Lucas Martin came to work on my dad's farm fresh out of the Navy. He was the nephew of Nate Brock, the owner of the coffee shop and when there was talk around the shop of the guy getting out of the Navy and needing a job, my dad offered him one before anyone else could.

'He would appreciate that,' Nate said. 'He sure wouldn't be happy working here in the coffee shop after being in the Navy. Be warned, though, there's no guarantee how long he might stay,' Nate went on. 'He's already talked about maybe reenlisting in the Marines. I guess when the military gets in your blood.......'

'I'll take him for as long as he wants to stay,' dad said.

So dad hired him and I spent the next few weeks anxiously awaiting his arrival. Nate had a picture of him in the coffee shop and I'd also seen the one he carried in his billfold, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, and he was a drop-dead muscle hunk. I could hardly wait.

When he got home his dad told him he had the job with us, and one morning here he came driving up in his dad's old pickup. It was very early morning and I was just getting out of bed. I caught a glimpse of him out my upstairs bedroom window when he drove up. His left arm was crooked out the window, looked big as my thigh, and I could see his thick neck being hugged by his T-shirt. It was sexy as hell, the way he stepped out of the truck, the way his boot hit the ground. I about creamed in my shorts as I watched him walk toward the house in his tight, new jeans. I hurried up and got dressed so I could rush down to meet him. He and dad were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when I came in the kitchen.

'Brent, this is Lucas Martin, come to work for us,' dad said. 'This is my son, Brent.'

Lucas raised up out of his chair without standing up and put out his hand. I nearly missed it when I put out my hand, I was so taken by his muscular arm and his overall incredible good looks.

'Good to meet you,' he said

'Yeah, same here,' I managed to say.

'Lucas said he already ate at the coffee shop, so grab yourself something to eat,' dad told me as he finished the last slurp of his coffee and stood up. Lucas did the same and I watched them walk out the door, my eyes glued to Lucas's tight, narrow butt clenching and churning inside his tight jeans. It looked like he had two bowling balls stuffed in his jeans.

Dad always hired a crew of men to put up hay. Half the crew would work out in the fields for a half-day, then trade off and work up in the hayloft and give the other guys a chance to get out in the open air. I hated working in the loft, keeping the hay bales that came up the elevator stacked just right so they wouldn't come tumbling down. It was hard work and it was hot as hell. But when dad assigned me right off to work in the loft with Lucas, I didn't mind so much. I admired Lucas so much it sort of hurt inside. I'd never met anybody who had such an effect on me, I think partly because he was so friendly toward me. I knew it was more than admiration, but I had to keep my real feelings hidden because my dad didn't know anything about who I really was, and I sure as hell couldn't let Lucas get even a hint. I could just see him laughing and telling the whole crew.

But I guess he didn't need a hint. He knew. He had known all along, he said, from the moment he met me. I didn't know how he could possibly guess till he told me later about life in the Navy and being onboard ships for along periods of time and how he had learned to recognize guys who where interested in other guys for sex.

There was an advantage to being in the loft first thing in the morning before the sun had a chance to beat down on the barn roof and turn the loft into an oven.

'I guess we just hang around and wait till they bring in a load of bales?' Lucas asked me as the rest of the crew was driving out to the field.

'No, we need to go up and move bales. The old hay has to be stacked close to the opening where it'll be used up first,' I said.

'Oh. Well, I guess we'd better get our butts up there then,' he said.

Yeah, I especially wanted to get his butt up in the loft. I wanted to watch his butt climbing up the ladder. I lingered back so he would go up first and I ogled his tight, round butt muscles churning inside his tight jeans as he climbed the ladder. Little did I know at the time that he was just as interested in getting my tight little butt up in the loft.

First thing he did when we got up there was take off his shirt. I almost gasped when he peeled the tight, white T-shirt up over his head. I had a couple of seconds of pure, lustful ogling while his face was hidden in the shirt. His upper body seemed to explode out of his jeans when he raised his arms, and when he had the shirt off and let his arms back down, his thick pecs settled onto his chest with a little jounce, like two big beef steaks. I had to tear my eyes away from his big nipples, and those to-die-for abs that sloped down into the waist of his jeans and the two slabs of tenderloin down his sides that framed those abs. I had seen and heard of six-pack abs; Lucas had the whole damned case. Fuck, he was beautiful.

He gave his jeans a hitch which sort of hefted and rearranged the bulge in front a little but it settled back into place. I longed to know what was inside that bulging denim. I doubted if I ever would, except maybe if I saw him taking a piss, but if not, just being able to look at it was enough.

I showed him where we had to stack the old hay bales and we went to work. It was barely minutes before we worked up a horrendous sweat. He complained that he probably smelled like a horse already, but I didn't tell him I didn't mind. I loved the manly smell of his fresh sweat pouring down his chest. I wanted to lick it off of his muscles.

