'Rob, when are you going to bed?'

I turned around and looked Kent straight in the eye. I could tell that he was trying to hide a smile when he glanced away from my curious expression.

'Since when do you care when I'm going to bed?' I demanded. He had never once in our long history as college roommates ever asked me that question. Usually in the evening Kent did his homework at his desk, stripped down to his underwear, and climbed into bed without much more than a quick 'Good night'. This was really out of the norm for him.

'I just can't sleep tonight with your light on,' he answered, flopping back on his pillow as proof of his impatience. Kent turned on his side and leaned on his elbow, shading his eyes from the glow of my desk light. I had been best friends with him since grade school and knew when he was serious and when he was pulling my leg. Something's up, I thought to myself. I walked across the room and stood over Kent's bed, looking down at his thick blonde hair. He sheepishly looked up at me, his deep blue eyes widening in fake surprise. 'What?' he smirked.

When we were kids back in Virginia, Kent had earned a reputation as a practical joker and this new concern for my wellbeing reeked of that old mischievous nature. I turned around and pretended to walk toward my own bed; in a split second I was sitting on top of my roommate's bare chest with his tanned, muscular arms pinned under the weight of my legs.

Kent's startled laughter filled our small dorm room. He struggled in vain to free himself, which caused his chest to swell even more. The sight of his bulging pecs made my cock twitch inside my shorts, so I made myself focus on getting to the bottom of the situation. 'Okay, buddy - tell me what's going on and I'll let you up!'

Kent grinned from ear to ear as he thrashed his head back and forth on his pillow. 'Nothing! I swear it!' he gasped between peals of laughter. I looked down on his unshaven face which peaked in a soul patch on his chin. Man, this guy it too sexy! I thought to myself. I could imagine my tongue working its way across those blond whiskers and diving into that sweet mouth. I had never come out to my roomie about my attraction to him and I knew that I probably never would. Kent was too good a friend to risk losing, even though I longed to make love to him.

Suddenly a scene flashed across my mind that I had witnessed earlier in the evening. On my way to the campus library, I had noticed our friend Mike talking to Kent in the dorm hallway. They both lowered their voices when they saw me and I caught Mike elbowing my roommate out of the corner of my eye. 'Hey, I'm watching you two!' I yelled back. Mike only raised an eyebrow in my direction, which caused my heart to race all the way down the stairs. 'That guy is killing me!' I whispered to myself.

It was a freezing cold morning in early January when I first laid eyes on Mike climbing out of his pickup truck to unload his boxes and bags. I noticed almost immediately the muscular silhouette of his huge frame beneath the layers of winter outerwear. He was a tall, strikingly handsome man with dark wavy hair and dark brown eyes which smiled when he smiled. I was instantly attracted to him. Borrowing an expression from my mom, he was a real 'looker'. I was glad to find that instead of being conceited and obnoxious, he was a friendly, down-to-earth guy and easy to get to know. And I really wanted to get to know Mike!

As a Resident Assistant, it was my job to help transfer students get acclimated to campus life and I volunteered to assist in getting him moved into the dorm. As luck would have it, he got the empty room on my floor that had come open at the beginning of the semester. I soon discovered through our early conversations that he had been born and raised in West Virginia on the Greenbrier Mountain, just like my mom. He knew the families of many of our relatives, including my grandparents, and I was glad that I had made a connection with him on a personal level.

On the opening day of the semester, Mike appeared in the doorway of my philosophy class. Our eyes met and he waved to me with his chin. He came down my row and took the empty seat right in front of me. Oh holy crap! I thought to myself, I'll never be able to concentrate with him directly in my line of vision! As the semester passed, I often found myself staring at the outline of his muscular shoulders and the gorgeous waves of hair that grew past his shirt collar. I imagined running my fingers through those beautiful locks and softly kissing the back of his neck. At least once every class hour, Mike would yawn and lean back to stretch. His head would be within inches of my face, close enough that I could smell the musky scent of his cologne . Like a porn star teasing the camera, he flexed his huge biceps right in front of me, holding the pose a little longer than was necessary. Muscle whore! I thought to myself. You know exactly how to turn a guy on! I couldn't get enough of this man and I felt my attraction to him growing stronger day by day. It was really difficult to keep my eyes, and especially my hands, off of him!

