A Note to My Readers --

"Compound" is an unplanned third story in the "Seraglio" series. I wrote it in response to a number of requests for another chapter in the series.

The story "Asim" is centered on the experiences of a slave owner, while the story "Toys" is centered on the experiences of the slaves. It took a while to think of a way I could enlarge on those two tales. One day it occurred to me that the only other story I could possibly tell would be a story about the slave training facility itself. My task would be to develop the story and have it merge comfortably into the series, so I borrowed heavily on the story "Toys" to achieve that end.

I ask the reader's indulgence and understanding when reading things you may already have read in the story "Toys." Regardless, I hope you enjoy "Compound" and find it satisfies your desire for a third and final chapter.


Snow clad peaks of the Hindu Kush Mountains towered above the secluded valley that snaked into the range's southern slopes. Located not far to the northeast of Kabul, the compound is sheltered in this valley, out of sight and yet easy to reach by anyone knowing its location. Surrounded by a high wall, the compound within contains quite a few buildings that make up a training facility. In addition to training buildings, the compound includes a security center, business office, auction house, a gym, athletic field, a building for receiving and storing deliveries and separate living quarters for the owner, guests, staff and trainees. Close by, the compound maintains an airstrip capable of handling aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 737.

The high wall around the compound suggests a need for privacy and security. That's because the compound is a secluded slave training center requiring a high level of security. Throughout the complex hidden video cameras with sound and night vision, motion detectors and infrared sensors are all linked to a central computer at the security center. Security sensors and computers are well maintained and frequently updated to the latest in state of the art equipment. The security center staff keeps a close watch over the trainees and the grounds of the compound twenty four hours a day. Escape attempts are easily spotted by the security center and can be dealt with quickly. Just as easily, break-ins can be detected and prevented. The whereabouts of everyone within and anyone in close proximity to either side of the surrounding wall is readily revealed and acted upon or noted by security officers. Every building in the compound is equipped inside and out with monitoring sensors, most importantly the slave quarters. In addition, sensors are installed in living quarters of the staff, guests and owner. Escapees in past breakouts had been caught hiding in some of the staff and guest housing units.

Employees also staff a small business office that takes care of all the compound's business and financial affairs. The staff handles all purchasing expenses for food, supplies, equipment and slaves purchased from slave hunters. They also collect and keep track of monies from slave auctions and sales. Office workers act as hotel staff at times when clients arrive requiring housing while they attend slave auctions. The offices occupy the second floor of the building housing the compound's dining hall and central kitchen.


It was a beautifully clear day in early autumn - one of those days that are sunny and warm with a cold chill at night to remind everyone of the coming winter. Standing on his patio, Jabir looked out over the slave camp he owns with a sense of pride. Jabir lives in a large two storey home on the grounds of the compound. His primary residence, it is a roomy Georgian style brick building with top floor bedrooms opening onto a building wide patio. His living area and private office occupy the first floor of the house. Nearby are the auction house and business office buildings surrounded by a number of guest cottages which house clients while attending slave auctions. His office and training staffs occupy townhouses close by. His home, the townhouses, auction house and the guest cottages are all staffed and maintained by trusted employees and slaves personally selected by Jabir from various training classes. Every one of the slaves is a trained multi talented sex slave capable of providing pleasure service to staff and guests in addition to their regular duties in the compound. The finest of these slaves have been selected to be Jabir's personal house slaves and sex toys.

Jabir's slave training camp is a secretly run business whose trusted clients are notified of upcoming auctions by private invitation. His customer base has grown throughout the years by clients making word of mouth recommendations of people each client feels is a trustworthy buyer. Invitations are now delivered via a printed slave catalog discretely mailed to each client. The catalog contains a web address and a private password to a secret internet site hosting an on-line version of the printed catalog along with an international slave ID database. The password is changed every time the catalog is published. Strong worldwide resistance to human trafficking has mandated a level of absolute discretion that has kept Jabir, the camp and its clientele free from any public notice. Jabir's auction at the end of every training class is always a very popular event.

The slave training camp is held in high regard by Jabir's clients worldwide. He doesn't train just any kind of slave; he trains only the finest male sex slaves to be found anywhere. Other slave training facilities produce agricultural laborers, house servants, general laborers or breeding stock. Jabir's training camp, on the other hand, turns out world renowned male sex slaves. His clients tend to be extremely wealthy men, many of whom maintain all male harems and are frequently looking to augment their harems with talented, cock hungry male sex slaves. Jabir is best known for the quality of every slave he sells at auction; all of them are in excellent health, their bodies unmarked, unscarred and otherwise completely undamaged. They also are good looking, in fine physical shape, well hung and sexually multitalented. Except for shaving their bodies, he never modifies slaves for sale, leaving circumcisions and other body modifications up to the buyer. His auctions are popular, well attended and have made him a wealthy man.

Jabir is an average looking Middle Eastern man with a well defined body, dark brown eyes and hair. There is a light carpet of dark hair covering his entire body below the neck. His slender body is tight and rippled, resembling that of a well muscled swimmer. He usually dresses in a tight fitting t-shirt and jeans, preferring any western style clothing that displays a genital bulge down the right leg of his jeans; he is nicely hung. Buried in a dense bush of dark brown pubic hair is a cock that is 8½ inches long by 2¼ inches wide. Behind that fat cock hangs a low slung ball sack bulging with extra-large testicles. He has a strong sex drive fueled by the testosterone those large balls produce. Fortunately for him, his house slaves and slaves in training are an excellent outlet for his testosterone driven sexual needs. And, yes, Jabir is gay.

Jabir has one unique talent working for him - his ability to turn large groups of heterosexual men into gay sex slaves. This talent has allowed him to include large numbers of confirmed straight military men in his training classes. These men are acquired from POW camps, soldiers abducted while isolated from their units or military men taken hostage while enjoying time off. Almost all of these military captives turn out to be confirmed straight men. By the end of their training, that is no longer true. Every slave the compound sells at auction is guaranteed to be a gay male sex slave with a powerful appetite for sex with men.

The availability of military men for capture has been abundant for many, many years due to various conflicts in the region. For a long time foreign governments have been sending troops into the area to put down rebellions or quell terrorist and drug trafficking activities. Often entire groups of soldiers find themselves separated from the rest of their company while other military men can be found singly or in small groups enjoying time off in local villages. These soldiers away from their units are sought out by slave hunters who watch and wait until these men become vulnerable. Using various methods, the slave hunters subdue and abduct the selected men, stripping, binding and loading them into trucks for delivery to slave training camps where the slave hunters sell their prey to slavers.

Jabir is one of those slavers and has been enjoying some free time between training classes. His last class was auctioned off a month ago and he is now ready to get back to work. A few days ago, one of Jabir's slave hunters had contacted him to tell him he was trucking in thirty new slaves. He had selected ten British Royal Marines from a large number of captives that fellow slave hunters had taken into custody singly and in pairs far up in the hills. A twelve man squad of US Marine Corps Special Operations Forces had the misfortune of being widely dispersed in an isolated valley where several slave hunters were able to isolate and seize all of them. Finally, a mix of eight other soldiers rounded out the thirty captives; they had made themselves vulnerable while celebrating time off. Their drunken partying had made it easy for local villagers to abduct them and sell them to slave hunters. All thirty soldiers are loaded in a truck, now on its way to the compound. Jabir knew this trusted slave hunter had inspected and graded each captive, choosing from the best grade only the finest looking, most muscular and well hung men for Jabir's training. Any not meeting Jabir's specifications had already been shipped off to other slavers. Jabir's next training class will involve a lot of work. Special Forces troops, both British and American are known for being very heterosexual, extremely tough and trained to resist behavioral change. Turning them into gay sex slaves will be a time consuming nine to twelve month endeavor. It is well worth the effort, though, because formerly straight muscle studs like these soldiers generally command high prices in the market.

A couple of years ago, Jabir had trained a class that included three US Army Rangers all of whom had been transformed from straight soldiers into gay sex slaves. At Jabir's request, the three Rangers had given him advice which proved to be instrumental in helping Jabir graduate the best class of sex slaves his training facility had ever produced. Using the training regimen derived from what he learned during that training that class, Jabir had trained and successfully auctioned off another class of sex slaves just a month ago. With no current slave inventory, these thirty soldiers will comprise his next class of sex slaves. The class graduation auction of thirty trained, muscular sex slaves should be very profitable. Jabir grinned at the prospect of all that money filling his coffers.

Working Slaves and Overseers

Jabir had two types of workers; slaves and non-slave employees.

Since all of his working slaves were personally selected from various training classes, each of them had been chosen for their good looks, well maintained muscular body and large genitals. Every one of them has more than eight inches of hard cock with oversized balls. The average slave cock measures about ten inches long when hard with a few of them measuring a fat twelve to fourteen inches. Working slaves not only perform as sex toys and general laborers within the compound, but serve as classroom tools for the slaves being trained to become sex slaves. Slaves in training need to learn their skills by practicing on oversized genitals. Large cocks are required to teach the slave trainees how to swallow a large, long cock, relax their throat to let a cock slip into it and work the throat muscles to pleasure it. Similarly, these trainees need practical experience in order for them to become expert in the skill of effortlessly taking a giant cock up their ass. Skill is also needed by the slave trainees in the use of their ass muscles to pleasure any cock inside them. Working slaves act as mentors to the slave trainees by sharing various tips and techniques they picked up while mastering their own skills. Being used in this way gives his working slaves a sexual outlet that is beneficial for their general contentment. Trainees spend most of every class day practicing a learned skill on working slaves as well as on other students.

