Well, I'm back at it again.  Once you've had black you never go back, so they say.  It's true for me.  24 hours a day I think about black dick.

Recently some friends of mine had to move into a rooming house which is overrun with thugs.  I've started hanging around there and befriended a number of them.  A couple of times I've brought food down and cooked it up and then kicked it with the thugs.  One time I even loaded up my gas grill and we cooked up some ribs and hot dogs.  That went over very well.

As I got to know the people down there, word got around that I'm "sweet" (gay) and that I can hook a dude up with a little cash in return for him fucking my mouth.  That's how I met two dudes that I will call Jerome and Ray.  Both of these guys are in their late twenties, use drugs to some degree, and are poor as hell.

Jerome is a Muslim and has kind of an anti-whitey attitude.  He's a hustler and makes no bones about it.  Though I think he's hot, I'm not about to be outhustled.  He's about 6' tall, dark skinned, and has a long goatee.  To me he's a waste of time.

Ray on the other hand is also a bit of a hustler.  He likes to smoke weed and god knows what else.  He's a lot smoother in the way he deals with people.  Ray is about 5'9" and 160 lbs.  He's lean, muscular, and medium skinned.  He's got a nice set of soup coolers (big lips) and is always cheesing (grinning).  One thing that attracted me to him is his nappy hair and thick eyebrows.  He's almost always wearing a leather cap.  If you remember the cartoon Fat Albert, Ray looks a lot like that character named Rudy.  Ray usually wears baggy sweats which he fills out nicely with his athletic build and his nicely sized package.

I picked up both these guys a couple days ago and took them back to my "crib."  We were supposed to kick it with a female friend of mine.  She didn't want us over right away because she needed to tidy up her apartment. I brought these guys over to my place to kill time.  Both were scoping the place out and looking at things of value.

I have an unused room (basically a guest room) which contained an entertainment center and a 25" television. Both of those poor-assed motherfuckers wanted that TV.  I told them that if I meet a dude that wants to kick it with me, I'll give him the TV if we get to mess around a little bit.  Both of them said they weren't up for that shit.  I knew that individually they probably were.

The next day at work my cell phone was ringing a lot.  Both Ray and Jerome called me telling me how much they wanted that TV set.  Damn, how I wished I could cut it in two.  Jerome was trying to hustle me though.  He wanted me to bring it to his girl's crib and then he would go with me to do our shit later.  If there's one thing I learned, it's don't trust a hustler.  I refused and insisted that he come to my place first.  He admitted he wasn't into that shit.

Ray told me to come down to the hood and pick him up and he'd kick it with me.  As we were headed back to my place he said he was cool with what I wanted to do.  I asked if I could feel him up a little just to make sure. Feeling a dude up is a way I can tell how comfortable he is with it all. He just leaned the seat back and I felt on his baggy grey sweat pants.  He even started getting hard.  I knew this was a green light situation.

On the way back to my place, Ray asked for a pack of squares (cigarettes) and some beer.  We stopped at the local Amoco and a buddy of mine was working.  The moment he saw me a black dude he started grinning.  This kids knows me really well and knows that if I'm buying someone beer and smokes, I'm gonna be sucking some dick.  He just shook his head and smiled.  I winked at him.

I took Ray back to my place.  We put in a straight interracial porno movie. As he bent over to put fast forward the tape, I started feeling his hard, muscular ass.  He didn't seem to mind it one bit.  I got hard and became obsessed with that firm little ass of his.  I tugged his sweat pants and boxers down.  Strangely, he was wearing two lightweight pairs of boxers.

A rock hard black ass greeted me.  I had no idea how good his hygiene might be, but I had to have that ass.  I dropped to my knees and looked at his butt.  He had some kinky black hairs around the pucker and the cheeks were smooth.

"Don't be poking anything in there," Ray admonished.  That's one of the few things he said this whole time.  He wasn't into dialog; he was into getting head.

As I got my face up there, I could smell his butt sweat and I didn't care. I rimmed his ass good, the whole time groping his buttocks.  He moaned loudly.

After a few minutes Ray sat on the couch. I knelt before him and started sucking his cock.  It was fairly thick, cut, and about seven inches long. That cock fit my mouth nicely.  I sucked him hard and fast.  Ray moaned the whole time I was servicing him.  This dude liked getting his big cock sucked.  I could feel that hot young cock swelling up as he grabbed my head while thrusting his hips.  After a couple minutes he shot about three shots of jizz into my mouth.  It was very bitter.  I thought it was over but I was wrong.

Ray then had me get on the floor and lean against the couch while he fucked my mouth.  He fucked my mouth and throat so hard that I had tears running down my face.  Just when I thought I could take no more, he exploded with another tangy load of seed.  I guzzled it down.

Ray did tell me I'm a damn good cocksucker.  He asked if I liked it.  I told him I did.  He then instructed me to jack off for him.  I pulled my cock out and started beating it.  He laughed about how much I was getting into it.  Ray smiled at me and knelt down with his sweaty ass over my face. I rimmed his stinky black ass as I beat my meat.  It didn't take me long before I shot my load all over my shirt.  When Ray was done he gave me one of those pairs of boxers as a souvenir.

After we were all finished up I told him how beautiful he was and how much I wanted to kiss him.  He told me not to ever tell anyone and to close my eyes.  He grabbed my head tightly, jammed those big motherfucking lips against mine and rammed his tongue in my mouth.  After forcefully kissing me then he gently kissed my lips a little more.  I can't tell you how good it felt.  It was so hot, so passionate, and so sexy that I almost felt like wanting to cry.  Why the fuck can't I find a black dude who will kiss me like that every day?  Let me tell you, if you have not been kissed by a hot black man, you're missing out.

Well, I gave him the TV.  Fortunately, he didn't want it as badly as he wanted money for "rent."  In actuality, I think it was dope money he wanted.  We took the TV and pawned it in my name.  As soon as we did that I gave Ray the money.  Being a sly motherfucker, I'm going to go back and pay $60 to get my TV back.  Who knows what else I can get for my TV the next time?  He did ask me if I wanted to get fucked and I grovelled and told him how much I want him to fuck the shit out of me.

Oh yeah... I popped into the gas station the other night. The same kid was working.  (He's in his early 20s and is cute as hell).  He asked me what was up with that black dude and I told him that all I could say is that I definitely have a sore throat.  He grinned and said he didn't want to know.

I'll be working on getting a picture of Ray.  He and I are going to get back together.  Some time ago I got a pic of another thug who is featured in one of my stories.  I've sent it out hundreds of times.  I'll see what I can do to get Ray's pic for you all so I can share with you.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  Feel free to write to me at [email protected] any time.



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