'Aren't you hot in that shirt?' he asked.

'Yeah, but I don't like the chaff on my sweaty skin,' I said.

'I don't either, but when we're done up here, I'm going down and dunk myself in the horse tank,' he said.

'It'll feel good, but it won't take all the chaff off,' I told him.

'Yeah, but a guy just looks better with sweat running down his bare muscles,' he said with a mischievous grin.

I thought it was a weird thing for him to say, but I was glad he said it. I sure agreed with him, at least as far as his bare, sweaty muscles were concerned.

'Everybody ran around without their shirts all the time on the ship,' he went on as he tossed a bale on the stack and kicked it tightly into place with his knee. Then he turned to me with that grin still on his face. 'You've got plenty of muscles to show off yourself,' he said as he came toward me. 'Come on, take your shirt off.' With that, he tugged my shirt up from my waist and was pulling it off of me.

'Not like you,' I said, a little embarrassed, as I raised my arms for him to pull it off of me.

'Shit, you're built, kid,' he said, tossing my shirt aside. 'By the time you're my old are you, anyway?'

'Turned eighteen a week ago,' I said.

'Well, belated happy birthday. If I'd known, I would've bought you something.'

'You weren't here a week ago,' I reminded him.

'But if I'd known about you, I would've brought you something, and I would've been here earlier,' he said. 'Wish I could give you something now. But I don't know if you'd be ready for it; if you're old enough or mature enough to handle it.'

'What is it that you think I wouldn't be old enough to handle?' I asked. I knew he was egging me on to something, I just didn't know what exactly, but I took the challenge.

He looked me up and down with a sly grin, then sort of nodded. 'Hang on a second,' he said, turning away from me. The muscles of his back and shoulders, and his triceps rippled and bulged as he was doing something in front; it looked like he was fixing his fly or something. Then he turned back around and I saw that he'd been un-fixing his fly. It was laid wide open and he had hanging out of it the biggest cock I'd ever seen or even imagined! It looked like he'd stole it off a horse! Same for his balls. They were pushed out over the waistband of his shorts like two baseballs in a sack and his cock was draped over them like hunk of radiator hose. He was intimidating as hell, and suddenly I was a little scared of him and his boldness as I wondered what he had in mind to give me, or make me do.

'Bet you never seen a cock this big,' he said.

'No, I never did,' I said. 'Except on a horse.' I hoped I didn't sound as nervous as I felt inside. I thought he was beautiful before; he was drop-dead gorgeous standing there with his awesome manhood hanging out.

He laughed. 'Yeah, that's what they used to call me onboard ship; Horse.' He twisted his hips from side to side, causing his big cock to swing back and forth. 'You wanta have a feel?' he asked as he moved closer, within arm's reach.

Hell, yeah, I wanted to touch it. I wanted to do more than touch it; fuck, my mouth was watering, but I didn't know what to do. It wasn't the first cock I'd ever seen, of course, but it was the biggest and the first one to be so blatantly offered to me.

'You ever done anything with another guy before?' he asked.

'No,' I replied.

'There's gotta be a first time for everything. Go ahead, then, have a feel,' he said, placing one big hand on my shoulder. 'I know it looks mean, but it ain't gonna bite.'

I was suddenly aware of the pressure of his hand on my shoulder and realized that he wasn't inviting me just to touch his cock. He was big and strong and I was scared of him, knowing he could make me do anything he wanted. The pressure of his hand weakened my knees and I felt them bending, and heard him laugh deep in his belly as I began to go down.

He successfully pushed me to my knees with very little effort and I was face to face with it; close enough that I could smell his wonderful sweat from his crotch. The thing was moving, coming to life, pulsating in a steady rhythm, growing bigger with each pulse.

'Better get on it before it gets too big for you to handle,' he said.

Too big? Geezuss, I wondered, how much bigger he would he get? I was gonna soon find out, for his hand was wrapped around the back of my head, pushing my face toward his cock. Instinctively, I wet my lips even though I had never sucked a cock before, and then my face was being smashed against the warm, meaty flesh. I felt light headed, so close to performing the act I had so long dreamed of.

'Go ahead, open up, give it a try,' he urged me.

I wet my lips again and parted them, not enough to receive his cock which had by now lifted out from his balls and was beginning to throb instead of pulse. He took it in his hand and rubbed the head around my mouth, leaving warm, slick ball juice all over my lips. Again, I flicked my tongue out to lick my lips and got my first taste of the stuff. It tasted wonderful. But I was doubtful what I was going to do with such a big cock. Certainly, I was going to try to suck it. I had no choice, with one hand clamped around the back of my head, the other rubbing his cock over my face, prying my lips open. Finally, I bravely opened my mouth as wide as I could and he filled it with warm, live cock.