His employee staff is made up of loyal gay men; all of them known as overseers. Like his working slaves, his overseers are all good looking, well hung and talented employees. They work closely with other staff trainers to teach slaves in training the skills they need to become professional sex saves. They are allowed to offer their own genitals in addition to those of the working slaves as class teaching tools so slave trainees can practice their skills. Love of training is strengthened by all of the sex they can enjoy while schooling the trainees in various skills. To avoid job tedium, all overseers periodically trade work assignments, rotating their jobs between training, guarding and office work. This periodic job rotation gives all of the overseers a greater understanding of the compound's day to day operation.


Jabir scheduled a meeting with his overseers to tell them a new training class was going to begin and to prepare for a delivery of thirty new slaves. He advised them these men were mostly captured British and US Marine Special Forces; every overseer had to be prepared for anything they might try. Jabir knows the overseers are well used to dealing with soldiers who are strong, potentially violent and difficult to manage. All of his overseers are very aware of and watch for all the tricks these men might use trying to escape. These won't be first well trained soldiers the compound has broken and turned into capable sex slaves.

A day later, a medium size trailer truck pulled into the compound and backed up to its loading dock. Inside, the trailer was split into two levels; each level filled with fifteen naked men, all lying there, hogtied and gagged with duct tape. Several of Jabir's overseers got into the truck, collaring and chaining together five naked men at a time before untying and unloading them. Once all thirty men had been unloaded, Jabir inspected them. The driver, one of Jabir's slave hunters, watched as Jabir walked around the chained men, running a hand over their muscles, feeling their asses for flab, stroking cocks to test sensitivity, cupping balls in his hand to verify their heft and closely examining the rest of their bodies. Satisfied, he told the driver he would take all of these men and handed him a large strong box filled with American dollars. The driver took the strong box, got back into the truck and drove away.

Jabir stood in front of the thirty collared and chained men and delivered his well memorized standard welcoming speech. "As long as you are here, you will address me as Master or Sir. You no longer have your given names. As of now your names are 'slave' or 'boy.' I will address you by your new names and may also demand your attention by a snap of the fingers. If you don't address me correctly or respond instantly when summoned, you will be painfully reminded of your error. You are now in my slave training camp where you will be turned into talented sex slaves. Only your master can give you permission to spill your seed. Any time you cum without your master's permission, your disobedience will be dealt with painfully. It is my job to train you for your new life as a slave and to make you ready for your next master. When you leave here you will be a fully subservient sex slave. From this point on, you will never look your master in the eye or speak to him unless you are told to. Your eyes will always be downcast when in the presence of your master; failure to do so will be painful." He then had the gags removed and raised his voice, saying "Do you understand me?" He waited for all of them to respond. A few needed a good hit in the balls, but all of them finally said "Yes, Master." Jabir then ordered his overseers to take the thirty men away and turn them into suitable looking slaves. Angry looks of defiance crossed many a face as the men were led away.

Jabir went to the office in his home. His office is equipped with video feeds where he can watch any of the video feeds coming into the security center. He enjoyed watching the slave preparation activities and got a strange erotic thrill watching the entire process. He stripped and sat at his desk to watch his men working on the slaves. His desktop is made of three quarter inch thick Lucite that is as clear and hard as glass. He is able to see his cock as it alternately grows hard while watching the activity and then getting soft in the pauses between activities.


The thirty soldiers are taken to a large concrete building with narrow horizontal windows at ceiling level. Bright lights are mounted across the ceiling and line the walls. With all of the lights on, everything in the room is evenly lighted leaving no shadow or unlit surface anywhere. Across the floor of the room are row after row of open drains, each with two ankle restraints bolted to the floor about two feet on either side of the drain. The overseers cuff all thirty men by the ankles before removing their collars and chains. All of the men wind up standing with legs and feet spread about four feet apart. Ropes are tied to their wrists and pulled through rings in the ceiling until their arms are fully extended; the ropes then affixed to wall brackets. Each body is now extended, forming thirty large X shapes with genitals hanging, butt cheeks spread and all surfaces of those bodies fully exposed and well lighted.

Jabir selected several video feeds from the building, allowing him to see the slaves from multiple angles. He noted how young the slaves are; no older than nineteen or twenty, but in shape and all of them nicely hung. He was going to enjoy a cheap sexual thrill watching their transformation. Jabir called in one of his sex slaves, ordering him to kneel under the desk and hold Jabir's cock in his mouth, but suck only on command. Jabir watched the slave as he took the full length of Jabir's cock into his mouth and gently closed his lips around the base of the cock. The slave seemed a bit ill at ease having a large ball sack pressed against his jaw and a fat eight and a half inch semi hard cock filling his mouth, yet having to leave it there without sucking on it.

Meanwhile, overseers lather up every man's head and face and shave off every hair. Next they lather up each body from the neck to the ankles and shave all hair from the torsos, arm pits, butt, arms and legs. Lastly they lather up every man's pubes, cock, balls and ass crack, carefully removing all remaining hair, pulling the skin of each ball sack tight to get at every hair, then kneeling under the crotch to get every hair on the perineum, as well as any hair remaining between their butt cheeks and any surrounding their buttholes. Finally, they use a pressure hose to rinse off any remaining lather and hair shavings from each body. Quite a number of the men looked a bit gloomy as they dismally watched every curly hair of their manly pride swirl around and disappear down the drain between their legs. Most of the men began to shiver as cool air washed around their wet and now hairless bodies. They felt more naked than ever, some of them looking at their comrades, privately thinking how all their hairless bodies look remarkably similar.

As the shaving began, Jabir started to get hard and ordered his slave to suck gently on his cock so he could hold back orgasm as long as possible. He was able to hold back his climax until the slaves' bodies had been shaved. Seeing all those fine young men hairless except for bushy pubes simply put him over the edge, unloading a mouthful of cum into his slave. Telling the sex slave to keep sucking his cock, Jabir started to get hard again watching the slaves get their pubes and crotches shaved. Once all of the men had been shaved, he got extremely hot seeing all of their naked genitals, which appeared even larger without all that hair. He shot another big load into his sex slave then ordered the slave to clean any wayward cum off of his genitals and put his cock back into its mouth. Jabir settled down to watch the slaves being photographed.

Freshly shaved, the men are taken to a photographer where thirty sets of photographic records are made. Each man is made to stand with legs spread wide and arms raised with their hands held behind their head. Photographs are taken of the full front and back of each body. An overseer with a video camera walks around each man shooting a video of his standing body. Then close-up photos and videos of their faces, torsos, ass cheeks, genitals with both flaccid and erect cocks, balls and butthole are taken from every angle. Their body stats are measured and recorded; height, weight, circumference of their chest, biceps, waist, hips and thighs, the length and girth of their erect cock. These stats are added as a part of each man's photographic and video record.

Once every slave has been photographed, they are led to a building labeled "Veterinarian" and taken inside. Men wearing white medical coats passed among the standing group giving each of them a physical inspection, precautionary injections against common diseases and a cursory medical exam. The medical examination included ordering each of them bend over and spread their butt cheeks in front of everyone else and then to have all the others watch while a finger is shoved into their ass. After that, each of them was set on the road to accepting their new status by being ordered to provide semen samples in front of all the other men. None of these men had ever shown their erect cocks publicly or masturbated, especially in front of a watching crowd. Under the threat of punishment and mostly red faced, each of them reluctantly walked to the front of the group, was provided a container and beat off into it. As soon as each man had ejaculated into the container, a microchip as small as a grain of rice is injected deep into the muscle of his left butt cheek. The microchip is programmed with a GPS locator that can be used to track lost slaves or runaways. It's also programmed with a slave ID number which the vet enters into an Internet database. In the future, all that needs to be done is scan the slave and enter the ID number into the database to see all identifying data about the slave and the identity of his current owner. The database is updated with every change of ownership. The microchip has largely replaced the need for branding or tattooing the slave with ID and/or ownership marks.

Jabir really enjoys this part of the preparation, getting a thrill watching the slaves bodies stroked and probed during their physical exams. He particularly loved watching all of them beat off into individual containers. He tells his sex slave to start sucking again while he watched. The new slaves embarrassed looks and energetic orgasms as they came easily brought Jabir to a third and fourth climax, thoroughly draining his balls. He ordered the slave to clean up his crotch with his mouth and get back to his duties. Jabir dressed and went to speak to the slaves again.

All of the new slaves are assembled so that Jabir can verify the work he just watched being done to them. He orders a leather slave collar fastened around each of their necks. He feels it's important for every slave to have a constant physical reminder of their life as a slave, keeping them very aware their old life is gone and they now belong to someone else. He tells all of them that every order given by his overseers was to be obeyed as though that order came directly from him. And then he tells the overseers to put all of the slaves in storage.

The thirty new slaves are led to a room at the rear of the loading dock filled with cages that look like dog kennels. These cages are all waist high kennels, each of them capable of holding men in cramped quarters. A sliding tray at the base of each cage allows for collection of body waste and debris, while feet on the cage hold it far enough off the floor to permit the blades of a fork lift to slip underneath for moving or stacking the cages. Jabir had three sizes of cage; one man, two man and three man cages. Three at a time, the men are locked into ten of the three man cages.

