As I feasted on Alex's sweaty, ripe smelling ass, my mouth salivating, wetting each hair within his steamy butt trench as I worked my tongue closer and closer to the young man's funky asshole, out of the corner of my eye I could see David unbuttoning his shirt, revealing an exquisitely sculpted chest covered with a light matting of dark hair. Yanking the tails of his shirt out of his levis, he nonchalantly tossed his shirt onto the filthy tiles of the restroom floor, kicking it under the urinal which dripped its slimey contents onto his shirt.

With a sexy, wicked grin, David slowly swept his hands over his chest, wet with perspiration and moved them into his hairy armpits. Standing there, rubbing his hands into his sweaty pits, he spread his legs wide apart. The bulge between his legs appeared more prominent and defined from what I had noticed earlier.

With the funk from Alex's ripe, juicy butt trench swirling up my nose, not to mention the foul stench coming from the toilet bowl and the urinal, my lust for these two brothers only increased. My cock was rock hard, oozing and dripping pre-cum onto the floor. It jerked and throbbed on its own with no help from my hand.

Reaching between Alex's legs, I cupped his furry, walnut sized testicles in the palm of my hand, feeling their sweaty warmth and heftiness.

"Tug on his balls!" David whispered, hoarsely. "My brother likes to have his nuts yanked on while his fuckhole is being tongued or fucked.

Pretty ripe back there, ain't it, Jason?"

"Mmmmmm! Yes!" I replied, slurping hungrily at Alex's moist asslips.

"His shithole is fucking dirty and stinks so good!"

"That's 'cause the motherfucker hardly ever wipes his pussy after he takes a shit!" David drawled, in a southwestern accent, dripping with sexual overtones.

"It's always ripe and stink for butt sniffers and motherfuckin'

shithole-munchin' faggots to enjoy! You one of them nasty faggots, Jason?"

"I'm a fucking butt sniffing, asshole licking faggot!" I sighed, stabbing my tongue as deep as I could into the grundgey oriface of Alex's anal cavity.

"Ain't nothin' wrong with that." David replied. "Myself, I take a shine to guys every now and then. Especially my kid brother here. He and I been goin' at each other for quite some time now. Got the notion for brotherly love from our Dad. He's the one that taught us to have an appreciation for men and for one another."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Yet hearing it only turned me on even more. The idea that these two studs had engaged in sexual activity with the man who sired them, nearly brought me to the brink of an explosive orgasm. After all, what gay guy, although he might no admit it, has fantasized about the most taboo form of sex?

"Take it easy there, Jason." David said, taking a step forward. "Don't you go shootin' off that fine lookin' pistol of yours just yet. Why don't you take a breather from Alex for a spell and come over here and munch on my basket?"

I leaned back against the toilet. I looked down at my throbbing, spitting cock. The blood coursing through my veins made my entire body feel like it was on fire with lust. I looked from David's inviting basket to Alex's juicy mounds of ass-flesh which dripped with my saliva.

I was like an animal in heat; like a dog being tempted with a bone or a juicy steak!

"Got you all confused, huh, Jason? Can't make up your mind which one of us you want? Like I said, have you a little break. Alex's ass ain't goin' nowhere. Fact is, I know he's droolin' for that big cock of yours. But for now, how 'bout you sniffin' around this?"

At the word, "this," David began popping open the buttons on his levis.

With each button he popped open, he paused and, with a sexy smile on his face, slowly pulled the flaps apart, teasing me with what lay beneath.

As David revealed more and more of himself, I could see that he was taunting me. And doing a good job of it. I learned later that he moonlighted as a stripper in a club in Dallas.

A thin line of hair swirled from David's midsection, over his taut, washboard stomach and, as he ever so slowly pulled the flaps of his fly open, disappeared beneath the broad band of a jockstrap. By the time David popped the last button and yanked the flaps wide apart, I was tantalized by the grundgiest, filthiest jockstrap I had ever laid eyes on.

The threadbare pouch, which cradled his manhood, was a dindgy, yellowish-brown and from my position on the floor, just a couple of feet away, I could detect a ripe odor coming from David's crotch.

As I slid one knee across the filth encrusted floor towards David, Alex shifted his position from in front of me, sideways and leaned against the wall of the small cubicle.

"Go for it." Alex coaxed, stroking his dick as he slid down and sat on the dirty floor.

