It was a warm late spring evening in the hill country near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Two Army Rangers casually strolled into the small village even though they had been warned that the village was a dangerous place. Both of them are large men, each well over six feet tall, very muscular and daunting men, their uniforms tight around their big chests and arms, hugging their firm, round butts in back and, in front, pressing their large genitals against their muscular thighs. Their Army training gave them a solid sense of security regardless any warnings they had been given.

They found their way to a bar they had heard about from several other Rangers in their unit. Their buddies had said it was a nice place to drink and relax on a 48 hour pass. As they entered the bar, the bar owner welcomed them warmly. He was a large, muscular Middle Eastern man with jet black eyes and an abundance of black body hair sticking out of his open shirt and extending all the way down his arms to his wrists; he looked rather seedy. The soldiers ordered drinks and began to enjoy their time away from conflict. The bar owner watched them closely, his black eyes scanning them from head to toe as though assessing them for potential trouble. His assessment of the men pleased him, especially the muscular bodies and the bulge in each soldier's crotch. He engaged them, making them feel at home with interesting conversation and introductions to friends of his in the establishment. After serving several drinks, the bar owner offered to buy a round of shots for them; the Rangers gladly accepted. The bar owner quietly slipped a fast acting knockout drug into their shots and nodded a signal to his friends. The two Rangers tossed back the shots. In less than a minute both of them were out cold, sprawled across the bar. The bar owner's cohorts quickly took the two of them to a back room. There they stripped them naked and took their dog tags; the clothing and dog tags to be burned and the ashes buried somewhere up in the hills where no one will ever find them. The unconscious and naked Rangers were hogtied, their wrists and ankles tied together behind their backs. They gagged them with duct tape and placed them bound and naked in the back of an old van, parked behind the bar. The bar owner knows these two will sell for a sizeable amount, as he understands muscular, well hung American military men are much in demand wherever they are taken. He had no idea what purpose they would be sold for, and did not intend to ask his slaver contact what would become of them. These Rangers will just simply vanish.

Two days later, when the Rangers hadn't returned to their unit, other Rangers and MP's came to the village looking for them. Everyone in the village was interviewed by the military, but none of the villagers knew anything about them. Every building in the village was thoroughly searched for the two Rangers, with no success. Eventually the Army stopped looking for them and reported them missing.


Alex was a 23 year old Army Ranger, sandy haired and six feet four inches tall with a massive, muscular body. His superiors wanted him to compete in the Army bodybuilding competition. They all felt he could win, but Alex wasn't interested. He just wanted to do his job. Alex was a magnificent specimen of a man, his body all ripped with a large chest and arms, narrow waist and hips, round hard butt, large muscular thighs and hung like a horse with an 11½ inch, very fat cock and low hanging balls as big as goose eggs. Ranger training kept his body in top condition.

Alex heard that two of his best buddies, Ken and Bill, had disappeared while on a 48 hour pass. He volunteered to join the search party going into the village. They searched the village and interviewed the citizens, but were unable to find any evidence their buddies had even been there. Alex had interviewed a bar owner, who he thought to be a bit creepy with his hirsute, sordid appearance and the way his eyes kept scanning Alex's body and crotch. He was relieved when the interview ended.

The next day Alex's unit was sent into the hills to root out a group of militants. It turned into a small skirmish with both sides reaching a standoff. Alex heard an odd noise coming from the other side of a hill and went to investigate, disappearing over the crest of the hill. Unseen by his Ranger unit, he moved cautiously down the back side of the hill. As he passed an outcropping, a shadowy figure emerged from cover and quietly sneaked up behind him, wrapping a large hairy arm around his chest, holding him tight while a hand pressed a chemical soaked cloth over his face. Alex never saw it coming. Just before he passed out he realized the arm belonged to the bar owner from the village. His unit never witnessed Alex's kidnapping and searched for him without success. Alex was reported missing in action, possibly captured.


Alex woke up in the back of a rusty van bouncing along a dirt road. He was naked with duct tape over his mouth and hogtied with his wrists and ankles tied together behind his back. As his vision cleared, he spotted two other naked men hogtied just like him. He realized they were his two ranger buddies Ken and Bill, the guys he had searched for in the village. He could see they recognized him, too. There was a bit of panic in their eyes after spending two days in the van and now being driven to God knows where with one of their best friends bound and gagged in the same van with them.

After what seemed like an eternity, the van finally came to a bumpy stop. The driver got out and was heard talking to someone who approached the back of the van. The back door of the van suddenly swung open, letting in a blinding amount of sunlight. Several men got into the van, collaring and chaining the naked men before untying them. All three men were lead naked from the van into the sunlight and made to stand in a line. The driver watched as the slaver walked around the chained men, examining them closely. Satisfied, he told the driver he would buy these men and handed the driver a large strong box which he opened to expose a box full of American dollars. The driver closed the strong box, took it with him to the van and drove off.

The slaver was an average looking Middle Eastern man with a decent body, dressed in an American style wearing a t-shirt and jeans and showing something large hanging down his right leg. He turned to speak to them. "As long as you are here, you will address me as Master or Sir. You no longer have your given names. Your new names are now 'slave' or 'boy.' I will address you by your new names and may also demand your attention by a snap of the fingers. If you don't address me correctly or respond instantly when summoned, you will be painfully reminded of your error. You are now in my slave training facility where you will be turned into talented sex slaves. Only your master can give you permission to spill your seed. Any time you cum without your master's permission, your disobedience will be dealt with painfully. It is my job to train you for your new life as a slave and to make you ready for sale to your next master. When you leave here you will be a fully subservient slave. From this point on, you will never look your master in the eye unless you are told to. Your eyes will always be downcast when in the presence of your master; failure to do so will be painful." He then ripped the duct tape gags from their faces and said loudly "Do you understand me?" He waited for all three of them to respond. Bill's response was "Unh huh," which got him a kick in his balls. He quickly said "Yes Master." Once Ken and Alex had said "Yes Master" the slaver called to some of his overseers and gave orders to take the Rangers away and turn them into suitable looking slaves. As he was lead away, Alex thought to himself "We have got to get out of here somehow. He wants to turn us into sex slaves? That's kinky. What's he planning to do, sell us to a dominatrix? "


They were lead into a large square concrete room with narrow horizontal windows at ceiling level and bright lights on the walls and ceiling evenly lighting every object in the room so that there were no shadows or unlit surfaces anywhere. Across the floor of the room were a number of rows of open drains, each with two ankle restraints bolted to the floor about two feet on either side of the drain. Ranger Ken was a somewhat hairy man with a dense carpet of dark brown hair across his pectorals and all down the front of his sculpted torso to his outsized bush of profusely thick pubic hair. Body hair also lightly carpeted his ass cheeks, arms and legs. The overseers take him and cuff his ankles to the floor before removing his collar and chains, his legs now spread with his feet about four feet apart. Ropes are tied to his wrists and pulled through rings in the ceiling until his arms are fully extended, the other end of the ropes tied to wall brackets. Ken's body now forms a large X shape with his genitals hanging, butt cheeks spread and all surfaces of his body fully exposed and well lighted. Bill and Alex are restrained next, with all three of them held in a spread eagle X formation.

The overseers lather up Ken's head and face and proceed to shave off every last hair. Next they lather up his body and shave all hair from his torso, arm pits, butt cheeks, arms and legs. Lastly they lather up his pubes, cock, balls and ass crack, carefully removing all remaining hair, pulling the skin of his ball sack tight to shave every hair and kneeling under his crotch to get every hair surrounding his hole. They then use a hose to rinse any remaining lather and hair shavings from his body. Ken looked a bit sad as he watched the last of his masculine personality wash down the drain between his legs. Bill was then lathered up, shaved and hosed down, finally Alex got completely shaved. Alex had always been proud of his bushy pubic hair and watched in dismay as every curly hair of his manly pride disappeared down the drain. All three of them felt more naked than ever as cool, fresh air washed over their now hairless bodies. At this time Alex took a really good look at the other two Rangers and realized how much their shaved bodies looked like one another. He thought the Army had created very muscular bodes that were almost rubber stamp images of one another and that the three of them looked enough alike to be brothers. He compared what he saw to images of contestants in a muscle contest. The only real difference between them that he could see was his 11½ inch cock and giant ball sack versus their fat nine inch cocks and oversized balls. Genitals on all three of them appeared to be larger now they were no longer buried in a nest of dense pubic hair.

Then they were taken to a photography studio where each of them is made to stand with their legs spread wide, their arms raised with their hands held behind their head. Photographs were taken of the full front and back of the body. A cameraman walked around each Ranger shooting a video of their standing bodies. Then close-up photos and videos of their face, torso, butt cheeks, cock (both flaccid and erect), balls and butthole were taken from every angle. Their body stats are measured and recorded; height, weight, circumference of their chest, biceps, waist, hips and thighs, the length and girth of their erect cock. The overseers were impressed with Alex's 11½ inch cock and goose egg sized balls, but took the fat nine inches on the other two in stride. They took Alex aside and made a casting of his erect cock and ball sack, which Alex overheard them say, would be used to make dildos and a bronze sculpture for the slaver's home.

Next they are taken to a building with a sign identifying it as a veterinarian's office. There a microchip as small as a grain of rice is injected deep into the muscle of their left butt cheek. The microchip includes a GPS locator that can be used to track lost slaves or runaways. It's also programmed with a slave ID number and that number is then entered into an Internet database. In the future, all that needs to be done is scan the slave and enter the ID number in the database to see all identifying data about the slave and who his current owner is. The database is updated with every change of ownership.

The slaver returned and checked their modifications. Satisfied, he orders a leather slave collar placed around each of their necks. He feels it's important for every new slave to have a constant physical reminder of their new life as a slave, keeping them very aware their old life is gone and they belong to someone else now. He tells the three of them that commands from his overseers were to be obeyed as though those orders came directly from him. And then he told his overseers to take them to the storage room.

The three new slaves are then taken to a room stacked with three-man dog kennels; most of them already occupied by other slave captives. They are locked in an empty kennel until the start of the next training class. This stay in the dog kennel is actually their first bit of training, giving them experience having intimate bodily contact with other men, learning to accept their nudity and seeing one another with those regular erections young men experience. They will get used to being naked together and being in close bodily contact with another male body.

In the meantime, the slaver works on adding their physical descriptions and photographs to a printed catalog of slaves for sale, circulated among all slave owners. He also updates an Internet slave sales catalog, adding the video footage taken of each slave. A copy of the Internet sales catalog data on each slave is added to the microchip database to complete each slave's Internet ID record. Young men like these muscle bound Rangers are highly prized as slaves because they are generally very healthy as well as having well developed bodies that are "fighting fit." After the on-line catalog is updated, interest in the three of them is almost immediate.

It is because of this active interest that the slaver decides not to sell them individually, but as a "set" of three slaves, since they are practically a matched set. He knows they will bring a much, much higher price when sold together rather than being split up and sold separately. Many slave owners relish the prospect of owning a "set", especially if the slaves are trained sex slaves. Such sets are scarce and command premium prices. The Internet slave catalog created a lot of interest in the three Rangers, potential buyers expressing a strong desire to purchase a "set" of well trained sex slaves. Several Arab Sultans and one Sheikh quickly placed sizeable deposits on all three of them as long as they remained available for purchase as a "set."

The slaver had a reputation among his buyers as one who always sold slaves with bodies that were unmarked, undamaged and nicely muscled. His on-line catalog was one of the most popular of the slave catalogs. He was very proud of the fact he only sold slaves who had no injuries, scars or broken bones. Damage like that would greatly hurt his profits, so he kept his punishments to those which were painful or uncomfortable and left no permanent marks on the slave's body.

