"1682 has been a good year." Prince Asim thought while standing at the window. His thoughts continued "My warehouses have been kept well stocked and my harem currently needs only a few more items to be completely filled." He watched as a pirate ship led two captive square sailed ships into the Arabian harbor and to the docks. He turned to Basil, his chief advisor, and told him "Get down there quickly before they sell off the best plunder from those captured ships." Basil left hurriedly, taking several servants with him.

The Prince

Prince Asim was a young man, good looking 25 years old, the third eldest son of the king and lived royally. He was very muscular and well hung having a large pendulous eleven inch cock and an equally pendulous ball sack. He also had an exclusive desire for male slaves; the youngest of which had to be at least 17 years old as long as he had very large fully matured genitals. All of his slaves had to be very masculine and well hung with a tight, nicely muscled body and no effeminate behavior, appearance, or speech. Female slaves were never purchased for his household. Asim's large balls produced enough testosterone to keep him very sexually active; he needed sex several times a day. He enjoyed the company and sexual pleasures of his male harem and had sex with his slaves four or more times a day. He kept the harem well stocked with good looking and just plain sexy male slaves. He freed slaves once they became too old for his tastes or had become over used and no longer satisfied his sexual needs. He kept the handsome slaves as personal courtesans, while the sexy looking majority was kept strictly for sex. Between sexual encounters, the slaves lived a very good life in the harem, with physical and medical care provided as well as good food, drink and luxury surroundings. He was a benevolent slave owner and took good care of his harem full of slaves; proof that the slaves lived a good life in his harem was made obvious by virtually no attempts at escape.

Prince Asim enjoyed sexually dominating his slaves using pillories and stocks to restrain the slaves into various sexual positions as long as it didn't damage any of them. He wanted all of his slaves to be unblemished with no bruises, cuts or scars. He also designed many of his wooden restraint devices, creating designs which held his sex slaves in submissive positions that made every hole in their body available for sex. He would create modifications to other stocks and pillory designs to satisfy his sexual needs. One favorite thing was being able to walk along a lineup of restrained slaves and plunge his large cock into any hole that caught his fancy. His sexual likings were many and he indulged as many as he could. Fucking was his favorite, whether it was fucking ass or fucking a mouth. He loved blow jobs and had all of his slaves trained to be very talented cock suckers. House guests all thought his slaves gave the best blow jobs in the kingdom.

Since his slaves were all well hung, they tended to cum big loads. The prince enjoyed sucking them off and had developed quite a liking for the taste of cum; a taste he strongly encouraged his slaves to acquire. To instill this taste among his slaves, he would force them during sex sessions to wear condoms made from lamb intestines; the contents drained after the sex session and fed to the slaves, but only after Prince Asim drank some first. He felt his slaves should all drink cum and made them drink his and one another's cum. At the end of a sex session, he would enjoy watching as the first few slaves loosed from the stocks would be forced to suck all cum dripping out of every other slave's man hole before those slaves could be released. When not gagged, his slaves mouths were held wide open by mouth spreaders strapped around their head; he would force them to drink cum that he'd shoot into their open mouth or he would have all the loads collected from condoms at sex sessions emptied into bowls and then poured into their mouths. He also enjoyed picking out one sex slave and forcing his huge cock into the slave's mouth to face fuck the him until he had cum a big load in the slave's mouth, making sure the slave swallowed all of it.

Slave Market

Basil and the servants arrived at the docks just as the last captured men were being led from the ships to the slave auction site. It was an interesting group of captive men that included prisoners taken during pirate raids all of whom had been kidnapped and forced onto ships to be sold as slaves along with captured cargos of African slaves and crews from the captured ships. The two captured ships, their crews, cargos of merchandise and slaves were all to be sold for profit. At the slave market, the auctioneer saw the delegation from Prince Asim arrive and sent his men to move the "bull animals" into a separate pen in back. The auctioneer intended to provide Basil with a private viewing so he could examine and select slaves before anyone else. Prince Asim's buyers made frequent trips to the slave market to supplement the harem population and to replace freed slaves. The prince always paid handsomely for his slaves. Today Basil told the auctioneer that the prince needed sex slaves and courtesans. Basil had a low opinion of the auctioneer because of his way of referring to slaves as animals or livestock, rather than slaves. Basil hid any dislike due to the excellent quality of the men this auctioneer always offered for sale. The auctioneer knew that courtesans needed to be exceptionally good looking from head to toe, while the sex slaves just had to look masculine, fit and sexy. Basil was invited into the separate pen in back for his private viewing and selection of the "bull animals" before anyone else had a chance to bid on them at auction. Basil could choose as many as he wished for Prince Asim to evaluate and make a purchase decision.

Basil and his assistants were led to the pen where the male slaves had been placed, bound and ready for Basil to view. Basil walked among the bound men indicating the ones he wanted to inspect more closely. The auctioneer asked Basil to enjoy some refreshments in the front of his establishment while his people properly displayed the chosen bulls for inspection. The other slaves were taken away. When the auctioneer invited Basil to return, the slaves had been stripped naked and were standing in several rows, lined up spread eagle, their legs spread about four feet apart, their ankles tied to the next slave's ankles; the ankles at the ends of the each row tied to the wall. Each slave had his genitals dangling, ass cheeks spread, arms held high above his head with wrists tied by ropes to ceiling beams. Basil walked among the naked slaves looking carefully at their faces and bodies, indicating whether this one should be taken away or that one should stay in the pen. Rejects were quickly removed and the rows of men reformed. Basil then began a close inspection of the remaining men, checking their teeth and oral health, grasping limbs and torsos to verify strong muscles, cupping their balls in his hand to make sure the balls were large and heavy, stroking the cock of each slave to see how easily each of them could get an erection and to feel the hard cock's heft and girth, groping the butt cheeks for any flab and probing their butt hole with fingers to check its tightness. Most of the men did not pass this inspection and were taken away. Eight slaves remained that fit Basil's criteria. Now all he had to do was take them to the prince for approval and purchase. It was a well mixed grouping of African, Arab and white slaves. Basil told the auctioneer he would deliver payment the next day along with any slaves the prince wanted returned. Basil's assistants removed the slaves' ankle bindings, tied their hands behind their backs, gagged each slave and placed locked metal collars around their necks. Next they attached four foot chains to connect each slave neck to neck, forming a string of eight slaves. The eight slaves were led naked from the holding pen and down the street to a cart holding a barred cage where they were locked inside; a canvas cover was thrown over the cage for the trip to the prince's palace.

On reaching the palace, the slaves were led into the palace courtyard and lined up. Basil went inside the palace, returning shortly with the prince. The prince was bare-chested and wearing loose fitting semi sheer cotton pants that clearly showed his big cock and balls swinging back and forth as he walked toward the slaves. Asim closely inspected every new slave, running his hand over each well muscled body, cupping the genitals in his hands, fondling their round and firm muscle butts and fingering their buttholes. All this touching got his dick a bit hard, his cock pushing out the full outline of its fat eleven inch length against the front of his pants. More than one of the slaves got semi hard at the sight of the big cock pressed against the front of the prince's pants. This pleased Prince Asim. He told Basil he had chosen well and that he would purchase the entire lot. He then ordered Basil to have them prepared for their introduction to the harem. Prince Asim returned to the palace. Basil led the slaves off to be tattooed, cleaned up and to have the last of their personal manly identity removed; the hair on their head to be cropped short and all body hair shaved from the face down to their ankles. Every one of the prince's slaves wore an ownership mark; a small tattoo of the prince's personal crest on the inside of his left leg, just above the ankle. When a slave was freed, his ownership tattoo would be covered over by a circular black tattoo. Prince Asim did not believe in branding his slaves, as the brand made an ugly permanent mark on their body. He wanted his slaves' bodies to be hairless, smooth skinned and unscarred.

