Mike's whiskers rubbed across my cheek as he leaned against my face. 'It's about time you noticed me!' he said in a low husky voice. 'See what a guy has to do to get your attention?' My heart, already pounding furiously in my chest, felt like it had skipped a beat. Was I still dreaming? Could this guy whom I craved from a distance really be here in my arms? I hugged Mike as intensely as I could and slowly kissed his cheek, feeling the coarse stubble glide across my lips. We stayed seated in that position for a long time, saying nothing but absorbing the sexual energy of the moment.

Finally I spoke. 'You don't know how long I've wanted to kiss you...'

Mike wrapped his strong arms around my outer thighs and squeezed them tightly against his own. 'I want you, Rob,' he whispered. 'I want to make love to you tonight...' He turned around to face me in the dim light and I could barely see the glimmer of street lights in his eyes. Time stood still as I stared into the silhouette of his sexy face. I could hardly believe that my desire for him was mutual. The months of stolen glances and yearning for each other had brought us to this quiet place, just the two of us alone, surrounded by the electric darkness.

As turned on as I was, though, an evil thought raced through my youthful mind. I truly wanted to make love to this beautiful man as well, but I couldn't waste an opportunity to tease him. He could surely dish it out, but could he take it? It's my turn to have a little fun... I thought to myself.

'Sorry, Mike - not interested!' I said flippantly and raised myself up, pretending to leave. He grabbed my waist and gently but firmly pushed me back down onto the floor. It was cool to be manhandled by a guy who wanted to take charge. 'You're not going anywhere!' he assured me.

'No, really, you're not my type!' I insisted, putting up a fake struggle. Smiling from ear to ear, he leaned over and parted my lips with his tongue and kissed me deeply. With the solid weight of his body he continued to press forward, pushing my back flat to the carpet. I gladly surrendered. I slowly moved the palms of my hands over his muscular back, eventually arriving at his narrow hips where I stuck my eager hands into the backside of his boxers. His hairy ass was round and incredibly firm and I couldn't wait to taste it. So much for playing hard to get! I thought.

I tried to maneuver my head to kiss his neck, but Mike pulled away. 'Uh, uh,' he whispered. 'This is my room and while you're in my room, you'll follow my rules. And rule number one is the guest cums first!' Pinning my wrists to the carpet, he began kissing my face tenderly, nibbling on my chin, and exploring my earlobe with his warm tongue. Mike's deep breathing and the sound of his kisses in my ear sent shock waves through my system, causing pre-cum to drip like maple syrup in March.

'Do you want me to fuck your ear?' he asked in a low voice.

'Oh yeah, Mike, do it to me...' I begged, trying to steady my voice. I turned my head slightly to make it easier for him to reach. Mike slowly circled the edge of my ear with his tongue, stopping only briefly to suck my earlobe. Suddenly I felt him plunge his wet snake in and out of my ear with increasing intensity. I was on fire with desire for him and moaned with each thrust. He raped my other ear as well, leaving me shivering with anticipation for the remaining journey his hot mouth would take.

Mike once again continued his methodic sandpaper kisses around my neck, gently biting me here and there and making me tremble with pleasure. I had never been with a man who was so passionate; usually that was my department and my lover would just lay there and enjoy it. But it was incredible to be on the receiving end for a change. Mike's agenda was to please and satisfy me first which had never been a priority with any other man. I knew I was already falling for this guy and we had barely begun to make love!

His mouth roamed over my pecs, stopping momentarily to flick his tongue across my chest hair. He rubbed his face in my fur like it was a pillow, breathing in my cologne which I always sprayed liberally there. 'Man, Rob, you smell terrific... I can't get enough of you!' he confessed as his hungry mouth fastened on a hardened nipple. He sucked and chewed on that little guy like he was a kid with candy. I felt the suction of his mouth grow stronger and louder with each passing minute. His teeth found my other nipple which caused me to wince with excitement. My nipples were always a pleasure center and he seemed to sense it. His probing tongue continued to encircle the contour of my heaving pecs and eventually made its way to my pits. He tongue fucked my pits over and over while his swollen dick pounded my hip. The tickling sensation was incredibly erotic and made me squirm wherever his mouth landed. 'Eat me, Mike,' I begged. 'Eat me...'

'I will, I will. Don't be in such a hurry, buddy!' he said coyly. 'Just sit back and enjoy the ride.' Mike opened his mouth wide and lapped at my biceps, sucking and gently biting them in true muscle worship. 'You have no idea how horny you've made me in the weight room, Rob,' Mike whispered. 'You've damned near killed me with lust! All I've wanted to do is touch your hot body...'