Training School

A couple of days after being put into storage, overseers enter the storage room and empty all of the kennel cages, moving the slaves to a large concrete slave pen with heavily barred windows and sleeping mats on the floor. Fifty slaves are to occupy the slave pen for the duration of their training. Overseers let them know they are allowed to have sex with one another whenever they are in the slave pen. At that announcement the three Rangers gave one another a look of disgust.

All slaves are kept naked throughout their training and sale at auction. Frequent outdoor activities for the duration of training will ensure they acquire the all over bronze tan that buyers prefer. Nude, collared and released from their cage, the fight had temporarily gone out of the Ranger slaves. All three of the Ranger slaves entered the slave pen keeping their strength in reserve for when, they hope, they can escape. Sadly for them, this will never happen. In this slave training facility the overseers are well used to dealing with soldiers who are usually strong men, potentially violent and difficult to manage. Overseers are wise to all the ploys and tricks they use trying to escape enslavement. These aren't the first well trained soldiers they have broken and turned into talented, cock-hungry sex slaves. Nor will they be the last; all identity will be lost or discarded. The man, the slave will be broken irrevocably to his new existence.

The slaver believes all new slaves must know who is boss before any other training takes place. These new slaves must be made to accept they are no longer free men and now must become totally subservient to their new master. Frequent floggings and the use of electric prods will quickly acquaint them with proper behavior in their new environment. The slaver never lets them forget they're nothing but a slave; a piece of property to be bought and sold and used however their master sees fit. So throughout this initial phase of training strong emphasis is placed on breaking any resistance to accepting the reality of their new life. They are taught how much they need to belong to their Master, to submit to their Master, to obey their Master and call themselves their Master's slave. They will feel no embarrassment or inhibition for being naked in front of their Master, they will know that they are their Master's property and have nothing to hide from him. And when their Master tells them to do anything, they will obey without hesitation, feeling only satisfaction at serving their Master and being used at his pleasure. They will know that their Master needs to be served; they need to be his toy, his slave and have an urge to kneel before him and call him Master.

All of the trainees are first taught how to properly address a free man, how to stand, how to avert their eyes, how to obey their master's commands without hesitation. They absolutely had to learn how to properly respond to commands and learn to assume standard positions. For the command "Kneel" they must immediately stop whatever they are doing and kneel with their eyes lowered and their hands behind their back. For the command "Display" they immediately stop whatever they are doing and look at the ground in front of them while standing with their legs spread and hands locked together behind their heads. Training does not proceed further until all of these skills become automatic.

Once their basic skills had become automatic, the slaver had all the new slaves brought before him and ordered them to "Display." Muscles flexed and rippled as all of them assumed a proper slave stance with their feet spread apart, hands locked behind their heads and their eyes on the ground in front of them. All of them were told to look at the slaver and got a bit nervous when the he got an evil grin on his face and told them this training facility was going to transform them from straight soldiers into gay sex slaves. He told them "You will be learning to get turned on by another man, suck cock like a pro, swallow loads of cum and will lose your cherries when you are taught to offer up your virgin man holes for fucking - and you will like it." All three of the Rangers are confirmed straight men. Not one of them had ever had intimate contact or sex with another man, the thought of what the slaver had just described was hateful, repulsive and somewhat frightening.

Intimate contact and bodily familiarization classes began the next phase of training and were difficult for the Rangers, especially on the first day when all of the slaves were lined up in a circle, then ordered to reach over and beat off the slave on their left. Almost all of these guys had never touched another man's cock before, much less stroked it to erection and made it ejaculate. After that, they were required to suck on the right nipple of the man they had just beaten off until the nipple got hard and the guy started to moan. They were shocked when told they must get used to the idea they will be required to be naked with an erection in public and then suck cock or fuck another man in front of an audience. In addition, they must get used to getting fucked themselves, as during the day all of them will have to take turns making their buttholes available for use.

During these initial phases of training, resistance to the training is at its strongest. The Rangers' military training gave them the skill to resist changes in their behavior. There were a number of resistance incidents by the stubborn Rangers, resulting in immediate punishment. Punishments ranged from hard face slaps to whippings with a leather strap to floggings to confinement in a dog kennel. More serious resistance would include combinations of these punishments plus having their balls shocked by an electric prod. Nothing could motivate a naked slave more than the feel of his ass getting flogged and/or his balls getting shocked.

And so the three Rangers began their transition to gay sex slaves.


It was imperative that their behavior be modified. To this end, reprogramming (aka: brain washing) using hypnosis in combination with the drug oxytocin was started on the first day of the next phase of training. The drug augmented the hypnosis sessions by creating added trust in the hypnotist, giving the hypnotized person greater motivation to accept any given hypnotic suggestions. This made it easier for the hypnotized person to participate in what they would consider socially unorthodox behavior, reducing anxiety about any situation where they may have to engage in activities they might consider abhorrent or socially unacceptable; behaviors such as sucking cock, getting fucked by another man, rimming a man's ass, drinking cum from a dripping ass hole.

Groups of slaves would be hypnotized at a time. They would be lined up in a room facing a bank of lights with their hands tied behind them. A handler would pass among them administering a nasal spray containing the drug, which would take effect almost immediately. The bank of lights would begin flashing as the session began. The flashing lights combined with the drug and the soothing voice of the hypnotist, putting the entire group to sleep quickly.

At first these hypnotic trances concentrated on implanting a posthypnotic erotic preference for the naked male body, rather than any female form. Being surrounded by naked male slaves helped cement this preference in place. Lessons in nipple play, using male pectorals and nipples instead of female breasts and nipples further added to the process of fixing the preference in their minds. Preference for the male form was considered in place when the un-hypnotized slave easily became aroused at the sight of naked men or when playing with another slave's chest and nipples. At this time, they were taught to respond to the command "Erect" by getting an instant erection and staying hard until told to go soft. Later, the slaves were put into a very deep sleep where they were given a posthypnotic trigger phrase that would instantly return them to the same deep hypnotic trance. That phrase was "TRANCE NOW." The slaves could be put to sleep again by simply using the trigger phrase and spraying the drug up their nose, greatly simplifying the training sessions.

In these deep sleep sessions the slaves were made to lose their individuality and completely forget about their past, putting those memories into deep, hard to access recesses of their mind. Slaves would completely forget about any former life, girlfriend, wife or family. As far as memories of their girlfriends, family and friends are concerned, the slaves were made to believe that all of them were dead and buried. If hypnosis failed at that, the slave would be in for an unhappy existence thinking he can go back to his old way of life. Memories of current friendships, like those between the three Rangers are left intact.

Without past memories cluttering their thoughts, the hypnotic training concentrated on having them understand several things; knowing that their asses are a source of delight for other men, knowing that they will be turned into expert cocksuckers and knowing that they will learn to use their bodies in almost every conceivable way to make best use of their ability to bring pleasure to other men. Once the slaves understood and accepted these things, hypnosis sessions would be used to train them in their new skills. Follow-up hypnosis would be used as quality control to ensure post hypnotic suggestions had been permanently set. All slaves were made to forget they had been hypnotized, yet retain the lessons that had been implanted in their memories. Gradually they became totally subservient and compliant, continuing their training as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. One night after returning to the slave pen, Ken said to Alex and Bill "I have this nagging feeling I forgot something, but I can't put a finger on what it could be. Can you guys think of anything?" Both Alex and Bill said they felt the same way, but couldn't imagine anything they may have left behind; after all they were kept naked and had no possessions. The subject was dropped and never brought up again.

While locked in their pen overnight, it's important that slaves get along well together. Indulging in stress-relieving sex among the slaves has a positive effect on morale. Good morale helps the slave become accustomed to having healthy sex with other men. This is allowed because while hypnosis makes each skill easily learned and implanted, many un-hypnotized training sessions are required to perfect the skill's techniques. The slaver had to allow these newly acquired desires and skills to be practiced as much as possible, even in the slave pen.

Cock Sucking

Cock sucking lessons started when the slaver ordered a young slave to approach and said "Boy, have you ever dropped down to your knees, wrapped those pretty lips around a man's hard cock and sucked and licked his dick until he shot his load down your throat?" The boy shook his head no and said "No, Master." "Open your mouth," instructed the slaver, "and cover your teeth with your lips." The slaver shoved the slave down to his knees, opened the front of his jeans and pulled out his cock. It was large; about 8 inches long, and about as big around as a silver dollar. Putting his hands behind the slave's head, he slipped his dick into the slave's mouth. The slave obediently started sucking his master's cock, his face a mask of fright and disgust. The slave made muffled whimpering noises all while his master rode his mouth, sliding his big cock in and out, giving the slave instructions on how to use his tongue and his throat muscles to massage his master's dick. It didn't take long before the slaver had the slave's nose buried in his thick bush of pubic hair with his cock all the way into the slave's throat. The slaver said to the boy, "Enjoy that heady man smell, boy." and thought privately "I love breaking in a slave mouth, knowing mine is the very first cock to shoot a load of cum down its throat." With that, the slaver started to pump the slave's mouth faster and faster. It only took a few minutes before the slaver shoved his cock all the way into the slave's mouth, tilted his head back and gave the slave his first taste of hot man juice as it squirted against the roof of his mouth and the back of his throat. The slaver pulled his cock out; the slave started coughing and choking on his first taste of hot man cum. "Don't worry about it, cocksucker," the slaver said gruffly. "You'll be spending a lot of time sucking dick before you are auctioned off. You'll get used to it and like it."

The "TRANCE NOW" trigger and the drug were used to put the trainees into a deep trance. Under this trance they are convinced it is normal for them to want another man's cock in their mouth. Deep trance instruction included having a cock slipped into the mouth of each slave and making the slave believe it was a very natural, wonderful and healthy feeling to have a mouthful of hard cock. Instruction in cock sucking followed. While in the deep trance they are taught how to use their tongue to stimulate the cock while sucking, how to relax their throat muscles and let the cock slip down it, how to use the throat muscles to massage the cock to orgasm.

It was particularly important that they learn to love the taste of cum and to look forward to the reward of a mouthful of hot manly nectar. To that end they were taught that the feeling of richness, the thickness, and the copious quantity of hot cum filling their mouth and running down their throat was absolutely irresistible. All these lessons were fixed in their memories and remembered as posthypnotic suggestions. Hypnosis would only be used again when posthypnotic suggestions needed reinforcement. In the meantime, all lessons concentrated on perfecting what they had been taught.

To reinforce their posthypnotic suggestions to love the taste and texture of cum, the slaves were made to kneel and have other slaves beat off into their open mouth. At other times, they would lie on their backs, made to open their mouths and allow other slaves to fill their mouths with loads of cum. Every slave would get a mouthful of cum and learn to look forward to the warm, rich texture of the man juices flowing into their mouth. They learned it was the best tasting elixir of perfect manhood they'd ever had and to savor its flavor and texture, its heat and syrupy almost ropy thickness, its odor and taste. Every slave eventually developed a lasting appetite for having their mouth filled with rich man cream, swallowing as many loads of it as possible.

Games like "forced 69" added variety to cock sucking lessons. Two slaves would be secured to one another, both of them held in the "69" position by leather straps buckled around one slave's neck and the other's waist. Each slave would have the other slave's cock in his mouth and would be ordered to suck on the cock. The goal is to make the other slave cum before he makes you cum. The loser is the slave who shoots his load first. The loser's ass is immediately flogged. This game teaches the slave endurance and gives him skill in edging so he can hold off an ejaculation for as long as possible while his cock was being milked or sucked. It also gives the slave practice to perfect his cock sucking techniques. All slaves were forced to play this game several times a week, honing their cock sucking skills on the road to becoming expert cock suckers. The play sessions also took more and more time as each slave acquired the skill to be edged for a lengthy time. Privately, many of the slaves wanted to be paired up with Alex and get that 11½ inch cock down their throat; a number of them got their wish.