Once all thirty slaves had been caged, Jabir came into the storage room to check out these fine caged men one more time. As he inspected the naked men, he particularly noted the well muscled bodies and heavy weight genitals. He fully approved of the men his slave hunters had acquired. As expected, he was the subject of much loud and abusive language. Ignoring the voices, he left, turning off all but one light and closing the storage room door behind him.

The thirty men were left alone in the cages, seeing only one another and the occasional overseer who brought food and water, placing it within reach just outside the bars of the cages. Other workers came in occasionally to clean out anything collected in the trays beneath the cages. The rest of the time the men spent by themselves in those cramped cages. Caged confinement is actually another phase of training. The purpose is to have them get used to intimate bodily contact with other men, learning to accept their nudity and see one another with those regular erections young men experience. Over the next few days they will grow accustomed to being naked together and being in close bodily contact with another male body, feeling naked flesh, genitals and the occasional erection brushing against their own naked flesh.

While the slaves are in storage, Jabir works in his office, adding their physical descriptions, stats and photographs to a printed catalog of slaves to be auctioned. Each entry includes the approximate date the slave will be available for sale. He also updates the Internet version of the same auction catalog, adding video footage taken to the data for each slave. The Internet auction catalog data is copied to each slave's microchip database record to complete the slave's Internet ID. Young men like these trained soldiers are highly prized as slaves because they are generally very healthy as well as having well developed bodies that are "fighting fit." Upon completing the on-line catalog, interest in all of them is very rapid with potential buyers expressing a strong interest in purchasing one or more well trained sex slaves. Jabir had to dissuade several wealthy clients from placing sizeable deposits on several of them, asking the clients to wait until training was completed.

Jabir had a well earned reputation among his clients as one who always sold slaves with bodies that were unmarked, undamaged, well hung and nicely muscled. His on-line catalog was one of the most popular of the slave auction catalogs. He was particularly proud of the fact he only sold slaves who had no injuries, scars or broken bones. Damage like that would greatly hurt his profits, so he made sure any punishments were limited to those which were painful or uncomfortable and left no permanent marks on the slave's body.

Basic Skills

Four days later, overseers informed Jabir the slaves were ready to be taught basic slave skills. Jabir turned to video feeds from the storage room and looked closely at the cages to see if any of the men seemed uncomfortable with their close confinement. Aside from physical discomfort, there was no indication that anyone looked uncomfortable being in close body contact with other naked men. Basic slave skill training is always one of the most prolonged; it simply takes time to make formerly free men understand they are no longer free and must submit to a master.

Jabir tells the overseers it's OK to release the slaves from storage. Overseers go to the storage room and empty all of the kennel cages. Released from their cages, the men are moved into a large concrete slave pen with heavily barred windows and sleeping mats on the floor. The thirty slaves will be housed in the slave pen for the duration of their training and will be kept naked until they are sold at auction. Every two days they will be shaved to maintain their hairless slave appearance. In order to maintain bodies and build muscle as needed, shaving days include a two hour schedule of bodybuilding exercises at the camp's well equipped gym and athletic field. After all, Jabir has to guarantee that only fine muscular slaves are sold at auction. So throughout their training this slave training facility must "perfect and tone" its slave trainees - a number of whom may initially have bodies that are less than profit-making. Continued exercise over the course of their training will develop nicely sculpted bodies that are a pleasure to look at. A further advantage of this gym training is helping the slaves lose any of their inhibitions about being naked and interacting with other naked slaves. In warm weather, outdoor activities will ensure that by the end of their training every slave will have acquired the all over bronze tan that marks marketable slaves. After overseers have taken the slaves to their slave pen, they tell them it is permissible to have sex with one another any time they are in the slave pen. All of the men look at one another as though that was one very disgusting thing to say.

Throughout the next few weeks, the slaves are made to realize they are no longer free men and they must become totally subservient to their new master. At night they occasionally whisper to one another about ways to get away. This simply will not happen. Over the years there have been many attempts to escape enslavement, none of them successful. Jabir's men know too well every ploy and scheme to escape that the slaves can dream up and have prevented all of those attempts. Many a determined soldier has tried to escape, ultimately recaptured and trained to be a talented sex slave, irrevocably broken to a life of slavery. During this time they learn just who is boss before they learn anything else. Frequent floggings and electric prods enforce a strong emphasis on breaking any resistance to accepting the reality of their new life and instill a proper slave behavior. It is continually drummed into them that they are nothing but an object, they are not free, don't have any rights, don't have options and do not own anything. They are made to understand they must do whatever is required, their freedom to choose is a fantasy and they exist to serve for the rest of their lives. They must realize how much they need to submit to their Master, to obey their Master and call themselves their Master's slave. They will hide nothing from their Master and will obey him without hesitation, feeling only contentment at serving their Master and being used at his pleasure - they will be his toy and have an urge to submit and call him Master. Reaching this level of understanding can be a long, drawn out process.

The first lessons teach them how to properly address a free man, how to stand, how to avert their eyes, how to obey their Master's commands without hesitation. It is essential they fully learn how to properly respond to commands and learn to assume standard positions. For the command "Display" they must immediately stop whatever they are doing and look at the ground in front of them while standing with their legs spread and hands locked together behind their heads. For the command "Kneel" they must immediately stop whatever they are doing and kneel with their eyes lowered and their hands clasped behind their back. Training does not proceed further until these skills become automatic.

Throughout these initial weeks, resistance to change is very strong. Military training has given these men skills to defend against behavioral change. There are quite a few incidents of resistance by various stubborn slaves, resulting in immediate punishment, ranging from hard face slaps to whippings with a leather strap to floggings to confinement in a one man kennel. More serious resistance would include combinations of these punishments plus having their balls shocked by an electric prod. Nothing could motivate a naked slave more than the sensation of getting his balls shocked.

It takes almost a month for these basic skills to become automatic. Jabir has been monitoring the progress of acquiring these basic skills. Now that the skills are automatic, Jabir has all the new slaves brought before him and orders them to "Display." Muscles flex as all of them assumed a proper slave stance with their feet spread apart, fingers locked behind their heads and their eyes on the ground in front of them. All of them were told to look at Jabir and looked a bit nervous seeing the wicked grin on his face as he told them he was going to transform them from straight soldiers into gay sex slaves. He said "You will learn to get turned on by another man, suck cock like a pro, swallow loads of cum and will lose your cherries when you are taught to offer up your virgin man holes for fucking - and you will like it." All of the slaves know they are confirmed straight men. Not one of them had ever had sex with another man; the thought of what the slaver had just described was vile, nauseating and creepy. Jabir ended his speech with "Ready for sex slave training, boys?" He then dismissed them, turned and walked away.

Intimate Contact

All of the slaves have already experienced four days of close bodily contact with other naked male bodies. Now more Intimate contact and bodily familiarization classes initiate the next phase of training and are difficult for the slaves, especially on the first day when all of the slaves were formed into a circle, then ordered to reach over and beat off the slave on their left. Almost all of these guys have never touched another man's cock before, much less stroked it to erection and brought it to climax. After that, they are ordered to suck on the right nipple of the man they had just beaten off until the nipple gets hard and the guy starts to moan. They were forced to do this every two hours for the entire day. Jabir watched every masturbation session with keen interest, jacking himself off several times throughout the day. At the end of the day, the soldier slaves were taken aback when told they must get used to the idea they will be required to be naked and hard in public and then being required to beat off, suck cock or fuck another man in front of an audience. In addition, they must get used to being the one being beat off, sucked or fucked before an audience, as throughout their training all of them will have to take turns offering up their cocks and buttholes for others to use.

And so, all thirty of the straight soldiers started on their journey to becoming gay sex slaves.


For many years before now, Jabir's camp had been teaching sexual behavior to his slave trainees, but he found many of them only tolerating man on man sex, not truly giving and receiving pleasure from their sexual experiences. As a result, a few of his clients had noticed what they referred to as "a general lack of commitment" to man on man sex by the slaves they had purchased. Jabir realized he needed someone like a very talented hypnotist with experience in brain washing techniques to alter the sexual preference of the slaves in training. Jabir quietly began a worldwide search for just such a person. He discovered word of his search had spread rapidly with quite a lot of talented people applying. Only a few of them had the kind of brain washing experience he was looking for, though. It took a long time, but he finally found a Syrian man who satisfied all of his needs. This hypnotist happened to be fairly young and a big, strapping man with eyes like dark pools that drew attention in any crowd. He was formerly a Syrian senior military intelligence officer who personally had been deeply involved in government sanctioned covert brain washing. His name is Fahd and he, too, is a gay man. At six feet, six inches he is a tall fit man who obviously takes good care of his body. Resembling a wide receiver in the NFL, he has a well defined, but not too muscular upper body with nicely sculpted arms and legs. He is impressive to look at without being imposing and yet has those big, dark eyes that draw notice. When naked, his body is moderately hairy and is nicely hung, with genitals that would be considered larger than average in size; a seven inch fat dick and a full sack of low hanging balls. Overall, he is a good looking man.