Harem Introduction

When cleaned up, shaved smooth and tattooed, the new slaves were led into an antechamber just outside the harem. Light weight wooden stocks were brought in, one for each slave. The stocks each measured about a foot high by four feet wide and had four openings, two at the center for hands and two outbound almost at the ends of the stocks to spread the legs wide and secure feet at the ankle. All eight slaves had their hands and feet secured in the stocks and the stocks were locked shut. They were left sitting on the floor slightly bent over with their legs spread and arms stretched straight out in front of them until Prince Asim arrived. The prince lifted each slave's head by the hair, looking into their face and carefully examining each slave. Then, turning to Basil, he pointed out three slaves he wanted for courtesans; Basil marked the three slaves with a spot of black ink on each of their backs. He then ordered the stocks to be turned over. Basil's servants turned the stocks and slaves over, placing the slaves face down on the floor with their asses up; their spread legs fully exposing their tightly puckered butt holes above dangling cocks and balls. The servants then rubbed a generous amount of goose grease into and around the exposed butt holes and placed a bowl on the floor beneath each slave's dangling cock.

Prince Asim, Basil and six of his servants stripped off their robes and trousers, all getting erections at the sight of the eight hard muscled butts raised up with tight holes on full display above well muscled bodies. They each took a slave and shoved their large hard cock firmly into the slave's butt hole. Eight cries of pain filled the room as eight cherries were lost; the cocks stretching every man hole wide while the thick cocks plunged balls deep into each slave. The cries slowly turned into whimpers when the slave's holes loosened as they got roughly fucked and everyone had shot a load into a slave. Prince Asim had his eye on a particularly fine black ass and told everyone to switch to a different slave as he moved to fuck that beautiful, round black ass. Everyone switched and the slaves were all fucked for a second time. The prince told everyone to switch for another fuck and each slave got a third load of cum deep in their ass. By then the prince and the other men were drained. Each slave's fuck hole was open with cum running out over their hanging balls and down their legs. Most of the slaves had cum once or twice into the bowls from all the prostate stimulation during the fucking. Basil's servants gathered up the bowls, pouring all collected cum into a single bowl. The slaves were then turned onto their backs, their legs and arms lifted up and over their heads until the stocks were resting on the floor above their heads. This raised their dripping holes well above the floor. Every slave's mouth was forced open and an equal share of their combined cum was poured into each of their mouths. They all gagged but were made to swallow every drop of it. Next, one of the slaves was released, his head held firmly while he was forced to lick any drips of cum off the floor and all cum from his neighbor's legs, balls, and butt crack until he reached the butt hole where he was forced to suck the cum out of the dripping hole and swallow all of it. The first released slave was then held down while his neighboring slave was released and forced to do the same to him. Both slaves were then made to clean up the remaining six slaves, their heads held firmly against each butt hole until every drop of cum had been sucked out of it and swallowed. Satisfied, the prince asked Basil and his crew to clean the slaves up and take them to the harem. He bid everyone good night and retired to the palace.


In the morning Prince Asim asked Basil to have the three new courtesans brought before him. Asim watched as the three very handsome, muscular and hung young slaves were brought in naked, each held by an enormous black harem guard. The prince told them they would be joining his personal courtesans after they were trained for harem life and would enjoy a more comfortable and privileged life than that of the sex slaves. He went on to explain courtesans were to attend to his every need, three courtesans serving the prince at his side at all times day and night in twelve hour shifts, each shift worked by a different group of three courtesans. First, though, these three must be identified as courtesans by being fitted with a small gold chain around the ankle and measured for clothing appropriate for a princely courtesan. Basil brought in the palace jeweler, who fitted a thin gold chain around each slave's ankle, fusing the open ends into a continuous chain. Then he brought in the palace tailor who measured each of them for custom made clothing. The outfits would be identical to those worn by the three courtesans currently attending the prince. These outfits consisted of a jacket and harem pants all made of a very sheer white linen material that was trimmed in gold brocade on a red backing. The cut of the jackets resembled those worn by Spanish bullfighters; an open front short doublet style fitting tight to the chest, extending only to the bottom of the rib cage with puffy sleeves gathered by trim at the wrist. Harem pants were classic full style, puffy from the trimmed low slung waistline on down to where they were gathered by trim at the ankle. The trimmed waistline was fitted low on the hips, just above the pubic area to show off the belly button, tight stomach and a bit of butt crack in the back where the material draped over and between very round butt cheeks. The material was sheer enough to clearly display the naked body underneath. Asim told the slaves their new clothes would be ready when they finished their training. Basil and the harem guards left the room with the slaves in tow.

The prince always had three good looking hunks sitting at his feet during the day and with him in his bed at night. Not long after Basil had left, Prince Asim asked the best looking of his daytime courtesans to come stand before him. Asim reached out and grasped the big cock he could see so clearly through the fabric. The slave got hard and was pulled by the cock close to Asim. Asim pulled the courtesan's pants down and began sucking his big cock, holding him tightly by the butt cheeks until the young man came in his mouth. Asim stood up and gave the slave an open mouth kiss, sharing his mouthful of cum with the courtesan. He made sure the slave swallowed his share. By now, Asim was hard and really horny. He ordered a second attendant to take off his pants, grease his ass and come over to him. Asim let his robe fall open so the slave could see his eleven inch hard on and his muscular body. The slave got an instant hard on at the sight. Asim picked the slave up by the waist and sat the slave on his cock facing him. The slave began to relax his hole. Asim felt the hole relaxing and pushed his cock up and into the courtesan, who gasped as the fat eleven inch cock slid deep into him. Asim was still holding the slave by the waist and began stroking his own cock with the slave's ass hole by lifting and lowering the courtesan's body, eventually putting the slave on the floor flat on his back and fucking him hard until he loudly shot his load into the slave. As Asim came, the slave shot his own load all over his muscular torso. Asim then ordered the third courtesan to suck his cock clean and when that was done to lick all cum off the other slave's body and suck every drop of cum out of his freshly fucked ass. As he worked cleaning Asim's huge cock the slave got hard. Once he began swallowing cum from the other slave's body and ass the prince heard him panting before an impending orgasm. The prince cupped his hand under the slave's cock and caught the slave's cum in his hand. When the slave finished sucking cum from the butt hole, the prince licked some of the creamy load he was holding and forced the slave to lap up his own cum out of the hand. Several more times throughout the day Asim would suck off the courtesans or have them suck his cock to climax or just sit on his cock. A few times he would have one courtesan suck on his balls while the other two each sucked on his nipples, the prince stroking his cock until he shot a large load of cum all over the back of the courtesan sucking his balls. The boy sucking his balls would be made to clean his cock, while the other two boys were made to lick up every bit of cum running down the slave's back.

