Rob was sprawled on the old sofa with its bed sheet covering the seat to hide the busted cushions and Larry was laid back in the Lazy-boy, the fabric worn nearly through with duct tape used in a futile attempt to hold the busted seams together. They were watching porn Larry had downloaded from his computer which he played through the television, wires lying all around the back of it and running over to the old aluminum dining table next to Larry where he was controlling the videos.

"Shit...look at that would ya?" Rob yelled out, laughing his good naturedly way as he pointed to the screen.

"Oh hell, Janet will do that" Larry replied as he took another swallow of his beer. He tossed the empty can toward the cardboard box by the door they used for a garbage can. "Toss me another, will ya?" he asked Rob.

Rob opened the small cooler they used to ice down their beers. The refrigerator never seemed to get them cold enough; it struggled to keep the leftover meals they had stacked on each shelf. Bar-b-cue from that place over on Fifth Street, chicken and rice from the old diner down the street and a few fast food bags with an extra hamburger tucked inside. Neither Rob nor Larry could cook and living in downtown of this small Alabama town close to the diner and only blocks from the fast food joints made it too easy to eat out.

Their apartment was over a consignment shop, previously, decades ago now it was a Western Auto store, the old neon sign still hanging on the building just outside Larry's bedroom window. Their apartment was accessed from the rear in the narrow alley where old wooden steps rose up to the entries of the four units over the store below. The living, dining and kitchen, all in one room faced the alley and the two small bedrooms overlooked the street. By any definition the apartment was a dump but for two young men with menial jobs it was the best they could afford.

Rob worked in his daddy's garden center, a business that had been handed down four generations but Rob knew it would probably not survive to be handed down to him. The big corporate stores out by the interstate up in Greenville were taking most of their business. His daddy paying what he could but too many times it was barely minimum wage after considering the long hours required of him. Larry worked at Mason's Tire on the north end of downtown where most of their recent business was in retreads and patching flats. It was dirty low pay work and Larry came home every evening with dirt and grime all the way up to the sleeves of his filthy t-shirt and smeared on his face. The job ruined his clothes so he had to keep one or two t-shirts and a pair of jeans separate that would look nice enough to wear out to the bar or to a movie.

The boys had it tough, but they took a laissez-faire attitude about it all, hanging out with their friends at the only bar in town playing pool and drinking cheap beer, and hooking up with one of the local women who everyone knew was available. Sometimes they just went to a movie and grabbed some fast food. It was a life lived day to day, moment by moment. No future plans, no goals, just eking out a living the best they could in this small town.

"Goddamn Larry, this is boring. Switch it to something else" Rob exclaimed as he climbed up off the sofa. "Fuck I've got to piss like a race horse."

The small bathroom was next to the kitchen and the door didn't latch as it hung crookedly on its hinges, that part of the floor settled in a warped way. There was a hook screwed into the door but neither of them bothered with it just leaving the door wide open. Rob stood at the toilet, dick in hand and let the heavy stream hit the water in the bowl noisily.

"Oh shit that feels good" he uttered.

"You pissing or playing with it?" Larry joked as he searched through the porn site for something else to watch.

"Both" Rob joked back making both of them laugh.

Rob came back into the room and went over to the fan sitting in a window and turned it up to high even though the noise made it hard to hear the television.

"It's too hot in here" he said as he moved back toward the sofa slipping his t-shirt over his head and tossing it over the arm. Rob was tall and lean with arms that seemed to hang down to his knees. His arms and neck were tan which contrasted sharply with the rest of his body with its fair white skin. He had a tattoo on his shoulder and one running down one arm and he kept his hair cut short, something he could do himself with the clippers. His jeans hung on his hips low, barely above his crotch for he didn't own a belt; just bought old jeans from the consignment shop downstairs that were tight enough in the waist to stay up, even if they were too short for his long legs.

Larry hit play on a video that looked promising and lay back. He stretched his arms over his head revealing his sweaty armpits. He wore an a-shirt, what his dad derogatorily called a 'wife-beater' and jeans so worn and frayed they looked ready to fall apart. Both knees were blown out revealing the skin of each knee with their fine dark hairs and at the crotch the hole was large enough for his dick to push the boxers he wore through it.

"Let's see how this one plays out" Larry said as he tugged on his cock feeling the anticipation of sex about to be on display. "It has a girl taking on two guys."

"No shit. Remember that one with red head, the one where she took both of them at the same time...shit...that was something" Rob said, his voice dying off as the video came on.