"Come on, Jason." David purred, sliding his levis down over his muscular thighs. "Come over here and sniff my crotch. While you're doin' that I'll tally out how much you owe on car repairs."

"Will it be expensive?" I asked, advancing towards David, feeling, on my knees, the slime and grit of the floor. Not that it mattered how much it would cost.

"I hope so." David replied, bending over to untie his shoes as his levis slid down his legs. "If not, I can think of something for you to repay your debt."

"Anything!" I sighed, as the ripe stench of David's socked feet swirled up my nose.

His socks, like his jockstrap, looked as if it had never been washed and reeked of sweaty toe jam. Kicking his levis and shoes aside, David walked towards the urinal, giving me a first glimpse at the ample, rounded mounds of his muscular butt.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" David sighed, in a low, gutteral voice, as he hoisted his hefty buns up and sat in the urinal. The bowl's contents splashing and spilling onto the floor. "What ya say, Alex. Should we have Jason mop the floor?"

"With his tongue!" Alex replied.

Glancing back at Alex, I could see a wicked grin spreading across his face as he pumped his dick with one hand and with the other, let it fall with a splash into the toilet.

"What ya got there, Alex?" David whispered.

"Faggot turd!" Alex exclaimed, raising his hand, the water from the bowl dripping from it and in the palm of the young man's hand, I could see the knotty, slimey log that I had farted out earlier.

"What's it like?" David said.

"You'd like it, bro. It's firm and real stinky!"

Alex raised the palm of his hand to within inches of his nose and took a deep whiff.

"Oh yeah!" Alex sighed. "Nice and stink, David. Real stink manturd."

"Bring it here!" David commanded. "And you! Start moppin' the floor, bitch!"

I lowered my head to the filthy, putrid floor. The stench was overwhelming but my lust and perversion got the better of me. Taking a deep whiff, I darted out my tongue and flicked it onto the grundgey tiled floor. As the stink curled up my nose, a nasty taste filled my mouth. I gagged.

"Don't you fuckin' puke!" David shouted. "Or you'll be moppin' that up too!"

"No sir!" I replied. "I won't puke."

"He means it too, fucker!" Alex said, squeezing his way past me towards his brother.

"Nice, fuckin' big turd!" David said, as Alex held out his hand.

"How's it taste?"

The next thing I heard were slurping sounds. Glancing up I could see Alex sucking my turd into his mouth. I figured that if Alex could stomach my shit, I could lap whatever crud was encrusted on the restroom floor.

"It's fuckin' nasty, man!" Alex gurgled. His slight protest betraying the obvious delight he took from my shit log.

"Yeah! Suck on that turd, bro. Suck on it the way you suck my cock when it's all covered in shit after I've fucked your dirty, stinkin'


"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Alex moaned, slurping and sucking on my turd, brown colored spittle dripping out of the corners of his mouth. "Fuckin'

nasty faggot turd, David! Stinkin' manturd!"

"Let's see if he likes it as much as you!" David hollered, lifting the front of his filthy pouch up. "Bring that stinkin' log over here and put it in my jock!"

"Mmmmmm!" I groaned, licking my way towads David, sweeping into my mouth all the grundge, grime and slop from off the floor.

"Fuck yeah!" David sighed, "feel me up, bro. Work that shit on my cock!"

As Alex mashed and rubbed my shit onto his brother's dick, the nasty funk of my own waste began to permeate the small room.

"Feels fuckin' good, Alex! Rubbin' shit all over my cock. Stink it up real good for me."

"Oh yeah!" Alex purred. "I know how much you like havin' your cock all stink and shitty. Looks real tastey too!"

"Ready to begin payin' up, Jason?"

As I raised my head up, Alex yanked the pouch of his brother's jockstrap down under his balls, revealing a thick cock with a wide mushroom head all covered in stinking shit. My shit!

"Show him how its down, Alex." David said.

Without hesitation, Alex dropped to his knees and began sucking on his brother's filthy dick.

"There's plenty of dirty cock for the both of you. Get over here, Jason, and suck shit cock with my brother!"

Together, Alex and I wrapped our lips around the thick shaft of David's filth covered, stinking cock.

"Suck! Suck dirty cock! Fuckin' cock suckin' faggots! Suck! Eat shit!"

In the distance, a phone was ringing but neither David or Alex made any attempt to answer it. The three of us had become absorbed in our sexual frenzy.



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