his fingers around my hole, which was still moist with cum and Vaseline. As we kissed, he gradually worked one finger inside, then two, while his left hand roamed across my chest and abs.

'Geezus, you are so built. I didn't have muscles like this when I was your age. Your ass is solid muscle, dude,' he said.

'You've got a hell of an ass yourself, 'dude',' I replied. 'You know, Lucas, as much as I love taking it up the butt, you know I've never fucked anyone. Would you....' I faltered, then took a deep breath and continued, 'would you let me fuck you?' I felt like I was asking for the impossible; I'd never seen Lucas get fucked, or even heard any of the sailors mention it, but I suddenly wanted it so badly. He had the hardest, most muscular ass I'd ever seen; I actually had trouble imagining anything being able to push between those two powerful butt cheeks but I wanted to try.

He looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was. Finally he said, 'Well, if I'm gonna get fucked up the ass, I can't imagine anything hotter than getting fucked up the ass by a teenage muscle hunk.'

I was so happy I almost hugged him.

He got on his hands and knees, practically shoving his butt in my face. 'First you gotta loosen me up some.' As I reached my hand towards his butt, he added, 'With your tongue.'

Okay, I'd rimmed Marco and Thomas before, usually after Lucas had fucked them, so I had some practice. But Lucas' ass tasted of musk and sweat, not cum, and of course there was none of that sweet, salty fluid inside for me to lick out and swallow. But the fact that I was sticking my tongue down another guy's chute to get him ready for my cock made said cock rock-hard. I got right to it, pulled his butt muscles apart and when he bent down to spread them apart more, I dug my fingers into the muscle rim of his ass and pulled his hole open. I was almost shaking with excitement as I bored my tongue up into his ass.

'Yeah!... yeah, Brent, that's it,' he encouraged me as I dove as deep inside him as I could, my lips pressed against his cheeks. 'Goddamn, dude, Marco and Thomas have really trained you well. Last time we did this you barely touched me with your tongue.' He pushed his butt back against my face, trying to get my tongue as deep inside him as he could. I couldn't see his monster cock, but I knew he was stiff since I heard it smack against his stomach several times as it bobbed up and down with our motion on the bed.

'I'm close,' Lucas warned me. 'Better do it, Brent, before you make me cum with that tongue of yours.'

I quickly grabbed the Vaseline and lubed him up. While I applied more of the slick grease to my cock, he turned over onto his back.

'I want to see the expression on your face when you buttfuck a guy for the first time.'

I lifted his massive legs into the air and put them over my shoulders. Fuck, they were heavy. I wanted to take some time to feel up and admire the solid muscle, but my cock wanted something else. Almost of their own volition, my hips leaned forward and the head of my cock pressed against Lucas' rosebud, as if my cock was finding its own way.

Lucas's butthole was loosened up and slick, but I could tell as soon as I began to slide in that he was still super tight. Still, my cock went in easier than I expected, and Lucas groaned loudly.

'Awww, Fuck! You little pony, you're like mounting a mare,' he moaned.

I guess I didn't realize how strong I was or how much force I was using. But Lucas didn't tell me to stop, so I kept pushing until my cock was all the way up his ass.

Lucas spoke through gritted teeth, forcing every word out with effort, 'Ohh..., are you.' One of his big hands gripped my thigh tightly; the other was white-knuckled, grabbing the sheet below us. As I started fucking him he gasped each time I thrust my cock into him. I don't think he'd realized what he was getting into when he'd agreed to let me fuck him. But then, his cock was ramrod straight, lying on top of his rippling abs, so maybe I was misreading him.

I was sailing on a cloud of ecstatic pleasure. Having my cock inside another man's ass felt incredible. So this was what it was like for all the guys who loved to fuck me; I could really see now why they wanted it so much. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before, and the pleasure was more intense than I'd ever imagined. Each time I pulled out or slid back in I came a little closer to orgasm; several times I had to pause with my cock inside his fuck tunnel to avoid shooting off too soon. Lucas clenched his ass around my cock to signal that he was ready for me to resume.

It didn't take me long to establish a good, solid rhythm. Each time I pounded into Lucas, we shook the bed. I was a little surprised we hadn't broken the bed, with our over four hundred fifty pounds of muscle on it, but I guess if it could support Lucas fucking me, it could support me fucking him just as well. The pleasure inside kept rising and rising until it was almost more than I could bear; then, suddenly, without warning, I went over the edge, shooting my sperm deep inside Lucas. He felt it, for he cried out and his ass surrounded my cock with a viselike grip. For a moment I thought he was going to cut off my circulation, but I immediately realized my cock was too thick for that. Then he relaxed again.

I pulled out my cock, now limp and covered in streaks of cum, and collapsed on top of him, out of breath but floating on air. Lucas had come too, I realized: he'd shot all over his abs and pecs, even as far as his chin. Geezus, he must have really liked me fucking him. I started at the base of his cock and licked him clean, savoring the familiar taste of his semen, salty and sweet and now mixed with the sweat on his skin. As I moved up his body, I could feel his cock stiffening beneath me; the humongous monster was practically stabbing me in the guts. Already I was beginning to get another hard-on from thinking about feeling it inside me again. When I got up to his chin, he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply.

We kissed fervently, passionately, our hands trying to feel every inch of each other's body at once. We were so turned on by what we'd just done that our cocks were already starting to leak pre-cum. When our mouths finally let go of each other, we were panting from the exertion.

