I was in a daze all through dinner. I don't even remember eating. All I remember is looking at Lucas sitting across the table from me. I saw those massive forearms, rippling each time he passed a bowl of potatoes or picked up his glass of milk. I saw the way his biceps bulged underneath the sleeves of his shirt, as if they were going to burst the seams at any moment. Until today I'd thought I couldn't stop looking at him because that was the kind of body I wanted to have, that was what I wanted to look like. And it was; but now I realized that was also the kind of body I wanted to be with. And what was more, I wanted his body. I wanted cock.

I'd look at him and then suddenly turned away, afraid my parents or the other workers would see me staring. No one said anything, but Lucas must have noticed it, for I caught him sneaking glances at me too, and every so often our eyes would meet, and for a few seconds everyone else in the room seemed to disappear.

There was some after-dinner conversation then the other workers left, leaving me and Lucas and my parents. I always wondered why my mom fed everybody supper before they went home, but that's how she was. Lucas, of course, was staying with us, in the spare bedroom. I wished my mom had assigned him to my room in the attic, but I guess she thought he should have his privacy. Lucas offered to help with dishes but mom wouldn't have it. She said we needed to get to bed and be rested up for work the next day.

I had taken the attic room because, I said, I liked the exercise of walking up all the stairs, but the real reason was, it was on the opposite side of the house from my folks, and I had some privacy. The door didn't have a lock, but I was pretty isolated, and I didn't want to mention putting a lock on. It wasn't exactly a 'room.' It was the entire attic. My space took up one end, with my bed, a dresser, a small couch, two chairs and a nightstand and lamp. There was a bookcase I'd built in for books and trophies and stuff. My closet was a rod connected to two overhead beams. I liked the view, looking out over the fields and the creek and woods beyond. I was situated under the window where many nights the light of the moon bathed my nakedness when I jacked off to my fantasies, my latest fantasy being Lucas.

It was past midnight when I woke up. At first I wasn't sure why I was awake, but then I heard the door quietly swinging open, and I knew it must have been the doorknob turning that had roused me. I wondered how he had gotten up the long stairways without any of the steps creaking. As the door shut again, I looked up, and saw Lucas. He was mostly in shadow, but there was just enough moonlight for us to see each other's faces, and he was looking right at me.

He stepped forward, barely making a sound. It didn't look like he was even making an effort, like a cat; it must have been that Navy training. Moving silently was second nature to him.

When he moved into the light of the moon, I saw he was wearing only a pair of short boxers, dark stripes on a light background. His body was nothing short of magnificent, from the broad, powerful shoulders to the smooth, massive pecs, twin mounds almost bigger than a woman's tits, down the washboard abs to a waist even narrower than mine. His legs were no straight, blocky tree trunks, but smooth cords of muscle, quads and hamstrings that swelled in mid-thigh and narrowed at the knees.

'Lucas,' I said, astonished that he was here, in my bedroom.

He just looked at me as he sat on the edge of my bed. I scooted over to make more room for him.

'Surprised I'm here?' he asked with his gut-warming smile as he smoothed his hand across my stomach.

'Yes. I didn't hear you come up the stairs. I always make noise coming up,' I said.

'Do your parents ever come up here?' he asked.

'No. Almost never. I take care of my own room, change my bed and take my laundry down and bring my clean clothes up so my mom doesn't have to climb the stairs.'

'Good.' With that, he lay down beside me. My bed was only a single bed so we were a close fit. He put one hand on my cheek and I felt his breath against my face as he brought his lips down to mine. I think he'd only been planning a swift peck, but when I felt him next to me, I knew I wanted more. I opened my mouth a little, and his tongue slipped through. Then we were suddenly making out. Right, there I was, making out in my bedroom with no lock on the door, with some Navy hunk I barely knew, a guy I'd met only a couple of days before. Godd, he felt wonderful! And I was kissing a guy for the first time in my life! That felt wonderful too. I wrapped my arms around him, feeling the muscles knotting across his impossibly broad back, and there was nothing I'd ever wanted as much as I wanted this.