Kent and I often invited Mike to eat with us in the cafeteria and we introduced him to our circle of friends. The girls on the campus of our small college flocked around him, but I never saw him showing interest to any one of them in particular. When we drove off campus with our female friends to grab a burger or to catch a movie in Huntington, Mike seemed to enjoy flirting and joking with the girls just as much as Kent and I. But he always found the seat next to me in the restaurant or at the theatre which I enjoyed but left me confused. Maybe none of these girls are his type? I wondered. Or.. maybe there's more to this guy than meets the eye!

Like myself, Mike was a hairy guy and I had a hard time diverting my eyes from the sexy chest hair that curled from his open shirt collar whenever we talked. He seemed to keep a two-day growth of beard which made him look incredibly rugged - and I had always been a sucker for a guy with whiskers.

As an R.A. on his dorm floor, however, I had to constantly remind him that he had to shave, which I felt was ridiculous. Colleges with strong religious views often have some weird rules and the insistence on men shaving and looking 'clean cut' was one of them. But I never skipped an opportunity to talk to this guy, even if it was about some silly infraction.

Mike was soon working out with us on a regular basis which became the highlight of my day. Not only did I love to look at Kent's incredibly defined frame, which was naturally smooth and sleek, but now I found myself mesmerized by the amazing body of this new friend. I was so distracted by his huge physique that I could hardly focus on what I was doing, often completely forgetting the next exercise of my routine. My cock stayed wet with pre-cum every time we were together and I tried my best to have my gym shorts covered by a long tee to keep my secret excitement hidden from him and my roommate.

One particular afternoon when we were working out, I turned to see Mike pull off his sweaty tee shirt and continue to lift. At the sight of his muscular V-shaped back, which tapered down to a bulging ass and tree trunk legs, I could feel my cock pushing though the right leg of my shorts. I had to quickly turn away to catch my breath! After I had composed myself, I finally got to see what really interested me - his hairy chest. The fur on Mike's broad chest was absolutely perfect in my eyes and was calling to my hungry mouth. At the top of each chiseled mound the dark silky hair grew in slight swirling patterns, and I lustfully watched the sweat from his workout flow along the deep canyon between his pecs and abs. The image of that moment stayed with me for weeks after that, often providing my mind with the picture I needed to jerk my way to explosion. How I longed for that guy!

Kent's squirming beneath me brought my mind back to the issue at hand. 'Did you and Mike booby trap my side of the room?' I asked, narrowing my eyes as if I were mad. 'I don't know what you're talking about!' Kent giggled. 'Now get off me, you jerk!'

I pushed Kent's head back on his pillow and stood up. He playfully tried to kick my butt and I quickly grabbed his ankle, pulling him from his bed and onto the floor with a thud. 'That's what you get, you big fat liar!' I said with a laugh.

I walked over to my dresser and checked out my shower bucket to see if anything had been tampered with in my absence. I immediately noticed the plastic soap box had been shut tight, something I wasn't in the habit of doing. I always made a point to keep the box open to allow moisture to escape. Upon closer examination, I found the first of the pranks that Mike and Kent had concocted. The surface of the soap bar had tiny grooves within it and I knew from experience that this was a classic Kent trick. He had taken as many dimes as he could find and had pushed them into the softened soap bar, burying them lengthwise as deeply as possible so that I would painfully discover them the next time I lathered up in the shower. 'You need to be more creative, buddy,' I chuckled. 'This one's getting old!' Kent turned his head toward his desk, trying not to show his stupid grin.

I pulled out each of my dresser drawers and found them all to be empty. I stared hard at Kent without a smile, watching where his guilty eyes would wander, hopefully giving me a clue to the mystery of my missing clothes. Eventually his eyes darted over to the closed curtains of our only window and I saw for the first time that evening the scene of yet another crime. I ran to the window, pulled back the curtains, and to my horror saw one of my socks hanging out a few inches from inside the window seal. Holding on to the sock, I slowly raised the window and pulled one long continuous rope of socks and tees back into our room. 'I'm going to kill you guys!' I yelled, now getting majorly pissed off. Once the entire rope of clothing was pulled inside, I noticed that my underwear was still missing. 'Okay, smartass! What did you do with my shorts?' Kent only pulled the covers over his head and pretended to snore. It slowly began to dawn on me where I'd find them. 'You didn't!' I gasped.