The scene came on with the usual stiff unbelievable set up but soon enough the woman was naked and one guy was fondling her while the other watched. A few minutes later the guy who was manipulating the woman tugged off his own clothes and was soon between her legs. He put his cock to her and pushed inward and Rob tugged on his cock as he watched intently the way the guy's cock sank into her.

Larry watched just as intently and felt his own arousal at the site of the guy's ass pumping back and forth so hard he rocked the woman with every shove inward.

"He's fucking the hell out of her" Larry mumbled as he felt his cock push through the hole in his jeans. He touched the flared head beneath the fabric feeling his arousal in such a physical way he was worried Rob would notice.

They watched as the guy fucking told his partner she had another hole to fill. The guy moved from the side of the bed up on the mattress as he undid his shorts letting them drop around his knees. He shifted to the woman's head, rubbed his cock over her lips until she opened her mouth and he pushed it through her lips. Quickly the guy's arousal had him up on his knees leaning over the woman mouth fucking her as his friend fucked her pussy.

"Jesus..." muttered Rob as he adjusted his cock.

They had watched porn often in the past and each time they would work themselves to a state of arousal, to that state their cocks ached then each would go to their bedroom saying they needed to lay down both knowing the other was going to masturbate. Rob was already thinking he was going to retire soon for his cock was so hard it ached within the confines of his jeans.

Larry watched the scene unfold wondering why Rob and he had never tried fucking a woman together. Several times before they brought someone back to the apartment but it was always one having his fun in his own bedroom then the woman going to the other's bedroom to let the other have his fun. Larry wondered what it would be like to watch Rob fuck someone, to see that skinny body pumping cock into a mouth or a pussy. He glanced over at Rob and watched him tug on the crotch of his jeans and it was obvious where his hard cock was pushing upward, the long thick bulge running over to the right nearly to the pocket opening.

"Oh" Rob exclaimed and Larry looked at the television in time to see the guy who had been at the woman's mouth move around to the side of his buddy. He began to rub the guy's back, slowly up and down.

"You don't think he'll try something with his buddy do you?" Rob asked sitting up.

"I...don't know."

The guy's hand moved up to his buddy's shoulders and rubbed across them as he told him to fuck her harder. Then he let it moved down along the guy's spine and over his ass as it pumped cock into the woman. He let his hand stop on one cheek with his fingers pushing down between them.

"Damn..." Rob uttered.

"I'm going to hunt another video" Larry said suddenly aware how the scene didn't stop his arousal but only made it more acute and he sat up to change the video.

"Wait! You don't think he'll know...mess around with his you?" Rob asked as he sat up watching the scene unfold.

"Look at the way he's touching the guy's ass!" Larry exclaimed as he tried to get his erection back through the hole in his jeans.

"But..." Rob began then fell silent as the guy rubbing his buddy's ass moved up behind him pushing him over on the woman. Quickly he put his cock to his buddy's ass and eased in. The cry from the guy getting penetrated echoed in the room as Larry and Rob watched him take all of his buddy's cock. Soon the fuck resumed this time with the guy in the middle pushing cock into the woman then pulling back taking cock in his own ass.

Larry let the scene play out suddenly wondering how far they'd go. Rob would sit up and cover his mouth acting shocked only to fall back down on the sofa letting one cuss word or another fly.

When the scene reached the moment of climax Larry quickly fumbled around with his computer and as one of the guy's came Larry finally got the scene stopped. He quickly found another scene, this one with only one guy and one woman, something safe with an outcome they could anticipate. Neither said anything as the scene unfolded for both couldn't get the last scene out of their minds, the way one guy took another, just let the cock sink into his ass and fuck him.

As soon as the scene ended Larry shut off the computer since both of them said they had seen enough. Neither was saying their usual banter and soon each was in his bedroom. Rob wondered how the guy could take such a thick cock in his ass, wondered how it felt to have it piston in and out with such a rough fuck and he fumbled with his clothes until he was naked and on his bed jacking his cock. Larry was worse, feeling embarrassed about how the scene aroused him, the way his cock grew harder while he had watched one guy fuck another. He had fallen on the bed and struggled to open his jeans not taking the time to remove them before hand and he only had to stroke his cock a few times before cum was spattering over his chest and stomach.


For the next few days Rob and Larry didn't mention the porn video nor did they suggest another viewing session. But when one of them had the apartment to themselves they were watching, watching a lot.

Larry would come home at lunch knowing Rob would be having lunch with his father and therefore wouldn't show up. He'd lay out the fast food and quickly start the videos as he ate and by the time he was finished with the cheap hamburger the scene on the television would be in full swing. For days he found other bi-sexual scenes illogically thinking it wasn't as gay if there was a woman in the scene too even though it was the sex between the men that drove him to pulling out his cock and jacking off. After several days he finally got up the nerve to watch gay porn and found it more enticing, the physical nature of it, and when he came across a scene of a guy who looked like Rob getting roughly fucked, his ass just getting pounded with a thick cock as he cried out and moaned Larry came so hard it hit him in the face.