Whether it was hours or minutes that we kissed, I couldn't tell. He was all over me, writhing against and half on top of me, his hands roaming all over my body. I felt the enormous muscles in his arms as his hands traveled down my bare back. All the while, I was squirming and writhing under him, our mouths opened together as one, our tongues lashing, exploring, his even reaching into the opening of my throat. I whimpered with pleasure when he did that. He put his hands on my cheeks then, and pulled back, our faces only inches apart. In the moonlight, his eyes were a deep, dark blue; I couldn't stop looking at them.

'You are so fuckin' hot, Brent,' he whispered, his eyes never leaving mine. 'All that smooth, hard muscle. You look like you started working out when you were twelve.'

I would have nodded if it hadn't meant breaking our gaze. 'You must be kidding me,' I said. 'You're built like a tank, and you're complimenting me? No one could compare to you; you're on another level. You've got the kind of muscle I only see in comic books, or those muscle magazines.'

'Well, I have got several years of working out on you, even if you did start when you were twelve,' he said.

'Thirteen, actually,' I said.

'Figured. You're not much smaller than I am,' he said as looked me over, his eyes traveling down my naked torso. 'Maybe thirty pounds? How much do you weigh?'

'Two-fifteen,' I replied.

He grinned. 'I'm two-forty-nine.'

'Fuck. That's thirty four pounds.....that's a lot of extra muscle,' I said as I squeezed his arms. 'Hard muscle, too.'

Then his grin faded as he looked back into my eyes. 'Believe me when I tell you how incredibly strong and sexy you look. And feel,' he added, squeezing my pecs. He pulled the sheet down, exposing the hardon bulging against my boxer-briefs. 'Why don't you take those off.'

'If you take your shorts off,' I said.

I struggled with the underwear, nervous and aroused, and by the time I'd tossed them aside and looked up he was stepping out of his shorts, that enormous cock jutting out from his crotch. It looked a good twelve inches long. He leaned over and I thought he was going to kiss me again.

'You got any lube?' he whispered.

'Some Vaseline in the bottom drawer of the nightstand,' I said.

He found the small jar and handed it to me. 'Grease me up.'

I coated his stiff member until it glistened, my hand moving up and down the incredibly thick shaft. It was so thick my fingers couldn't wrap all the way around it. His breathing grew shallow; I heard several sharp gasps from the friction of my hand on his cock.

Finally he took my hand in his and moved it away. 'This is gonna be even better than the first time,' he said, as he pushed me back onto the bed, then lifted my feet over his shoulders. I felt the heat and pressure of his cockhead against my butthole. I spasmed with anticipation. I don't think my cock had ever been harder. Besides the anticipation was the excitement that I was going to get fucked in my own room with my parents right downstairs. I should've been scared, but I wasn't. They never came up to my room, but at that moment, I wouldn't have cared if they did. Well, I wouldn't want my mom to, but I wouldn't have cared if my dad walked in on us and watched. There would be a certain thrill to have him watching this big sailor fucking his little boy.

Lucas pushed. There was a moment of pain, and then his cock began sliding slowly up my butt and I knew the pain would soon be gone.

'Ohhhhh fuck,' I groaned. 'You're right, that feels so good.'

'That's it, kid. Take my cock. Take every inch of my cock that you want so much.'

My butt felt filled, occupied by the massive invader -- no, not 'invader,' because my butt wanted that cock.

'Fuck, you're wet,' he said when he was all the way in. 'Just how much cum do you have up your ass? Ah geezus, you're fuckin' tight.' He slowly slid out and then in.

I'd never felt such incredible pleasure before today. His thrusts picked up speed. I felt the muscles in his chest pressed against the backs of my thighs.

'I'm gonna cum,' I gasped, overwhelmed too quickly by the ecstasy his fucking was giving me. 'Lucas, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna shoot.'

'We'll shoot together. I'm almost there, Brent. Just a few. . . just . . . ahhhhhhhhh!' Lucas suddenly gave one last powerful thrust, and with the entirety of his cock up my fuckchute, shot his load. I felt his jets of warm liquid inside me at the same time my cock began spurting. Warm, wet blasts covered my abs and chest. It had been only hours since the last time, but nevertheless it felt like it would never end. As his cock began to soften, he pulled out, and my asshole spasmed once before I tried to clench it closed. I didn't want any of that precious fluid to escape.