At sunset, the three courtesans would be replaced by another three, who would spend the night with Prince Asim. After supper, the prince would enjoy one or two sexual escapades with his courtesans before retiring. The three courtesans joined him in bed where Asim made two of them lick and worship his cock while the third boy licked and sucked on his balls. Asim grabbed the head of one of the boys licking his cock and ordered him not to swallow. He forced the boy's head down on his cock just as he shot a huge load into the boy's mouth. He lifted the courtesan's head off his cock and gave the boy a big open mouth kiss, forcing the boy to share the mouthful of cum with him. The prince was now ready to sleep. He liked to sleep spooning with one courtesan at a time, sliding his large cock inside the boy's warm, moist ass. The warmth surrounding his cock would put him to sleep quickly with his long, soft cock staying inside the boy while he slept. Whenever he turned over during the night, the sensation of his cock slipping out of a hole would get him hard again and he would slip that hard cock into another boy, frequently cumming as he did so. In the morning he would pull his cock from a boy's hole and have the boy lick the cock clean before ordering all three of the boys to suck any remaining cum out of each other's ass holes while he watched. The courtesans would then be fed breakfast and exchanged for three daytime boys from the harem.

The Harem

Life in the harem kept a busy pace, watched closely by trusted guards for security. The guards were specially chosen from an African tribe that was noted for its huge ebony skinned men; all of whom stood around seven feet tall, broad shouldered, heavily sculpted muscular bodies and hung like horses. Every guard had been chosen and hired only after their preference for sex with men had been established. Their black as night horse cocks all measured about 9" soft and when hard averaged about 15" by 3" and more than 9" around, backed up by goose egg sized balls hanging low in a huge black ball sack. Their giant balls enabled them to shoot unusually large loads into their sex partners. They also were known to have particularly tasty cum. If their huge bodies didn't intimidate someone, the size of their genitals certainly would. They wore white turbans and white semi sheer linen harem pants in a classic full style, puffy from the trimmed low slung waistline and gathered at the ankle. They also wore a scabbard across their bare-chested torso that held a vicious looking curved sword at the waist. They were absolutely devoted to the prince and were very trusted servants. Although they were forbidden to do anything sexual with the prince's courtesans, they could use any of the sex slaves in the harem for their own sexual release. Asim used them to train new slaves how to suck cock, get fucked and get used to eating cum. Guards would fuck new slaves often, opening up their tight ass holes until the slaves were able to relax those holes around other big cocks in the household; sex slaves were frequently seen with their ass impaled on a guard's gigantic cock. Some of the slaves became favorites of various guards and developed quite a liking for large objects up their asses. Being fucked by the guard's horse cock so often left many a slave's ass hole large around with distended ass lips surrounding an exposed rosebud. Asim made these slaves available for fist fucking activities.

The harem was made up of two main chambers; one a luxurious silk and satin upholstered chamber housed the prince's courtesans while, the other was a plainer chamber housing the sex slaves. Sex slaves were kept naked at all times. Courtesans wore a sheer apron like wrap extending to the mid thigh and tied at the slave's right side. It wrapped around the hips and was made from the same white sheer linen as their harem outfits. The side where it was tied left a slit of exposed skin, while the sheer fabric provided a clear view of the courtesan's genitals and round butt. Other chambers in the harem housed anterooms for slave training, bathing facilities and an exercise area for indoor and outdoor fitness activities including a swimming pool. Daily schedules were arranged so that the courtesans and sex slaves had no contact with each other. Household servants took care of the slave's personal needs, providing food, clothing, body shaving and medical needs. The population of the harem was comprised of 30 to 50 personal courtesan slaves and over 100 sex slaves. The sex slaves were used to satisfy the prince's and the guards' more kinky sexual interests in addition to being used for sexual amusement at large parties, often hosted by the prince. Courtesan slaves were used by the prince for light bondage and more vanilla sexual activities. To keep all the slaves happy and well adjusted, they were allowed to have sex with one another, as long as there was no other sexual obligation such as being needed by the prince or as entertainment at one of the house parties. Compared to slaves of other owners, these slaves had a much better life and living conditions.

Daily life in the harem was a busy time with servants shaving slave bodies, fitness exercises to keep the slaves physically in shape and slaves having sex with guards and other slaves. There were no private areas for them to have sex, so men could always be seen having sex with one another anywhere in the harem. The sex slave harem was not as luxurious as the one for the courtesans, but was furnished with fine rugs, cushions and comfortable sleeping mats for everyone.

Sex Training

The guards kept a keen eye on the harem slaves and made sure misbehaving slaves were dealt with immediately. Misbehavior usually involved a slave causing bodily harm to another slave, insolence, disobedience, fighting, attacking a guard and similar offences. What proved to be a powerful incentive for the slaves' obedience and cooperation was the denial of sex. Punishment included having the slave's genitals encased for one or more days in a locked metal chastity cage with an attached thin metal extension through the slave's crotch covering his butt hole, denying entry. For more serious offenses the slave's genitals would be caged and he would be locked in a small metal holding cage about big enough to transport a large dog. His body kneeling with legs bent under his body, remaining in that position for the duration of the punishment, unable to move or touch his genitals. Other punishments included being suspended spread eagle on a wall or from the ceiling or being restrained in stocks or a pillory for a period of time. Guards were very talented in creative ways to confine a slave to stocks or pillories.

Whenever new slaves were purchased, all of them had to be "broken" to accept having sex with another man, just like a wild horse would be broken to accept a bridle, saddle and rider. Asim had charged the guards with the task of changing the slaves' behavior, making them sexually versatile and able to live with their new reality of a life restricted to having "man sex." Guards would determine the sexual preferences of each new slave. Slaves who preferred men were the easiest to break in, only requiring training to become sexually versatile. Slaves preferring women only or who just had no experience having sex with other men would take a lot longer to break in. New slaves were housed in antechambers outside of the general harem population until they were fully trained for a life of harem sex. There were two antechambers attached to the harem, one for sex slaves and one for courtesans. Each of them had had full view of their respective harem's interior. Harem guards were responsible for training the slaves to live a life filled with man sex only. After their harem introduction of forced sex in stocks, the slaves could be easily intimidated by the huge, black harem guards' naked bodies and gigantic genitals. They were especially intimidated when the guards looked at any of them with lust and started getting hard, their 15" by 3" cocks fully outlined in the front of their pants as the cocks pressed against the fabric. The slaves just knew one of their holes was going to get that giant black cock shoved into it. Guards could gauge a slave's progress as the slave got less and less intimidated by the sight of their gigantic erections. Throughout the day, guards would constantly rotate their guard duties with sex training duties. This made sure the slaves in training had sex once or twice an hour throughout the day. By nighttime the intense sexual activity would leave the slaves ready to drop from exhaustion. The guards would let them sleep, but not too long, waking them up early for the next full day of sex training.

Guards all loved breaking in these new stallions because the guards frequently got blow jobs and were able to fuck really tight holes, their giant cocks loosening up the holes for easy entry. Guards who liked to be fucked found that they only had to train the slaves in technique, as fucking came easily to the slaves. These slaves only had to be trained to prefer fucking a man's ass hole instead of a female pussy. All slaves were actively trained to be great cock suckers, guards teaching them how to take a big cock in their mouth and how to let that cock slide down their throat. Because the guards' goose egg sized balls made them shoot huge amounts of cum, the slaves had to learn to swallow large quantities of cum that would suddenly fill their mouth. This proved to be a somewhat easy lesson due to the good tasting cum the guards shot into their mouths. The guards would force the slaves to practice sucking off one another so they could get accustomed to the wide-ranging taste of cum. Asim had insisted that each slave must be able to swallow large quantities of cum no matter how that cum had been collected or whose cum it was. Various training activities could make a large quantity of cum available: sucking more than one cock, multiple loads collected in any kind of container and poured into their mouth, puddles or small lakes of cum licked off the floor, licking multiple loads of cum off of someone's body, or sucking one or more loads of cum out of a well fucked butt hole. Guards who got fucked loved having the slaves suck cum from their dripping holes. As Africans themselves, they particularly enjoyed the feeling when the full lips of an African slave surrounded their hole as the slave sucked out his own cum. Much gagging and choking occurred early in this phase of training with most of the slaves eventually developing quite a taste for cum, while the remainder grew to tolerate it without problem. All of them ended up being able to drink and swallow a lot of cum without wasting any of it.