'I'd talk, you big tease!' I smiled. 'Every time I looked up at the whiteboard in Dr. Hall's class you'd be flexing right in my face, pretending to yawn and stretch! Muscle whore - that's what you are - one big muscle whore!' We both laughed at the mental image. 'It's true, I'll admit it,' Mike chuckled. 'I wanted you to want me. Did my plan work?'

'Nah, I've seen bigger arms on my own grandma!' I said as seriously as I could.

Faking a bear growl, Mike thrust his hard cock into my hip with tremendous force. 'Smart ass!' he smirked. 'You'll pay for that!' His mouth locked onto mine in a long, melting kiss. Before long he broke away and began to plant sweet, passionate kisses in the peaks and valleys of my rock hard abs. Mike's tongue found its way down to my shorts, which by now were a sticky mess. He gnawed on my throbbing penis along its entire length through the wet material, finally pulling the boxers down to my balls with his teeth. Once released from its straightjacket, my dick grew even larger along the length of my lower abs. Mike blew his warm breath on my wet cock and watched it continue to move and swell. He gripped my manhood and squeezed more of the clear juice along its shaft to the head and licked it clean. The sensation of his moist tongue made me feel that I could cum at any second.

'Hey grandma, take it easy down there!' I teased. 'You won't have to churn much more to make butter, if you know what I mean!' Again we laughed out loud and then shushed each other as we remembered that Delbert may still be roaming the halls, trying to reestablish peace and order.

I had had my fair share of lovers, but none until that moment had given my dick the full attention that Mike was giving it. First he showered my pole with wet, sloppy kisses, then rubbed and slapped it against his beard stubble, and finally swallowed all eight inches without a single gag reflex. I gasped as I watched him eat me whole; the heat of his mouth alone was enough to drive me wild. Instead of moving his mouth up and down along the length of my dick as most of my lovers had done, Mike simply continued to create a strong suction while giving my shaft a furious tongue massage from inside his amazing mouth. One of his hands stayed busy rubbing my hole, while the other pulled on my ball sack. Sensing that I was getting close to explosion, Mike immediately released his suction and pushed his thumbs hard against my hairy taint. The firm pressure kept my rod from reaching orgasm too soon and allowed me the time needed to settle down and 'enjoy the ride' as he put it. Again and again Mike brought me to the edge only to bring me back for another round.

Finally I begged him to let me shoot my load. 'Mike, I can't take it anymore!' I moaned. 'Please let me cum this time!' I was thrashing and trembling with a desire that I had never experienced before. If this is how Mike gives head, what will he do when he fucks my ass? I'll pass out! I thought to myself. I got up on my elbows and begged him again to let me cum.

Mike looked up at me and grinned. 'Okay, sonny!' he said in a shaky old lady voice, 'Grandma's ready to churn the butter!' I burst out laughing and flopped back on the floor. Mike was everything that I ever wanted in a partner. A gorgeous hunk, a sensitive lover and a big goofball all rolled into one. I can't let this one get away, I told myself. I'll never find another one like him...

I closed my eyes as Mike brought me once again to the edge. My whole body shuddered. I began to pant instead of breathe, and I felt my balls knocking together for the final countdown. Suddenly Mike started to move my dick completely in and out of his mouth; my cock was airborne one second and buried in his throat the next. Without my noticing it, he had soaked the middle finger of his right hand with saliva and began finger fucking my tight hole. In a few seconds I began writhing uncontrollably and grabbed Mike's head in my hands. 'SUCK ME, MIKE!' I whispered in gasps, 'SUCK ME!' I tried my best to control the volume of my voice so I wouldn't be overheard. 'OH FUCK!... I'M CUMMING, MAN... I'M CUMMING!'

Mike positioned himself to begin swallowing the torrents of cum that soon began to flood his mouth. He drank all that I gave him, moving his head with the jolting of my hips like a cowboy on a bucking bronco. When the explosion began to fade, I fell back on the floor like a limp dishrag, completely spent and satisfied. Mike stretched his huge frame over mine and leaned directly over my face. When I opened my eyes, his dark eyes were smiling back. 'Am I forgiven for the mess I made in your room?' he asked pitifully. I grinned and gave him as strong a bear hug as I could muster. He rolled over on his side and cuddled me in his arms. 'It's your turn now...' I heard myself say. Mike chuckled and pulled me onto his broad chest. He stroked my hair until I fell asleep.