I could remember years ago helping him play a prank on one of our childhood friends when we stayed overnight at his house. We had taken all of his underwear, soaked them in water, and shoved this big wet wad of clothing into the refrigerator freezer. Our friend's mom found the frozen ball the next morning and had gotten really angry with us, waking us up from a deep junk food hangover with a loud scream. I now felt her anger as I jerked open the door to the small frig we shared and peered into its freezer compartment. It was crammed full of my frozen boxers, just as I had feared! I pulled the giant multi-colored ice cube out of the freezer and threw it as hard as I could at Kent who now was convulsing with laughter under the covers. 'I hate you..' I muttered. I had to admit that the thought of these guys, especially Mike, touching my underwear was a little erotic!

I scanned my side of the room to see what else these idiots had created for me to find. My closet! I ran to my closet in the corner of our room and slammed the sliding door to one side, knocking it off its tracks. Oh great, can this get any worse? I wondered. In a moment I knew it could. All of my shirts, pants and jeans had been tied into knots, sleeve to sleeve and pant leg to pant leg. 'You guys are gonna fix all of this mess!' I yelled. Kent's choked his laughter by burying his face in his pillow.

I went to the edge of my bed and sat down to try to think of what else I might find. Wait a minute, I thought, something doesn't feel right.. I pulled back my bed spread and found that I wasn't sitting on my mattress, but the cushions from a couch which I recognized from the dorm lobby. In a moment I was on top of Kent again, pushing the laughing little bastard down hard with all my might until he begged me to let him go. 'Where did you shits put my mattress? Tell me now or I'll suffocate you!' Kent could tell by my voice that I was furious.

'This was all Mike's idea!' he yelled in a squeaky voice. 'I can't breathe - get off of me!'

'Not until you tell me where my mattress is,' I growled.

'It's in the bathroom!'

'Get it NOW!' I hissed. I yanked back Kent's covers and pulled him to his feet. 'Okay, okay - geesh, can't you take a joke, Rob?' I just glared at him. 'Not at midnight, you jackass! I wanted to go to sleep and now you've ticked me off.' Kent's grin slowly faded as he trotted out of the room. In a minute he was back, dragging my mattress behind him.

'Was my mattress on that nasty bathroom floor?' I asked in disgust.

'No, Mike put it over the stalls so it never touched the floor!' Kent began to chuckle again, reminded of all the fun he and our friend had had at my expense.

I pushed him out of the way and marched down to the end of the hall and banged on Mike's door. I wasn't sure what I would do when he answered, though. Maybe I would punch him or maybe I would wrestle him to the ground in a headlock. Wrestling sounded like a good option. Wrestling was a safe way to cop a feel and I definitely wanted to feel up this guy by any means. I pounded on his door again and then tried the knob. His door was unlocked and he was gone. Crap! I thought angrily. There's an opportunity wasted.

When I returned to my room, Kent had replaced my mattress and the sheets that he and Mike had hidden. He promised me that he would take care of putting everything back in its place after his work study tomorrow. I stared at his adorable face and realized that I couldn't stay mad at him. Smiling, I shook my head and stripped down to my underwear and climbed into bed. 'Are you still nine years old?' I muttered under my breath. Kent chuckled again and climbed under his own covers. 'I guess I'm going to have to go commando tomorrow,' I said out loud, reaching for my text book. I propped up on my pillows and started to read the last chapter of an assigned reading for a quiz the next morning.

In a few minutes Kent turned and asked me again, 'Rob, when are you going to go to sleep?'

I slammed my book shut and turned off the light on my bookshelf. 'Man, you're getting on my nerves!' I said sarcastically. I realized that I was too wound up to read anyway and wanted to reflect on the fact that Mike had instigated the whole thing. I didn't want to play mind games with myself, but I thought he must have some feelings for me to have come up with such an elaborate and devilish series of pranks. In a weird way, I was sort of flattered that he took the time to tease me.

It took at least an hour for me to begin to drift off to sleep. I had been fantasizing about Mike's hard body and how I would love to have him there next to me, rubbing his chest, nibbling on his neck and massaging what I imagined to be an amazing cock. I'm sure I was still dreaming of him when a loud crashing sound broke the silence.

