For the next week, Connor did, indeed, use Darius as he wanted. He used Darius's relatively private cell to trade contraband, gamble, and beat-up his enemies of which he had many. When he wasn't doing those things, he was pushing his cock down Darius's throat. Darius also got to know the two men that always accompanied Connor. The pale, emaciated man was nicknamed Hammer, owing to the enormous rod that hung heavily between his legs. The stocky, muscular man was called Stump. Most people thought this name came from his build, but Darius learned very quickly that he had a short, thick cock. A week after his first day, Darius and Hammer were in his cell alone.

Darius breathed in the musty smell of his old blanket as he was tied to his own bed. The person doing the tying was Hammer, who was using his own shirt and pants to bind his wrists to the bedframe. Darius was bent over the foot of the bed, his bare ass exposed to the hallway through the bars of his cell. Fortunately, no one was out there, so he was spared that embarrassment, at least. Hammer used Darius's clothes to tie his knees to the legs of the bed, spreading them as far as possible. Darius was now trapped in this bent over position, his ass free for the taking. Hammer stood over him working up his cock.

"How many times has Stump had you so far?" he asked.

"Three, sir," Darius answered.

Stump was, in fact, the only one of them that had actually fucked him, since Connor preferred to use his mouth. Despite Stump's lacking size, it still hurt, so Darius grabbed the bedframe he was tied to, bracing himself for Hammer's massive cock.

Hammer moved around the back of him, then knelt and, without any warning, started pushing his way inside. It came slowly but steadily, and Darius was soon breathing hard and sweating. Once he was all the way in, Hammer stopped to savor the moment, then he slowly pulled all the way out and went all the way back in. Then he started pumping. He was slow at first, but as time went on he went faster and faster. He grabbed Darius's hips and started slamming into him. The pain sent tears down Darius's face, and Hammer started breathing hard, even letting off some soft grunts.

"Stop," a voice boomed behind them.

Hammer stopped pumping, and sweat dripped from his forehead onto Darius's back.

"I'm almost..." Hammer started saying.

"Stand up," the voice commanded.

Darius looked back to see the dwarf he'd seen his first day along with two guards that towered over him. Hammer did as he was told, standing up and facing the short man. His huge cock was fully erect and pointing directly at the dwarf's face. It twitched a couple times and a drop of pre-cum dripped from the tip and onto the floor.

"What do you think you're doing?" the dwarf asked.

Hammer was standing up straight with his hands behind his back like a soldier standing at ease.

"We were just fucking, sir," Hammer replied.

The dwarf slapped Hammer's cock hard sending it off to one side. He was still so hard that it came right back to the center.

"That's against the rules. Don't you know that?"

"Yes, sir."

The dwarf glanced back at the guards with him and said, "Boys, I think this young man needs a visit to the doctor."

"What? No," Hammer stammered.

The dwarf slapped his dick even harder as it began to soften. Then the guards took Hammer out into the corridor, still buck naked, still mostly hard. Then they disappeared out of sight leaving the dwarf and Darius who was still bent over the foot of the bed.

"Some people never learn," the dwarf said. He sat on the bed near Darius's head and leaned his back against the wall. "I'm Faber, the head guard. I don't think we've met." He started stroking Darius's hair and continued, "You may not think this, but you're lucky Connor and his crew made you their bitch. A place like this can be rough for a soft gentleman like yourself, and I'm of the opinion that anyone who lands themselves in prison should take care of themselves, so don't expect the guards to help you. I stepped in today so I could watch the doctor work your friend's huge cock over. Speaking of which, I'll be off. Don't want to miss the show."

With that, Faber strode out of the cell leaving Darius tied to the bed, his ass open to the air. He was like that for what seemed like an hour before Connor came in.

"Where's Hammer?" he asked.

"Faber took him away," Darius replied.

Connor shook his head and flashed an uneasy smile.

"This is the only place in the world where it's a bad thing to have a huge dick," he mused.

