Recently I had to travel to Chicago for a business trip. Ray went with me because his family is from there. Rather than stay in a hotel, I chose to stay with Ray's family in their old house on the south side of Chicago.

The first night of the trip, I purchased some fried chicken from Harold's, a restaurant with many Chicago locations. Ray's mama took care of the side dishes and I provided the chicken. We had a great meal. His family really likes me but they only know the straight side of me.

Ray and I took off and went to the projects to buy some weed. It's a dangerous place, especially for a white man like me. As you all know by now, I thrive on excitement. Upon returning, Ray and I kicked it for a while in the third story apartment in his mom's house. He lit up a blunt and inhaled on it.

Ray looked at me and opened his mouth really wide. He was intending to do a "shotgun" where the weed smoke is passed from one mouth to another. I got too excited and kissed him. Unfortunately this pissed him off and he struck him in the face. He then proceeded to berate me calling me a lot of hurtful names and saying cruel things about my orientation. It really hurt (I guess because it was true) and the tears started to run. I blubbered as I apologized. I think it touched Ray.

He told me to close my eyes and not open them till he told me to. I felt his big black lips touch mine, tentatively at first. I melted. He gently and tenderly kissed me and his tongue entered my mouth. We kissed for somewhere between thirty seconds and a minute and it was very passonate. It was wonderful and it was the kind of kiss that I will always remember, even when I'm ninety years old. He also held my head in his hands. After he pulled away from the kiss, the tears will still running. He told me to open my eyes and I thanked him. He asked me for what and I told him the kiss. He told me nothing happened and I'd better not say anything.

Later than evening Ray was washing up at a sink in the upstairs apartment. I had dozed off and as I woke up, I saw the soft incandescent light cascading down his beautiful light-skinned, naked African American body. It looked like a sculpture in motion. I quietly watched him wash every part of himself with a wash cloth. The simple beauty of watching a handsome man clean himself was breathtaking. As he finished I closed my eyes.

"You liked watching that didn't you, Little Bitch?" he said. "I knew you was watching."

I told him how sexy he is to me and how badly I wanted him. In a thuggish sneer he told me I was "thirsty." He put on a pair of boxers and said down on an old chair. I quickly changed the subject, hoping I would maybe get some sex later. I didn't have to wait long.

Ray lit up another blunt and as he smoked it he pulled off his boxers. His long black dick hung down his leg invitingly. "Come here," he said. "Suck Daddy up." I didn't have to be told twice.

I knelt in front of the old vinyl clad easy chair he was sitting in and sucked his dick into my mouth. His long, virile baby maker roared to life, quickly inflating with blood. I deep throated him and could see and feel his body adjust as the long cock, with a mind of its own, worked it's way into a place in my throat. That man's cock seemed perfectly made for me to suck and vice versa.

I gave Ray a long, pleasing blowjob. He held my head several times and I could feel his hips thrust. The cock glided easily in and out of my mouth and throat and I sucked hard with each stroke. I knew I was pleasing him very much. The intensity of the thrusts increased and I carefully and skillfully continued sucking and pleasuring him the way he liked - with no hands. Ray's cock swelled larger and larger and with a sigh, he unloaded a large load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his sweet thug cum until there was none left. He thanked me for "making Daddy feel good."

I wished him a good night and lay down on a mattress on the floor. I dozed off. Some time later he woke me up with a gentle shake.

"Little bitch, lick Daddy's ass." he said. He knew how much I love rimming his beautiful black ass. It's always clean but still has a certain musky smell that I've only been able to find present in men of color. He squatted down over my face and started to tongue his ass. "Play with yo'self," he commanded. I pulled out my white cock and started stroking.

"That's it, Little Bitch. You like Daddy ass. That's good ass. You a faggot and you need that ass. You gonna cum 'cause you got a black man's ass on your face. You love that ass. Don'tcha bitch? Lick my ass and make yourself cum."

I continued beating my meat. With that sexy man talking that way to me, I couldn't help but cum quickly. Ray was jacking himself off, too. Before I could cum, he spun around and shoved that black cock in my mouth. I felt his dick swelling and he started pouring a bunch of cum down my throat. As I swallowed, my dick shot off and I blew a hell of a load all over my bare chest.

Ray went and got a towel and wiped me off. I pulled a cover over me and was getting ready to go back to sleep. He bent down and kissed me on the forehead. That night I slept like a baby.

=========== THE SAD PART ================

Ray and I have continued to be friends. Unfortunately, he's continued to be a thuggish person. This last fall he was arrested for a number of petty crimes including possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, etc. I knew he was planning to flee back to Chicago to avoid prosecution in the state in which we live. He didn't make it in time.

Just days before Christmas, two days after he was supposed to flee (he didn't want to go because he made too many friends here), Ray was with someone who was using a firearm to commit a felony. The guy threw him a gun which he tried to ditch. By having it in his possession for a short time, he was in possession of it and he'd already had a felony in the past. Having a gun as a felon is not a good thing. He's now been charged with several felonies and is currently in our county jail with bonds so high that he'll never get out before the trial. The next time that mean leaves it will be for "the big house". We're also afraid his charges may be picked up by the federal system.

I'm the good little bitch though. I drive by the jail frequently. By coincidence, my friend from the Mississippi Thug Dick story is also in there so at least they can keep each other company. (Actually, the Mississippi guy is likely going to get parole and has asked to serve his intensive parole living with me... ) I've been writing to Ray, putting money on his jail account, and going to see him when I can. For all of the friends he made, everyone else has abandoned him and that's really broken his spirit.

Ray's wept a lot with me - he's afraid of going to prison. I've cried a lot, too. We've decided to keep being friends no matter what. It's likely he's going to get 5 or more years of prison time. Through it all, I will always be there to visit him and write to him. This man made a big impression on my life and my heart. I suspect he's a little more gay than he will admit to. At our last visit I told him he's my friend and I love him very much and he said "the same". Ya just can't get a thug to say "love"...

I did have the foresight to get some pictures of him (all G-rated). Looking at those pictures and reading his letters is comforting. Seeing him in person during visitation and having him wave to me as I go by at least he lets me know that he still cares.

There won't be any more additions to this story as you can imagine. I hope that you've enjoyed hearing about my friendship with this special thug. I can tell you from experience - if you mess with thugs, don't get too close. You'll get your heart broken.

Much luck to you all. Thanks for the many letters. I'm continuing to roam around and do my thugs. I'll also be working on a new installment for Young Skinny Hood Rat in the coming days. You can imagine what he gave me (twice) for New Year's Eve.

- Zenith



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