'Thank you, Lucas,' I said. 'That was incredible.'

He looked at me for a moment, then answered with a nod of acknowledgement, 'It was my privilege to be your first, Brent.'

After a long hot, sweaty day of work in the fields, we'd shower in pairs; there wasn't a lot of room in the shower, and after soaping each other's backs and asses, one of us would turn around and we'd start kissing, and that led to more fucking. We made sure to allow each other plenty of time in the bathroom! We didn't plan ahead how we paired off; it just happened naturally. I showered with Marco and he fucked me. Then he surprised the shit out of me when he pulled his cock out and turned around and bent over for me to fuck him. When we were finished in the shower, Lucas and Thomas took it, and from the sounds I heard through the bathroom door--it wasn't closed all the way--they ended with one coating the other's mouth or asschute with a thick load of sperm. I should say I showered with Marco first. When Thomas and Lucas were done in the shower, Lucas came out of the bathroom and told me Thomas wanted me to wash his back. I was given another big surprise when I went in the bathroom and found Thomas bent over with his butt facing me.

'Lucas said you wanted me to wash your back,' I said.

'Yeah, you can start with my ass. And be sure to wash it good way up inside. You might need to use that cleaning rod you're carrying around,' he said, laughing.

Sometimes we'd go swimming in the small lake that lay about a mile from the farm. It was always deserted; there were bigger lakes that attracted local swimmers, and this one was difficult to get to by car. Those who lived close by, like us, could walk to it.

Since there was no one else around, we went skinny dipping all the time. It was so cool hanging out with these three ex-Navy studs who treated me as one of their own. They joked around and trash-talked just like I was one of them. The fact that I was a teenager was, to them, no reason to hold back. We would swim and horse around in the water, splashing each other, dunking each other, wrestling like a bunch of kids. We loved being naked with each other. We would wrestle and collide together and slam into each other, our wet bodies sliding around and rubbing against one another. Together we were nearly a half-ton of muscle, so the sheer force and power in the impact of our collisions was tremendous.

One of our favorite games was chicken fights: two of us carried the other two on our shoulders, and the upper two would struggle to knock each other off into the water. Even though I was the smallest of the group, I was still strong enough to carry even Lucas on my shoulders. I loved feeling his huge, powerful legs over my shoulders, and I loved it when he got hard, and I felt his balls and stiff cock against the back of my neck.

We would get so turned on by all the physical contact that invariably two of us would start making out, in the water or on the bank. Sometimes the other two would splash them or tackle them or dunk them; other times they were so intent on horsing around in the water that by the time they noticed what was going on, the two would have progressed to actual sucking or fucking -- that, we didn't interrupt. Each of us relished having sex with any of the others, and just as I could get turned on merely by being in the presence of Lucas or Marco or Thomas, the same was true of them -- and I was flattered and proud when I realized that just taking my shirt off could make any of them start getting hard.

Getting my ass fucked was better than anything I'd ever felt before, but it was more than that. When these guys were fucking me, it was the way they looked at me, I could tell they wanted it as much as I did. They found me as hot as I found them. And they didn't care that they were sharing me, with each other or with other guys like Joey and his dad.

I could say we established a good routine, but sex with the three Navy studs was anything but routine. They all loved to fuck me as much as I loved getting fucked by them, and we had sex in endless combinations: the three of them taking turns buttfucking me and shooting their loads up my ass; me on all fours with Lucas fucking me while I sucked off Thomas or Marco; Lucas fucking Marco who fucked Thomas who fucked me; Marco and I crouched side by side with Lucas fucking Marco and Thomas fucking me; Lucas fucking me while sucking off Thomas; me riding Thomas' cock while sucking off Marco; Thomas fucking Marco while I ate Lucas' cum out of Thomas' butt; and all sorts of other variations.

Two or three months after Marco and Thomas' arrival, I woke up one morning with Lucas beside me; we were both naked. Sleeping naked was a pleasure new to me; sleeping naked next to Lucas, or Marco, or Thomas, was even better, an experience I'd never even imagined a couple of months ago. Falling asleep with my arm over another man's muscular chest; hearing his soft, even breathing; waking him up by rubbing my naked legs against his: I loved it all.

Lucas got out of bed first; I watched his naked body, his massive muscles rippling as he moved. I got out of bed and put on an old shirt from my freshman year of high school.

'That shirt's about two sizes too small,' Lucas told me.

'I like it,' I shrugged.

'I like it, too,' he said. 'You look sexy in it. It shows off all those muscles. You look like you're about to bust right out of it. Damn, I bet you musta been the best-built kid in your high school.' He wrapped his arms around me from behind, his chin on my shoulder, his warm loins pressing against my bare butt. I felt the sexy, rough stubble of beard and the warm breath in my ear as he spoke. 'Maybe you could invite your buddy Joey over tonight, and I could watch him and you together.'

'Are you sure that's all you wanta do, is watch?' I chided him.

'At first,' he said, squeezing my butt. 'Hey, I gotta shower.'

I wanted to join him but he didn't ask me. I wandered into the other bedroom where Thomas and Marco were sleeping, only they weren't asleep. They were wide awake and up; not out of bed but very much up. They both smiled when I walked in.

'Where's Lucas?' Thomas asked.

'In the shower,' I said.

'How come you're not in there with him?' asked Marco.

'He didn't ask me.'

They looked at each other, like they were sharing a secret. Marco grinned at Thomas and raised his eyebrows and Thomas nodded.

