Darius marched with the other prisoners, his chains rattling as he walked. They marched in their grim, solemn line wearing their brown rags to serve their sentences in Raven's Valley, one of the king's many prisons. The prison consisted of an old, small castle with rows of wooden bunkhouses in back surrounded by a palisade. Nearby was a quarry where the prisoners were to sweat their sins away.

The main body of the castle formed an L-shape with a large, square tower. Tucked into the bend of the 'L' was a courtyard surrounded by pillars. As Darius was led down the side of the courtyard, he peered into the middle. In the center of the courtyard was a heavy, wooden chair. A dwarf, his body stunted and disproportioned, was standing on the arms of the chair, a foot on each arm. This put his crotch perfectly in line with the face of the man sitting in the chair. Darius could see the dwarf's cock protruding from his pants, and he was ramming it mercilessly down the man's throat. The man was buck naked, his wrists and ankles strapped firmly to the chair. As the dwarf fucked his face, he looked down at the passing prisoners. Darius caught his eye. The enjoyment he was getting from violating that man was chilling. More chilling still, a dozen guards had gathered to watch the spectacle. The dwarf gave him a smarmy smile, and Darius averted his gaze.

Of course, a man lying with another man was not tolerated in the kingdom. It was something Darius had done in secret with nameless men in hidden places. But once you were in a prison, no one really cared what you did, or what the guards did to you. 'Because you deserve it', people would say. Still, despite all the rumors he'd heard, seeing such a blatant display of abuse unnerved Darius.

They were led through a small, heavy door into the castle. It brought them immediately to a square, stone room. They were lined up once inside and their chains were removed. There were three fully outfitted guards, who looked like they were about to go to war, standing behind them. In front of them was a long table, which had some papers on one end, and a guard who wore a simple short sword.

"Strip," ordered the guard in front of them.

None of the men dared hesitate for a second. They immediately shed their clothes and dropped them in a large sack that was brought around. Instinctively, and to shield themselves from the cold, the prisoners covered their genitals with their hands.

"Hands behind your backs, gentlemen," the guard called. "Let's not pretend you have anything to see."

The men did as they were told, exposing themselves fully to him. He then paced in front of them, moving up and down their line. He told them how things worked in prison, what the rules were, what the punishments were. He did not, however, say anything about getting face-fucked by a dwarf in the courtyard. Darius was sure there was a lot more to this place then the official speech let on.

When the man was done with his speech, he walked up to Darius, who was at the end of the line.

"Name," the man ordered.

"Darius Bartlett."

"Step up here."

The man led him over to the table, and said, "Put your hands behind your head and bend forward until your chest touches the table."

As soon as Darius's bare chest touched the wood of the table, the guards thrust two fingers up his ass. Darius was shocked, but he knew if he resisted it would be much worse. He turned his face away from the line of prisoners so they wouldn't see the pain and humiliation on his face. The guard took his time. He felt inside him with his fingers, then wiggled them around. Then he pulled them in and out a few times. Once he was satisfied, the guard released him back to the line. He then inspected the other men, making his point about who was in charge with each one of them.

They were given new, simple brown clothes made of the roughest cloth Darius had ever felt. They were then supplied with their bed coverings and led into the prison. Darius would spend one year of his life here, a relatively short sentence for poaching. Two guards led them into a cavernous hall with cells built into the walls. A walkway for the guards rimmed the room high above everyone else. In the center of the room there were tables and benches, and the prisoners were packed into that space. Some of them stopped what they were doing to watch the new prisoners arrive, some couldn't have cared less and kept chatting.

Off of this main, square room there three corridors, also lined with cells, leading off in different directions. The guards put prisoners in their cells as they passed them. Darius was the last to be assigned. His cell was at the end of one of the corridors. After he made up his bed, as he was instructed to do, he walked to his cell door, which was open, and looked out. There was a raised walkway for the guards here, too, but only on one side which was above him. That meant the guards couldn't see into his cell. Also, there was no cell directly opposite his own, just a blank, stone wall.

Three men walked up to his door. They kept walking into his cell as though he wasn't standing in the doorway, and Darius backed up until he was against the back wall. The man in the center, the one who was pressing in on him, was tall and muscular, an adolescent dream, but with a hard bitten face covered in black stubble. The man to his left was shirtless and built like a boulder, his every muscle bulging. The man to his right was also shirtless, but with a thin, almost emaciated body. As Darius examined his companions, the tall man reached down the front of Darius's pants and grabbed his testicles. Darius instinctively grabbed the man's wrist.

"Let go," the man said. When Darius hesitated, the man stepped in until their chests were almost touching, and in a slow, deliberate voice, he repeated, "Let go."

Darius knew the man had him. He removed his hand from the man's wrist, giving him complete control over his manhood. The man put his left hand on the wall behind Darius's head while keeping a firm grip on his balls with the right.

"My name's Connor. What's yours," the man said.

"Darius," he replied in a sheepish voice. Fortunately the man wasn't squeezing.

Connor started moving his hand, rolling Darius's nuts in his palm. Darius squirmed.

"Something wrong?" Connor asked.

"No, sir," Darius replied.

"You're cell is the most private place in this prison," Connor said. "It's the only private place, actually. That makes it extremely valuable. The guards won't let us switch cells, but I can come in here and conduct my business whenever I want, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"And you'll do whatever I want, won't you?"

"Yes, sir."

Connor tightened his grip just enough to cause a little pain.

"So long as you do whatever I say, you'll be fine. If you disobey me, I won't hesitate to rip these off and make you eat them."

Connor released his grip, pulled his hand out of Darius's pants, and left the cell with his thugs in tow. Darius sat on his bed cradling his package. He'd seen a prisoner being violated, been stripped, fingered, and had his balls squeezed and he'd just gotten there. He knew he had a long year ahead.



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