Lucas collapsed onto me, the weight of all that powerful muscle bearing down on me. 'You had a ton of cum inside your ass when I was fucking you just now. Was some of that from your buddy in the hayloft?'

'Yeah. Ohhh, yeah.' Had anyone else asked me about this, I'd have been mortified. But I didn't hear any disapproval in his voice, only curiosity.

'Seriously, that kid really fucked you?' he asked.

'Joey's no kid. He's two years older than I am,' I said.

'Damn, you've really got the hots for him! I can tell from the sound of your voice.'

'Yeah, I guess I do, but. . .' I added quietly, 'not as much as I do for you.'

'Shit,' he answered, too surprised to say anything else. Then he put one hand on the back of my head and kissed me. This time he was slow, sensual. It was our deepest, most passionate kiss yet.

'Fuckin' A, you liked getting fucked like that, didn't you?' He his voice was hoarse with desire. 'My cock wasn't enough, you had to have your buddy's, too. Geezuss, that k---, that Joey guy must have come like a firehose. I was really sloshing through the cum when I was fucking you.'

'Well, um, it wasn't just him.'

Lucas raised his eyebrows. 'Oh? Who else? Tell me about it.' He rolled off me and put one hand on my shoulder, squeezing it, whether in encouragement or in reassurance or just feeling me up, I couldn't tell.

'Joey fucked me, and came in me, and then his dad came back up,' I said. 'Joey had said his dad was gonna want to fuck me, and I guess he was right, 'cause after Joey shot in me and pulled out, Mr. Cornell walked over to me and took off his clothes.'

Lucas hadn't said anything, but his hand which had been stroking my arm now moved over and grasped my cock, slowly jacking me. Between remembering Joey and his dad fucking me, and feeling another man's hand on my cock -- not just another man's, but Lucas' -- I was rapidly getting hard again. 'His dad didn't say anything, just pressed his cockhead against my butthole and just pushed. . . ahhhh.' I was getting distracted by the way Lucas' hand felt stroking my cock. His eyes never left mine, and he nodded to signal that I should continue. 'His dad didn't want Joey there watching, but Joey refused to leave, and I guess his dad was too impatient to argue about it. So he fucked me while Joey watched.'

'I bet his dad was just hot for you,' Lucas interjected.

'Watching his dad fucking me got Joey really excited. His dad didn't say anything, but Joey was all 'Fuck his tight ass' and 'Goddamn, that's so fucking hot.' I couldn't imagine that being me and my Dad.....him fucking some kid while I watched and egged him on. By the time his dad came inside me, Joey was hard again and was champing at the bit to have another go at me. I gotta say, he felt even better the second time. And his dad watched us; couldn't take his eyes off of us. I think they really got turned on, each watching the other fuck me. I don't know if it was the first time they ever did anything like that together, but I think it was.'

'So you got four loads up your ass, counting mine. Damn, you're a natural -- hell, you're a goddamn prodigy. I never saw any guy take so quick to gettin' fucked. And you are really turning me on right now.' He leaned over and kissed me again, exploring my mouth with his tongue and letting me explore his with mine, then took my hand, placing it on his rapidly stiffening cock. 'Ready for round two?'

I couldn't wait. 'Let's do it,' I said.

He urged me onto my knees and elbows, my butt in the air, and he got behind me and plowed into me from behind. But after several minutes of that, he muttered, 'I gotta see your face,' and pulled out so he could turn me over again. I felt empty inside, but not for long.

Lying on my back again, I looked up at his handsome face, the chiseled jaw line, the tongue that had been inside my mouth now occasionally flicking at his lips, the light brown hair that was getting more than Navy regulation-length. Fuck, he was so handsome in the soft moonlight. I could feel his cock throbbing as he plunged into me repeatedly. Our bodies' closest contact wasn't his cock inside my butt, however, but his eyes locked on mine. He never closed his eyes, but just kept looking straight at me while he fucked me. And when he spoke, it just intensified that connection. 'Feel my cock inside you, Brent? Can you feel it?'

