He gripped my arms to tight, as I held his; his back to my chest. His muffled sobs breaking my heart, today had nearly killed him, God what if I hadn't have gotten here in time. I realized my hands were shaking, if I had been a second slower..... –flashback-

I heard the click of the gun. I remembered thinking he almost killed me. I'm still dizzy now from the fall and the choke. I heard the click, and I knew what it was and why. I knew deep inside he didn't mean to hurt me, and I was even more sure he'd never shoot me. I knew the gun was for him. I sat straight up and almost flew off the floor at him. Now it was my turn to be angry. I punched him in the jaw – hard; he cried out in pain, backing his body further against the bed, looking like a small child trying to escape a spanking. I took this moment to grab his gun from the floor where he dropped it after the punch and throw it into the back of the closet behind me where I had been putting the dirty cloths. I knelled down between his legs bent up at an angle and took his face into my hands and placed my forehead to his. His eyes hung down as his body trembled, muscles rippling with pain and fear.

"Look at me god dammit!" I was mad, I yelled, I didn't mean to, but I wanted him to look at me. I yelled so hard and abruptly he startled. His eyes slowly crept up to mine: so much sadness and regret shinned off of them.

"If you ever try that again you selfish bastard I'll shoot you myself!" Nothing

"Do you hear me?!" All he could do was nod, and let tears flow down his checks accompanied only by the sound of my ragged and his labored breathing. I slowly stood up and moved myself behind him, wedging myself between him and the bed. I placed my chin on his shoulder and wrapped my strong arms around him, to make him feel safe.

"I told you once that you wouldn't have to do this alone. I'm not leaving, not this time. So don't try and make me or I'll beat the shit out of you. Ok." I kissed his check.

He stopped trying to fight it. Irish melted back into my arms and let me hold him; desperate to be held by me. He drifted off to sleep, and I reached behind us to get the blanket and cover us. The room was quickly growing cold as the sweat from our bodies was starting to cool. I'd been here all of two hours the sun was just starting to set it was around 6pm I thought, closer to 6:30 in all actuality. I was sure that this was the first contented sleep Irish had had in days. We laid like this for the rest of the day, past the sun set that I watched through the window and into part of the night, with myself drifting in and out of sleep as I held him. Every time I felt him start to convulse or hear him mutter in his sleep as a nightmare would begin I'd squeeze him to me a lil tighter and it seemed to help. This peacefulness lasted until around 11pm.

All of the sudden he woke up and jumped from my arms towards the window and began to once again dry heave. I was worried, but I had to jump up myself and crawl across the bed to the other window. I ripped it open pulled down the front of my trunks and took the best piss of my life. I had needed to pee since the sun was setting but I didn't want to wake him to get up, now was the first chance I had, although I wish it had been under better circumstances. –ahhhhhh-

"Stop jerkin it out my window you pervert."

Startled by his raspy voice I jumped and smacked my head against the top of the window frame. "Ouch that fucking hurt!" I yelled out, I pulled my now very cold cock back through the window and tucked it back into my trunks, turned to see a very week but a little less pail smiling Irish. He was leaning back against the wall beneath the window and looked exhausted, but still I'd take it over the angry ghostly look he had taken this afternoon.

-Sigh- "That's the first thing you say to me ass, after almost killing me no less." Irish new I was joking, but could only return a half smile at mine. I knew the events of earlier would haunt him. I walked over to him and crouched down to the protest of my screaming calves and thighs sore from sitting and supporting Irish's weight not to mention my back. I placed a soft kiss on his lips. A sigh escaped his lips as he leaned from the wall into me and the kiss, parting his lips for my tongue. This kiss wasn't about sex, no, It was about love and comfort and trust' for both him as much as for me. Both of our sakes needed this kiss. And it was a kiss that even now makes me feel warm here in the cold.

The kiss broke and our lips tingled resting my forehead on his. Irish took in a breath to speak but I knew what his words would be. –shhh- I grabbed his hand and helped him to stand up. Looking at him I would have sworn the kiss brought new life back into him as he looked a little weak, but the color had returned to his face and his eyes were a little brighter. Leading him to the bed he took two quick steps and wrapped his arms around me. His solid chest and steady heart beat pressed to my back, washing away all my doubts; the red stubble along his jaw causing shivers and goose flesh to cover my exposed flesh as he rubs it across my shoulder and collar bone.

"Come on let's get some sleep, I'm sore and tired, and if I am I know you are."

"Can I hold you?"

"You're in no shape to hold anything more than a teddy bear." I chucked and began to lead the way towards his bed once again but was stopped by his body staying in place.

He pulled closer to me which I didn't think was possible, and whispered in my ear, "can I hold you, just like we are now." His voice was so rough and raw but in a natural way and all I could do was nod. We went and crawled into his bed pulling the blanket off the floor and onto us. He laid on his back and I placed my head on his chest. God I was tired, the sound of heart beat was like a lullaby and I was drifting off before I knew it. I vaguely remember hearing –Thank you Aiden, you're an angel and you saved me- But I was probably dreaming.