Rob would take advantage of Larry coming in late or on days when the garden center was really slow and his daddy didn't have anything for him to do and he would race home and watch porn videos. He too watched bi-sexual videos but he quickly moved to all gay videos, watching one scene after the next until he couldn't take it anymore jacking his cock till he erupted all over himself. After a several days he began to finger himself, to work a finger into his hole to experience the way it felt to be stretched open and he found himself putting a second then a third into his hole working them back and forth till he came. He felt the way his ass flexed around his fingers with each ejaculation and he wondered what it'd feel like on a cock pumping inside an ass while a guy came.

A couple of weeks later Rob and Larry found themselves sitting around the apartment listening to it rain, a slow all day drizzle that had began during the night and was forecast to last till the next day. Rob was flipping through the channels on the television bored with everything he saw and he reached down to the cooler on the floor for another beer.

"Toss me one too" Larry said from his chair where he was laid back, shirtless, his lean naturally muscular body stretched out with his jeans loose around his waist. His long legs were crossed over the foot rest and occasionally he flexed and wiggled the toes of his bare feet when the leg on bottom began to tingle with the weight of the other.

"Hey Larry...put something on will ya?" Rob asked and Larry knew exactly what Rob was referring and he too had been lying there thinking the same thing. It'd been two weeks and maybe it was okay to watch porn again for surely Rob had forgotten the way it seemed in the room last time. He hadn't, of course, for he had watched it so often since the thought of it made his cock flex. He couldn't know Rob was feeling the same way.

"Okay" Larry uttered as he sat up and brought his computer up. Soon sex was on the screen, a woman on top of a man moving up and down. It was a familiar position, one Larry and Rob had watched play out many times over the last few days, only the person riding cock wasn't an attractive blonde but one man or another.

Rob and Larry watched intently while each one couldn't get the image of some guy out of their mind, one of many they had previously watched. Rob shifted around on the sofa and tugged on his jeans. His arousal was evident by the bulge running across the crotch over to the left pocket. Larry glanced over at his buddy watching him tug on his jeans. He looked at Rob's growing budge and felt his own cock grow erect. He turned his eyes back to the scene on the television as he let one hand slide down his chest, over his stomach and rub along the loose waistband of his jeans feeling the head of his cock as it pushed upward ready to slip out in the open. Running his fingers over his cock he lifted his jeans up from at the waist enough for his cock to slip out in the open. It felt so wrong to have his cock head out in the open while Rob and he watched porn but it also felt stimulating, erotic, daring and he ran a couple of fingers over the head till he felt them become slick and wet.

"Fuck...I've seen enough" Rob exclaimed as he rose up off the sofa and Larry quickly covered the head of his cock with his hand. "I'm going to take a nap" Rob added, the lie almost comically if Larry hadn't said he was going to do the same.

Each in their own bedroom were soon naked, cocks in hand stroking them with a tight fist. It didn't take long, mere minutes and both had cum spattered across their chest and stomachs. Rob used a dirty t-shirt from the floor to wipe the cum from his torso. In the other room Larry was swirling a finger through his cum, smearing it over his stomach feeling it cool on his skin. It turned runny and trickled over his side and wet the sheet beneath him and he lay there not bothering to stop it. He lay back and stared at the ceiling as he felt it begin to dry freaked out by the way his fantasies of sex had become gay, and more disturbing was how the men he remembered from the porn he had been watching were beginning to change into Rob.


Larry had fallen asleep and he lay on top of his bed in a fitful restless sleep. His dreams were erotic, perverse at times and always with another man, something sexual. His cock was being manipulated, fingers touching it, stroking it and he felt his arousal, the way his cock felt when hard, fully erect. He wanted to sink it into something, a warm mouth or pussy...or ass and he felt himself push upward with his hips increasing his sense of arousal. It was vivid this dream, and he rocked back and forth in his sleep.

Then he felt the bed move, really move and Larry jerked awake and found Rob holding his cock up as he moved over Larry to straddle his waist.

"I...just want to see what it is like...okay?" Rob asked and the uneasiness and anxiousness was evident in his voice. Larry just looked at Rob, the nakedness of his body hovering over his own and the feel of Rob's fingers wrapped around his cock and he nodded his head as he put his hands on Rob's thighs feeling the flex of muscle as Rob moved down till his ass came in contact with the head of his cock. There was a moment of hesitation, the sense Rob was going to stop what he was doing for Larry felt Rob rise up reducing the pressure on his cock then Rob moved downward.