Another lesson had the slaves lie on the floor in a circular daisy chain, each slave sucking on another slave's cock until all of them had filled a mouth with cum several times. Another lesson would pair off slaves and make them kneel sucking their partner's cock until they had cum. After their partner had cum, they would be made to change positions and get sucked off by their partner. This process was repeated until one or both slaves could cum no more. For all lessons each slave would be watched closely by an overseer as he sucked on a cock. Those having difficulty with technique would be coached as they sucked the cock and corrections made to improve their skill. If they still had problems, they would hear "TRANCE NOW" and be given post hypnotic instruction to correct any problem.

Alex, Ken and Bill were frequently paired together so they could get used to having sex with one another, strengthening their bond as friends and as a matched set. Each of them had found particular pleasure looking at the beauty of one another's cock and believing that cock just looked absolutely right and perfect for his body, each of them feeling quite a desire to have that cock in their mouth. From this, they developed a strong liking for a mouthful of each other's cock and the taste of each other's hot cum. Without knowing the reason he felt this way, each of the Ranger slaves began to wonder why he had never thought of sucking off his buddies before and why he enjoyed it so much. Many nights in the slave pen found all three of their cocks in one another's mouth. Ken and Bill both became very adept at swallowing Alex's 11½" fat cock and using their throat to milk him to orgasm. Both of them gave Alex ample access to their fat nine inch cocks and their big loads of cum. Alex would eagerly swallow all their loads of cum without spilling a drop.

Ball Worship

Once the slaves had mastered cock sucking, they began lessons in ball worship. This would be an activity they generally considered socially unacceptable or abhorrent. "TRANCE NOW" and the drug would put them into a deep trance, where they would be convinced that they needed to worship the source of the delicious cum they enjoyed so much. They were taught that those orbs in the wrinkled pouch hanging below the cock were wonderful things that required loving attention to produce the large quantities of the thick, hot nectar they took such pleasure in swallowing by the mouthful.

The slaves would start a deep trance lesson by having them cup their hands around a scrotum and rub their faces into the ball sack they were about to worship. The deep trance training included sexual arousal at the sight of a nice pair of hanging balls and the heady aroma of man scent coming from the crotch it hung from. Alex's goose egg size balls were used to imprint in their minds the posthypnotic image of a perfect ball sack. Slaves were taught to wrap their hand around the sack, tugging, rubbing and toying with it. They were taught to know the sack was full and responsive, alive with sensations, and stuffed to overflowing with two wonderful testicles. Lessons included how to properly lick the ball sack and how to suck on the skin of the sack, eventually sucking in one of the balls and rolling it around in their mouth, listening to groans of pleasure as the balls were worshiped. They were also taught about the pleasures created when the perineum was licked and kissed. Every deep trance ball worship lesson included kissing the perineum and a tongue exploration of the area. Deep trance practice taught the slaves to straddle another slave's face and lower their balls toward his mouth until the balls were sucked into the mouth or were being licked. Lessons were repeated throughout every day until the slaves began worshiping balls without any outside influence. Posthypnotic suggestion permanently fixed these lessons in their minds. Subsequent practice lessons without hypnosis cemented in place the lessons they had learned in a deep trance.

Ken and Bill couldn't understand why they had never noticed what a beautiful ball sack Alex had and why they had never wanted to play with his balls. At the same time Alex was wondering why he had never noticed his buddies' nice, hefty balls and why the sight of them got him hard, making him want to bury his face in their ball sacks. Many nights mixed ball worship with other skills they were learning.

Anal sex

Anal sex lessons were a more lengthy and involved process. The slaves were young men who would adapt faster to life as slaves if any view of male superiority was degraded by forcing them into a daily program of getting a cock up their ass. As free men they were generally straight. Losing their cherries to another man and having their asses used and abused would change their self image from an alpha male to a subordinate slave. Almost all of them had never even seen a man's puckered ass hole, much less thought of putting their cock or tongue into it or having someone's tongue or cock push into their own butthole.

Since almost all of the slave asses were "virgin" the slaver needed to be very careful with this training to avoid injury to any slave. After all, he had an international reputation for selling only unmarked and undamaged goods to his buyers, a reputation he must protect. Ripped ass holes, torn sphincter muscles or intestinal damage had to be avoided at all costs. Therefore, lesson plans contained no rough anal activity until all slaves had learned to relax their holes enough to endure that kind of activity without sustaining an injury. He made sure the art of relaxing the ass hole was taught gradually so each slave could progressively develop a tolerance for objects inserted in his ass.

The "TRANCE NOW" trigger and the drug would be used to imprint a profound love for that wrinkled source of intense man pleasure. Posthypnotic suggestions imprinted the slaves with an eagerness to pleasure any male butthole presented to them as well as make their own hole readily available for another man to pleasure. To that end they were taught to relax their sphincter whenever someone touched their butthole with a finger, tongue, cock head or dildo.

After the slaves had learned to relax their holes, every lesson began with a communal douching. The slaves were taken to the room with all the drains where they were initially shaved. Each slave was forced to bend over and spread his ass cheeks. Then the end of a hose would be shoved in his butthole with tepid water running under light pressure. Once his gut was filled, the water started gushing around the hose and out of his hole, taking with it anything that was inside. The slave was able to look down and watch the water and any refuge go down the drain. To many of the slaves it felt good having the hose up their ass. The hose was left in their ass for several minutes before it was pulled out. Water continued to run out of the slave's hole for a short while. Now the slave was clean inside and ready to start his lesson.


Rimming lessons were the first anal sex lesson to learn. Having their face buried in another man's ass with their tongue flicking against, licking and probing the puckered hole was the next abhorrent or socially unacceptable activity that hypnosis and the drug would help them overcome. At the start of their lessons the slaves have no clue as to the sensations they would get when they have their asshole eaten out. They were to find it to be an awesome feeling and learn to love reciprocating by eating out a tasty asshole to perfection.

Deep trance lessons would start with a slave offering his hole for use and the student's tongue tracing the short length of the ass crack and learning to get pleasure from the aroma flooding their nasal passages as though it was an intoxicating aphrodisiac. Then they would have their tongue slowly circle the starfish looking puckered skin surrounding the hole before finally pushing their tongue into the anal canal. They would learn to force the butt cheeks further apart, enabling their tongue to sink deeper into the hot anal cavity so the tongue could swab the insides of the anal canal. Gradually, they discovered that as they tasted more of the man hole, they would start tongue fucking the hole like a runaway pile driver until the guy they were rimming had begun to rock his ass back and forth, trying to make this sensation as pleasurable as he could.

Training included having another slave offer his hole to the slave by squatting over their face or sitting on his chest, ass to face, making it easy for the slave to suck on the hole and work it with his tongue. They were taught to make their own ass hole available to a face in the same way to get their hole licked and tongue fucked. Many more body positions were taught that would fully expose a man's butthole, presenting it for a mouth to pleasure. As with other skills, rimming skills were permanently fixed in their minds; hypnosis used periodically afterward to verify that the skills had been permanently implanted.

Alex experienced his first rimming when Ken lifted his legs and buried his face in Alex's ass. As Ken's tongue circled around Alex's puckered hole, finally probing inside, Alex experienced feelings and sensations that he never knew were there. Close by, he could hear Bill making sounds of intense pleasure as the slave he was paired with ate out his man hole. Alex, too, found himself moaning and moving his ass to allow Ken's tongue to give him greater pleasure. Both he and Ken got roaring erections from the giving and getting. Slaves were ordered to switch partners; they switched places and Alex's tongue kept Ken in intense pleasure for the longest time. All three of them wondered how they had learned to do that so well and why the feeling, taste and aroma were so erotically intoxicating. Many practice lessons included Bill, further cementing their friendship and strengthening their bond. Practice sessions continued in the slave pen each night.


Once rimming had been mastered, every slave had easily learned to relax enough to allow a probing finger feel around the inside of their hole. After that became pleasurable, they learned to relax their sphincter even more until it could stretch around several fingers and finally around a hard cock pressed against their ass lips, allowing the cock to plunge full length into their hole until they could feel balls pressing against their butt cheeks. Triggered by "TRANCE NOW," they would be put into a deep trance; they were made to believe the cock inside them belonged there. Being able to relax enough to allow a cock to enter the hole was only one step in learning to get fucked. The other step in the process was to take a tight hole and loosen it up naturally with frequent fucking in order to stretch the hole, opening it more and more over time so that a moving cock causes pleasure rather than discomfort. They were taught that there may be some discomfort at first, but once any initial pain goes away their bodies will be overtaken with joys they'd never imagined possible as all of a sudden, the inside of their body exploded in pleasure. Posthypnotic implants permanently fixed these lessons in their minds.

For practice, they would be put on a waist high bench and either be bent over with their legs spread or placed on their back on the edge of the bench with their legs raised and spread wide. Either position makes the hole available for the overseers to shove in their cocks and fill it with cum. Other slaves would then be ordered to fuck the slave until cum ran freely out of the fuck hole. Another position required the slaves to kneel and then bend forward until their head and shoulders were on the floor with their asses raised for easy access. Many a slave got fucked in this position.

Overseers would use dildos and butt plugs of various sizes to further stretch a slave butthole and accustom the slaves to having really big objects far inside their ass. One of the dildos looked familiar and Alex was shocked when he realized the overseer was fucking him with a dildo molded from his own cock. In some perverse way, he rather enjoyed it because he got to feel what other guys felt when he fucked them.

In most lessons Ken and Bill were paired with Alex for fucking, which helped to further strengthen their bond. Alex really enjoyed having their fat nine inch cocks slide inside him and he made sure they could comfortably take his huge cock up their ass. All three of them couldn't understand why they had waited so long to fuck one another.

Once their holes had been loosened up, slaves were then taught technique; how to move their body to give maximum pleasure to the cock fucking them, how to use the crushing pressure of their ass muscles to assail the cock fucking them, how to use their sphincter muscle to pleasurably stroke or grip the cock inside their ass hole. The object being to give maximum pleasure to the person fucking until he shot a big load deep inside the slave. Numerous positions for fucking were taught to the slaves, from plain vanilla positions to sitting on and riding cocks, backing into cocks, taking two cocks up their ass. They were also trained to take any kind of dildos or butt plug, a fist and arm or a foot into their ass. In the end, the slaves were convinced that their ass holes were another very important sex organ.

Rimming and cum taste lessons were reinforced when multiple fucks caused a slave ass to overfill, resulting in cum running out of it. In a deep trance, another slave would be made to lap up cum as it ran out of the fucked hole and then use his tongue to scrape out any of it that might still be inside the hole. Every slave had to master this skill.

Implanted posthypnotic suggestion set all of these anal sex skills permanently in place.

The Gym

Every other day, two hours were scheduled for bodybuilding exercises in the facility's well equipped gym. It was filled with all the latest weight lifting equipment with walls paneled in mirrors. Just outside of the indoor gym a large running track occupied a big enclosed area. Inside the track oval were other outdoor exercise areas for the slaves to train. Many of the slaves had been kidnapped from military units and already had trained, muscular bodies, but many other slaves had never been trained in a gym and needed to be made fit and muscular before they were sold. All the slaves would be working out in the nude without any support from a jock strap. They were told that they could not have sex in the gym, only workouts would be permitted; no one was to cum in any way while exercising.

Slaves in training are put through rigorous exercises to hone and tone their bodies. The overseers knew the Rangers would know how to keep their own bodies in shape and maintain their competition quality muscles. Overseers ordered Alex, Bill and Ken to act as gym trainers and turn these young men into suitably muscular slaves that could command a good price. The three of them welcomed the chance to train and worked their coaching duties into the breaks between their own sets of weight lifting. They were determined to turn these soft bodied slaves into something that looked like slave college jocks. To ensure successful muscle development the slaver and his overseers saw to it that the food each slave received, though meager, had a generous supply of proteins and carbohydrates to promote muscle development.