'Hhhhuummmppphhhhhh!' I moaned. It filled my mouth to capacity; the head pressed hard against the back of my throat and I thought he was going to force it through and choke me. My eyes were bugged out and I was stunned, then, to see that his big hand barely reached all the way around his cock. Godd, he was huge! His fingers barely touch and I had a mouthful, maybe two or three inches of it, and there was at least six inches of thick shaft between my face and his pubes.

'Suck it,' he said.

Stupid me, I didn't know how to suck cock; there wasn't room to do much of anything with it except hold it in my mouth. I managed to wrench my head free of his grip and move off of his cock.

'I don't know what to do; its so big,' I said.

'Just move your mouth on it, and use your tongue. Lots of tongue,' he said, and he demonstrated by shoving his cock back in my mouth and moving it back and forth, like he was fucking my face.

Okay, I could do that much for him; he wasn't forcing it down my throat. I took over what he was doing and started lashing my tongue all over it.

'Awwwhhhh, yeahhhh,' he moaned, tossing his head back. 'Fuck, you know how. You're doing it right,' he encouraged me.

I was happy that I was making him feel good and as I caught on, I started sucking him in earnest. Pretty soon, he removed his hand from my head and from his cock and gave me free rein. I wrapped my hand around his huge cock and used it along with my mouth to make sort of a pussy for him to fuck. He had bigger hands than me; my fingers didn't come hear touching.

'Dam, boy, you know how to suck cock,' he moaned. 'I wish I'd had you on board ship with me.'

Wouldn't that have been wonderful, I thought, to be on a ship with hundreds, maybe thousands of horny sailors. I would've served my whole time on my knees; or so I naively thought. He would teach me later, just how naive I was; that I would've spent an equal amount of time on my back or on my hands and knees. But at that moment, I thought that having sex with another man involved nothing more than jacking him off and/or sucking his cock.

We were going at it good when I heard the chug-chug of the tractor in the distance; they were bringing up a wagon-load of hay. I backed off his cock.

'They're coming in with a load,' I said.

'Not before I come in with a load,' he said. 'From the sound of it, they're just leaving the field. We've got time to finish.' And with that, he put his hand on top of my head again and shoved his cock back in my mouth.

Now I really was terrified. Not before he came with a load? We had time to finish? I hadn't given a thought to him finishing; as if I could just suck him till the end of time. Dam, I was naïve. How would I know when he was ready to shoot? Would he warn me and pull his cock out of my mouth at the last second? Or not pull his cock out at all? I knew what come tasted like, my own at least, and I didn't particularly the taste of it. And from the looks of his balls, there was bound to be a lot of it. What was I supposed to do?

I managed to wrench my head free of his grip and get off of his cock again.

'Will you pull your cock out of my mouth before you go off?' I asked.

'Sure,' he said.

Naively, I trusted him.

As the sound of the tractor grew closer, he became more frantically intense, and intensely determined to get off. Finally he growled something deep in his belly and tightened his grip on my head again as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth in a fury. I braced myself, ready to jerk my head away at his warning. Suddenly he jerked his hips back, pulling his cock out of my mouth with a loud suctioning noise, like my mouth didn't want to let go of it, and his hand became like a vise on my head. He started fisting his cock and growling obscenities and I new he was about to come. But he wouldn't let my move my head. He wasn't going to shoot his load in my mouth; he was going to shoot all over my face!

'Open your mouth!' he said.

I was aghast. 'You said you wouldn't shoot in my mouth,' I said quickly.

'No, I said I would pull out. I pulled out; now open your mouth. Give me a target.'

Give him a target!? This wasn't target practice! He wanted to come in my mouth! I had a moment of panic, watching his big hand pumping the big canon and his powerful thighs trembling inside his jeans.

'Open up!' he said again, and this time he spread his big hand over my face and dug his thumb between my lips, practically tearing my mouth open. I opened up for him. Just in time. A huge rope of come shot out the end of his cock and splattered against the back of my mouth. I whimpered with delight. It was the most wonderful sensation, feeling the warm, thick goo hitting the back of my mouth and running down. He gave me another, then another, and my mouth was quickly filled enough that my tongue was completely covered and I was getting my first real, full taste of another man's semen. His arm was shaking and he lost control and shot several times all over my face. I closed my eyes. He was hitting me hard, with such power that I couldn't imagine, and I tried to backtrack and count the shots. Five, I thought, then nine .....Geezusss, where was it all coming from!....ten.... and then I stopped counting, I was so caught up in it.

A moment later, I was drenched in come, the stuff was running down my face and neck and even my chest. And my mouth was full, come was running down my chin. I dry-swallowed a couple of times as I wondered what I should do with the stuff. I couldn't actually swallow it. He surely couldn't expect me to do that. But I thought if I spit it out he might get mad, like I would be wasting it or something. I was horrified when he crooked a finger under my chin to force my mouth closed and told me to swallow it.