'What?' I asked.

'Thomas showed me something with another guy, and we wanta show you, Brent,' Marco said. 'You ever have two cocks up your butt at the same time?'

'What?' I sputtered. 'Hell no, that isn't possible. There's not that much room!'

'Your ass will make room,' he said. 'And it's the most incredible sensation, like nothing you've ever felt before.'

'It would split me open,' I protested.

'No, it wouldn't. Really, it won't,' he said. 'And we'll use plenty of lube.'

It took them only about a minute to talk me into it, or at least I told myself that; but really, I wanted to try it as much as they wanted to show it to me.

They lubed me thoroughly, their fingers penetrating my butthole two or three at a time, coating it well, in deep, with the grease. Then they lubed each other. I almost thought they were gonna stroke one another all the way to climax, the way they were looking at each other, but when they were both hard and slicked up, Marco lay back on the bed, propping himself up on his elbows so he could watch better. I climbed on the bed and straddled Marco.

'The other way,' Thomas said.

I turned around and straddled Marco, facing his feet, and slid my ass slowly down onto his stiff pole. My ass was still pretty stretched from the fucking Lucas had given me in the night. Thomas stood stroking his cock as he watched me take his buddy's cock up my ass. In short order I had all of him in me, and Thomas helped me recline, my back against Marco's chest. Marco wrapped his meaty, muscular arms around me and thrust his hips up a couple of times to show me how much he enjoyed pumping my ass, while he pinched and played with my tits.

'Ready for more?' Thomas asked as he lifted up my legs. Marco steadied my ass as Thomas lined his cock up to it. I couldn't see how he could ever fit, but my asshole was aching for him to try. He pushed and prodded but nothing was happening except Marco's big cock throbbing up inside me, and I was starting to think that was enough, as I eyed Thomas' big cock. But Thomas wasn't giving up. He shoved his thumbs inside my ass alongside Marco's cock and pulled my asshole open wider.

'Oh, fuck, easy,' I said, as I felt the head of his cock bore into the stretched opening.

'Yeah, there you go, lock that tight asshole around my cockhead,' Thomas said. Then he shoved forward.

'Oh, Goddd!' I cried out softly, laying my head back on Marco's shoulder. I thought for a moment he would split me open, but my asshole stretched even wider as the Asian stud penetrated me, slowly and smoothly sliding his cock in on top of his buddy's. I held my breath and cringed at the pain, till finally, I felt Thomas's loins smashed against me, his cock buried deep inside me. Surprisingly, the pain was brief and was quickly replaced by the incredible fullness of having two big, hard, cocks inside me. I couldn't believe I'd managed to take them both simultaneously. They waited a few minutes for my asshole to adjust to the two invaders, while Thomas held my legs tightly against his muscular chest, and Marco gently kissed my neck, his hands stroking my pecs and abs. Then they began to move.

They started slowly at first, Thomas moving his cock in and out while Marco bucked gently from below. The pressure inside my fuckchute was intense; I'd never felt so filled up before. I could tell from the look on Thomas' face that he was super turned on, fucking me and frotting his buddy at the same time, feeling my ass grabbing his cock while he slid it against Marco's cock. I couldn't see Marco's facial expressions, but his cock throbbing hard inside me and his heavy breathing behind my ear and his frequent groans of pleasure told me that he might explode any minute.

'This is getting too good,' Thomas said in a husky voice.

'Yeah, for me too. Our two cocks sliding against each other, I ain't gonna be able to hold,' Marco said.

I hadn't heard the shower shut off, but suddenly Lucas appeared in the room, with a towel around his shoulders.

'What the fuck!' he blurted when he saw what his two buddies were doing to me. 'Geezuss, guys, you're gonna drill him a new asshole. Hell, he won't even feel me when I fuck him.'

'He's eighteen, his asshole will tighten up like a drawstring,' Marco said.

'You're just pissed cause you wanted to help show him this,' Thomas said.

'Well, it would be right generous if you did let me help me demonstrate the process,' Lucas said as he pulled on his cock.

'I'm getting close, I'll blast off and let you take my place,' Thomas said. He picked up his pace and I heard and felt Marco suck in a quick breath as their two cocks began pistoning together again. Thomas was closer than I expected. He started groaning deep in his belly and the next instant his cock was belching powerful spurts of warm cum deep inside me.

'Awww, Yeah...Fuck, man, I can feel you shooting all over me!' Marco cried. 'Ohh, Damn, what'd you do, turn on a hose?'

There was a lot of it. I could feel the stuff oozing out of my ass. Thomas hunkered over me for a moment till he caught his breath then he slowly eased out. I felt suddenly empty and my asshole tried to clinch around Marco's cock but I could feel the empty space. But Lucas was there to fill it. Thomas moved aside, offering my legs to Lucas.

'There's plenty of lube,' he said.

'Yeah, I can see that,' Lucas said.

Lucas did indeed fill the space that Thomas left, and more. I suddenly felt full and stretched again as he slid his huge cock into my guts.

'Oh, Damn! This is hot!' Lucas groaned. 'Fuck, Marco, your cock feels like a branding iron.'

'Friction causes heat,' Marco said.