Uncooperative slaves would be confined to a dog sized holding cage for several days with their genitals caged and a large wide metal butt plug shoved up their ass to keep their hole stretched, held in place by the genital cage's metal extension covering the base of the dildo. The holding cage held the slave in a kneeling bent over position that allowed the slave almost no movement. In addition to the holding cage, other slave confinement could include a special punishment pillory that was chair like and fitted with a big metal dildo affixed to the seat. The chair back was as high as a standing man's shoulder; the bench seat had a 12" by 3" metal dildo attached to the seat. A head strap would hold the slave's head in place against the seat back. Just below shoulder level were two openings in the chair back where the arms could be thrust down and through up to the armpit, then held in that position. Under either side of the seat in the chair back were two other holes which pinned legs at the ankles. A slave would be seated upright impaled on the dildo with his mouth gagged, his head strapped to the chair back, his arms thrust through the arm holes and tied behind the chair and his feet thrust through the holes under the seat, held in place at the ankle by a sliding panel on the back of the seat, pinning his legs. His genitals would be caged and he would remain impaled on the dildo with his arms and legs held behind him in the pillory for the length of his punishment. He would face the harem room and be able to watch other slaves having sex, while knowing he would have no sexual release while confined.

After confinement, the guards' would continue the sex training using their giant cocks to teach proper cock sucking, cum swallowing and how to relax while being fucked so the slaves could learn to tolerate and possibly enjoy it. Fucking the slaves would continue to stretch their holes for the remainder of their retraining. Prolonged reluctance to having sex with other men required repeated confinements and a lot more butt fucking by the guards. While confined, the holding cages and pillories gave the slave a clear view of other harem slaves enjoying all kinds of sex with one another. Watching the other slaves engage in all this sexual activity proved to be titillating enough that more and more they would find themselves getting sexually aroused at both the sight of and the thought of having sex with another man. Eventually these slaves would lose interest in their former sexual preference and develop an exclusive desire for and enjoyment of "man sex," maturing into willing providers of sex to other men. Guards would determine when slaves were fully retrained and promote them to the general population of the harem. Rarely, the guards would determine that a slave just couldn't be retrained; the slave would be returned to the slave market for sale to the general public. The same fate would fall to any slave committing a crime against the prince's household. Being taken to the slave market for sale to another owner practically guaranteed a life of punishing servitude.

The courtesan harem experienced similar problems to a minor degree. Having only about 30 slaves, the retraining problems were minor compared to those in the sex slave harem. However, the problems were handled the same way, producing the same results. Courtesans were very talented providers of sex and were as sexually talented as the sex slaves.

Play Time

Depending on his mood, Prince Asim would choose one of the harems for his daily sexual play time. He would watch as his slaves were ordered to have various kinds of sex with one another, joining in whenever he felt the mood.

Courtesan Play

The courtesans would be subjected to more gentle bondage to avoid bruising and unsightly marks. Sex between courtesans would be less extreme than between the sex slaves, but would still force the slaves to be bound and have gang bang style cock sucking and fucking sessions resulting in sweaty bodies and large quantities of cum being swallowed. One of Asim's favorite sex shows was to have a slave held in a leather covered pillory that was waist high, bent over at the waist with his head and hands held in the pillory. His legs would be forced a few feet apart and held in that position. A bowl would be placed under his face and a long, oval bowl would be hung from his waist, extending through his legs to catch anything that might drip from his cock or butt hole. Asim would stroke his cock as he excitedly watched the show, his cum shots swallowed by a slave sitting between his knees. Ten slaves would line up behind the slave to fuck his ass and another ten slaves would line up in front to face fuck him. The bound slave would be swallowing cum furiously, but after three of the slaves had deposited their loads into each end of his body, his mouth and hole would begin to squirt excess cum all over the next slave's cock and balls. As each slave finished his suck or fuck duty, the slave behind him would clean any cum residue from his genitals before doing his duty to fuck the bound slave. By the time all of them had finished, the bound slave would be full of cum from both ends, his mouth surrounded with smears of cum and filled with cum he was too full to swallow, his ass loose and open with cum running out and into the bowl under it. The bowl under his face held cum that had squirted from his mouth, while the bowl hanging from his waist now contained a mixture of the slave's own cum shots mixed with the excess cum that plunging cocks had forced out of his ass. Asim would pour the two bowls together and satisfy his own thirst for cum by drinking all cum from the combined bowls and then sucking his fill of cum from the slave's fuck hole before choosing another slave to finish sucking the remaining cum from the hole and crotch. He would then have the slave released, lick all cum smears off his face and give him a big open mouth kiss, sharing cum the slave had been unable to swallow. Asim would walk away happy and satisfied with a belly full of cum from his beautiful courtesans. This is only one example of the sex shows Asim would enjoy in the courtesan harem.

Sex Slave Play

Sex slaves were forced to satisfy Asim's more prurient sexual fantasies of the day. Like his courtesans, Asim liked his sex slaves unmarked and unscarred. He didn't mind them getting uncomfortable or experiencing discomfort or a bit of pain as long as the slave remained undamaged. Butt holes were for rimming, fucking, inserting fingers, fists, dildo like objects and for depositing many loads of cum. Mouths were for fucking, sucking, targets for cum shots and a place to get rid of large quantities of collected cum. Since Asim preferred fucking, he most often would bind or restrain his sex slaves in positions that totally exposed their butt hole for sex play. Asim also enjoyed watching his slaves get fucked, either by one another or by the guards. All of his sex slaves were hung big and Asim got great enjoyment playing with his slaves' large genitals; sucking, edging and milking their cocks, swallowing their big loads, fondling, licking and sucking on their balls. Asim had discovered that most of his restraints also made the genitals readily accessible for playing. He got a lot of pleasure out of fondling, nuzzling, licking, sucking, rimming and having his face buried in a slave's crotch.

Restraints were not limited to pillories and stocks, but included wooden posts, wooden crossbars for the posts, X-shaped wooden crosses used vertically and horizontally, being suspended by ropes from the ceiling and being strapped or cuffed to the walls, being restrained on benches and beds of various designs and various forms of free standing bondage. Asim would let the guards join him in his sexual entertainment; the harem guards readily joining all the sexual activity. The prince employed various means to restrain sex slaves and used these restraints as his whims dictated, frequently using more than one style of restraint in his daily sex play. For all sex play, cum was collected in bowls from slaves who would cum during sex play and from cum that ran out of overfilled fuck holes or overfilled mouths. All the bowls would be collected and poured into a single container. Asim would drink all he wanted and equal portions of any remaining cum would be poured in into the slaves' mouths until every drop of cum had been consumed.

Examples of Sex Slave Play

1.) A slave would be gagged and standing bent double, head down by his ankles with his upper back pressed against a short square wooden post, his chest strapped to the post, each leg tied to an arm, the bound arms and legs spread wide then held in place by a leg spreader. This puts his ass uppermost with the ass cheeks spread, exposing his hole and letting his genitals dangle, both hole and genitals at crotch level for easy sex play. The slave could have his genitals sucked and played with as well as have anything from fingers, tongues, fists, cocks or other objects shoved into his hole. This is a great position for someone to fuck by simply walking up to the slave and just plunging his cock into the upturned hole. A bowl would be placed under the slave to catch loads of the slave's own cum and any cum that may run out of his ass from multiple loads being pumped into him, overfilling the capacity of his ass.