I dry swallowed again but didn't take any come down my throat. It was a futile effort, I still had a mouthful of come and he was holding my mouth shut.

'Come on, swallow it,' he urged me, and pinched my nose with his fingers.

I fought it till I had to have air, then finally gulped it down. I was surprised how easily so much of the thick semen slid down my throat. I swallowed again, and again, till I had it all down but the taste.

'That a boy,' he said, he said as he stepped away from me to shove his manhood back in his shorts and do up his jeans. 'Come on, they're pulling in,' he said as he reached down and got my T-shirt and tossed it to me. 'Better get that stuff wiped off.'

I wasn't as worried about wiping all the come off as I was about getting sick. The taste of his come when I had my mouth full of it wasn't so bad; I sort of liked it. But the aftertaste was terrible. I kept swallowing and working up spit to rinse my mouth out and swallow again but it was like the stuff had stuck to my teeth or something and there was the idea that I had swallowed the thick goo and all those billions of live sperm were swimming around in my stomach.

I wiped the come off my face and neck and chest and he swiped at a glob in my hair. I heard the conveyor start up and the guys down below yelling they were ready. He walked over to the opening, poised to receive the first bales of hay, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I rushed over to a corner of the loft and threw up. He stood there and laughed at me.

'Shit, boy, if I'd known you was going throw it up, I would've let you just spit it out.'

I kicked a bunch of loose hay over the streaky globs of cum. I was weak in the stomach as I joined him at the opening, jerking the bales out of the way of the conveyor as they came tumbling off. Before long I had worked up a streaming sweat and was swallowing my own perspiration and the saltiness helped wash away the taste of his come. All the while, despite just getting sick, I was getting turned on again, watching his thick, powerful muscles bulging and rippling.

The bales came up the conveyor so fast that we didn't have time to stack them all while it was running. Instead, we tossed them aside to be stacked later. I was enjoying working with the big Navy stud, and I didn't care anymore that he had shot off in my mouth and made me sick. Finally the conveyor ran empty and a moment later it shut down and the tractor started up to take the crew back out to the field.

We stepped up to the opening for some fresh air before we started stacking the bales that we had tossed aside.

'I didn't get a chance to tell you, that was one awesome suck job you gave me,' he said as we worked.

'It was my first time,' I said.

'Yeah, I sort of thought so. But you did good. Sorry you got sick, though.'

'I'm okay now,' I said.

'Okay enough that it didn't make you swear off of it for life?' he asked jokingly.

'No, I don't think so,' I said.

'You would wanta do it again, then.'

'Yeah, I think so. Now that I know what I'm doing, and what to expect,' I said.

'You don't like the taste of cum,' he said, laughing.

'It wasn't the taste so much as the idea of swallowing it. And there was so much of it,' I said.

''Yeah, I should've warned you I'm a heavy cummer, but that would've probably scared you more. How do you feel about fucking?' he asked.

'I never fucked before,' I said. 'I never did much of anything but jack off till awhile ago.'

'Let's get these bales stacked and we'll give it a try,' he said.

I stopped, looking all around, weirdly, as I were half expecting a couple of girls to come crawling up into the loft. But there were no girls and I knew there weren't going to be any girls.

'Who're we gonna fuck?' I asked.

'You,' he said.

I'd already figured it out but still, I was so stunned my mouth flew open and I dropped the bale of hay. My eyes must've been wide.

'Me!? How're you gonna fuck me? I'm not a girl.'

He laughed as he took out his bandanna and wiped the sweat off his face. 'Figure it out,' he said.

It didn't take long to figure it out. There was only one way it could happen...his cock up my ass! Suddenly I was terrified. His cock had to be easily nine inches long, and big around as my wrist. No way would it fit in my ass. Not without drilling me a new asshole. He saw my fear.

'Don't worry, I'll get you ready, all relaxed and loosened up, all nice and ready, so you'll want it,' he said.

'I don't think so,' I said bravely, and my head was spinning with how the hell I could get away from him if he tried to force me. But he was standing between me and the opening.

'You don't think so?' he scoffed, laughing. 'Think again, dude.'

'Seriously, Lucas, there's no way that could possibly happen. Fuck, you're as big as a horse,' I said.

'And you're gonna be my little mare,' he said with an evil chuckle. 'I won't lie to you, it'll hurt some at first, till you get used to it, but only for a minute, then it'll feel good. Promise. I've had enough guys thrashing around on my cock to know.'

'Did you force them?' I asked.

'No, hell, I had 'em standing in line for it, once they had a sample of it,' he said. 'You know how you couldn't take much more than the head in your mouth? Well, you'll be able to take it all the other way.'