I don't know what it was, the friction, the heat, or the idea of double fucking me and feeling each other's cocks sliding against each other, but Marco and Lucas didn't last long. It was barely five minutes before they both, without announcement, blasted off within seconds of each other, filling me with their seed with both their cocks lodged deep inside me. I've always loved the moment when a guy dumps his semen up my butt, and having two go off at the same time was even more incredible. As they moved their cock back and forth like two well-oiled pistons, they pumped some of their cum out of my ass, but most of the jizz stayed up my ass. Lucas finally withdrew, his cock coated with a mix of his own sperm and Thomas' and Marco's, and stumbled off the bed. Marco and I lay there till his cock slowly removed itself and I felt a little bit of cum flow out of my ass. I felt more drainage as Thomas and Lucas helped me stand down from the bed. But my ass didn't feel as stretched out as I'd feared.

'Oh, fuck, look at that,' Marco said, pointing at my butt. 'He's practically all closed up. We shot way more than that. He's still got most of it inside him. I expected it to look like Niagara Falls.'

My asshole was so supple that Lucas was able to shove his fingers way up inside me, but there was no empty space around them.

'Damn, he's almost as tight as he was before,' Lucas marveled.

He squeezed my butt, enjoying the feel of the hard muscle in his hand.

'Come on, I'll help you in the shower,' he said.

As Lucas and I were leaving, Thomas was climbing back in bed with Marco and I had a feeling that mixing their sperm inside me had supercharged their lust for each other, and once they were alone they were going to be working that out big time.

I could barely walk the next morning; Lucas actually made me stay in bed and get some rest. I still felt guilty about making the three of them do all the farm work, though, so finally I called Joey Cornell and made him promise to come down and help out for the day. I reckoned he owed me for letting him plow my ass pretty much whenever he wanted, and he didn't disagree, but he played hard to get.

'What's in it for me?' he asked.

'What's always in it for you,' I said.

'Okay, but I'll be around to collect my wages,' he said, laughing.

'How come you're not out helping?' he asked.

'It's a long story,' I said.

'How long, like eight or nine inches?' he asked, laughing.

'You could double that,' I said.


'They double fucked me last night.'

'What? No fuckin' shit! You took two of those big sailor cocks in your ass at the same time?!! Man, I wanta try that!'

I just hoped that by the end of the day, my ass would be back to normal, since I knew Joey would come collecting. I should've told him that I was feelin' sick; not that I was having trouble walking, or why. I had a hard time already saying no to Joey, and I shouldn't have given him any ideas. But hell, I was that getting ideas of my own, about Joey and his dad. That would be hot as hall having dad and son cocks plowing me at the same time.

The next time I visited Joey and his dad, a couple of days later, I'd already decided what I wanted to do. We were in Mr. Cornell's bedroom; he'd just watched me give his son a mighty blow job, as payment for helping out when I wasn't able to work.

'I want to try something different now,' I said, wiping Joey's cum from my lips. I paused, and they looked at me expectantly, but didn't say anything. 'I want you both to fuck me. At the same time.' I admit, I showed more bravado than I felt. Joey's beer-can cock was considerably thicker than Marco's or Thomas'. But at the same time, I felt like I knew my body's capabilities now, and what I could and could not handle, and this definitely fell into the category of 'could.'

'I don't know,' Mr. Cornell said doubtfully. 'That seems kinda... well, freaky. I'm not sure that's a line I want to cross.' But I could tell from the sound of his voice, and the growing bulge in his crotch that he was squeezing, that he was interested. It's not like the freaky stuff doesn't turn you on, I thought, even if you won't admit it.

'You and your son are already sharing my ass, Mr. Cornell,' I reminded him. 'This is the ultimate way to share it. Both of you can have it at the same time.'

Joey pulled off his shirt, showing off his lean, muscular torso. 'Let's go for it, Dad. At least once. We won't know what it's like until we try it.' Unconsciously he rubbed his crotch while he spoke.

I walked up to his father and looked him straight in the eye. He was maybe an inch or two taller than me, but despite the great shape he was in, I still outweighed him. I knew that was one of the things that turned him on about me - that this muscle-stud barely out of high school had the hots for him. Well, that, and the fact that I was also sleeping with his son. He looked back at me, not breaking eye contact.

Finally, he nodded. 'I'll do it.' Then in one swift motion, he put one arm around my back and the other on the back of my head, and kissed me, hard. 'Fucker, you know I can't resist you,' he said hoarsely.

We made out with his son watching, almost squealing with excitement. I practically ripped the buttons off his shirt, exposing his muscular chest, built from decades of hard farm work.

Joey and his Dad were soon as naked as I was, their hard cocks pointing straight at me.

'How do we do this?' the older man asked.

I didn't say anything, just pushed him onto the bed so he was lying on his back. I really wanted to see Joey lube him up, but I figured they wouldn't go for that, so I did it myself; at least I got Joey to lube up my butt at the same time. Then I straddled Mr. Cornell and sat on his cock. I gradually lowered myself until he was all the way in, and I lay on his chest. Joey climbed on and positioned his cock next to his dad's and slowly slid inside me. 'Unnnnh,' I groaned hoarsely. I knew what to expect but I was stretched wider than I'd ever been before with Joey's super thick cock; my eyes were watering, and I had to take slow, deep breaths or ride out the pain. Taking two cocks up my ass wasn't any easier that second time; maybe it was more difficult even because unlike Thomas, Joey had never done this before. But this time at least I knew what to expect, and I knew how good it would feel in a few minutes.

'Fuck,' Mr. Cornell whispered in amazement.