Once hired, Jabir worked with Fahd to build a capable staff of hypnotists who could support Fahd in modifying the sexual orientation of straight soldiers. Fahd and his staff eventually developed Jabir's current behavior modification protocol. The results have been better than Jabir could have imagined. Every slave he now sells is a willingly gay, cock happy, pleasure seeking sex slave. Jabir can guarantee the sexual preference of each slave he sells at auction. He has been so pleased with Fahd's success that he's had a separate dwelling built for Fahd within the compound. Jabir considers Fahd a good friend and his most valuable employee, working closely with him to fine tune their training protocols. Jabir has allowed Fahd to personally select desirable sex slaves from various training classes. Fahd maintains a nice collection of house slaves and a number of sexy slave "toys" to play with.

Behavior modification is essential for changing an established sexual orientation. To accomplish this, Fahd's method of reprogramming (aka: brain washing) uses hypnosis in combination with modern drugs to enhance those phases of training. Fahd uses two drugs; 1) a few grams of sodium pentothal to create a state of light hypnotic sleepiness that counters any strong resistance to hypnosis and 2) the drug oxytocin to make it easier for the slaves to accept and obey given commands they would normally consider distasteful. Drugs augment the hypnosis sessions by putting the slaves into deeper, more successful trances, which give the slaves greater acceptance of any given hypnotic instructions. Oxytocin makes it easier for hypnotized slaves to participate in what they would normally consider offensive behavior, reducing anxiety about situations where they may have to engage in activities they would consider disgusting or taboo. These are behaviors such as sucking cock, swallowing cum, getting fucked by another man, rimming a man's ass, lapping up cum dripping from an ass hole.


Ten at a time, groups of slaves would get hypnotized. They would be lined up in a room facing a bank of lights with their hands tied behind them. An overseer would pass among them injecting them with sodium pentothal and administering a nasal spray containing the drug oxytocin, both of which would take effect very quickly. The session began when the bank of lights started to flash. Flashing lights combined with the drugs and the resonating voice of the hypnotist made it hard for the slaves to think, putting all ten of them to sleep quickly. Once all thirty slaves were in a trance, they were gathered together in a training room.

Initially, trances concentrated on implanting a posthypnotic erotic preference for the naked male body, rather than any female body shape. Being surrounded by other naked men helped the slaves acquire and cement this preference in place. Further lessons such as nipple play included practice on another slave's pectorals and nipples to help destroy desire for female breasts and nipples. This deepened the predilection for the male anatomy in their minds. Preference for the male form was considered in place when the un-hypnotized slave could easily become aroused at the sight of other naked slaves or when playing with another slave's body. Privately, a few of the slaves wondered when exactly they came to find men attractive, but those thoughts would seemingly evaporate almost as quickly as they surfaced.

Once all of them are able to be easily aroused by other men, they are taught to respond to the command "Erect" - getting an instant erection and staying erect until told to go flaccid. In later sessions, the slaves are put into a very deep trance and given a posthypnotic trigger phrase which instantly returns them to the same deep trance. That phrase is "TRANCE NOW." The slaves could then be put to sleep again by simply using the trigger phrase and spraying oxytocin into their sinuses. This greatly reduced the time required to conduct subsequent training sessions because the slaves could be re-hypnotized without conscious cooperation and without the use of a sleep inducing drug.

Further deep sleep trances forced the slaves to lose their individuality by forgetting their last names and family heritage, to totally forget about their past by locking past memories into remote, hard to access areas of their minds. As a result, slaves would lose all memory of any former life, girlfriend, wife or family. Should any residual memories of their girlfriends, family and friends surface, the slaves were made to believe that all of them were dead and buried. This was important because any of these memories resurfacing could give a slave the false impression he might be able to go back to his old way of life. Memories of current friendships, like those established among some of the slaves are left intact.

With thoughts uncluttered by past memories, the hypnotic training concentrates on making them believe several things; their true purpose in life is to serve and give pleasure to men, getting to believe their asses are a source of delight for other men, knowing that they will be turned into expert cocksuckers and knowing that they will learn to use their bodies in almost every conceivable way to make use of their ability to delight other men. Only when the slaves understand and accept these things would hypnosis sessions be used to train them in new skills. Follow-up hypnosis would be used for quality control to ensure post hypnotic skills had been properly set in place. All slaves were instructed to forget about being hypnotized, yet remember the lessons they had been taught and become proficient in the new skills by practicing on one another. Ultimately the slaves became totally subservient and compliant, continuing their training as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. A few of them were occasionally overheard saying they think they had forgotten something important, but couldn't imagine what it might be. It may nag them for a short while before they dismiss the thought and let everything return to normal.

By now the slaves are accustomed to living and training totally naked with any need for privacy long since gone and unimportant. As they are locked in the slave pen overnight, they are again reminded by the overseers that it is OK to have sex with one another. Young, fit men like these soldiers have a natural need for plenty of sex. Sex relieves stress, making the slaves less frustrated and generally happier over all. With no other form of entertainment in the slave pen, letting them have sex with one another generally improves morale, making them more even tempered and easy to control. In addition it gives the slaves a place and time to practice while not hypnotized and perfect the techniques of any hypnotically implanted skill. Jabir had to allow these newly implanted desires and skills to be practiced as much as possible, especially at night in the slave pen. To allow him to monitor the slaves' nightly activity, Jabir enabled the night vision capability of video feeds in the slave pen to ensure the slaves are actually practicing their skills at night...and get a cheap thrill in the process.

Skill 1 - Cock Sucking

Jabir always enjoyed the first day of skill training for the slaves. He got to shove his dick into a slave mouth that had never had a cock in it before. The skill lesson started when Jabir selected a slave from the class. He chose a particularly handsome young US Marine with a tightly muscled body, ordering him to approach and said "Boy, have you ever knelt in front of a man, slipped his hard cock into your mouth and sucked on it until he filled your mouth with hot cum?" The young slave shook his head no and said "No, Master." "Open your mouth," instructed Jabir, "and cover your teeth with your lips." Jabir shoved the slave down to his knees, opened his jeans from the waist until his large cock and balls flopped out of the jeans front. Putting his hands behind the slave's head, he pulled the head toward him until his dick was inside the slave's mouth. The slave obediently started sucking his master's cock, his expression looking scared and sickened as Jabir's cock hardened in his mouth. The slave made muffled plaintive sounds as Jabir rode his mouth, sliding his big cock in and out, giving the slave instructions on how to use his tongue and his throat muscles to properly suck on his master's dick. It didn't take long before Jabir had the slave's nose buried in his pubic hair with his cock all the way into the slave's throat and his balls pressed against the slaves chin. Jabir looked down at the slave and said, "Inhale that man smell, boy. Sniff it, take deep breaths and enjoy my musky crotch as its aroma fills your nose." and thought privately "I love breaking in a slave mouth, knowing my cock is going to be the very first one to flood that mouth with a load of cum." With that, Jabir started to pump the slave's mouth more energetically. A few minutes later Jabir shoved his cock all the way into the slave's mouth, tilted his head back, groaned loudly and gave the slave his first taste of hot man cream as it blasted the roof of the slave's mouth all the way to the back of his throat. Jabir pulled his cock out; the slave coughed and choked on his first mouthful of hot man cum then swallowed it, too scared to spit any of it out. "So...you've sucked your first cock, now get back with your class." Jabir said gruffly as he stuffed his genitals into his jeans and refastened them.

As soon as the slave joined his classmates, Jabir turned to the class who looked a bit shocked at what they had just witnessed. Jabir addresses them with "You all will be spending a lot of time sucking dick before I auction you off. You'll learn to get used to it and get to enjoy doing it." Jabir dismissed the class and went to his office. He needed to find out just who this fine looking slave was. Jabir thought that just maybe he had found another slave for his household. Looking at the slave's internet ID, he found out everything he needed to know, especially that his name is Andy. Andy's stats in his slave ID record say the six foot tall former US Marine has a really fat eight inch erection. Jabir made it a point to watch the slave whenever Andy was practicing his skills just so he could see that cock in action.

The "TRANCE NOW" trigger and the drug oxytocin were used to put the trainees into a deep trance. Under this trance they are made to believe it is normal for them to want another man's cock in their mouth. Deep trance instruction included having overseers slip their cock into the mouth of each slave and making the slave believe it was a very natural, wonderful and healthy feeling to have a mouthful of hard cock. They are taught to tease the foreskin of any uncut partner they may have. Nibbling on the foreskin, running the tongue under the foreskin and around the cockhead it covers, pulling the skin back to expose the head and sucking on the head as though it's a lollypop. Instruction in sucking the full length of the cock shaft followed. While in the deep trance they are taught how to use their tongue to excite the cock while sucking, how to relax their throat muscles and allow the cock to slide down it, how to use the throat muscles to massage and milk the cock for even more pleasure before it is brought to orgasm. Also taught was cupping the hands behind the head of a person sucking or the on the butt cheeks of a person being sucked. While the hands are in position, how to tell when and if it is OK to pull that person to and from your own body to enhance the pleasure being given to them while sucking or being sucked.

It is also very important that they learn to love the taste of cum and to look forward to the reward of a mouthful of hot manly nectar. The slaves are taught that the feeling of richness, the thickness, and the copious quantity of hot cum filling their mouth and running down their throat was absolutely irresistible. Every one of these lessons comes to be fixed in their memories as an altered behavioral pattern set in place by posthypnotic suggestions. In the meantime, all lessons concentrated on perfecting what they had been taught.