2.) Similar to the above, a gagged slave is made to stand upright with his back against a wall and is then fastened to it with straps across his forehead, chest and waist. His arms are raised above his head, held together at the wrist and strapped to the wall. His legs are bent double at the knee and lifted until the knees are beside each shoulder and his feet are on either side of his hips; the bent legs are then held in place by straps across the legs and torso. This lifts his hips and exposes his hole with his balls just above the ass crack and his cock standing against his torso. His hole is now exposed at crotch level for easy fucking and any other activity. His genitals are also exposed and fully available for play. Again, a bowl under the slave will collect any spilled cum.

3.) A slave is standing in the room gagged and with his wrists tied together over his head, held by heavy rope tied to the ceiling. The slave's legs are lifted until his shins are touching his forearms and then shins and forearms are bound together. This leaves the slave hanging like a sack of grain with his man hole exposed for anal activity. Asim would fuck him until satisfied and then have a number of sex slaves fuck him. This position requires a collecting bowl because hanging like that causes cum to run like a waterfall out of the slave's overfilled, fucked hole.

4.) A slave is gagged and seated on the floor with the neck of a lambskin pouch tied securely around the head of his cock. His legs would be extended and spread far to the sides until he appeared to be doing the splits. Legs would be held in that position by a rope tied to each ankle at one end and secured to a hinged metal ring on a post about six feet away from each foot, the metal rings on each post about two feet off the floor. His arms are raised above his head, tied at the wrist, the wrists connected to a rope threaded through a pulley attached to the ceiling. A harem guard would pull the rope, lifting the slave about three feet off the floor, the slave hanging with his legs spread wide, ass hole pointing down and genitals dangling. Once in position, one or more things could happen to the slave:

•A large dildo would be placed on the floor under his hole and the slave lowered onto it until it was fully buried in his ass. The slave making muffled moans as he was raised and lowered onto the dildo continuously until Asim was satisfied.

•Another slave would be found who had a particularly large and fat cock. That slave would be held on the floor with his erect penis under the suspended slave who would then be lowered and raised onto the slave cock until the slave on the floor had cum more than once and his dick had gone soft. His head would then be held, mouth open, under the suspended slave's dripping ass, the hole lowered to his mouth and the slave on the floor would be forced to suck all of his own cum out of the hole.

•Another time Asim would lie on the floor under the slave and have the slave raised and lowered on his giant cock until Asim had cum as often as he wished. Depending on his mood, Asim would either suck his own cum out of the hole or force another slave to do it for him.

•Lastly, Asim would select one of the extremely well hung harem guards, one having a cock generally over 16" by 4" and more than 12" around asking him to lie under the slave while the slave was raised and lowered onto his massive erection, the slave making loud muffled cries as his hole was painfully stretched wider than normal. Asim watched excitedly as the guard's goose egg sized balls slowly tightened up against the guard's body as his orgasm got closer; the guard's huge black cock swelling at the same time. Suddenly the guard experienced a massive and loud orgasm, shooting so much cum up the slave's ass that the slave couldn't hold it all and his ass erupted with a stream of white cum all around the fat black cock, causing white rivers to flow over the guard's balls and torso. Asim would force a slave to lick the huge quantity of cum off the guard's cock and body. Either Asim or a slave would slurp up cum that had been deposited deep in the slave's now distended rosebud hole. If the slave's rosebud had prolapsed, Asim always wanted to be first to have the extended rose lowered into his mouth so he could feel the now swollen ass lips against his own lips as he ran his tongue around and sucked on the rosebud, swallowing all of the guard's tasty cum as he sucked it out.

After the sex play ended, the pouch tied around the suspended slave's cock would be removed and he would be forced to drink any loads of cum he had shot into the pouch, licking the inside of the pouch clean afterward.

5.) Four or five slaves would be gathered together. Their legs would be bent double and tied to the sides of their torsos and one of them would be placed on the floor flat on his back. His cock would be stroked with goose grease until it got hard and then a second bound slave would be lifted up and lowered onto his cock. That second slave would be stroked hard and a third slave would be set on his cock. This continued until all of the slaves were stacked on top of one another. The topmost slave would have a bowl placed under his cock and Asim would inspect the stack of butts, each plugged into the butt of the slave above creating a stack of cock, balls and plugged butthole. Asim would start at the top of the stack licking balls and around the plugged hole until the slave shot his load into the bowl. Then he would move to the next slave down the stack and do the same to him watching his cock pulse as it pumped cum into the slave above. Once all of the stacked slaves had cum, they were unplugged from one another and made to swallow their own cum from the bowl or out of the hole they had just filled with cum.

6.) Asim occasionally would have several slaves restrained by the lower legs, their bodies hung upside down in pillories instead of held by the hands; their legs up and bent at the knee, the lower leg pressed as far as it would go into the pillory. This put the slave's crotch on top with his cock and balls hanging down the front of his abdomen. Asim would walk up to the slave and bury his face in the crotch rimming the hole for a while before moving to the hanging balls to lick and suck them into his mouth so he could roll them around inside his mouth. Lastly he would lick up and down the slave's cock, finally sucking the cock into his mouth and milking the cock with his mouth until the slave had a groaning orgasm. He would move down the line of slaves until all of them had cum and he had swallowed every load. Asim would walk out belching with his breath strongly smelling of cum.

X-shaped Cross

The X-shaped wooden cross was Prince Asim's most versatile restraint device. As a result, he had a number of them in use at all times. A slave could be tied to it in a variety of ways for sex; almost every position held the slave in some version of a spread eagle pose. Used horizontally, it could be placed flat on the floor or used as a bench when fitted with wooden legs either short or long. Low benches were used for sitting on cocks and for sitting on faces, while the high benches were used for walk up fucking, fist fucking, shooting or pouring cum into a slave's open mouth. A slave could be easily face fucked on one of the high benches. Asim would hold the slave's head in place while one of the guards face fucked the slave's mouth and throat watching the slave's throat as the guard's giant cock made a moving bulge in the slave's throat while sliding in and out. Slaves could be restrained face up or face down with each limb tied to one of the crossbars. Face up spread eagle offered the slave's genitals prominently for play and for sitting on a hard cock as well as making the mouth available for any kind of oral activity and for depositing loads of cum. Face down and spread eagle was a really great position for fucking; just walk between the legs and shove your cock into the exposed hole. Used vertically, it served as a more versatile method of restraint than strapping a slave to a wall. Most of the various wall restraints could be duplicated on the cross, with the added advantages of front and back access to the slave and having his limbs always spread wide. Facing front offered the genitals for sucking as well as allowing the arms and legs to be tied to the crossbars in creative ways. Tying both an arm and a leg to each of the upper crossbeams spread them wide, lifting the hips and exposing the hole for ready access; many a sex slave got fucked in this position and a few of them also got fisted. Used vertically or as a bench offered plenty of open space for placement of cum collection bowls. Asim enjoyed using the short bench configuration of the cross. He would find a slave with a 12 inch cock and have him tied to the bench spread eagle with a mouth spreader holding his mouth open. Asim would walk up from the side of the cross, step over the slave's body, sit on the hard cock and lift the slave's head by the hair until his open mouth was in line with Asim's cock head. Asim would ride the slave cock while stroking his own cock and shooting several loads of cum into the slave's open mouth as the slave shot loads of cum into him. When Asim had enough, he would have the mouth spreader removed and turn around to have the slave suck all cum from his ass. Asim also liked watching slaves sitting on other slaves' cocks. He would sit between the crossbeams of a bench containing a restrained slave and watch as another slave's hole would open up, then slide up and down the erect cock as the slave on top rode the cock until the slave underneath had cum several times and the cock in his ass went limp. The slave on top would then be sucked dry of cum before becoming the bottom slave; another slave riding him until he too went limp. This went on until Asim tired of it.