For quite a while I really wasn't sure exactly what had just happened. I learned later that the crashing sound that jolted me awake was Kent's closet door forcefully slammed against the wall. It had come off its tracks and hit the floor, echoing like a clap of thunder (obviously, we had very cheap closet doors). In the fog of sleep I heard something ungodly yelling my name with all its might. It sounded more like an animal than a human and it scared the living hell out of me.

I bolted straight up in bed and yelled in terror as whatever this thing was came running in the dim light and jumped on me, laughing hysterically. Though I was completely disoriented, I began to realize that there was something familiar about this creature on top of me. I could hear Kent laughing his fool head off from somewhere in the darkness when suddenly the overhead light flashed and I could finally squint to see what this thing was.

It was Mike, perched on top of my belly like some sort of gargoyle, wearing the molded rubber mask of an old man. I could see his dark eyes smiling evilly through the slits of the hideous face as he called my name in a shrill falsetto voice. I laid my head back, heaving with fear. 'I'm going to kill you for this..' is all I could muster between breaths.

All the noise coming from our room had awakened the whole floor and guys were running down the hall from every corner to check it out. The noise level got even louder when they heard Kent's broken explanation of what they had planned. Mike had hidden himself in Kent's closet for hours waiting for the opportunity to jump out and scare me to death!

With the adrenaline rush that was going through my veins, I pushed the howling gremlin off of me and onto the floor. Mike got up and danced around my bedside, wearing nothing but his underwear and that ridiculous mask. I bolted out of bed to flog him but he broke through the crowd of fifteen to twenty guys who had gathered in our room and took off running down the hall, still yelling out my name like a banshee. I chased him at full speed down to his room where he tried to slam the door in my face. Wedging my body into the door frame and pushing with all of my might, I finally forced the door open. Mike fell on his bed in a quivering heap of laughter.

Just as I closed the door behind me, I heard the hushed whispers of the guys in the hallway and the quickened pace of muffled footsteps. 'DELBERT'S COMING!' was the message which echoed from room to room. I froze in fear and locked Mike's door. Delbert was the grouchy dorm dad who lived underneath our floor and must have been awakened by all the noise coming from above. Delbert played favorites with some of the guys and, even though I worked for him as an R.A., I had somehow found myself on his bad side and he was out to get me fired from my cushy work-study job and give it to one of his cronies.

I turned out the light and whispered in the blinding darkness to the demon still bent over laughing. 'Shhh! Mike, shut up!' I ran over to his bed and pulled him to the floor, yanking the sweaty mask off his head and clamping my hand over his mouth. 'Damn it, shut up!' I whispered sternly in his ear. 'I'm already on Delbert's shit list as it is!' His body continued to shake uncontrollably. This is it, I nervously thought to myself, I'm going to get fired and have to work in that stinking cafeteria again and it's all their faults!

As I sat there cupping Mike's mouth in my hand, I strained to listen to the noises in the hallway while his laughter began to subside. Gradually I became aware of just how I was holding him; his back was against my chest, my legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, and my free hand was holding one of his bulging pecs! The texture of his chest hair immediately made my cock swell and I found myself rubbing his erect nipple over and over again. In a moment my little soldier was at full salute and I knew that he had to feel it pushing into his back. Sitting there in the darkness, I feared it was too late to hide my feelings from him any longer.

To my surprise and relief, he reached up and caressed the back of my hand and I could feel his face turning towards mine. I slowly released my hand from his mouth and listened to the erotic sound of his heavy breathing just inches away from my ear. His whiskers rubbed across my cheek as he leaned his head against my face. 'It's about time you noticed me!' he said in a low husky voice. 'See what a guy has to do to get your attention?' My heart, already pounding furiously in my chest, felt like it had skipped a beat. Was I still dreaming? Could this guy whom I craved from a distance really be here in my arms? I hugged Mike as intensely as I could and slowly kissed his cheek, feeling the coarse stubble glide across my lips. We stayed seated in that position for a long time, saying nothing but absorbing the sexual energy of the moment.

Finally I spoke. 'You don't know how long I've wanted to kiss you..'


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