'This is incredible, Dad,' Joey said. 'I can feel your cock next to mine, my cock sliding along your cock. And Brent's ass squeezing both our cocks. Fuck, I never dreamed this was even possible.' He pulled back slowly, savoring every sensation as my asshole clenched and tightened around the departing invader, until only his cockhead was inside me. Mr Cornell was still all the way in me, and he thrust up from below, sending new jolts of pleasure over my body. 'Awwh, yeah, I can tell how much you love Brent's hole, Dad,' Joey said as he pushed his cock back inside me, equally slowl. 'Fuckin' A, Brent, you really know how to work your ass.'

For their first time, the dad and son duo lasted a lot longer than I expected; too long in fact, because my ass was getting sore. One thing for certain, I wouldnb't have any trouble taking Lucas and his two buddies after being stretched so by Joey's thick cock. I was a bit relieved then they shot their loads almost simultaneously, filling my fuckchute with two thick loads of their cum. Still I felt empty when they pulled out; empty and wide open.

'Fuck, look at our cum running out of his ass,' Joey said to his dad. Some of it had flowed out when they'd pulled their cocks out, but most of their warm semen was still up inside me, and I liked the way it felt. Already my asshole was getting its natural tightness back pretty quick. I guess it was because of all the workouts I did over the years; my ass was pure muscle.

Mr. Cornell looked and added, 'Damn, I'd never guess he could take so much cock. Looks like a tiny little hole, but you could drive a Mack truck in there.'

About a month later, I'd gone over to Joey's house to spend the night with him and his dad. We were just finishing dinner when the doorbell rang and Mr Cornell got up to answer it. There was a cop at the door. I froze. Had something happened to Lucas? Or had the cops arrested him for having sex with a teenager? I was too dumbstruck to think straight, but Mr Cornell just said, 'Come in, Ryan.'

The policeman removed his hat and stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

'Cornell,' he said with a nod, to acknowledge Mr. Cornell's greeting. Now that he was in the light and his head was bare, I could get a better look at him. His hair was steel gray, but it was premature; from his face, he was younger or perhaps a couple of years older than Joey's father. He was ruggedly handsome, and the beige uniform hugged his body, which was obviously in great shape, from wide shoulders and thick, muscular arms to narrow hips and, I saw as he moved, a high, firm butt. He turned to Joey and me.

'This must be your son. I see the resemblance.' He put out his hand and Joey shook it. They kept contact for longer than I thought necessary, and I saw the barest of nods from the cop. He turned to me.

Joey's dad said, 'This is Brent.'

As the cop shook my hand, he said, 'Ah, the reason I'm here.'

The words worried me, but the tone of voice wasn't grim; it was... expectant? Curious?

'I told my pal Officer Ryan here about you, and he got so interested that I invited him to join us,' Mr. Cornell said to me.

'Cornell says you're real talented, kid,' Ryan said.

'I'd like to think so,' I replied coolly. Now that I knew he was here for personal reasons, not professional ones, I relaxed. I was still tense, but it was a pleasurable tension, like anticipation; I felt like I was in my element. I was being called on to prove myself, and I knew I could deliver.

'Last guy I was with wouldn't put out at all. I guess you're just the opposite,' Ryan said.

'You here to find out?' I asked.

'You bet I am,' he replied. 'And if you're half as good as my pal says you are, this won't be the last time you see me.'

Mr. Cornell led us all to Joey's bedroom where all three of them took turns fucking me. The cop sucked me off while Joey fucked me, and I guess that inspired Joey because while his dad plowed my ass he even sucked my cock himself, right to the finish. I warned him when I was close to cumming and I was a little surprised that he was willing to swallow my load. The cop was getting real hot watching the father and son take turns fucking me, and though he gave his hardon an occasional stroke, I could tell he was saving his load to shoot up inside me.

When he took his turn I lay on Joey's bed on my back and wrapped my legs around the cop as he leaned over me.

'Fuuuuck,' he groaned as he pushed his cock into me for the first time, finally getting what he'd been waiting for. Two loads of semen made my fuck tunnel extra slick, and I squeezed his cock hard with my ass muscles. 'Damn, Cornell, you weren't exaggerating,' Though he was speaking to Joey's dad, he was looking right at me; he wouldn't take his eyes off my face. When he finally blasted his cum into me, I shot off too, again, all over myself. Mr. Cornell tossed me a towel to wipe myself off, but first I collected as much as I could with my hands, and licked it off my palms and fingers.

Afterwards, Mr Cornell and the cop went into town for a beer. Joey and I couldn't come because we were too young, below the drinking age. Sure, I'd had beer before, but no way could a cop be seen abetting underage drinking.

'Don't tell my dad,' said Joey when they'd gone, 'but I've been fucking that cop up the ass for over a year.'

'For real?' I said, surprised. 'But isn't he, like, your dad's age?'

'Yeah, so? He's a firecracker in bed. He's got a fuckin' great ass. Like yours, hard and tight.' He reached over and squeezed my butt. I could tell he was getting horny again.

My butt wasn't ready for another round yet, having taken all three of them in the last couple of hours.

'How'd it happen?' I asked. 'Did you know he was your dad's pal?'

'Yeah, I met him when he came by to drop off a letter or something for my dad. I could tell by the way he looked at me, by the way he shook my hand, that he was interested. Then I ran into him when I was in town, and one thing led to another, and I went back to his place.'

'Are he and your dad.... you know... fooling around?'