'No fuckin' way!' I said. 'You would tear me a new asshole.'

'It might feel like it, but you'll close up afterwards, just as nice and tight as you were before. And there's a spot up inside you that when I rub my cock over it, its gonna drive you nuts. I've had guys scream with pleasure when I fucked 'em.'

'Are you sure it was from pleasure?' I asked.

'Hey, they were begging for it, they weren't yelling for me to stop,' he said. 'But I'll get you warmed up to it,' he went on. 'We won't actually do it this trip. We'll spend this time getting you warmed up.'

I would spend this time figuring out how to get the hell out of the hayloft. There was a cooler of iced bottles of water so I couldn't use the excuse that I needed to go down to get a drink. And we had both already taken a piss out of the opening. We got the bales stacked in short order and Lucas didn't waste any time. He walked over to me and wrapped his hand around the back of my head.

'Here, suck my tits,' he said, smashing my face against his hard, thick chest.

It was a fuckin' weird request, I thought, but I found myself flicking the big, turgid nipples with my tongue and sucking them through my tightly pursed lips, like I was sucking a tiny cock. He loved it. So did I. His tits got even bigger, about the size as the first knuckle of my little finger, and hard as erasers. Suddenly, I was loving it, and loving the taste of his fresh sweat. I clasped my hands around his sides and lavered my tongue all over his broad, thick pecs, licking off his sweat and sucking on his tits, first one then the other. He started flicking my tits with his fingers and squeezing them, almost painfully, and I felt myself getting a hardon. Before long, I was moving my hands lower, groping for the front of his jeans. Yeah, I wanted his cock again, only in my mouth, not my ass, and I figured if I could keep him satisfied by sucking him, he would forget about wanting to fuck me.

Lucas had different ideas. He was unbuttoning his jeans and shoving them down, along with his shorts and I fully expected to be forced to my knees, except he wouldn't have to force me this time. Instead, when his jeans and shorts were down around his ankles, he turned around and sort of bent over and pulled my face into his butt!

I was horrified for a second as he smashed his hard, hairy butt against my face. I was appalled at first but quickly found, when he pulled one side of his butt apart, that I liked the aroma and the taste of his sweaty ass. I pulled both sides apart and buried my face between them, instinctively tonguing his clenching hole.

'Fuck, yeah, you like that, don't you?' he said.

Yeah, I liked it. I ate his ass like a hungry puppy lapping up warm milk. He reached back and dug his fingers into the muscle surrounding his hole and stretched it wide open. I could actually see the velvety pink muscles inside clenching and palpitating, inviting me in. I took his cue and dug my fingers inside his asshole and stretched it open even further. Then I buried my tongue in as deep as I could reach.

'Yyyeeeaahhhhhhhh!' he yelled at the top of his lungs.

I couldn't have imagined ever wanting to do such a thing, but I couldn't get enough of his ass. The taste and the musky aroma were like an aphrodisiac. It was almost as good as sucking his cock. He didn't have to hold my head anymore. He was bent over, grabbing his ankles, his butt spread so wide it was like a feast on a silver platter.

'Wait,' he said as he straightened. He had loosened the laces of his boots and now he stepped out of them. Then he pulled off his jeans and shorts and stood naked except for his socks. He lay back on a hay bale and lifted his legs up over his head, spreading his butt even wider. I knelt down and went to work on him again. Fuck, it was wonderful!

The time passed and we were suddenly aware of the sound of the tractor coming back up the lane.

'Oh, shit, they're coming, you better get your jeans on,' I gasped as I started to raise up.

'I'm coming too!' he said as he quickly grabbed my head and smashed it back into his butt. 'Keep eating me. Get your tongue up in there till I come.'

I was more than happy to oblige. I stood, bent over him, with his body bent in half, and tongued his quivering asshole while he jacked himself. I was able to judge the angle of his body and I tilted him a little more so that his cock was aimed straight at his face. Suddenly I felt his asshole clench tightly around my tongue, then loosen, then tighten again, and again, till it was fluttering to announce his approaching climax. Just before the crucial moment I got the idea to replace my tongue with my finger. He let out a yowl when I shoved it in to the hilt, far deeper than my tongue would reach; and another, louder yowl when I touched a spongy spot up inside him. He shot off like the first time, great ropes of come belching out of his cock like rockets, splattering his face, spewing into his mouth as he cried out with lust. I could hear the tractor coming closer but I finished him off with my finger rubbing the spongy organ that seemed to set him wild. At the last, I replaced my finger with my tongue. We didn't stop till we heard the conveyor start up. Lucas jumped up, semen streaming down his face and neck. I handed him his T-shirt but he grabbed me and told me to lick it off; to clean up the mess I'd made. I did, as fast as I could, and it wasn't so bad. I sort of enjoyed licking it off; I liked the taste of his come mixed with his sweat. Then the first bale fell from the conveyor and I rushed to get it while Lucas scrambled into his jeans and boots.