When I awoke, Mike was starting to drift off himself and my rousing caused him to yawn and stretch. He struck the familiar double bicep pose and this time I was able to cop a feel of those massive arms. I immediately felt my dick grow stiff. 'So, muscle whore,' I asked with a grin, 'what time is it?'

'Time for you to shut the hell up!' he grinned back. Mike glanced over at his alarm clock on his desk. 'It's a quarter to three.' He leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth and we locked in a passionate embrace for a few minutes. 'You were fantastic, buddy,' I confessed to him. 'I have never known anything like that before... I think I'll keep you!'

Rolling over on top of Mike, I planted my chin on his furry chest and stared straight into his eyes.

My feelings for him were intensifying by the moment, which quite honestly scared the crap out of me. I had given my heart away once before to a guy who told me what he thought I wanted to hear. I couldn't stand the thought of going through that kind of pain again with Mike. Especially Mike.

'I have to ask you something,' I began, kissing his silky pecs for a moment while I tried to find the words. 'And please be honest with me... Are you in a relationship with any other guy back home? Is there someone else here on campus that you want to hook up with?' I braced myself for his reply.

'Yeah, Delbert looks pretty hot to me...!' His whole body shook with laughter as he brushed my disheveled hair to the side. I bit one of his pecs in playful revenge and held it gently in my teeth. 'Ouch! Let go, you little vampire!' he squealed. He reached up and held my face in his strong hands and I knew it was time for him to be serious. 'I've had my fill of disappointments, Rob,' he said in a hushed whisper as if someone else might be listening. 'I want someone real and solid in my life now...and in the future.'

I laid my head back down on his chest and breathed in his musty scent. Could I be that person you've been searching for? Is it too soon to even know? I wondered. Mike stroked my hair in silence for a few minutes before he spoke.

'What about you, Rob? Are you in love with Kent? Or is there someone else out there that you have the hots for?' I could hear his heart quicken its pace beneath my ear.

'Kent? You've got it all wrong with me and Kent. He's been my buddy since grade school. We used to play baseball together and ran track and even dated twin sisters back in high school. Sure, I've always been attracted to him, but I know his personality too well to get mixed up with him.'

'Besides,' I added, 'he's not the least bit interested in men.'

'Are you sure about that?' Mike asked, raising an eyebrow.

'Why? Do you know something I don't know about my own roommate?' His question seemed really odd to me for some reason. He wrapped his powerful arms around me and began to squeeze. Mike's touch made my cock grow firm against his muscular thigh. 'I just have noticed the way he looks at you in the weight room...I think he's into you.'

I had to admit that I have dreamed for years about making it with Kent. He has a body that turns heads, but he can be a little flakey sometimes in relationships. I know of many times in the past when he dated a girl for a few months and seemed to seriously commit, but for some reason would break if off without giving a reason. I had even witnessed him text message a breakup and jumped all over him for being so insensitive. He seemed to have no problem in the lovemaking department with any of the girls he had dated and never gave me the first clue that they hadn't satisfied him. He did ask me once why he hadn't seen me with a girl since high school, and I just shrugged him off. If you only knew, Kent, I thought to myself, if you only knew...

I quickly glanced up at Mike. 'Are you into Kent?' Mike gave me a smirk which told me that he could have been or still could be. 'You didn't answer me - are you into Kent?' I really wanted to know.

'What's with all the questions? Is little Robbie feeling insecure?' Mike teased.

I knew the answer to that already. Hell, yeah, I feel insecure! I sadly realized. I have never had a real relationship with a guy that lasted more than a few months and it always left me wondering what I had done wrong to screw things up. Now here I am with a terrific guy who seems to really care about me and that old nasty feeling had resurfaced.

'Listen to me,' Mike began, 'I wouldn't be here with you if I were interested in someone else. I have wanted to get to know you since the moment I first laid eyes on you out in the parking lot. Do you remember that day?' I smiled and nodded. 'I had hoped you were into me, and I put myself out there every chance I got. What other idiot would hang out in a cramped closet for hours waiting to jump out and scare him?' We both laughed at the thought of him being forced to breathe Kent's nasty gym shoes. Nobody would do that if they weren't seriously smitten!

I reached down and rubbed Mike's cock through the shorts he was still wearing. He had selflessly made sure that I had been serviced first and now it was his turn. I slid my hand under his waistband and found his wet pole getting hard. I was amazed with the size of it already!