He shrugged. 'I don't think so. I don't get that vibe from them. But who cares? That wouldn't stop me.' He put both his arms around me. 'Now how about you give me some of that ass again before my dad gets back?'

'Joey, you gotta give me some time to recover. I took loads from you and your dad and that cop, too.'

'Come on, Brent, I sucked you off and swallowed your cum, didn't I? Tell you what, I'll use extra lube and go real slow. I'll even rim ya out some first.'

'Yeah?' That offer sounded better, and the itch I was beginning to feel down below told me that my butt was getting interested in Joey's proposal. Sure, I'd thought I needed more time to recover, having blown two loads while I got fucked and took three, but I guess my cock thought otherwise. And anyway I didn't feel sore so much as wary, that Joey was gonna taste all that cum in my ass when he put his tongue in. But I guess it wasn't really all that different from the other times he'd fucked me. And I had to admit that the prospect of getting more of Joey's hot cum up my ass was beginning to make me stiff. 'Aw hell, Joey, I never could say no to ya.'

We went into his dad's room. Joey pulled down my underwear and turned me around so I was leaning over the bed. He flicked his tongue against my butthole a couple of times, then pushed it inside me. I groaned, it felt so good.

'Jeezus, Brent, you got a helluva lot of cum in here,' he muttered. His tongue massaged the inside of my fuck tunnel, and I knew he was tasting his own cum and his dad's cum and the cop's cum. He paused occasionally to speak, telling me how hot my ass was and how much I turned him on, so I actually wasn't expecting it when I felt something bigger than his tongue press against my ass, and before I could react, his entire cock was inside me, hard as a rock. 'Fuck, Brent, for a guy who got his ass plowed three times tonight, you're still tight as a drum.'

Wow, it felt good to have his cock up my ass again. Real good. He pulled out most of the way and thrust back in, over and over.

'Geezus, Joey, you're going to make me come.'

'I'm gonna pump another load of cum into you, Brent. You're gonna have more cum in you than you've ever had before.'

Sheesh, not even close. If he only knew. But I wanted it anyway.

'Do it, Joey. Show me you're even more of a stud than your dad.'

'Fuckin' right I am. Ohhhh. fuck, I love your tight ass, Brent,' he moaned as he fucked me.

I squeezed my ass tight around his cock.

'Fuck! Keep doin' that! You really know how to work your ass. Yeah, that's it. You're gonna make me cum. Fuck... I'm cumming!'

I felt the hot spurts of his jizz inside me, mixing with the semen already there. It turned me on so much that I came myself again, shooting all over Mr Cornell's bedspread. I wondered how Joey would explain that, or maybe he wouldn't bother. It wasn't as if his dad didn't know we were sleeping together.

By the time the two older men got back, beer bottles in hand, we were dressed and watching TV. I saw Joey glance furtively at the cop, and it suddenly gave me an idea. I got up and stretched.

'I'm gonna bunk with you tonight, Mr Cornell. If that's okay, that is.'

He remained calm, but I could tell from the way the bulge in his crotch suddenly got bigger that he was champing at the bit to have me stay the night in his bed; I'd never done that before.

'Guess so,' he shrugged. 'If Joey doesn't mind.'

Joey looked at me sharply. Obviously he hadn't figured out what I was doing yet, but he wasn't about to complain and look selfish.

'Sure. No problem,' he said.

'I guess Joey could drive you home, Officer. You probably shouldn't be driving,' I said to Ryan. No doubt Joey could find an excuse to stay over. But the policeman surprised me by pushing for even more than that.

'I don't want to put you out, Joey. I'll just crash here if its okay.'

'They've got the space,' I told him. 'Joey's got a double bed, I know that for a fact.' I saw the light suddenly go on in Joey's head.

'You ready to go to bed, Brent?' Mr Cornell was looking hungrily at me; Joey's wasn't going to be the last load I'd get that night.

The next morning, the cop gave me a lift back to my folks' farm. He stopped at the end of the long road that led to the house.

'See you later, kid,' he said.

I looked at him looking at me: damn, this guy was hot; he was Mr Cornell's age, and handsome as hell, with his square jaw and bristly haircut. I figured he was almost as handsome as Lucas. Even his perpetual sneer was sexy. And the way his lip curled slightly reminded me of how good it felt to have his mouth wrapped around my cock the night before.

'Wait,' I said. I leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth, hard. He didn't act surprised, just put one hand on the back of my neck and let me slip my tongue between his lips, reciprocating as he kissed me back, and we sat there for a few minutes, swapping spit. I'd just spent the night getting fucked by Joey Cornell and his father, and now I was making out with a local cop; I felt like a slut, but that only turned me on even more.

'Damn, now you got me all worked up, kid,' he said finally, putting my hand on the hard bulge in the crotch of his uniform. 'I gotta fuck you again. That OK?'

'It's more than okay, copper,' I said, and he smirked at the nickname. The farm was isolated enough that no one was likely to see us, 'cept maybe Lucas or one of his buddies, and that was doubtful what with the thick stand of trees that lined the sides of the road. Even if they did see us it would only turn them on.

We got out of the car, and I took my jeans and underwear off and leaned against the side of the car. Instinctively I chose the side facing the farmhouse; I knew that if Lucas looked out, and could see us through the trees, he could watch me getting butt fucked by this stud cop, and I got even harder just thinking about him watching me.

The cop ran his hands along the T-shirt I left on, down my broad shoulders to my narrow waist, feeling up my muscles, then down along the smooth skin of my thighs.