'How the hell did you know to do that; use your finger like that?' he asked as we were tossing and stacking the bales.

'I didn't really know; it just came to me to do it,' I said.

'Well, now you've got an idea what I'm gonna do to you,' he said.

You would think we were finished after the second time, but I was so revved up I couldn't wait to get this wagon unloaded and send the crew back out to the field and leave me and Lucas to ourselves again. I still had the taste of his sweat and semen in my mouth and it was like an aphrodisiac. I was still scared of the guy, more so now that I had an inkling of what might come next. But my fear couldn't suppress the ungodly desire that had suddenly kindled itself in my loins.

When the last bale tumbled off the conveyor, I grabbed it and carried it over to the stack, anxious to resume whatever Lucas had in mind for me.

'I'm going down for a quick dunk in the horse tank,' he said.

'I'll come with you,' I said.

He climbed down first and caught me when I jumped from halfway down the ladder. I followed him out to the horse tank, located out behind the barn. He bent over and literally dunked nearly all of his upper body into the cool water. He stayed under for a long time before he raised back up, water sheeting down his muscular torso. He shook his head, sending water flying all around. I stood at the edge of the tank, trying to work up the courage to dunk myself into the cool water like he'd done. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and dunked me. He held me under till I was frantic for air then drew me back up.

'You're fuckin' trying to drown me?' I said.

'I wouldn't drown you, I'm not done with you yet,' he said. 'Come on, we don't have time to waste.'

We climbed back up in the loft and Lucas started taking off his clothes again. I followed suit. When he was naked except for his socks, he put his work boots back on. He looked sexy as hell. I did the same.

'Fuck, you look sexy in those boots,' he told me.

'Yeah, so do you.' I was ready to attack his magnificent body, but I didn't know exactly what he had in mind so I waited. I got the surprise of my life.

Like I said, Lucas was a big man. Big and muscular. He was strong enough tossed the hay bales around, one in each hand. I think he could've tossed two in each hand if he could've gotten a grip on them. I let out a surprised yelp when he picked me up by my waist and turned me upside down! He hefted me up with my legs across his shoulders and I was hanging onto his thick thighs with my head dangling right in front of his manhood. It excited the hell out of me; I was going to suck his cock hanging upside down. He had a good hold on me so I let go of his leg and grabbed hold of his cock with both hands. It wasn't fully hard yet but it was a handful to hold onto. I took it in my mouth and started sucking. All the while, I had the silly notion that he might suck me as well; he had me in the perfect position a standing sixty-nine. But I got an even greater surprise. He pulled my butt apart and started lapping at my asshole while he swung me back and forth on his cock!

Even with my mouth full of his cock, I squealed around it. He had a tongue as muscular as the rest of him. I couldn't hold still. I was thrashing around, hanging from his shoulders, and sucking his cock like a hungry wolf. Then he used his finger, like I'd done to him. Lucas had big hands, really long fingers, really thick. I squealed again when he touched something inside me. I was seeing stars. Geezuss, what was it! Did I have a clit hidden away in there? I remembered making him come by doing this to his ass; now I knew why. He was thrusting his cock at me, swinging his hips back and forth, causing me to swing like a tree limb in a windstorm. I hung on for dear life and gobbled his cock.

'Don't come,' he told me when I got really wild.

'Then you gotta stop doing that,' I gasped.

'Okay, we'll do something else,' he said.

He let me down and set me on my feet and steadied me. My asshole was clenching with a deep itch, wanting more of his tongue or his finger or something; fuck, anything! He led me over to a stack of bales and pushed me onto my back. He straddled the bale and spat on his cock. It was coming. He was going to fuck me. I was scared senseless but I didn't give a thought to trying to stop him. I couldn't have stopped him anyway, but I didn't want to. He bent down and grabbed my ankles and brought my legs up, held high and wide, shoved back so my butt was tilted up off the bale.

'Okay, this is gonna hurt a little bit,' he warned as he hunkered down on his haunches to bring his cock at the same level with my butt.

He didn't have to guide his cock with his hand; it found its own way. The head spread my butt apart and pressed against my asshole. He pushed and twisted his hips around, working against the spongy muscle surrounding my hole.

'Try to relax,' he told me.

I had no idea how I could relax, I was so keyed up and scared. He pushed hard. Then harder. I didn't think it was going to go in. Then he slid his hands down my thighs to grasp my hipbones for a better grip. He pulled on my hips and pushed at the same time and the head of his cock burst through my tight hole.