'Man, Mike! This thing is huge! I feel like I've gotten hold of an anaconda or something!' I was only half kidding. I was looking forward to spending some time trying to tame that monster. He reached down and slipped his shorts off to reveal the boner he was sporting. Even in the semi-darkness I could tell that it, as my mom would say, was 'worth writing home about'! Still lying on his chest, I took hold of his engorged tool and pulled it up vertically. I couldn't believe its length and girth; a full ten inches or more of man meat towered before my widened eyes. I couldn't quit staring at it!

I turned and looked at Mike in amazement. His eyes were smiling along with his proud grin. 'So... what do you think?' he asked.

'I'm not all that impressed,' I lied with a smirk. 'Grandpa's dick is bigger than that on a cold winter's day!'

Mike pushed me off his chest and I rolled onto the floor in hushed laughter. 'You've got one sick family there, buddy!' he said sarcastically. I tried to climb back on top of him but he kept pushing me off, pretending to pout. This guy is too damn cute, I thought. I loved teasing him!

Finally I wrestled my way back on top with apologies and kisses. He turned his face away from my lips again and again to punish me for my joke. I eventually succeeded in grabbing his head and French kissed his open mouth. The seductive movement of his hot tongue let me know that he was ready for action.

Sitting up on his chest, my hard cock bounced in the dim desk light, just inches from his mouth. Mike reached to grab it and I pushed his hand away. 'Uh, uh!' I whispered. 'It's your turn now...'

I hope I can perform as well as he did, I thought nervously. Confidence, Rob, have confidence. You've never had a complaint before. But you've also never been with a guy that makes you melt like this, either.

'Roll over on your belly, Mike,' I ordered and he quickly obeyed. He swung his massive arms over his head, laid his face on the carpet and closed his eyes. I took a few moments to admire how truly beautiful a man's nude body could be. Mike really was a work of art. His body was what the ancient Greeks would consider the classic ideal; he was perfectly proportioned, perfectly symmetrical, perfectly balanced in mind and spirit. I wanted to soak in his strength and beauty, I wanted to absorb him, I wanted to worship him.

Climbing onto the small of his muscular back, I straddled my knees on either side of his hips and began to give him a sensual massage. For at least half an hour I worked the tension out of his powerful shoulder and back muscles until he was totally relaxed. I kissed, licked, and nibbled on each muscle as I worked and watched Mike smile in satisfaction. I serviced his biceps, triceps and pits the same way, kneading these areas like stiff dough. I eventually moved down to his bulging thighs and his thick calves, massaging the meat of these muscles until they were almost hot to the touch. I bathed his entire body, including his fingers and toes, in wet kisses and could tell that Mike was totally turned on by his endless moans.

While I worked on his Olympian legs, I couldn't keep my eyes off his sculpted ass. It was absolutely perfect - there's just no other way to describe it. Both ass cheeks were as round as melons and just as firm. I leaned over and looked as closely as I could at his gorgeous butt in the dim light. Dark hair grew around its base and disappeared into the valley between his cheeks in the most amazing patterns, almost like grass blown by the wind on a hillside. I touched each cheek simultaneously with the palms of my hands and felt him quiver in excitement. I could tell that his butt was a real source of pleasure for him and I couldn't wait to deliver all the pleasure I could give. I kissed each cheek softly but passionately.

I told Mike to get up on his knees while I massaged and squeezed those beautiful cheeks. He gasped as I gently bit each one and flicked my tongue into the crack of his sweet valley. Parting the mounds of solid muscle, I searched for his manhole with my tongue and quickly found the spot that sent an electric shock through his body. I spent a great deal of time licking and tongue fucking that pulsating hole until I heard Mike begin to pant in short breaths. I rammed my tongue in and out of his pleasure zone in violent thrusts, trying to penetrate him as deeply as possible. 'Eat me, Rob...' he whispered over and over, his ass trembling in ecstasy.

I reached between his thighs and grabbed his giant dick and found it to be dripping with pre-cum. I used his natural lubricant to full advantage, working the sticky ooze onto the entire length of his penis. Mike groaned deeply and rocked his strong hips to the movement of my hand. I knew he was primed and ready to cum.

I quickly slid my head under his raised butt and nestled between his thick thighs, clamping my mouth on that tremendous dick. It was all I could do to fit the girth of that monster between my lips. Mike gasped in delight when he realized that I wanted to be face fucked and began pushing his cock inch by inch into my waiting mouth. I soon learned, however, that there was no way I could swallow the entire length from that angle, so I pushed him off of me. 'Oh please, Rob!' Mike begged, 'Please suck me off! I need you to finish!'

