The shrill buzzing of Mike's alarm clock made us both jump from a sound sleep. We had pulled his mattress and the spare mattress down on the carpet and were spooning beneath the covers when we dozed off a few hours earlier. I didn't want the day to start. I just wanted to lay there next to him and hold him close. Remembering that I had a quiz in my eight o'clock class, though, brought me swiftly back to reality.

I kissed Mike's ear and whispered a quick 'I'll catch you later,' and pulled my shorts back on my naked trunk. Mike reached over and pulled me back down to his side and gave me a bear hug that made me lose my breath. 'Sorry, I won't let you go, Rob...' he whispered. I gave him a long, soft kiss and got back on my feet. We stared at each other for a moment and together realized that nothing was going to be the same again between us.

'Hit the showers, grandpa!' I said with a laugh. As I closed the door behind me, I was thankful that nobody was in the hallway to see me leave. I quietly sneaked back to my own room to find Kent still under the covers. The creaking of the door woke him up.

'You're just now getting back?' he yawned, rubbing his eyes. I grabbed a towel and my shower bucket and told him I had hidden out in Mike's room when Delbert came onto the floor. 'Was he pretty ticked off last night?' I asked.

'Ticked off is putting it mildly. He was majorly pissed!' Kent answered, stretching his large arms above his head. 'He wanted to know what made all that noise and I lied and told him the closet door had been opened too far and it had accidentally fell off its tracks and crashed.'

Kent's demeanor suddenly changed. 'So... you spent the night with Mike, huh?'

'Yep. I thought it was best to stay low and keep out of Delbert's way.'

Kent looked at me in an odd way and climbed out of bed. I could tell that he wanted to ask me something but he pretended to get distracted by something out the window. 'So, you just slept in the spare bed in his room?' he asked in a low voice.

'Yep. Why?'

'No reason...' he answered. Kent grabbed a towel from the top of his closet along with his shower bucket and walked past me to the door in a huff.

'What?' I demanded. He ignored my question and kept walking. He would have slammed the door had I not caught it. I watched his broad shoulders slump a little as he made his way to the bathroom. What's ticked him off? I wondered, following him down the hall.

Kent was already naked and standing in the flow of hot water when I joined him in the shower room. When he saw me he turned and faced the tiled wall. The sight of his tight body and gorgeous ass reminded me of Mike's hot body which made my cock stretch a little beneath the towel wrapped around my waist. I took any opportunity to see my best friend's crotch, but I was more focused now on what he was upset about. Had we been the only two in the shower, I would have gone over and asked him what was wrong, but three other guys were already lathering up and more were coming in and waiting for an open space. I thought it best to hold off any questions until later when we were alone.

While I stood waiting for a shower stall to become free, I had a conversation with a couple of guys who were in my eight o'clock about our upcoming quiz. I told them that I hadn't had a chance to study last night with all the commotion. One of the guys who lived next to us joked about the pranks from last night and the ruckus that made Delbert get out of bed to police the halls.

Kent turned and glared at me for a second and slammed the shower faucet down hard. Dripping wet and stark naked, he grabbed his towel and bucket and headed for the exit, obviously trying to make a quick getaway. I heard a familiar voice greet him as he turned the corner but I didn't catch his reply. I turned and saw Mike standing in the shower room entrance with only a towel wrapped around his sexy body.

The sight of him made my heart leap out of my chest. When I thought no one was looking, I gave him a quick wink. He crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue which made me smile. Whoa, I can't believe we've actually hooked up! I thought to myself as I took the next shower stall.

Once again, I felt the urge to tease Mike as I slowly pulled the towel from my waist. Usually I feel a little self-conscious when I take a shower in the dorm, especially when there's a line of guys waiting. I'm not a prude by any means, but I'm not an exhibitionist, either. I would just keep myself turned with my backside facing out and try not to show my dick if I could help it. Today, I decided, was going to be different as there was someone special in the audience. 'It's show time!' I whispered under my breath.

I stood in the hot steam of the shower and slowly flexed my muscular frame in every position I could think of, pretending that I was sore from a brutal workout. I even winced every now and then and pretended to rub the pain out of my aching muscles. I took my time shampooing my hair and turned my head backwards in the water flow so that my long dick could easily be seen by anyone standing in line, something I would not ordinarily do. But this was too good an opportunity to tease Mike; I just couldn't pass it up!