To facilitate these behavioral changes becoming permanent, games would be played that combined cock sucking with training that taught them to love the taste and texture of cum. These games were played without the slaves being hypnotized. Hypnosis would only be used again when posthypnotic suggestions needed reinforcement.

The game of "target practice" would pair up the slaves and having each one beat off into the other's open mouth. Every slave would get a mouthful of cum and learn to look forward to the warm, rich consistency of man juices shooting into his mouth. Over time each slave would grow to love cum and to believe it was the best tasting and most miraculous substance they'd ever had in their mouth, to delight in its flavor and texture, its heat and syrupy thickness, its odor and taste. Every slave eventually developed a lasting appetite for having his mouth filled with rich man cream, swallowing as many loads of it as they could.

One game would pair off slaves and make them kneel, sucking their partner's cock until they had cum. After their partner had cum, they would be made to change positions and get sucked off by their partner. This process was repeated until one or both slaves could cum no more.

A game called "forced 69" added variety to cock sucking lessons. Two slaves would be strapped together in the "69" position using leather straps buckled around one slave's neck and the other's waist. Each slave would be ordered to suck on the other's cock. The goal is not to cum before the other slave has cum. The slave shooting the first load is the loser and gets his ass is flogged immediately. This game teaches the slave endurance and gives him skill in edging so he can hold off an ejaculation for as long as possible. It also gives the slave practice to perfect his cock sucking techniques, honing cock sucking skills on his way to becoming an expert cock sucker.

The game of "daisy chain" had the slaves lie on the floor in a circular daisy chain, each slave sucking on another slave's cock until all of them had filled a mouth with cum several times.

During every game each slave would be watched closely by an overseer as he sucked a cock. Those having difficulty with technique would be coached as they sucked the cock with corrections made to improve their skill. If they still had problems, "TRANCE NOW" was employed for hypnotic instruction to correct any problem. Additional hypnosis sessions are conducted to reinforce practical skills the slaves had acquired while playing games. These practical skills would become implanted in their minds, eventually feeling like natural behavior for each slave - the slaves being totally unaware of the change in their behavior.

One of Jabir's favorite things is cock sucking, either sucking cock or getting sucked. Throughout the cock sucking lessons, Jabir would watch the slaves as they gained their skills in cock sucking. He really liked watching them and would get a genuine sexual thrill from all of the activity. Many times Jabir would sit at his desk with one of his sex toy slaves between his legs sucking and another slave standing next to him so Jabir could suck on a large slave cock while watching. He particularly liked observing video feeds of the slave pen at night when the slaves would roll over and openly offer their large erections for servicing before falling asleep. Mornings would find many a case of "morning wood" being taken care of by another slave sucking on it until the condition was cured. The entire class of slaves was turning into willing cock suckers. He would pay close attention to young Andy, noticing that his cock swelled to its fattest just before he came. Jabir would notice Andy's partners' eyes bug shortly before gagging when Andy's cock fattened to three inches wide just as he was about to blast a big load down their throat. Jabir really liked Andy. He could easily fill his sex slave's mouth with his own cum just watching the ex Marine's tightly sculpted, slender body flex as his large balls rose, his cock swelled and his muscular body tensed and moved as he reached orgasm. Andy's body would often go rigid as he pumped the contents of his balls into his partner's mouth. Some nights, watching this activity left Jabir weak at the knees.

Skill 2 - Ball Worship

With cock sucking and cum appreciation classes behind them, the slaves began lessons in ball worship. This largely was an activity they considered socially improper or taboo. "TRANCE NOW" along with the drug oxytocin would put them into a deep trance, where they would be convinced that they needed to worship the source of those fountains of cum they enjoyed so much. They were taught that those orbs in the wrinkled pouch hanging below the cock were wonderful things that required loving attention so they could produce large quantities of the thick, hot, food of the gods they took such pleasure in consuming by the mouthful.

The slaves were taught to cup their hands around a scrotum and rub their faces into the fleshy sack before starting to worship. Lessons included sexual arousal at the sight of a nice pair of hanging balls and the heady aroma of man's musky scent rising from the crotch it hung from. Slaves were taught to wrap their hand around the sack, gently tugging, rubbing and toying with it. They were made to know the sack was full and responsive, alive with sensations, and stuffed to overflowing with two wonderful testicles. Lessons included how to properly lick the scrotum and how to suck on the skin of the sack, eventually sucking in one of the testicles and rolling it around in their mouth, listening to groans of pleasure as the balls were worshiped. They were also taught about the pleasures of having the perineum licked and kissed. Every deep trance ball worship lesson included kissing the perineum and a tongue exploration of the area. Deep trance practice taught the slaves to straddle another slave's face and lower their balls toward his mouth until the balls could be sucked into the mouth or were being licked. Lessons were repeated many times every day until the slaves began worshiping balls without any outside influence. Posthypnotic suggestion permanently fixed a devotion to balls in their minds. Practice in the slave pen at night without hypnosis helped cement in place the lessons they had learned in deep trances.

Jabir really loved the look of Andy's large and heavily weighted balls. He already had been impressed by the copious amounts of cum they produced, frequently overfilling a mouth during cock sucking lessons. Watching Andy get his balls worshipped got Jabir really hot and horny. Many of Jabir's sex slaves got ravished by the testosterone driven lust Andy created in him.

At the end of ball worship training, the slaves were wondering why they had never noticed everyone else's nice, hefty balls, why the sight of them made them hard and why they wanted to bury their face in those dangling pouches. Nightly practice in the slave pen combined ball worship with cock sucking skills as though it were the most natural thing to do. The slaves were becoming more and more adept at using ball worship as a prelude to their nightly practice of cock sucking skills.

Skill 3 - Relaxing the Sphincter

Anal sex lessons are a time consuming and complex process. The slaves are young men who would adapt faster to life as slaves if any view of male superiority was broken by forcing them into a regimen of getting a cock up their ass. In this way they lose that essential spark of self confidence and come to fully understand they're less than free men. As free men they were generally straight. Losing their cherries to another man by having their asses penetrated and used helps to modify their self image from an alpha male to a subordinate slave. Almost all of them have never even seen a man's puckered ass hole, much less thought of putting their finger, cock or tongue into it or having someone's finger, tongue or cock pushed into their own butthole.

Since almost all of the slaves are "anal virgins" Jabir needed to be very careful with this training to avoid injury to any slave. After all, he had an international reputation for selling only unmarked and undamaged goods, a reputation he must protect. Training in anal sex had to be a slow, step by step process in order to get the tightly closed slave buttholes to accept foreign objects penetrating them. Ripped ass holes, torn sphincter muscles or intestinal damage had to be avoided at all costs. Therefore, lesson plans contained no rough anal activity until all slaves had learned to relax their holes enough to endure that kind of activity without sustaining an injury. He made sure the art of relaxing the ass hole was taught gradually so each slave could progressively develop a tolerance for anything that might push its way into their rectum.

The "TRANCE NOW" trigger and the drug oxytocin would be used to imprint a profound love for that wrinkled source of intense man pleasure. Posthypnotic suggestions imprinted the slaves with an eagerness to pleasure any male butthole presented to them as well as make their own hole readily available for another man to pleasure. To that end they were taught to relax their sphincter whenever someone touches their butthole with a finger, tongue, cock head or dildo. They were also trained to relax their hole slightly whenever ordered to bend over and spread butt cheeks to let somebody inspect their ass. Every slave learned to bend over and show a hole that looked inviting and slightly dilated.

After the slaves had learned to relax their holes they were taught to clean out their bowels before any kind of anal play. So every lesson began with a communal douching. The slaves were taken to the room with all the drains where their bodies are shaved. Each slave was ordered to bend over and spread his ass cheeks. Then the end of a hose would be shoved in his butthole with tepid water running under light pressure. Once his gut was filled, water started gushing around the hose and out of his hole, taking with it anything that was inside. The slave was able to look down and watch the water and any refuge go down the drain. They all got used to it and eventually felt a measure of comfort when their insides were flushed out. The hose was removed once the water ran clear. Water continued to trickle out of the slave's hole for a short while. Now the slave was clean inside and ready to start his lesson. Posthypnotic instructions permanently fixed the need to be clean inside and out before having anal sex.

Relaxing their sphincter was not the only skill taught. The slaves were taught to relax and then tighten the sphincter until they had full control over the muscle's movement. These skills gave the slave the ability to grip and release anything inside their ass - milking a cock as though their ass hole was sucking on it or gripping a tongue when it was tongue fucking the inside of their ass. Having full control over the sphincter muscle allows the slave to comfortably relax and allow entry to almost any size object. At this point, though, practice was limited to the insertion of fingers until the slave was able to comfortably allow three fingers to make their way past his sphincter.

Skill 4 - Rimming

Rimming lessons were the first anal sex activity to learn. Having their face buried between another man's butt cheeks with their tongue flicking against, licking and probing the puckered hole was the next distasteful or socially unacceptable activity that hypnosis and the drug would help them overcome. At the start of their lessons the slaves have no clue about the sensations they would get when their asshole is licked and probed by a tongue. They were each to find it a surprisingly awesome feeling and learn to feel a strong need to reciprocate by eating out a tasty asshole to perfection.

