My friends were right on time and Nate and I met them at the end of my long lavish driveway. He came down here because he didn't want to be bothered with his mother asking him to do something while he waited. It was something she did often causing her son too often to be late for things all the time for various reasons. As we piled in to Casey's H3 reloaded we both noticed Anthony in the driver's seat and her with her feet in his lap. Shaking my head I climbed into the back row with Nat and we all sped off. GPS lead our way and like the cryptic text message we parked in the abandoned warehouse parking lot off the back road and then walked through the ally way until we heard music. The ally way let out behind one of the old warehouses in the old industrial district. We followed the equally cryptic signs, which looking back on it should have been a sign to go back home, and went through a door that led us underground down a hallway with pulsing purple and blue lights and put us in front of another door where a very large and very well armed middle aged black man took our money and then opened the door into adolescent heaven.

The space was huge! And all made into a dance floor, made out of white tiles. There were pulsing blue and purple lights everywhere in all different hues. There were several bars set up selling drinks and the usually guys selling their various pills and poisons. Stages had been set up for kids to dance on and everywhere you looked you could see the semi naked people hired to dance at the party. What little cloths they did have on were black and usually skin tight. "Ami were free tonight babe." She pouted but then something or someone caught her eye and she was cool. We all ran off in our separate directions, this wasn't our first party and we all knew that at 1am we met back at the vehicle. We always left at one before the cops starting cruising the streets for drunks after the bars let out. No one left the warehouse until it was time to head to the vehicle and we set our phones to accept texts through an App from only each other and if we got a text we knew to read it right then, no bs or pic texts. A text through the app was only for emergencies. We were crazy, but not stupid, we knew that these parties were dangerous over a year's more than a few kids have been killed at them. There were people all over the dance floor and the surrounding lounge spaces set up. The music began to really kick up but I wasn't paying too much attention to what was playing. The first thing I had to do was find a tab or bar. These things are so much better when you're on one of those, I only use at these parties and never more than one or two. Anything beyond that and you're an addict and addicts and disgusting.

Before I could find what I was looking for a felt long slender arms wrap around my neck and a kiss on my cheek. As I turn around to see who it is I'm confronted with a very familiar pair of lavender eyes. Sasha Barone. If I had to pick between Sasha and Ami I would pick Sasha: 5'10, 130 on a bad day, curvy hips, strawberry blonde hair. She was new money, you could tell that her family was not always rich because she was confident the kind of confident that only came with money but not conceded which develops from being old money. And I like that about her, but I only see her at these events because she is from a different city and around 8 parties ago when we met we decided to not trade info and keep this relationship free from the outside world so here we are. And of course she has a bar with my name on it.

Before I knew it an hour had passed. We drank, danced, kissed, and even dry humped a little. At this point I'm also shirtless, I lose more cloths at these parties, and most of the kids here do. I'm still wearing black Ralph Lauren boot cut jeans and my Black Justin with the silver designs on them thank god, those were both expensive the shirt was just a 50.00 shirt and could be replaced. Sasha grabs my sweaty hand in hers and leads me off the dance floor in search of another drink I'm supposing not caring to much at this point when a guy walks up to her and whispers something in her ear. She looks disgusted that he is this close to her, but in a flash her eyes shimmer and grow twice in size. She looks from the guy to me and then back at the guy, while the guy seems to be sizing me up. With a smirk he nods and she with her hand still in mine follows him. Across the building. To a large black metal door. And down a dark hallway.

"Sasha, where are we going, and why is there no light?"

"There is light silly, look down there." Giggling at my confusion of the situation she points down the hall and she is right, there is another doorway that we are headed towards. The light coming from the door seems to be swirling and is a mix of blues and turquoises. As we drift farther down the hall the music from the party is replaced by music from the new area, but I still don't recognize what it is.

Un-amused I re-ask the first part of my question again hoping for a real answer this time. "Ok so there IS light, but where are we going and..."

"Oh shut up." –sigh- "This is Cage and were headed to smoke some killer blueberry green that his boy has. Just relax when would I ever steer you wrong grasshopper." I had no choice but to laugh at this, she always calls me grasshopper when I experience something new. It started at the second party we were at together my sophomore year. We hooked up and she gave me my first blow job that made me come, and I came so hard that my legs gave out and I feel backwards panting, cock still wet and twitching, boxers around my thighs and pants around my ankles, sweating like I had run a marathon.

I took her advice and shut up and followed her lead. As we neared the door it got colder, and when we walked through the threshold of swirling blue lights I realized that there were fans blowing all around, swirling the air in the same pattern as the lights. Sasha explained that this was a VIP section of the party; in this section and sections like it the drugs and drinks were even better than out there and the dancers were hotter. She was right, the male dancer in this room was barefoot with no shirt on, he wasn't that much taller than my 5'11 and only had what I expected to be twenty or thirty pounds on me. He was around 6'0 and I'd guess 225. My breath caught In my throat as he moved his body to the music, it wasn't raunchy but still very sexual, all the kids in the room were running their bodies all over his body where they could reach. The young man turned and my heart burst into flames and shattered like ice at the same moment and I pulled away from Sasha to grab at my own naked chest.

The dancer was Irish. How could it be Irish? I went through four very powerful and very different emotions: the first was disgust that he was letting strangers grope his body, the second was desire to be one of those kids touching him and blaming it on the drugs, the third was anger that those kids thought they had the right to touch him like this, and the fourth was sadness that he was doing this. I knew Irish was poor, but had things come to this for him, or was he just too lazy to do anything else? We caught eyes and I'm not sure what I saw flash over his eyes before he killed them again, but it set my body on fire, and not in the good way.