A Supper Party

Prince Asim invited twenty of his closest friends and associates to a supper party at the palace. Basil coordinated all of the arrangements from food and drink to decoration and guest seating. Dinner guests all were aware of the prince's male slaves and had fond memories of past dinner gatherings. Invitations were never turned down.

Guests arrived at sunset and were escorted to a comfortable drawing room where very handsome and muscular courtesans served drinks and hors devours. The courtesans were wearing their sheer outfits with their muscular bodies, round hard muscled butts and large genitals clearly visible. Asim had no issue with his guests touching the courtesans. So he didn't react when several guests gently groped a courtesan or rubbed their tight butt cheeks. Basil announced dinner and the guests all moved to the dining room, taking their place at the large table. Once the guests were seated, dinner service began. Courtesans served the seven course meal wearing nothing but a pectoral covering over their upper chest and a girdle around their hips all made of widely spaced thin gold threads crisscrossing one another and joined at the crossing points by precious gems of various colors. In front, the gold threads encased their penis shaft and their balls crisscrossing around the scrotum and along the full length of the shaft. The guests loved the titillating display of these finely decorated and handsome courtesans.

After dinner, everyone retired to the drawing room. Courtesans wearing their sheer outfits served after dinner coffee and drinks while twenty of Asim's most muscular and well hung sex slaves entered the room. Each naked slave approached a guest and lifted the guest's robes, sucking guest cock until it got hard. The slave then approached the guest and sat on the guest's hard cock facing the guest with the slave's huge genitals pressed against the guest's stomach and the guest's face buried in the slave's muscular chest. The slave began to ride the cock until the guest groaned loudly and unloaded his cum into the slave. The sex slaves all rose off the guest cocks and sucked the guest's cock clean before giving a little show for the guests by forming a circle in the middle of the room, each slave bent over with his face in another slave's ass for as long as it took to suck cum out of the other slave's hole. After the show, several guests pulled a sex slave over and sucked slave cock until they were satisfied. Several other guests stood up and bent over for their sex slave to fuck them and fill them with cum. As they were trained to do after they had cum, the slaves buried their faces in the guests' asses and sucked all cum out of the hole they just filled up, the guests moaning with pleasure all the while. The sex slaves were returned to the harem and Asim had hookahs brought in for smoking, conversation and tea. Later, the guests left satisfied and with fond memories that would last a long time.

Party Plans

Prince Asim scheduled one of his famous sex parties. This was to be one of his largest with 300 invited guests. Basil set to work with his helpers and other servants to arrange all aspects of the party. He had a large pavilion on the palace grounds cleared for the party. The pavilion was a large square building at the rear of a beautiful garden with the building entrance centered on the garden. There was more than enough room to accommodate well over 300 guests. Guests would be able to stroll through the garden as they approached the pavilion. A plan was made up to set up the pavilion with drink and food stations along two of the walls. Islands of sex stations mixed among small tables where guests can place drinks would be scattered throughout the room, leaving plenty of aisle space between the islands for guests to stroll easily between and either watch or join the sexual activity. Most of the sex islands were forty to sixty feet long and were two sided with one side for anal sex and one side for oral sex. One sided islands generally had both oral and anal sex available on the same side and would be placed along the third wall of the pavilion. Prince Asim liked the plan and gave his approval to implement it. Basil informed the prince's kitchen staff of the need to provide food and drink for 300 guests and went to work setting up the interior of the pavilion, getting all the islands in place for the prince's approval. Prince Asim toured the pavilion and suggested a few minor adjustments. Basil had the adjustments in place immediately, leaving only food, sex slaves and party guests to complete preparations.

Party Setup

Party day arrived; the guests were expected at sunset. The kitchen staff was busy from early morning cooking, setting up the food stations and tables for dining. At noon Basil started setting up the sex islands. First he separated 20 slaves with the biggest genitals and the roundest, muscular butts from the others; they were required for the final setup in Prince Asim's latest restraint design. He began setting the other sex slaves in place at each island. All of the sex slaves were brought from the harem to the pavilion in groups of ten. Each island displayed a different type of pillory or wooden stocks and was occupied by ten slaves restrained or held in each device. Many of the restraint devices had been designed by the prince and would be seen by the guests for the first time. As each island was filled with its sex slaves, another group of ten would be brought in to fill the next island.

The islands were all covered in lamb skin leather; each one dyed a different hue and restraining its occupants in a different position. The one sided islands were set up first.

The first ten slaves were taken to a partition against the wall. The partition was as tall as a standing man and had ten oval torso sized holes through the partition about waist height above the floor. Partition support legs provided a few inches of clear space between the floor and the bottom of the partition to allow feet to slip under the partition. The back of the partition had ten short benches for the slaves' torsos to rest upon. Each slave's torso was pushed through the opening and a sliding panel on the back of the partition was lowered and fixed in place, pinning the slave at the waist. His upper body was held to the bench by leather straps while his legs were spread and held apart by an iron leg separator cuffed to his ankles. When filled, the partition displayed the lower half of ten bodies standing bent at the waist with everything from the waist down extending from of the partition. All anyone could see were muscle butts protruding from the partition, legs spread wide with buttholes displayed for walk-up access and nice sized genitals hanging below. People fucking could fondle the slave's genitals and butt cheeks as they fucked. Slave mouths would be gagged and their asses greased before the party started.

The next ten slaves were taken to a chair like bench also along the wall. It was equipped for ten seated slaves. The island was long, the backrest rising to above the level of a seated slave's head with ten seat cushions on the bench seat. Head straps were located every four feet or so along the backrest. Beside each of the head straps were four holes in a line; two close to the head for the hands and two larger holes just outside of each shoulder to hold the legs. A slave would be seated upright, his forehead strapped to the backrest. His arms would be raised up and back placing his hands through the openings next to his head. Next his legs would be lifted up and back, spread wide and thrust all the way to the knee through holes at his shoulders. A sliding panel behind each slave at the rear of the backrest was lowered and fixed in place pinning the hands at the wrist and the legs at the knee. This position exposes armpits for play and lifts the hips, pulling the butt hole up for easy fucking. Before the party a mouth spreader would be strapped around the slave's head, holding their mouth wide open as a receptacle for shooting loads of cum. Each slave would be a target in a party game for the guests, who would get a prize for getting their first shot of cum into the mouth.

Ten more slaves were installed in a variation of the bench described above. The only difference is that the arms are thrust through openings in the seatback up to the armpit and held in that position. Legs are spread and held at the knee just outside of the arm holes. This exposes the butt hole for sex while mouth spreaders provide extra targets for party games.

Each of the next four groups were led to a custom designed pillory built of heavy wood covered in lamb skin leather and long enough to hold ten slaves. The pillory had ten short benches in front for the slaves' upper torsos. Benches extended to the back of the pillory far enough to provide a head rest for the slave. All ten slaves would be placed on their backs with their neck and wrists in half circle cutouts on the pillory. A heavy wooden piece with matching cutouts would slide down slots in the supporting uprights, pinning the slaves at the neck and wrists. This second piece had cutouts along its top to hold spread legs at the knee; the slave's legs would be placed in the cutouts at the knee and a third heavy wooden piece would slide into place pinning the legs. The pillory base and the two wooden pieces would be locked together. Like the benches described above, the pillory lifts the hips, pulling the butt hole up for easy access. Then the slaves would get a mouth spreader strapped around their heads, holding each mouth wide open as a receptacle for loads of cum and for guests to relieve themselves. All of these islands were scattered around the pavilion. One of them contained ten slaves with rosebuds and protruding ass lips. All ten slaves were ordered to relax their hole and show their rosebuds, pushing the prolapsed rose out as far as they could during the party to attract guests.