'You got fuckin' awesome legs, kid,' he said. 'Real powerful, 'specially for a guy your age.'

I was getting hard, hearing him talk like that and feeling his strong hands on my bare muscles. They moved back up and squeezed my ass.

'And a fuckin' hot ass. Two globes of solid muscle.' His fingers moved up and down my ass-crack, playing with my hole which was still slick from the cum of the three different guys. He unzipped his fly and hauled out his meaty cock. I felt the cock head press against my butthole, then with a little pressure it slid in. 'Damn, you're as tight as the first time,' he growled. He was so hot for it that he didn't even try to last, just pounded me with long quick strokes. Each time his cock banged my prostate I felt like I was gonna shoot, and I'd barely wrapped my hand around my own cock when I felt the cop slam his cock into me and begin spurting his seed inside me. I came almost simultaneously, shooting my jizz against the side of his car.

'That was fuckin' hot,' he said as he pulled out and zipped up. He picked up my underwear from the ground and held it out for me to put on. 'Listen, let me get your number so we can get together again.' He reached inside the glove compartment for a pen and paper.

'Sure,' I said as I scribbled, 'but it'd be even better if you have a couple of friends you can bring along next time.'

'Yeah? Hell, yeah,' he said.

As I came into the house, Marco was sitting alone at the kitchen table in just his underwear, finishing up his breakfast. From upstairs I could hear voices grunting and bedsprings squeaking.

'Hey, bud,' he said. He got up to put his dishes in the sink, then walked over to me, and I could see the bulge in his briefs getting bigger. 'Looks like it's just you and me down here.' He put a hand on the back of my neck, lightly stroking my skin. On impulse, I leaned up and kissed him. God, even after my busy morning, I was still horny. We played tonsil hockey for a few minutes. 'Guess you're thinkin' the same thing I am. Why you don't you take off your clothes, kid.'

I smiled, thinking I'd just put them back on a few minutes before. While I stripped, Marco dropped his briefs and stepped out of them. Just as I'd surmised, he was fully hard, his poker pointing out and up. It bobbed as he moved. I bent over a chair and Marco placed his cock at my back entrance. He didn't have any lube, but he knew he didn't need any, me having spent the night at the Cornells' place. I had enough lube up my ass for both of us. Marco's cock felt as good going in as I'd expected it would, and pretty quickly he established a smooth, easy pace. Neither of us spoke as he plowed my ass.

'Well, look who the cat dragged in,' Thomas said as he came downstairs naked, watching Marco's cock thrust in and out of my butt.

I didn't see how he could be so cocky with Lucas' semen running down the back of his thigh, but he wasn't too full of himself to take Marco's place when the Italian stud suddenly shot his load. Seemed like Marco got turned on by having an audience. From upstairs we could hear the shower turned on.

Thomas flipped me over and pulled me forward so I was reclining in the chair, my ass at the edge.

'Grab your ankles,' he growled.

His cock was shiny with spit, and between that and Marco's additional load in my tunnel, his cock slid inside me more easily than his usual style. When he had me fully plugged, he surprised me by bending down and kissing me, hard, as he started fucking me. I couldn't figure this guy out, but I wasn't gonna argue; he knew how to kiss, and it turned me on even more to French him while he butt-fucked me. It felt really, really good; his cock rumbled over that button inside me that Lucas had taught me about, and that Marco had set to quivering, and I could sense myself getting close. My eyes were closed, but I could hear Marco's heavy breathing from above me as he leaned over the chair, watching us.

My lips were still locked with Thomas' when he slammed into me and blasted his load up my guts. I came again, shooting my jizz over my abs and chest and even my chin. Thomas pulled out and smacked me on the ass.

'Good job, buddy. Why don't you go upstairs and join Lucas in the shower, get yourself cleaned up.' Without even wiping off his cock, he picked up Marco's briefs which were still lying on the floor and put them on. He stepped over to the fridge and opened it to see what food he could scrounge up.

'That was fuckin' hot,' I heard Marco mutter as I went upstairs.

Just as I reached the top of the stairs, Lucas came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. The sheen of water over his bare skin emphasized his enormous muscles, his pecs so big I could have used one as a pillow, abs like a stack of bricks below them, biceps the size of basketballs.

He looked me and up down.

'Man, Brent, you've sure been busy this morning.' He bent his head down and I thought he was going to kiss me, but instead he licked my cum off my chin, then moved down to my chest. The feel of the warm, wet rasp of his tongue against my skin got me hard yet again in an instant. I could see his throat muscles working as he swallowed, and his towel fell to the floor as he moved down my body. But he stopped before he reached my stiff cock and stood up, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me with him. Before he turned his back, I caught a glimpse of his monster cock standing up ramrod straight. I still wondered sometimes how I could fit that thing inside me. But I knew I was going to get it again. I tried to remember and count how many times I'd been fucked in the last twenty-four hours, but my mind was racing ahead to the next fuck that Lucas was going to give me.

Lucas was so impatient that we didn't bother going up to the attic; he drew me into the room that Thomas and Marco shared, and pushed me down onto the double bed. I lay on my back, watching him as he crawled up next to me. From all the times we'd fucked we were in sync together, like the parts of a machine, neither of us needing to give direction; I wrapped my legs around his waist as he took his position, and his baseball-sized cockhead fell against my butthole like a moth drawn to a flame.