When I woke up I saw him awake and looking at me smiling. I could feel him rubbing my back and playing with the hair at the nap of my neck. "Hi". He leaned down to kiss me and I crawled up onto him. Now sitting on him I kissed him for all I was worth, I needed him to know that I wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't going to leave my best friend turned boyfriend. The kiss soon turned into something else. I could feel my blood begin to boil as I felt his hands grab my hips and push down while his pelvis pushed up grinding his growing cock into my ass over and over again. He pulled at my bottom lip and kissed me passionately. He leaned to kiss my neck and I lost track of all coherent thought, it just felt so good. The worry and pain and fear and sadness all washed away in an instant, all there was, was he and I.

He grabbed me and pulled me close to him and rolled us over. Looking up at him he looked so strong. He lifted up to slide off his trunks and very slowly slide me down as he leaned over to kiss and suck on my nipples. All I could do was roll my head back and moan. He came up to kiss me as I wrapped my legs around him. Then I felt his finger begin to probe at my ass, it was slick with the precum flowing from his cock and slid right in, soon it was followed by another. I wrapped my strong arms around his neck and kissed him violently. When he added a third finger it grazed my prostate and I moaned deeply into his mouth. He did it again and again, stroking my prostate as he prepared me for his cock and I moaned and ground my ass onto his hand. My god, I was gonna cum. "Irish.... Please.... Now!" My need was urgent, I was clawing at his back for more. He pulled his fingers out and aimed his cock right at my hole and slide in.

You watch the movies and read the articles in magazines about how the first time isn't that bad... The articles were so fucking wrong. I'd broken bones that hurt less than this. I ground my teeth together, he only had about two inches in, but it felt like 10. He leaned in over me and kissed my shoulder and whispered in my ear. "You're so strong... I got you... I only want you..." All the cheesy things that make girls swoon, but it was working, I was relaxing and he soon began to rock into me inching more and more in. It took what seemed like an eternity, but he was soon all the way inside of me and it was feeling good. He then began to really fuck me.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed as he rotated his hips and ground hard into my prostate, sending the biggest wave of pleasure through my body since our first kiss. He leaned up to look into my eyes to see if I was ok, and he saw my desire. He grinned and I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my ass up to meet his thrust. He moaned deeply into my mouth and I groaned into his. God it felt so good, and he knew how to fuck. He'd do a few long deep strokes then switch to only pulling out a few inches and slamming into me, then he'd rock us both slowly causing a constant massage on my prostate and then he'd do long hard strokes. He pinned my hands above my head and slammed into my ass, causing my eyes to roll back and my mouth hung open but nothing came out.

I freed my hands and pulled him into me and bite at his shoulder as I rolled us over. He looked up at me shocked and I grabbed a hold of both of his biceps and leaned down to kiss him as we closed our eyes in the kiss. Then I raised my ass up and slammed his cock deep into me as I tightened and loosened the muscles in my well toned ass. Irish screamed out something in Irish and whimpered and moaned as I rode his throbbing cock, driven crazy by my lust, holding him down with all my strength. I continued my rodeo riding of his cock and bringing us closer to cumming. Sweat was dripping from our muscles, hair slick. He looked at me with red in his eyes; lust and passion. With a growl he threw his weight forward and threw us over, pinning me to the bed and savagely slamming into my ass and me moaning and screaming in ecstasy with ever enter and exit of his cock. I was reaching the point of no return and I drew his head down to kiss me, at first he was kissing me hard, but he felt the change in the kiss and he let the kiss go slow countering our fucking he knew I was close he could sense it and he took extra care in rubbing into my prostate. I was gasping and moaning during the kiss, and suddenly a wave crashed over me, I threw my head forward and bite into his shoulder as my cum exploded out my cock. I felt the strong pull starting in my balls and shooting threw my whole body, making my hair stand up on end and my vision to blur. I'd never felt something so good in my life... until. "Aiden, fuck!" It was raspy and desperate and I didn't understand until I felt his cannon start to shoot off in my ass. It was so hot, the only thing I can compare it to was like hot honey, thick and powerful. And the feeling of his cock shooting off and throbbing in my ass mixed with his deep manly moans pushed even more cum out of me.

We laid there holding each other, dripping sweat the blanket somehow hanging off the end of the bed, panting desperately. As we began to come back down to earth he reached out and pulled the blanket up and rolled us back over with him on his back and his head back at the head of the bed and me drifting in and out of sleep laying on his chest. He slid out of my ass and we got comfortable. The last thing I remember was his hands holding my trembling ones as I curled into him. I was so happy. And I drifted off to a deep sleep.



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