It had been eight days since Rob and Larry began to have sex together and for each of them they considered it just a way to get off, two guys experimenting. Neither thought it was anything serious but everyday they had sex every chance available to them. All the next day after they fucked the first time they lounged around their apartment one then the other initiating sex and they did it all over their apartment. Larry's bed, of course was the first time, but they soon christened Rob's bed, the sofa, Larry's chair, and in the shower. They even used the dining table that morning before going to work, Larry pumping his cock in Rob so hard the table scooted across the floor.

Their sex was raw, physical, especially the way Rob threw himself at Larry. Their cocks were raw by the time they went into the bar eight days later greeting their friends and saddling up to the bar ordering their usual beers.

"Wanna play a game?" Bill asked, one of Larry's old high school classmates.

"Sure" Larry replied pushing away from the bar. Rob followed over to the side of the bar where two tables sat side by side. One was in play and Bill put his quarters into the slot of the other releasing the balls.

There were several of their friends sitting on the high bar stools along the open side of the room from the tables, and a few people Rob and Larry didn't know. Rob took a stool next to Karen where the two of them began to talk of the town's gossip, the latest events and what the two of them had been up to since they last saw the other. Rob listened, looking at Karen then at the game being played. Karen and he had messed around many times before and she seemed interested in hooking up tonight but Rob suddenly realized he had no interest and kept the conversation steered clear of the subject.

"Nice shot" Larry exclaimed at a banked shot by Bill and several watching the game nodded in agreement. Rob let his eyes move around the room looking at the guys suddenly asking which ones would and which wouldn't, his imagination running away with him.

When Bill was lining up a shot Larry came over and stood by Rob asking Karen what she had been up to the last couple of weeks. As she replied Larry let his leg brush up against Rob's knee. Rob pushed back, gently, his movement barely noticeable.

"Larry, your shot" Bill called out and Larry moved back to the table.

Rob heard the laughter before he saw them, two guys and a girl coming into their area standing down on the opposite end from Rob and Karen.

"Who's that?" Rob asked Karen nodding his head toward the three of them.

"The guy on the left is the new sheriff's son. I think his name is Andrew and the girl you should know" Karen replied.

"Is that Howard's sister?"

"Yep...little Michelle is all grown up."

"No shit. I bet her daddy would be down here in a minute if he knew she was in here."

"No doubt. As to the blonde headed guy, I have no idea, but I'd like to get to know him" Karen replied giving Rob a grin.

"I bet you would" Rob said to her thinking to himself how he would like to get to know him too.

Larry won the game and for the next three games and a couple of beers he beat a couple of the others before losing to the Jack. During the games Rob and he traded looks, knowing looks and when Rob motioned toward the new guy, the blonde with Andrew and Michelle. Larry would glance their way letting the image form in his mind of the fantasy of sex with the blonde guy.

The guy was lean, the tank top he wore hung from his shoulders so loose it looked like he could slip out through the top easily and his jeans were skin tight accentuating his round ass and long legs. His blonde hair was cut short along the sides but was so long on top it hung over his forehead and down into this eyes where he had to comb it back constantly with his hand. Each time he ran a hand through his hair Rob or Larry would look at the way his fingers moved through it, the way his raised arm revealed the dirty blonde underarm hair and they way his arm would flex muscularly with his movement.

Rob considered the guy off limits, just eye candy to look at but when he was staring one time too long the guy saw him looking and he smiled nodding his head ever so slightly.

Rob looked away knowing he had just been caught staring. It was a long minute before he looked over to the guy again and he found him looking his way. This time Rob held eye contact and he got another nod of acknowledgement in return.

Larry leaned over close to Rob's ear. "You still giving that guy the eye?" he whispered just before taking a drink of his beer.

"Yeah, and he's giving it back" Rob replied and Larry leaned forwarded looking over to where Michelle, Andrew and the guy with blonde hair stood. Michelle and Andrew were deep in conversation and the blonde headed guy was standing off to the side and as Larry looked at them the blonde smiled back at him. Larry smiled and nodded his head then stood back up straight.

"Let's go out back" Larry said to Rob referring to the small patio space that ran along the rear of the building. It was a narrow fenced area with a bench along the fence and a few chairs scattered around a couple of tables. Christmas lights strung from the top of the tall fence back to the building provided the only light. Rob followed Larry out the door, nodding and speaking to those they knew until they were at the far end sitting on the bench. Larry leaned back and let his long legs lay out in front of him. Rob sat next to him keeping an upright posture leaning forward on his hands that rested on the front edge of the bench.

"You didn't want to stare at pretty boy any longer?" Rob asked jokingly.

"No, I wanted to get him alone" Larry responded nodding toward the door.