Except for the twenty reserved slaves, all remaining sex slaves were bound and put on display. They were made to kneel and place their faces on the floor with butts raised, their hands would be pulled back alongside their lower legs and their wrists and ankles tied together with ropes. A leg separator would be inserted between each ankle and fixed in place, spreading the slave's arms and legs wide to expose his raised butthole. Before the party started, their mouths would be gagged and their asses greased. These solo slaves would be scattered among the islands. This emptied the harem of all but twenty sex slaves.

Finally, the twenty reserved slaves were brought in to be installed in the prince's latest creation. At this time the harem guards were relocated from the harem to the pavilion. Two of the prince's new devices had been constructed; each was an enclosed narrow box like device walled in on all four sides, open at the top and upholstered in beige lamb skin leather. Both narrow boxes stood about three feet taller than a man's height and could hold ten slaves. The box like structure had a depth of about a foot with side walls attached to the front wall. Every four feet along the front wall there was a twelve inch square of red velvet framed with a fancy gold picture frame at eye level for easy viewing. A 2½" circular hole penetrated the wall near the top of every framed square. The back wall also had fancy gold picture frames every four feet, each surrounding a one by two foot rectangle of black velvet, similar to the front wall. An 18" wide oval hole penetrated the wall at the center of every framed black velvet rectangle. The back wall could be removed for installation of the slaves. Built along the length of the back side of the front wall was a short platform for the saves to stand on. Each slave was made to stand on the platform facing the front wall while a servant pushed his balls through the hole in the front wall; a servant standing in front pulled the balls and scrotum through. Then the head of his cock was pressed through the hole so the servant in front could pull it through and arrange the cock and balls until they were displayed properly against the red velvet. The slave was then firmly pressed against the front wall, his torso and arms held in place by leather straps at the shoulders and waist, his face turned to the side with his mouth gagged. His legs were spread to separate his butt cheeks and then strapped to the wall across the upper thigh and at each ankle. Once all ten slaves were set in place standing against the front wall, the back wall of the box was moved into position and locked in place causing all ten muscle butts to thrust through the oval openings in the black velvet. Servants made sure the butt cheeks were securely set in the openings and properly displayed. Then the two boxes of slaves were put in place, adjacent to one another and facing the entry to the pavilion. This created one long wall displaying ten framed sets of cocks and balls next to ten framed muscle butts. The two sided display looked like a gallery in an art museum. The eighty foot long display of beautifully framed large genitals and muscle butts greeted the guests as they entered, shielding the rest of the room's delights from the immediate view of arriving guests.

Just before sunset Basil inspected the pavilion and was pleased. He sent a swarm of servants around the room to grease ass holes, install gags and mouth spreaders where needed. The servants completed their work quickly and everyone prepared for the guests to arrive. Basil made sure the harem guards were in place to watch out for and stop any inappropriate behavior. Two of the harem guards were stationed outside on either side of the entrance.

Sex Party

Shortly after sunset the guests began to arrive. Prince Asim and three of his best looking courtesans stood at the entrance greeting guests. Courtesans displayed their magnificent bodies, tight round butts and and large genitals under their standard sheer court outfits. The prince wore a white turban with golden shoes and the same court outfit as the attendants but heavily covered in gold brocade that revealed only a few tantalizing glimpses of his muscular body through the sheer.

The first guests arrived and were amazed by the eighty foot display of cocks, balls and asses. Guests were invited to walk around the two sided display and use any of the cocks and balls they wanted or play with any ass they desired. All this was at face level so guests wouldn't have to bend over. One of the guests stroked a cock as he walked by and it got hard, standing right up in his face. Without thinking, he opened his mouth and sucked it in. In a short while the cock rewarded him with a mouthful of cum. Another guest found a nicely puckered butthole that took his fancy and he stood there with his finger stroking the pucker until the hole relaxed letting him finally push a couple of his fingers into the hole, massaging around the inside until he heard a moan. Yet another guest saw a magnificent butthole and stood there with his face pressed into the ass and his tongue working it until he too heard a moan from behind the wall. Guests walked around the wall only to find a matching collection of cocks, balls and asses on the other side. Other guests were standing with their faces to the wall sucking cock, worshiping balls and tonguing ass holes. Turning around, the guests would see the enormous room filled with slaves restrained and with their man holes on display inviting sex. Guests hurried into the room. The guests stripped down to enjoy the party unencumbered; Prince Asim's servants kept their clothing safe until they were ready to leave. Guests would walk along the wall before roaming the floor of the room, plunging their cocks into the upended butt holes along the way.

As the party filled with guests, there were guests fucking, sucking or rimming every slave in the room. Many of the guests would retire to the food area for refreshment breaks between sex sessions. Some of the guests were lapping up cum from slave bodies when the slaves shot a load as they were fucked. Some others could be seen drinking cum as it flowed out of overfilled slave holes. Lube was no longer needed as each slave had enough cum in his ass to lubricate anything that slid into it.

Bent over "torso through the wall" slave asses had a line of guests behind each ass and had been fucked so often that cum ran like a faucet from each of them, hanging in strings from the iron leg separators and forming ten puddles of cum on the floor between their legs.

Slaves sitting up on the benches had cum squirting out of their ass whenever a cock plunged in. In addition, their faces were covered with cum from guests who had tried for a prize and missed the mouth; cum running down their faces and all over their muscular torsos.

The forty slaves lying face up in the custom made pillories all had large puddles of cum on the floor under their ass and their upturned faces had guests beating off into their wide open mouths while other guests relieved themselves by peeing into their mouths. Not all cum hit the open mouths and cum that didn't get washed off by urine ran all over their faces, dripping off their ears onto the floor, creating a second puddle of cum beneath their heads.

Slaves with rosebuds were getting fucked and fisted, many of them taking arms right up to the bicep. By night's end their prolapsed rosebuds were protruding four or more inches out of their holes. A few of the guests would walk up and plunge their hand and arm into an open rosebud hole lubricated by loads of cum inside the hole. Guests would then slide their arm in and out from their wrist to their elbow to fist fuck the slave. Later these same guests were to be found sucking on the prolapsed rose they had created before sliding a fat cock into the rosebud's center to deposit more cum. Servants were stationed around the islands to clean residue off of any guest's arm after fisting.

Individual slaves bound face down with their butts in the air had been fucked so often they had rivers of cum running down their legs making puddles of cum around their knees. Their fuck holes were all very loose and wide open early in the party. This allowed guests with large and fat cocks to easily slide into the slave hole. Some of the guests would walk along and thrust their hand into the hole, getting a squirt of cum that went all the way up their forearm. Servants were available to immediately clean any cum coated arm.