"Stop looking at the hottie and let's go smoke!"

I don't remember much from that point on. I know it was ten when we came down here. The first two blunts I was consumed with Irish, the second I was just high, and the third and fourth blunts we were full of random conversations about sex, drugs, politics, music, and aliens. We had stopped smoking about 30 minutes ago and were all just laying on the couches and this is when I took stock in my surroundings. We must have come down the stairs right off the room of blue, and from there ended up in this room. There was only one way in and one way out and the door had an armed man by it who must work for the very high but very deadly looking Latin man laying on the couch opposite me ogling Sasha and I equally as we lay next to each other. She is grooving to the music with her eyes closed and her shirt open, I can feel myself getting hard as I watch her. At seven and one forth inches of thick cock is snaking down my leg and getting increasingly more constricted in these tight jeans. A vision of a half naked Irish skirts into my mind and my cock throbs releasing a huge flood of precum damping the leg of my boxers and black jeans. I'm so horny and even though its not what I want Sasha can give me a release, just then...

"Ok kiddies time to pay up and get out."

We both get up with the guy Cage who Sasha knows and start to head for the door. When the Latin guys starts saying where my money is. Sasha and I both look at Cage and he says you gotta pay the man. Sasha looks at me and I confirm here fear that I'm out of money just like she is, and she pales. "Cage you never said we had to pay for this you asshole or we wouldn't have come and I defiantly wouldn't have brought my friend down here!" She is yelling at Cage more out of fear than anger. Yeah she had reason to be afraid in this basement underneath a basement with two big guys with guns and there are drugs involved, but I think the weed was making here more nervous. At that thought I realize that I'm really sweaty and I feel sick.

The Latin man looks pissed off and I try to calm Sasha down I can tell her yelling is fucking up his high and making him madder, but she won't budge. He pulls out his gun and waves it around yelling at all of us to shut up. Sasha screams and I pull her behind me. Fuck we are screwed.

"Cage did you not tell these kids they had to pay, you stupid fuck."

"Naw boss I swear I told them, there just lying to you man, you know I do good work, I always find you rich customers and they both got money."

I center myself. "Sir we do come from money, but we have both spent it all upstairs. I don't know if Cage forgot or he thought he told us we had to pay, but we were under the impression that this was free because you were a friend of his. I can get you plenty of money if you just let me contact my fr.."

"Fuck that pretty rich boy! Yall gonna pay me right fucking now or yall are gonna get shot! Or maybe I'll take what you owe a different way." He was spitting as he yelled and the vain in his neck was pulsing. I can honestly say that with Sasha clinging to my back this was the most scared I have ever been in my life. All I could think about in this moment was Irish. Suddenly the door swung open and in walked Irish with this cocky grin on his face, I'd never seen this look before.

"Oh am I interrupting something?"

"Look here Irish; get the fuck out, you can get your shit after the party is over, right now I gotta get what I am owed." He said this as he looked at us and grabbed his crotch which was fuller than it had been then I remembered.

" Oh come on Juan there just rich kids don't traumatize them with that thing." He grins at the Latin man who smirks at him. Irish walks over to the man and whispers something in his eyes. From where Irish was standing he couldn't see his eyes flash dangerously and I was too afraid to warn him. In the blink of an eye the man who we now knew was Juan pulled out his gun and had it pressed to Irish's forehead.

"Naw homie this goes by my rules let me tell you how this is gonna work." He backs Irish up into us and I put my hands up as Irish's back is pressed into my chest. He puts his hand behind his back and I see it open, I don't know why but I reach down and slip my hand into his and he squeezes it. He looks composed and in control but his hand is trembling. This man with the guy is not someone you want mad at you.

"Now either you let me take what I'm owed from them and you walk away and get back to work and I give you your stuff later, or you pay me what they owe and you get back to work and at the end of the night you don't get shit from me!"

I can feel Irish's hands now shaking almost uncontrollably. Several seconds pass and Juan starts to laugh that Sasha and I are screwed because an addict can't be counted on to do anything but be an addict. Irish is an addict, this hits me hard and I feel like I would cry at hearing this is I wasn't so scared. I don't know why I did it, but I trace my thumb across the outside of his hand and squeeze his hand gently. For a second I'm scared as Irish rips his hand from mine and takes a few steps towards Juan but then he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a wad of cash asking how much we owe.

Irish pays Juan the 1500 dollars we owe him and then takes hold of my hand again and I push Sasha in from of me. He leads us out the stairs and down the hallway back into the main area, then he just turns and leaves heading back to the room of blue where he was working before. Sasha says she's out of this crazy shit and leaves but I don't register it, I just stand there for the second time today stunned by Irish. He just saved my life, he's an addict, and he held my hand when I was afraid. I force these thoughts from my head and pull out my phone. I go to the app and select everyone's names, I can see that Casey added Antonio's name to the list, that girl things of everything. I quickly send my text and head for the car. –Have to leave ASAP, I just had a gun pointed at my head-

In the H3 headed home the night is over, but my mind is still racing.

*Just wanted to let everyone know that the sexual content begins at the beginning of the next chapter which I will submit tonight and should be up soon after I hope. Hope your enjoying the building up thus far. Thanks guys!!! *




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