Rob looked up and saw the blonde walking toward them, slowly, acting like he was just strolling around the patio but when he got about fifteen feet away he looked at Rob then Larry and smiled. He closed the distance between them and stood in front of Rob.

"I'm Steven" he said as he combed his right hand through the long hair on top pushing it out of his face.

"I'm Larry and this is Rob."

"Hey" Rob added nodding his head suddenly feeling nervous.

"Larry...Rob, ya know everyone in here is like someone I know, those back home who drink too much, beat their wives or girlfriends..." Steven laughs sarcastically, "or both and go to church when their mamas ask 'em to." He takes a drink and looks around the room then back at Larry and Rob grinning. "But you two mother fuckers..." and he leans in toward them lowering his voice, "I know the best" and he winks at Rob making him turn away with his face turning red.

Larry busts out laughing and pulls his legs up and leans forward.

"I don't think you really know us...but I'd bet you'd like to" and he leans back taking a drink of his beer. "Wouldn't ya?"

"I knew you were the right kind of trouble" Steven said and he moved to sit next to Rob opposite Larry. He put his arm around Rob's shoulder giving him a hug like old buddies and leans over Rob's shoulders looking at Larry. "You guys want to party?"


Steven let his eyes scan around the room looking at the sofa with the sheet poorly tucked around the seat cushions, over to the recliner with the duct tape on some seams trying to hold them together, the old dining table with the computer sitting on it. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he looked at the fan in the window pulling in the hot night air.

"Shit...this feels like home" Steven joked as he took a drink from the beer Rob had tossed him.

"Where you from?" Rob asked suddenly relaxed now that he was in the apartment.

"Where am I from? Oh one of them there trailer parks down on the Pine Barren Creek over in Munford County. A real..." Steven began laughing, "shit hole you might say."

Steven wiped his brow again as Larry pulled his t-shirt off tossing it on the table. Rob sat on the sofa anxious, wondering how this was to start and hoping he knew how it'd play out. Steven stared at Larry, let his eyes roam up and down the tall lanky body. Then he finished the beer, crushing the can between his hands and tossing it into the box nearly overflowing with trash.

"So who's bed do we fuck in" Steven asked as he began to lift the bottom of the tank top upward.

Larry led them into his room where the unmade bed sat in the middle of one wall nearly filling the entire room. A chest of drawers sat on one side with one drawer not closed all the way. Rob came in last and watched Steven drop his shirt to the floor as Larry began to undo his jeans.

Rob just stood at the door looking at Steven reveal more of himself as he pushed his jeans down. His lean body had an hour glass shape, broad shouldered with a narrow waist. He wasn't skinny but so lean there was no muscular definition to his upper body. He looked like a teenage boy instead of someone twenty-one and old enough to drink. The skin of his smooth chest and stomach shined wet from its perspiration in the heat of the apartment.

"Come on, get naked" Steven said to Rob as he stood up showing how the skimpy yellow briefs fit snug around his body revealing his round ass and bulge of cock. He didn't hesitate, didn't make a show of it, just took the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down till they fell to his ankles and he kicked them off over to one wall.

"Let's fuck" Steven said as he moved to the bed. "Come on Rob, I want your cock first" he added.

Rob had his shirt off and was undoing his jeans. Larry came over and moved to his knees helping to take down the jeans and his boxers. Larry leaned forward as he worked the boxers down and took Rob's cock in his mouth.

"Yeah...suck his cock. Get it wet for me" Steven urged as he toyed with his own.

Rob's cock was quickly erect bobbing up and down in front of him wet with Larry's spit. Larry looked up at him as he tongued the head and stroked the shaft.

"Fuck that boy's ass" Larry whispered as he let go and stood up.

Steven lay back on the bed as Rob moved down between his legs, lifting them to his shoulders. Rob moved into position and pressed the head of his cock to Steven's ass, rubbed it up and down leaving a slick trial in its path.

"Come on...don't play with it, shove that cock in and fuck ME" Steven demanded and Rob looked up at him for the briefest of moments seeing the seriousness in his face. Rob took him by the waist and shoved his cock into him, all the way feeling the tight ring of Steven's ass stretch open. Steven's body quivered as he lay back and cried out with the pain of entry but when he looked back up his face showed a desire, a determination that Rob had never seen before.

"Fuck me" Steven whispered and Rob began to fuck, to pump his hips back and forth driving his cock all the way back in with a rhythm that grew faster and faster. Soon the bed rocked underneath them as Rob drove his cock into Steven till their bodies smacked together, over and over and over.

Larry watched stroking his cock faster and faster, keeping in rhythm with Rob until he couldn't stand it any longer and he moved behind Rob. When he took Rob by the neck and pushed Rob slowed to a stop and let Larry push him over Steven whom he folded in half beneath him.

"Yeah...put it in his ass...fuck him while he fucks me" Steven urged Larry as he hugged Rob tightly, keeping him in place as Larry moved into place.