I continued to lather every part of my body, taking my time with my pits and crotch, and I even pulled once at my cock just to add a little variety to the performance. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my leg, causing me to drop my bar of soap. It hit me all at once what I had done - scratched myself with that booby-trapped soap bar that Kent had stuck full of dimes! That little bastard! I thought as I bent over to retrieve it. While I was bent over I thought I would bring my show to a grand finale and turned my wet ass toward the crowd before standing back up. I bet Mike's got a boner now! I thought to myself.

Grabbing my towel and shower bucket, I stepped to an open spot and ended the matinee by towel drying my hair. Out of the corner of my eye I could tell Mike's gaze was fixed on me. I had to bite my lip to keep myself from smiling.

I walked past the guys in line and kept looking straight ahead, making eye contact with no one, especially Mike. I was almost out the door when my Oscar winning performance came to a screeching halt. I burst out laughing and stumbled out into the hallway. Written in the huge steamy mirror above the long row of sinks was a simple message just for me:


I was still chuckling when I got to my room, completely forgetting for the moment that Kent was still acting weird. He was fully dressed and had just finished tying his shoe laces when he grabbed his backpack and headed for the door. Had I not put up my hand to stop him he would have left without saying a word. 'Tell me what's wrong,' I demanded.

My roommate readjusted his backpack and shrugged his huge shoulders. 'Nothing's wrong,' he said coldly. He tried to open the door but I pushed it shut.

'Listen,' I insisted, 'if anyone should be ticked off it should be me! You trashed my side of the room!'

Kent glared at me and nodded. 'You're right. It was all my doing. I thought it up all by myself. I'll make it right when I get back from class this afternoon. You and Mike won't have to worry a thing about it.' Once again he opened the door to head out for class. As he swung it open, Mike was standing there dripping wet, still wearing nothing but his towel.

'Morning, Kent!' he grinned, 'You're up bright and early!'

' looks like I was the only one around here who got any sleep last night,' Kent answered sharply. He slipped past Mike and took off down the hall.

Mike looked at me with a puzzled expression. 'What's that supposed to mean?'

'I don't have a clue,' I told him. 'But I'm going to find out.'

It really bothered me to see Kent so upset, but I was more interested in checking out this sexy wet hunk in front of me. I reached out and pulled him inside and locked the door. Pushing him against the wall, I planted a firm kiss on his eager mouth. 'Muscle whore!' Mike teased as I nibbled on his moist neck. We chuckled as our towels slowly dropped to the floor.

That afternoon I waited in our room for Kent to return. I knew that by four thirty he was done with his work study and he usually came in to change clothes and walk down with me and Mike to the cafeteria for dinner. It occurred to me that I hadn't seen him on campus all day and hadn't noticed him at lunch, either. I tried calling him on his cell, but he didn't (or wouldn't) pick up. I walked down the hall and looked out the main window that faced the student parking lot but didn't see Kent's car in its assigned space. What's going on with him? I wondered. I sat down at my desk and tried to think of what I had said or done to piss him off. In a few moments I heard a knock at the door.

Mike stuck his head in and grinned at me. I suppose by the way I waved back he could tell that I had something on my mind. He closed the door behind him and crossed over to my desk and hugged my shoulders.

'Hey hot man!' he said affectionately. He leaned in to kiss my cheek before sitting down on my bed. 'Have you and Kent worked things out?'

'I haven't seen him all day - have you?'

Mike was silent for a moment. 'Come to think of it, no.'

'I still don't know what's gotten him so upset,' I complained. I tried to reach Kent again by his cell but didn't get an answer.

Mike leaned over my desk and squeezed my hand. 'I told you last night what's wrong. He's into you.'

I stared at Mike and looked over at Kent's bed. Could that be it? I wondered. Why hadn't I figured this out on my own? A flood of guilt flowed over me. 'No, I don't think that's it. Like I said before he's never given me any reason to believe that he might be into guys. Or me for that matter,' I added.

'I think your gaydar is broken, Rob!' Mike teased.

'Oh shut up, smartass!' I laughed. 'I'm trying to be serious here. We've been best friends for years and years; maybe he's jealous of how close you and I have become over the semester and he feels threatened by our friendship.' Again, I felt the pangs of guilt. I was pretty hard on him last night when all the pranks started to get on my nerves, though he did deserve it.

I jumped up and grabbed Mike's arm. 'Come on. Let's go look for him,' I said.