Gym classes began with a five minute run on the track before moving inside for weight training. The slaves were huffing and puffing and really totally exhausted after that run. Exercises with dumbbells were the first exercise followed by barbell lifting. By then their legs had rested from the run and were ready for leg lifts and squats. The Rangers demonstrated the correct way to do squats, the slaves watching closely as they showed the correct form. Alex's genitals hung so heavy and low they brushing the floor when he got down low enough and his round, hard butt muscles bulged with power. The students were impressed and in the coming weeks, began to show improvement in their bodies. As their sex lessons continued, more and more of the slaves got horny every two days at the gym as they watched the naked men flex while they worked their muscles and their genitals slipped between their legs or bounced around while running.

As the slaves got further and further into their sexual training, these gym classes got more and more difficult for the slaves to abstain from having sex in the gym. The Ranger slaves worked them hard enough that sexual thoughts were fleeting. However, bench presses became more and more difficult for sexual abstinence.

Slaves would find themselves lying on a bench looking up between their spotter's powerful thighs and squarely at the spotter's genitals, seeing only smooth thighs, cock and balls. The full set of genitals hung heavily right over the slave's forehead. The heavy hanging genitals moving closer the face as the spotter bent his knees slightly to help guide the barbell to the chest. There's nothing like a close-up view of a dangling cock and balls to get the adrenaline pumping. Many a slave wished he could be smothered by those heavy hanging genitals. Eventually, their sex training reached a point where the spotter would tease the slave on the bench and lower his cock into an open mouth or smash his balls into the face below. Activity like this encouraged the salves to openly practice their sex training skills once they got away from the gym.

After the gym workout, the slaves aren't allowed to take a shower. Instead they are taken to the concrete room with all the drains, where they were initially shaved. After two days the slaves would have a five o'clock shadow covering their body from head to toe. Once there, they are strung up, fully lathered, their body completely shaved and their bodies hosed off. Shaving every two days guarantees slaves always have smooth, hairless bodies. Then they are returned to the slave pen.

Training Ends

Training a slave generally takes from six to nine months to fully modify the slave's behavior. The amount of time differs for each type of slave training the facility graduates. Length of time depends more on the level of difficulty completing behavior modification than on the type of training. Labor workers, house slaves, breeding studs and slaves trained as livestock normally take about six or seven months of training while sex slave training requires a full nine months or more to complete.

One day the slaves are again led from the pen to the photography studio. Each slave's photos, videos and physical statistics are re-recorded, since the training had changed their physical appearance. After that, the slaver uses the revised photos and stats to update their pages in the printed and Internet sales catalogs along with their entry in the Internet slave ID database.

There is a special building within the training compound built specifically for slave auctions. It has ample room to comfortably accommodate large group of bidders and has a platform, or stage, at one end of the room where groups of slaves would be displayed for sale. There is a separate room behind the stage for the slaves to be stored before sale and where they can be "prepared" so they can be displayed to their best advantage on the stage.

An auction is then scheduled for a time within the next 30 to 60 days, allowing the buyers travel time to the training compound. An announcement of the date and type of auction is then sent to all subscribers of the sales catalogs. Sex slaves always require the bidder's or his representative's presence to personally inspect the "goods" they were considering. The bidder could also ask for a performance guarantee from the slave trader. Performance demonstrations at the auction are not allowed.

As with any other property being auctioned, such as cattle, slaves are publicly displayed before bids are made. Naked slaves would be brought on stage in small groups of no more than six where they would be displayed. Throughout this display time, bidders are allowed to inspect the slaves being sold. A buyer could examine any part of a slave's body he wanted to inspect so he could see exactly what he was purchasing. Sex slaves are considered to have valued skills and are priced considerably higher than other slaves; buyers need to inspect and verify value for their purchase expense. Once inspected, the displayed slaves would be auctioned with each slave being sold to the highest bidder. Then the next group of slaves would be lead in, inspected and auctioned off. Sex slaves from this popular training school are always purchased; there has never been an instance of unsold inventory after an auction.


In this training facility the slaver economizes by being a trainer, slave trader and auctioneer. Slaves are moved from their pen to the back room of the auction building. There the overseers see to it that each slave looks his best for customer display. Once the slaves' physical appearance was satisfactorily completed, their naked bodies would be lightly oiled from head to toe so their musculature would be more attractive to the buyers. The slaver came into the room and checked the appearance of his inventory. Satisfied, he announced "Today you will be presented for sale to your new owners. Before you are sold, the bidders are allowed to inspect any part of your body they wish to see. You will allow them to look at and touch you any way they choose. They WILL touch your genitals and probably stroke your cock. You absolutely will not cum unless I tell you it is OK. Do you understand me?" A chorus of "Yes Master" filled the air. The slaver left the room.

The auction commences. "Welcome gentlemen," the slaver begins. "Welcome to my auction. I want to remind you that all of the merchandise being offered here tonight has been certified healthy by my staff veterinarian. The herd of fifty strapping bulls on the block tonight has been trained in obedience and subservience to their master; all of them are prize animals. Each of these well-built animals has been specially selected based on their looks, their intelligence and their acceptance of their place in life. They will make excellent bedroom accessories; every one of them has been fully trained in multiple ways to bring sexual pleasure to their master."

Alex, Bill and Ken looked anxiously at each other. They had grown close in the past many months, knew nothing about what would happen and worried they would never see one another again. They watched as groups of five or six slaves were taken from the room, never to return. It was sad for them to see guys they had enjoyed such great sex with disappear and never return. They could hear everything on stage as the slaver described the attributes of each slave to the bidders and hear bidders on the stage as they inspected slave bodies. Then had to listen while the bidders competed to buy the slave or slaves they wanted. The slaves were all selling for about $150,000 apiece.

Eventually the three Rangers were the only ones left in the room. Then they heard the slaver announce "The final item on the block tonight is a matched set of three former Special Forces Rangers who are only available as a set. Bidding on this final item will start at a half million dollars." The three of them looked at one another with some relief. Alex whispered to the other two "Thank God we won't be split up. He claims we are Rangers? Boy is he feeding them a line." None of them could remember anything about their Army service.

The three were taken out on the stage, lined up and ordered to display. As they assumed the display position, their competition quality bodies flexed and their muscles rippled. A gasp went up from the bidders as they looked at the three almost identical examples of male perfection. Bidders felt like they were watching the finalists in a naked Mr. Universe contest. The slaves were given the command "Erect" and another gasp went up watching two nine inch cocks get hard, especially watching Alex's giant cock grow to its full size. They were made to turn 360 degrees, showing their body from all sides, then bend over and spread their cheeks so the bidders could easily see their man hole.

The bidders were then invited to inspect the three of them closely; their nude bodies available for these men to prod, probe, handle and fondle. Bidders who were representing buyers carried iPads with their video cameras on so their buyer could remotely view any body part up close. Each Ranger had to stand quietly while hands ran all over his body, chest, thighs, butt, balls and cock. They were made to open their mouth for teeth to be examined. Their nipples would be rubbed and pinched as their huge chests were stroked. They would be bent over, hands running over their butt cheeks and fingers pushed into their butthole. Their balls would be fondled; Alex's goose egg balls getting the most attention, but the other two generously sized Ranger ball sacks also got a lot of attention. All three erect cocks were stroked and the bidders asked the slaver for a sperm test so they could see for themselves the volume of semen each Ranger can produce. The slaver ordered the three of them to beat off for the bidders and had the bidders watch as each of them masturbated to ejaculation. Ken and Bill reached orgasm first, each shooting an impressive load of cum onto the stage. Alex's goose egg balls slowly rose in his sack as he got close to orgasm. Suddenly he explosively shot a gigantic load, amazing the bidders by the distance it shot and at the massive quantity of semen.

Bidding began. Quickly, most bidders dropped out of the bidding, leaving representatives for two Sultans and a Sheikh still bidding. A small bidding war ensued with the price steadily rising. Finally, the Sheikh ended the bidding with a final bid of four million dollars. The two Sultans conceded.

Alex, Ken and Bill had a new owner that they knew nothing about and were concerned would be a dirty old man. The slaver approached them and said quietly "I never speak to slaves, but I felt I should make an exception this once. You three should know you are the most successful slaves my facility has ever trained. Your gym coaching has produced the most desirable batch of slaves and the most profitable auction ever. For that, I thank you. You are fortunate your new master is a young Sheikh who placed second in last year's Mr. Universe contest. As a professional bodybuilder he specifically asked for well hung personal sex slaves with bodies similar to his. He has a private jet waiting to take you to Arabia." All three responded "Thank you Master." The slaver released them to the Sheikh's representative and they were taken away.

A New Master

The Sheikh's men took all three of them to a room where they were each given a loin cloth and a robe to put on. They were driven to a nearby airstrip where the Sheikh's private jet was waiting. It was late at night when the jet took off. The three stretched out on the floor of the plane and slept soundly throughout the flight. When they were awakened, the jet had landed and there was a black Land Rover with blacked out windows waiting at the foot of the plane's exit stairs. They were put into the vehicle's rear storage area for the drive to the palace, where they were taken inside to meet their new master.

Sheikh Abdulla was a young man, no more than 24 or 25 years old. He was clean cut with short cropped black hair, ruggedly handsome with piercing black eyes that flashed magically when looking at you and full lips over a square jaw. He dressed in western style wearing Dockers and an Under Armour spandex muscle shirt that strained to contain his contest winning upper body. He was soft spoken and yet had a tone to his voice that would grasp a listener's attention. He spoke with a distinct British accent that reflected his Cambridge education. He also lived royally. In short, he was a rich, sophisticated and strikingly good looking muscle hunk.

The Sheikh walked into the room to examine his three new sex toys. He ordered them to strip so he could see them better. All three said "Yes Master" then immediately disrobed and assumed the display position. Abdulla walked around them checking their muscle development carefully. He looked closely at their beautiful genitals dangling between their spread legs. He cupped them in his hands, fondling each of them in turn. Even though he had seen their stats on the Internet slave ID database, he asked each of them how big their hard cock was. Ken and Bill verified they had nine inch cocks and Alex confirmed his 11½" length. Alex asked "Does Master want to see us hard?" Abdulla told them he would see them hard later. Then he asked about the posture they had assumed with their eyes downcast, legs spread and hands behind their heads. Ken explained the display position was the posture they were to assume any time their master came into their presence. Abdulla said "Well, I think it looks ridiculous. From now on you will simply stand straight with your hands clasped behind your back. Two more things; look me in the eye when I am speaking to you and stop calling me Master. I may be your master, but when addressing me, saying Sir instead of Master will do just fine." All three responded by standing with their hands behind their backs and saying "Yes Sir." "That's better" Abdulla said.

The Sheikh continued, telling them they weren't the only slaves he owned. He had recently inherited a large all male harem when his father died unexpectedly. His family has a long history of keeping a male harem going back more than 300 years to an ancestor, Prince Asim. The harem was stocked with sex slaves he used to satisfy his more prurient sexual interests. They were not to be members of the harem; instead they will be his personal sex slaves, living a much better life separated from the harem slaves and will be provided medical care as well as good food, drink and luxury surroundings.

Abdulla explained what he expected of them. They will be his personal body slaves and trophy sex toys. They will be housed in his chambers, where he will have access to them any time he needs them. They are expected to be ready for sex at any time of the day, either individually, or as a trio. They will also be responsible for bathing him, dressing him and maintaining his wardrobe. They are to wear loin cloths at all times in his chambers, but will be provided suitable clothing for any time their duties take them outside the area. He expects them to maintain their excellent bodies and wants them to work out with him in his on-site professional gym. He needs spotters and other bodybuilders for inspiration at his gym. Their quarters include an enclosed outdoor area where they can work on their all over tans. Most of all, he said he wants to have sex with well hung muscle men. Then he abruptly said "Seeing you naked like that has made me very horny. Let's go see what I paid so much for." He escorted the three naked slaves to his chambers.