Rob laid still, his cock buried in Steven's hole as he felt Larry pushing against his hole then the penetration and he bit down on Steven's shoulder as Larry pushed into him, inch by inch till he felt their bodies come together. Larry pumped his cock in Rob's hole a few times then pulled back giving Rob the room to move, the space to fuck, to drive his cock into Steven then his ass back sinking it on his cock.

Their rhythm was out of sync for a few minutes but suddenly they fell in with each other. Larry shoving inward sinking all the way into Rob who was pushing into Steven, then they would pull outward and do it again, and again, and again till their pace was a steady fuck. The bed squeaked and rocked roughly banging against the wall. Steven was noisily crying out and begging Rob to fuck him harder. Rob couldn't take the stimulation, the way it felt sinking his cock into Steven's tight ass and at the same time Larry's thick cock boring into his own. He began to rock roughly between them, slamming his hips forward and jerking upward. He labored for breath and felt the strain of muscle throughout his body, the way every inch of his skin felt stretched tight till it quivered with his exertion. Over and over, steady with the primitive urge to fuck Rob drove himself undulating roughly between Steven and Larry until his cock swelled thicker and every push inward stroked the ever increasingly sensitive head. He buried his face into Steven's neck and cried out as he pumped cum into him, each thrust inward ejaculating wad after wad till he felt his cock slide through it slickly. And he kept fucking till cum pumped out and he was finally exhausted. He eased down on top of Steven with Larry still at his hole, still pumping his hole furiously with his cock.

Larry pulled from Rob's ass and slapped it with his hand.

"Roll off the whore; I'm going to fuck his ass now."

Rob rolled over and lay next to Steven, his eyes scanning the smooth face. He saw the few whiskers coming in on his chin so blonde as to be invisible, the angular form of his nose, the full lips and how his front teeth were gapped ever so slightly. And he saw the emerald greens eyes through the blonde hair hanging over his face look at him amused then grow wide as Larry sank his thick cock into him. Larry moved over Steven holding himself up on his hands as he piston his cock into Steven's slick wet hole. He thrust with an urgency sinking inward all the way each time with all his strength.

"Ooohhh....uh...uh..." Steven grunted as Larry fucked.

"You like it rough...don't ya?" Larry asked with amusement. He put one hand on the side of Steven's head and held him down as he fucked with a fast hard pace. Steven was breathing hard, his stomach rising and falling rapidly as Larry hammered his hole.

Rob watched, his eyes studying ever move, each touch and the way Larry's cock would emerge wet, glistening in the dim light, then plunge back into Steven's hole. He reached out and ran his fingers down Steven's arm, his fingertips barely touching the skin and when he got to Steven's hand he laced his fingers with Steve's and pulled his arm up and over his head pinning it to the mattress.

"Fuck him...fuck him harder...come on Larry, fuck his ass" Rob urged Larry on, his voice rising with intensity, pleading, begging and Larry fucked with short hard jabs, jack rabbit fast till the bed bounced beneath them and Steven was moaning and grunting louder.

Larry rose up and lifted Steve's legs to his chest and resumed the pace of his fuck. Steven's cock rocked back and forth so hard and wet it left a slick trail across his stomach. Rob moved to it slipping his head over Steve's stomach. He licked the wet head then sucked it in his mouth letting the force of Larry's fuck work it in his mouth. Rob only had to hold his mouth still and Steve's cock pumped inward and out slickly sliding over his tongue. Steve began to try to pump his hips, to move with Larry's fuck and Rob felt the quiver of his torso beneath his cheek, felt the way he heave for breath and he knew Steven was close as he tightened his lips around the cock pumping inside his mouth.

Steven bellowed loudly and his body shook violently. His hand came down on Rob's head pushing him to take more of his cock, to take all of it and suddenly Rob's mouth filled with cum. Steven jerked with each ejaculation as he filled Rob's mouth till cum blew out around his cock.

"Fuck" Larry exclaimed as he felt Larry cum, felt the way he jerked and spasm beneath him and he drove into him hard sinking his cock all the way into his hole. He came hard. Pumping his hips with every ejaculation Larry exhausted himself as he pumped himself to the point of being spent.


The hot morning sun filtered through the blinds casting lines of light over the walls and ceiling. Lying across Larry's bed was Rob, Steven and Larry, their limbs tangled together even though every touch made their skin sweat. The warm humid nights were no relief from the heat. The sheet was twisted and tangled around their legs leaving the rest of them exposed.

Larry and Rob stirred together, lips touching without even opening their eyes. Their hands explored the other's body, caressed and felt the warm skin of the other, the form of their body. They felt each other nipples, the way they got hard with so little manipulation and let their hands move down over slowly undulating stomachs till they felt the other's cock. They were already hard and they lay there touching, stroking, rubbing a thumb over the heads till both were leaking. Steven moved first, pushing Rob onto his back and within minutes he was on top taking Rob's cock in his hole easing down on it.