'AAAaahhhhhhhhhhh!' I yelled. A little bit? The pain was excruciating. I saw stars dancing on my closed eyelids. My breath wouldn't come. He was killing me! Godd, my asshole would never be the same again. I was afraid it wouldn't close up like he said it would

'Yeah, I know, it hurts at first, but just hang on, it'll start feeling good in a minute,' Lucas told me.

It was the longest minute of my life. I trembled with the pain, cringing and screaming out silently for him to stop. He gave me some more cock and my scream came out. But Lucas didn't stop. He held still for a minute, but his huge cock throbbed violently inside me. After a minute he shoved more cock in me. I didn't yell this time; I took it with only a grimace. He gave me more, and I didn't even grimace. It wasn't feeling good but the pain was subsiding and I stopped shaking. Then he shoved all the way in me; buried his cock in a place that I didn't know was there. It felt like he literally nailed me to the hay bale. He stayed pressed down against me, his cock throbbing deep inside me, till I got used to it, then he slowly withdrew about half way and started fucking me.

'Ohhhh,' I gasped, with surprise as he bored back through my hole. It felt different now; the pain was dulled to almost nothing and I was being stuffed with a hot stiffness that made my insides sort of flutter with excitement. 'Ohhh.....ohhh, fuck, man.....Awwwhhh......'

'That feeling good now?' he asked.

'Yessss!' I hissed, grimacing from the pleasure now instead of pain. 'Ohhh, yess, it feels good!'

'Yeah, I knew it would. Never had anybody tell me my cock didn't feel good boring into their asshole,' he said.

'Have you fucked a lot of guys?' I asked.

'More than I can count,' he replied.

'So I'm just another fuck for you,' I said. It sounded stupid the moment I said it; sounded like a jealous girl or something.

'Naw, you're a hot little fuck,' he said as he swiveled his lean hips back and forth to drive his cock in and out of me. 'Fuckin' hot and tight.'

'OOOhhh....AAAaahhhh!....Ohhh, Godddd....How long can you fuck?' I asked. That sounded stupid, too, and I thought I ought to keep my mouth shut, but I wanted him to last.

'Till they have to order you a new asshole,' he said. 'Till the next wagonload of hay comes in.'

'Okay, I'll try to hold off, too,' I said. He really plowed into me. He was horny as hell, and his muscles rippling, all gleaming with sweat, were turning me on something terrible. He was really sweating; I couldn't even get a good hold on his shoulders or his back, he was so slick, and I caught drops of his wonderful salty sweat in my mouth. We got a little too rowdy and the bale of hay tilted and we tumbled off. He caught me, and without missing a stroke, laid me on the floor of the loft and proceeded to nail me to the floor. Godd, he could fuck! And I knew I wasn't going to ever be the same after he got done with me.

I lost all track of time. Hell, for the time he was pounding my butt I was oblivious to everything except the burning lust inside me and Lucas's big cock trying to satisfy it. I wouldn't have cared if my dad had climbed up in the loft and saw the hunky sailor fucking his son. I didn't know how long he fucked me; the sun could've gone down and come up again and I wouldn't have noticed. Fortunately, Lucas was paying attention.

'Gonna have to shift it into high gear; I hear the wagon coming,' he growled as he began to pick up his pace even more.

'Geezusss!....Awww, fuck!.....what gear did you have it in?' I moaned.

'Not high,' he said. 'Gotta get us off,' he grunted as he fucked me harder.

'Yesss!' I hissed. 'Awww, Yess!.....fuck me, man......aww, you're fuckin' me a new asshole!......Geezusss, Lucas, where'd you learn to fuck like this!....Ohhh....Ohhhh....Ohhhhhh.....Awwww, Lucas.....I'm gonna come, man.....Fuck, I'm coming....!!'

The words were barely out of my mouth when Lucas slammed his cock into me with a loud grunt I felt him letting loose inside me. I never felt anything so warm honey being spurted up in my guts. My own load was on its way, and seconds later, I was spewing thick, creamy semen all over myself, and on Lucas when he hunkered down too low. In the back of my mind I thought I could hear the tractor and wagon coming closer. Suddenly I realized that it wasn't just coming closer, it was here! They were starting up the conveyor!

'Lucas!' I gasped, choking on my lust as I kept spewing come, and Lucas was still shooting inside me. 'Fuck, Lucas, they're here!'

'Yeah......Fuck!' he swore through clenched teeth and a grimace as he forced himself to pull his cock out of me.

'What the fuck.......!!!'

I jumped from fright at the voice in the loft. I snapped my head around to see Joey Cornell and his dad standing there gaping at us, wide-eyed, with their mouths dropped.

'Geezusss, Joey, you hadn't ought to be here seeing this,' his dad said, but neither of them took their eyes off of us.

