"Yeah, suck! Suck that shitty cock!" David moaned, "Suck the stink off of my big dick!"

As I wrapped my lips around the thick shaft of David's filthy cock and began dragging my mouth upward towards the bulbous, mushroom head, Alex slid his mouth down towards mine. Meeting mid-shaft, our shitty lips brushed against one another.

The young man's full, wanton lips, dripped with saliva and excrement as he softly touched his lips to mine, sending a wave of lust throughout my entire body. Slowly, Alex flicked out his tongue and swept it over my filthy lips. I responded by darting out my tongue, flicking it against his until the mounting lust between the two of us could not contain itself.

Wrapping my arms around Alex, I drew him towards me and kissed him deeply. Our shitty, stink lips pressed firmly together. Our nasty tongues probed deep into each other's funk filled mouths. Our breaths were lust crazed sighs as together we kissed and savored the filth from my ass.

"Fuck yeah!" David whispered. "Nothin' hotter than seein' two sexy bucks sharin' a nasty, shitty kiss!"

As Alex and I continued to kiss, I slid my hand into the piss filled urinal under David's piss soaked balls. I could feel the pissy slime coating my hand and David's nuts. Wrapping my fingers around David's balls I began to tug slightly while at the same time, I slipped a finger between the hairy mounds of his ass to his wet asshole which, like his balls, felt slimey from piss, sweat and his own anal juices.

"That's it, buddy! Finger my nasty hole. Dig around up my asshole.

Bound to find somethin' up there you'll like!"

My finger slipped easily up David's fuckhole. As I probed his inner depths, I could feel that his anal canal was packed with shit. As I swirled my finger around, I could feel it's gooey, pastey warmth caressing my finger.

"Find something up there you want, Jason?" David purred.

"Shit!" I moaned. "Stinking manshit"

"Yeah, buddy! My ass is full of stinkin' shit."

"Jason." Alex moaned, kissing me softly.

"Yeah?" I responded, breathlessly.

"I want your big cock. I need that baseball bat of yours up my ass.

Fuck me with that big dick of yours, man!"

"Yeah? You want this big dick up your dirty manhole?"

"Yes!" Alex whispered, his voice ringing with animal lust.

Before I could say another word, Alex broke our kiss. Dipping his hand into the urinal he cupped into his hand a pool of rancid, stale piss which he brought down between my legs and began bathing my throbbing cock with the yellow nectar from the urinal.

"Jesus!" I sighed, as Alex stroked my cock with the piss lube.

Alex's warm touch sent tingles coursing through my dick. The heady scent of crusty, reeking piss wafted in the air and up my nostrils. I had to muster all of my strength of concentration to prevent an explosive orgasm.

Hoisting himself up, Alex maneuvered himself between David, enthroned on the urinal, and myself, kneeling on the floor in front of David. Taking his slime coated hand, he dragged it up and down his hairy butt trench and around his hungry manpussy.

"Aaahhh!" Alex sighed, as he pushed out a soft pile of creamy shit into the palm of his hand which he proceded to smear up and down his ass trench and, reaching back, began to lube my dick with his warm, stinky shit.

"Fuck!" I gasped, as Alex stroked my dick and bucked his ass back towards my cock.

"Shove that shitty cock up my ass, Jason! Make me sit on your big, nasty cock!"

"Aaahhh, fuck yeah!" David moaned, as I wiggled a second finger up his ass. "Fuck with our nasty cunts!"

I bucked my hips, stabbing at Alex's dirty hole, taunting and teasing both him and me. Alex responded by bucking his ass back and I could see his filthy, shitty asslips begin to pucker and flare begging for cock.

"Fuck me, Jason!" Alex hollered. "Give me that big cock now!"

As I lunged forward, impaling Alex onto my aching, throbbing dick, I sent a third digit up David's rectum.

"Fuck! Fuck!" David and Alex cried out, in unison, both men bucking their hungry man twats unto that which invaded their holes.

"Fucking hungry boys!" I hollered.

"Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck that ass, Jason!" Alex gasped. "Ride me hard!

Rape that stinkin' mancunt! Fuck the shit outta my ass!"

Alex braced himself with his hands on his brother's thighs meeting every thrust of my dick by bucking and grinding his ass back. Sliding his hands under David's thighs, he bagan pushing David's legs up until he had them draped over his shoulders, giving me easier access to his brother's twitching asshole.