Deep trance lessons would start by creating a hypnotically-sensitive G-spot between the butt cheeks, centered on the puckered man hole. The slave would be instructed to concentrate all his pleasure to the region surrounding this G-spot to make him more excited than ever. The lesson would continue with a slave offering his hole for use and the student licking along the short length of the ass crack, additionally learning to get pleasure from the aroma flooding his nasal passages as though it was an exotic drug. Then they would suck on and let their tongue wash gently over the hole before making slow circles with their tongue on the starfish looking puckered skin surrounding it, waiting for the hole to dilate slightly before finally pushing their tongue into the anal canal. They would learn to force the butt cheeks further apart until their lips were pressed around the hole and their tongue was as far as it could go into the hot rectum allowing them to lick and stimulate the insides of the anal canal. Gradually, they would discover that as they tasted more of the man hole and listened to the slave's pleasured groans, they would start tongue fucking the hole more and more rapidly until the guy they were rimming had begun to groan more loudly and rock his ass back and forth as he tried to make this sensation as intense as he could.

Lessons included having another slave offer his hole to the slave by squatting over their face or sitting on his chest, ass to face, making it easy for the slave to suck on the hole and work it with his tongue. They were taught to offer their own asshole to a face in any manner so they could get their hole licked and tongue fucked. They learned to tease the slave rimming them by tightening their sphincter to grip the tongue deep inside. Many more body positions were taught that would fully expose a man's butthole, presenting it for a mouth to pleasure. As with other skills, rimming skills were permanently fixed in their minds; hypnosis used periodically afterward to verify that the skills had been permanently set in place.

As rimming lessons began, Andy experienced a tongue touching his man hole for the first time. His face took on the look of a man in a trance as his legs were raised and he felt the tongue circle that responsive puckered area surrounding his hole. Suddenly, Andy felt things and had sensations he never knew existed as all of his pleasure concentrated itself between his butt cheeks when his hypnotically sensitive G-spot reacted more than he could believe. Feeling the other slave's tongue push inside his hole was the most incredibly intense sensation of his life. Moaning loudly, the concentrated pleasure finally overcame him and he shot a huge load of cum all over his torso. Quite a few other slaves also shot their load the first time they were rimmed. The slave rimming them was ordered to lick up any cum from the torso before changing places with his partner. All of them eagerly cleaned up the torso, swallowing every drop of their partner's cum and then quickly changed places to experience what they had just caused their partner to experience. Knowing the feelings they had just experienced, the slaves who had been rimmed tried to give their partner the same sensation. They were able to keep their partners in intense pleasure for a very long time, giving their partners roaring erections, many of which rewarded them with a load of cum that was eagerly lapped up.

All of the slaves came to wonder how they had learned to do that so well and why the feeling, taste and aroma were so erotically intoxicating. Many practice sessions followed in the training area and in the slave pen at night. Nighttime activity in the slave pen would include cock sucking, ball worship and rimming action. Many a slave would suck another slave's cock at the same time he was getting his butthole licked and probed by that slave's tongue. Jabir would watch Andy as he actively practiced his skills and allowed other slaves to practice on him. One of the slaves had a particularly long tongue and could stick it out of his mouth about 2½ inches. One night he paired up with Andy and began rimming him as Andy sat on his chest, bent over to suck his cock. Andy relaxed his butthole, suddenly looking shocked as that long tongue probed his anus to its full length. Andy lifted his head off the cock he was sucking and suddenly began making very loud groans all the while appearing to climb the air in front of him. Jabir could see Andy bouncing his ass on that tongue and shooting his man juices all over the slave eating him out. Andy was obviously enjoying man sex and becoming very adept at using his own skills. It looked to Jabir as though Andy might become one of the best sex slaves of this training class.

Skill 5 - Getting Fucked

Little training was required for slaves to become an expert "top" to another slave since they all had previous experience fucking women when they were straight. Instead, training concentrated on the "bottom" slave's ability to take a cock up his ass and learn to enjoy the experience. Every slave needed to perfect this skill before he could become a talented sex slave. By the time rimming had been mastered, each slave had already learned to relax enough to allow a tongue or fingers to probe around the inside of their hole. After that had become tolerable, they next learned to relax their sphincter even more until it could finally stretch around a hard cockhead any time one pressed against their ass lips. They learned to allow the cock to slip full length into their hole until they could feel their insides filled with hard cock and their partner's balls pressed against their butt cheeks. With this cock all the way inside their ass, they would be given the command "TRANCE NOW" to trigger a deep trance where they were made to believe the cock that just slid inside them belonged there. Being able to relax enough to allow a cock to enter the hole was only one step in learning to get fucked. Another step in the process was to have a naturally tight hole frequently fucked by progressively fatter cocks so the slave can slowly but steadily learn how to relax his sphincter, loosening it up naturally. This gives the slave the ability to control his sphincter more and more, allowing him to open his hole and easily allow any size cock entering or moving in and out to give him pleasure rather than discomfort. The slaves were taught that there may be a little discomfort at first, but once their hole relaxes that discomfort will vanish as all of a sudden their insides fill with pleasure and their bodies flood with feelings they'd never imagined they were capable of experiencing. They learned to love that sensation, feel no shame to experience it and learn to love themselves for allowing a cock up their ass and yet feel so good to have it inside them. They were taught to sense their entire universe sharply focus itself on the cock in their ass, to get high with passion and to find their partner's cock irresistible as though that cock is the most marvelous thing in the world. Hypnotic suggestion made them eagerly want to feel their delight grow more and more with each thrust so when they finally cum their own orgasm occurs simultaneously with the orgasm that's pumping a flood of hot man juices into their intestines. Posthypnotic implants permanently secured these lessons in their minds.

The training facility maintained a large number of benches for fucking, benches that could position a body in any number of ways to make a slave's manhole available for fucking. Initially, slaves would be tied to a bench and fucked by overseers and the compound's well hung working slaves. This continued until each slave was taking a cock up his ass with no difficulty. The slaves were then left untied and allowed to position themselves on a bench so they could fuck one another. This was closely supervised by overseers who coached as needed, and became ongoing training in fucking techniques that would eventually craft expert fuckers out of every one of them. Each slave would get fucked until cum ran freely out of his fuck hole. Slave trainees were given additional reinforcement for their rimming and cum eating skills when they were ordered to lick up, then suck out any and all cum running from a fucked hole, never allowing any of it to fall on the floor.

Overseers also used dildos and butt plugs of various sizes to further stretch a slave butthole and accustom the slaves to having really large and wide objects penetrate their ass. Dildos and butt plugs combined with all of the fucking helped the slave trainees to ultimately gain full control over their sphincter muscles. Now having the ability to control their sphincters, slaves were taught other techniques; how to lift up their hips to position the butthole correctly so a cock could pleasurably slip inside, how to move their body to give maximum pleasure to the cock inside them, how to use the crushing pressure of their ass muscles to assail the cock fucking them, how to use their sphincter muscle to pleasurably stroke or milk the cock as it moves in and out of their hole. The object being to give maximum pleasure to the person fucking, using their ass to edge and milk that cock until they are able to feel their partner's oncoming orgasm. Finally using their ass muscles to bring the cock fucking them to orgasm and be rewarded with the feeling of a big load of hot cum pumping deep into them. Numerous positions for fucking were taught to the slaves, from plain vanilla positions to sitting on and riding cocks, backing into cocks, taking two cocks up their ass. They were also trained to take any kind of dildo or butt plug, a fist, an arm or a foot in their ass. At the end of this training, the slaves wind up convinced that their ass holes are another very important sex organ that exists to make life enjoyable.

Implanted posthypnotic suggestion set every one of these anal sex skills permanently in place.

At this point in the slave training, nights in the slave pen were amazing to watch. Jabir absolutely had to have his sex slaves with him so he could get sexual relief as he watched activity at the nightly orgy. With their skill in fucking firmly implanted in their brains, the slaves were creatively using all of their skills on one another every night. Many of Andy's partners would get a strange look on their face whenever Andy's cock swelled to its full three inch diameter moments before his balls drained themselves inside a mouth or ass. By now Andy had developed his manhole into a versatile receptacle for any of the other slaves' cocks. His sphincter could be seen enthusiastically flexing as it milked any cock fucking him; almost making it look like his ass was sucking on the cock inside him. Jabir got very sexually aroused just watching Andy offer up his body or take another slave for mutual sex. He really looked forward to counting Andy among his sex toys.

Training Ends

It was now early July and the slave training class was approaching its graduation. The ten months of training had broken all of the slaves of their heterosexual bent and had transformed all of them into sexually active gay slaves. Jabir's nightly viewing of the slave pen activity had proven that no final exam would be needed. One indication was the fact that the slaves were easily turned on by one another, readily getting erections at the sight or touch of another slave. He was also fully convinced that every one of the slaves had no compunction about taking another slave for sex or offering his own body to one or more slaves for any kind of sexual enjoyment.

The steady regimen of gym workouts that went along with the change in their sexual orientation had given each slave a notably improved appearance. All of the slaves no longer looked the same as they did when the first slave catalog was published - they now are markedly more muscled with all of them now sporting a golden bronze, all over suntan. The slave stats and photographs needed to be updated for publication of the final sales catalog, so a day at the photography studio interrupted the day by day practice of their skills. Jabir's next few days would be occupied with updating and re-issuing the slave catalog with the just taken photos and stats that had changed due to the slaves' steady program of bodybuilding. Ongoing practice of skills would occupy the slaves' daily routine until auction day. It was time to schedule the class's graduation auction. Jabir set the auction date for mid August and sent an announcement to all of his clients.