Larry felt the head of his cock squeeze through the tight ring of Rob's opening, slowly, fractions of an inch easing into Rob's ass. Rob tossed his head back and moaned as he continued to let his weight sink Larry's cock into his hole. Larry lay still letting Rob do all the work, let him set the pace of this penetration and he watched his cock slowly disappear into Rob's ass.

Rob's cock was hard, the head wet and when he finally got all of Larry buried inside of his hole his cock laid wetly on Larry's stomach. He sat still a moment feeling the tight ring of hole loosen to its stretching.

"Fuck...this is..." Rob uttered and he rose upward.

Larry watched his cock reappear as Rob rose up aware of every touch along his shaft. Rob's legs flexed hard beneath his hands as he watched his cock come into view till only the head remained inside. Rob hovered a moment then lowered his body once again, this time faster letting Larry's cock push deeply into his hole.

"Oh fuck" Rob uttered as he rose up again and began to fuck his hole on Larry's cock in earnest, rising up and dropping down faster and faster, his pace increasing till he was in rhythm, his body moving like those in the porn videos, up and down, the exertion pumping up his muscles, every one flexed tight. His cock bounced with his movement, wetly smacking Larry's stomach each time he sank all the way down.

Larry had been just lying there lost in the feel of Rob's ass working his cock but he felt his aroused state grow, no longer aware of what Rob and he were actually doing, this gay sexual intercourse; all he knew was it felt good and he wanted more. He let his right hand move over and take Rob's cock, felt the girth of it within his palm and he stroked it in rhythm to Rob's fuck. Slickly his hand moved from the wet head down the shaft as Rob moved down his own cock. The bed began to rock and squeak noisily with their fuck and Rob seemed to be driven to fuck harder, to make it even noisier, the room echoing with their wild abandon to their desires, this lust for the other.

Larry began to push up with his hips trying desperately to shove his whole body into Rob. The room was so hot and humid they both began to sweat till their skin glistened wetly in the dim light and Rob leaned forward running his hands over Larry's chest. When his hands moved over Larry's erect nipples roughly rubbing them Larry moaned loudly for the first time. Rob sensed the way this touch aroused Larry and he took one between his fingers and pinched down on it till Larry was arcing his back pushing his chest up.

Larry rose up suddenly wrapping his arms around the slick wet torso of Rob and hugged him tightly as he shifted around bringing Rob down on the bed on his back. Rob's legs wrapped around his waist as he shifted up on his knees and began to pile drive his cock into Rob, thrusting forward with the full stretch of his body. His body smacked down on Rob's as he sank all of his cock into Rob's hole, every inch, over and over. Rob clung to him, kissed him on the neck and tongued his ear.

"Fuck me...fuck me harder" Rob whispered in Larry's ear and Larry rose up on his hands and drove his cock into Rob in a fast furious pace, one he could not sustain and soon he felt his cock flex up harder, thicker and he jab inward shooting cum deep into Rob.

"Oh...oh" Larry cried out as he pumped wad after wad into Rob's hole, thrusting his cock inward with every ejaculation. Rob was jacking his own cock as Larry pounded his hole and he was close.

"Keep fucking...fuck me till I come" Rob pleaded and Larry shifted to his knees and held Rob's legs to his chest as he plunged his cock into Rob's hole over and over and over.

"Goddamn" Rob exclaimed as cum spewed from his cock spraying his chest and stomach. Rob came heavily, thick wads of cum puddle all over his torso as he slowly stopped stroking his cock once it was spent. Larry slowed to a stop and found himself rubbing his nose along Rob's ankle catching the scent of his body.

Then they fell still just looking at each other wondering what the other was thinking, worried they had gone too far, revealed something about themselves. Sweat trickled down Larry's face and body and Rob let his legs come to rest on either side of him.

"That was..." Rob stammered unable to finish and he looked at Larry for some indication it was okay what they had done. Larry looked at him, his face stern unreadable for a moment then he smiled. Rob smiled back and soon they were laughing and began to wrestle around on the bed, roughly manhandling each other, cussing and laughing all at the same time.

Their exertions tired them quickly and soon Larry was lying on his side with Rob spooned up to his chest. He felt Rob's warm body touching his own from chest all the way down to his toes and he draped an arm over Rob's chest and hugged him.

"This is kinda of nice...isn't it" Rob whispered.

Larry let his lips touch Rob on the back of the neck and after he inhaled deeply he squeezed their bodies together once again then relaxed against Rob's back.

" is."



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