Connor sat down on the bed. Like Faber, he acted like Darius wasn't tied naked to the bed. Soon, Stump came in.

"Hammer's with the doctor," he said.

"I know," Connor replied glumly.

"Are you using him?"

"Help yourself."

Stump tossed his pants and underwear on the floor. Then he knelt behind Darius and started fucking. His thrusts were fast and hard right away. He wasted no time being gentle.

"What are we going to do about the Dragons?" Stump asked. Darius knew from experience that Stump was capable of having a conversation while fucking.

"Once their leader gets out, we need to bring Trevor onto our side. He's the brains of the group. If we have him, they'll fall apart by themselves."

They continued to talk like this. Darius knew not to get involved in their business.

Two days later, Darius was lying in bed. He was enjoying a rare moment to himself. Connor and his crew had turned his cell into their private club, and it seemed like someone was always here. They even met members of rival gangs in the cell, and kicked Darius out for long periods of time. But, for now, he was alone. Despite being used liberally by Connor, Hammer, and Stump, he himself hadn't gotten off since coming to the prison. He pulled his pants down just enough to expose himself and started stroking his cock. He worked it up as fast as he could, not wanting to be caught by Connor who, as far as he knew, could walk in at any time. He closed his eyes and jerked as fast as he could. Soon, the pleasure was washing over him and he was about ready to cum.

"Well, excuse me," a strange voice said.

Darius's eyes snapped open and he saw a young man standing in his doorway. He pulled his pants back up, his cock rock hard and ready to blow.

"Don't stop on my account," the man said.

"What do you want?"

"I was looking for Connor, but I don't think he'd mind if I used his boy."

The young man walked over and pulled Darius's pants down. His cock sprung out still stiff.

"Are you part of Connor's gang?" Darius asked.

"No, but he wants me to be."

The young man started lightly stroking Darius's cock with an amused grin on his face. Darius thought that this must be Trevor, the one Connor was trying to recruit. He lay still and let him do as he wanted. Trevor bent down and took Darius's cock into his mouth, putting it all the way to the back of his throat with ease. As Darius squirmed from the unexpected pleasure, Trevor started messaging his balls while deep-throating him. It took only a couple minutes for him to cum.

Then Trevor stood and started removing his clothes. Darius slid his own clothes off and soon they were both naked. Darius rolled over onto his stomach and Trevor wasted no time. He lay on top and started fucking. Unlike Hammer and Stump, he was slow and gentle. He seemed to be making love, not just getting off. Trevor pumped for a long time, panting and enjoying every second of it, until he eventually pulled out and came on Darius's back.

Then he stood, started putting on his clothes and said, "Thanks. I don't usually get to be on top."

Then he strode out of the cell.

At the end of the day, just before the cells were to be closed for lights out, Connor came in. Darius stood to great him, and without saying a word, Connor back-handed him across the face, sending him back against the wall. Darius clutched his cheek, trying not to cry over this sudden burst of violence.

"Trevor told me you two fucked," Connor said. "I didn't ask you to seduce him. I'm in charge of this gang. I make the decisions."

"I didn't..." Darius started to say.

"Take your clothes off," Connor interrupted.

Darius immediately did as he was told. Then Darius grabbed his arm and pulled him into the corridor. He then used Darius's blankets to tie both his hands behind his back, then secured them to the bars of his cell. He was now trapped naked in the hallway. Since it was almost lights out, no one was around. Connor then took a bit of charcoal and wrote something on Darius's bare chest. Without a further word, he stomped off toward his cell.

A moment later, two guards came down the hallway locking the prisoners in their cells. Despite seeing Darius, they took their time getting to him. They surrounded him with a smirk on their faces.

"So," one of them said, "you want to see the doctor?"

Darius's gut clenched in fear. When Hammer came back for 'seeing the doctor', he was bruised and sore, and didn't talk all day. But Darius knew that if Connor meant for him to go through that, then he had to comply. He'd never survive with Connor's protection, so he nodded and the guards untied him and led him down the hall.



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