'Hell, I ain't leaving, Dad,' Joey said defiantly. I saw his eyes were shifting from me, a look of total disbelief, to Lucas's huge cock, slick from my ass and suspended out in a wide arch like an oversized hunk of sausage. 'Geez, I never seen a cock that size before,' he said. His dad scowled at him and he sort of turned red; I didn't think he intended to blurt it out like that. Then he turned to me. 'Fuck, Brent, I didn't know you was gay,' he said.

It was on the tip of my tongue that I wasn't, but then I realized how idiotic that would sound, since I was lying there on a bale of hay, naked, with come all over me and I could feel Lucas's come running out of my ass, and they could probably see it, and Lucas standing there with his big cock hanging out, still dripping from my ass.

'You dad told us to come up and take your place up here,' Mr. Cornell said. Then he turned to his son. 'You can go on back down with Lucas, here, Brent can stay up here with me.'

Joey broke out in a big smile, his eyes dancing with mischief as he was shaking his head.

'Huh-uh, you ain't pulling that on me,' he said. 'I'm staying up here.'

'Well, somebody's gotta go down and help unload the wagon,' the man said.

'Yeah, but it ain't gonna be me,' Joey said. 'I did my share of unloading down there. I wanta unload up here now,' he said with a soft chuckle as he rubbed the front of his dusty jeans.

'Joey, you can just get those thoughts out of you head,' his dad said.

'They're in your head, no reason why they shouldn't be in mine,' the boy said.

I was shocked at his bold belligerence and defiance of his dad.

'I'll go down,' Lucas said.

Just then the bales began to drop off the conveyor belt onto the floor of the loft. Mr. Cornell rushed to start stacking them off. Joey walked past me real slow as I sat up, reaching for my clothes. He jerked his bandanna out of his pocket and tossed it at me.

'Here, you can use this to wipe yourself off,' he said. 'But don't go anywhere. I want some of what you was giving Lucas. Fuck, Brent, why didn't you tell me you liked to get fucked?'

'Joey, get your ass over here and get to work!' his father yelled.

'Don't go anywhere,' Joey said again, this time almost as a warning.

He didn't have to warn me. I wasn't going anywhere. I pulled on my jeans but left my T-shirt off and joined Joey and his dad stacking off bales. After a few minutes Joey peeled his shirt off and tossed it with mine. I almost gasped at the sight of his bare, muscular chest, glistening with sweat. I guess I didn't realize he'd gotten so big and muscular. Every time he stacked a bale, Joey looked at me. I could almost see the excitement and the lust building in his eyes with each bale. Godd, he was going to fuck me a new asshole when we were finished. I wondered about his dad. Would he let it happen? Would he allow his son to fuck me right there in front him? Somehow, I didn't think he would have much to say about it. Joey was defiant, like a young, horny bull, or stallion; fuck his nostrils were flaring as he looked at me.

With three of us on it, we made short work of stacking the bales, and when the last one came off the conveyor, we were finished, nothing to get caught up. They shut the conveyor down and I heard the tractor start up. Joey made a swipe at the sweat running down his face, and across his massive chest, his nostrils flared out as he came toward me.

'Brent, you'd better come down and work outside in the fresh air for awhile,' my dad yelled up at me.

Joey glared at the voice coming up through the opening, then glanced at me.

'I'm okay up here, Dad,' I called back, without taking my eyes off Joey.

'If you're sure. Does he look okay to you Cornell?' he asked Mr. Cornell.

'He looks fine to me,' the man called back, his eyes raking over me much like his son's.

My dad left it and a moment later we heard the tractor pulling out.

'You ready?' Joey asked me as he came up to me, unbuttoning his jeans.

'Joey, now this ain't something you ought be getting into at your age,' Mr. Cornell admonished his son.

'Can't help it, Dad. Seeing it, I gotta find out what it's all about. I'm gonna fuck him, like Lucas was fuckin' him,' the boy declared.

'Then I'm going down,' the man said. 'I'm not staying up here and watching such behavior.'

Joey turned to his dad with a sneering grin. 'Okay, I'll let you know when I'm finished with him, then you can come up and fuck him,' he said.

Mr. Cornell climbed down out of the loft. Joey had his boots off and was taking his jeans off. When he stood in his briefs, he squeezed the bulge lewdly.

'He wants to fuck you as bad as I do, he just ain't got the guts to say it or do it in front of me,' Joey said as he pulled his briefs down.

I gasped. Lucas was big, but Joey's cock was thick as a beer can. Not as long as Lucas, but Goddd, I'd never imagined a man could be so thick. My asshole twitched each time his cock throbbed.

'Yeah, big, ain't it,' he said with a chuckle.

'Geezuss, Joey, it's so thick!'

'Yeah, lucky you're already stretched out,' he said as he put his hand on hip. He urged me to turn around then pressed his hand against my back to urge me to bend over. I bent over, taking hold of the edges of the bale of hay. I felt the heat of Joey's cock against my hole, and I held my breath.



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