At party's end, slaves positioned for fucking had all been fucked ten to twelve times and cum was still running out of their ass holes. Slaves in the art gallery had been sucked dry and their man holes were relaxed and slightly open from all the rimming action. The room was a mess, filled with slaves still dripping cum on the floor and a few guests passed out and lying in the small lakes of cum that were scattered all over the floor. The smell of sex and stale cum was very strong. Basil took it all in and announced to the slaves they could sleep in as a reward for making the party a success. Servants were dispatched to take passed out guests and clean them up before putting them to bed in one of the palace guest rooms. He then ordered the slaves released and taken to the harem bath room to be cleaned out with enemas and to be thoroughly bathed. Medical staff was to examine each slave and treat any problems they discovered. A number of the slaves were led from the pavilion smiling, having enjoyed all that cum squirted into their mouth, swallowing as much as they could of it and/or having their ass filled to overflowing. Basil then set servants to clean up the room and air it out. Furniture, stocks and pillories were all cleaned of sex residue and put into storage for the next party. By afternoon no one would ever know there had been a party in the pavilion. Prince Asim was so pleased by the party's success that he reaffirmed Basil's announcement giving all the sex slaves a day to rest without sex.

Satisfying Asim

Two days later Prince Asim found he was extremely horny from memories of all the sex he'd seen at the party. He had two great needs; one, he needed more than one long, fat cock shooting cum down his throat and two, today Asim needed to get fucked big time. His courtesan attendants just wouldn't satisfy his needs, so he decided to browse through the big dicks in the sex slave harem to find an outlet for his sexual needs. Oral sex would be the first priority. The slaves were all lined up tied to square posts with leg separators between their ankles. Asim walked along cupping slave cocks and balls in his hand as he looked for dicks he would like to suck or have in his ass, indicating the ones he wanted. Servants would hang a threaded yellow tag from the cock head of the long well shaped cocks he wanted to suck and a red tag hung on the cock head of long fat cocks he wanted in his ass. When all slaves had been reviewed, eighteen tags had been hung, ten yellow and eight red.

The prince retired to a private chamber in the harem and had the guards bring in the yellow tagged slaves one at a time. The slave was held firmly by the guard as Prince Asim went down on him sucking his cock and playing with his balls until the slave was brought close to climax. The prince would then swallow the cock so he could feel every cock spasm in his throat as it shot its load into his gut. Ten slaves later, the prince let out a loud cum scented belch and asked that the red tagged slaves be brought in one at a time. He rubbed his hole with grease and two guards brought in a slave with a ten inch fat cock, restraining the slave on a low bench in the room while the prince sat on the slave cock and rode it until the slave loudly shot a load inside him. Asim then moved up and sat on the slave's face, ordering him to suck out all if his own cum. Asim moaned with great pleasure as the slave sucked on his man hole. The second slave was hung almost the same as Asim. The prince really wanted that cock and asked one of the guards to strip and put his gigantic black cock in the slave's ass while holding him still. The slave gasped as the guard's cock plunged into his ass; the prince then bent over and backed his ass onto the slave's cock moaning as the huge cock slid about half way into him. He then ordered the guard to start fucking the slave. The guard's fifteen inch horse cock would push the slave forward and pull him back with every in and out stroke, causing the prince to get fucked by the slave cock for the entire fuck. Asim could feel the slave cock swell as the slave got close to orgasm and it pressed harder and harder against the prince's prostate. Finally the slave got noisy as he came into Asim and his slave hole clamped tightly around the guard's cock, causing the guard and the prince to groan loudly as they came in unison. The prince cupped his hand under his own cock, catching his load in the palm of his hand. Asim pulled away, the slave cock noisily popped out of his hole and he ordered the slave to lick all cum from his hand, clean off the guard's cock and then suck his own cum out of the prince's hole. The remaining eight fuck slaves were all made to fuck Asim in various positions and then eat their own cum from his hole. At the end, Prince Asim was all sweaty as he returned to the palace exhausted but with a big grin on his face, his sexual needs satisfied, his breath smelled of cum and his man hole was well used, puckered and sucked dry. No cum would leak out of him tonight.


Prince Asim kept his slaves until they were no longer useful. He released slaves when they became sexually burned out, or if he just tired of them, or if they became old enough to be retired from their sexual slavery. He would summon these slaves to a private audience where he would announce they were to be freed in gratitude for their years of servitude. Each slave was provided with new clothing, enough money for them to live comfortably and a document from the prince certifying them to be freed slaves. The slaves were then taken to have their ownership tattoos covered over and released as free men. These freed men retained their sexual interest in other men, many of them later purchasing male slaves of their own.


Prince Asim had unwittingly created a legacy of male sex slave ownership that continues to this day. A recent international report states that globally, human trafficking is the third most profitable business for organized crime after the drugs and arms trades with trafficking in men and boys estimated to account for 25% to 30% of trafficking victims worldwide. Despite international efforts to put a stop to the business of human trafficking, male slavery in Islamic countries has been tightly run and controlled by princes within royal families. These princes have kept knowledge of their sex slave trade as a family matter, allowing it to fly under the radar and remain unknown to the public. In the twenty-first century, Arabia has become but a part of a much larger multi-national Islamic community. There are thousands of princes in the Islamic countries, among them hundreds of princes who maintain all male harems. Sufficient wealth acquired through inheritance and created since the discovery of oil has managed to support the slave trade and finance the large number of male harems.

With all the Middle East conflicts and occupations over the years, foreign troops have found themselves stationed in the Arab and Islamic countries on and off over the past 400 years. No one ever took a great deal of notice when a few of their men went missing. Foreign militaries had placed large numbers of good looking, well muscled men into areas where they were likely to be captured in battle or kidnapped. Captured prisoners have seldom been kept long by Islamic militant groups because these groups rarely have the money, means or desire to keep them. Frequently, these militants help finance their activities by selling captured military officers and men alike into slavery. Other men are obtained by slave hunters who stalk the more squalid neighborhoods looking for virile young college men, other young good looking men on holiday as well as off duty soldiers to kidnap. These young men will have wandered into the wrong vicinity, the wrong bar or had simply celebrated their time off too heavily in the wrong place. They would be shadowed by slave hunters until they were deemed to be vulnerable, at which time they would normally be subdued with chloroform or drugs and whisked away, to vanish forever. On regaining consciousness these abductees would find themselves in the back of a truck or in a room filled with other captive men, all of them naked, gagged and tied up, having no idea where they were. They are completely unaware they are on their way to a slave auction and are soon to be displayed before buyers who will inspect, touch, prod and fondle their naked bodies before they are sold to the highest bidder. Any good looking male foreigner in an Islamic country, whether soldier, student or man on holiday runs the risk of becoming a potential victim of local slave hunters. Handsome, muscular and well hung men would find themselves kidnapped and sold as sex slaves, while the majority of kidnapped men would be sold into forced labor. Many an American varsity athlete or foreign Special Forces commando found himself living the life of a courtesan or sex slave in a harem, with a wealthy prince as his master.

All of these men would have to endure sexual behavior programming, which by the twenty-first century had been fine tuned and perfected to the point where the training now achieved a 99.9% success rate. Military men proved to be easy to reprogram since they are so accustomed to following orders and obeying their superiors. Hypnosis and hypnotic mind control drugs have become an integral part of reprogramming, greatly easing the process of changing the sexual behavior of these straight, well built military stallions and civilian muscle studs. The end product of reprogramming is a group of men who are rather talented, cock-hungry sex slaves, with no memory of any past life, wife or family. Nowadays, the rare man who simply can't be reprogrammed is no longer returned to the slave market. His master puts him to stud, generating income by making him available for breeding. Like horse breeding, the slave would be entered into a privately circulated slave stud book for his new livelihood as a breeding human stallion. His master could command a stud fee of up to $125,000 per mating for siring new slaves or just helping out Islamic families with problems having children.

Islamic princes all recognize Prince Asim for his creation of a continuing tradition of male sex slavery and households having all male harems.


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