'Oh yeah, Lucas, it's like a hot steel rod inside me. I love the way you fill me up.'

'Well shit, I love the way your ass feels around my cock. You're so tight, even after you got fucked five times so far today. And all that cum up your ass is the perfect lube.'

'Unnhh....oh, Lucas, your cock feels so good up my ass.'

'Yeah, Brent, I love fucking you through other guys' cum. Are you enjoying this as much as you enjoyed your buddy and his hot dad fucking you?'

'Even more. This is even better than with Joey. You're bigger, for one thing.'

He laughed. 'You like big meat, huh? You're my kinda man, Brent. You love fucking as much as I do. You just can't get enough of it.' He leaned down brushing his lips against mine, his tongue against mine, his hands gripping my body tightly, his cock plowing my butt mercilessly; I was gasping with ecstasy I couldn't even articulate. I clenched my ass muscles around his monster cock, Godd, so much bigger even than Joey's or his dad's. The pleasure sent me over the edge, and I came again; I couldn't control it; it was like a firecracker had gone off within me. I shot and shot, jism spurting all over my naked torso and all over Lucas as well. Fuck, I wondered where it was all coming from.

'Goddamm. . . you are . . . so . . . hot!' he cried out as his body began to convulse with his second climax. He shuddered through it, his nostrils flared out, his breathing ragged, and I could feel his second load shooting deep in my guts, hot sticky jets of his sperm, as powerful as the first. He collapsed on top of me again and in that moment I felt connected to Lucas in a way I'd never felt with anyone before.

He didn't pull out right away; he just looked at me. 'Felt pretty good, huh?' he grinned.

I couldn't speak, so I just nodded.

'Geezus, that's some load you shot,' he said as he raised himself up and began to slowly pull out. As he did, I tightened my ass muscles to keep as much of his jism inside me as I could. He gasped in pleasure as his cock slid out of me. It was still pretty hard. He looked up and down my body. 'Guess I'd better clean you up.' He bent down and opened his mouth, and it was my turn to gasp as his warm, wet tongue licked my stomach, going up and down over the ridges there, slurping up my cum. I was stunned to see this big, broad shouldered sailor hunkered down over me, his handsome face following his tongue as it lapped up my semen. I saw and heard him swallow it and keep going, like it was no big deal. I think he even liked it. When he'd eaten every last trace of cum, he lay down next to me and kissed me. I could taste the traces of come in his mouth, and it turned me on to know that it was my own cum I was tasting, from Lucas's mouth. Then he got up and pulled on his boxers.

'I'd better get going. I can't exactly come down to breakfast from your room.'

'No, I guess not.'

He tousled my hair, and in the moonlight I could see the massive bulge in the crotch of his underwear. He wasn't even stiff anymore, and still he looked bigger than some guys would look hard.

He stopped just before he opened the door, and turned to look at me. I saw his head in a shaft of moonlight from the window. 'Someday I'll be able to stay the whole night with you, stud,' he said, a touch of wistfulness in his voice.

I was nervous going down to breakfast the next morning. I had just sat down at the table when Lucas walked into the kitchen, looking studly as hell in a tight, white T-shirt and his worn jeans. He greeted my mom and smiled and winked at me as he sat down across from me. I looked down, afraid to look at him. His boot touched mine under the table and I looked up, horrified. But he just looked at me with a calm, tight smile and an expression that conveyed, 'Don't sweat it.....nobody knows.' Little did he know, that was only half the problem. I felt a jolt in my loins just seeing him walk in the kitchen, and I was going to be fighting a hardon all through breakfast.

I didn't get to talk much to Lucas the next day, as we were working in separate fields, but whenever I looked at him, whether he was carrying stuff to the barn or talking to my dad, he would glance over at me, and for an instant we had that connection, and it felt like everyone else had disappeared. I could hardly wait for the day to end. Nothing had been said, but I knew we would repeat the night before.