We drove Mike's truck all around the small college town, looking for any sign of Kent's little VW Rabbit. We saw nothing. The nearby lake was a popular hangout for most of our friends, but his car wasn't parked at any of the lots or campsites. I called some of our mutual friends and asked if they had seen Kent today on campus. No one had. One of his classmates said that he hadn't shown up this afternoon for his work study, either.

'I have his mom's and dad's number but I don't want to call and worry them,' I said. Mike agreed that it probably would be best to leave them out of the loop for now. He reached out and held my hand, lacing his fingers through mine. I decided to change the subject.

'I've been thinking about you all day, buddy, I said. 'Last night was something I'll never forget...I think I'm falling for you...' I tightened my grip on his hand and looked out the window, watching the blur of trees race past. We drove in silence for a while and I began to worry that I had spoken too soon about how I felt.

Damn it! I thought to myself. I hope I haven't scared Mike off already...

In a few minutes Mike pushed on the break and turned his truck down a small country lane. Once his truck had disappeared from view of the main highway, he pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the engine. 'What's wrong?' I asked him.

Mike slid down the seat and put his arms around me. He kissed me gently and nuzzled my ear. 'I know I've fallen for you, Rob' he whispered. 'I can't imagine my life now without you. I just wanted you to know that.' He kissed me once more and slipped back under the steering wheel.

Starting up the engine, we headed back to the campus. Overwhelmed with emotion, I reached over and squeezed Mike's thigh. It was hard to keep from tearing up.

When we arrived back at the dorm parking lot, I instinctively hit the break, even though I was on the passenger side. I had seen Kent's car!

We ran up the steps of our dorm as quickly as we could and threw open the door to my room. Kent was sitting on the edge of his bed, packing his stuff into a bunch of cardboard boxes. There must have been at least of dozen boxes of different shapes and sizes strewn all over the floor. He looked up at us and quickly turned away. His swollen eyes told me that he had been crying for quite a while.

'What the hell do you think you're doing?' I demanded.

Kent kept packing. 'I'm out of here,' he said in a low voice.

Mike and I stood and watched him cross over to his dresser and pull some socks out of a drawer. We didn't know what to say. I was in shock! Finally I found the words to speak.

'Kent, what in the world is the matter with you?' I asked sternly. He just kept busy, pitching his odds and ends into a box, never looking up for a moment. 'Where are you going?'

'I'm moving to Snodgrass Hall to room with Kevin.'

I couldn't decide if I was put out with Kent or felt sorry for him. 'Talk to me - tell me what's going on!'

Kent started to carry a box out into the hallway but I intercepted him and shut the door. I wanted to get to the bottom of this mess and I didn't want our conversation to be broadcast all over the third floor of Barnabas Hall. 'There's nothing to say, Rob...' he muttered.

'Kent, we've been best friends most of our lives! Why are you doing this to me?' It was hard to control my voice whenever I got upset. I could feel my throat closing off from frustration and I began to choke on my words.

Kent glared at me in anger and threw his box down hard on the floor. Books and papers went flying all over the carpet. 'What did you say, Rob? What did you just say to me?' Hot tears immediately filled his eyes. 'Why am I doing this to YOU?'

Mike moved behind me and walked to the door. 'Do you want me to leave?' he asked quietly.

'No, Mike,' I answered. 'I want you to stay here - just lock the door so that no one will walk in and disturb us.'

Kent gestured toward Mike as he turned the lock on the doorknob. 'That's why I'm leaving!' His voice trembled as he spoke. 'It's what goes on behind locked doors - that's the reason why...'

'Really, maybe I should leave,' Mike suggested again, feeling very uncomfortable.

'No, Mike, we're all going to sit here for as long as it takes and figure out what's going on.' Kent wiped away his tears and continued to pack. I sat down on the edge of his bed and studied my old friend. I knew from past experience that he was a very tenderhearted guy, but I had never seen him this emotional. Something was tearing him up inside and I wanted to help him as best I could.

'What did you mean when you said 'what goes on behind locked doors'? Look at me, Kent. Please tell me what's going on!'

Kent grabbed a small box and sat down at his desk and fiddled with the remnants of his desk drawer. 'I know about you two,' he confessed.

I felt a nuclear explosion go off in my brain! I looked over at Mike's wide-eyed expression and knew that he was in shock as well. We sat there in silence for quite a while before I timidly asked, 'Exactly what do you know?'

