Raven's Valley Prison - Part 3 (Final)

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Darius was led naked through the corridors of the prison, his feet growing cold from treading the old stones of the floor. His genitals had shrunk to their smallest possible size, both from the cold and from fear. When Hammer came back from his visit to the doctor, he was bruised, sore, and didn't say anything for two days.

Darius was taken through a heavy, wooden door and down a circular, stone staircase like one would find in a castle. The stairwell led to a dark corridor that was lined with empty cells. He noticed that some of the cells were completely empty, containing no bed or anything else, and the door to one was leaning against the wall inside. The guards put Darius into the only cell that seemed like it was usable and shut the door. He sat on a straw bedroll that was on the floor. The only light came from two lit sconces holding almost burnt-out candles.

The guards returned in a few moments and led Darius into a cavernous, open room. A large fireplace was casting light across the floor, and there were a few lit candles around the room, but it was still fairly dim. In the dead center of the large room there was a heavy, wooden chair beside which was a small table. The guards strapped Darius down to this chair. There were straps not only for his wrists and ankles, but also his elbows, knees, and torso. There was also a large hole in the seat of the chair leaving access to his hole.

After the guards had immobilized him, they left closing a heavy door behind them. Darius was alone in the room listening to the crackling fire. After a while, a door opened and closed behind him and there were footsteps. A shirtless, middle-aged man with a broad chest appeared. He was carrying a bucket from which he took out a rag. Gently, he began wiping the writing from Darius's chest. Darius said nothing. When the man finished he set the bucket aside and spoke.

"So, you're Connor's boy, huh?"

"Yes, sir."

"I don't usually let the inmates decide who comes down here, but now that you're here..."

The doctor disappeared behind him, and Darius could hear him rummaging through some things. Then he slid himself underneath the chair Darius was sitting on. He felt a pressure on his hole. He'd been expecting this, so he tried to relax to let the object in easily. As it started entering him, though, he realized that it was so big that it would never go in easily. It slid in further and further. He felt a wide tip, then a thin bit. Then a wide knob that was off-center. Whatever this thing was, it was irregularly shaped, and it was larger than anything Hammer could throw at him. It kept coming with its twists and bumps until it was all the way inside.

Then he slid it all the way back out, and when it went back in the bumps and curves touched different places inside him. He'd obviously turned it before sliding it back in. Darius tried to relax as much as he could. He wanted to give the doctor as little satisfaction as possible.

"You're taking this very well," the doctor said from beneath him as he slid the object in again. "Connor screamed when he took this. Of course, it was the first thing he'd ever had inside him."

'No wonder Connor's so messed up,' Darius thought.

The doctor made a few dozen insertions, then he slid out from under the chair and stood. Darius was pretty sure he was bleeding, but had no way to confirm that.

"In fact," the doctor said continuing the conversation he was having with himself, "I kept Connor down here with me for an entire week. That's how long it took to break him."

As the doctor spoke, he pulled up a chair in front of Darius and sat down. As he continued speaking, he grabbed Darius's testicles, one in each hand, and started squeezing them with differing amounts of pressure.

"When I finally let him leave, he asked to stay. Of course, the guards heard him say he wanted to stay, so on their way they decided to take him into a closet and passed him around."

The doctor stopped squeezing Darius's testicles and started stroking his cock.

He continued, "They told me he got hard while they were fucking him. They made him pay for that, of course."

The doctor continued tell Darius stories of him and the guards brutalizing Connor. The more he heard, the harder he got.

"You like hearing my stories?" the doctor asked.

"Yes, sir," Connor answered as pre-cum began to leak out of him.

The doctor kept talking and pumping until Darius, in spite of himself, came. He let out several hard spurts covering his belly and the doctor's hand. He fed Darius the cum he'd just expelled, then the guards led him back through the prison, only giving him his clothes after he'd reached his cell.

The next day, Connor came into his cell.

"Have fun with the doctor?" he asked.

"Take off your pants," Darius demanded.

"Excuse me?"

"Take off your pants and bend over."

Connor did as he was told, and Darius took off his own pants and plunged into him. Connor let out a soft moan and started backing into Darius's cock eager to take it.

And for the rest of the time Darius was in prison, Hammer and Stump used Darius as they wished. The doctor occasionally took one of them down to the dungeon for a long, painful night. The guards did as they pleased to everybody. And, when no one was around, Darius and Connor had soft, gentle sex.



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