Abdulla stripped off his muscle shirt displaying the corded muscles of his chest and arms. As he took off his Dockers and underwear, his cock was already hard. He had an eight inch cock that was big around as a beer can, fatter than Alex's hard cock. All three of them got hard just looking at his gorgeous body, hard cock and tight round muscle butt. Bill made the first move dropping to his knees and taking Abdulla's fat cock into his mouth. Ken went behind the Sheikh and pushed his massive thighs apart so he could get his head in between the legs to lick the Sheikhs' balls and butthole while Bill sucked his cock like it was a baby pacifier. Shortly, Abdulla interrupted his loud moaning to order Ken to fuck him. Ken stood up and applied a generous amount of spit to the Sheikh's man hole and spit even more on his cock. As he pressed his cock head against the Sheikh's hole, he felt the hole relax, allowing all nine inches to slide into him. Abdulla let out a loud "Ahhhhh" as Ken's cock entered him. Ken began thrusting while Bill continued sucking. The Sheikh began making all kinds of loud pleasure noises as he was sucked and fucked. Ken and Bill listened carefully to his noises to tell when he was ready to cum. The Sheikh finally yelled "I'm going to cum!" and Bill felt the fat cock in his mouth swell and begin throbbing as it filled his mouth with hot, thick cum. Ken had held off his orgasm so he could cum at the same time as the Sheikh. Abdulla felt Ken's cock pumping multiple streams of cum deep inside him while he emptied his own balls into Bill's mouth.

Sweat was running between and all over the cords of Abdulla's muscles. After a quick recovery period, he turned to Alex, knelt before him and began sucking on his pendulous organ. Alex got really hard from the warmth of the Sheikh's mouth as Abdulla slowly worked the cock deeper and deeper into his mouth and down his throat. Abdulla began moving his head so that the cock was sliding in and out of his throat. Alex took that as a signal and began fucking the warm, moist mouth and throat. Abdulla made muffled moans as his mouth was fucked. He played with Alex's huge balls and watched them rise as Alex got close to orgasm. The Sheikh then pulled his head back far enough so his tongue could work the head of Alex's cock. Alex let out a groan and blasted the inside of the Sheikh's mouth with a huge load of thick man cream. The Sheikh made a humming noise as he swallowed the load and sucked every last drop out of Alex's cock.

"That was fantastic" the Sheikh said, "We are going to have some great times here." Standing up, he said "Let me show you your living quarters." He opened the door to an adjacent room that was actually a nice sized one room apartment with one large bed big enough for all three of them instead of the usual floor mats. Just off the room was a bathroom large enough for the three of them and a sliding glass door to an outdoor enclosed patio. A closet with built in chest of drawers filled one wall of the room. Abdulla told them the drawers were already stocked with loin cloths and with jock straps, boxer shorts, running shorts and spandex gym gear for times they had to leave their quarters. He told them he would show them the gym later and that he would return once they had cleaned up and familiarized themselves with their new quarters.

A New Life

Once cleaned up, they put on loincloths. These weren't the normal type of loin cloth underwear. They had a thin string like waistband tied at the side with one apron like piece of cloth hanging from the front and another hanging in back, each piece of cloth about six inches wide by one foot long and made of soft cotton jersey fabric. No cloth passed between the thighs or through the crotch, leaving their genitals hanging loose and free behind the front apron. The back apron covered the butt crack providing a little bit of modesty. Both aprons allowed free access to the body parts they covered. Abdulla loved watching the way the front apron moved whenever the wearer walked. The jersey apron would move about enticingly as it slightly wrapped around the large genitals swinging and swaying behind it. Looking from the side, he could clearly see their genitals and see everything under each apron when they were in the gym lying on a bench or when they leaned over him while working out. He would always give cock, balls or ass a loving stroke or rub, looking forward to later sex play. Other times he would simply reach beneath the front apron and fondle the cock and balls he could see so easily from the side view. Abdulla started many four man orgies in the gym when he would reach under the loin cloth and grab a cock, pulling it down and into his mouth.

Even though they were his slaves, the bond the three Rangers shared gradually grew to include a strong master/slave bond with Sheikh Abdulla. The three Rangers came to respect, admire, and even love their Sheikh. They discovered he was a kind, benevolent owner with a lot to offer a slave, and that they in turn felt they owed him an obligation of care. This bond gave the four of them a very strong link to one another. Workouts had improved their bodies to the point where the four of them could easily be mistaken for brothers. All three of the ranger slaves worked hard on their bodies under the professional guidance of the Sheikh, putting on a lot of muscle bulk. Each of them added close to six inches to their chest measurement, their biceps grew to more than twenty inches and their traps added another four inches to the width of their shoulders. All this tapered to chiseled, six pack abs looking like stacked bricks above a very narrow waist and hips, their large bulging genitals in front and very firm, round butts in back. Their new appearance combined with their six foot plus height gave them a hulking and rather intimidating appearance. They looked very different, making it tough to recognize the Rangers who had first arrived at the palace. Abdulla loved the look, especially when they were wearing their loincloths.

The Patio

One day the Sheikh entered their quarters and could see Bill on the patio working on his tan. As he walked onto the patio he also saw Alex lying there with Ken straddling his waist sucking on Alex's left pec and working the hard nipple. Alex's giant cock was standing straight up, pressing against Ken's round, muscular ass, wedged between his butt cheeks along the length of the canyon like crack. All three of them immediately stood up with their hands behind their backs and their cocks still at full attention. The Sheikh told them to go on with what they were doing, but asked Ken to sit on Alex's cock while he watched from between Alex's legs. Alex lay on his back again while Ken straddled his waist. The Sheikh pulled up a chair at Alex's feet and watched as Ken rubbed a generous amount of spit on his hole and on Alex's huge cock. He then sat on the cock head and slowly descended along its entire length until Alex was balls deep in Ken's ass. Watching Ken's puckered hole easily open and stretch around the girth of Alex's cock got the Sheikh rock hard. He took out his cock and began stroking it as Ken began slowly riding the big, fat pole inside his ass. Ken's ass muscles flexed as he began using them to firmly grasp and massage Alex's cock. Abdulla could see Ken's ass lips move as he used his sphincter muscle to grab onto the cock using a serious pressure to stroke Alex to orgasm. Ken's man hole was going crazy; his ass lips looking like they were sucking Alex's cock. Alex and the Sheikh both started moaning; the Sheikh stroking his cock as he watched Alex's goose egg balls get up tight with an impending orgasm.

Suddenly, Bill appeared between the Sheikh's legs with his mouth wide open to catch the Sheikh's cum when he shot his load. The Sheikh heard Alex roar like an enraged bull and watched Alex's goose egg balls jump as his cock suddenly began to throb, each contraction of the cock shooting a massive stream of cum into Ken. Alex continued to empty his balls into Ken's ass over the next minute or so, filling him up. Pretty soon Alex's cum was flooding out around his cock, running over his balls and down the crack of his ass. It seemed he went on cumming forever and Abdulla wondered where it was all coming from and when it was going to stop.

Feeling Alex's cock contractions shoot hot cannon balls of cum inside him proved to be too much for Ken and he let out a loud groan as he shot his own big load between Alex's pecs. The first two shots of cum hit Alex forcefully on the chin, the next couple hit and ran down his neck. As the spurts lost strength, they formed a small river of cum all the way from Alex's neck along the ravine between his muscular pecs to form a puddle between his pecs. Ken's groan was the trigger for the Sheikh to loudly cry out and cum, shooting streams of hot cum into Bills open mouth. As the streams of cum began to subside, Bill eagerly swallowed the Sheikh's cock and sucked every remaining drop of man juice out of it. Abdulla lifted Bill up, put a hand on each ass cheek, pulled Bill toward him, drawing Bill's hard cock into his mouth and began energetically sucking his cock. Bill was so close to cumming from all the activity that it wasn't long before he made a loud gasping groan and emptied his balls into the Sheikh's mouth. Abdulla gulped Bill's large load down his throat. Ken rose up until Alex's cock noisily popped out of his ass. He then bent forward and licked his own cum off of Alex's chest, neck and chin. Then Ken turned his dripping ass toward Alex's face and let Alex lick and suck his own cum out of the hole he had just filled with fuck juice while Ken cleaned cum off Alex's cock and slurped all of it off his balls and from his ass crack. The four of them then collapsed against one another to recover their strength.

Being Versatile

After they had recovered, the Sheikh said "You all remember I ordered Ken to fuck me when you first got here. I really like getting fucked and Ken's cock felt great inside me. Bill's cock feels just as good as Ken's, but Alex's cock is so big I just know it's too much for me to take. I want you, Alex, to teach me how to take your cock as easily as Ken just did and teach me to move my body in ways that maximize the feeling of your cock inside me. Ken and Bill, I want you to teach me how to open up and relax my sphincter so I can slide down Alex's cock smoothly the way I just saw Ken do it. I really want your cock up my ass, Alex, and I want it to feel good all while it's inside me." Alex responded "Sir, I would be happy to teach you. Your body is one of my greatest fantasies and it would be a joy to teach you ways to give yourself even more pleasure." Abdulla was happy to hear that and spent the next several weeks learning how to get fucked comfortably by Alex. Bill and Ken worked with him, teaching him a number of relaxation and body movement techniques. Soon the Sheikh was easily able to take Alex deep inside him. He could relax his butthole enough to feel intense pleasure as he let it slide into him and enjoy the feeling of the giant cock fully inside with Alex's huge balls slapping his butt cheeks. His pleasure would increase as Alex thrust in and out while the Sheikh moved his body in ways that intensified the sensation of getting fucked by that huge cock. Many loads of his cum sprayed all over Alex and the Sheikh from the sheer love of that cock inside him.

This proved to be the final obstacle keeping the Sheikh from having totally uninhibited sex with his three sex slaves. Sex for all four of them became more spontaneous, fun and varied. There was much sucking and fucking with no one being left out of the action. Ball play, ball worship and cock worship along with sucking in a circular four man daisy chain, pairing off for "69" sucking and swallowing as much cum as they could all were part of their oral sex routine. Rimming always made the Sheikh go crazy and demand one of their cocks up his ass. Alex would impale one of them on his cock and the others would form a daisy chain, each of them plugging their ass onto one another's cock. The fucking motion of the guy at the back of the lineup would shove the cocks on the guys in front of him back and forth. This way all of them got a good fuck, a load of fuck juices deep inside and a puddle of cum on the floor in front of the man at the head of the daisy chain. They would scramble to see who got to lick that cum puddle off the floor. Alex really got into the way his hole stretched when the Sheikh's fat cock was inside him and would make it a point to get it in there as often as he could. The Ranger slaves all loved their daddy Sheikh.


Abdulla's trust in their faith and loyalty to him grew and grew and he began inviting one or two of them to share his bed, have sex and sleep with him all night. He came to think of them as his sons and loved them just like a father. This growing trust led him to increase their duties and responsibilities.

A few days later Sheikh Abdulla brought another member of his household into his chambers, introducing him as Nassir the palace security chief. The Sheikh explained that in addition to their other duties and obligations they would be trained by the security chief to become his personal body guards. Next morning Nassir began with a class on the basic duties of a Sheikh's bodyguard. In addition to becoming proficient in hand to hand combat, each of them would be expected to take over the duties of the Sheikh's driver in an emergency, learning defensive driving techniques on each vehicle the Sheikh owned. Over the following weeks, the three of them became expert defensive drivers. When hand to hand combat training started, all of the Ranger slaves were incredibly surprised when their bodies automatically reacted to any physical threat they encountered. Memories of their military training may have been lost, but response to physical threats was deep-rooted in their mindset. Hand to hand combat training was greatly shortened by their subconscious skills.