That night when the door to my room opened, I knew who it was, but this time I was stunned that he was naked, his cock swinging around like a third leg or something. 'Shit, Lucas,' I said quiet, 'you can't walk around the house like that!' But I was happy just to get to look at all of his gorgeous body, and aroused to see him coming towards me without a shred of clothing.

'Relax,' he said. 'No one saw me. They're all asleep.'

Then I saw that he was carrying his shorts. He threw them at me, laughing.

'I took 'em off coming up the stairs, just for you,' he said.

This time I pre-empted him by grabbing the Vaseline myself.

I was in absolute heaven. I was having more sex than I could've ever imagined, with the sexiest guy I could possibly imagine. But as incredible as it was having Lucas fuck me every night, that didn't mean he was the only guy I was thinking about. Joey Cornell and his dad weren't able to help out every day -- they had their own farm to take care of, and when Joey called one day to ask if I could sleep over, I knew what it meant. I answered yes in heartbeat, even before I'd had the chance to ask permission. Lucas was in the room when I asked my folks, and he grinned at me and winked, like we shared some secret, which I guess we did.

I hiked across the fields to Joey's place, nervous with excitement, wondering if his dad would get involved with us. I sort of hoped so.

Joey's dad greeted me at the door, and I'd barely gotten in the door when he grabbed me and planted his mouth on mine. Joey's dad was hot, no question about it, and I put my arms around him as we kissed. He put both his hands on my butt and squeezed. I could feel his hardon pressing against mine. It was obvious where his mind was: he'd been anxious for me to get there, and I wondered if maybe it was his idea to have Joey invite me. Finally we separated, a strand of spit connecting his mouth to mine. He flicked his tongue out to grab it, and, still kneading my butt with his strong hands, told me, 'Joey went out to pick up his car from the shop, but he'll be back soon.' Then he stepped back and put one arm around my shoulders, leading me deeper into the house. 'We can use my bedroom,' he said.

In his bedroom, we quickly got out of our clothes. I stood, waiting to see how he wanted me. He showed me. He turned me around and bent me over the bed, grabbing a bottle of lube that was already on the nightstand. He drizzled the lube down the crack of my ass and dropped the bottle to the floor. He wasn't like Lucas. He aimed and shoved through my hole and in to the hilt in one thrust. It hurt briefly, but I didn't cry out.

He fucked me quick and hard; I guess he wanted to be finished by the time his son came back, though it wasn't as if Joey wouldn't know what we'd been doing. But maybe he just wanted some privacy; it was probably the only time he'd have alone with me all night. About ten minutes after he'd shot his load inside me, we heard Joey come in. We were lying on his bed and he motioned for me to get dressed as he pulled on his jeans. He didn't bother with his other clothes, and I thought to myself how damn fine he looked, not just for a guy his age but for any age. His waist not quite as narrow as Joey's, but his stomach was sure as hard and rippled, and his shoulders were even broader than his son's, and that was saying something. He wasn't up to Lucas' level, but I could feel my cock beginning to get hard as I looked at him walking out to greet his son, and I knew that didn't matter to me.

I was pretty sure Joey knew what'd been going on while he was picking up his car. He sort of tried to query me, I think, with a couple of looks and side glances at his dad, but I didn't let on.

Joey and I went into the living room and watched TV while his dad made dinner. His folks had been divorced long before he'd moved into the area; I'd never known a time when it wasn't just him and his dad in this house. I was still trying to avoid his questioning looks. I don't know why, after they had both fucked me in the hayloft. Finally, he came right out and asked me.

'So, did you and my dad make out while I was gone?' he asked.

I nodded. 'Yeah.'

Joey laughed. 'I figured. He couldn't wait for you to get here.'

After dinner we all moved to Joey's room. Joey was the only one who said anything; he was still exulting in his recent discovery that, as he put it, I 'liked getting fucked,' and he went on and on about how round and juicy my ass was, and how he was gonna plow the cum right out of me. It turned me on to hear him talk like that in front of his dad. I couldn't imagine anything like it with my father. Joey was the first one out of his clothes, and he lubed himself up while I finished taking off my underwear. He was so hot to get his cock in my ass that I don't think he even realized that I already had his dad's cum inside me.