Sheikh Abdulla

Shortly after Jabir published the updated slave catalog, he received a personal phone call from Sheikh Abdulla, the client who had purchased the three Ranger slaves a couple of years ago. The Sheikh stunned Jabir by asking the price he was going to ask for Andy at auction. Abdulla told Jabir that Andy was exactly what he was looking for and that he really wanted Andy as one of his sex slaves. Jabir's first reaction was to tell him Andy was not for sale, but remembered how much extra this sheikh had paid when he bought the three Ranger slaves. He reservedly told Abdulla that Andy could only be sold at auction, not before. Abdulla immediately offered a very generous sum for Andy. Not wanting to lose Andy, Jabir made a high priced counter offer, one he thought would discourage Abdulla's interest in Andy. Jabir was wrong. Sheikh Abdulla said he was used to getting what he wanted and immediately doubled the counter offer. Jabir started to haggle, but was interrupted by the Sheikh saying "Don't start quibbling. I am buying this slave for my three Ranger slaves and that's that." Jabir was astonished, but the thought of all that money broke his resolve and he agreed to accept Abdulla's offer. Abdulla said his representative would arrive the next day to deliver payment and pick up Andy. Jabir was crushed; he really wanted Andy for himself, but had to accept the reality of the situation. After all, there would be other slaves in future training classes.

The next day Nassir, Abdulla's security chief, arrived on the sheikh's private 737 to collect Andy. They met in Jabir's home office where Nassir logged onto the computer system and completed the electronic transfer of funds to finalize Andy's purchase. Jabir asked an overseer to bring Andy to his office. While they waited, Nassir was looking around and noticed a bronze sculpture of a very large cock and balls. Looking at it he read the brass nameplate engraved with "Alex, 11½ inches" and mentioned to Jabir that Alex and the other two Ranger slaves were aboard the plane anxiously waiting for Andy. The overseer finally arrived, escorting Andy into the office, naked, looking a bit confused and scared, but immediately assuming the display position. Jabir told him to relax and then told him he had been sold and this man was here to take him to his new master. Andy seemed a bit surprised, but answered "Thank you, Master." Jabir looked at Nassir and said "He's all yours now." Nassir opened a briefcase he had been carrying, took out a loincloth and a robe and told Andy to put them on. Once Andy had dressed, Nassir led him to the waiting car for the trip to the airport.

Jabir felt a pang of loss as he watched the vehicle drive off with the young Marine slave. In spite of his feeling of loss, Jabir realized Andy had been sold to a good owner and would live a fine life.

Prince Habib

Prince Habib was very proud of his son Rafi, a growing young man recently exceeding six feet in height. His slender body had filled out, transforming itself from a boy's body into a tightly muscled body like that of a swimmer or track star. With jet black hair and dark, coffee brown eyes Rafi had that sultry look common among Arab men. He also sported a light covering of black hair overlaying his shapely pecs. Descending from his chest hair down the center of his rippled abdominals was a trail of hair an inch or two wide that eventually merged with a bush of pubic hair capping the extra-large genitals all the men in his family seem to inherit. He had matured into a very handsome and sexy young guy.

When Rafi had celebrated his sixteenth birthday, his father introduced him to manhood by throwing a "coming of age" ceremony. Over the years before that, Prince Habib had come to realize that Rafi preferred men to women. He also knew that at sixteen Rafi was still a virgin and the Prince didn't want to have him lose his virginity to just any man or boy who might seduce him. Habib wanted Rafi to be taught the ways of man sex by trusted men trained in male on male sex - the slaves of his all male harem. So early in Rafi's seventeenth year, Habib had a discussion with the major domo of his harem. He told the major domo he would deliver Rafi to his care so that Rafi could be taught all about the world of man on man sex by trained and experienced sex slaves. He believed it was good that the young boy should lose his virginity to men Habib trusted. The next day, he sent Rafi to the major domo to begin development of his sexual talents. To Habib's delight, Rafi reveled in the many sexual pleasures his father's harem offered. Habib watched his son mature sexually over the next couple of years up to the time the young man reached the age of nineteen. Habib then decided that when the boy reached the age of twenty, he would give his son the beginnings of his own all male harem.

Prince Habib had heard good things about this slaver, Jabir, who had provided his fellow ruler Sheikh Abdulla with his personal sex slaves. He also had heard about the fine quality of sex slaves that the slaver's training facility produced. Habib decided to talk to this Jabir to see about acquiring sex slaves for Rafi's birthday gift. He called Jabir and arranged to have him flown in from Afghanistan for a private meeting to discuss his planned surprise birthday gift.

Meeting with Jabir, Prince Habib detailed the nature of his request. He would like to buy a dozen trained male sex slaves as a surprise birthday present for his son. Already aware of his son's favorite type of men, Habib said the slaves must all be close to his son's age (around 20), good looking with light brown or blond hair, well muscled and well hung. Jabir asked when was his son's birthday and Habib told him it was in mid August. Jabir told him his timing was perfect because he had a fresh class of slaves scheduled for auction at that time, assuring him he could supply the slaves he requested. The prince added that it was to be a surprise gift and had to be kept secret until Rafi's birthday. For keeping the surprise, the Prince said he would pay Jabir $300,000 per slave. Jabir was delighted by the price the prince offered and agreed to the conditions, accepting a written sales order from the Prince. As he left for the airport, Jabir was elated by the three and a half million dollar sale he had just made. Rereading the sales order during the flight back to the compound, Jabir knew that contained in this graduating class were all the slaves needed to fill the Prince's sales order. Most of the Royal Marine slaves and several of the US Marine slaves met all of the physical requirements Prince Habib had specified. A plan for the Prince's son formed in his mind.

Back at the compound Jabir phoned Habib, inviting him and his son to be guests of the compound for a few days preceding the scheduled auction. He suggested that Rafi be made to think his father was looking to add to his harem and wanted Rafi to experience his first slave auction. He told Habib that the day before the auction he would present the entire class of twenty nine sex slaves to Rafi. Rafi could then choose any twelve of them as his surprise birthday gift; slaves he doesn't choose will be sold at auction the next day. He suggested the Prince and Rafi stay through the day of the auction. Prince Habib accepted the invitation. Jabir secretly hoped Habib would really like to buy one or two slaves for his own harem.

Several days before mid August Jabir had a team of working slaves prepare his best guest cottage for Prince Habib and his son. The royal guests arrived aboard the Prince's large private jet two days before the auction. Jabir stopped by the guest cottage to greet them and see if there was anything they needed. Giving Jabir a knowing smile, Habib introduced his son, casually mentioning Rafi's birthday the next day and that he felt Rafi was now old enough to accompany his father to a slave auction. Jabir returned a slight smile and said "I should recognize his birthday somehow. If you wish, tomorrow at the auction house I can arrange a private showing of the items being auctioned. You will be the only guests." Prince Habib thought it was an excellent idea; Jabir said he would make the arrangements.

The next day was a busy day at the compound as other clients arrived to attend the auction. The compound's staff was kept busy getting all of the clients settled into various guest cottages. In the afternoon, Jabir had the slaves brought from the slave pen to the auction house. The slaves were prepared for display in the spacious back room of the auction house. As preparations completed, Jabir sent one of his overseers to escort the two royals to the auction house. He greeted them at the door and wished Rafi a happy birthday. Prince Habib was dressed casually and Rafi was looking sexy in jeans and a form fitting yellow UA t-shirt, his chest hair curling a bit over the collar. As he led them into the auction theatre, he whispered to Habib "Have you told Rafi about his surprise present?" Habib said he would tell him once they had been seated. Jabir led them to front row center and made sure they were comfortably seated. He saw Habib lean over and say something quietly to Rafi, noticing Rafi's eyes light up with excitement. That was Jabir's signal to have the slaves brought onto the auction stage.

Jabir had arranged to have all the slaves line up so that the light brown and blond haired slaves were at the front of the stage. Rafi's jaw dropped as he watched the naked and lightly oiled muscle studs walk onto the stage. All of them assumed the display position, their genitals still slightly swinging from the trek onstage. Jabir invited the young man to come up onto the stage and inspect the slaves closely to help him decide which ones he wanted. Rafi hurried onto the stage. Walking among the slaves, the handsome and sexy looking Rafi apparently turned on several of the slaves, who took one glance at him and got uncontrolled erections. Rafi couldn't help but to notice the hard cocks and quickly selected six particularly handsome slaves with big hard cocks; Jabir had them moved to one side. Asking if he could see the slaves stand relaxed, Jabir had the slaves stand with their hands behind their backs. Rafi walked among them running his hands over bodies, butts and cupping genitals in his hand. He asked to see several of their buttholes and ran a finger around the pucker, even pressing his finger into a couple of them. Having inspected all of the remaining slaves, Rafi chose his final six slaves. He now had a small harem of his own.

Prince Habib accompanied Jabir to his home office where he took care of the electric funds transfer to complete the sale. He said "I added a bit to the amount because Rafi seemed so pleased to find slaves who seem to like his looks. I think your sex slaves are the finest I have ever seen; is four million OK." Jabir said "Yes" and thanked him very much for his generosity, reminding him there are seats reserved for both of them at tomorrow's auction.

