It was hot. Very hot. The airconditioner in my car quit working somewhere just outside of Biloxi, Mississippi. Even with all the car windows down, the hot, humid air gave me no relief. I could feel the sweat trickling from my armpits down the sides of my body and, stirred by the arid breeze, I could smell my own body odor wafting up my nostrils.

Not that I didn't mind the scent of my own body. To tell the truth, I got off on it. There were times when I'd go for several days without a shower, allowing me the pleasure of getting high off of my own funk.

How others appreciated my aroma, or not, wasn't a matter of concern for me. I enjoyed it and that's all that mattered.

As I approached Dallas, enroute on my journey from Florida to California, where a new job awaited me, a voice on the radio blared out


"Hello, Dallas! It's a hot one today with an expected high of 110 degrees!"

'That's it!' I snapped, baning my hand against the dashboard. I gotta get this air fixed before I fucking get to Vegas!'

To calm me down, somewhat, despite the heat, I ran my hand into my sweaty armpit and bringing the palm of my hand up to my face, I took a deep whiff.

'Mmmmmm! Fuck yeah!' I sighed. 'This makes the fucking heat worthwhile!'

Chapter 1

On the outskirts of Dallas, I spotted a delapidated building with a sign that read:


I figured, 'why not?' At the very least I'd find out if my airconditioning was shot to hell permanently or not.

I pulled into the front of the building and parked my car. Getting out of the car I could hear country music crooning from a radio in the direction of the garage. As I made my way towards the garage, I could see two guys working on a car.

One guy, rather tall with dark hair, and from what I could see, rather muscular with tattoos on his arms, was hunkered over the car's engine.

The other guy was lying on his back under the car. All I could see of him were his two legs, bent at the kneee, splayed wide apart, sticking out from underneath the car.

As I got closer, I could see that the guy working underneath the car, the one with his legs spread wide apart, had a rip in the crotch of his tattered, faded jeans and, perhaps unknowingly to him or that he just didn't give a damn, the twin orbs of his balls, lightly fleeced with hair, had escaped from his jeans and were resting on the greasey, filthy floor of the garage.

The tatooed guy, had his back towards me and from the looks of it possesed an ample set of buns within the skin tight levis he had on.

'Jesus Christ!' I muttered to myself. 'I haven't even hit Vegas yet and I've hit a jackpot!'

"Excuse me!" I said, raising my voice above the clanging of tools and the volume of the radio.

"Howdy!" The dark haired guy responded, straightening up and turning to face me, with his hand clutching a wrench. "Can I help you?"

I noticed that the name "David" was stiched onto the greasey shirt he was wearing that fit him, like the levis he wore, like a second skin revealing every bulge and contour of his chest. Not to mention a very inviting, bulging basket he sported at his crotch.

"Hey, David." I replied. "I'm having some trouble with my airconditioning and I was wondering ..."

"Fuckin' hot, ain't it?" David said, with a drawl that betrayed his southwestern roots.

"Yeah. Sure is." I responded.

"So what's the problem?"

"Jason." I said, stepping towards him and extending my hand.

Jason took my hand in his and with a powerful grip, shook it.

"You're not from around these parts, are you?" David asked.

"No. Just passing through. On my way to California when my airconditioning copped out on me. I was wondering if you'd have a look at it?"

"Sure. No problem." David said.

As we turned to head out towards my car, the guy who had been working underneath the car scooted out from under it. He looked to be around eighteen years old, with wavey, rather long blonde hair which spilled out over his broad shoulders. I had to admit, he was rather cute.

"Jesus, bro!" David exclaimed, shaking his head. "You're hangin' out, man! Ain't you got no respect?"

"Aw, man!" The teenager exclaimed, reaching down to stuff his balls back into his jeans.

"Sorry 'bout that, Jason." David said, putting his hand on my shoulder and nudging me towards my car. "You gotta excuse my kid brother, Alex.

If he had his way, he'd be runnin' around the garage buck ass naked!"

"In this fucking heat, I wouldn't blame him." I replied.

After a cursory evaluation of the problem with my car, David assurred me that it was nothing major and said that he could have it fixed within the hour.

"You got a bathroom around here?" I asked.

"Yeah." David replied. "Just head back into the garage and it'll be on your left."

"Thanks, man." I said, trotting off towards the garage.

Chapter 2

As I entered the rather small restroom I was greeted by the musky scent of urine and motor oil. To my right was a urinal that appeared as if it hadn't seen a bottle of "Mr. Clean" in ages. It was smudged with grease and within the bowl, was a pool of rancid, stale piss, which had crusted over.

The aroma that hit me upon entering the bathroom, sent a twinge of excitement throughout my body. Like I said, I got off on mansmells and as I savored the scents curling up my nostrils, my cock began to spring to life.

