I was awoken by Irish stirring on my chest. I realized that I could feel his erection pushing into my side, hard and throbbing. I could tell from his wiggling in his sleep that he was uncomfortable. I ran my finger tips along the back of his ear and down his neck eliciting a shudder from his sleeping form. As I ran my finger tips over his strong shoulders I became fully erect and was beginning to leak in my trunks. I whimpered slightly at the feel of his body laying slightly on mine. With a grown Irish stirred and tilted his head to look up at me, I could see the desire in his eyes and he could see mine. He slowly moved himself up between my legs and placed the bulges in our pants right next to each other then began to apply pressure and rock back and forth agonizingly slowly. I reached my hand up and began to pull his head down.... Further.... Further.... Until our lips met in a hot slow time stopping kiss. A kiss that had us both panting for more and caused us both to grind into each other harder, but we kept the pace even. This was our first time together, and I could tell it was special for him because of what he had told me about the place we were in and also about his feelings for me.

Irish breaks our kiss first leaning up and slowly takes off his top, revealing a tight white wife beater. The thin fabric did little to hit or contain his muscles; I could feel my heart pound as I drank in the view of a man over me. He took off his belt then reached down to take off mine, letting his hands gently brush across my throbbing cock in the process causing a whimper to escape my lips. He licked his lips and unbuttoned then lowered my pants. I raise my but in order for him to get them off moving all the way down to my feet caressing my legs as he went. Removing my shoes and pants together. I didn't notice he had removed his shoes until he stood up to pull off his pants. I lifted up to remove my tops and looked up at this red headed man wearing red boxer briefs strained to the max my his throbbing cock. I slowly bring my head up to look into his handsome face; he looks so mysterious in with the shadow from the sun hiding part of his face, and his eyes. Oh my god his eyes, so blue in this moment my breathe caught. He told me later that looking into my eyes and seeing my desire reminded him of looking into a brewing storm.

Quickly he brought his body down to mine and slammed his mouth into mine, with so much need I thought we might devour each other. I could feel the head coming from his throbbing erection as I wrapped my legs around him and ground my hips into his. We moaned and groaned and grinded into each other. I bit into his shoulder and he wracked his nails across my back. God it felt so good, I could feel every inch of his pulsing cock thrust beside mine, our balls rubbing against each other through out underwear. We were both sweating and panting. I ground into me harder with more urgency and felt my balls draw up, I hung on the edge of no return and my legs spread wider as I let out a deep groan from deep in my belly. He slammed down onto me and threw his head back then pressed his mouth to mine and I felt the first gush of red hot cum surge through his balls and that's all I took I lost control. Gripping onto each other's backs and pressed tighter to each other we released surge after surge of hot cum.

I laid there and just stared at him. He was gorgeous, still a little sweaty and I could see the sun shining off his blue eyes. I smile crept across his lips and I reached my left hand up to run it across his stubble.


He blushed a deep red that was so cute. I sat up and leaned forward to kiss his lips. The moment they touched, gently, it was as if a symphony was let lose in my soul, and from his soft moan I think he felt the same. We tentatively pulled away and looked at each other and smiled. He slowly stood up and dusted himself off, then offering me his hand pulled me up. My God was I ever sore, I almost feel over once he got me standing. He put an arm around my waist to steady me.



"You're not as tall as I thought you were." He giggles at what he thinks is a clever observation.

"Hey bite me I'm 5'11!" I retort in mock anger.

"Say it again and I just might bite you." He whispers seductively. "Ha! I'm 6'1"

I puff out my chest as if to take offence to him being taller, but it wasn't by much, we could look each other in the eye without having to tilt our heads up or down, so it was ok. Once I was steady he released my waist which caused a slight frown to cross my face at the lack of contact that I was enjoying. He gave a deep chuckle and threw his left arm over my shoulder and I placed my arm around his waist. We took our time getting dressed, glancing at each other and smiling and blushing. I know we looked disgustingly cute but I didn't mind.

"Hey what time is it?" I knew it wasn't too terribly late because the sun was still out and bright.

"It's..." He paused to pull his phone from his pocket. "4:30?! Good god we slept that long?!"

He seemed to be worried all the sudden and then he looked into my face and all that worry drifted away. A smile came across his face when I reached my left hand up to take the hand of the arm he had draped over my shoulder.

"Alright you, let's get you back to that car of yours shall we."

He led me back towards the wall that we had jumped over hours before.

"Couldn't we just go out of the house instead of the going over the wall? And wait, how'd you know I had a car waiting for me?"