Each of the guest cottages contains its own room for holding slaves purchased at auction; previous auctions have been known to last multiple days. Jabir had the twelve slaves delivered to the slave holding room in Habib's cottage. He brought Rafi and the Prince into the room and introduced the two of them, telling the slaves that Rafi was their new master. That night, Rafi celebrated his twentieth birthday with a sex party in the slave holding room. His new harem slaves all seemed delighted with their youthful new master, particularly his tight muscular body and larger than average genitals. He even asked two of the slaves to spend the night with him in his bedroom. In the morning young Rafi woke fully sated after a night of uninhibited sex, but with a happy grin on his face. That grin betrayed a tired, fucked out feeling after having had his dick, hole and mouth thoroughly used on his new slaves. Rafi told his father how thrilled he was with his birthday gift. Prince Habib was satisfied he had chosen the perfect gift.


Auction day arrived and even though only seventeen sex slaves remained to be sold, the auction theatre was nicely populated with potential buyers. Prince Habib and Rafi occupied the same seats front and center as the day before. All formerly straight soldiers like these who are now transformed into muscular, cock hungry gay sex slaves generally command a high price at auction. The especially high prices now being paid for muscular sex slaves "in their prime" puts them beyond the means of the average slave owner. So auctions for this kind of prime man flesh tend to attract very wealthy men who are flushed with cash, able to make luxury purchases. The soldiers all have no memory of any life as a straight man; in fact they are unable to imagine a time when they were straight. Every one of them has been transformed into a perfect gay sex toy.

Jabir entered the preparation room behind the auction stage to verify the slaves had been properly prepared for display on the auction stage. Jabir checked each slave to make sure he had been perfectly groomed and lightly oiled to display his body attractively on the auction stage. His inspection complete, he delivered his standard speech to the slaves. "Today you will be presented for sale to new masters. Before you are sold, the bidders are allowed to inspect any part of your body they wish to see. You will allow them to look at and touch you in any manner they choose. They WILL touch your genitals and probably stroke your cock. You absolutely will not cum unless I give you permission. Do you understand me?" A chorus of "Yes Master" filled the air. Jabir left the room to go on stage.

Jabir walked to the center of the stage addressing the audience. "Welcome gentlemen, welcome to my auction. I want to assure you that all of the merchandise being offered here today has been certified healthy by my staff veterinarian. Tonight I offer you my latest class of trained sex slaves. The herd of seventeen strapping bulls on the block tonight has been trained in obedience and subservience to their master; all of them are prize animals. Every one of these bulls is now fully subservient and available as a perfect sex toys for those of you looking to acquire comfort slaves for your bedroom or harem. The class may be small, but each slave is if the highest quality." Slaves were then brought onto the stage in twos and threes to be inspected and auctioned. Bidders, or their representatives, were allowed to come on stage to physically inspect any slave being displayed. Bidders closely inspected the slave(s) they had interest in; running their hands over bodies, checking teeth, cupping genitals in their hand to check the weight and arousal level, probe the butthole with a finger. Bidding then started and was intense for each of the slaves with purchase prices averaging about $200,000. All seventeen slaves sold quickly, netting close to three and a half million dollars. Combined with Prince Habib's purchase, Jabir had added over seven million dollars to his coffers. Jabir was also pleased that Prince Habib had successfully won a bid for a slave he took a liking to.

Jabir's staff delivered the slaves to the cottages of their new masters. Next morning the overseers assisted clients with delivery arrangements for their slaves. Jabir personally went to Prince Habib's cottage to take care of getting Habib's and Rafi's slaves loaded onto his private jet. Even though the slaves were basically docile and subservient, Jabir had their hands bound behind their backs for the trip. He had the slaves loaded into a room at the back of the plane and thanked the Prince and his son for their business. After wishing them a safe trip home, he left the airfield and returned to his office.


Again finding himself without a slave inventory and between training classes, Jabir went to visit Fahd, his close friend and chief hypnotist. Fahd welcomed him, inviting him in and bringing hot tea for both of them. "So we have sold another class of slaves. I hope it was profitable." Fahd said. Jabir's smile gave Fahd his answer. Jabir told him they would probably have time to rest before his hunters acquire enough men for the next class. Their conversation continued, covering a number of subjects about the compound and its operation.

Fahd told Jabir about a new research project he had been working on that he thought Jabir might be interested in pursuing. Jabir looked at him curiously. Fahd told him he had been doing a lot of reading about a successful hypnotic treatment used to enlarge a woman's breast size. It is referred to as "body contouring" and has proven to be very successful. Results reported vary from an increase of 2.25 inches to six inches in bust size, with the six inch increase being most frequently reported. Jabir asked how long it takes to get that big. Fahd said "That's the biggest surprise. The reports all say the size increase takes less than eight weeks. These techniques are in practice worldwide, with hundreds of successful results."

Reading about the success rate, Fahd had wondered if the same technique would work equally well on male genitals. So he learned how to perform the procedure and experimented on a couple of his slaves. Jabir raised an eyebrow and asked "And what happened?" Fahd got up and returned shortly with two naked slaves. Both slaves were sporting large, heavy genitals. Ordering them to erect themselves, the slaves' cocks noticeably fattened as they rose to fully erect. Fahd took a tape measure and showed Jabir that each cock measured within a quarter inch of ten inches. Jabir was impressed, but his jaw dropped when Fahd told him both slaves had six and a half inch erections just three months ago. He added that he had used the technique to enlarge their scrotums and testicles as well, increasing the amount of semen they produced proportionally. He concluded with "Just think, we could sell sex slaves who are not only talented, but extremely well hung and can shoot large loads of cum. It could be a real money maker." Jabir asked if these were his only test subjects. Fahd confessed that he had used the technique on all of his personal slaves, every one of them now sporting a cock measuring between nine and twelve inches with large and heavy balls.

Jabir looked at him and asked "How does it work?" Fahd said it works by stimulating the subconscious mind. Then went on to explain that the subconscious mind works tirelessly throughout your entire lifetime; it's always active and working twenty fours a day on things like controlling breathing, heart rate, cell replacement, monitoring health, healing cuts and bruises and increasing white blood cells when the body gets sick. It also controls body growth until the body reaches full growth, sometime around the age of twenty. In the case of male genitals, it manages the pituitary gland secretions that cause those genitals to grow as a boy ages from about ten until about nineteen. The subconscious mind turns off these hormones once the body reaches full growth, even though the genitals may not have reached their full growth potential.

Treatment begins with the patient being put into an extremely deep trance. In this trance he is made to feel what it is like to be inside his genitals, feeling their full size, weight and being able to listen to and feel the blood flowing as it pumps through the blood vessels and capillaries of his genitals. He is then directed to his mind, specifically to into his subconscious mind, where he is told to find the memory of what it did to make the pituitary gland actively secrete its genital growth hormones. Once he retrieves this memory, he is told to make the gland restart secretion of genital growth hormones. When he confirms it has been reactivated, his mind is then redirected back into his genitals to verify that the blood flow is indeed carrying those hormones. A number of these deep trance sessions are required to confirm the process remains active and working. Maximum growth is achieved in eight to ten weeks. At that time steady size increase simply stops, indicating maximum growth potential has been achieved. By then however, the guy's genitals will have permanently increased in size.

Fahd added that it works best on subjects who are close to the age when puberty ends and the subconscious memory of how to stimulate genital growth is still fresh. All of our slaves fall into that age group. Fahd said "I chose a couple of my slaves and tried the technique and was pleasantly surprised by my success. I went ahead and used the therapy on all of my slaves, who are now happy with their larger cocks and balls, especially with the increased amount of cum they shoot." Jabir asked how much bigger the slaves' genitals grew. Fahd said he had seen increases of one third to one half, with half again bigger occurring most often. Their semen volume increased in proportion to the increased organ size.

Jabir asked him if he could perform this therapy on his personal slaves. Fahd smiled wickedly and told him he would make him a very happy sex pig in a couple of months. The next day Fahd began treating Jabir's personal slaves. He eventually suggested to Jabir that the technique be incorporated into the sex slave training. Jabir thought it was an excellent idea and asked him to first teach the procedure to all of his staff hypnotists and then have them assist merging the technique into the training plan. Fahd said he would start the next day, adding that he would have the revised training plan in place before the next class of sex slaves began.

Overseers found out about Fahd's genital enlargement technique and confronted Jabir about it, asking that they also get enlarged. Jabir apologized and told them it had slipped his mind that they have sex with slaves during the training and asked Fahd's staff to treat them also. It would soon be a compound filled with exceptionally well hung men.

Next Class

Two months later, Jabir was contacted by his most trusted slave hunter. He told Jabir he was driving a truckload of sixty slaves to the training compound and would be there in two days. Jabir set to work informing his staff and making preparations for the new class.

Relaxing later on the upstairs patio of his home, Jabir looked out over the compound and across the valley, sighed and privately thought "So the cycle begins again. Sixty specially enhanced and well hung sex slaves could potentially bring somewhere around twenty million dollars in profit to the compound. That's very good." Smiling to himself, he went inside to his fully enlarged and now heavily hung sex slaves for a celebration of his upcoming training class.


Above, the snow clad peaks of the Hindu Kush Mountains stood tall and proud, continuing their silent vigil over the secluded valley and its equally secluded compound.


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