A partition, badly in need of a fresh coat of paint, seperated the urinal from the toilet which had no door for privacy.

Stepping into the cubicle where the toilet was I glanced around. The toilet fared no better than the urinal. Looking down into the bowl I could see the remnants of fecal matter streaking the inner lining of the bowl as well as toilet paper, with brown skid marks, clinging to the porcelin as well as a foul stench rising from the bowl. On the dindgey walls surrounding the toilet I could decipher the graffitti of many a past occupant.

Having no adverse reaction to my surroundings, I stepped into the cubicle and, lowering my jeans, sat down on the toilet.

I thought nothing of the slime which kissed my asscheeks as I sat down on the toilet. I leaned back and breathed a sigh of relief as my genitals lay open and exposed. As I read the obscene messages scrawled on the walls and as my feet slid upon the grundgey floor, the scent of my sweaty crotch rose and permeated my nose.

Mingled with the other odors in the room, a wave of erotic lust surged throughout my body and my cock began to jerk itself to erection.

'Fuck yeah!' I sighed, reaching down to inbetween my legs and curling my fingers around my stiffening dick as I savored all of the funky aromas swirling up my nostrils. 'Fucking manstink!'

Sliding my hand down my now rigid shaft, I cupped my hairy, sweaty balls in the palm of my hand and rolled them around, letting a finger roam under the area between my balls and my asscrack.

I rubbed my finger onto this moistened area of my crotch and as I brought my finger up under my nose and took a deep sniff of the funk from my finger, a wet fart escaped from my ass which echoed in the empty bathroom.

Immediately, with my cock jerking and oozin pre-cum, I brought my finger once more down and under my balls. I slipped my finger into the hairy, sweaty cleft of my ass and trailed it slowly down the steamy, warm trench towards my asshole, which, as my finger made contact with the moist, swollen lips of my hole, a soft sigh escaped from my mouth.

I rubbed my finger over my juicy hole as another, rumbling, wet fart escaped. As I continued passing my finger over my now gaping asslips I could feel the tip of a turd brushing against my finger.

After making several passing sweeps over my asshole I withdrew my finger and gazed lustily at the brown streaks coating my finger. Raising my finger up to my face and under my nose, I sniffed the ripe stink from my butthole.

'God-damn!' I moaned, as my own stench shot up my nose. 'Fucking stink!'

As I wallowed in my buttfunk I heard the door to the restroom creak on its hinges. Sitting upright quickly, I tucked my hard-on between my legs and hunched over resting my elbows on my knees as I felt a long, thick turd beginning to slide out of my asshole while a stream of piss began to splash out of my dick against the inner rim of the bowl, wetting my cock in the process.

"My brother says that he'll have your car fixed in a jiffey."

Although we had barely met one another, nor been introduced, I recognized the voice to be that of Alex.

"Don't mind me, man." Alex said, as the next sound I heard was the sound of his zipper being tugged down followed by a rustling sound. "I gotta take a fuckin' piss."

I glanced down at the floor directly under the partition seperating us to see Alexs' jeans resting atop his sneakers and the exposed flesh of his legs.

'What the fuck?' I thought to myself, as I squeezed a long, fat turd out of my ass and gazed at the exposed flesh of Alex.

"Aaahhh!" I heard Alex sigh, as the sound of piss splashed into the urinal followed by a low, rumbling fart from his side of the partition.

"Sounds like you need this bowl as much as I do." I chuckled.

"Yeah, man! I do." Alex replied. "But seeing how you're usin' it right now, I guess I'm outta luck."

"Well don't let me be the cause of your messin' yourself." I replied.

The next thing I realized, Alex had shuffled a few steps backward and was leaning against the wall and looking in at me sitting on the toilet.

His levis still hugged his ankles and staring directly at me, on a level with my eyes, was Alex's low hanging balls and a long, thick slab of dick meat dripping with pre-cum.

"So what did you have in mind?" Alex asked in a hoarse, husky voice, running his fingers through the forest of hair encircling his cock.

"Wanna share that seat with me, man?"

I leaned back, slowly. Spreading my legs, my cock snapped up and slapped against my stomach.

"Have a seat, why don't ya!" I whispered.

"That looks mighty nice." Alex drawled, in a heavy accent.

"You want it?" I coaxed, reaching down to stoke my dick.

"Fuck yeah!" Alex replied. "I'd sit on that."

"So what's stopping you?" I purred, lustily.

"Nothin' really." Alex replied. "Except for the fact that I gotta take a dump and my ass is full of shit."

"Is that all?" I cooed, stroking my dick.

"Wouldn't want to offend you, Jason. If I sat on that big cock of yours right now ... well ..."

"Well what?" I replied.