David reached down and began jacking on his dick while Alex, his head bent slightly, licked the head of his brother's cock.

"More! More!" David groaned.

"Fucking hungry pig, aren't you?" I growled.

"We're both fuckin' shit hungry pigs!" Alex moaned. "We live for each other's filth and stink."

Each time I pulled my dick back from Alex's gaping, fucked hole, I could see his asslips becoming dirtier and dirtier as his buttslop oozed out of his shithole. At the same time, glancing up, I could see David's hairy hole, dripping with piss, sucking on my fingers with a wet, slurping, nasty sound. I wiggled a fourth finger up David's hole.

"Yeah, motherfucker!" David bellowed, digging his heels onto Alex's back. "Fuckin' fist my shitty cunt!"

Massaging David's hole, I could feel it loosening up. Like his brother, the more I toyed with his ass, the more shit oozed out which I used as lube to fuck deeper. Curling my fingers, I slid my hand forward until my knuckles disappeared up David's shitter.

"Don't stop! Don't stop!" David panted. "All the way, buddy!

Streatch that hole. Give it to me!"

Slowly. Methodically, I inched my fist up David's ass. The bridge of my knuckles disappeared and still David's hungry hole sucked more until his gaping hole was past my wrist.

"Punch that hole the way your punchin' my brother's hole, man! Fuck our shitty cunts!"

I picked up a rhythym, pistoning my cock in and out of Alex's shithole while at the same time working my fist in and out of David's pucker.

The room soon filled with the sounds of mansex. Raunchy mansex. Grunts and groans of ecstatic pleasure. The sound of sloppy, nasty fucking.

The sound of juicy farts escaping gaping, fucked holes. The sound of shit splattering on the tiled floor.

The sound of hand to cock action. That friction of a man's hand on his dick and the sound it produces as he masturbates with wild abandon.

I could see our bodies gleeming with a sheen of sweat as we writhed and bucked in unison. I could smell the stench of our mutual waste. A strong, pungent aroma of manstink. The aroma of sweaty armpits and rank, shitty assholes and raunchy cocks swirled up my nostrils.

As I fucked these two hunky studs, David pointed his dick straight up.

Letting out a loud groan, he let loose a fountain of piss into the air.

It shot up high and rained down on Alex and I. Waving his pissing cock around, David aimed it towards his face and the stream gushed into his open mouth. The golden nectar splashed over his face and ran, like sweat, over his chin, down his neck and onto his chest which he rubbed all over his upper body and onto his brother's face.

My lust was reaching the boiling point. I had never felt or engaged in such a nasty act in a restroom before. I needed one more thing to seal my raunchiness. Something that would bring me to an explosive orgasm with these two studs.

With my free hand, I cupped it under my ass let go another steamy turd, emptying the rest of the contents of my bowls onto the palm of my hand.

Bringing the fuming pile of shit up to my face, I took a deep whiff of its ripe stench.

"Give me some of that, Jason!" Alex groaned, cocking his head back over his shoulder.

"Yeah, baby!" I moaned, bringing my hand forward towards his face.

"Want some stinky shit, man? My buttslop?"

"Yes! Fuck yes!" Alex sighed, sniffing the pile of reeking shit I held in my hand before smashing his face into the warm, stinking, fresh, brown load of steamy turd.

"Yeah, pig!" David moaned. "Wallow in shit, bro! Worship that manturd. Get high on fuckin' shit, man!"

"Aaahhh!" Alex sighed, swirling his face onto the palm of my hand. "It feels so nasty, David. It's so fuckin' dirty and stink."

"Eat shit, Alex! Eat the man's fuckin' shit!"

"You heard your brother, Alex." I coaxed. "Eat my shit! You've got my big cock up your hot, dirty cunt. Now eat my stink, man!"

Alex openend his mouth and stabbed his tongue into the warm, pastey pile.

"It's fuckin' nasty, man!"

"Eat my shit, Alex!"

"Aw fuck!" Alex gasped, flinging his head back with a mouthful of shit which he began to chew and swallow.

"You look so nasty, Alex!" David said. "Now suck on my cock with that dirty mouth of yours. Make it feel like I'm fuckin' dirty stinkhole!"

"Arrggghhh!" Alex gurgled, as he wrapped his shitty lips around David's dick and sucked.