Once the security chief had completed their training, the Sheikh brought his tailor in to measure each of them for suits they would wear as bodyguard uniforms. These bodyguard outfits were black suits with white shirts and ties striped with colors from the Sheikh's family crest. The suits fit close to the body to emphasize their massive muscles and narrow hips without restricting movement and made each of their six foot plus bodies appear large and intimidating. The addition of a black newsboy cap and dark glasses completed their imposing bodyguard appearance. A few days later, each of them was given four of these custom tailored suits; they found them hanging in their closet.

Abdulla explained that as bodyguards, he was going to trust them with his life and he expected and demanded absolute loyalty. He reminded them of their implanted GPS locator and that they were not to wander off. Alex responded for all three of them "Sir, you are our Sheikh. We have an obligation to care for you and love you like a father. We wouldn't think of wandering off." Pleased with the response, the Sheikh went on to say he travels often and they would accompany him wherever his travels took him. When they traveled, they would share a room of their own connected to the Sheikh's suite of rooms so he could keep his prize sex toys and bodyguards close at hand and immediately available.

The Meeting

One time Abdulla went to attend an important meeting at the U. S. Consulate. As he walked into the building with Bill as his sole bodyguard, they passed an Army Master Sergeant who turned and said "Bill? Is that you?" The Sheikh froze as Bill turned to the soldier and calmly said "My name is Bill, but I think you're mistaking me for someone else. I don't believe we've ever met." Then Bill paused and said "Excuse me, but I must get my Sheikh to his meeting." Abdulla let out let out the breath he was holding and continued on to his meeting. The sergeant watched them disappear down the hallway and then went about his business, believing he most likely had been mistaken. He had been sure it was Bill, but the Bill he remembered was just fit and tightly muscled, never that big and intimidating. Along the way the Sheikh asked Bill "Who was that?" Bill responded "I have no idea, Sir. I've never seen him before." Actually, the sergeant was a good friend of Bill's from his Ranger unit. They had fought beside one another in many skirmishes. Bill was unable to remember him; any memory he had of the sergeant or of his past military experience had been completely erased. Abdulla, though, made a mental note of the incident as an indication of possible problems when future travels took him to the United States.

Remembering his slaves were former US Army Rangers, he conferred with Nassir, worried that someone from the military or one of their families might recognize them. Nassir made note of the potential problem and told the Sheikh he would take action to guarantee no issues would arise when the Sheikh traveled, especially travel to the United States. He reminded Abdulla that their caps and dark glassed do a good job of concealing their true identities.

Foreign Travel

Soon after, the Sheikh was invited to attend a conference on US/Arab relations in Washington, DC. He was to be a member of a delegation representing Arab countries. Nassir met with Abdulla to explain his security plans. The US Secret Service provides security for all visiting foreign dignitaries, so the need for private security was greatly reduced. That meant all three slaves could travel with him, having their bodyguard duties performed by the U. S. Secret Service. Since they would be traveling under the same diplomatic protection as the Sheikh, they would not be under the same close scrutiny as normal travelers. He would keep them shielded from public view as much as possible and personally deal with any undue attention. Abdulla reminded him of the bond he had with the three of them and that bond was to be respected as though they were hired house servants, not slaves. Nassir assured him he understood perfectly.

Abdulla owned several private jets; the plane he used for long trips was a converted Boeing 737 that had been outfitted for long flights. The luxurious interior had been custom designed for the Sheikh's personal use. Since little space was needed for luggage and personal cargo, most of the cargo hold had been converted to fuel tanks, allowing flights of up to 8,000 miles without refueling.

Sheikh Abdulla arrived at the jet escorted by his slave bodyguards. Nassir was waiting for them on board the plane. He ordered the slaves to go to the private bedroom at the back of the plane, change into their loincloths and remain in the room. Once airborne, Nassir came to the bedroom to explain security and travel duties to the three slaves. They were disappointed they would not be able to guard their Sheikh in the U. S. and felt they could do the job better than the Secret Service. Nassir said he understood, but that's the way it would be. However, guard duties within the Sheikh's hotel suite would still be their responsibility. Outside the hotel suite they were to work as servants and would be responsible for the Sheikh's luggage and personal needs. Like normal, they would be housed in a suite adjoining the Sheikh's hotel suite. Their full bodyguard duties would be restored once the Sheikh's conference concluded and he returned to the plane. While in the United States they were to report to Nassir for work assignments.

Several hours into the fourteen hour flight, food had been served and the Sheikh was getting horny. He went into the bedroom to his muscle bound sex toys. They immediately stood with their hands behind their backs when he entered. Abdulla told them to be as they were, then stripped and grasped Alex's loincloth along with the huge cock hanging behind it, pulling Alex toward him. Alex undid the loincloth and let it fall to the floor. Telling Alex to sit on his cock, the Sheikh sat on the edge of the bed, his already hard cock standing firmly against his sculpted abs. Alex came over to him, scooped a handful of lube from a night table and lubed his man hole and the Sheikh's cock. Alex started to back onto the Sheikh's cock, but Abdulla told him to turn around and face him while sitting on his cock.

Alex obediently turned around and sat on the Sheikh's cock, stretching his hole around the beer can fat eight inch cock and let it slide into him until he could feel the Sheikh's balls against his butt. Alex's giant goose egg balls were pressed firmly against the Sheikh's six pack abs with all eleven inches of his cock wedged between his well rounded pecs, the cock head just below Abdulla's chin. The sensation of Alex's huge genitals pressed against his body got the Sheikh even more excited. Alex began to rise and fall as he rode the fat shaft inside his ass. As he rode the cock, his own cock moved between the Sheikh's muscular pecs, bumping against the chin; the Sheikh began flexing his chest so the pecs would grip the shaft and milk the huge cock sliding between them. Alex started a pleasurable moan as his hole and his cock were being worked by the Sheikh's muscular body. Alex began rhythmically tightening and loosening his sphincter while he rode the cock. The Sheikh began a muffled moaning with his face buried in Alex's big chest. He would suck Alex's nipples alternately and could tell Alex was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. The Sheikh was holding back his own orgasm, but his cock was swelling with the need to explode into Alex. Alex could feel his sphincter stretch as the Sheikh's cock expanded inside of him, the sensation drove him over the edge. Suddenly Alex noisily shot his giant load all over Abdulla's chin and neck, jet after jet of cum flowing from the Sheikh's neck all over his contest winning body. As he came, Alex's sphincter clamped itself tightly around Abdulla's cock, causing the Sheikh to groan loudly and unload his own large deposit of cum deep into Alex. Both of them made a lot of noise as they came together. The Sheikh wrapped his arms around Alex and held him tightly, smearing Alex's large load of cum over both of their bodies. He released Alex and both of them fell back on the bed.

Abdulla ordered Ken to lick every drop of cum from his and Alex's bodies. While Ken was busy cleaning them up, Abdulla ordered Bill to lube up and give the Sheikh's ass a good pounding. Bill obediently lubed his cock and the Sheikh's man hole, then lifted the Sheikh's legs and slid his nine inches deep into him. Abdulla's eyes rolled back in pleasure as Bill entered him. Meanwhile Ken was kneeling on the bed bent over Alex and the Sheikh's faces while he sucked up cum smeared all over their torsos. The Sheikh took one look at Ken's hard cock swinging over his face and sucked it into his mouth. The Sheikh was in hog heaven with a nine inch cock pounding his ass and another nine inches inside his mouth and throat with Ken licking on his cock as he cleaned it. Ken and Bill both came at the same time and the Sheikh got so excited he came again without touching himself. Ken quickly feasted on the new lake of hot cum as it formed on the Sheikh's body. Abdulla ordered Ken to suck the load of cum out of Alex's ass and ordered Bill to suck his own load of cum out of the Sheikh's ass. Both of them went to work cleaning out the two fuck holes; the Sheikh kissing Alex passionately as both of them felt lips surround their man holes and all the fuck juices were being licked and sucked out. No cum would run out of a hole tonight. All four of them got into the bed, wrapped their arms around one another and fell into an exhausted sleep.


When they woke up, the plane was a couple of hours from Washington, DC. Abdulla ordered a hearty breakfast for the four of them. While they ate he explained that he would be leaving for the conference once they landed. They were to stay on board the plane until after he had left; Nassir would get them safely to the hotel. He said "Don't worry, the Secret Service will take good care of my security away from the hotel, but you will take over security duties and be my bodyguards whenever I'm in the hotel." "Yes, Sir, we understand but still worry about your safety." they responded. Abdulla loved his "sons" and gave each of them a big hug, assuring them he'd be OK. Besides, he would be seeing them every night. That seemed to satisfy the three of them. He told them he needed to change into traditional clothing for his arrival in Washington and to wait outside the bedroom. A short time later Abdulla appeared wearing a long white robe, headscarf and gold headband (dishdash, kaffiyeh and agal) looking very official and more formally dressed.

Once on the ground, a large limousine pulled up to the plane and Abdulla was officially greeted at the foot of the plane's stairway by conference representatives. As the car pulled away, Nassir told them where they would find casual clothes and to get dressed. Once dressed, they all disembarked to a Land Rover waiting at the foot of the plane's stairs. Luggage was already sitting on the tarmac by the car; they loaded the luggage in the vehicle. Next, Nassir took them to passport control. On the way he reminded them they are Arabian citizens and if asked, to say they are the Sheikh's personal assistants and gym trainers. They easily cleared passport control. Then Nassir drove them to the hotel where check in went smoothly and they were in their room in no time. Nassir ordered that unless they were told to do so they were not to leave their suite under any circumstance, that his room was just down the hall and if they needed him to come to their room, he could get there quickly. He gave them his room number, telling them to call him if they needed anything, adding that meals would be delivered to their room. He would take care of their needs until the Sheikh returned.

Once the Sheikh returned, he met with Nassir immediately. Nassir told him how smoothly the three slaves had been admitted to the country. If any of their passports had been flagged they would have been stopped at passport control. He told the Sheikh his technical staff had created new digital identities for them that were almost impossible to prove false. To minimize risk, he would be keeping them out of public view as much as possible. Wearing their dark glasses and newsboy caps in public would help make it difficult to recognize them. His only worry was an old friend or family member recognizing them on the street or inside a building. Abdulla's experience with the Army sergeant greatly reduced any anxiety about the slaves' reaction should any of them be recognized. The Sheikh told him he thought Nassir had done as much as possible and to keep appearances as normal as he could; Nassir assured him he would and excused himself. The Sheikh then invited his toys to join him for the night.

The next day the conference had a half day schedule and Abdulla returned early. He changed into jeans and a fitted t-shirt and told the three of them he needed to go to the gym. They gathered their gym gear and followed the Sheikh down to the Land Rover. Nassir drove them to a nearby Gold's Gym where the desk clerk recognized Abdulla from photos of the Mr. Universe contest. The Sheikh introduced the three hulking slaves as his training partners. They changed and walked into the gym. Jaws dropped as the four of them walked onto the gym floor. It was not unusual to see one big bodybuilder working out with a partner, but four huge muscle guys working out together was a surprise. Especially since all of them were showing a very generous bulge in their spandex gym gear. Alex's bulge seemed to attract a lot of attention. The Sheikh told all three of them they were not to engage any gym member other than for polite conversation. They had a good workout that left all of them tired and very sweaty.