He and his dad took turns fucking me. After they'd each shot a load inside me, Joey fucked me again while his dad fed me his hard cock. I didn't have much experience sucking cock, but I guess I did okay because it didn't take long before he was coating my tongue with his sperm. This time I actually liked the taste; I eagerly swallowed as much as I could get down my throat. After that his dad went back to his own room, and Joey and I crawled into bed, still naked.

'You're the first guy we ever shared,' Joey told me. 'We're both so hot for you that neither one of us wanted to back off.'

'I'm pretty hot for you, too. Both of you.'

'I guess it turns you on to get fucked by a dad and his son, huh?'

Somehow, even with all my farm chores, I still managed to find time to put out for Lucas and Joey and Mr. Cornell, with none of them ever complaining that I was sleeping with three different guys or that they didn't see me as often they wanted. I slept over at Joey's house about once a week, and when he or his dad were at our farm they always found a way to be alone with me for an hour or so.

Then, a few weeks later, my Great Aunt Mae fell ill. 'We have to go stay with her,' Pop told me. Great Aunt Mae lived five hundred miles away. 'She doesn't have anyone else, and I couldn't stand to put her in a home. Your Mama and I will help her get better, but it's gonna be a long recuperation. You don't have to stay with us after we move her out of the hospital and settle in, Son, there's too much work here for you to run the farm all by yourself. So I'm going to ask......'

'Actually, Mr. Hatfield,' Lucas interjected -- he always used my folks' last names; I guess being in the Navy taught him to be polite to his elders -- 'a couple of my Navy buddies just got discharged. I bet if I wrote to them, they'd come down and work here at the farm, help me and Brent keep it runnin'.'

'You sure, Lucas?' My pop asked. 'You know I can't afford to pay them real well.'

'Being in the Navy, they're not used to much pay,' he said. 'I can't promise anything, o' course, but I'll know for sure by the end of the week. Until then I'm sure the Cornells would help out for a few days.'

Lucas proved as good as his word. I went with my folks to see Great Aunt Mae in the hospital. She smiled at me when she saw me, and so did one of the orderlies; while my folks were discussing her case with the doctors, the orderly fucked my ass in a supply room. Then I sucked his cock, right out of my butt, and swallowed his load.

After I'd helped my folks unpack and bring Great Aunt Mae back to her house, I took the bus back home. I was full of conflicted feelings on the ride back. I couldn't wait for Lucas and me to have the whole place to ourselves; it was our first chance to spend the entire night together, and I was going to wake up the next morning lying next to him, in his bed. But I didn't know how our dynamic was going to change with the addition of two more strangers in the house.

I arrived in the late afternoon, and Lucas picked me up at the bus station; we would have one night in the house alone, just the two of us, before his buddies would arrive the next morning.

I felt understandably apprehensive. Lucas greeted me with a deep kiss, and sensed my mood immediately. 'What is it, kid?' He only called me 'kid' when we were alone together -- in public, and especially around my parents, it was always 'Brent' -- and usually only when felt especially close to me emotionally. Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, hearing it this time made me feel a little better.

'You must be really excited to see your friends from the Navy,' I said. 'I won't blame you if you want to hang out with them instead of some teenager.'

He actually laughed out loud. 'Shit, I thought it was something serious,' he said. He took me by the shoulders, and when he touched me I could feel myself getting hard, despite myself. He looked straight into my eyes. 'First, although I am definitely looking forward to seeing Marco and Thomas after so long, what I am looking forward to even more is my first time falling asleep with you and waking up next to you.' He grinned. 'After fucking your hard ass into oblivion, of course.'

I couldn't help grinning back. 'Of course.'

'And second,' he added, as we walked back to the house, his arm around my waist, 'Marco and Thomas aren't just my Navy buddies. They're my Navy fuck buddies. And they can't wait to meet you.'

Oh, Godd, I thought....I was going to have three horny sailors alone in the house!

To be continued...



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