He didn't play with my butt like he sometimes did, or run his cock around the edge to tease my hole. He just pushed inside with his easy grace, despite my groans, not stopping until his pubes brushed against my asshole and his cock was buried deep in my guts.

'Mmm, you're even more wet inside than usual,' he said, the first words he'd spoken since he'd greeted me on the landing.

'Fuck, Lucas, you know I get fucked by those other guys, besides you and your buddies. You're the sixth guy just today. Ah, geezus, listen to me. I'm sounding like some kinda slut. Six guys in one day, and it isn't even noon! What have I turned into?'

'Six guys?' he asked with a screwed up frown. 'Me, Thomas, Marco and Joey and his dad... that's only five guys. Your brain is so fucked up you can't count?'

I felt myself blush, feeling even more like a slut to have to mention the cop.

'There was another guy... a friend of Mr. Cornell... a cop, about his age,' I said.

Lucas just held his position as he listened, his cock throbbing inside me. The pleasure of his cock filling my guts was powerful and intense. As good as the other guys were, no one else made me feel quite so... full was the only way I could describe it. He didn't pull out while we spoke.

'Officer Ryan?' he asked.

'You know him?' I asked, surprised.

He chuckled. 'He knows me,' he said.

'Maybe like he knows Joey?' I said.

He laughed this time. 'Oh, so Joey's fucking him too. Did he tell you that?'

'Yeah, he said he's been fucking him for over a year. But don't tell him I told you that. His dad doesn't know. Godd, I am a slut, Lucas. I had six guys fuck me in less than twenty four hours, and I don't even remember how many times they fucked me. I'm so full of cum.....'

'Calm down, Brent,' he soothed. 'Tell me something. Did you enjoy it?'

'You know I did, damn straight, every time. Doesn't that make it even worse? What kind of guy wants that?'

'Hey. Listen.' He hugged me tight for emphasis, so tight that he pushed the wind out of me; a weaker or smaller guy might have passed out. Sometimes Lucas didn't know his own strength. And he pistoned his cock in and out of me a couple of times to add to the soothing. 'Listen,' he repeated, 'you enjoyed it. That's the important thing. Don't judge yourself for it. You don't need to go beyond the fact that you liked it. Stop letting other people's rules tell you how you should feel.'

'Come on, Lucas, how many people would even want to get fucked by six different guys in the same day? And couldn't even count how many times all together?'

'Okay, even for Marco or Thomas or me, six guys would probably be crossing the line. But you're not them; you're you. So you liked getting fucked by six guys. That's one of the things that makes you who you are. And from my point of view, Brent,' he said huskily, 'who you are is just possibly the goddamned sexiest guy I ever met.'

'Lucas.....' I choked off my words.

'I wouldn't bottom for six guys myself, even if I was into it that much, but fuck, just knowing that I'm guy number six for you today is so fuckin' sexy. And now I've really got to finish fucking you, 'cause I feel like my balls are gonna explode if I don't shoot this load I got building up. And where this load belongs is up your tight muscle ass, with all the rest of the load you've taken.'

Before I had the chance to respond he began sliding back, making me groan. He pulled all the way out and my ass felt suddenly empty, and I wanted his cock back inside me. I didn't need to ask for it; I knew Lucas wouldn't withhold his cock from me. He was just taking a long stroke. For several moments, though, he held the head of his cock just outside my sphincter, tantalizing me with the promise of the pleasure his awe-inspiring cock could bring. Each second that passed deepened my need to have it back. But I saw the naked desire on his face, and I knew that he wanted his cock up my ass just as much as I wanted it, and that prolonging the gratification would only make it that much sweeter for both of us. And it did; when he pushed back inside me, my asshole spread for the welcome visitor like a flower opening up into bloom, and the combination of relief and ecstasy almost overwhelmed me. My cock was harder than it had ever been, so stiff it almost ached.

Lucas didn't try that again; he was so overcome with lust, muttering syllables that weren't even words and making grunting noises that weren't even syllables, that he just needed to fuck me and get his nut. But I could tell that, to him, I wasn't just some hole; it was my ass his cock needed, just as it was his cock that my ass needed now, more than all the others. With each thrust his cock banged against my prostate, sending waves of pleasure jolting through me, and suddenly it was like a dam broke, and I came yet again. I couldn't believe I was still able to produce cum, but with each spurt of come from my cock, my asshole clenched around his cock like a drowning man grabbing onto a life preserver, and the sudden pressure around his cock sent Lucas over the edge too, and with his cockhead further up inside me that I'd thought was humanly possible, he jettisoned his sperm deep into me, breeding me like a stallion breeding a mare. Or, in this case, another stallion.

As our orgasms subsided, Lucas remained on top of me, all two hundred forty-nine pounds of muscle pressing down on me. He didn't pull out; he continued to hold me, his massive arms wrapped tightly around me. I'd never felt as close to him, or anybody, as I did in that moment, and I think he realized that, and knew how much I needed it.

'Feeling better about yourself?' he asked, quietly stroking my skin.

I nodded, too wrung out to speak.

'Brent, here's something else to consider,' he said softly, his breath warm breath against my ear. 'Have any of these six guys ever objected to sharing you?'

I shook my head, then found my voice. 'No, they seem to like sharing me, but.....'

'Have any of them ever indicated in any way that they disapprove of you sleeping with multiple guys?'


'Whose opinion matters more to you, theirs or society's?'

'Theirs,' I admitted. Then I figured out where this was leading. I swallowed. 'Yours.'

The End.



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