"Oh yeah!" David moaned. "Feels fuckin' good, bro! Suck. Suck that cock! Suck it nasty, man! Suck it the way Daddy taught you to suck cock! ... Aw fuck, Jason! Yeah! Punch that shithole, buddy. Fist my ass while my kid brother sucks my dirty dick! Fuck! Make me spooge, guys!"

"I'm with you, David!" I yelled. "Gonna spunk up Alex's shitter any moment now. Fuck!"

"Not so fast!" A voice boomed.

The three of us turned towards the direction of the voice. Framing the doorway was a tall, muscular man which I gathered to be in his early fifties with dark hair and whisps of gray at the temples.

The man cracked a wicked grin as he stepped into the crowded bathroom, closing the door behind him.

"Sure does stink in here!" The man said, sniffing the air and groping his crotch. "I had to piss but seeing how the pisser is being occuppied I guess I'll have to piss my pants or ..."

"Piss in my mouth!" I gasped.

"Why that's mighty kind of you, son." The man replied. "But if you don't mind, I'd rather piss up your ass."

"Piss up the pig's ass, Dad!" David whispered.

"Well look who's calling the kettle black! Or should I say brown? You sittin' in the pisser jackin' on your shitty cock with a fist up your ass. And your brother all shit faced, stinkin' like a pig sty, gettin'

porked by one helluva stud."

"Yeah, fucker!" David growled. "We're pigs just like you, Dad! We suck dick and lick dirty butthole and wallow in piss and shit."

"Ain't nothin' wrong with good, dirty sex, son!" The man replied, whipping out a dick any man would be proud of and kneeling down on the filthy floor behind me. "That manhole of yours looks mighty invitin'."

"It's yours, sir." I replied. "It's yours to fuck and use as your urinal."

"Don't mind if I do, fucker! How's about a nice, big Texas welcome!"

With that the man plunged his tool up my ass and began pounding away.

After a couple of deep strokes I felt my gut filling up.

"Yeah! Piss up my ass!" I shouted.

"Pissin' up your nasty cunt, boy!" The man hollered. "When I'm done, I'm gonna pull out and you're gonna spray it out on my cock while I jack off and you make my boys cum!"

"Yes, sir!" I hollered, bucking my ass back.

"You like fuckin' around with my boys and their Daddy?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Yeah! Fuckin' gettin' all stink and nasty with Alex and David."

"And with you, sir!"

"Your Daddy ever get nasty with you, boy?"

"No, sir! But I wish he had. I wish he had taught me what you've taught your sons."

"Fuck him, Daddy!" Alex crooned. "Fuck him with your big dick the way you fuck me and David!"

The thought that I was getting it up the ass with the same cock that fucked David and Alex, brought me to the brink.

"Aw fuck!" I hollered. "I'm gonna cum!"

David and Alex's Dad pulled his dick out of my ass and began masturbating furiously as I took one final plunge up Alex's manhole.

David grinded his ass onto my fist and clenched his dick just as he shot a rope of cum out of his pisshole towards his face.

"Shoot that piss outta your ass, man! All over my cock!"

With one push I spewed the man's piss out of my ass while I lunged forward and spunked up Alex's hole.

"Fuck! Fuck!" David and I shouted, as we withed in orgasm.

In the afterglow of my spooging, I could hear the sound of David and Alex's Dad beating his meat and Alex doing the same.

"Cum with me, son! Shoot off with me, Alex! Smell the stink on your brother's dick and cum with me!"

"I'm gonna shoot my load, Daddy!" Alex hollered. "I've got Jason's big dick up my ass and David's stink cock in my face! Fuck! Fuck!"

"Yeah!" The man yelled. "Fuck! Fuck!"

As I pulled my dick out of Alex's ass, I could hear the sound of cum splattering on the floor and the room filled with the sighs of eased tensions.

"Mmmmmm!" The man said.

Glancing back at him, I could see his head bent to the floor lapping up his creamy load out of the pool of piss I had expelled from my ass.

Looking at Alex, he was hunched over the urinal, his head between David's legs, slurping away at his brother's asshole.

"Yeah, bro!" David said, happily. "Lick the slop from my shithole.

Now it's time for sloppy seconds. Now I want Jason and Dad to fuck me at the same time while I eat out your dirty ass!"

"Is that part of the bill I owe you?" I chuckled.

"No, man. You're paid up in full. Let's say its an incentive to keep you around for awhile."

"Maybe even longer." Alex said, softly.

As I stared into Alex's dreamy blue eyes, I bgan to rethink about heading out to the west coast.



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