A long, hot shower helped get them back to feeling presentable again. A number of other guys managed to make it a point to be in the shower room at the same time. The Sheikh liked the notoriety, but his three charges didn't seem to take notice. Very few guys in the shower room had ever seen four very well hung bodybuilders all in one place. Even though all four of them were well hung, nearly every eye was focused on Alex's cock. One of the nicely muscled guys asked if they were new members. The Sheikh told him they were only visiting Washington on business. The Sheikh and the guy continued talking and the guy indicated two of his muscular friends as workout buddies. Abdulla candidly said "I couldn't help noticing you guys staring at our crotches. Would you like a closer look?" One of the friends kept staring at Alex's cock to the point the Sheikh gave an approving nod to Alex. Alex looked at the guy and said "Go ahead, you can touch it." The guy cautiously reached out and held the giant cock in his hand. Alex got semi hard and watched as the guy's own cock got hard instantly. Watching that happen caused his friends to start getting hard. Abdulla suggested "Would the three of you like to join us for a drink?" They eagerly accepted. All of them left the shower room to get dressed.

While they were dressing it happened again. One of the gym members at a nearby locker asked "Alex?" Abdulla held his breath as Alex said to the member "Excuse me, do we know one another?" The guy answered "We were in the Army together." Alex calmly said "I'm Arabian and have never served in the US Army. I think you're mistaken." The guy said "OK. But you sure are a dead ringer for someone I used to serve with in the Army." Alex responded "Sorry to disappoint." Abdulla let out his breath. Alex continued dressing, having absolutely no memory of his buddy or his Army service. Later, Abdulla reported this to Nassir who was also greatly relieved to hear Alex's response.


Abdulla dressed casually in a fitted t-shirt and designer jeans while his three slaves all dressed in light colored spandex t-shirts, tight fitting designer jeans and their trademark black newsboy caps with dark glasses. All three slaves appeared big and intimidating with their clothes straining to contain their muscular bodies. As they walked out carrying their gym bags, Nassir opened the door to the waiting Land Rover. Abdulla told Nassir they would be joining the gym members for cocktails and that he would call when they were ready to return to the hotel. They put their gym bags into the Land Rover and walked with the other three to a nearby gay bar. On the way the Sheikh let the others walk ahead while he whispered to the slaves he would allow them freedom to relax and enjoy themselves but reminded them he would still be in charge. They thanked him for his generosity.

At the bar, they joined their three new friends already standing at the bar. Abdulla started the conversation with "We didn't get to introduce ourselves. My name is Sheikh Abdulla and these guys are Alex, Bill and Ken, my bodyguards and personal assistants." The guys from the gym introduced themselves as Jim, Larry and Don. They ordered drinks and found an area with cocktail tables where they could sit and talk. The Sheikh asked what they did for a living. Jim said he was a construction worker; both Larry and Don worked at another gym as personal trainers. Larry asked Abdulla "You're a Sheikh?" Abdulla answered "Yes. I rule a small principality in Arabia. I'm here attending a diplomatic conference and will be leaving for home late tomorrow." Don said "Do you guys live near him?" Ken responded "Yes, our work requires us to be close to our Sheikh at all times. We share an apartment adjacent to his inside the palace." Don said "You live in a palace?" Ken answered "Yup." "Wow" was Don's response. He then asked "So, what does a bodyguard do?" Bill answered this question "We pretty much do what the job name implies; in addition, as personal assistants we help dress him and attend to all of his personal needs. We also are his training partners, working with him to maintain his competition body. Beyond that we have to be experts in hand to hand combat as well as expert defensive drivers; each of us is capable of taking over for his driver in an emergency. We protect him at all times, even when he travels." The Sheikh added "When we first got here they were concerned that the Secret Service seemed to be taking over their jobs, but a compromise was worked out. The Secret Service agreed to provide protection whenever I am away from the hotel, so don't be surprised if you see them hanging around." Jim said "I can see why you all look so intimidating." Alex said "If anyone wants to harm the Sheikh, they have to get through us first." They finished their drinks and Abdulla suggested they go to the hotel. He called for the car. Nassir was waiting at the curb with the Land Rover. Abdulla introduced his security chief, adding that Nassir had insisted on being the driver to better provide security while in Washington. They all piled into the Land Rover for the trip to the hotel.

In the hotel suite the Sheikh started things off by quickly stripping. Everyone else soon had their clothing in piles on the floor. Jim took one look at the Sheikh's beer can fat cock and asked if he could back onto it. Abdulla sat down, grabbed the lube and greased up his cock. Jim walked over, rubbed some lube on his hole and sat down on the cock, facing the room with a pleasurable grin on his face. Jim motioned for Alex to come over and then swallowed all of Alex's cock. Alex got hard, his cock growing to its full 11½ inches as it lengthened its way down Jim's throat. Jim began swallowing, using his throat to massage Alex's cock. At the same time Jim timed his swallowing with contractions of his sphincter. Both Alex and the Sheikh began making pleasurable noises. Bill and Ken got hard watching the sight; Larry and Don hungrily knelt down and started sucking their nine inch cocks. Ken and Bill pulled their dicks out of their mouths and lay down on the floor. Larry and Don thought it would be two 69 blow jobs, but instead were formed into a small circle with each of the four cocks finding a mouth and being vigorously sucked while all of them made muffled moaning noises. Shortly, Bill and Ken shot their load into those eager mouths, followed shortly by Don and then Larry emptying their balls into their suckers. Watching this got Abdulla really hot, making him shoot his load deep into Jim's ass. Simultaneously Alex pumped a giant load down Jim's throat. Jim could feel Alex's cock spasm as it shot cannon balls of cum into his gut; the sensation causing him to moan and shoot his own load. Alex quickly caught the load of cum in his hand and eagerly lapped it up. All seven of them had so sit for a while to recover.

The three guests began to gather up their clothing to leave when Abdulla suddenly said "I'm still horny. How about another go around before you leave?" The piles of clothing were quickly dropped. Abdulla said "Alex, I need your cock inside me." "Right away, Sir" he answered. The Sheikh indicated he wanted Alex to lie on the floor. Alex lay down as his cock rose to its full 11½ inches. The Sheikh lubed his hole and sat on Alex's gigantic cock slowly sliding down its entire length until Alex's goose egg balls were pressing against his butt cheeks and his own hard and fat cock was laying on Alex's abs. The Sheikh began using his sphincter the way Ken had taught him, making his butthole look like it was sucking on the huge cock inside him. The sight of this got all the others hard and ready for action. Ken and Bill each lay on their backs, flat on the floor next to Alex and the Sheikh, positioned so that their crotches were touching, their large ball sacks pressed against one another and their nine inch dicks were standing straight up like one fat double wide cock. Bill grabbed the lube and greased their cocks, indicating to Don they wanted him to come over. Bill rubbed lube into and around Don's hole while probing inside until he could get three fingers and his thumb into the hole. He then moved Don over their cocks and had him sit on them, letting him slowly slide both cocks up his butthole. Don winced a bit as the two cocks stretched his hole wide, but his eyes rolling up into his head gave away the obvious pleasure he felt as the cocks burrowed their way deep into his body. Ken beckoned Jim and Larry over and had each one of them sit on one of their muscular chests so Ken and Bill could each suck a cock while they fucked Don. Pretty soon all seven of them were moaning and groaning as cocks and buttholes were being intensely pleasured. Bill and Ken were moving their hips in unison as they thrust in and out of Don's hole. Both also put their cock sucking talent to good use and were quickly rewarded with mouthfuls of cum as Jim and Larry came very loudly and almost simultaneously. The mouthfuls of cum, the feel of their cocks sliding against one another and the tightness of Don's ass brought Ken and Bill to their own climax, loudly shooting their large loads of cum all at once deep into Don. Don shot his own load as he felt the huge amount of hot cum pumping into him. Bill caught Don's load in his hand and slurped up every bit of it. Don slumped forward and let the double cocks pop out of his ass. Ken immediately grabbed Don by the hips and brought Don's ass hole down over his mouth. Don hummed with pleasure as Ken sucked every drop of cum out of his hole and ran his tongue around inside to make sure there was nothing left over. Watching this, Abdulla shot his load all over Alex's chest, his sphincter clamping hard on Alex's cock, making Alex groan and unload into the Sheikh. Bill quickly scooped the Sheikh's load of cum from Alex's body and lapped it up. Alex lifted the Sheikh off his cock and turned him around, then sucked out the entire load he had just deposited in the Sheikh's ass. Abdulla sighed in pleasure as Alex cleaned out his hole.

All seven of them were exhausted by now and needed a while to recover. Abdulla called room service and had protein shakes sent up for all of them. The protein shakes arrived in only a few minutes and really helped all of them recover. Abdulla looked at the three guests from the gym and thanked them for an evening of fun and enjoyment. He called Nassir and asked him to take the guys back to their vehicles and take care of their parking expense and any parking citations. Everyone got dressed and Nassir left with the guests. Alone with his slaves, Abdulla realized they had never given any hint that they were slaves, only that they were loyal employees. He turned and told them how very proud of them he was and that he would express his gratitude once they got home. Ken said "Sir, we just want to serve and pleasure you; we only did what you asked." The Sheikh responded "But you did it so well. I'm very pleased and proud." The three slaves lowered their eyes in thanks and respect. Abdulla gave all of them a fatherly hug.

The next day Nassir had the three slaves pack for the trip home. The three of them loaded up the car and Nassir drove to the airport, got them through airport security and onto the Sheikh's jet. Later the Sheikh's limousine dropped him off at the plane. He thanked his host as well as the driver and his Secret Security escorts before boarding the jet.

The fourteen hour flight home was relatively quiet. Abdulla gathered his slaves into the plane's bedroom with him and they all fell into an exhausted sleep for most of the flight. They awoke almost twelve hours into the flight feeling rested and starving. The plane crew served a big breakfast and by the time they had finished eating, they were close to home. A short time later they had landed and were back in the palace.

A New Toy

A few weeks later Nassir told Abdulla that the training school where the three Ranger slaves had been trained was having another slave auction. Abdulla went on line to peruse the new slave catalog and was very impressed by the quality of the slaves being offered. Most of the slaves in the catalog were captured military men who had been thoroughly trained to be talented sex slaves. One of the slaves being offered attracted the Sheikh's interest. Good looking, dark haired, tightly sculpted slender body, eight inch fat cock with generous sized balls, very round butt, he was a 19 year old captured US Marine. Abdulla thought he was a gorgeous young man.

The Sheikh summoned his three slaves and showed them the slave's catalog photo. As the three looked at the computer screen, Abdulla asked "Give me your opinion of him." His slaves looked more carefully at the screen and each of them replied "Very good looking." The Sheikh could tell they liked him when he saw them all get semi hard as they looked at the naked boy's photo. Abdulla said to them "When we were in Washington I said I would express my thanks for making me so proud of you. To reward you and show my gratitude, I am going to buy this slave and give him to the three of you as your own personal sex toy." All of them looked astonished. Alex said "But Sir, you already have us as sex toys." The Sheikh responded "You are not being replaced. You will continue being my toys, but he will be your toy; I won't have sex with him unless you ask me to. He should add a bit of variety to your every day sex lives." Alex blurted out "But....." "No buts, I am giving him to you and expect you to treat him as well as I have treated you. Can you promise me that?" asked the Sheikh. All three looked at one another and smiled. Ken said "Thank you, Sir. We promise we'll take good care of him."

Abdulla contacted the slaver and negotiated the sale of the young Marine slave. The slaver was very reluctant to sell the slave separately, rather than at auction. The Sheikh was used to getting what he wanted and paid a significant premium to purchase him before the auction. He told the slaver he would pick up the slave the next day. The Sheikh had the Ranger slaves brought to him and told them they will accompany Nassir when he goes to pick up their new toy. Early the next morning, Nassir took the three slaves to the 737 for the flight to the Afghan training camp. Once on the ground, he ordered them to wait in the bedroom until he returned. As Nassir left the plane, the Ranger slaves excitedly watched at the windows while Nassir met the slaver's representative and was driven away. After a while, Nassir came back from the slave auction house escorting a young man wearing a robe. Once they were airborne, Nassir had the young Marine remove his robe and brought him to the bedroom. As he opened the bedroom door, Nassir said "This young man is Andy, your new sex toy. Introduce yourselves." Nassir left and closed the door.