"I'd get it all dirty. Like I said, man! I gotta take a dump and my ass is full of shit. Unless ..."

"Unless what, Alex?"

"Unless you're one of them nasty boys who likes gettin' it dirty."

"Are you a nasty boy, Alex?" I asked, as I let another turd slide out of my hole and plunk into the toilet bowl.

"Yeah. I'm a nasty boy, Alex." I whispered, reaching down to finger my dirty hole.

With Alex stroking his dick and watching me, I reached down inbetween my legs and fingered my filthy, shitty hole while at the same time I let fly a stream of piss which shot out of my pisshole and splashed against the wall opposite me.

"Does this answer your question, man?" I moaned, bringing my shitty coated finger up to my face and copping a whiff of it before I slid it into my mouth and sucked on my finger.

"You're fuckin' nasty alright!" Alex sighed, bending at the waste to untie his shoes.

Stepping out of his shoes, he kicked his pants off and stripped out of his socks. Picking up one of his socks, he brought it up to his face and took a deep whiff.

"How's it smell, man?" I asked.

"It's fuckin' stink. Wanna sniff?"

"Yeah! I do!" I whispered, hoarsely. "Bring it here and rub it on my face!"

As Alex stepped into the cubicle, he pulled off his shirt and tossed it onto the filthy floor. Standing in front of me naked, he pressed his grundgey, sweaty sock onto my face.

"Smell it, motherfucker!"

I breathed in deep the funk from his sock. It smelled ripe and felt crusty as he rubbed it all over my face.

"Does it stink, Jason?" Alex hissed.

"Yes!" I gasped, sniffing it and masturbating myself furiously.

"Do you like that kind of stink, man?" Alex purred, working his funky sock into my mouth.

"Yes!" I moaned.

"Fuckin' tastes as good as it stinks, don't it?"

"Fuck yeah!" I groaned, sucking the filthy sock into my mouth and tasting its funk.

"What's it smell like, Jason?"

"Fuck!" I moaned. "It smells like stinky feet and dirty asshole!"

"Yeah?" Alex hissed.

"Yes!" I sighed, sniffing and sucking on the grundgey sock.

"That's because I wiped my ass with it!"

"Aw, fuck!" I moaned, out loud.

"Yeah!" Alex whispered. "After I take a real messy shit, I use my socks to wipe my ass and wear them! And when I'm fuckin' real horny, I'll shit right in 'em and put 'em on and wear 'em all day long, feelin'

my shit squishin' between my toes and stinkin' up my sneakers!"

"Aw, fuck! Fuck!" I moaned. "That's so fuckin' dirty, man! I bet your sneakers really stink!"

"Wanna smell 'em?" Alex asked, bending down to pick up one of his sneakers. "They're really ripe, man!"

"Yes!" I gasped. "Fuck, yeah!"

Pulling his sock from my mouth, Alex pressed his sneaker onto my face.

"Smell it, fucker!"

I almost gagged at the stench. It reeked of toe jam and the sour funk of fermented shit.

"How's that smell?" Alex snapped.

"Fuck! Good ... real good, man!" I responded, between deep huffs.

"Does your fuckhole smell like this, Alex?"

"Wanna find out, motherfucker?"

"Yes!" I gasped, dragging my tongue along the inner lining of his sneaker. "Fuck, yeah!"

Slowly, Alex turned around and spread eagled himself against the wall.

Sliding off of the toilet, I knelt before the creamy whiteness of his rounded, ample ass.

"Pry those buttcheeks apart, man!" Alex gasped, thrusting his ass back.

"Spread 'em and smell my stink!"

I placed one hand upon each voluptuous cheek. As I touched his flesh I could feel its heat and a sheen of sweat on the firm, muscular cheeks.

"Smell it, man!" Alex moaned, pressing his face against the grease smudged wall. "Smell my ass!"

As I parted his buttcheeks, I gazed wantonly at his hairy asscrack. I leaned forward and pressed my face against his sweaty, warm flesh.

"Fuck! Fuck!" I sighed and gasped, as I dragged my nose within the raunchy, smelly trench. Its ripe stench swirled up my nostrils sending a wave of tingling lust coursing through my veins.

"Yeah!" Alex groaned. "Smell my dirty, stinky butt, Jason! Smell it!

Is it stink, man?"

"Oh yeah!" I moaned. "Your ass stinks so fuckin' good!"

"Yeah!" Alex sighed, bucking his ass back and grinding it onto my face.

"Smell my stink, man! I want you to smell like my fuckin', ripe hole."

As I worked my nose closer and closer to Alex's shithole, once more I heard the creaking door of the restroom open.

Glancing sideways, I saw David enter the room.

"I see you've met my brother, Alex." David said. "Your car's fixed.

Now its time to pay up, fucker!"



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