He laughed heartily at this, and I didn't care, I loved when he laughed. I was starting to love many things about this boy all over again. Like how he smelled like cut grass and sandalwood. "The wall is closer to the street sir, and I knew you had a car because I pay attention to the vehicles on the street and driving by. There was a black town car parked a bit up the road on the same side as the coffee shop, as if it belonged to anyone else but you."

We made small talk as we walked to and climbed over the wall. When we reached the end of the ally he let go of my hand and stepped a foot away from me.

"It's not good for people to see us like this. You have your popularity to worry about and we both do still have to go to school and we don't go to the best school to be gay at. Plus I don't want people trying to get to you to get to me."

He was right about all of it, although I was really curious what people might try to get to me to get to him, but I could tell by the look in his eyes two things. The first one was he wasn't as strong as he looked, there was a lot more going on with him and the second that I was going to have to be strong for the both of us; at least for a little while. So I didn't ask and I just said ok. We traded phone numbers and set picture Id's while still in the ally way and then we went our separate direction. Me to the right back towards my car, and him to the left back towards the poorer side of town. I all the sudden felt very possessive of him. I didn't want him to walk along the dangerous streets, yes it was broad daylight, but still not safe for anyone walking. I wanted to walk him home or give him a ride, but both would cause unneeded attention and probably cause him a great deal of hassles. We weren't kids anymore after all.

Irish's point of view

This is bad this is bad. I'm two hours late getting home. Fuck Da's going to kick my ass. My mind raced and stormed, but all that went away when I touched my lips and remembered how Aiden had kissed me no more than 20 minutes ago. But as I approached my front door the dread came back over me. Maybe Da and my brothers would all be gone or drunk and asleep by now. It's almost three in the afternoon on a Sunday, they were all home and all back from Mass, which I missed and missed cause I was spending time with... with... I quickly pulled out my phone and texted Aiden. 'What are we?' I didn't have to wait long for my answer, 'Together.' With my boyfriend.

I slowly opened the door and crept inside. I had enough time to close the door and turn around to see the lamp flying at my head. I quickly ducked but not in time to stop the cord of the lamp from smacking me in the face.

"Why you good for nothing brat!" Well my Da was drunk. And I knew I was in for it.

"Oie is he home, that little fucker didn't leave my cloths out for work!"

"Mine either! And where is lunch?! Some of us have work!" Well my brothers weren't drunk, but they were meaner when they were sober so I took no solace in this. I meant to get everything done before they got home, but I got distracted.

"I'm sorry, I'll get it all done before..." I was sharply interrupted by my father punching me in the stomach. My father was my height but outweighed me by at least thirty five pounds and it wasn't fat. He was a man who had been in plenty of pub brawls back in Ireland and here in the States. I didn't have time to recover as my oldest brother flew down the stairs and threw by my shirt up against the wall.

"Aye you little fucker, you can't do anything right can you?!" He shoved me back as he and my oldest brother both ran out the front door to get to their jobs. Leaving me at the mercy of my father. The door had barley been closed when my father went on the assault: two punches to ribs, a punch in the chest and I was on the ground. Something I tried not to do, because it always got me kicked. And kicked I was, twice in the side and once in the side of the head. My phone fell out of my pocket and I could see it light up with a text message and my father swiftly crushed it beneath his boot. It was over now though, he stood over me and called me names then spit on me and walked away picking up his bottle of gin from the table where he left it along the way.

I slowly picked myself up off the floor and stumbled back to my room. I shut the door behind me and locked it, placing the board across the door for good measure. It was rare but not unheard of for my father to get drunker and come back and beat me again. I should leave... but what would my mother think if I abandoned my family? I made enough working for Juan at the nocturnal parties to pay my families bills for a month and a half. They needed that money. I tried to take off my shoes and winced in pain. I just collapsed on my bed and feel into a nightmare riddled sleep.

I knew it was only a matter of time. I woke up from a nightmare about my father beating me to death in a cold sweat. I opened the window above the left side of my bed and with no time to spare tossed my head outside and emptied my stomach. I turned over and managed with great effort to get out of my boots, hat and clothes; leaving on my socks and trunk underwear. I lay back down.

My ribs and chest cried in agony with every convulsion and spasm of my body. This was the beginning of the withdrawals and after the first hour I wondered if the pain was worth it. I wasn't sure with the beating my father had given me if I could survive it anyway, maybe I should end it. God I wish Aiden was here. But he wouldn't come; I knew he wouldn't as another spasm of muscles sent me doubled over on the floor... virtually naked, alone, cold, and crying. I want to die.



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