The young Marine was surprised to see the three muscle bound slaves in the room and appeared to be a bit startled and intimidated by their imposing bodies. The three of them looked over this young man with his chiseled body; not bulky, but more like a super swimmer's body that had been carved from marble. He had very well defined pecs, nicely developed traps, well muscled arms and washboard abs. He also had a very handsome face. His loincloth was pushed out in front by what had to be nicely sized genitals. Realizing this young man was their personal slave; Alex turned to Ken and Bill and said to them "This is awkward."

He continued "Andy, I'm Alex, this is Ken and this is Bill. We are your new masters." Andy immediately assumed the display position with his eyes down, looking at the floor and said "Yes, Master." Alex said to him "I'm going to give you the same instructions the Sheikh gave us. Please don't use the display position. Just stand straight with your hands behind your back. Also, look us in the eye when we speak to you. Even though we may be your masters, say Sir instead of Master. This same rule applies when you are in the presence of or speaking to the Sheikh." Andy changed his posture, standing with his hands behind his back, looked Alex in the eye and said "Yes Sir." "Thank you" Alex said, "How tall are you?" The young man answered "Six feet, Sir." Alex nodded in approval.

Bill went over to Andy and removed the young man's loin cloth, saying "Let's see what we have here." He slowly turned the boy all the way around, finally cupping his hand under the boy's huge, weighty balls. "Nice big balls. They must make a lot of cum." he said. Andy responded "They do, Sir." Bill called Ken and Alex over to do their own inspection. Alex fondled his butt and stroked his butthole gently probing the hole with his fingers as it relaxed. Andy made a soft humming moan. Ken stroked Andy's cock to a full erection. All of them looked in surprise as the cock grew to its full eight inches and fattened until the shaft was all of three inches wide, twice as wide as the cockhead. Ken said "Impressive. Your cock is fatter than the Sheikh's cock. The Sheikh's is pretty fat, about beer can size, though." Alex asked "Can you take big cocks up your ass?" Andy responded "Yes, Sir." Alex dropped his loincloth and Andy gulped at the sight of Alex's pendulous genitals. Alex took Andy's hand and gently wrapped the hand around his giant cock asking Andy to stroke it. Andy's stroking got Alex fully hard in almost no time. Andy's eyes bulged as he watched the giant erection growing in his hand. Alex asked "Can you take my cock up your ass?" Andy licked his lips and said "Yes, Sir. And down my throat, too." Andy's next eye-opener came immediately as both Bill and Ken dropped their loincloths, proudly displaying their nine inch erections and large balls. Andy started to ooze pre cum juices at the sight.

Alex pushed Andy to his knees; Andy opened his mouth and took in Alex's cock sucking eagerly on the head and shaft. As he sucked, Alex slowly pushed his cock further into Andy's mouth. Andy suddenly swallowed, gulping down the entire length of Alex's 11½" cock, his lips were pressed against Alex's torso and his throat could be seen massaging the huge shaft. As his throat worked Alex's cock, he cupped Alex's goose egg sized balls in his hands, gently stroking and fondling the big ball sack. Alex let out several loud grunting moans, his cock swelling in Andy's throat, his balls drawing up towards his body, finally exploding with stream after stream of hot thick cum down Andy's throat and into his gut. Andy moaned in pleasure as the huge dick pumped and throbbed in his throat. When Alex' cock stopped its spasms, Andy let the cock slowly withdraw from his throat, cleaning all cum from the organ as it slipped out of his mouth. Alex whimpered a few times as Andy ran his tongue all over the now sensitive cockhead cleaning away any cum. Alex then looked down at him saying "Man, you have talent. We're going to enjoy having you to play with."

By now, Andy had pre cum fluids freely running out of his cock. Ken couldn't take it any longer and grabbed the lube, greasing his hole and Andy's fat cock. Ken pushed Andy down on the bed, straddled his waist and slowly sat on Andy's fat cock. Ken's eyes rolled up as the fat cock stretched his hole really wide, causing Ken to utter a long "Ahhhhh." Ken paused a moment to let his sphincter fully relax, then began riding the cock, rising and sitting with a satisfied look on his face while his nine inch erection slapped against Andy's abs. Andy was staring at Bill's fat nine inch erection and Bill climbed onto the bed and let Andy lick his cockhead. Andy started sucking, but stopped when Ken suddenly shot his load all over Andy's chest, his hole clamped itself firmly around Andy's cock, bringing Andy to a noisy orgasm. Ken used his hand to scoop cum from Andy's chest and made Andy lick all of it off his hand. Andy's massive balls had pumped as much cum inside Ken as Alex would normally shoot; his cum was running out around Ken's butthole. Ken raised off of Andy's cock, the cock making a slurping noise as it slipped out of Ken's ass.

Bill couldn't stand watching anymore and grabbed the lube, greased up Andy's man hole, picked up Andy and turned him over to a kneeling doggy-style position and slid his nine inches of fat cock into Andy's relaxed fuck hole. Andy let out a groan as Bill's muscular arms grasped his hips, held him tightly and began to vigorously fuck his ass. Andy's round, tightly muscled bubble butt and tight hole got Bill so hot that it was only a short time before he shoved the full length of his nine inch cock into Andy and had his own loud orgasm, filling Andy deep inside with a large load of cum. Ken turned his ass to Andy's face and ordered him to suck his own cum out of his ass. Ken made pleasurable noises while Andy's tongue licked in and around his hole, cleaning out every drop of cum. Bill pulled out of Andy and Alex got down between Andy's legs, spread Andy's butt cheeks and began sucking Bill's cum out of Andy's ass. This caused Andy to moan and writhe, moving his butt around, making it available for Alex's tongue to lick everywhere it wanted to go. Once everyone had been cleaned of cum, the four of them fell onto the bed wrapping their arms around one another while they recovered from all the activity.

After they had rested, they donned their loincloths and the Ranger slaves started explaining things to Andy. They told him that they were slaves owned by the same Sheikh that had bought Andy and that Andy was purchased to be their own personal sex toy. Andy asked "Sirs, how can you have your own slave?" Alex explained the situation further. While the three of them were Andy's masters, the Sheikh owned all of them and was their overall master and owner. Alex continued "You will live with us in our chambers and will make yourself available to us any time we need you. You are to wear a loin cloth like the ones all of us are wearing now when you are in our chambers. The Sheikh will provide suitable clothing for you any time you have to be outside the chambers."

Andy asked what the Sheikh was like. Alex told him that the Sheikh was in his mid twenties, very handsome and a very muscular professional bodybuilder, mentioning his second place win at the recent Mr. Universe contest. He added that the Sheikh was responsible for training them and helped them develop their large bodies; Andy would be joining their workouts at the Sheikh's private gym. Andy said that he had never been able to add bulk, instead getting only slightly bigger and much more defined. Alex said he wasn't expected to get as big as them; he only needed to keep his body in top condition. Andy was satisfied to hear that. He then told Andy that Sheikh Abdulla was very kind and benevolent, describing how he had rewarded their loyalty by making them his bodyguards and by purchasing Andy for them. He told Andy he would like living in the palace. Andy expressed surprise at being told he would live in a palace.

Responding to the silence in the back of the plane, Nassir opened the door and asked if anyone was hungry. They all said they were starving. Nassir had the crew bring in a hearty meal, which was gobbled up almost as fast as it was served. The four slaves fell back on the bed and slept soundly until the plane landed.

Home Again

A few hours later and back in the palace, Abdulla came into their quarters. All four slaves stood as he entered. The Sheikh told them to relax and looked at Andy. "I am Sheikh Abdulla. I understand your name is Andy." "Yes, Sir." said Andy. The Sheikh said "You are much better looking in person than in your photos. Welcome to my home." Andy answered, "Thank you, Sir." Abdulla turned to the other three and asked if they thought he had made a good purchase. All three chorused "Yes, Sir." Alex added "Absolutely." The Sheikh reminded them to take good care of their new charge; they assured him they would. He then asked the three of them if Andy would be joining them at the gym. The Ranger slaves told him that he would be working out with all of them.

The Sheikh's gift to the three Ranger slaves further strengthened all existing bonds that had been so well established. Andy proved to be quite a joy in the lives of the Ranger slaves and yet did not impede any of their sexual responsibilities to the Sheikh. Over the months, the three also bonded with Andy, growing to love him like a son and eventually invited him to join them with the Sheikh. Abdulla was pleased with the show of trust by his three Ranger toys when they began including Andy in the sex play. The Sheikh still thought Andy was gorgeous and became very fond of Andy, taking advantage of his incredible sexual talents. With his fondness for getting fucked, Abdulla loved having his hole stretched wide by either Alex's or Andy's fat dick, making Andy a fine addition to his collection of toys.

Andy had been right when he said workouts didn't add bulk to his body. His body responded to the gym training by getting slightly bigger, but extremely more sculpted. His body looked more and more like one of those bronze statues of a Roman god. Months later they were very pleased at the Sheikh's show of trust in Andy when Abdulla permitted them to take Andy along whenever he traveled. Andy turned out to be a great travel companion. The Sheikh promoted him to a permanent position as his personal valet. Andy was provided with travel clothing: hat, glasses, suit and tie identical to the Ranger slaves, only his suits were a medium grey color instead of black. Andy's new suits were a great compliment to his tightly muscled body, making him look very sexy and even more handsome. When the suits were paired with his hat and glasses he gave the appearance of a hunky mystery man. Sheikh Abdulla loved the look.

The Ranger slaves and Andy settled into a palace life that never bored them and kept them busy with a variety of daily activities. Their relationship to Sheikh Abdulla is best described in the words of Frederick Douglass "They were as true as steel, and no band of brothers could have been more loving."


For Sheikh Abdulla, life continued as usual for an Arab ruler. He governed his principality firmly and fairly, actively participating in the control of his region. His principality ran smoothly and was financially secure.

His thoughts would frequently dwell upon the history and legends of his ancestor Prince Asim. Famous among the princes for creating a legacy of male harems, his memory is cherished by all of the royal princes. In the years since Prince Asim's time, the royal families had divested themselves of their slave procuring, any training activities and facilities, turning those responsibilities over to slavers in more remote areas of Islamic countries. These slavers assumed the more sordid aspects of abducting, training and trafficking in men and boys, keeping human trafficking out of the public eye and yet having its end product readily available to the royal princes. Constant strife in the Islamic countries had provided slavers with an endless supply of good looking "combat fit" foreign and domestic soldiers for the male slave trade. Foreign travel in recent years has brought vacationing young men and college athletes into the area. Slavers have been abducting men from this group also, adding a bit of variety to the steady supply of military men. A regular flow of talented sex slaves is always to be had from the slavers and their training schools; slaves who have been stripped of all past life memories and reprogrammed from straight men to gay male sex slaves. Male harems are easily maintained throughout the Islamic world with no shortage of supply.

Abdulla's recent experience in Washington DC had convinced him that he could freely travel with his personal slaves, confident he didn't have to worry about them being exposed as abducted soldiers. He smiled at the thought that their slave training had turned all four of them from big strapping straight soldiers into talented and versatile gay sex slaves. He was most happy with their unquestioned loyalty and dedication to him. He, in turn, was as fond of them as though they were his sons; they are like family to him. He was very pleased with the slave training facility for supplying him with such high quality and well trained personal slaves. He made a mental note that the next time his harem needed replacements or additions he would consider buying from the same slaver before any other.

The four slaves have furnished him with three formidable bodyguards who are excellent training partners, a strikingly handsome valet and the best sex toys anyone could ask for.

He was one happy man.


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