Since I wrote the first story Ray moved in with me. That lasted all of about three weeks. He was siphoning me dry on cash, sneaking the vehicle out at night, all the while treating me like shit. Thugs are nice to have around for a while but some days their bullshit gets old. I finally became tired of him and threw his ass out. Now he's living up the street with a friend of mine.

Last night Ray came over and started hanging out with me. I knew he was wanting weed or beer or both. When we were talking Ray said needed $50. I told him right now is a bad time to be asking me to help him out and he laughed. He pulled out his big cock and instantly I was staring at it. He jacked it up and down in front of me. I asked him how long he was going to play with it. He said "Till you quit staring at it. Gimme $30 and buy me some beer and you can suck it. You like how it look."

I couldn't hold back. I asked him if he minded if I used the "n" word and he said go ahead. I told him I wanted his big fat nigger cock in my mouth. I told him I think about it every night and want him to cum in my face. I would swallow his cum if he wanted. He could slap me in the face with it, fuck my ass, make me lick his butt, or piss in my face. I said I was a white faggot bitch and only exist to be used by black men. He laughed and said "Well at least you know what you is."

I moved the coffee table out of the way and he laid on he couch. "You gonna give me $30 and buy me some beer?" he asked. I agreed.

"Now suck that cock," said Ray.

I deepthroated him on the first stroke. His cock was already rock hard. I was sucking on it like I'd never had a dick before.

"That's right, bitch. Suck the dick" he moaned. Ray likes a LOT of suction, harder than any of the other guys I'd ever sucked. I shortened the strokes and focused on the the sucking. I added my hand to give him some jacking action.

"Take yo' motha fucking hand off my dick," he commanded. "Just suck the dick. Don't use nothin' but yo mouth if you want me to nut. I'll do the work"

I pursed my lips hard and went back to just sucking the dick. Ray started jab fucking my throat. Occasionally he would gag me a little bit. His hands were on the back of my head holding me tight. On one downstroke he suddenly jabbed so damn hard I gagged and started to throw up. I felt chunks of food come up as the tears ran down my cheeks.

He slapped the back of my head. "Don't be throwing up on me, faggot! Suck the dick."

I went back down on him and resumed sucking. His hands were still on my head. I could feel him tense up and the jabbing thrusts continued. His massive cock started to swell up. The verbal abuse continued and he kept saying "I'm gonna nut in your throat. That's a good bitch. Suck Daddy dick. You know you like it. You gonna drink it all down faggot."

With one hard, final jab, I felt the big cock swell. I prepared myself and felt the rush of cum from his dick. I quickly swallowed. Four more times I swallowed. Instead of being salty, his cum was kind of nutty, almost a cashew flavor. I didn't mind it at all. I tightened my lips and resumed milking some more cum out of his nuts. I got another little taste.

Ray told me that it isn't very often someone can get him off with a mouth. He said that I'm turning out to suck better than any bitches he's ever known. I begged him to "be my baby's dad" meaning to fuck me like he would a bitch. Being a thug he called me a faggot. Then he said if I keep doing things he might. He also said he's coming over today and if I suck him good he might let me lick his asshole while I jack off.

I guess I'm destined to always be a trailer park, black man's white bitch. No complaints on this end!!! :)



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