Steven sat up and began to ride Rob, to move up and down letting Rob fill his hole. Larry felt their movements, the way the bed rocked and shook and he knew what they were doing. He moved next to Rob kissing him as he stroked Steven's thigh and ass feeling the flex of muscle as Steven rode Rob's cock.

"Hold him still a minute" Larry whispered in Rob's ear.

Rob reached up and pulled Steven down hugging their bodies together with his cock still buried in his hole. Larry moved down behind Steven stroking his cock to greater hardness.

"Hold his ass still...I'm going to slide in next to ya" Larry said, his tone sounding amused but he moved with determination. Steven jerked in Rob's arms looking at Rob with surprise then slowly, his expression softening, he smiled.

Larry nudged his thick cock next to the base of Rob's where it protruded from Steven's hole. He pressed against the tightness, bore down with his weight and when Steven pushed back just a little Larry felt his cock begin to penetrate, to stretch Steven open. His cock squeezed through the tight ring of Steven's hole and moved along Rob's cock till he was half way in.

Rob let Steven lift himself up and felt him begin to move his ass on their cocks, slowly rocking his hips back and forth. The movement stimulated Larry and drove him to begin to fuck, to work his hips back and forth. He struggled at first to pump his cock inside of Steven with the ring of his hole squeezed so tightly around their cocks. But as he forced his cock inward and out, pushed in further and further till he felt Steven's hole loosen up. Very quickly he could fuck with full thrusts, his hips pumping back and forth. Rob pumped his hips as best he could pinned beneath the weight of Steven.

They fucked in rhythm, hotly undulating against the other until their bodies were wet and slick.

"Goddamn" Larry yelled out as the feel of such a tight fuck brought him to release quickly and he drove inward hard ejaculating deep within Steven's hole. He thrust with short jabs with each ejaculation and Rob felt it, the hard thrusting against his cock and he shoved inward as hard as he could pumping his cum into Steven mixing it with Larry's.

When they finally untangled and Larry and Rob lay on their backs still breathing hard Steven sat up between them and began to stroke his cock bringing it up to full erection. He looked at Rob then over at Larry.

"I want to fuck you" Steven said to Larry and he saw the anxiousness, the fear of being penetrated on Larry's face. Rob sat up knowing Larry would say no and he was ready to give Steven what he wanted. Larry looked from Steven to Rob and back to Steven.

"Okay...but you go in easy" Larry replied softly to the surprise of Rob.

Larry got on his hands and knees with his head held down looking down his own body, his wet skin, his dangling wet slimy cock and Steven's legs moving up to his ass. He felt the push of cock at his hole, the insistent pressure as Steven slowly stretched him open and eased inch after inch into him.

Steven was so aroused, so worked up from their sexual play he started to fuck quickly, pumping his hips back and forth driving his cock into Larry's hole. He put one hand on Larry's back and rubbed it upward along the curve of his spine.

"Let him suck you" Steven said to Rob.

Rob got up on his knees and shifted over in front of Larry. Steven pushed on Larry's neck and Larry was taking Rob's cock, deeply the first time till his nose pressed into Rob's abdomen and when Steven began to fuck, to rock Larry back and forth with his exertions Larry let the motion pump his mouth along Rob's cock.

Larry relaxed to the feel of cocks pushing into his body, one deeply into his hole and the other, Rob's familiar cock, into his mouth and he tasted the mixture of Rob's and his cum along the shaft the first few times it moved over his tongue. Rob got hard and was soon rocking his hips with the rhythm of Steven's fuck, the gentle rocking back and forth that increased in pace, faster and faster, until Steven was smacking up against Larry's ass as he drilled his cock as deeply as he could with each push inward.

A few short minutes and Steven filled Larry's ass, pumped every drop he had into his hole as Larry sucked out one more load from Rob's cock. Spent, exhausted, their bodies glistening with sweat they fell across the bed fingers roaming through hair, touching skin, tracing the lines of lips, jaws, ears till they slowly succumb to their exhaustion and drifted off to sleep.

Larry woke and sat up on his elbows looking across the bed at Rob sound asleep. He looked at his friend, someone more important to him than he could currently admit and he watched how he was breathing, slowly with the rhythm of someone deep asleep. Larry let his eyes scan the room and through the open door the living room beyond and he saw no sign of Steven. Steven was gone, no sign of him in the bedroom. Larry at first felt slighted for Steven not to have said goodbye at least but then he considered what they had done and he smiled as he lay back down. He looked over at Rob and ran a finger along the edge of his short hair feeling the way it tickled the end of his finger. He still felt tired so he relaxed letting himself fall back asleep.



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