Kent leaned his elbows on his desk and rubbed his forehead over and over with the palms of his hands as if trying to rub out something painful. 'Last night I went down to Mike's room to tell you that Delbert had gone back to his apartment and that the coast was clear. I tried the doorknob and found that it was locked. Just as I started to knock, I heard you two through the door.' Kent paused for a moment before he continued in a low voice. 'I know that you were having sex.'

For a few moments I was absolutely dumbfounded. Eventually the words came to me. 'I'm sorry that what we were doing has hurt you, Kent. I would never in a million years want to hurt you. You mean the world to me!'

My words brought tears once again to his eyes. He put his head in his hands and began to sob. 'Best friends are honest with each other and tell each other the truth...' he sniffed. 'We've known each other since we were kids, Rob! Why didn't you tell me that you were into guys?'

'Well, I didn't know how you would react, buddy. Hell, we grew up in the Bible Belt of Virginia and you know how tightly that thing strangled us! I didn't know if you would think I was weird or would hate me and I didn't want to risk losing you as my friend,' I choked. Watching Kent break down was just too hard for me to watch. I felt tears begin to pool in my eyes. I leaned over to my roommate and fell to my knees in front of him. Tears were trickling down his face in streams, wetting his thin tee shirt.

Kent frowned at me through his tears and punched me in the arm. 'Don't be a dumbass, Rob! You know that I could never hate you.'

He wiped away his tears and glanced back and forth between myself and Mike. 'You and Mike and I have been really tight since he came to school this semester. We've done everything together. We eat together and lift together and hang out all the time. Why would you go off and have sex together...without including me?'

My eyes must have been the size of half dollars! 'Wh-What? What did you say?' I stammered. I couldn't believe my ears! My heart started pounding in my chest. Mike had been right all along! I thought to myself. Kent is into me and I never realized blind could I have been?

I reached up and hugged my friend as tightly has I could and started laughing. Kent pushed me back and stared at me. 'What's so funny?'

'You are, you little bastard! This whole situation is!' I grinned. 'You're into guys and I never knew it! How long have you known this about yourself?'

Kent started to brighten up and gave me a shy smile. 'Since high school, I suppose,' he sniffed.

'So...have you been interested in me since high school, too?'

Kent grinned and turned three shades of red. 'Yep...why do you think gym was my favorite class?' he said with a chuckle. 'That was the only time I got to see you naked!'

'But you dated all kinds of girls in high school, Kent! And I know that you fucked each one of them because you made sure to tell me all about it.'

Kent looked at me sheepishly and cleared his throat. 'Well, about that...' he began, 'I lied to you, Rob; I've never had sex with any of those girls I dated...'

I looked at him like he had just sprouted another head.

'Yeah, it's true... and do you remember how I always told you the details about my sexual experiences on the phone? Whenever I was describing what I had done with a girl - I was imagining I was doing with you! I got off on our sex talks, Rob. You always did give me the biggest boner!' He stopped and looked down at his crotch. 'See - I'm already getting one now!'

I looked down and fell back on the floor in awe - he had one hell of a circus tent in his jeans!

'You don't know how many times I've tried to tell you that I wanted you, Rob, but I always chickened out in the end. I didn't know if you would hate me and I didn't want to lose your friendship either. I've never been with another guy before...this is all new to me and, to be honest, I'm a little nervous.'

Mike fell over laughing. ' I the only one around here whose gaydar actually works?'

'I'm afraid so, Einstein!' I retorted.

It felt so good to finally know the truth that had been hidden away for all these years. I leaned in and gave Kent another hug and this time he wrapped his strong arms around me and hugged me back. When I kissed his cheek he turned and looked at Mike, who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

'Would it be okay if I kissed him back?' Kent asked.

Mike winked at him and smiled.

Kent placed his hands on the back of my neck and pulled me close, softly kissing my forehead, then both my cheeks. As he leaned in to kiss my mouth, I realized that my pent-up desire for him was about to be released and I joined him in one of the most sensual kisses of my life. A kiss that had started off so soft and innocent quickly became something that was all consuming and I felt a fire burn within me for this man. Our tongues began to explore each other's mouths and our arms tightly encircled our muscular physiques. I reached down and felt Kent's huge cock as he grabbed at mine.

Within moments I realized that we were not alone in our passion. Mike was right there with us on his knees, kissing our faces and rubbing our bulging crotches. I was in heaven.


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