I got up on my knees and grinned at him. His pleading was an erotic power trip for me! I loved to have a guy beg to be serviced and Mike sounded desperate. 'How bad do you need me to suck that big tool?' I asked, climbing up on his bed.

'Rob - don't tease me! You know I need you!' he pleaded. I smiled and rolled over onto my back, leaning my head over the edge of the bed towards him and propping my feet against the wall. In this position I could better align my throat for the journey of his giant rod. He grinned in relief when he realized what I was doing. 'Oh fuck, this is hot!' he whispered, straddling my face with his engorged dick. He rubbed it all over my beard stubble and smacked it a few times on my cheeks. I could tell that he loved the tactile sensation that it brought.

Once again I had his pole in my mouth, feeling his heart beating rapidly on my tongue. As he slowly inched his way down my throat, I reached around and began parting his ass cheeks to finger his hole. My buddy threw his head back and gasped. In a few moments he pulled himself out of my mouth and crawled over to his desk. Now it was me who was doing the begging!

'Hey, where are you going?' I complained. Mike seemed distracted, muttering to himself and shuffling through a desk drawer in the dim light. Eventually he returned with a tube of lubricant and a dildo the size of Texas. I balked when I saw the size of it!

'So this is what you do when I'm not around, huh?' I teased him. Mike unscrewed the tube and applied a generous amount of its contents on the firm rubber penis. 'You don't know how many times I imagined this was you!' he confessed with a chuckle, rubbing the lube along the shaft of his boy toy. I had to admit that I was flattered!

Mike knelt on one knee and from my upside-down vantage point I watched him slowly work the dildo into his tight hole. I had a toy similar to his so I knew how to use it, but I had never used one on another guy. This man is full of surprises, I thought to myself. He squeezed his eyes shut in a brief moment of pain and then pushed the rubber torpedo all the way to the base. His cock swelled with fresh blood fueled by the anal stimulation. He repositioned himself for round three and I reached out to grab both tools in my hands.

Mike's cock was juicy with pre-cum once again and it tasted great sliding past my tongue. I waited until I got used to the motion of his gentle thrusting before I tried to manually work his hole. Having been faced fucked before, I knew that I needed to relax my throat muscles as much as possible to get accustomed to the size of his cock. I had a few gag reflexes before I was able to turn my neck at the right angle to swallow the large mushroom head and let it penetrate my throat passage. Mike moaned with pleasure when he felt the warmth of my mouth on the whole length of his manhood.

Being the ever generous lover, he bent over me and grabbed my boner in his mouth. I was soon moaning myself, feeling his strong suction drawing me in. I tried my best to focus on pushing the dildo in and out of his hungry ass, but it wasn't easy. I was selfishly enjoying my own dick being sucked and I constantly had to remind myself that I should be paying closer attention to my buddy's needs. I started twisting his dildo in circles and moving it from side to side as I crammed it deeper and deeper. Mike's moans turned to deep growling and it became music to my ears. He was on sexual fire and I loved feeling him burn.

After a few more minutes of this intensity, I felt my own balls aching for release. Mike began to pant, begging me to fuck him harder and faster. I drove the dildo to its base again and again, while Mike did the same with my dick. We both were writhing in heated passion, reaching a fever pitch toward explosion. In a moment I felt my body spasm and cum shot into Mike's pounding mouth. He quickly sucked down my load, burying his face into my pubes. Tasting my juice brought him to the edge of orgasm and he gasped for air. All I could hear was his quick deep breaths and all I could feel was his pulsating dick in my mouth. In a split second he was filling my throat with hot cum and I swallowed as much of it as I possibly could, but his full load was too much for me to handle. He pumped more and more of his jizz into me and I soon felt the overflow down the sides of my cheeks.

Eventually Mike pulled out and fell to the floor on his back, his sweaty chest heaving like he had just ran a marathon. I wiped his cum into my mouth and savored the warm taste of my lover, licking every finger clean before joining him on the carpet. Man, this guy is amazing! I told myself. I rolled over and pulled a towel from his closet hamper and wiped my face dry. Laying my body to one side of his, I reached between his thighs and slowly pulled the rubber cock from his butt. Mike's eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned in the afterglow.

He opened his eyes and smiled weakly at me. 'Did I make grandpa proud?' he asked, pulling me close for a kiss.

'Yep. He'll be braggin' now all over town!' I chuckled.


Rembrandt Rob

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